My Secret Love – Series Review & Ending Explained

My Secret Love is a Thai BL series about the romance between a straight-laced student and a mischievous prankster.

My Secret Love is a Thai BL series about the romance between a student council president and a troublemaking prankster. The main characters clash over causing mischief on campus. As the rivalry escalates, the school authorities intervene and force the two feuding factions to get along. Reluctantly, they begin faking an amicable relationship to avoid the threat of suspension.

I have a soft spot for My Secret Love, a cute BL drama with lots of charm. This genre-savvy series has entertaining characters, endearing romances, and an easygoing vibe. The beginning feels more cohesive, whereas the plot meanders during the patchy second half. The story trudges through annoying drama near the end, as the lacklustre writing and amateurish acting become painfully noticeable.

My Secret Love Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2022)


9 hours

Total Episodes:

12 episodes


School romance


My Secret Love is a cute & sweet BL drama.


Kim and Mek stare into each other's eyes.

Kim is the president of his university's student council. He is hardworking, diligent, and well-respected among his peers. Recently, Kim devised a schoolwide initiative to stop cruel university hazing. The chancellor loves his pitch and promises a glowing recommendation letter to help his future career prospects. Kim is motivated to make his anti-SOTUS campaign a success.

Mek is a senior film student who attends the same university as Kim. He is an online celebrity famous for making prank videos with his friends, Park and Bear. Their group is called Thunderous Sky, and they have a growing fan base on campus. As Mek records his next video, he pulls a random prank on Kim, embarrassing him in public. Kim is annoyed and threatens disciplinary action.

The Thunderous Sky group wants to avoid consequences, so they agree to not publish the incriminating video. However, Mek is upset and holds a grudge against Kim. After learning about the anti-SOTUS campaign, Mek wants to undermine Kim's efforts with an elaborate prank on campus. Yet, his plan backfires when a Bomb, a student council member, faints temporarily. The university chancellor is furious about the incident, threatening to suspend Mek and his friends. She also blames Kim for failing the promotional campaign.

The chancellor disciplines Mek and Kim by forcing them to work together on a school project. They must collaborate on a music video that advertises the university. While the video is a success, Mek and Kim's chemistry has caught the viewers' attention. The chancellor capitalizes on their popularity by proposing another collaboration between Kim and Mem. The leads don't want to work together anymore, but she gives them no choice. The pair must continue making videos, or she'll take away Kim's recommendation letter and enforce Mek's school suspension.

Kim's friends Lee and Bear are also part of the student council. Unbeknownst to their friends, Lee and Park are dating. Amid the tension between the student council and the content creators, they must hide their relationship on campus. Meanwhile, Bomb harbours a crush on Bear, who seems oblivious to his feelings. Bear is insecure about his lack of online popularity, unaware he has a secret admirer nearby.

My Secret Love Cast



Earth Teerapat Ruangritkul (เอิร์ธ ธีระภัทร์ เรืองฤทธิ์กุล)

Kim is portrayed by the Thai actor Earth Teerapat Ruangritkul (เอิร์ธ ธีระภัทร์ เรืองฤทธิ์กุล).

Kim is the university's student council president. He is a hard worker with a responsible and disciplined personality. However, he often feels annoyed by Mek's immature pranks. Kim lives with his younger sister Q while their parents manage a restaurant overseas. He is an excellent chef who loves to cook.

Earth Teerapat Ruangritkul

Earth Teerapat Ruangritkul (ดิน ธีระภัทร์ เรืองฤทธิ์กุล) is a Thai actor. He is born on March 7, 1997.

Earth Teerapat Ruangritkul (ดิน ธีระภัทร์ เรืองฤทธิ์กุล) is a Thai actor. He is born on March 7, 1997. His first BL project is the 2019 series, 2 Moons 2. He also starred in the 2022 series, My Secret Love.


Fluk Chatchawan Jitraxtham (ฟลุ๊ค ชัชวาล จิตรักธรรม)

Mek is portrayed by the Thai actor Fluk Chatchawan Jitraxtham (ฟลุ๊ค ชัชวาล จิตรักธรรม).

Mek is a senior film school student who attends the same university as Kim. Mek and his friends form a group called Thunderous Sky. They have become famous for posting prank videos online, even though their mischievous antics often annoy others. Mek's parents run a vacation resort, so he lives alone with his sister while they attend school. Mek enjoys gardening and has considered studying landscape architecture.

Fluk Chatchawan Jitraxtham

Fluk Chatchawan Jitraxtham (ฟลุ๊ค ชัชวาล จิตรักธรรม) is a Thai actor. He is born on April 30, 1999.

Fluk Chatchawan Jitraxtham (ฟลุ๊ค ชัชวาล จิตรักธรรม) is a Thai actor. He is born on April 30, 1999. His first BL project is the 2022 series, My Secret Love.


Daniel Cheng (張誠佑)

Lee is portrayed by the Taiwanese actor Daniel Cheng (張誠佑).

Lee is Kim's friend and a student council member. He has been dating Park since high school. Yet, their friends don't know about this secret relationship. Lee studied in the same department as his boyfriend until he switched majors two years ago. Lee used to enjoy photography, a hobby he hadn't picked up in a while.

Daniel Cheng

Daniel Cheng (張誠佑) is a Thai-Taiwanese actor. He is born on March 11, 1996.

Daniel Cheng (張誠佑) is a Thai-Taiwanese actor. He is born on March 11, 1996. His first BL project is the 2021 series, Call It What You Want. He also starred in the sequel Call It What You Want 2. In addition, he has a supporting role in the 2022 series, My Secret Love.


Bew Sitthikarn Akkarapolawat (บิว สิทธิการอัครพลวัฒน์)

Park is portrayed by the Thai actor Bew Sitthikarn Akkarapolawat (บิว สิทธิการอัครพลวัฒน์).

Park is Mek's friend and part of the Thunderous Sky group. Compared to his rowdy friends, Park's personality is quieter and more sensible. He is Lee's boyfriend, although nobody at school knows about their secret relationship. Park enjoys video editing and hopes to develop a career in this field.

Bew Sitthikarn Akkarapolawat

Bew Sitthikarn Akkarapolawat (บิว สิทธิการอัครพลวัฒน์) is a Thai actor. He is born on May 10, 1996.

Bew Sitthikarn Akkarapolawat (บิว สิทธิการอัครพลวัฒน์) is a Thai actor. He is born on May 10, 1996. His first BL project is the 2022 series, My Secret Love.


Yut Kritsadayut Thaweechaiwat (ยุทธ กฤษฎายุทธ ทวีชัยวัฒน์)

Bomb is portrayed by the Thai actor Yut Kritsadayut Thaweechaiwat (ยุทธ กฤษฎายุทธ ทวีชัยวัฒน์).

Bomb is Kim's friend and a student council member. He enjoys watching the prank videos from the Thunderous Sky channel. Bomb harbours a secret crush on Bear, but he's too shy to confess his feelings. He is a superstitious guy and constantly tests his luck with lottery tickets. Bomb works part-time at a fast food restaurant.

Yut Kritsadayut Thaweechaiwat

Yut Kritsadayut Thaweechaiwat (ยุทธ กฤษฎายุทธ ทวีชัยวัฒน์) is a Thai actor. He is born on November 23, 1996.

Yut Kritsadayut Thaweechaiwat (ยุทธ กฤษฎายุทธ ทวีชัยวัฒน์) is a Thai actor. He is born on November 23, 1996. His first BL project is the 2022 drama, My Secret Love. He has a supporting role in the Thai drama, Hot Bamee and Yummy Gyogung.


Por Patsakon Chaowana (ปอ พัสกร เชาวนะ)

Bear is portrayed by the Thai actor Por Patsakon Chaowana (ปอ พัสกร เชาวนะ).

Bear is Mek's friend and part of the Thunderous Sky group. He has a goofy and immature personality. Bear wants to be a famous content creator, but he feels insecure about receiving less attention than Mek. Bear seems oblivious to Bomb's secret crush on him.

Por Patsakon Chaowana

Por Patsakon Chaowana ( ปอ พัสกร เชาวนะ) is a Thai actor. He is born on July 23, 1997.

Por Patsakon Chaowana ( ปอ พัสกร เชาวนะ) is a Thai actor. He is born on July 23, 1997. His first BL project is the 2022 drama, My Secret Love. He has a supporting role in the Thai drama, Hot Bamee and Yummy Gyogung.


Boat Yongyut Termtuo (โบ๊ท ยงค์ยุทธ เติมต่อ)

Boat Yongyut Termtuo (โบ๊ท ยงค์ยุทธ เติมต่อ)

Tim is an online celebrity who attends the same school as Kim and Mek. He is a lifestyle vlogger, specializing in videos about men's fashion. Kim watches his content and has a secret crush on the online celebrity. Tim's manager is Mai, and they have known each other since adolescence. Everyone remarks on how Tim and Mai seem inseparable.

Boat Yongyut Termtuo

Boat Yongyut Termtuo (โบ๊ท ยงค์ยุทธ เติมต่อ) is a Thai actor. He is born on October 9, 1996.

Boat Yongyut Termtuo (โบ๊ท ยงค์ยุทธ เติมต่อ) is a Thai actor. He is born on October 9, 1996. His first BL project is the 2022 drama, My Secret Love. He stars in the Thai drama, Hot Bamee and Yummy Gyogung.


Kenji Sivarut Jarupongtavit (เคนจิ ศิวรุฒ จารุพงษ์ทวิช)

Mai is portrayed by the Thai actor Kenji Sivarut Jarupongtavit (เคนจิ ศิวรุฒ จารุพงษ์ทวิช).

Mai is Tai's best friend and works as his manager. He handles the online celebrity's job offers, work responsibilities, and filming schedule. Mai has romantic feelings for Tai, although their relationship has remained platonic over the years. Mai seems miffed whenever Tai begins flirting with Kim.

Kenji Sivarut Jarupongtavit

Kenji Sivarut Jarupongtavit (เคนจิ ศิวรุฒ จารุพงษ์ทวิช) is a Thai actor. He is born on July 25, 2002.

Kenji Sivarut Jarupongtavit (เคนจิ ศิวรุฒ จารุพงษ์ทวิช) is a Thai actor. He is born on July 25, 2002. His first BL project is the 2022 drama, My Secret Love.

Supporting Cast

Q is portrayed by the Thai actress Prae Phimaraya Attavipach (แพร พิมพ์อารยา อรรถวิภัชน์).


Kim's sister

Dao is portrayed by the Thai actress Pearmai Thunrawee Tiwacharoenpat (แพรไหม ธัญญ์รวี ติวาเจริญพัฒน์).


Mek's sister

The Chancellor has plans for Mek and Kim.


University authority

Thong runs the restaurant that the characters visit.


Restaurant owner

Pete is Mai's love interest.


Mai's love interest


Mek's ex

Mek's dad

Mek's parent

Mek's mom

Mek's parent

Kim's mom is portrayed by the Thai actress Fresh Arisara Wongchalee *(แพรไหม ธัญญ์รวี ติวาเจริญพัฒน์).

Kim's mom

Kim's parent


Kim's coworker


Kim's coworker

Rich is Kim's boss.


Kim's boss

Cast Highlights

  • Earlier in 2022, the leads (Earth and Fluk) starred in a short Thai BL drama called Scent of Love. This three-episode series depicts a cozy yet straightforward campus romance.
  • Kim's actor (Earth) starred in the 2019 Thai BL series, 2 Moons 2.
  • Lee's actor (Daniel Chang) starred in the 2021 Thai BL series Call It What You Want and its sequel Call It What You Want 2. Although Daniel appeared in both series, his character had a more prominent role in the second season.
  • Bomb's actor (Yut) appeared in the 2018 BL drama What the Duck and the 2019 series I Am Your King 2.
  • Mek and Dao's father (Jome) have appeared in multiple Thai BL dramas. His portfolio includes Lovely Writer (2021), Something in My Room (2022), Dear Doctor (2022), and The Miracle of Teddy Bear (2022).

My Secret Love Review


Drama Review Score: 7.3

Kim and Mek are roughhousing.

My Secret Love has an adorable story that combines cute romantic moments with a cheerful sense of humour. I often giggle at a funny joke, a cheeky exchange, or simply an amusing reaction. Yet, this series has glaring flaws, such as a patchy plot, amateurish acting, and contrived conflicts. Deep down, I know My Secret Love is a mediocre series despite possessing lots of charm. It saddens me that I can't find the justification to give a higher review score.

The writing isn't the best, rehashing tired tropes and unoriginal ideas. However, My Secret Love compensates with self-deprecating humour. This witty series isn't afraid to poke fun at itself, as the characters frequently point out the cliché lines or corny moments. The atmosphere is so playful that I can excuse the weak parts of the narrative. This genre-savvy drama also likes making mischievous references to BL fan culture. It uses zany comedy to deconstruct the BL phenomenon, highlighting the monetization of phony romances.

My Secret Love is the most compelling during the first half. The early episodes introduce the quirky characters boisterously, establishing a juicy rivalry between the leads. The supporting cast also shares the spotlight with cute secondary romances. There was a point when I genuinely liked all the BL couples and felt enchanted by their flirtatious interactions. My Secret Love peaks in Episode 6, where every storyline reaches a captivating climax. My midpoint report card for this series would've been favourable, setting decent expectations for the second half.

After an enthusiastic start, My Secret Love struggles to maintain momentum. Although Episode 6 was riveting, the series may have rushed the best parts by leaping to the climax hastily. The meandering plot loses direction, and the remaining episodes don't carry enough excitement. It should've stretched out the early storylines more thoroughly and paced the narrative better. The second half features heavier melodrama, but the angsty scenes expose the actors' limitations. The newbie cast is better at handling comedic material than they are with emotiveness.

I'm fond of the main characters. Kim and Mek engage in an entertaining feud, hilarious banter, and lighthearted flirting. Sadly, this fun couple gets saddled with a tedious conflict, turning them into miserable characters in the second half. Near the end, I wanted more focus on the other couples instead of the obnoxious leads. My favourites are Bear and Bomb, who endeared me with their goofy personalities. Lee & Park are tolerable, but I hate how the dumb cheating allegations undermine their long-term relationship. The last pair is iffy, and Tim treats Mai awfully.

My Secret Love excels in creating sweet amorous exchanges. The couples often kiss or show affection, although the best scenes are the casual interactions that highlight their easygoing rapport. As much as I enjoy the romantic content, it can't make up for the lacklustre storytelling. The last few episodes decline into a sluggish BL drama with mundane plots and unremarkable performances. The finale is an improvement, albeit not enough to recapture the lost magic. I want to like My Secret Love so badly, but it's an average BL series that sinks into hopeless mediocrity.


Patchy story

My Secret Love begins enthusiastically, but the story doesn't sustain enough momentum after the midway point. The second half declines into a sluggish BL drama with mundane plots.

Playful romances

This series excels in creating sweet romantic moments. Each couple is affectionate, with plenty of kissing and flirting. The best scenes are the everyday interactions that highlight their easygoing rapport.

Amateurish acting

The actors are endearing, but their performances feel amateurish. Many have problems with delivering lines instead of speaking naturally. They're better with comedic material than emotive scenes.

Happy ending

My Secret Love has a happy ending where the main characters settle their differences. The last episode features many cute relationship moments, sweet kisses, and even a wedding.

Decent artistry

I appreciate the copious amounts of BL-friendly visuals. Overall, the series looks decent. Maybe the cinematographer could've shown more creative flair and artistry in a few scenes.


My Secret Love is an adorable BL drama with affectionate romances and playful humour. After a compelling start, the rest of the series suffers from a meandering plot with unremarkable acting.

My Secret Love Series Explained



Fake romance
Kim and Mek are feuding university students.

The My Secret Love premiere is decent and establishes a fun campus rivalry between the leads. However, the series comes alive in Episode 2 after introducing an exciting storyline about Kim & Mek's fake relationship. The chancellor forces her students to be a BL couple for the university's promotional campaign. While the circumstances are unrealistic, the series injects enough zany humour to make this premise persuasive. The phony romance is a quirky & unique concept, distinguishing My Secret Love from other BL dramas.

Kim and Mek's fauxmance is entertaining for several reasons. Primarily, it creates a hilarious contrast between their public personas and private interactions. The leads pretend to have an amicable relationship in front of the cameras. In reality, they quarrel and antagonize each other with snappy banter. This amusing dynamic also highlights their characters' eccentric personalities. Kim is the funniest when he acts stuck-up and humourless, while Mek works best when displaying his annoyingly mischievous charm. As they clash, it creates compelling tension between the leads.

Kim and Mek portray a fake BL couple to promote the university.

In addition, this fauxmance gives My Secret Love an excuse to include lots of cute romantic moments. Without the storyline, Kim & Mek's lovey-dovey exchanges would seem excessive. But now, the storyteller has a legitimate context to portray the (fake) couple in intimate scenarios. Plus, this series is adept at creating lighthearted relationship fluff, much better than they are with writing dramatic material. Kim and Mek's interactions are delightful, capturing the BL genre's appeal. My Secret Love showcases its best qualities and achieves many objectives with this plot.

BL culture
The university chancellor forces Kim and Mek to be a couple to promote the university.

My Secret Love is very meta. It's completely aware of the irony in a fictional BL series portraying a fake BL romance. There are plenty of cheeky jokes that poke fun at this storyline. Early on, this series reminds me of Lovely Writer from last year. The two dramas are playful, witty, and genre-savvy. Both use lighthearted humour to highlight subtle commentary about the BL culture.  

In My Secret Love, its first critique is mocking the phoniness of these BL couples. The BL fangirls gush about Kim and Mek as a compatible pair, yet they secretly despise each other behind the scenes. This on-screen romance is fake as hell, a manipulative illusion to appease fans. Ironically, the fickle fans stopped being interested in Kim & Mek after they became real boyfriends. They've already moved on to another fake GL pairing instead.

Its second critique is the self-serving nature of the characters when reacting to their BL fame. Mek exploits this fake romance to gain new followers. He abandons Thunderous Sky and forgets about making plans with his friends. His mentality is BL fans before bros! Likewise, Tim sees the popularity of the phony couple and decides to join the bandwagon in a calculating move. Even Kim gets his ego stroked from reading flattering comments online.

The third critique is the commercialization of the BL genre. The Kim and Mek couple is treated like a commodity to make money. The university chancellor is a hilarious parody of these profit-driven BL creators. They shell out crappy products, brand them with a same-sex couple, and assume the fans will lap it up regardless. In the chancellor's defence, her product design is honestly not that bad. Hey, that shirt is cute for a low-budget effort! *lol*

Mek, Bear and Park are close friends who disband their video group.

Besides the BL elements, My Secret Love touches upon the themes of friendship. The series emphasizes the brotherhood in the trio of Mek, Bear, and Park. These three buddies are part of the Thunderous Sky group, creating prank videos for multiple years. However, they encounter friction after Mek gains popularity as a BL couple. Bear believes Mek cares about his solo development more than the group's best interest.

This storyline is intriguing. Initially, I thought Bear seemed petty and jealous because he wasn't as popular as Mek. However, Mek also had questionable moments where he prioritized his self-interest over friendship. Typically, these two characters get along because they have very similar personalities. In the first episode, they even nicknamed each other B1 and B2. The strength of their bond raises the stakes of this conflict. In addition, Park is caught in the middle between two feuding friends, hesitant to take sides. There's a complex dynamic as they navigate their tensions.

Yet, the series doesn't focus on this storyline as much as it could have. More emphasis on the trio's friendship would make the reconciliation emotionally powerful. Likewise, Thunderous Sky disbands in Episode 8. It's supposed to be a sad moment, but I don't feel anything. The last episode had a flashback showing how the trio met each other. If they had included that scene earlier with extra memories, this friendship might resonate better. Nonetheless, I like how the trio worked together to film a zombie movie, highlighting their collaboration over their earlier conflict.

Growing up
Kim and Mek share an intimate moment in the elevator.

Kim and Mek shared their first official kiss in Episode 6. At that point, it seemed like their relationship would progress with steady momentum. Instead, the couple gets dragged into tiresome relationship drama until the end. They acted childishly, didn't communicate with each other, and moped around with two sad sacks. The characters lose all their charms compared to the fun, breezy dynamic at the start. They finally reconcile in the last episode, but I've already lost interest in them.

Mek experiences an epiphany after his prank on Tim backfired, causing him to harm someone. Ridden with remorse, Mek grows up and doesn't want to create prank videos anymore. Instead, he turns to his childhood passion of landscape architecture. The caveat is he must study overseas in Australia, jeopardizing his romance with Kim. Moving abroad is a big life decision for a young adult, so I understand Mek's apprehension. However, he mishandles his dilemma. Instead of having thoughtful chats with his boyfriend, Mek acts immaturely and indecisively.

Episode 11 features a time skip to two years after Kim graduated. Although he was an ace student, Kim struggled to find work and ended up with an average job. He seemed like a man with a promising future, yet the reality was less than ideal. His messy bedroom symbolizes Kim's organized life thrown into disarray. Kim is disappointed in his failures, leading to hostility with his mother. This storyline sounds interesting in theory, but the series executes the plot unclearly. My Secret Love depicts Kim and Mek's journeys of personal growth with unsatisfying results.


Kim and Mek
Kim pecks Mek on the cheek.

I was into Kim and Mek as a couple from the first episode. Their fiery personality clash enthused me. Kim seems to have a stick up his butt, making him the perfect target for Mek's obnoxious antics. I love watching perfectly poised guys like Kim UNRAVEL, mwhahaha~ As the hostility softens, I enjoy the sweet, playful flirting that highlight the leads' budding attraction. It's exciting to watch the fake relationship transform into a real romance.

In Episode 5, Kim and Mek have a fallout after the prank on Tim goes horribly wrong. Kim has a legitimate reason to be angry at his love interest, so this conflict makes sense. The feud continues to Episode 6, leading to cute scenes where their sisters play matchmakers and help them reconcile. The tensions don't last for long, resolving promptly and reasonably. This episode ends with their first kiss, as the culmination of their sexual tension unleashes in a spectacular moment. 

Unfortunately, this fun, lighthearted romance goes downhill from here. Despite sharing an intimate moment in Episode 6, the series suddenly backtracks and insists the leads aren't a couple yet. WTF!? Just pair them up together already. Kim then gives a love confession, but Mek responds with anguished silence. Ugh, why is My Secret Love making it so hard to ship the leads together? As they spiralled near the end, I was fed up with their prolonged relationship drama. Why couldn't Kim & Mek be like the secondary couples with lovey-dovey relationship fluff?

Lee and Park
Lee and Park have sex after overcoming their earlier misunderstanding.

Lee and Park's romance is a mixed bag for me. I'll start with some of the positives:

In Episode 2, there's a sweet moment where Park showers Lee with quick kisses. My Secret Love overdoes this kissing style in later episodes, but it's cute initially.

In Episode 3, I love the amusing exchange where Bear and Bomb find evidence of Lee and Park's relationship in the car. Everyone's reactions are pretty funny.

Their high school flashbacks are lovely, highlighting how this teenage romance matured into a seven-year relationship.

Lee and Park probably have the most immersive intimacy scenes out of all the couples. The other pairs kiss forcefully, whereas these two actors seem more natural.

However, I'm annoyed by the dumb cheating allegations between this couple. Lee and Park have been together for seven years, yet their relationship gets undermined after a few instances of secretive behaviour. Maybe the paranoia would seem more understandable if they were newly dating. However, these suspicions are senseless from two high school sweethearts who have been together for so long. It's worse because the "signs" of cheating are laughably minor. Lee and Park should've sorted out their misunderstandings quickly without the contrived drama.

Park gives Lee a peck on the cheek.

Another issue is their secret romance. I had my theories about why Lee & Park concealed their relationship status. Usually, there's a common reason gay couples hide their affections in public. Not everyone can afford the luxury of being out and proud in an intolerant society. My other guess is that Lee & Park had a scandalous past. Perhaps their romance started as an affair. Maybe they dated each other's ex, brother, or friend before getting together, creating hazy moral boundaries.

The real explanation is that Lee felt insecure since Park won a photography contest. Since then, he doesn't want others to compare him to his boyfriend. Umm… That's it? Is losing a high school photography competition so traumatic that you must hide your relationship for seven years? My brain can't accept the rationale, but my heart is like *lmao ok then~*. 😶 Instead of exploring Lee's inferiority complex further, My Secret Love does nothing else with this couple. They have no other subplots besides romantic fluff, cheating paranoia, and taking pictures.

Bomb and Bear
Bear and Bomb kiss in My Secret Love Episode 11.

Bomb and Bear are my favourites in My Secret Love. This romance is predictable. Nonetheless, Bomb's secret crush unfolds sweetly, going through giddiness, nervousness, and a wide range of emotions. I like that Bear initiates the kiss in Episode 6 after picking up hints of a reciprocal attraction. Bear may act silly, but he isn't oblivious to his partner's feelings. He's aware enough to notice Bomb's crush on him and respond accordingly.

I really like Bear's personality. 🐻 He's funny, vivacious, and entertaining. I like that he's a straight shooter, speaking his mind and communicating his feelings honestly. Bear wears his heart on his sleeves, and his over-the-top crying is hilarious. Also, his content creator subplot fascinates me. It's great to see someone chase after his dreams with gusto. Yet, he has his vulnerable moments and gives an emotional spiel about feeling like a "failure". That self-deprecating introspection is so lovable, warming me to his character.

Bear appears in a bear costume to apologize to his boyfriend.

After getting together, Bear and Bomb have little storyline other than relationship fluff. Nonetheless, this couple is super cute with their affectionate nicknames: "Papa Bear", "Mama Bear", and their bear claw hand symbols. They also have the sweetest moment in Episode 12, where Bear appears in a bear costume and apologizes to his boyfriend. I gushed effusively when he showed the last sign, and it had a mirror reflection of Bomb. I absolutely love cute, creative gestures like this. Oh my gosh, you sweet gummy bear. Protect this adorable man at all costs!

With that said, I'd improve this couple in a few ways. I wish Bomb had more characterization. Give him more defining traits than *secret crush on Bear* and *works in Taco Bell*. Also, the kissing between this couple could use some work. Regardless, I love every Bomb x Bear scene, which lifts my mood delightfully throughout the series. I'm a shipper!

Tim and Mai
Tim and Mai share a kiss in My Secret Love Episode 10.

Tim is my least favourite character in My Secret Love. His behaviour towards Mai is awful. I was shocked after discovering he rejected Mai's confession in high school. Their history added a tricky dimension to every interaction between them. Tim knew his best friend had unrequited love, yet he still flirts aggressively with Kim in front of him. Tim's actions seem insensitive, if not cruel. I'm sympathetic to Mai, who must repress his feelings and look on with jealousy.

In addition, Tim gives confusing signals. He makes emotionally manipulative statements like "Never leave me." and "You're the most important person in my life." These declarations seem irresponsible when you already turned him down once. After their kiss in Episode 6, Tim remains indecisive around his friend. Yet, he throws tantrums and acts possessively over Mai, who tries moving on with another guy. Tim doesn't want to be in a relationship with Mai, yet he refuses to let his friend date anyone else. WTF!? Stop being a controlling freak! And stop playing games with him!

Tim and Mai's relationship dynamic seems increasingly toxic. They lack boundary issues, and Mai shouldn't work for him. You need distance to move on from your unrequited love. After much infuriating drama, Tim finally makes up his mind and wants to be with Mai. Instead of rooting for them, my prevailing opinion is that Mai deserves better. The last two episodes explore Tim's feud with his dad, a random subplot without enough development. Yet, Tim's dad makes a valid point. I'm sorry, but why are you prioritizing a YouTube channel over your family's hotel empire?

Kim and Tim
Kim and Tim remain platonic friends, never becoming a romantic couple.

Kim and Tim frequently flirt throughout My Secret Love. Their rapport creates a source of tension in the storyline, leading to jealous reactions from Mek and Mai. Yet, Kim and Tim's characters never take their relationship beyond platonic friendship. They never initiate a romance. Whenever I thought these two might hook up, the series shows restraint by not opting for the obvious love triangle drama. I like that My Secret Love shows restraint and never escalates this potential romance.

don't ship Kim and Tim. Firstly, I hate Tim's character. Not that I'm Team Mek or anything. I just don't like Tim as an individual and will root against him in any scenario. Secondly, the two characters share no chemistry. Their attraction to each other feels shallow. It doesn't make sense for them to be together. With that said, I find it funny Kim's two suitors both come from similar hospitality backgrounds. Mek is the heir to a vacation resort, while Kim is the heir to a hotel empire. Kim's love life is like a hilarious decision between choosing Hilton or Merriott. 😅


Mek makes a face in his mirror reflection.

I like Mek's performer (Fluk), who's charismatic and exudes a goofy charm. It's a suitable role for the actor, who captures the playful mischief in his character's personality. In Episode 2, one of Mek's fangirls described him, "You have mischievous eyes. And you seem like a free-spirit, but a little bit grungy. Whenever you're around Kim, you become such a heartwarming guy." Oh my gosh, that's a spot-on assessment of Fluk! She articulated his appeal perfectly!

The other performer who catches my eye is Bear (Por). This actor has some comedic chops because I find him really funny. His goofy reactions, animated expressions, and over-the-top mannerisms crack me up. Bear doesn't have many dramatic moments, so I'm not sure about the actor's range. However, he succeeded in portraying a lovable character with a lively, endearing personality.


Park rips open his shirt during the music video.

Can we talk about the masterpiece that is the school's music video? That was a work of art, from the terrible lyrics to the low-effort choreography. I love how Lee and Park hold the "NO SOTUS" flag in the background, but you can't even see the words. Not that you'd forget the message because every other line in the lyrics is "NO SOTUS" on a loop. Everything about this video is hilariously bad. It captures the vibe of a cheesy music video from a university promotional campaign trying to be hip. Bonus points for Park ripping open his shirt! 😂

Besides the hilarious video, I appreciate the abundance of BL-friendly visuals in My Secret Love. This series is generous with the BL content, including many kisses and affectionate displays for all couples. I like Kim & Mek's relationship montages, which are packed with cute interactions. Seeing them live together and goof around enhances the authenticity of the couple. 

Kim realizes Mek is hiding a secret scholarship.

My favourite shot is in Episode 10. The context is that Kim enters Mek's bedroom and discovers the scholarship offer on the laptop. I hate the storyline, but I love the visual with the warm lighting falling onto Kim's side profile. This pretty imagery captures the actor's face at a flattering angle. Symbolically, I love how there's a bright lamp illuminating Kim as he discovers Mek's secret. Have you heard of the saying "lightbulb moment"? This clever shot is a literal interpretation. The cinematography emphasizes Kim's lightbulb moment as he learns his love interest's motivations.


Happy ending
My Secret Love has a happy ending. Kim and Mek kiss each other at their friends' wedding.

My Secret Love has a happy ending where Kim and Mek reunite after spending two years apart. Mek returns to Thailand after completing his landscape architecture studies in Australia. He becomes Kim's client at his company, where sparks reignite between the former lovers. After a casual work hangout, the characters leave the bar and return home to hook up. Later, they have a heartfelt chat. Kim admits to breaking up with Mek to encourage him to study overseas. He says, "I didn't want you to hesitate for me."

Fortunately, Kim and Mek clear the air. The leads miss each other and promise not to leave anymore. After spending an intimate evening, Kim's mom accidentally walks into the bedroom, meeting Mek for the first time. She's a supportive parent who champions this romance. Kim chats with his mom, apologizing for treating her terribly. Kim behaved standoffishly because he felt like a disappointment around her. His mom gives comforting reassurance. She only wants her son to open up and share his thoughts more often. They hug it out and end the series on good terms.

The series ends with Lee and Park's wedding. They declare their vows, exchange rings, and kiss under the altar. Then, Kim & Mek have a sentimental conversation. Mek thanks his partner for helping him grow up and stop acting like a brat. Meanwhile, Kim also learned to let go and be easier on himself, thanks to his boyfriend's influence. Mek gives Kim a ring with the promise of being by his side forever. Nearby, Bear jokes Mek is upstaging the wedding. 😅 The final shot shows the leads sharing a blissful kiss, happily reassured about their honest love.

Ending explained
Kim hugs his mom in the My Secret Love ending.

I don't have much to analyze about Kim and Mek's reconciliation. Their breakup is so BS, and it infuriates me to think how immaturely they handled their relationship. To be honest, I'm over this couple and their prolonged melodrama. I'm good as long as they get back together, no matter the circumstances. Please go back to having cute, lighthearted romantic exchanges. Kim and Mek work best when propelling that fun, zesty rapport.

Surprisingly, the compelling storyline in the finale is Kim's self-esteem issues. He admits to feeling like a failure for not living up to expectations. Kim's friends are successful at work and satisfied with their love lives. Yet, Kim is alone and stuck at a miserable job. He's a perfectionist who works hard at school and on the student council. He aspired to lead a fulfilled life after graduation. Instead, the reality is a setback. Kim feels defeated about not succeeding at the same pace as everyone else. Kim even avoids his mom, fearing that he has disappointed her.

Thematically, I like this storyline. In execution, the messaging falls short. This plot is unpolished and needs more clarity. My Secret Love could've written the scenes better to emphasize Kim's struggles. Nonetheless, I appreciate the attempts at expanding on his character development. Seeing Kim admit to his failures makes him vulnerable. He needed to open up emotionally before reconciling with Mek. Mek's return should have a positive influence on Kim's life. His happy-go-lucky boyfriend will take Kim out of his slump, reminding him to have fun and be lighthearted.

My Secret Love Episodes

Episode Guide

Bear and Bomb are a couple.

My Secret Love has a total of 12 episodes. Each episode is around 40 to 45 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 9 hours. My Secret Love started on May 28, 2022 and ended its final episode on August 20, 2022.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12

Episode reviews

Episode 1

My Secret Love has a cute, vibrant start that sets up a juicy rivalry between the leads. I enjoy the lively characters and their playful enthusiasm.

Episode 2

Oh, I adore the storyline with the leads pretending to be a BL couple! The music video is also hilarious, especially the part where Park bursts open his shirt. I love when sexy moments are awkward. 😆

Episode 3

I love the zany comedy and cheeky mischief of this BL drama. This episode's highlights include Kim's dance, that entire exchange in the car, and any scene with the chancellor. Allez Cuisine!

Episode 4

I hate the cheating allegations between Lee & Park. You guys have been together for seven years, so please rise above this dumb drama. Also, Mek is rude and annoying with his jealousy toward Tim.

Episode 5

Bear's character cracks me up. I enjoy how the cute Bear x Bomb romantic subplot is progressing so far. Mek's prank is reckless and obnoxious, but I'm intrigued to see where this storyline goes.

Episode 6

Wow! My Secret Love packs all the best romantic moments into the same episode. Every storyline has escalated, reaching an exhilarating climax. I hope the series can keep up this exciting adrenaline.

Episode 7

That's the reason why Lee & Park hid the relationship!? Um… 😶 The high school flashback is a nice touch, but I expected a more credible explanation for the couple's secrecy.

Episode 8

Why is it taking so long for Kim and Mek to get together? Stop dragging out this romance. Also, Tim's behaviour is awful. He has no issues flirting with Kim, but acts possessively over Mai.

Episode 9

I'm fed up with Mek. I understand his apprehension about studying abroad, but this storyline is dreary and aggravating. Give me more adorable Bear and Bomb scenes instead.

Episode 10

Are you kidding me with that ending!? Can Kim & Mek communicate like reasonable adults instead of handling their drama in the worst possible way? Their tension is so damn miserable.

Episode 11

Kim and Mek's scenes are such a drag. I prefer watching the secondary pairs, even if Bear & Bomb barely had a plot since getting together. The romantic fluff is more enjoyable than the main story.

Episode 12

The last episode returns to form with sweet romantic moments. I like Kim's chat with his mom, but that storyline could've been written better. The best moment is seeing Bear in a bear costume, haha. 🐻

My Secret Love Information

BOYY Entertainment

BOYY Entertainment is a Thai BL studio that produced the series My Secret Love (2022).

BOYY Entertainment is a Thai BL studio that produced the drama My Secret Love (2022). That series is their first entry in the BL genre.

  1. I sadly agree with you. I don't like to speak badlymof any bl dramas because I know how hard work itnis, but I was truly disappointed. I couldn't even finish it and that is new for me😔 Hopefully I'll get around tonit someday.

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