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On Cloud Nine is a Thai fantasy BL series. The story begins with the main character meeting a mysterious stranger in the wilderness.

On Cloud Nine is a Thai fantasy BL series. The story begins with the main character meeting a mysterious stranger in the wilderness. This suspicious wanderer seems oddly intimate, following the protagonist wherever he goes. Soon, inexplicable events begin happening when they are together. After a puzzling intro, the rest of the BL drama is dedicated to explaining the past. It turns out the two leads used to have a history together.

Some viewers may not understand the hazy plot in On Cloud Nine right away. This vague BL series deliberately shrouds itself in mystery. The convoluted storytelling is detrimental, leaving me bored and confused for most episodes. I still enjoyed the handsome leads, atmospheric soundtrack, and stunning cinematography. The creative drama should also be commended for its ambition, daring to do something different than the norm.

On Cloud Nine Summary


On Cloud Nine

Series Info:

Thailand (2022)


3 hours

Total Episodes:

6 episodes




On Cloud Nine is a mature & interesting BL drama.


Mork meets a mysterious stranger in the wilderness. This wanderer shows up wherever he goes.

Mork is a young traveller who goes sightseeing in the wilderness. He marvels at the picturesque mountainside view, serene flower fields, and lush green pastures. Mork is by himself without any companions. There don't seem to be any other tourists nearby. However, he is surprised when a mysterious stranger suddenly appears beside him.

This suspicious man, dressed in white attire, begins chatting with Mork. He speaks cryptically without making much sense. Mork tries asking his new companion to introduce himself. However, the stranger avoids the question and remains anonymous. He makes an abrupt departure and leaves Mork alone again. Yet, he insists they'll be seeing each other in the future.

At Mork's next destination, the nameless stranger appears again. Mork is suspicious because his knapsack has suddenly gone missing. He suspects the mystery man may have stolen his possessions. His companion seems unbothered by these theft allegations. He wants to join Mork on his travels. Mork declines the offer, but the stranger keeps badgering him.

Without his backpack, Mork tries to make a call on his cell phone. However, he doesn't get a wireless signal. Suddenly, the mysterious man reappears nearby. Mork is startled when his phone, which he held in his hand, has disappeared. Initially, he believes his unwanted companion may have pulled some trickery to steal his phone. Mork searches the man's body but cannot find any stolen items. Reluctantly, Mork changes his mind and allows the stranger to accompany him on his outdoor journey.

Later, the story shifts focus to the past. Mork used to be a student working at a ceramics store. He greets a customer, who introduces himself as Tiew. This man is the same person as the wanderer Mork met in the wilderness. It turns out Mork and Tiew had met previously. They used to share a history, even though Mork doesn't seem to have any recollection.

On Cloud Nine Trailer

On Cloud Nine Cast



Rossi Nonthakorn Chatchue (รอสซี่ นนทกร ชาติเชื้อ)

Mork is portrayed by the Thai actor Rossi Nonthakorn Chatchue (รอสซี่ นนทกร ชาติเชื้อ).

Mork is a young traveller who goes sightseeing in the wilderness. He is alone without any travel companions. Mork is disturbed when a mysterious stranger suddenly appears and initiates a conversation. Soon, his knapsack and cell phone have gone inexplicably missing. Mork is suspicious and confused by his new companion's presence.

Rossi Nonthakorn Chatchue

Rossi Nonthakorn Chatchue (รอสซี่ นนทกร ชาติเชื้อ) is a Thai actor. He is born on April 19, 2002.

Rossi Nonthakorn Chatchue (รอสซี่ นนทกร ชาติเชื้อ) is a Thai actor. He is born on April 19, 2002. His first BL project is the 2021 film Once in Memory: Love at First Sight and its sequel Once in Memory: Just Found Love. Rossi starred in the 2022 drama, On Cloud Nine.


Meen Nattakrit Hamontri (มีน ณัฐกฤต หามนตรี)

Tiew is portrayed by the Thai actor Meen Nattakrit Hamontri (มีน ณัฐกฤต หามนตรี).

Tiew is the mysterious stranger who suddenly joins Mork on his journey in the wilderness. However, Tiew doesn't introduce himself when they initially meet ouside. He speaks cryptically and doesn't make much sense. Tiew begins badgering Mork and wants to join him on his travels. Despite being rejected, Tiew continues to follow Mork wherever he goes.

Meen Nattakrit Hamontri

Meen Nattakrit Hamontri (มีน ณัฐกฤต หามนตรี) is a Thai actor. He is born on June 16, 1997.

Meen Nattakrit Hamontri (มีน ณัฐกฤต หามนตรี) is a Thai actor. He is born on June 16, 1997. His first BL project is the the short film Before I Love You: Phu x Tawan (2019). Meen starred in the film 2Day (2020) and the series On Cloud Nine (2022). In addition, he had supporting roles in the dramas, Calculating Love (2020) and Oh! My Sunshine Night (2022).

Supporting Cast

Wise is portrayed by the Thai actor New Saharat Chanachai (นิว สหรัฐ ชนะชัย).


New Saharat Chanachai (นิว สหรัฐ ชนะชัย)

Mon is portrayed by the Thai actor Rossi Nonthakorn Chatchue (รอสซี่ นนทกร ชาติเชื้อ).


Rossi Nonthakorn Chatchue (รอสซี่ นนทกร ชาติเชื้อ)

Cast Highlights

  • Mork's actor (Rossi) starred in the 2021 short Thai BL movie Once in Memory: Love at First Sight and its sequel Once in Memory: Just Found Love.
  • Tiew's actor (Meen) starred in the 2019 BL short movie Before I Love You and 2020 film 2Day, He also had supporting roles in the series Calculating Love (2020), Oh! My Sunshine Night (2022), and Past Senger (2023)
  • The actor who portrays Wise (New) is the star of the 2020 Thai BL drama Calculating Love. It was made by the same studio that produced On Cloud Nine.

On Cloud Nine Review


Drama Review Score: 7.0

Mork and Tiew go swimming together.

On Cloud Nine has an unusual start. It introduces perplexing protagonists, hazy circumstances, cryptic interactions, and inexplicable events. The deliberately vague story stimulates your curiosity and presents many questions. Who is the suspicious stranger? What are his mysterious motivations? As you keep watching, On Cloud Nine eventually demystifies its puzzling plot. You must interpret subtle hints, elusive symbolism & veiled messages to gain clarity in this series.

I commend On Cloud Nine for daring to do something different from the norm. This fantasy BL series is a radical departure from your usual school campus or workplace romances. It definitely gets points for creativity. With that said, I was bored and confused for many episodes. I deciphered the hidden plot after a while, yet the dull, melancholy scenes still couldn't sustain my interest. The storytelling seems unnecessarily convoluted, making it tricky to connect with the characters or understand their perspective. Both protagonists felt unfamiliar and unrelatable.

The most impressive aspect of On Cloud Nine is its stylish presentation. This small-studio BL drama looks visually stunning with picturesque scenery, sophisticated cinematography, and ethereal artistry. Wow, everything is beautiful! Expect many dazzling shots that masterfully combine camera composition, spatial awareness, and lighting techniques. In addition, this series has an atmospheric soundtrack. The pulsating background music accentuates the drama's intensity in many scenes. The production efforts are outstanding and significantly elevate On Cloud Nine.

On Cloud Nine successfully cultivates intimacy and ambiance during romantic encounters. Episode 3 features a sexy scene between the leads, where Tiew conveys desire and attraction through his smouldering gaze. Another sensual exchange occurs in the finale, where the cinematographer uses a simple set-up to maximize the passion elegantly. The problem is I don't feel emotionally attached to this couple. I admire the aesthetics of their affectionate displays, but my heart feels unmoved. Their love story is weirdly angsty, baffling, and comes with uneasy undertones.

The leads are physically attractive. The cameras capture both actors at flattering angles, highlighting their enigmatic smiles and expressive eyes. They also have well-built bodies that will grab your attention during those poolside scenes. Mork's actor (Rossi) exhibits a boyish innocence that works well for his role. Likewise, his costar (Meen) has a seductive glance that complements those flirty BL moments. I think both performers could show a bit more restraint when crying. Otherwise, they carry the series with capable and captivating charisma.

On Cloud Nine has a few sleepy episodes, where the characters cried and whined about their overwrought melodrama. I checked out and couldn't muster the enthusiasm to care anymore. Surprisingly, the poignant finale is better than expected, redeeming the series after my interest declined. I appreciate the sentimental messages with hauntingly beautiful imagery in the end. Despite my occasional boredom, I recognize this indie drama told a unique, stylish, and emotional love story. Ultimately, On Cloud Nine brings something bold and innovative to the BL genre.


Confusing story

On Cloud Nine begins strangely, introducing puzzling characters, vague motivations & cryptic messages. I spent most of the series feeling bored and confused by the unnecessarily convoluted story.

Angsty romance

I don't feel an emotional connection to this BL couple or their weirdly angsty romance. However, their intimate exchanges are sensual, elegant, and filmed exquisitely.

Expressive acting

The leads convey their emotions through enigmatic gazes and expressive smiles. Mork's actor (Rossi) exudes boyish innocence, while his costar (Meen) is seductive and flirty.

Sad ending

On Cloud Nine has a sad ending. While the characters are reunited, they aren't necessarily in the best place to continue their romance. The last imagery of them is hauntingly beautiful.

Elevated artistry

This series looks visually stunning with elevated production values. The gorgeous cinematography, picturesque views, and atmospheric soundtracks enrich the ambiance in every scene.


On Cloud Nine is a poignant BL series with stylish cinematography, stunning music & sexy leads. Yet, I was often bored and confused during the vague story, unable to connect with the characters.

On Cloud Nine Series Explained



Celestial BL
Mork and Tew knew each other before their deaths.

On Cloud Nine may have opened up a new genre called celestial BL. There aren't many love stories about two angels and their afterlife romance. It's unique. It's creative. But I can't wrap my head around many concepts behind this fantasy series. I get the idea of ~your spirit has 99 days in the mortal world~. However, I'm less receptive to abstract notions like "You'll regain your memories after drinking the first winter dew!" or "You have until midnight to talk to your twin brother, Cinderella!" I can't connect with these bizarre scenarios, leaving me in disbelief.

I also have a hard time comprehending the characters. They have vague personalities, unclear backstories, and peculiar behaviour. What's the deal with Tiew? Why does he pick up teenagers and invite them to his home in the middle of the night? Mork is also undefined, shrouded in just as much mystery. Oh, and suddenly there's a random twin brother in the mix! I barely know who Mork is as an individual, and now I have to deal with two of them. Both Mork and Tiew are too enigmatic, causing them to feel unrelatable.

Finally, the emotional scenes fail to resonate with me. I already doubt the scenarios. Plus, I don't know the characters well. They also speak in cryptic riddles, making the convoluted plots even more obfuscated. As a result, I struggle to immerse myself in the angsty drama. The series tries being melancholic and meaningful in the later episodes. Yet, I feel disconnected from the events. Do I know what's happening? Do I really care? On Cloud Nine couldn't engage me, especially during the more conceptual moments.


Mork and Tiew
Mork and Tiew have sex in On Cloud Nine Episode 6.

I don't have strong feelings about Mork and Tiew as a couple, but I like several of their exchanges together. They go on some cute outdoor dates in Episode 2, which are endearing. Their nighttime poolside scene also has a sexy ambiance. There's a surreal fantasy aspect to their interactions, like this romance doesn't take place in reality. The two lovers are isolated in their own bubble without another soul nearby. Whenever they hang out, the vibe feels very serene.

I love how they film the sex scene in Episode 6. Mork and Tiew are in a dark room with just enough lighting to illuminate their faces. The setting is subdued, and there aren't many other visual distractions getting in the way. The leads sit side by side, looking slightly nervous and ambivalent. They caress each other's bodies and slowly get undressed before initiating a passionate kiss. I love the intimacy and excitement of their sexual tension. The entire set-up is simple and elegant, yet it achieves such a reverberant impact in the atmosphere.


Alluring leads
Tiew stares seductively at Mork.

Both leads are physically attractive guys, but the series finds a way to make them look even hotter. Oh my god, those nighttime swimming pool scenes are dripping with sexual allure. Tiew never looked better than when he was taking that steamy outdoor shower, as the camera showcases every part of his modelesque physique. His entire persona exudes attraction.

Tiew's actor (Meen) makes a suitable BL lead because he's really good at being seductive. There's something in his mesmerizing gaze that conveys coy flirtiness. Episode 3 includes a tense encounter where Tiew makes a sexual advance on Mork. During that moment, the actor's eyes are filled with overpowering desire. He demonstrates passions through a single glance without speaking or touching his love interest.

His costar (Rossi) also has a distinctive look. His bright eyes, warm smile, and boyish expression give him a pure innocence that works for Mork's character. Beneath the angelic face, he also has a rock-solid body sculpted by the heavens. Of course, the actor's performance doesn't just rely on his appearance. His charisma shines brightly in many scenes, with or without clothes.


Ethereal vibes
Mork blows on a dandelion flower.

My first impression of On Cloud Nine is that it looks so beautiful. Asethically, this series is striking. The opening episode stands out because of the picturesque scenery, from the lush flower fields to the breathtaking mountainside view. Every visual gives me a blissful and ethereal vibe. If I have to imagine what the afterlife looks like, it might resemble something like how On Cloud Nine portrays it.

Beyond the scenery, On Cloud Nine also uses stylish cinematography to achieve iconic imagery. Episode 4 ends with a shot of the leads sitting on a deck, surrounded by darkness. They look like two lovers on a private island, accentuating their bond. The same episode features a moment where the leads ride a motorcycle across a bridge, and Mork has his arms outstretched. It reminds me a little of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, where both stories celebrate liberation.


Sad ending
Mork and Tiew share one final kiss in the On Cloud Nine sad ending.

On Cloud Nine has a sad ending where Mork realizes he has passed away. The strange events during the first episode are because he has moved onto the afterlife. Furthermore, Tiew reveals he's on his final day in the living world. According to the theory, the undead spirits have 99 days to discover happiness after their death. It's finally time for Tiew to transcend to the next dimension.

A tearful Mork decides he'll depart this world at the same time as Tiew. Mork had an opportunity to stay longer, but he doesn't want to separate from his partner. They share a kiss in the flower fields, reaffirming their love. The last shot of the series shows the couple running down a long road as they hold hands. The road stretches endlessly that you can't see their final destination. Wherever they travel next, Mork and Tiew will go together.

On Cloud Nine Episodes

Episode Guide

Tiew waves at Mork.

This drama has a total of 6 episodes. Each episode is around 25 to 30 minutes long. The last episode is around 30 minutes long. It is a medium-length BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 3 hours. On Cloud Nine started on August 6, 2022 and finished its last episode on September 10, 2022.

Episode 1

24 minutes

Episode 2

28 minutes

Episode 3

25 minutes

Episode 4

28 minutes

Episode 5

24 minutes

Episode 6

33 minutes

On Cloud Nine Information

Mind Trio

Mind Trio is a Thai BL studio that made On Cloud Nine (2022). Their other works include Calculating Love (2020) and Once In Memory (2021).

Mind Trio is a Thai BL studio that made On Cloud Nine (2022). Their other works include Calculating Love (2020) and Once In Memory (2021).

  1. I usually agree with the assessments in your reviews. But this time I strongly disagree. To me, On Cloud Nine was passionately beautiful. Although the plot was initially unclear in its direction, enough of the story was told within the first episode that I was able to understand that both of the main characters had already died. I gave this BL an A+.

    1. You successfully swayed me! 🙂 I bumped up the review score to the next letter grade, although it's still not that close to your expectations. I want to give more credit to the creativity and artistic merits, which were not reflected in the old score. I agree that On Cloud Nine is a beautiful series.

      Ultimately, I'm just not that into the story or the couple. However, I do appreciate some aspects and understand its appeal. The score is more indicative of my indifference than negativity.

  2. As I watched episode one it became clear this BL would take the viewer on a beautiful trip. It was a pleasure to finally watch a BL without the high school, college or restaurant setting. Instead we are treated to simple yet stimulating scenery and a mystery drama good for an on-stage production. No one needs 10-20 people in the cast to make a series as has been shoved in our faces for years. This series has a plot too unlike most BL we've had to endure. The reviewer should start with episode one and follow the series closely before trashing it. It was beautiful in every way possible

  3. Super disorienting — not just because of the intentional idea but because of the unintentional sloppiness of the directing. The idea was a good one, but it (and the beautiful cinematography) wasted that idea. The last 5 minutes are beautiful, but the rest is a mess.

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