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Check Out is a Thai BL series about a love triangle in an office.

Check Out is a Thai BL series about a raunchy office affair. The main character works for his ex-boyfriend, who dotes on him and wants to reconcile. However, the protagonist secretly longs for another man he met on vacation. After hooking up, his holiday fling goes missing without a trace. He reappears months later, bringing workplace conflict, relationship drama, and sexual tension.

Besides the risqué sex scenes, Check Out has no redeeming quality. This trashy BL drama is as outrageous as it is offensive. Everything unfolds tediously or incoherently, from the miserable love triangle to the unrealistic workplace storylines. The lead characters are also irredeemable scumbags involved in shameless adultery, flagrant dishonesty, and gross hypocrisy.

Check Out BL Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2022)


13 hours

Total Episodes:

12 episodes + 2 specials




Check Out is a sexy & steamy BL drama.


Daonuea plans to reunite with his ex-boyfriend Tee.

Months ago, Daonuea broke up with his boyfriend Tee following a betrayal. Afterwards, the heartbroken Daonuea went on vacation by himself. He encountered Nine, who was also travelling alone after a breakup. They bonded closely during the trip and had a passionate one-night stand. Before departing, they exchanged contact information and promised to keep in touch. However, Daonuea never heard back from Nine for the next few months. None of his messages received a response.

Daonuea works at a media production company called Lodestar Production. Tee is the owner of this small business. There are only three employees: Tee, Daonuea, and a cheeky worker named Boat. Lately, the company has been struggling due to the recession. Tee notes the business might be in trouble without new clients or financing. Fortunately, his university acquaintance offers to help. When Tee sets up a business meeting with this prospective buyer, Daonuea is surprised to see Nine again. It's the first time Daonuea and Nine meet after their holiday fling.

Nine, a professional photographer, comes from a wealthy background. He invests money into Tee's business and joins the workplace as one of the bosses. Nine also finds new clients to bring in cash flow for the company. Tee is grateful for his business partner. However, Daonuea constantly clashes with Nine. Daonuea resents Nine for ignoring all his messages in the past few months. Despite their differences, both agree to hide the one-night stand from their coworkers. Tee remains oblivious to their romantic past.

Nine explains that he has gotten back together with his ex-girlfriend in the past few months. Praew's mental health has been unstable since the breakup. She even threatened to hurt herself. Nine reconciled with Praew to make her feel better. Since getting back together, Praew has recovered and stabilized her mood. She also landed an excellent acting gig to launch her career. However, Nine realizes he doesn't love her anymore. He contemplates breaking up with Praew again. Yet, he worries it might trigger another mental health spiral.

Tee and Daonuea have reconciled after their previous breakup. They reveal their workplace romance and constantly dote on each other around the office. However, Nine seethes with jealousy. He's convinced that Daonuea doesn't actually love Tee. Nine reveals that he's prepared to dump Praew if Daonuea would do the same with his partner. Meanwhile, Praew is suspicious of her boyfriend. She asks her friend Candy to investigate whether Nine may be having an affair behind her back.

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Check Out Cast



Best Vittawin Veeravidhayanant (เบส วิธวินท์ วีระวิทยานันต์)

Daonuea is portrayed by the Thai actor Best Vittawin Veeravidhayanant (เบส วิธวินท์ วีระวิทยานันต์).

Daonuea is an employee at his ex-boyfriend's media production company. Tee wants to reconcile with him. However, Daonuea still longs for Nine after hooking up with him on vacation. Daonuea struggles between staying faithful to Tee and following his desires for Nine.

Best Vittawin Veeravidhayanant

Best Vittawin Veeravidhayanant (เบส วิธวินท์ วีระวิทยานันต์) is a Thai actor. He is born on March 22, 1997.

Best Vittawin Veeravidhayanant (เบส วิธวินท์ วีระวิทยานันต์) is a Thai actor. He is born on March 22, 1997. His first BL project is the 2017 series, I Am Your King. He also appears in the sequel I Am Your King 2. Best stars in Check Out (2022). In addition, he has supporting roles in A Friend Is Another Self (2017), Love by Chance (2018), The Best Twins (2019), and Love with Benefits (2021).


Chahub Marut Ghoummeddin (ชาฮับ มารุจน์)

Nine is portrayed by the Thai actor Chahub Marut Ghoummeddin (ชาฮับ มารุจน์).

Nine is Ta photographer and Tee's new business partner at the media production company. He hooked up with Daonuea on a holiday getaway. Afterwards, Nine doesn't respond to Daonuea's messages for many months. He has gotten back together with his girlfriend, Praew. He's concerned about her mental health struggles and stays in a relationship with her.

Chahub Marut Ghoummeddin

Chahub Marut Ghoummeddin (ชาฮับ มารุจน์) is a Thai actor. He is born on June 13, 1990.

Chahub Marut Ghoummeddin (ชาฮับ มารุจน์) is a Thai actor. He is born on June 13, 1990. His first BL project is the 2020 series Skinship. He also appeared in its sequel Skinship 2. Chahub is the star of the drama, Check Out.


M Sarawut Laoruamsap (เอ็ม ศราวุธ เหล่ารวมทรัพย์)

Tee is portrayed by the Thai actor M Sarawut Laoruamsap (เอ็ม ศราวุธ เหล่ารวมทรัพย์).

Tee is the owner of a small media production company called Lodestar Production. His business has struggled financially until he recruits his university friend Nine as an investment partner. Tee has feelings for Daonuea, although they broke up a few months ago. Tee wants to reconcile with Daonuea and give their relationship another go.

M Sarawut Laoruamsap

M Sarawut Laoruamsap (เอ็ม ศราวุธ เหล่ารวมทรัพย์) is a Thai actor.

M Sarawut Laoruamsap (เอ็ม ศราวุธ เหล่ารวมทรัพย์) is a Thai actor. His first BL project is the 2022 series, Check Out.


Beam Atichart Lawansathian (บีม อติชาติ ลาวัณย์เสถียร)

Ice is portrayed by the Thai actor Beam Atichart Lawansathian (บีม อติชาติ ลาวัณย์เสถียร).

Ice is a new employee at Tee's company. He is a referral from Boat, and Tee agrees to hire him. Ice is still a university student and balances his internship with his studies. He forms a friendship with Nine, who mentors him about photography.

Beam Atichart Lawansathian

Beam Atichart Lawansathian (บีม อติชาติ ลาวัณย์เสถียร) is a Thai actor.

Beam Atichart Lawansathian (บีม อติชาติ ลาวัณย์เสถียร) is a Thai actor. His first BL project is the 2022 series, Check Out. He also has a supporting role in the 2022 drama, Coffee Melody and the 2023 series, Hit Bite Love.

Supporting Cast

Boat is portrayed by the Thai actor Boat Anakame Binsaman (อนาคามี บินสมัน).


Boat Anakame Binsaman (อนาคามี บินสมัน)

Praew is portrayed by the Thai actress Mew Sirilapas Kongtrakarn (สิริลภัส กองตระการ).


Mew Sirilapas Kongtrakarn (สิริลภัส กองตระการ)

Candy is portrayed by the Thai actress Aumain Korravee Keawko (กรรวี แก้วกอ).


Aumain Korravee Keawko (กรรวี แก้วกอ)

Top is portrayed by the Thai actor Plustor Pronpiphat Pattanasettanon (พรพิพัฒน์ พัฒนเศรษฐานนท์).


Plustor Pronpiphat Pattanasettanon (พรพิพัฒน์ พัฒนเศรษฐานนท์)

Oab is portrayed by the Thai actor Bigboss Nattakit Sangwarnkittichai (บิ๊กบอส ณัฐกิตติ์ สังวรณ์กิจฤชัย).


Bigboss Nattakit Sangwarnkittichai (บิ๊กบอส ณัฐกิตติ์ สังวรณ์กิจฤชัย)

Nice is portrayed by the Thai actor Victor Kritchapol Jarrusak (กฤชพล จารุศักดิ์).


Victor Kritchapol Jarrusak (กฤชพล จารุศักดิ์)

Cast Highlights

  • Daonuea's actor (Best) starred in the Thai BL series I Am Your King (2017). He also appeared in the sequel I Am Your King 2 (2019) with Boat's actor (Boat).
  • Best and Nine's actor (Chahub) are the stars of the 2020 series Skinship and its sequel Skinship 2.
  • Best has supporting roles in A Friend Is Another Self (2017), Love by Chance (2018), The Best Twins (2019), and Love with Benefits (2021).
  • Boat's actor (Boat) appeared in the 2019 series I Am Your King 2. He also stars in the 2023 fantasy drama My Blessing.
  • Ice's actor (Beam) has a supporting part in the 2022 BL drama Coffee Melody, the 2023 series Hit Bite Love, and the supernatural drama Low Frequency.

Check Out Review


Drama Review Score: 5.0

Daonuea and Nine have a cute couple moment.

Check Out is a tacky BL drama that promotes adultery, toxic relationships, and offensive behaviour. Both leads are involved in a sleazy workplace affair, showing little remorse as they betray their partners. The story constantly makes excuses for these shameless protagonists. It tries but fails to justify the ongoing deception, indecision, and hypocrisy. As the plot progresses, the slimy cheaters become even more morally depraved. Check Out may have created one of the trashiest romances in BL history.

The main characters are vile, irredeemable scumbags. Nine struts around like a sociopathic villain and takes wicked delight in hurting others. He cheats on his girlfriend with severe mental health problems, triggering her paranoid downward spiral. Nine also uses underhanded schemes to steal his coworker's boyfriend. Daonuea pretends to be in a committed relationship, yet he doesn't stick to boundaries and constantly flirts with Nine. He goes back and forth between the two men whenever it suits him. Nine and Daonuea repulse me because they don't have any morals.

There's a misconception that having an affair makes a story more titillating, but Check Out debunks that theory. Oh my god, this series is so boring! It's evident from the start that Daonuea has no feelings for Tee. His thoughts are preoccupied with Nine, developing into a vapid obsession. Yet, Daonuea agonizes about his relationship drama incessantly, even though it's obvious who he chooses in the end. The love triangle has no tension whatsoever. The viewers must suffer many tedious episodes before Daonuea ditches his doting boyfriend for a despicable scoundrel.

Check Out is a lengthy drama with hours of content. Despite spending so much time with the characters, I know little about them beyond their love lives. There's hardly any attempt to flesh out their backstories or make them nuanced individuals. They're shallow caricatures defined by their sexual desires. In fact, the storyteller seems incapable of writing non-romantic subplots. All the workplace scenes are laughably unrealistic due to the lack of professionalism. From cringy dialogue to gross misconduct, the Check Out team is totally clueless about real-life office dynamics.

Although most storylines are dull and infuriating, Check Out springs alive during the steamy encounters. This raunchy series is daring when it comes to sex. The erotic moments stand out because they are risqué, pushing the envelope in terms of intimacy and nudity. The gutsy performers portray their physical affection confidently. They make out, caress each other, and gyrate their bodies. Also, the provocative visuals deliberately tease skinship to stimulate the senses. Check Out is naughtier than most BL dramas, eager to highlight lust, passion, and sensuality between lovers.

Nine's actor (Chahub) exudes sizzling sex appeal. As he strips and bears his muscled body, every exchange instantly turns arousing. While Chahub is a stud, I find Tee (M) the most attractive out of everyone in the cast. I love his soulful eyes and sensitive demeanour. Plus, he gives a damn hot 18+ scene in the epilogue special. Sadly, this lewd series only generates interest when it's smutty. The rest of the story feels snoozy, incoherent, and obnoxious. With dismal writing and deplorable leads, Check Out is a disgraceful drama that leaves a dirty stain on the BL genre.


Tedious story

Check Out glorifies a seedy workplace affair, as the morally depraved characters betray their partners with wicked delight. The love triangle is predictable from the start. Each episode feels tedious & offensive.

Sleazy romance

The series is only interesting during erotic moments. Otherwise, the toxic romance unfolds obnoxiously. Daonuea's indecision is infuriating. He ditches his doting boyfriend for a slimy scumbag.

Bold acting

The actors do an okay job, but they're saddled with terribly written roles. These gutsy performers portray the steamy sex scenes confidently. They aren't shy about displaying physical affection.

Good ending

Check Out has a happy ending after Daonuea finishes wavering back and forth in his relationship. Like the rest of the series, the finale is only stimulating whenever the characters have sex.

Lustful artistry

The workplace scenes have a cheap, tacky feel. However, this series creates titillating visuals during sexual encounters. The camera is eager to tease nudity or highlight intimate body parts.


Check Out is a sleazy BL drama that promotes adultery and immoral behaviour. Both leads are vile, irredeemable scumbags. Besides a few raunchy sex scenes, the incoherent story is painfully dull.

Check Out Series Episodes

Episode Guide

Nine shares an intimate hug with Daonuea.

Check Out has a total of 12 episodes. Each episode is around 60 to 70 minutes long. The last episode is around 70 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 13 hours. Check Out started on June 11, 2022 and ended on August 27, 2022.

Check Out has two special episodes. The prologue ("Episode 0") describes how Daonuea and Nine first met. You should watch this prologue special before starting the series. In addition, the epilogue special ("Episode 13") focuses on Tee's character after the main story. You should watch this episode after finishing the series. Both specials are around 45 minutes long.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12

Episode Reviews

Episode 1

In retrospect, I may have enjoyed this first episode because Nine was hardly in it. From my POV, Daonuea should stop pining after the guy who ghosted him. At least Tee seems sincere about a relationship.

Episode 2

Yikes, the workplace scenes are so unrealistic. That isn't how a business would operate in the real world. Also, Nine is a sleazy scumbag who cheats on his girlfriend. Stay away from him, Daonuea!

Episode 3

"You think I care about Tee!?" Wow, this line is chilling~ That's how Nine describes his "friend". Also, Daonuea clearly has no attraction to Tee. He acts like a cold fish during their intimate moment.

Episode 4

Ugh, Nine's behaviour is so repugnant. You have a girlfriend! Daonuea has a boyfriend! Leave him alone! I also hate Candy and how she pretends to be Praew's "friend". Girl, you're a two-faced snake! 🐍

Episode 5

OMFG. Why is Daonuea vying for Nine's attention!? Just when Nine leaves him alone, Daonuea goes and flirts with him. Can these two break up with their partners if they don't plan on being faithful?

Episode 6

Nine and Daonuea make a vile couple. I don't even like Tee or Praew that much, but I feel bad for how their partners treat them. Nine is too busy seducing another guy while his girlfriend spirals mentally.

Episode 7

This series is so sleazy. I feel gross watching these slimy characters and their immoral antics. OMG, Tee sees them kissing! Yet, Nine feels no shame and acts justified. He's such a piece of shit. 🙄

Episode 8

Daonuea finally dumps Tee. Then, he immediately kisses Nine in the next scene. 😒 After breaking Tee's heart, Daonuea won't give his ex personal space until he is forgiven. His behaviour is infuriating!

Episode 9

How does Daonuea not feel hypocritical when he criticizes Boat for "cheating" on Candy!? You and Nine have treated your partners way worse! These two are scum who deserve each other.

Episode 10

I like Ice's advice to Tee! Ice is a way more suitable partner for Tee than Daonuea. Wait, are Nine & Daonuea actually engaged!? LMAO. Fuckin' hell. This story is so nonsensical that it feels funny.

Episode 11

Ugh, Daonuea and Nine are such a dull, charmless couple. I hate seeing them happy. Not him meeting Nine's call boy! LMAO. Daonuea finally gets karma for hooking up with this sleazy bastard.

Episode 12

I knew this unimaginative series would demonize Tee just to make Daonuea and Nine look better. Even though Tee's actions are iffy, I still hate Nine & Daonuea way more. They're irredeemable.


I didn't know I was supposed to watch this prologue before the series started. I saved it until last. The special is actually okay! At least it explains Nine's appeal. It might be the best episode of the series.


The epilogue special is an incoherent mess. However, those sex scenes are hot! This series is more risqué than most BL dramas. I also have a crush on Tee's actor. I find him really dreamy. 😙

Best Scenes

Nobody needs to sit through nearly fifteen hours of Check Out, including the two specials. I'll do the grunt work and list all the steamy scenes. That way, you can pinpoint which parts of each episode to watch.


Daonuea & Nine meeting
Daonuea and Nine make out when they first meet.

I watched the prologue special after finishing the main series. However, I wish I had watched this prologue first instead. It explains so much about Nine and Daonuea's initial encounter. I finally understand how their attraction forms and why they keep mentioning "The Air" during the story. Although the prologue still faces some issues, it's the first time I find Nine and Daonuea bearable as a couple. Their relationship peaks in this episode and goes downhill from there.

The prologue shows how Nine and Daonuea meet during their holiday getaway. Both characters are single and coming from a breakup in their relationship. They flirt, have a one-night stand, and exchange contact info before departing separately. Based on this episode alone, their romance almost shows promise. Once the main story starts, any sparks between them fade away. Instead, their bond is saddled with adultery, love triangle drama, and persistent unpleasantness.

Episode 2

Daonuea & Nine office affair
Daonuea and Tee begin an office affair.

After their initial hookup, Nine goes missing for many months. He doesn't respond to any of Daonuea's messages. They finally reunite in Episode 2. Nine becomes Tee's business partner and begins working in the same office as his holiday fling. It becomes clear that Nine still desires Daonuea, even though he already has a girlfriend. He flirts aggressively in every exchange.

Daonuea pretends to resist, but he gives in to Nine's seduction at the end of the episode. Once the two characters are alone in the office, they hook up in the middle of the night. Shirts, pants, and all clothes come flying off! Both are in their skimpy skivvies as they make out. The sex scene is racy, highlighting the actors' bodies and bulges. Also, Nine kisses Daonuea's foot at some point. Although the encounter is steamy, the series reminds us the characters are cheating on their partners. This is the start of their workplace affair.

Episode 3

Daonuea & Nine bathroom seduction
Nine seduces Daonuea in the company bathroom.

After their office hookup, Daonuea pretends to be upset about what happened between them. This was a mistake! Never again! Despite his feeble complaints, the characters keep flirting again and again. Their night of passion isn't just a spur-of-the-moment encounter. Nine deliberately seduces Daonuea around the office. The more his partner resists, the bigger thrill Nine gets from the chase.

In Episode 3, Daonuea brings Nine a change of clothes in the office restroom. Quickly, the two characters engage in an intimate moment. Nine is undressed and clad in a pair of grey underwear. He kisses Daonuea's neck, who appears uncomfortable with the exchange. However, their affections are disrupted when Boat needs to use the washroom. He has diarrhea!

Daonuea & Tee intimacy
Daonuea doesn't seem excited when Tee kisses his neck.

During the same episode, Daonuea misleads Tee and agrees to become romantically involved. In public, Daonuea deliberately gets lovey-dovey with Tee to make Nine jealous. Tee dotes on his boyfriend with sweet, romantic gestures. In private, their relationship is a different story. Daonuea is clearly not sexually attracted to Tee. Whenever his boyfriend makes a move, Daonuea looks unenthusiastic and hardly aroused.

Check Out deliberately compares Daonuea's responses between Nine and Tee. Both Nine and Tee hit on him. Daonuea seems passionate when he's with Nine, reciprocating all the affections. Nine treats him terribly, but it doesn't matter. Daonuea still desires him. In contrast, he's cold and standoffish with Tee. "Let's just stop here today, Tee… 😞" Daonuea tells his boyfriend in the bedroom. He can't even fake being interested in having sex with Tee. The attraction only goes one way.

Episode 4

Nine & Harry hookup
Daonuea isn't interested in hooking up with Harry.

In Episode 4, Daonuea rejects Nine's sexual advances. He wants to stay faithful to his boyfriend instead of pursuing a workplace affair. Nine insists that Daonuea doesn't actually love Tee. There are no romantic feelings between them. Nine forces a kiss, but Daonuea pushes him away. No means no, jackass!

A sexually frustrated Nine orders Harry, a call boy, to his house. Harry gets naked (yes, there's butt nudity! 🍑) and begins hooking up with him in the swimming pool. However, Nine stops the romantic encounter before it gets too steamy. He's simply not in the mood for anonymous sex. He can't replace his infatuation for Daonuea with any random man. Nine still offers to pay Harry for his partial services. Say whatever nasty things you want about Nine, but at least he's a fair customer!

In case you're wondering, Harry doesn't resurface for the rest of the series. This scene is his only appearance.

Episode 7

Daonuea & Nine caught
Tee catches Daonuea and Nine cheating in the office.

Daonuea and Nine flirt tediously for many episodes. They kiss again in Episode 7. This time, Tee catches them in the act! Until now, he's totally clueless about their relationship history. In fact, Tee believes Daonuea and Nine dislike each other. Little does he know that they hooked up in the past. It sucks for Tee, who invited his friend to be his business partner. Yet, Nine uses this opportunity to steal his love interest right under his nose.

After catching Daonuea and Nine's kiss, Tee reacts meekly. His character is too mild-mannered to cause any exciting drama. As he confronts his rival, Nine is cocky and admits to seducing Daonuea. Nine justifies his adultery by insisting that Doanuea doesn't love Tee. It's astonishing how this delusional villain views himself as the "good guy" of the story. He uses skewed logic to validate his immoral behaviour.

Nine & Praew breakup
Praew kisses Nine after he wants to break up with her.

At the end of the episode, Candy finally tells Praew that Nine is in love with Daonuea. Praew confronts her boyfriend, who admits to not having feelings for her anymore. She begs him not to leave her. In a final act of desperation, Praew strips naked and undresses her boyfriend. She kisses him frantically. She hopes that having sex could change his mind.

However, Nine doesn't reciprocate her sexual advances. He's determined to break up with her. He calmly puts her clothes back on. Praew breaks down in tears after realizing this is the end of her relationship. The sobbing woman falls to the ground and clings to her ex's legs. It's a pathetic sight. Thankfully, Praew's character has a happier ending after her breakup. When we see her again, Praew thrives in her acting career. She does much better without Nine, Candy, or any toxic influences in her life.

Episode 8

Daonuea & Nine post-breakup kiss
Daonuea kisses Nine after breaking up with Tee.

Technically, Daonuea and Tee aren't dating. They get intimate, sleep together, and act like boyfriends. Daonuea also becomes lovey-dovey with Tee to make Nine jealous. However, they haven't committed to an actual relationship yet. What's despicable about Daonuea is that he strings along Tee for eight episodes, misleading a guy who clearly has feelings for him. Daonuea isn't attracted to Tee, but he gives the impression that they can be a couple. He dangles a carrot in front of Tee, instilling false hope.

In Episode 8, Tee asks Daonuea to make their relationship official. Daonuea rejects him and doesn't want to be his boyfriend. After getting dumped, Tee is upset and wants to be left alone. Even Nine insists they should give Tee some space until tomorrow. Yet, Daonuea insists on chatting right now to make himself feel better. 🙄 During the conversation, Tee is emotional and acts like a wreck. Daonuea starts crying and rejects him yet again.

Finally, Daonuea gets together with Nine. He cries and quickly makes the drama all about him again. Boo hoo hoo, I still have feelings for you! Boo hoo hoo, let's be together! Finally, they share a tender kiss at the end of the episode. Both characters are officially single. At last, they're no longer cheating on their partners.

Episode 9

Daonuea & Nine boat sex
Daonuea and Nine hook up on a boat.

The following day, Daonuea and Nine have gotten over their breakups quickly. Poor Tee is still moping around. He puts on a brave face, but you can tell the guy is still hurting. Yet, Daonuea doesn't give a damn and happily goes on a yacht trip with his friends. His crocodile tears from the last episode have already dried up. Now, Daonuea is too busy sipping wine, enjoying the scenery, and taking selfies on a private boat.

It doesn't take long before Daonuea and Nine hook up during this day trip. They kiss and have sex in various places on the boat. The couple also does it once in the jacuzzi. Check Out never hides the fact Daonuea and Nine's relationship is primarily based on physical attraction. They don't like each other because of an emotional bond. Instead, they are horny and lust after each other. Now that they're single again, let them have boat sex as often as they want!

Episode 10

Daonuea & Nine proposal
Nine proposes to Daonuea in Check Out Episode 10.

After breaking up, Daonuea at least has the decency to resign from Tee's company. Not that he was doing a lot of work in the first place. Daonuea spends most of his office hours flirting and hooking up with various coworkers. This lazy employee is the ~dead weight~ of the company.

Anyway, Nine takes Daonuea on a trip after his resignation. Yes, they're on a boat again! For some reason, this couple loves to sail in the sea. Nine has prepared flowers and a ring as he proposes marriage to Daonuea. After having mind-blowing boat sex in the last episode, Nine is convinced that Daonuea must be The One.

Daonuea accepts the proposal. The engaged couple happily exchanges rings and shares a kiss on the boat. Admittedly, it is a romantic setting. The cinematography looks lovely in this scene. However, I hate both characters too much. I don't feel any joy about them tying the knot.

Tee & Oab kiss
Tee and Oab kiss each other at the end of their date.

It's funny how Daonuea has already gotten hitched while his ex struggles to move on after their breakup. Tee has been moping around and feeling sorry for himself in the past few episodes. Thankfully, Ice has been a good friend and provides emotional support. He encourages his boss to get back into the dating game again, which will help him overcome his heartbreak.

Tee meets Oab, a guy from a dating app. Their first date is pretty awkward. Tee seems nervous and not confident about making conversation. However, Oab doesn't care and still hooks up with him at the end of the episode. Less talking, more kissing! They continue seeing each other in Episode 11. However, nothing more comes from their relationship. Oab disappears without further explanation. We'll assume he hooked up with another guy on the dating app and found someone better than Tee.

Episode 11

Daonuea & Nine sex
Daonuea and Nine kiss in bed.

Episode 11 begins with a Daonuea and Nine sex scene! Nine is blindfolded in the bed while Daonuea makes out with him. Afterwards, they reverse positions. Nine kisses the blindfolded Daonuea. Then, the blindfolds comes off, but they continue making out!

After a lengthy session, the two lovers are cuddled up in bed. You'd think they might be tired out and can use this time to recuperate. But wait, they aren't done yet! Daonuea's insatiable sex drive pushes him to continue. He takes his hand and slides it down Nine's pants. Nine wakes up, and they kiss again. The scene ends with Daonuea going down on his fiancé under the sheets. Milk him dry, Daonuea! 😳

Daonuea & Nine morning kiss
Daonuea and Nine kiss in the morning after sex.

To be fair, Daonuea and Nine's relationship isn't just about sex. They also enjoy sweet couple moments, like cooking and eating together. After a passionate night, the two spend the morning flirting cutely with each other. Nine prepares breakfast for his lover while Daonuea teases him in the kitchen. The pleasant morning ends with the couple sharing a gentle kiss in bed.

Currently, Daonuea is unemployed. He has been applying for a new job. Meanwhile, Nine still work at the same company as Tee. The two love rivals put aside their differences and try to maintain a professional relationship dynamic. However, Nine shows up in the office and falls asleep at his desk. Daonuea keeps him so busy last night that Nine has no energy to work anymore. 😴

Episode 12

Daonuea & Nine second proposal
Check Out has a happy ending where Nine proposes to Daonuea again.

The last episode features some annoying drama between Daonuea and Nine. Daonuea gets upset after discovering Nine has been sleeping around with guys. Yes, your cheating boyfriend also had a ~girlfriend~ while pursuing you. Clearly, exclusivity isn't a familiar word in his vocabulary.

Anyway, Daonuea throws a tantrum in the final episode and runs away. Nine checks into the same resort at the start of the series, where he first met Nine. He cries and mopes around for a while. Nine chases after him with an apology. As you may have predicted, the two lovers eventually kiss and make up.

Afterwards, the entire cast gathers around the resort. Nine makes a big spectacle and proposes to Daonuea once again. Yes, it's another proposal! This couple loves to do everything twice, like deja vu. Nine claims that he wants others to witness their love, so he asks Daonuea to marry him again. Like before, Daonuea accepts his proposal. Congratulations on getting engaged for a second time!

Tee & Ice kiss
Tee and Ice kiss for the first time in the Check Out ending.

After Nine and Daonuea reconcile, the cast gets together for a bonfire party. Tee is feeling depressed after admitting he meddled in Daonuea and Nine's relationship during their university days. The series tries to make it a big deal that Tee sabotaged this couple, but I don't really care. I hate Nine so much that I'd root for anyone who goes against him lol. Go Tee, steal his man! Make that bastard cry!

Anyway, Tee gets a little drunk during the party. Ice tells him about leaving for Singapore to pursue a scholarship opportunity. Tee becomes emotional and pleads for Ice not to leave him. Despite going on various dates, Tee has developed feelings for his subordinate. He initiates their first kiss in the heat of the moment. Ice reciprocates the affection, implying the feelings are mutual. Nonetheless, he still leaves for Singapore anyway. Although their relationship ends ambiguously, the series continues the Tee and Ice love story in the epilogue special.

Daonuea & Nine finale sex
Nine kisses Daonuea after a meal.

The engaged couple has returned home and enjoyed blissful domestic life together. Daonuea prepares a meal for his man, but Nine takes a bite and claims the dish tastes weird. Although Daonuea pouts, he's happy that Nine is honest with him, even if the truth hurts. It addresses a previous issue with the couple since Nine has kept secrets from Daonuea. Now, they're communicating openly with each other.

The final scene of Check Out is a sex scene between Daonuea and Nine. Instead of finishing the meal, the couple chooses to feast on each other! They strip, make out, and have raunchy sex around the house. They do it on the kitchen counter, the sofa, the carpet, and even pressed against the windows. Suddenly, the sex scene ends. We jump to a flashforward two years later. Daonuea and Nine are raising a baby together. Um, wtf? What a mood killer. Get rid of the kid and go back making out!


Tee & Ice sex
Tee and Ice have sex in the Check Out special episode.

The epilogue special focuses on Tee as the main character. Ice returns from Singapore and agrees to work for Tee's company full-time. He also tells his friend, Nice, to apply for a job opening. Tee hires Nice, but he's increasingly annoyed by Ice and Nice's close bond. The two coworkers seem awfully chummy together. Once again, one of Tee's love interests appears to be flirting with another guy around the office.

Tee retaliates against Nine by picking on him at work. Nine quits in frustration. Ice confronts his boss about what happened. It turns out Nine had a crush on Tee, and Ice wanted to play matchmaker for his friend. However, Tee doesn't want to be romantically involved with anyone else except Ice. After confessing his feelings, the two characters hook up.

Tee and Ice's sex scene is hot! The two actors are really gung-ho with the kissing and physical affection. I was surprised, especially by the degree of eroticism. Dare I say, this encounter is more risqué than Daonuea and Nine's exchanges in the main series. Tee's actor always seems a little reserved in his performances, but he unleashes his raw energy during intimate moments.

Tee & Ice bathtub sex
Ice kisses Tee in the bathtub.

The sex scene ends with Ice losing one of the buttons in his shirt. Boat finds the evidence the following day and figures out what happened between his coworkers. In the main series, Daonuea also lost one of his shirt buttons after hooking up with Nine in the office. This amusing scene is supposed to draw parallels to the lead couple. I thought it was a cute way to conclude the series!

But wait, there's more content after the ending credits! The final shot of the epilogue shows a thirty-second scene of Tee and Ice making out in the bathtub. The entire exchange is gratuitous and adds zero substance to the plot, but I still enjoyed it hehe~ Tee's actor is dreamy and I love seeing more of him. 🤤

Check Out BL Information


9NAA Production is a Thai BL studio that produced Check Out (2022). It also made I Am Your King (2017), I Am Your King 2 (2019), and Skinship (2020).

9NAA Production (also known as 9NAA Channel) is a Thai BL studio that created Check Out (2022). It also made I Am Your King (2017), I Am Your King 2 (2019), Skinship (2020), and My Blessing (2023).


Kapper Worarit Ninklom (วรฤทธิ์ นิลกลม) is a Thai director. He is the CEO of 9NAA Channel. His first BL project is the 2017 drama I Am Your King. He also worked on its 2019 sequel I Am Your King 2. His portfolio of work also includes Skinship (2020) and Check Out (2022).

  1. Arguably the one of the worst shows at have ever watched. I really struggled through this one. I could not cope with how boring it was- poor character development and just plain trashy people. People like this do exist bit the story telling left a lot to be desired. It’s a shame because you have a good looking cast who aren’t used properly.

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