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Perfect Propose is a Japanese BL series about two childhood friends who become roommates.

Perfect Propose is a Japanese BL series about two childhood friends who start living together. As kids, they once joked about marrying each other. The pair lost contact during their youth, but they reunited years later. Both move into an apartment to cohabitate. The main character feels burned out from his stressful office job, causing a poor work-life balance. His roommate encourages him to switch to a healthier routine.

From work-life balance to toxic office culture, Perfect Propose explores fascinating topics. I appreciate the series for delving into the lead's emotional and psychological struggles. I sympathize with his experiences. Yet, the gloomy storylines become monotonous, repeating similar messages episode after episode. The workplace plot also takes up too much focus, overshadowing the romance. The couple doesn't spend enough time bonding.

Perfect Propose Summary



Series Info:

Japan (2024)


3 hours

Total Episodes:

6 episodes




Perfect Propose is a sad & emotional BL drama.


Hiro and Kai are roommates.

Hiro is an office worker at a technology company. He feels burned out by the stressful work environment. For the past five years, his job has required him to meet tight deadlines, work overtime, and handle excessive responsibilities. His boss is an unsympathetic jerk who mistreats employees. He constantly belittles Hiro and makes him feel worthless. Hiro endures all the workplace abuse, lacking the courage and motivation to defend himself.

Out of everyone, Hiro's boss picks on him the most. The boss likes to criticize his work or give him extra assignments. Hiro's colleagues sympathize with him. Kaneko, the team leader, tries to look out for Hiro. He offers to handle some projects. Sakamoto, Hiyori, and Tatsumi are the junior employees. Despite their inexperience, they also behave kindly toward Hiro. Yet, everyone keeps quiet and pretends to work dutifully when the boss is nearby. Due to self-preservation, they don't dare to speak up in Hiro's defence.

One night, Hiro is so physically and mentally exhausted that he collapses on the street. Hiro encounters Kai, a childhood friend from the past. Hiro is slightly older than Kai. Despite their age gap, they used to have a close relationship. As kids, Kai and Hiro once joked about marrying each other. Even now, they still remember about this proposal. However, Hiro moved away with his family. He hasn't stayed in touch with Kai since then. This reunion is the first time Kai and Hiro meet as adults.

Kai explains he doesn't have a place to stay. He used to work at a restaurant with Kenji, his boss. That business was also his residence. However, Kenji recently collapsed from poor health. The restaurant must close down after the owner's hospitalization. With nowhere to go, Kai seeks Hiro for charitable assistance. He wants to live in the apartment for the time being. Kai brings up their engagement in the past, a memory that Hiro didn't take seriously. Kai also reveals he's gay, shocking Hiro.

Reluctantly, Hiro allows Kai to cohabitate in the apartment. Kai is a helpful roommate. He uses his culinary skills to prepare delicious meals for Hiro after work. The food puts a smile on Hiro's face after each stressful day. Kai also prepares bento boxes for his roommate, bringing even more joy to the workday. Hiro slowly realizes that he enjoys Kai's companionship. Since moving in together, he doesn't feel as depressed anymore.

Perfect Propose Cast



Shunya Kaneko (金子隼也)

Hiro is portrayed by the Japanese actor Shunya Kaneko (金子隼也).

Hiro works at a tech company. From urgent deadlines to excessive workloads, the job is highly demanding. Hiro's boss also mistreats employees, making him feel worthless. Due to the toxic work environment, Hiro feels demoralized. His work-life balance is chaotic. He returns home late and never enjoys a tasty meal. However, Kai's recent arrival is about to change Hiro's routine.

Shunya Kaneko

Shunya Kaneko (金子隼也) is a Japanese actor. He is born on November 27, 1999.

Shunya Kaneko (金子隼也) is a Japanese actor. He is born on November 27, 1999. His first BL project is the 2024 drama, Perfect Propose.


Kota Nomura (野村康太)

Kai is portrayed by the Japanese actor Kota Nomura (野村康太).

Kai is Hiro's childhood friend from the past. Kai is a few years younger than Hiro. Nonetheless, they used to have a close relationship. After Hiro relocated, Kai lost touch with him. They reunited for the first time a decade later. Hiro allows Kai to live with him in the apartment. In exchange, he cooks all of Hiro's meals. Kai used to work and live at a restaurant until the owner's recent hospitalization.

Kota Nomura

Kota Nomura (野村康太) is a Japanese actor. He is born on November 30, 2003.

Kota Nomura (野村康太) is a Japanese actor. He is born on November 30, 2003. His first BL project is the 2024 series, Perfect Propose.

Supporting Cast

Young Hiro is portrayed by the Japanese actor Seiru (星流).

Young Hiro

Seiru (星流)

Child Kai is portrayed by the Japanese actor Takeru Kumagai (熊谷武尊).

Child Kai

Takeru Kumagai (熊谷武尊)

Youthful Kai is portrayed by Zenkoh Sakai (酒井禅功).

Young Kai

Zenkoh Sakai (酒井禅功)

Kaneko is portrayed by the Japanese actor Jingi Irie (入江甚儀).


Jingi Irie (入江甚儀)

Sato is portrayed by the Japanese actor Ryo Iwase (岩瀬亮).


Ryo Iwase (岩瀬亮)

Sakamoto is portrayed by the Japanese actor Yuta Hayashi (林裕太).


Yuta Hayashi (林裕太)

Hiyori is portrayed by the Japanese actress Ayane Kinoshita (木下彩音).


Ayane Kinoshita (木下彩音)

Tatsumi is portrayed by the Japanese actor Rio Takahashi (高橋璃央).


Rio Takahashi (高橋璃央)

Kenji is portrayed by the Japanese actor Toshiyuki Kitami (北見敏之).


Toshiyuki Kitami (北見敏之)

Koji's actor is portrayed by the Japanese actor Kotaro Tanaka (田中幸太朗).


Kotaro Tanaka (田中幸太朗)

Cast Highlights

  • Tatsumi's actor (Rio Takahashi) has a supporting role in the 2023 Japanese BL movie Takumi-kun.
  • Hiyori's actress (Ayane Kinoshia) is a supporting character in the 2023 high school drama Mr. Sahara & Toki-kun.

Perfect Propose Review


Drama Review Score: 6.9

Hiro and Kai come close to kissing.

Perfect Propose explores a toxic workplace culture, mirroring a prevalent issue in the technology sector. Like many real-life employees, the protagonist faces urgent deadlines, abusive management, and overwhelming workloads. He feels utterly demoralized by the unhealthy work-life balance. I appreciate how the story portrays his emotional and psychological struggles, illustrating the nuances of occupational burnout. Perfect Propose fascinates me because its meaningful plot tackles gritty, complex topics.

Contrary to your typical lighthearted BL dramas, this series takes itself seriously. Workplace toxicity is a grave subject, as reflected by the solemn tone of the narrative. The main character's prolonged misery makes each episode gloomy, like I'm watching him suffer slowly. While some scenes are unpleasant, I sympathize with Hiro's experiences. His angsty journey leads to emotional climaxes, and the ending of Episode 4 is particularly poignant. The actor (Shunya Kaneko) brings an admirable gravitas to his performance.

Don't expect a quick resolution to Hiro's troubles. Perfect Propose highlights the difficulty of breaking away from an abusive environment, so the torment persists for a long time. He goes to work, endures mistreatment, and returns home unhappily. This routine creates a predictable monotony in the narrative. Episode after episode, the story repeats similar messages it established earlier. I grow frustrated by the stagnant plot as Hiro's downtrodden journey continues. The series needs a shake-up. When will Hiro quit his job? Please rescue him from the bleakness!

Hiro's life revolves around his career. The story emphasizes the workplace drama, which overshadows his romance. He spends too much time with colleagues rather than his love interest. I'd gladly swap a few office scenes for more relationship moments between the couple. The leads enjoy domestic bliss at home, like eating meals or doing chores. Yet, their bond doesn't develop deeply enough. Since both characters have reserved personalities, they seem subdued when expressing their feelings. The series insists they share an intimate attraction, but I don't sense it.

I was caught off-guard by the non-consensual scene in the first episode. Kai climbs into bed and gropes Hiro, even though the latter tries to resist his advances. The brief yet disturbing encounter casts an ugly shadow over the couple's romance. It damages my impression of Kai, who perpetuates the harmful stereotype of a predatory gay man. I also can't connect with Kai's aloof demeanour. He behaves like an enigma who rarely shows vulnerability. His stoic expressions and muted responses make him seem distant. Secretly, I prefer shipping Hiro with his coworker.

Kai's actor (Kota Nomura) is a handsome stud, yet he portrays his role dryly. Instead of a brooding protagonist, he seems bland and dull. He's missing a spark with his costar, even during exchanges where they flirt. Their weak rapport compounds the existing issues with the relationship. I have little interest in the couple and don't care about them. As a story, I admire Perfect Propose for tackling significant topics around organizational culture. But as a BL drama, this romance fails to engage me. The series focuses excessively on work and not enough on love.


Angsty story

Perfect Propose explores toxic workplace culture maturely and meaningfully. The angsty story has emotional climaxes. Yet, the plot stagnates and falls into a monotonous routine.

Lacklustre romance

Early on, a non-consensual encounter casts a shadow over the couple's relationship. The story also focuses too much on workplace drama, overshadowing the romantic development.

Admirable acting

Hiro's actor (Shunya Kaneko) brings an admirable gravitas to his dramatic performance. He lacks a spark with his costar (Kota Nomura), who portrays his role dryly and without enthusiasm.

Happy ending

Perfect Propose has a happy ending as Hiro prioritizes his mental health and makes an empowering decision about work. The finale celebrates his relationship with Kai as they pursue their feelings.

Gloomy artistry

The series looks presentable and produces visually interesting shots. It has a gloomy atmosphere. The settings are always the same office space or the tiny apartment, which gets boring after a while.


Perfect Propose is an angsty BL drama exploring the psychological toll in dysfunctional workplaces. Despite the meaningful topic, the stagnant office drama overshadows the lacklustre romance.

Perfect Propose Episodes

Episode Guide

Hiro and Kai enjoy festival night together.

Perfect Propose has a total of 6 episodes. Each episode is around 25 minutes long. It is a medium-length BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 3 hours. Perfect Propose started on February 2, 2024 and ended on March 1, 2024.

Perfect Propose is an adaptation. The original story is based on a manga by Mayo Tsurukame (鶴亀まよ).

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6

Episode Reviews

Episode 1

I was caught off-guard by Kai's predatory behaviour, which is disturbing and overshadows the episode. I feel bad about Hiro's stress in the office. It's nice that he perks up after eating Kai's meal.

Episode 2

Oh no, I wanted to see the leads at the festival. Hiro cares too much about the job and has no work-life balance. He should learn to slack off. The only time Hiro seems happy is when eating Kai's food.

Episode 3

Damn, Hiro's colleague has a wife? I was secretly shipping them lol. Hiro spends so much time in the office. His whole life revolves around work. Please stand up for yourself and quit this job!

Episode 4

Thank goodness Hiro's coworker suggests he quit. He should have spoken up even earlier! I like the final scene a lot. Poor Hiro. I hope he can break free from the toxic workplace soon.

Episode 5

Ugh, more office scenes. I would reduce the workplace storyline in exchange for developing the BL content more. Hiro and Kai don't interact enough to convince me of their bond.

Episode 6

This series is missing a spark, especially with the romance. I don't care about the couple. Well, at least Hiro finally quits his job. About damn time. Kai's subplot with the restaurant owner feels unfulfilling.

Perfect Propose Information


Mayo Tsurukame (鶴亀まよ) is a Japanese author whose portfolio of work includes Perfect Propose. The story was adapted into a live-action BL drama in 2024.


Tadaaki Horai (宝来忠昭) is a Japanese director. His first BL project is the 2021 drama, My Love Mix-Up. His portfolio of work also includes the 2024 series, Perfect Propose.

  1. I was waiting for something to happen until the credits dropped 🙁

    The childhood scenes seemed pointless. The time they spend in flashbacks could have been better used to flesh out the characters. We never saw those two go on a date or do much together at all. The connection between Kai and Hero seemed week and unconvincing as a result. The backstory of Kai and that old man seemed irrelevant in comparison to how much time was spent on that story arc.

    In general, the drama spent ages on everything except the romance and it was not interesting, for me anyway. From high-school to university and now at work, I've been dealing with toxic and tiring schedules, unreasonable colleagues, etc… which is to say, I'm not looking forward to be reminded of that in a romance drama.

    A bummer for sure because I actually liked the actors in this one. I disagree with you that they had no chemistry, for me it was the writing that lacked.

  2. As usual a japanese series brings seriousness to a show.
    I was not taken back by the "jerk off" scene, because it shows that Hiro does not feel like any human should feel. He is a machine just "working" banishing all his feelings. While the manga adaption did change some story elements they did not not take out this scene for a reason. While the ending is not perfect a C is too low. For me it's a solid B and I find this show much more meaningful compared to Cherry Magic Thai.

  3. But it was still a nice series compared to the disasters in the current thai series…

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