Roommates of Poongduck 304 – Series Review & Ending Explained

Roommates of Poongduck 304 is a lighthearted Korean BL series about two coworkers and their unusual living arrangement.

Roommates of Poongduck 304 is a Korean BL series about an office worker, his boss, and their odd living arrangement. The main character is a marketing intern who lives by himself. His friend slyly recruits a tenant and collects the rent money. Due to the misunderstanding, the two roommates clash and form an awful first impression. Later, the protagonist is mortified after learning his houseguest has become his new manager at work.

Surprisingly, Roommates of Poongduck 304 becomes a fun, lighthearted workplace romance after a rocky start. I wasn't fond of power dynamics at the beginning. Seeing a boss mistreat his employee isn't my idea of entertainment. Over time, I warmed up to the couple, their humourous interactions, and the charismatic leads. This BL series blends charm and comedy into a winning combination.

Roommates of Poongduck 304 Summary


풍덕빌라 304호의 사정

Series Info:

South Korea (2022)


4 hours

Total Episodes:

8 episodes


Office romance


Roommates of Poongduck 304 is a happy & funny BL drama.


Ho Joon is Jae Yoon's boss at a corporate organization.

Jae Yoon lives by himself in Unit 304 at the Poongduck Villa. Recently, he put up an ad for a new roommate. Ho Joon, a prospective tenant, contacts him to see the house. Jae Yoon is busy at work, so he asks his friend Ho Choel to give the tour on his behalf. Ho Joon wants to rent the place because he loves the water pressure in the shower. When Ho Joon offers to pay upfront, Ho Choel pretends to be the landlord and keeps the money for himself. Later, Ho Choel disappears with the rent, and Jae Yoon can't get in touch with his friend.

Ho Joon immediately moves into the house. After taking a shower, he gets jumpy after spotting what seems to be a cockroach. His panic causes him to slip on the floor while wearing only a towel. Just then, Jae Yoon arrives home. He sees this nearly naked stranger and reacts with horrified shock. Following the embarrassing circumstances, Jae Yoon tries to clear the air. However, Ho Joon is angry and accuses his landlord of being a scammer like Ho Choel. Their disagreement becomes heated, prompting Ho Joon to storm out of the house.

Ho Joon returns because he can't find a hotel room for the night. Considering he has already paid a month of rent, Ho Joon believes he's entitled live at Poongduck Villa. Reluctantly, Jae Yoon must live with his new tenant. The two roommates continue clashing over their personalities. Ho Joon's snobby attitude and obnoxious habits quickly get on Jae Yoon's nerves. Ho Joon comes from a wealthy background, but his father disapproved of his lavish lifestyle and cut off his financial support. The young heir needs to adapt to living in a less privileged environment.

Jae Woon works as a new marketing intern at a corporate company, Guemnam Group. He must pass his three-month probation period to get a permanent position. Surprisingly, there has been a shake-up in the organization. Jae Woon and his colleague Assistant Manager Kim move to another sales team with Manager Choi. This new division is led by none other than Ho Joon. Unbeknownst to Jae Woon, Jo Hoon's father runs this business. The chairman has assigned his son to become a team leader in the marketing department.

Coincidentally, Jae Woon becomes an employee under Jo Hoon's supervision. Jae Woon is mortified by this power dynamic since his new boss will determine his final appraisal in the company. Ho Joon is still upset about the animosity from his landlord earlier. He adopts a stern attitude and picks on his subordinate as retaliation, highlighting the intern's inexperience. Manager Choi and Assistant Manager Kim notice the harsh treatment is only reserved for Jae Woon. Although Jae Woon is irritated, he's determined to work harder and prove his new boss wrong.

Roommates of Poongduck 304 Trailer

Roommates of Poongduck 304 Cast


Jae Yoon

Yoon Seo Bin (윤서빈)

Jae Yoon is portrayed by the Korean actor Yoon Seo Bin (윤서빈).

Jae Woon is the owner of Unit 304 at the Poongduck Villa. He is also a new marketing intern at Guemnam Group and must pass his three-month probation. Due to his sly friend, Jae Woon unknowingly receives a surprise tenant in his house. Jae Woon clashes with Ho Joon, his latest roommate, who also happens to be his new boss.

Yoon Seo Bin

Yoon Seo Bin (윤서빈) is a Korean actor. He is born on December 14, 1999.

Yoon Seo Bin (윤서빈) is a Korean actor. He is born on December 14, 1999. His first BL project is the 2022 drama, Kissable Lips. He also stars in the 2022 series, Roommates of Poongduck 304.

Ho Joon

Kim Ji Woong (김지웅)

Ho Joon is portrayed by the Korean actor Kim Ji Woong (김지웅).

Ho Joon is a wealthy heir who gets involved in troublesome scandals over his lavish lifestyle. His father owns the famous corporation, Guemnam Group. Yet, Ho Joon's dad cuts off his son's financial support to teach him a lesson. The spoiled Ho Joon moves into Jae Woon's house as his new roommate. They clash over their different personalities and eccentric habits.

Kim Ji Woong

Kim Ji Woong (김지웅) is a Korean actor. He is born on December 14, 1998.

Kim Ji Woong (김지웅) is a Korean actor. He is born on December 14, 1998. His first BL project is the 2021 series, The Sweet Blood. He also starred in the 2022 dramas, Kissable Lips and Roommates of Poongduck 304.

Supporting Cast

Ho Choel is portrayed by the Korean actor Holland (홀랜드).

Ho Cheol

Holland (홀랜드)

Seung Seok is portrayed by the Korean actor Kang Woo Jung (강우정).

Seung Seok

Kang Woo Jung (강우정)

Assistant Manager Kim is one of Jae Yoon's coworkers.

Assistant Manager Kim

Manager Kim is one of Jae Yoon's coworkers.

Manager Choi

The Chairman is Ho Joon's father.


Secretary Yoon works for the Chairman.

Secretary Yoon

Ji Hee is an influencer and Ho Joon's friend.

Ji Hee

Jae Yoon's mom appears in the final episode.

Jae Yoon's mom

Cast Highlights

  • The leads (Yoon Seo Bin and Kim Ji Woong) previously starred in the 2022 Korean BL drama, Kissable Lips. It's a supernatural series about vampires. In addition, Jiwoong also featured in the 2021 vampire series, The Sweet Blood.
  • Ho Cheol's actor (Holland) is the star of the 2022 BL series, Ocean Likes Me. He portrays an employee of an udon restaurant, forming a romance with the chef.
  • Seung Seok's actor (Kang Woo Jung) has a supporting role in the 2022 time-travel BL drama, Once Again. He portrays the main character's best friend.

Roommates of Poongduck 304 Review


Drama Review Score: 8.1

Jae Yoon and Ho Joon live together in the same house.

Roommates of Poongduck 304 is a perky workplace romance with the right blend of comedy and charm. I enjoy the lighthearted humour, amusing scenarios, and sassy characters. This series maintains a jovial tone, delighting me in each episode with its jokes, banter, or hijinks. In addition, there are heavier storylines that explore emotional drama and compelling conflicts. Despite the occasional silliness, Roommates of Poongduck 304 shows that it has a serious side too.

The protagonists have a multifaceted relationship. They are roommates at home, where Jae Yoon holds power over his tenant. Yet, they become colleagues in the office, where Ho Joon has authority over his subordinate. These clever dynamics create a fascinating power struggle between the leads, adding sparks and complexity to their romance. In addition, the series gives the main characters memorable quirks, distinct backstories, and personal growth. I feel familiar with Jae Yoon and Ho Joon, who inject so much personality into Roommates of Poongduck 304.

Initially, I wasn't fond of the relationship dynamics between the leads. The early episodes made me uncomfortable because the protagonist mistreated his love interest out of a petty grudge. I don't like seeing this rich, arrogant guy enter a company and immediately threaten somebody's career. Maybe real-life events influenced me, but Ho Joon's power trip carried shades of Elon Musk, who had decimated Twitter's workforce. This unprofessional boss-and-employee dynamic presented a mental barrier and prevented me from embracing the romance.

Over time, I warmed up to the adorable couple in Roommates of Poongduck 304. Once Ho Joon stops being a jerk to Jae Yoon, it marks a positive turning point in their connection. Ho Joon reveals a sensitive side underneath all that bluster, while Jae Yoon replaces his belligerence with vulnerability. They form a cozy bond that feels surprisingly sweet, yet their interactions still possess a touch of humour. Although the romance never sweeps me away, their relationship scenes are charming and comfortable. Jae Yoon and Ho Joon win over me with their compatibility.

Earlier this year, the leads starred in Kissable Lips, a dreary BL drama that didn't showcase their chemistry. Thankfully, they redeem themselves and give captivating performances in Roommates of Poongduck 304. Both display vibrant charisma, especially in the funny scenes. I'm impressed with Jae Yoon's actor (Yoon Seo Bin). He looks so relaxed and natural while conveying various emotions. Likewise, his costar (Kim Ji Woong) portrays his goofy persona with solid comedic chops. In addition, Seung Seok (Kang Woo Jung) catches my eye among the supporting cast.

Roommates of Poongduck 304 has a happy ending after the leads overcome their relationship turmoil. I like how the series finishes. It finds a creative way to combine the couple's personal and professional lives harmoniously. Overall, this BL drama isn't profound. It's a lightweight romantic comedy devoid of significant themes or sophisticated messages. Nonetheless, Roommates of Poongduck 304 is an enjoyable experience that mixes fun and laughter with some office flirtation. This casual, easygoing love story lifts my spirits after every cheerful episode.


Lighthearted story

Roommates of Poongduck 304 is a lighthearted romantic comedy. It mixes casual office drama with fun roommate hijinks, creating a winning combination. Many episodes are cute and jovial.

Cute romance

Initially, I'm troubled by the unprofessional power dynamics between an abusive boss and his employee. Over time, I warmed up to the compatible couple and their adorable interactions.

Charming acting

The leads display vibrant charisma and bring their characters to life. Jae Yoon's actor (Yoon Seo Bin) is relaxed and natural, while his costar (Kim Ji Woong) portrays the goofy character cheerfully.

Happy ending

Roommates of Poongduck 304 has a happy ending as the characters resolve their relationship drama. The series finds a clever way to combine their personal and professional lives harmoniously.

Decent artistry

I like the characters' styling. They look suave wearing sharp suits in the office and preppy clothes outside of work. However, the series films too much in small living spaces & uninspiring boardrooms.


Roommates of Poongduck 304 is a charming BL series with the right blend of funny comedy and sweet romance. Despite the dubious workplace dynamics, the couple develops an adorable relationship.

Roommates of Poongduck 304 Episodes

Episode Guide

Ho Joon clasps his face with his hands.

Roommates of Poongduck 304 has a total of 8 episodes. Each episode is around 30 to 35 minutes long. The last episode is around 35 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 4 hours.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Episode 1 Summary
Jae Yoon throws a towel at his new roommate.

Jae Yoon is a marketing intern who lives by himself. He has put up an ad looking for a new roommate. A potential tenant asks to see the place, but Jae Yoon is at work. So, he tells his friend Ho Choel to give a house tour on his behalf. Ho Joon visits and wants to rent solely because of the cozy water pressure from the shower. Ho Choel takes the rent money upfront and leaves without a trace. Nobody can get in touch with Ho Choel, who disappears until the end of the series.

When Jae Yoon returns home, he's shocked to see Ho Joon has already moved in without his consent. An embarrassing mishap occurs, causing Jae Yoon to attack a naked Ho Joon. The two men clear up their misunderstanding afterwards. Ho Joon is hostile because he thinks Jae Yoon has conspired with his friend to scam him. Feeling defensive, Jae Yoon refuses to give back the rent money. Initially, the new tenant storms out of the house in a rage. However, Ho Joon returns and decides to live here since he has already paid the rent.

As a result, Jae Yoon and Ho Joon become reluctant roommates, but their relationship remains hostile. Later, Jae Yoon experiences a shake-up at work. The company transfers Jae Yoon to a new sales department. Surprisingly, he discovers his new boss is none other than Ho Joon. The man he clashed with is now his reporting manager. Worst of all, Jae Yoon is on a three-month probation period, so he must get Ho Joon's approval to keep this job permanently.

Episode 1 Review
A shirtless Ho Joon is on the floor, wearing just a towel.

This episode was an okay introduction to the series. The scene where Jae Yoon and Ho Joon meet is funny. However, that's the single highlight in a nearly thirty-minute episode. The rest of the premiere takes too long to introduce the leads, establish the scenario, and advance the plot. With a tighter script, there could have been a more exciting start.

The two leads (Yoon Seo Bin and Kim Ji Woong) starred in another BL drama, Kissable Lips, earlier this year. That series came and went without registering in my mind. Neither actor made a lasting impression on me. In contrast, Roommates of Poongduck 304 is a much better showcase for them. I feel more familiar with these actors than before. It's good to see this pairing get a second shot, improving my first impression of them.

Episode 2

Episode 2 Summary
Jae Yoon and Ho Joon discover they are colleagues.

Episode 2 begins by introducing Ho Joon's background. He comes from a wealthy background and lives a lavish lifestyle. However, his escapades with women have gotten lots of negative publicity. His father, who runs the Guemnam Group, is furious with his son's immaturity. He cuts off his financial support and asks him to live independently. The Chairman gives Ho Joon a job as the sales leader of a marketing company, but the salary is unreasonably low.

Coincidentally, Ho Joon happens to be Jae Yoon's new boss in the marketing division. Jae Yoon is mortified that his roommate is now his manager, especially since they don't get along. He hadn't treated his tenant kindly before discovering they were colleagues. A petty Ho Joon gives a subtle threat. He now controls Jae Yoon's fate at the company with the manager's appraisal.

Jae Yoon returns the rent money and wants to kick Ho Joon out of the house. He doesn't want them living together since it's an abuse of power and a violation of privacy. However, Ho Joon is stubborn and refuses to leave. Instead, he turns the pressure back on his landlord, asking him to leave the company. Jae Yoon refuses because it's his dream career at a leading organization. A desperate Jae Yoon pleads for Ho Joon to find somewhere else to leave. Nonetheless, Ho Joon is determined to live here and won't change his mind.

Episode 2 Review
Ho Joon smiles at his father.

I don't understand why Ho Joon wants to continue living here! The circumstances of their living arrangement are already preposterous from the start. However, it's getting harder to believe this scenario as it progresses. Realistically, Ho Joon should just move somewhere else and leave his employee alone. Roommates of Poongduck 304 could have come up with a more legitimate excuse to make the two main characters live together.

I don't like how Ho Joon jeopardizes Jae Yoon's career out of a petty grudge. This rich guy suddenly enters a company and starts making veiled threats against his employees. Be careful of your behaviour if you wanna pass your probation! Ugh, what a jerk. Maybe the timing makes me sensitive since I watched this series while reading news stories of the recent Twitter layoffs. I hate seeing this malevolent authority figure toy with someone's job.

Episode 3

Episode 3 Summary
Jae Yoon kicks Ho Joon in the face.

Ho Joon picks on Jae Yoon at the company, highlighting his job inexperience. The intern is angry and works overtime to prove his boss wrong. Jae Yoon retaliates by setting strict guidelines around the house, such as limiting laundry usage or parking spots. As their relationship worsens, the other colleagues notice the toxic work atmosphere between them. During a company dinner, Manager Choi & Assistant Manager Kim praise Jae Yoon's work ethic. They want Ho Joon to treat Jae Yoon respectfully.

Touched by their words, Ho Joon offers to call a truce with his employee. However, Jae Yoon is stubborn and refuses to compromise. During a scuffle, he accidentally kicks his boss and gives him a face injury. Afterwards, a guilty Jae Yoon offers to resign from the company. Instead, Ho Joon is understanding and doesn't hold a grudge. He's sincere about repairing their relationship. Both men act friendlier towards each other now, putting their hostility behind them in the past.

Episode 3 Review
Jae Yoon screams out loud.

The power dynamics in the workplace continue to trouble me. Watching an egotistical boss abuse his power and mistreat his employee isn't fun. Even Jae Yoon's colleagues have to speak up in his defence, showing how much Ho Joon crossed the line with his petty behaviour. You're creating a toxic workplace, demonstrating poor leadership skills, and just being a crappy person. I have a hard time laughing along with their feud.

With that said, I appreciate the power struggle from a storytelling perspective. Ho Joon may have authority in the office, but Jae Yoon holds control at home. This clever dynamic creates compelling tensions between the characters. Maybe Ho Joon still has more dominance overall, but at least Jae Yoon can retaliate instead of being victimized. I like the nuanced dimensions of their relationship.

Episode 4

Episode 4 Summary
A drunken Jae Yoon holds up a peace sign.

To celebrate their newfound reconciliation, Jae Yoon and Ho Joon have a toast at home. Ho Joon notices something is troubling his landlord. After falling drunk, Jae Yoon reveals he has been pressured into buying various insurance packages and massage chairs from his salesperson friend, Seung Seok. Although Jae Yoon doesn't need these products, he bought them anyway to help his friend's monthly sales quota. He has a secret crush on Seung Seok, but his feelings are unrequited.

On the following day, Jae Yoon doesn't remember what happened. He worries about blabbering too much to his boss. Nonetheless, Jae Yoon remains professional and doesn't mention their drunken conversation. During a work meeting, Jae Yoon suggests a clever marketing plan. Ho Joon is pleased with the proposal and allows the intern to handle this project himself for the first time. Jae Yoon is nervous about the responsibilities, but his boss encourages him. Subsequently, Jae Yoon works hard on the marketing project.

After a week has passed, Jae Yoon and Ho Joon attend the marketing pitch. Despite Jae Yoon's ample preparation, the client forgets about the meeting. Ho Joon notices his employee's disappointment and brings him to the beach for a relaxing chat. Jae Yoon reveals his family has gone bankrupt once, teaching him how precarious money can be. Since then, he has maintained a strong work ethic. As they talk casually, Ho Joon brings up Jae Yoon's drunken encounter, but he doesn't elaborate. Secretly, Ho Joon worries Seung Seok is exploiting Jae Yoon's kindness.

Episode 4 Review
Jae Yoon tries to concentrate in the office.

After a rocky start, I'm warming up to the relationship between the leads. I appreciate Ho Joon supporting and encouraging his young employee, acting like an actual leader for once. The earlier feud turned me against Ho Joon's character, but he never did anything too egregious. He could still be redeemed. This episode rehabilitates Ho Joon well, showing his more sensitive side outside of a petty grudge.

I like learning about Jae Yoon's backstory. While I sympathized with his character in the early episodes, he didn't reveal much about himself. Jae Yoon just seemed defensive and belligerent. Now, we start to see him become vulnerable. His unrequited crush on Seung Seok is humanizing. Jae Yoon's infatuation blinds his judgment, so he doesn't see how his friend takes advantage of him. Also, learning his family history makes me understand why he works so hard. There's a powerful motivation that drives his excellent work ethic.

Episode 5

Episode 5 Summary
Ho Joon has a memo note in his mouth.

Jae Yoon and Ho Joon's relationship continues to improve. They even carpool to work every morning. Later, Jae Yoon overhears an office rumour that Ho Joon graduated from NYU at the top of his class. Apparently, he's a business genius. Jae Yoon is shocked and slightly skeptical, but Ho Joon confirms the validity of his education. It's a source of pride for his father. Other rich kids go through college with their family's money, whereas Ho Joon earned scholarships on his own merit. Now, Jae Yoon sees his boss differently with newfound respect.

The sales team works on their next project. Jae Yoon and Ho Joon partner together, working well as they brainstorm new ideas. Ho Joon is impressed with Jae Yoon's hard work. Later, the Chairman meets up with this department. He praises every employee except for Jae Yoon, not acknowledging the intern's contributions. Ho Joon confronts his father afterwards. The Chairman doesn't see Jae Yoon as a permanent employee, which infuriates his son. The episode ends with Ho Joon noticing Jae Yoon and Seung Seok have been meeting up every night.

Episode 5 Review
Jae Yoon and Ho Joon work on a project together.

I like this character trait of Ho Joon being an incompetent genius. Initially, he's introduced to us as a serial playboy and useless trust-fund kid. But now, we learn he's secretly intelligent and has gotten top grades in business school. I like how Jae Yoon reacts skeptically to this revelation. "How is he considered a brilliant person? How!?" This funny detail adds flavour to Ho Joon's characterization, making him more complex and endearing.

Both actors are doing well with their roles, impressing me with their lighthearted demeanours. They handle the comedic material excellently. Ho Joon's actor (Kim Ji Woong) is surprisingly good at being goofy. He's nailing his cheeky persona, silly expressions, and casual mannerisms. His costar (Yoon Seo Bin) also gives a promising performance. He seems easygoing, relaxed, and natural in every scene. The actors exude way more charisma in Roommates of Poongduck 304 than Kissable Lips.

Episode 6

Episode 6 Summary
Jae Yoon and Ho Joon share their first kiss.

Every night, Jae Yoon helps Seung Seok make deliveries for his sales. He does this free voluntary work for his crush. Ho Joon advises Jae Yoon to stop being a pushover since Seung Seok is taking advantage of him. However, Jae Yoon calls his boss nosy and tells him to stop meddling in his personal life. During their heated argument, Ho Joon says they should return to being a boss-and-employee dynamic. Jae Yoon doesn't seem to care.

Jae Yoon bails Seung Seok out of a police station. Seung Seok has gotten into a brawl with a customer who accused him of being a con artist. As they chat, Jae Yoon advises his friend to switch careers. Yet, Seung Seok accuses Jae Yoon of patronizing him and questions their friendship. They meet again later, as Seung Seok apologizes and suggests they should go on a trip. However, Jae Yoon sees a message on his friend's phone. Seung Seok has been telling others about Jae Yoon being a pushover who is in love with him. Jae Yoon cuts off this toxic friendship for good.

Jae Yoon tries to apologize for snapping at Ho Joon earlier. However, Ho Joon is standoffish and maintains his distance. An upset Jae Yoon drinks alone, drowning his sorrows. Ho Joon receives a call from the bartender, telling him to retrieve his drunken landlord. As they arrive home that night, Jae Yoon makes advances on his tenant. The episode ends with a kiss between Jae Yoon and Ho Joon in the living room.

Episode 6 Review
Jae Yoon has a toxic relationship with Seung Seok.

I like the concept of the Seung Seok storyline. Jae Yoon stops being dickmatized and sees through his manipulative crush. However, the storyteller could've pushed this subplot further, making the emotional drama more sophisticated. For example, Jae Yoon sees a text message and realizes Seung Seok is a weasel. This resolution is okay, but it feels basic. A capable storyteller would've found an elegant way to enlighten Jae Yoon. Roommates of Poongduck 304 stays in the tier of casual fluff instead of elevating itself to a complex series.

Earlier this year, I watched Seung Seok's actor (Kang Woo Jung) play a supporting character in Once Again. He did a good job portraying the perky best friend. It's my second time seeing him, and he gives another above-average performance in Roommates of Poongduck 304. He captures the sleaziness and desperation of Seung Seok's character convincingly, even with the limited screen time. Despite not having prominent roles, this versatile actor makes an impression on me. Maybe a BL studio can take a chance and give him an even bigger part in another series.

Episode 7

Episode 7 Summary
Jae Yoon and Ho Joon start dating in Roommates of Poongduck 304 Episode 7.

Episode 7 begins on the day after the drunken kiss. As his hazy memories return to him, Jae Yoon is mortified and embarrassed about last night's events. However, Ho Joon uses this opportunity to confess his feelings. He has fallen in love with Jae Yoon and wants to pursue a relationship. They officially start dating, sealed by a kiss between the two characters. Ho Joon and Jae Yoon do not make their relationship public. They are covert with their affections around the workplace, from flirting to holding hands.

Jae Yoon meets Ji Hee. She is Ho Joon's old acquaintance who will be participating in their influencer marketing campaign. When Jae Yoon and Ji Hee meet later, she reveals Ho Joon's family history. Jae Yoon is shocked to discover he's dating the company chairman's son. He worries about the scandalous gossip if people find out they are dating. As the episode ends, Jae Yoon breaks up with Ji Hoon, citing they made an impulsive choice to get together.

Episode 7 Review
Jae Yoon and Ho Joon hold hands in the elevator.

It seems late to introduce the BL romance in Episode 7 of an eight-episode series. This timing isn't optimal, especially since the couple also breaks up at the end. I wish we had at least one extra episode of Jae Yoon and Ho Joon as boyfriends. I like seeing their flirty interactions in this episode, but the lovey-dovey period doesn't last long. If we trimmed the filler in the beginning, that would create room to extend the romantic content in the later episodes.

A subtle detail about Jae Yoon's character is his insecurities about liking guys. In his dialogue, he expresses apprehension about his attraction to men several times. Roommates of Poongduck 304 makes an interesting choice to highlight Jae Yoon's anxieties. It adds nuance to his characterization that being gay weighs on his mind. I like how this series has put effort into crafting the protagonists, making them distinct individuals. Jae Yoon doesn't feel like a generic lead. Instead, the story fleshes out his thoughts, background, and experiences.

My preference is that I don't want the couple to break up. However, I understand why Jae Yoon freaks out. Dating your boss is already complicated enough, but now you learn about his influential family connections. Plus, he's a notorious target for the paparazzi. If their workplace romance gets exposed, I can imagine much gossip, drama, and unpleasantness in the aftermath. People will definitely talk about the hot intern who seduced the corporate heir in a secret gay affair. From Jae Yoon's perspective, there's too much pressure and anxiety in this high-stakes relationship.

Episode 7
Episode 8

Episode 8

Happy Ending
Jae Yoon and Ho Koon kiss in the Roommates of Poongduck 304 ending.

Roommates of Poongduck 304 has a happy ending where the leads reconcile after breaking up. Jae Yoon discovers he has been dating the chairman's son and fears the gossip about their romance. He ends their relationship, quits the company, and disappears from the house. Ho Joon is confused and devastated until he encounters Ho Cheol, who tells him Jae Yoon's whereabouts. Jae Yoon has returned to his hometown to help at his mother's restaurant.

Jae Yoon plans on working at the restaurant with his parents. His mother discourages him, stating this small-town life has nothing to offer for a young, hopeful man. She tells her son to live and love freely. As Jae Yoon sits at the pier, Ho Joon finds him and wants to reconcile. Ho Joon talks about his past. He used to be ambitious and ran a tech startup, but it wasn't successful. His failure caused him to lose his passion for working until he met Jae Yoon. From Jae Yoon, Ho Joon discovered his drive to live life again. Touched by his words, Jae Yoon and Ho Joon begin dating again.

The marketing project is successful, delighting the Chairman. He offers to give his son a proper promotion in the company. However, Ho Joon surprises him by quitting his job. Instead, he plans on starting his own company and becoming the CEO. Ho Joon announces his plans to Jae Yoon, recruiting him as his first employee. They begin their own marketing agency, working from home. The series ends with them bickering over a project until Ho Joon eases the tensions with a long passionate kiss.

Ending Explained
Roommates of Poongduck 304 has a happy ending where Jae Yoon and Ho Joon become a couple again.

Roommates of Poongduck 304 is a story about ambition. The protagonists, Jae Yoon & Ho Joon, represent two opposite ends of the spectrum. Jae Yoon epitomizes working hard to achieve your dreams. He's a self-starter who put himself through an online college, earning himself a job in an elite company. He works hard and aspires to have a fulfilling career. Ho Joon depicts failed ambition. After his tech startup went bust, he stopped challenging himself. He seems resigned to a playboy lifestyle with handouts from his dad.

Meeting Jae Yoon revitalizes Ho Joon's spirit. He's moved by his boyfriend's work ethic. In Episode 4, Ho Joon pointed out how Jae Yoon could've made a cozy living as a landlord instead of working an office job. Yet, that easygoing lifestyle doesn't suit Jae Yoon, who pushes himself to earn his achievements. In the finale, Ho Joon is sincere when he says his love interest changed his life. "I learned what it's like to live with all my heart every day." Ho Yoon refers to Jae Yoon's drive, passion, and zeal. Jae Yoon has inspired Ho Joon to try again after a failure and commit to his dreams.

Conversely, Jae Yoon loses his ambition because of his relationship with Ho Joon. After the breakup, he wanted to quit his job and move back to his small-town life. His mom talks him out of this plan, stating there are no prospects if he stays here. Jae Yoon falls into the same slump as Ho Joon at the start of the story. Fortunately, Ho Joon finds him and encourages his boyfriend. Don't give up on your relationship or aspirations. Let's work hard together. The series ends with the leads starting a business. Their entrepreneurial spirit is a powerful symbol of their renewed ambition.

Ending Review
Jae Yoon and Ho Joon flirt in bed together until an employee startles them.

The breakup storyline isn't my favourite, but it provides the necessary tension to build up to a dramatic finale. I like how the series brings back Jae Yoon's friend from Episode 1, tying up that loose end. I also like Ho Joon's speech, especially the backstory about his failed tech startup. That detail completes his characterization, making me appreciate his journey. He goes from a lazy playboy in Episode 1 to a hardworking entrepreneur in Episode 8. It's quite the transformation!

I love that the leads are running a business together. Before the finale, I assumed one of them would quit the company (likely Jae Yoon). Instead, we have a Jerry Maguire moment where Ho Joon starts a new business as Jae Yoon becomes his first employee. Technically, Ho Joon is the owner, but it's more like a collaborative partnership. Their entrepreneurship is thematically powerful. Unlike at the start of the series, Ho Joon no longer relies on his father. Instead, Jae Yoon has inspired him to work hard, live independently, and pursue his passions.

I love how Ho Joon & Jae Yoon run their business from home. This BL drama's unique selling point is that the protagonists live and work together. The clever ending finds a way to maintain the same relationship dynamic. Ho Joon owns the agency, so he's still Jae Yoon's boss. Yet, they operate the company at Jae Yoon's house, which is his territory. The storyteller brilliantly combines the characters' personal and professional lives instead of making them compromise. It presents the best solution for the leads to be boyfriends and colleagues simultaneously.

Roommates of Poongduck 304 OST

Roommates of Poongduck 304 Information

Idol Romance

Idol Romance is a Korean BL studio that made Wish You (2020), Nobleman Ryu's Wedding (2021), The Tasty Florida (2021), and Tinted With You (2021).

Idol Romance is a Korean BL studio that made Wish You (2020), Nobleman Ryu's Wedding (2021), The Tasty Florida (2021), and Tinted With You (2021). It also produced Once Again (2022) and Roommates of Poongduck 304 (2022).


Teddy Hwang (테디황) is a Korean director. He has worked on the 2022 series, Once Again. It is his second BL project. In addition, Teddy also directed the 2022 drama, Roommates of Poongduck 304.

  1. Another great review! Like you I was unconvinced by the first episode or two of Roommates, but the humor and chemistry of the leads grew on me. By the end I was completely invested in their journey. Both have great strengths, quirks, and weaknesses. Surprise side character behavior: Jae Yoon's mom. We are so conditioned in k-dramas for parents to want to hold onto their adult kids as long as possible, but when Jae Yoon says he wants to move back home, his mother basically says, hell no. Out of love, but it was also non-negotiable, lol.
    This show is on my best of 2022 list together with some much heavier hitters. Why? The ending was gold, when they are working from home, equalizing their power struggle. Let me just say in the final scene, yes to the faux rage tantrum, yes to the pink Angora sweater, and yet to the kiss! By the way, I agree that Kang Woo Jung is an actor to watch. I appreciated him as a super sweet and funny friend (how they both refer to the young guy by his room number) in Once Again (a series which for me was better than your rating) and as an uber sleaze bag in this show. He can do more!

  2. i just finished watching roommates of poongduck 304 and honestly, south korea is getting better at making BLs!!

    this drama was so heartwarming and cute. i loved it from start to finish (although yes episode 1 was pretty average and almost forgettable). the leads are stunning!! HO JOON LOOKED SO GOOD IN EVERY OUTFIT HE WORE (especially the suits!!!) .. they're both super charming and i enjoyed their performance.

    im so glad that we're getting longer korean bl dramas now, i mean, each episode over 30 mins!! LIKE YES.

    also thank you for your great review for this series.

    i'm looking forward to the upcoming korean BLs (such as the new employee).

  3. Back again to enjoy the cream-filled pastry that is Roommates of Poongduck. This show is so much better than expected! Keep giving this screen couple strong material and they will deliver in the humor, style, and romance departments.
    Also great these days are The New Employee, Never let me Go, Between Us, My School President, Candy Color Paradox and Individual Circumstances. In short, we're being served a tsunami of content! The only thing I'm missing right now is BL Watcher's review of KinnPorsche.

  4. A VERY THOROUGH review and analysis, BL Watcher!

    After coming off of "Light On Me", I found the character development very stunted here, by comparison.

    Too, the actual 15 minutes or so of fun/pleasant time devoted to the happy aspects of their relationship felt oh so brief and frustrating, as well as being jammed into the ending segments.

    It felt like they spent the first 6 episodes laying the plot and character groundwork, but were absolutely FORCED to jam the loving part of their relationship into small portions of the last 2 episodes, perhaps in keeping faithful to the short 8 episode format this production team sticks to.

    The DRINKING TO EXCESS, to the point of passing out… I found unsettling, for so many reasons; awful examples, awful health results, and how the heck are you going to remain lovely-handsome and capable of WORKING the following day, following a drink-till-you-pass-out bender ONCE AGAIN, argggg. Yet these were needed for plot twists, eh?

    OH and I agree that Jae Yoon's breakup with his high school infatuation was… STUNTED, to say the very least. What, end this, wrap this years-long unrequited romance with simply a couple fake treats to punch him out? FFS, give me a break.

    How in God's name is Jae Yoon so lame as to NOT google the Team Leader's profile, until having overheard, by coincidence, multiple rumors about him? Yet needed for desired plot twist, huh.

    Did Jae Yoon's appearance at his mom's restaurant effectively OUT him, to his mother? Seems likely, and certainly there was no doubt after Ho Joon showed up, yet this was not explored in the least.

    Ho Joon's self-confession at the end was EXCELLENT, and well written and thought-out I thought, but I want to make the point here that Jae Yoon, following the confession/history speech… made the mental commitment to ACCEPT Ho Joon BACK into his heart…EVEN THO (at that time) there was NO change at the workplace???
    Yet perhaps he thought his resignation letter had been accepted? This isn't clear, since later conversations seemed to still have him involved in the workplace???
    They wouldn't still be estranged if he was no longer at the workplace…??
    My point is… Jae Yoon would have made a BIG decision, taken a huge leap of faith, accepting the relationship to be restored… if the workplace trauma situation hadn't been at all resolved. So KUDOS to Jae Yoon for taking Jae Yoon back, just based upon the historical confession, if in fact he was (or thought he was) still employed by the firm (I'm unclear about this, lol)

    AND LASTLY!!!! As the two of them are smooching lovingly on the convenient bed in Ho Joon's office… at the scene end they hear what sounded to me like their ex-coworker's voices call out saying something like "What's that noise??" Did this imply they had brought the other two members of the team from the main company, to join them in this new venture?

    😉 A lot of questions, huh, but such a RUSHED ENDING to what could have been nicely dramatically explored over a few episodes, if done in "Light On Me" style.

    Still, loved the show, and both the lead actors were incredibly handsome, Jae Yoon especially, yet could they have at least shown ONE bare torso shot of HIM too (to at least balance out Ho Joon's stunning bare torso)? Yoon Seo Bin's one swimming-pool-shot in his Instagram account showed him to be quite physically fit.

    Oh well, I can dream (and wish). Loving the South Korean BL Dramas, on all levels! ♥

    Thank you for all you do here, BL Watcher!!!

  5. I never thought I'll leave a review but here I am. To be completely honest, I came to watch this because of Kim Jiwoong. I managed to watched all his dramas in one night and I am so surprised on how hook I am to this. I like the storyline, and the character developments. It's light and exciting. The chemistry that both leads have that wasn't shown to Kissable Lips were definitely showcased here. They both show their strengths in acting, may it be in sad, happy, comedic or heartbreaking scenes. I never know I'll fell for both leads, rolling in my bed because of how strong their chemistry is. ILL REWATCH IT AGAIN, DEFINITELY!!

    ps: Kim Jiwoong, FIGHTING! Goodluck in Boys Planet 999 😉😍🥰

  6. Alright I think we can all agree-South Korea is making hella good bl's for us foreigners and nationals to watch!

    The only part i would change about this is the rushed ending but besides that- KEEP IT UP SOUTH KOREA! And i would like to thank bl watcher I've been looking for different bl's to watch and bl watcher has EVERYTHING so thank you for that and thank you to the reader who decided to read my lousy story :)!

  7. I watched this BL programme after reading how amazing the kiss was between the leads, and that there was a off scene version which had gone viral. Sure the kiss is good, I have seen much better, and it was very last minute, as if thrown in for good measure. I enjoyed it, but I was expecting much more depth.

    I do wish BLs would stop following the same plot lines and using the same drama tropes that main line (for want of a better expression) dramas do: boss/employee, landlord/tenant, son of angry father, restaurant owing parents, the first unexpected kiss where the receiver remains eyes wide open in surprise (come on, even in non BL dramas, this has become one massive yawn) and the coyness about physical contact. Not to mention the misunderstandings which lead to breaking up, the drunken break up drinking and then the reunion when matters are cleared (surely they would talk it out)?

    Another peeve (and this applies to other BL dramas too) is that the societal norms and mores of heterosexual couples are also applied; surely same sex partners are not bound by these expectations? I'm probably referring more to Cutie Pie, as it is clearer in that series what I mean – there the couple, after living together over a number of years, are getting married, and one of the MLs decides he wants to abstain from sex to make it more special. I am not saying that this might not be the case in same sex relationships, but it is all too coy and misplaced.
    Overall an enjoyable series, but not one I would watch again.

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