My Blessing – Series Review & Ending Explained

My Blessing is a Thai fantasy BL series about a spirit and his human companion.

My Blessing is a Thai fantasy BL series about a human protagonist who connects with a spirit. After making a love wish, the main character can suddenly communicate with a divine being in his dreams. His new supernatural companion grants him three wishes, such as changing his appearance or boosting his confidence. The pair develops a close bond during this self-improvement journey.

Cute and lighthearted, My Blessing adds a fun supernatural twist to a short love story. The charming actors bring cheeky enthusiasm to their roles. They also share an energetic and easygoing rapport. Unfortunately, the plot is patchy. It glosses over significant events and doesn't explain ideas clearly. The narrative issues detract from this amusing drama.

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Series Info:

Thailand (2023)


1 hour

Total Episodes:

1 episode




My Blessing is a happy & funny BL drama.


Naina meets Cen, a ghost, in the Thai BL series My Blessing.

Naina is a university student who has trouble finding a girlfriend. His goofy personality, cheesy pick-up lines, and nerdy appearance make him unappealing. Recently, he tried asking out a girl for a date. She immediately rejected him. Naina is heartbroken and wonders if he'll ever fall in love.

Naina's best friend Ton tries to cheer up his companion. Ton reveals a popular superstition about a mystical tree near the school campus. According to urban legend, those who make an offering will have their wishes fulfilled. Naina and Ton visit the tree, where both guys make an offering. Naina hopes to improve his appearance and become coveted among girls.

When Naina falls asleep that night, he's surprised by the appearance of a spirit in his dreams. Naina is excited and believes his earlier blessing has come true. Cen introduces himself, claiming he can grant Naina three wishes. The only condition is that he must make the wishes one at a time. For his first wish, Naina hopes to become better-looking. Cen fulfills his desires by granting him a new wardrobe and a stylish makeover. Subsequently, Naina gets more positive attention around the school.

For his second wish, Naina asks for something bigger. He wants someone to love him. Cen is troubled by this request, but he agrees to help Naina. However, his method is slightly unorthodox. Cen instructs Naina to build his confidence. Cen encourages his human companion to participate in a talent competition. Naina, who loves dancing, doesn't believe he can win. Nonetheless, Cen motivates him to try and step out of his comfort zone. The competition is a success, giving Naina even more popularity around campus.

As Naina enjoys his new idol life, Cen is annoyed and feels neglected by his friend. He sulks, disappearing for a few days. Naina becomes worried and wants to clarify the misunderstanding. He tries to fall asleep and summon Naina in his dreams, yet insomnia strikes him. Naina eventually gets sick from all the stress. Cen finally appears again to take care of him. Naina and Cen return to being on good terms. They build a closer bond than before.

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My Blessing Cast



Chang Jayapol Chiopittayakarn (ช้าง ชยพล เชี่ยวพิทยาการ)

Naina is portrayed by the Thai actor Chang Jayapol Chiopittayakarn (ช้าง ชยพล เชี่ยวพิทยาการ).

Naina is a single university student who has trouble finding a girlfriend. His goofy personality and cheesy pick-up lines make him unappealing to girls. After making a love wish, Naina encounters a friendly spirit in his dreams. The divine being promises to fulfill three of Naina's wishes.

Chang Jayapol Chiopittayakarn

Chang Jayapol Chiopittayakarn (ช้าง ชยพล เชี่ยวพิทยาการ) is a Thai actor. He is born on January 31, 1997.

Chang Jayapol Chiopittayakarn (ช้าง ชยพล เชี่ยวพิทยาการ) is a Thai actor. He is born on January 31, 1997. His first BL project is a supporting role in the 2022 series, That's My Candy. He stars in the 2023 drama, My Blessing.


Boat Anakame Binsaman (โบ๊ท อนาคามี บินสมัน)

Cen is portrayed by the Thai actor Boat Anakame Binsaman (โบ๊ท อนาคามี บินสมัน).

Cen is a spirit who appears in Naina's life after he makes an offering. This divine being has mysterious powers and can fulfill three magical wishes. Only Naina can see Cen, summoning him in his dreams. The pair forms a connection as they get to know each other.

Boat Anakame Binsaman

Boat Anakame Binsaman (โบ๊ท อนาคามี บินสมัน) is a Thai actor. His first BL project is the 2019 drama, I Am Your King 2.

Boat Anakame Binsaman (โบ๊ท อนาคามี บินสมัน) is a Thai actor. His first BL project is the 2019 drama, I Am Your King 2. He stars in the 2023 series, My Blessing. Boat also has a supporting role in the 2022 drama, Check Out.


Aom Pattaradanai Jainak (ออม ภัทรดนัย ใจหนัก)

Ton is portrayed by the Thai actor Aom Pattaradanai Jainak (ออม ภัทรดนัย ใจหนัก).

Ton is Naina's best friend. They often hang out, play video games together, and share a chummy relationship. Ton introduces Cen to the mystical tree, which allegedly fulfills wishes. However, Ton doesn't believe Cen's claims that an angel visited him in his dreams.

Aom Pattaradanai Jainak

Aom Pattaradanai Jainak (ออม ภัทรดนัย ใจหนัก) is a Thai actor. His first BL project is a supporting role in the 2023 drama, My Blessing.

Aom Pattaradanai Jainak (ออม ภัทรดนัย ใจหนัก) is a Thai actor. His first BL project is a supporting role in the 2023 drama, My Blessing. He also has a minor part in the 2022 series, The Eclipse.

Cast Highlights

  • Cen's actor (Boat) appeared in the 2019 Thai BL series I Am Your King 2. He also had a supporting role in the 2022 drama Check Out.

My Blessing Review


Drama Review Score: 7.3

Naina and Cen kiss each other in bed.

My Blessing is a cute, charming, and comedic BL drama with a fantasy twist. The plot involves a friendly spirit who grants the human protagonist three wishes. While the concept may not be new, I still enjoy the story's quirky imagination. It takes a lighthearted approach, portraying all the surreal scenarios with playful humour. The narrative contains plenty of funny jokes and cheeky mischief. My Blessing provides an hour of whimsical fun, amusing me with its hilarious antics.

Unfortunately, My Blessing doesn't balance its clever humour with an intelligent plot. There are glaring issues with the patchy narrative, which doesn't always make sense. The problem comes from not fleshing out the ideas clearly. It glosses over significant events, muddles conversations, and doesn't provide adequate explanations. You'll find inconsistencies that weaken your immersion, indicating the storyteller hasn't thought about the intricacies carefully enough. The second half is riddled with nonsense, decreasing my overall opinion of My Blessing.

Despite the narrative blunders, My Blessing depicts a cute love story. The leads engage in lively banter and quirky flirting during their delightful exchanges. They share an easygoing rapport that translates comfortably on screen. Yet, this romance doesn't have enough persuasion. A few cozy scenes establish the couple's bond and suggest an attraction, but more development is needed. Naina and Cen seem merely fond of each other instead of showing genuine passion. There's a foundation for a promising BL romance, but My Blessing doesn't hit all the benchmarks.

Naina's actor (Chang) is perky and energetic. From his eager expressions to his giddy mannerisms, he appears uninhibited in every scene. Chang doesn't seem afraid of looking goofy on camera, which adds to the credibility of his comedic performance. Likewise, his costar (Boat) brings an endearing charm with zesty charisma. Cen is a well-suited role for Boat, allowing him to be a funny character and still maintain a mysterious allure. Both leads inject tons of enthusiasm into the drama. Their liveliness elevates the material, making it more buoyant and joyful.

The leads have aggravating conflicts and bizarre misunderstandings. Thankfully, the tensions aren't prolonged. After Cen and Naina reconcile, they make out passionately in an extended segment. The sensual encounter showcases intimate close-up shots and gratuitous skinship. Yes, the sexy romp definitely adds points to my review score! In addition, the dreamy visuals enrich the romantic ambiance, infusing each scene with warm, colourful hues. The post-production work turns an ordinary bedroom into an ethereal setting, even if the blurriness is sometimes overdone.

My Blessing introduces a clever twist near the end. Surprisingly, Naina's final wish doesn't play out as you may have guessed. The plot could've kept it simple and opted for a happy, carefree ending. Instead, it has a sad conclusion and emphasizes a poignant philosophy about love. For a story that seemed straightforward from the start, I like how it subverts my expectations. Overall, My Blessing is more entertaining than I anticipated. The lightweight fantasy drama may not revolutionize the BL genre, but it's blessed with humour, creativity, and enthusiasm.


Lighthearted story

Our Blessing offers a comedic love story with a playful fantasy twist. Despite a quirky imagination, it suffers from thoughtless plot inconsistencies and careless oversights.

Lightweight romance

The leads share an easygoing rapport with fun, flirty banter. Yet, their relationship doesn't develop enough. Near the end, Cen and Naina consummate their love passionately.

Lively acting

Both leads inject much enthusiasm into their roles. Naina's actor (Chang) is giddy, relaxed, and uninhibited. Likewise, his costar (Boat) displays a vibrant charm and zesty charisma.

Sad ending

My Blessing has a sad ending and emphasizes a poignant philosophy about love. Naina and Chen's relationship is short-lived. However, the finale contains a sensual encounter between them!

Dreamy artistry

The series displays dreamy visuals with warm, colourful hues. Its post-production turns a plain bedroom into a pretty setting. However, it overdoes the blurriness sometimes.


My Blessing is an energetic fantasy BL drama with creativity, humour, and enthusiasm. The lighthearted story remains enjoyable despite its patchy plot and underdeveloped romance.

My Blessing Episodes

Episode Guide

Naina and Cen chat in bed with a guitar.

My Blessing has a total of 1 episode. The episode is around 65 minutes long. It is a short BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 1 hour. My Blessing aired on March 11, 2023.


Sad ending

My Blessing has a sad ending where Cen departs to the afterlife.

My Blessing has a sad ending where Naina and Cen don't stay together. Cen reveals he lied about being an angel. He lacks magical powers and can't grant wishes. Instead, Cen is a wandering ghost who can't move on to the afterlife. Cen has always regretted not falling in love while he was alive. Naina forgives his spiritual companion for deceiving him. "You can still make my last blessing come true," Naina says. He wishes for the two of them to be together forever. They make love in a sensual encounter.

After having sex, Cen vanishes from the human world. He has finally transitioned to the afterlife after experiencing love. Naina wakes up to find himself alone in bed. However, the final scene shows him smiling contentedly. In his monologue, Naina reveals, "Someone else's definition of love might mean being together. But to me, it means more. We don't need to be together. As long as we remain in each other's memories, that's enough." Despite Cen disappearing physically, Naina feels fulfilled emotionally. He has enjoyed their short time together as a couple.

When the story began, Naina was a lonely guy who desperately wanted to fall in love. He met Cen, a wandering soul with a similar regret. They initiated a supernatural romance, both enjoying love for the first time. Sadly, this relationship wasn't meant to last. Cen must depart the mortal world, leaving behind his human companion. Even so, Naina cherishes their time together since Cen has blessed him with the gift of retrospection. The ending is a beautiful reminder that love transcends physical boundaries. It can stay with us forever through the memories we hold dear.

Naina and Ton

Naina and Ton have a close friendship.

Naina is alone and abandoned at the end of My Blessing. However, I don't believe it's an entirely gloomy conclusion for him. Yes, he has lost Cen forever. However, Ton remains by his side. The storyteller makes a point of highlighting Naina's close friendship with Ton throughout the drama. Their bond remains platonic, never overlapping with the central romance. Nonetheless, there's enough material to speculate whether this relationship can blossom into something more.

Near the end, Ton and Naina share a long embrace. Cen observes their interaction pensively. From his perspective, he may interpret their bond as potentially romantic. Later, Cen departs to the afterlife and disappears beside a sleeping Naina. When Naina wakes up, Ton lies beside him in the same bed. The storyteller deliberately includes this subtle visual cue, suggesting Naina's friend is still there for him. Cen may be gone from existence, but Ton is a worthy replacement.

Naina and Ton never have any romantic exchanges throughout the drama. It may be possible that Ton doesn't have feelings for his friend. Likewise, Naina may not worship him as passionately as he did with Cen. Nonetheless, the possibility is there. The storyteller feeds into the viewers' imagination, encouraging them to fantasize about a happy ending. I'd like to think that Naina will go through a mourning phase. He might not start a new relationship immediately. But whenever he's ready, maybe Naina and Ton can take their friendship to a more intimate level.

My Blessing Information


9NAA Production is a Thai BL studio that produced Check Out (2022). It also made I Am Your King (2017), I Am Your King 2 (2019), and Skinship (2020).

9NAA Production (also known as 9NAA Channel) is a Thai BL studio that created Check Out (2022). It also made I Am Your King (2017), I Am Your King 2 (2019), Skinship (2020), and My Blessing (2023).


Supidsara Khrueaman is a Thai director. She worked on the 2023 BL drama, My Blessing.

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