Nut and Satha develop a university romance in Thai BL series My Boy.

My Boy is a Thai BL series about a university romance with a slight twist. The main character is slightly more mature in age than the average university student, and he returns to complete his studies after dropping out previously. When he encounters a young popular musician on campus, egos and personalities clash in a rocky start to their relationship. However, romantic feelings take shape once they clear the misunderstandings between them.

With a bloated cast and shoddy writing, My Boy struggles to convey a persuasive narrative from start to finish. It tries to do too much by dramatizing the story, but ends up accomplishing very little successfully. The few romantic moments in this drama aren't enough to make up for the numerous flaws in its clumsy and scattered plot.

My Boy Series Summary


What is the drama called?

Series Info:

Thailand (2021)


6 hours

Total Episodes:

12 episodes




My Boy is a happy & funny BL drama.


Satha teaches Nut how to play basketball.

Nut is a university freshman, slightly more advanced in age than your typical student. He already completed his studies years ago, but had to drop out of school for personal reasons. Nut has now returned back to university to graduate properly this time. At school, he has a close-knitted group of friends, which consists of Nine, Jadai, and Pang. His friends affectionately call him "Uncle Nut" due to his wisdom and kindness.

One day, Nut occupies a chair that was reserved for Satha, upsetting him terribly. Due to this minor misunderstanding, Satha has a negative opinion of this freshman student. Later, Nut and his friends join the photography club, where Satha is the president. He begins antagonizing Nut, and the two of them have a rocky start to their relationship.

Over time, Satha and Nut clear the air with each other. Making up for his earlier hostility, Satha takes a keen interest in Nut's life. He discovers that Nut cares about money a lot, because he needs it to pay for his tuition and his father's gambling debts. The more Satha learns about him, the more he respects this hardworking student that he misjudged badly at the start.

Before Nut enrolled in university, he was in a committed relationship with his boyfriend Ball. However, Ball cheated on him in the past. Nut can't forgive his indiscretions and walked away from this romance. To this day, his ex-boyfriend is still hung up on him. Ball begins stalking Nut in secret, taking an unhealthy interest in his university life and his new circle of friends.

Meanwhile, Satha has been flirting with another senior named Alice, who clearly has a crush on him. Although Alice makes advances towards him, Satha doesn't give her that much attention. Satha's roommate Nanon has a secret crush on Alice and feels annoyed with the way his friend is treating her.

My Boy Series Trailer

My Boy Series Cast


Nut Pakoo Athiwat (ปาโก๋ อธิวัฒน์) Pakoo Instagram

Nut is portrayed by the actor Pakoo Athiwat (ปาโก๋ อธิวัฒน์).

Nut is a university freshman, slightly older than the typical student on campus. He completed his studies previously, but had to drop out of school for personal reasons. Nut is very mindful of finances, taking multiple part-time jobs to pay for tuition and his father's gambling debts. Affectionately known as "Uncle Nut", he tutors several students with their coursework.

Satha Tawan Kanachot Worachottrakul (ตะวัน คณาโชติ) Tawan Instagram

Satha is portrayed by the actor Tawan Kanachot Worachottrakul (ตะวัน คณาโชติ).

Satha is a university senior and the head of the photography club. He takes an immediate dislike towards Nut over an early misunderstanding. Satha is very popular with both the girls and guys on campus, and he doesn't mind flirting with them occasionally. He is an aspiring musician and plays indie gigs at the bar. Satha is sometimes called "Tha" by his friends.

Supporting Cast

Nine is one of Nut's friends in university.


Nut's friend

Jadai is one of Nut's friends in university.


Nut's friend

Ball is Nut's ex-boyfriend who cheated on him.


Nut's ex-boyfriend

Nanon is Satha's friend and roommate in university.


Satha's roommate

Pang is one of Nut's friends in university.


Nut's friend

Boy is one of Satha's enemies in university.


Satha's enemy

Dearny is one of Satha's friends in university.


Satha's friend

Alice has a crush on Satha.


Nanon's crush

Cookie is Alice's friend.


Alice's friend

Techin is one of Satha's friends in university.


Satha's friend

Downy is one of the senior students in the photography club.


Senior student

Mommy is one of the senior students in the photography club.


Senior student

Mommy is one of the junior students in the photography club. She has a crush on Nanon.


Freshman student

Yada is one of the junior students in the photography club.


Freshman student

Archa is one of the junior students in the photography club.


Freshman student

Latte is one of Nut's friends in his tutoring group.


Nut's tutoring student

Chet is one of Nut's tutoring students.


Nut's tutoring student

Home is one of Nut's tutoring students.


Nut's tutoring student

Pramote is one of the baristas at the cafe.



Nam is one of the baristas at the cafe.



Pae is the bartender at the club.



Professor Krit is one of the university professors.

Professor Krit


Professor Sawitri is one of the university professors.

Professor Sawitri


Professor Mitra is one of the university professors.

Professor Mitra


Cast highlights

  • The actor playing Nut's ex-boyfriend (Net Thanachar Paosung) starred in the 2019 BL drama I Am Your King 2. He also featured in the 2021 supernatural mystery series Hidden Love, playing a more likable character than his villainous role in My Boy.

My Boy Series Review


Drama Review Score: 4.5

Uncle Nut and Satha take a photoshoot together.

My Boy is not a good BL drama, let's get that out of the way. It's simply an unpolished series with a subpar plot, shallow characters, and scattered pacing. There's no diamond in the rough and the quality doesn't improve much after a rocky start. While My Boy has a few redeeming qualities, it's a very clumsy attempt at BL and you're probably better off watching something else.

In the beginning, My Boy will confuse you by introducing dozens of irrelevant minor characters. Some are designated as comic relief, while others are there to take up space in the bloated cast. You can hardly distinguish between the gaggles of friends, multiple professors, bartenders and baristas, as well as the one-dimensional villains. The filler cast is involved in many frivolous scenes, which don't advance the plot and will cause you to lose interest.

There's an aimlessness in My Boy that will frustrate you as much as it bores you. The paper-thin plot is only made worse by the dreadful writing, which relies too heavily on juvenile humour that isn't very funny. A few comedic moments are kinda amusing, like the cute basketball scene in Episode 6, but they're the rare exceptions to many other awkward jokes. Almost all the characters are silly stereotypes and theatrical caricatures, completely devoid of depth or substance. They only exist to deliver bad gags and do nothing else.

The single outlier is Uncle Nut's character, a very inspired choice for a protagonist. His advanced age makes him an unconventional lead for a university BL romance, opening up new storylines that you don't typically expect. We explore topics like ageism, financial burdens, adult responsibilities, and second chances. While these themes aren't examined too deeply, I applaud My Boy for going against the norm with an older main character. I wished they pushed the envelope further, because Uncle Nut could've been a really unique selling point in this series.

It's a shame that Nut shares little romantic chemistry with Satha, who's an awfully written love interest. His initial hostility towards Nut is ridiculous, yet it makes no sense when Satha suddenly becomes infatuated with the person he's antagonizing. I never warmed to him and found his character thoroughly unlikeable. My Boy keeps emphasizing how handsome and popular he is, putting him on such a high pedestal that it's a turn-off. Also, I want to talk about that unibrow, but it speaks for itself…

My Boy ends with some annoying last-minute drama, which gets resolved in the final stretch of the episode. Perhaps the best part about the finale is that Nut got a massive glow-up, making him look less like an uncle and more like a mature daddy. Despite the happy ending, I still feel like Nut and Satha's love story is severely lacklustre. Watching My Boy hasn't been an enjoyable journey, straying too often into absurdity, banality, and superficiality. I don't recommend this series unless you have a high tolerance for ill-conceived BL dramas.

My Boy Series Episodes

Episode Guide

My Boy has a total of 12 episodes. Each episode is around 25 to 30 minutes long. The last episode is around 40 minutes long. This is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 6 hours. My Boy started airing on June 27, 2021 and ended on September 12, 2021.

Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 3


Episode 4


Episode 5


Episode 6


Episode 7


Episode 8


Episode 9


Episode 10


Episode 11


Episode 12


My Boy Series Information

Jumdee Film Production

Jumdee Film Productions is an indie Thai BL studio that made the series My Boy (2021).

Jumdee Film Production is an indie Thai BL studio that made the series My Boy (2021). My Boy is the first and only BL project made by the studio thus far.

  1. Total waste of time. Best BL' s are made by Thai please keep that in mind and write the story line. Worst storyline nd screenplay. Actors acting is not upto the mark. Totally next to nothing.

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