Secret Crush on You – Series Review & Ending Explained

Secret Crush on You is a Thai BL series about the romance between a popular jock and a school misfit.

Secret Crush on You is a Thai BL series about a school misfit and his infatuation with the campus jock. The lead has an obsessive crush on a popular university student. He decorates his bedroom with surveillance photos, treasured mementoes, and even a life-sized pillow. Surprisingly, his beloved idol starts paying attention to him. Their dynamic changes from a secret admiration to a blossoming love.

Although it begins quirkily, Secret Crush on You loses its novelty after a while. This insufferably long fourteen-episode series has a thin plot, pointless filler, eccentric comedy, and cheesy romances. There are many raunchy BL scenes, each packed with sensual physical affection. Beyond these steamy encounters, the aimless story feels devoid of purpose, maturity, and substance.

Secret Crush on You Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2022)


15 hours

Total Episodes:

14 episodes




Secret Crush on You is a happy & funny BL drama.


Toh has a crush on Nuea, the popular campus jock.

Toh is a shy university student in the visual arts department. He is great friends with Jao, Daisy, and Som, forming a close-knit group of social misfits. Toh has a secret crush on Nuea, a popular jock on the basketball team. Nuea, an engineering student, is famous around campus with many adoring fans. His rumoured girlfriend is Prao, one of the cool kids.

Toh is too bashful to confess his feelings for Nuea. Instead, he's satisfied with admiring his idol from afar. However, Toh's crush has developed into an obsession. He likes to spy on Nuea, take sneaky pictures, and collect various memorabilia. Toh has decorated his bedroom with surveillance photos, keepsakes, and even a life-sized pillow of Nuea. Despite his intense behaviour, they have never met or communicated before.

An avid photographer, Toh has snapped an exceptional picture of Nuea during a basketball game. This photo has gained much buzz around campus. Thep, a mutual friend, informs Toh of an unexpected job opportunity. Nuea's sister is impressed with Toh's portfolio. She wants to hire him as a photographer for her upcoming birthday party. Toh is ecstatic because it allows him to visit Nuea's home and interact with him closely.

Toh and Nuea officially meet through this photography gig. Toh is awkward and giddy around his crush, constantly saying the wrong things. Nonetheless, they become closer during the birthday party. Toh and Jao join Nuea's friends to play a party game. It leads to Toh and Nuea almost kissing for the first time. After the party, they continue making excuses to see each other. Toh feels surprised yet grateful that Nuea is paying attention to him. He also receives romantic signals from his crush. However, Toh is in disbelief and doesn't think Nuea could possibly reciprocate his feelings.

Meanwhile, Jao meets Nuea's friend Sky at the party. The game challenges Sky to flirt with Jao for a week. Although it starts as a casual flirtation, real feelings begin to form as they spend time together. Sky seems genuinely interested in his partner, showering him with flattery and attention after the week is over. However, Jao appears reluctant to return these feelings. He thinks Sky has a reputation for not being serious about long-term relationships. In addition, Jao feels insecure and self-conscious about his physical appearance, especially his weight.

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Secret Crush on You Cast



Seng Wichai Saefant (เซ้ง วิชัย แซ่ฟ่าน)

Toh is portrayed by the Thai actor Seng Wichai Saefant (เซ้ง วิชัย แซ่ฟ่าน).

Toh is a visual arts student with a secret crush on Nuea. He's too shy to confess his feelings. Instead, Toh admires Nuea by spying on him, taking pictures, and building a dedicated shrine in his bedroom. Toh is a skilled photographer. He's friends with Jao, Som, and Daisy, forming a close-knit group of social misfits.


Billy Patchanon Ounsa-ard (บิลลี่ ภัทรชนน อ่อนสอาด)

Nuea is portrayed by the Thai actor Billy Patchanon Ounsa-ard (บิลลี่ ภัทรชนน อ่อนสอาด).

Nuea is an engineering student and star player on the school's basketball team. He's a popular campus jock with many adoring fans, which include Toh. Nuea comes from a wealthy and privileged family. A naturally flirtatious guy, he enjoys teasing and tempting Toh whenever they are alone.


Surprise Pittikorn Siripornsawan (เซอร์ไพรส์ ปิฐิกร ศิริพรสวรรค์)

Jao is portrayed by the Thai actor Surprise Pittikorn Siripornsawan (เซอร์ไพรส์ ปิฐิกร ศิริพรสวรรค์).

Jao is Toh's best friend. Their social circle includes Som and Daisy, forming a ragtag team of social misfits. Unlike his flamboyant friends, Jao has a sweet and gentle personality. He suffers from confidence issues and feels self-conscious about his weight. Initially, Jao doesn't appear receptive when Sky starts flirting with him.


Heng Asavarid Pinitkanjanapun (เฮง อัศวฤทธิ์ พินิตกาญจนพันธุ์)

Sky is portrayed by the Thai actor Heng Asavarid Pinitkanjanapun (เฮง อัศวฤทธิ์ พินิตกาญจนพันธุ์).

Sky is Nuea's best friend. He is an engineering student and a part of the school's basketball team. He has a goofy personality and tends to be lighthearted. Sky develops a romantic interest in Jao during a party game and begins courting him. However, Jao doubts whether Sky would take a committed relationship seriously.

Supporting Cast

Daisy is portrayed by Nutt Witsarut Khakham (นัท วิศรุต ขาคำ).


Nutt Witsarut Khakham (นัท วิศรุต ขาคำ)

Som is portrayed by the Thai actress Looknam Orntara Poolsak (ลูกน้ำ อรธารา พูลศักดิ์).


Looknam Orntara Poolsak (ลูกน้ำ อรธารา พูลศักดิ์)

Touch is portrayed by the Thai actor Opp Weerapong Odhoeng (อ๊ป วีระพงษ์ โอดเฮิง).


Opp Weerapong Odhoeng (อ๊ป วีระพงษ์ โอดเฮิง)

Tor is portrayed by the Thai actor Dew Nitikorn Pankram (ดิว นิติกร ปานคร้าม).


Dew Nitikorn Pankram (ดิว นิติกร ปานคร้าม)

Kong kwan is portrayed by the Thai actress Freen Sarocha Chankimha (ฟรีน สโรชา จันทร์กิมฮะ).


Freen Sarocha Chankimha (ฟรีน สโรชา จันทร์กิมฮะ)

Fon is portrayed by the Thai actress Becky Armstrong (เบคกี้ อาร์มสตรอง).


Becky Armstrong (เบคกี้ อาร์มสตรอง)


Ging Areeya Pholphutrakul (กิ่ง อารียา ผลฟูตระกูล)

Peach is portrayed by the Thai actress Punch Tipanan Nilsiam (ทิพานัน นิลสยาม).


Punch Tipanan Nilsiam (ทิพานัน นิลสยาม)

Waiwai is portrayed by the Thai actress Ging Areeya Pholphutrakul (กิ่ง อารียา ผลฟูตระกูล).


Paper Peerada Namwong (เปเปอร์ พีรดา นามวงค์)

Kong is portrayed by the Thai actor First Piyangkul Saohin (ปิยังกูร เสาหิน).


First Piyangkul Saohin (ปิยังกูร เสาหิน)

Thep is portrayed by the Thai actor Saint Suppapong Udomkaewkanjana (เซ้นต์ ศุภพงษ์ อุดมแก้วกาญจนา).


Saint Suppapong Udomkaewkanjana (เซ้นต์ ศุภพงษ์ อุดมแก้วกาญจนา)


Anda Anunta Teavirat (อันดา อนันตา เตียวิรัตน์)

Cast Highlights

  • The four leads (Sang, Billy, Surprise & Heng) and Kong's actor (First) appear in the 2022 Thai BL anthology series, War of Y. First also starred in the 2021 anthology series, Y-Destiny.
  • Thep's actor (Saint) is the executive producer of Secret Crush on You. He is also a Thai actor who starred in the Thai BL series Love By Chance (2018) and Why R U? (2020). In addition, Toh's actor (Seng) had a supporting role in Why R U?
  • Tor's actor (Dew) has a supporting role in the 2022 Thai BL series Oh! My Sunshine Night. He is the lead of the 2023 series For Him.
  • Prao's actress (Ging) appeared in various Thai BL dramas, including My Ride (2021) and Unforgotten Night (2022).
  • The actresses who portray Kongkwan and Fon (Freen and Becky) are the leads of the GL series GAP and The Loyal Pin.

Secret Crush on You Review


Drama Review Score: 6.4

Toh and Nuea are shirtless.

Secret Crush on You is an eccentric BL drama with a dubious premise. The protagonist's so-called crush goes beyond reasonable boundaries. He behaves like an obsessive stalker with an unhealthy infatuation. In the beginning, the humour comes from his over-the-top antics, so absurd that the plot seems morbidly amusing. Based on your perspective, you may feel entertained or offended by the silly, surreal comedy in Secret Crush on You.

Despite the inappropriateness, the early episodes of Secret Crush on You charmed me. The zany comedy, bubbly actors, and quirky visual gags produced a humorous atmosphere. It's funny seeing Toh sleep with a life-sized pillow of Nuea or collect relationship mementoes like forensic evidence. Toh's giddiness around Nuea also leads to hilariously exaggerated reactions. Although most scenarios are dumb and bizarre, they still make me laugh. Secret Crush on You leaves a positive first impression due to its playful enthusiasm.

Sadly, the exciting buzz wears off after a while. Secret Crush on You walks a fine line between cheeky and cringy, often falling into the latter category. The series loses restraint over the provocative humour and crosses the threshold into obnoxious comedy. It also suffers from a paper-thin plot, which never develops meaningfully. The immature storyline feels flaky, foolish, and frivolous. Several dismal episodes only consist of unfunny jokes without substance or intelligence. The middle stretch of Secret Crush on You is particularly aimless, boring me with its trivial nonsense.

The romance lacks momentum. Toh's secret crush should've driven compelling tensions and complex emotions in a long-term arc. Yet, the series rushes the crucial storyline, overeagerly pushing the couple together after just a few episodes. It doesn't take the time to show how Toh and Nuea's feelings evolve. There's no enjoyable journey between attraction to affection. Instead, Secret Crush on You skips the early relationship-building moments to focus on useless filler. Toh and Nuea's interactions are predominantly mindless fluff, devoid of sophistication.

Secret Crush on You is delightfully raunchy. There are many amourous kisses, racy encounters & glorious displays of eroticism. The series lays it on thick with gratuitous sensuality, going full throttle with the kinky scenes. Although the physicality is impressive, the emotional component of the romance is missing. I'm only invested in the couple when they get frisky and tune out during their casual relationship moments. Also, the intimacy sometimes contradicts the plot. The leads finish having passionate sex, yet they still pretend not to know each other's feelings.

The worst part about Secret Crush on You is its insufferable length. This series is too damn long, stretching its flimsy plot into fourteen oversized episodes. It doesn't use the time wisely on story expansion or character development. Instead, it indulges in vapid irrelevance. Let's go on another trip, play another party game, and have another lustful romp! The initial fun dies quickly, and I become exhausted with the prolonged pointlessness. I sigh in relief when everything finally ends. Secret Crush on You would work better as a short BL drama, trimming away the excesses.


Frivolous story

The plot feels secondary in Secret Crush on You. This frivolous series has too much pointless filler and unfunny comedy. Many episodes are devoid of purpose, boring me with trivial nonsense.

Raunchy romance

This racy BL drama embraces homoeroticism. There are many sensual kisses, raunchy romps, and intimate affection. However, the emotional component of the romance is sorely lacking.

Okay acting

The leads are lively and tackle the many affectionate scenes with admirable gusto. Several supporting actors are too campy and hammy, crossing into the territory of obnoxiousness.

Happy ending

Secret Crush on You has a happy romantic ending for all the couples. The series wraps up the stalker storyline in a sweet yet disturbing way.

Vibrant artistry

This BL drama constantly looks bright, vibrant, and colourful. It's noticeable the production team has put much love and effort into polishing the presentation.


Secret Crush on You is an insufferably long series with a shallow plot, vapid romances & excessive fluff. The eccentric humour cannot make up for an aimless story that lacks substance.

Secret Crush on You Series Explained



Toh takes a picture of the oranges.

The beginning of Secret Crush on You explores Toh's obsessive infatuation with Nuea. We learn he doesn't just have some innocent puppy love. Instead, his feelings are super intense with photo walls, life-sized pillows, and boxes of relationship mementoes. The early humour comes from Toh's over-the-top secret admiration, going beyond reasonable boundaries.

Don't quote me on this, but I'm not too offended or outraged by Toh's behaviour. No, I don't encourage his spying or hoarding. And yes, he should definitely stop. However, I don't think he's hurting anyone with his extreme infatuation. He never oversteps personal boundaries to make Nuea uncomfortable. Toh doesn't steal these items. He's just collecting trash or gifts and storing them in his room. While the photo collages are intense, they mostly depict Nuea playing basketball or him posing in his school uniform. They aren't creepy surveillance pictures in inappropriate settings.

Nuea finds out about the stalker wall.

Personally, Toh's stalker behaviour doesn't reach the point where his character becomes irredeemable. Maybe others have different thresholds, and you'd feel uncomfortable with his actions. For me, I was curious about how Secret Crush on You would handle his infatuation. How far would his obsession go? Or will they gently walk him down from the edge and pull Toh back to reality? It's an intriguing storyline with many possibilities. I found Toh fascinating, and his antics didn't freak me out enormously.


The best part about Secret Crush on You is probably Toh's friendship with Jao, Daisy, and Som. They're like a merry band of school misfits who march to their own rhythm. To outsiders, they may giggle over silly, frivolous things that don't matter. However, you can feel their enthusiasm and giddiness around each other. These four close pals genuinely enjoy each other's company. 

I love the spirit of this friendship group. Toh, Jao, Daisy & Som are proud of their quirkiness, wearing it like a badge. Daisy and Som are flamboyant, but the series celebrates their exuberance instead of mocking these personality traits. The four friends get along because of their similarities. However, they also show understanding of everyone's differences. Toh's friends never judge him harshly for his over-the-top behaviour. The only times I don't like these characters are when they interact with Prao & her clique. Those scenes teeter closely on obnoxious bullying.

I enjoy how Toh, Jao, Daisy, and Som have each other's backs. They show admirable soldiarity, supporting one another through thick and thin. When Toh is upset, his buddies are there to console him. Likewise, everyone offers love, warmth, and encouragement when Daisy has an identity crisis. I wish Secret Crush on You highlighted their friendship more with actual storylines. Instead of silly subplots about camping trips, let's highlight the bond among the four of them. Make Som and Daisy prominent characters instead of treating them like playful sidekicks.

Nuea flirts with Toh by blowing on his glasses.

Secret Crush on You has eccentric humour that may not suit everyone. The comedy is zany, surreal, and over-the-top. Many scenarios are so absurd, while the quirky characters are not meant to be taken seriously. I find the series funnier at the beginning when the jokes are still fresh. The novelty wears off after a while. Secret Crush on You often crosses from cheeky to cringy with its juvenile antics. Although perpetually playful and enthusiastic, not every episode is hilarious.

Secret Crush on You is also raunchy. The characters have many amorous encounters, but these scenes seem wacky more than they are erotic. A few bedroom interactions between Nuea & Toh are so delightfully bonkers, making me laugh. The series tries very hard to be entertaining. Yet, the naughty humour wears thin after a while. The jokes don't feel fresh anymore after you've seen a similar version in the past. In this instance, less is more. Maybe Secret Crush on You would leave a better impression if it doesn't go overboard with excessive silliness.

Toh fantasizes a kiss with Nuea.

My biggest issue with Secret Crush on You is the insufferable length. The series has too little plot to sustain itself throughout fourteen long episodes. The story almost drops off after Episode 4 or 5 once Nuea's feelings for Toh crystalize. The narrative loses momentum, lacking suspense or anticipation about what might happen next with the couple.

For many episodes afterwards, the series dissolves into a lot of pointless filler and silly romantic fluff. There's very little substance during the middle stretch, where the characters always go on vacations and parties. After two episodes of vacation retreats, the group immediately embarks on another camping trip for two more episodes. Then, they hang out at the bar or go to another birthday party. At some point, it feels like the story is going in circles after running out of ideas. I was bored and losing my patience.

Realistically, SCOY could've paced Toh and Nuea's story arc much better. The series rushes their romance, too overeager to pair up the couple as soon as possible. I wanted a sophisticated long-term story arc that explores Toh and Nuea's growing attraction to each other. Instead, they just jump into bed and have raunchy sexual encounters almost right away. There's barely a journey between them. The worst part is that Secret Crush on You has little remaining plot after the leads get together. I'm aggravated about watching hours of meaningless and unfunny filler.


Toh and Nuea
Toh kisses Nuea in his fantasy.

Secret Crush on You features a classic romance between a shy school misfit and a popular campus jock. Their different social statuses produce tensions in their relationship prospects. Conventional expectations lead us to believe Nuea should be dating Prao, the cool girl in the popular clique. In contrast, Toh is an underdog who can only admire his idol from afar. Toh lacks confidence in his looks, his personality, and his worth. He doesn't confess his feelings due to insecurity, believing Nuea might be out of his league.

Yet, the twist is that Nuea defies expectations and falls for Toh instead of Prao. Contrary to his archetype, Nuea doesn't care about popularity. He's attracted to quirky guys like Van Gogh. Yet, this romance falters because the storyteller never clarifies why Nuea likes Toh so much. Nuea seems head over heels for Toh, but…why? I'm not questioning the validity of his feelings, but I'm mystified about the rationale behind the attraction. What is it about Toh that Nuea likes so much? Why does Nuea have a secret crush on him?

The story is told from Toh's perspective, so we understand why he's smitten with the famous basketball star. Yet, we don't get the same insights into Nuea's hazy motivations. It seems like Nuea is attracted to Toh solely because the BL gods said so. This romance would resonate more emotionally if we could understand his inexplicable crush better. The series has a problem with making Toh the butt of the joke, so his character seems strange and unappealing. Secret Crush on You should highlight Toh's endearing qualities from Nuea's point of view, which it fails to do.

Jao and Sky
Jao and Sky are the secondary romance in Secret Crush on You.

Sky and Jao meet in the party game. Sky starts flirting with his love interest since then, laying it on thick with the charm offence. At times, Sky is irritating because he can't take no for an answer. He persists in hitting on Jao, who doesn't seem to reciprocate his attraction. It's puzzling why Sky is so adamant about his courtship. Jao doesn't do anything to stand out or suggest he wants a romance. Yet, Sky pursues him constantly. Is Jao's appeal that he plays hard to get? Why is Sky pestering him so much?

After an annoying start, this couple taps into a slightly intriguing storyline. We learn that Jao feels self-conscious about his weight. His insecurities prevent him from agreeing to a relationship with Sky, an athletic jock. Eventually, Sky convinces his love interest that his chubbiness isn't a big deal. He's attracted to Jao, regardless. This subplot echoes similar themes to the leading couple. Toh and Jao struggle with an inferiority complex, which their love interests help them overcome.

Sadly, I'm indifferent to this secondary romance. Jao and Sky stir up even fewer emotions in me than the leads. I recognize the sentimental messages and appreciate both characters' sincere personalities. However, I find this couple very generic. Their scenes consist of cliché BL material, hardly inspiring me. Their relationship dynamic is repetitive and doesn't progress compellingly. I grow tired of watching Sky's aggressive flirting as Jao resists his advances episode after episode. Even after they get together, I'm numb and can't muster strong feelings for them.

Daisy and Touch
Daisy and Touch have an unexpected romance midway through the series.

Surprisingly, Secret Crush on You introduces a relationship subplot involving Daisy midway through the series. What an unexpected twist! Daisy appears to be a minor supporting player, merely a playful and flamboyant sidekick to the leads. I assume the character's purpose is to deliver comedic jokes from time to time. Instead, Secret Crush invests in an unlikely romance with Daisy and Touch. The sudden storyline catches me off-guard, and the delightful novelty is a welcomed surprise.

This couple suffers from a lack of meaningful content. There's no emphasis on Daisy & Touch's romance, completely sidelined compared to the other two pairs. They only get a morsel of relationship scenes. Evidently, Secret Crush on You treats Daisy as nobody of significance. The series is over fourteen hours long, yet it doesn't dedicate time to Daisy's character development. The only worthwhile scene occurs in Episode 11. It features a poignant exchange that highlights Daisy's trans status. Then, the story forgets about Daisy again, paying little attention to this unique character.


Toh's actor is good at being silly.

Secret Crush on You is an over-the-top series with silly, surreal humour. It requires an energetic lead performer who can convey this offbeat eccentricity. Toh's actor (Seng) does a decent job, in my opinion. He's goofy and exuberant, capturing the oddball persona with proficient comedic timing. This series has many ridiculous scenarios, yet Seng tackles each scene with an admirable uninhibitedness. He isn't afraid to look stupid or do dumb things on camera.

Nuea's actor (Billy) gives an acceptable performance as the campus heartthrob, but I don't find him that funny. The difference between the two leads is that Toh induces laughter in me, whereas Nuea doesn't. However, it's a mild critique about just one facet of his performance. The rest of Billy's work is pretty respectable, and he handles the material adequately. I'm less impressed with the supporting cast. Without pointing out specific names, a few of them are too hammy. The performers appear cheeky and playful, but they sometimes annoy me with their theatrics.


Polished production
Nuea acts seductively around Toh.

Secret Crush on You gives off the impression of a polished production. The visuals look bright, vibrant, and colourful. There's attentiveness to the props, styling, and wardrobe choices. The series also films in many beautiful outdoor locations, including a picturesque kiss by the waterfall. Technically, I can't pick apart many flaws. I can tell there's a lot of effort and thought into stylizing this BL drama.

I enjoy the raunchy scenes because Secret Crush on You makes them fun and entertaining. Whenever the characters get intimate, the series builds the anticipation enticingly. It uses clever camera angles, edgy soundtracks, and ambient lighting to create a sexy atmosphere. More importantly, it also injects cheeky mischief into these naughty encounters. The eroticism comes across as hot and playful instead of tacky and sleazy.


Happy ending
Secret Crush on You has a happy ending for Toh and Nuea.

Secret Crush on You has a happy ending for all the couples. Everyone is paired up with their romantic partners. During the final episode, the characters visit Toh's hometown, where Toh brings Nuea to meet his parents. Their friends also tag along inexplicably. Initially, Nuea is anxious because Toh's dad seems hostile around him. However, he feels more reassured after clearing up their silly misunderstanding. Nuea leaves the family excursion with the blessing from Toh's family.

The leads make out on the beach and consummate their love. Afterwards, Nuea sets up a surprise for Toh. They enter a unique room decorated with keepsakes of Toh and Nuea's relationship moments. There are many photos on the walls and trinkets stored in glass cabinets. It intentionally resembles Toh's love shrine in his bedroom. However, the main difference is that the pictures and items feature both characters, not just Nuea. This updated love shrine includes Toh alongside Nuea.

Nuea designs a love shrine dedicated to their relationship.

This ending is sweet because the bedroom shrine caused anxiety in past episodes. Toh was worried that Nuea might find his obsession creepy. However, Nuea is understanding and doesn't mind. Toh explains he keeps the souvenirs to cherish his fond memories. These pictures and items last forever, even if their relationship ends one day. Nuea proves his commitment by designing this extraordinary room dedicated to their love. Toh is touched by his boyfriend's gesture. As the series ends, Toh feels grateful, delighted, and reassured about Nuea's romantic feelings.

Secret Crush on You Episodes

Episode Guide

Secret Crush on You has a total of 14 episodes. Each episode is around 60 minutes long. The last episode is around 75 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 15 hours. Secret Crush On You started on February 11, 2022 and ended its last episode on May 13, 2022.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13
Episode 14

Episode Reviews

Episode 1

Secret Crush on You won over me with its silly, surreal comedy in the first episode. Toh's obsession is so over-the-top that it makes me laugh inappropriately. He's handling those mementoes like CSI!

Episode 2

The party game antics are childish, but the storyline allows both couples to meet and interact intimately. I like the goofy scenes with Toh's friends.

Episode 3

Toh & Nuea's flirty interactions are wildly absurd, but the zany humour works for me. This episode reveals Nuea's secret crush on Toh, an exciting twist for their storyline.

Episode 4

That hotel room scene feels too much for me. The intimacy crosses the line into creepy and cringy more than cute and comical. However, Toh's celebration with the UNO cards is pretty silly. 😆

Episode 5

Toh and Nuea's bedroom interactions are bonkers. Sometimes, the scenes feel so surreal that I can't tell if they're part of a fantasy sequence or happening in reality.

Episode 6

Are they going on another outdoor excursion? They just came back from one! Also, Toh & Nuea's relationship fluff is wearing thin. There's barely any substance to their romance after six episodes.

Episode 7

I'm bored. 🥱 This episode is packed with BL cliches, including annoying drama with the undeveloped love rival. The story is fuelled by campy humour without much substance in the plot.

Episode 8

I'm sick of this camp setting. They've gone on vacation for four consecutive episodes, going in circles with the cringy comedy and stale romantic moments. It's overkill. Where are the real plots!?

Episode 9

Oh my god, half the episode is dedicated to the tedious scenes at the bar. Both couples have coasted on flimsy storylines for a while. I'm only excited about Daisy x Touch because this pair is unexpected.

Episode 10

Toh's behaviour in this episode is embarrassing. Also, this episode has too many Jao x Sky scenes. They're a generic BL couple whose cheesy romance brings nothing new.

Episode 11

Toh meeting Nuea's family could've been a momentous occasion, yet the scenes are too silly and pointless. I enjoy the sentimental moment with Daisy, but this trans subplot isn't given enough focus.

Episode 12

Secret Crush on You has been missing a solid storyline for the past seven episodes. The series finally returns to an engaging plot with the school bullies, even if the drama is childish and sloppy.

Episode 13

Oh! This episode is a pleasant surprise. The evil doppelganger storyline is quirky enough to amuse me. Also, I'm glad the series addresses Toh's outrageous behaviour with the photos & keepsakes.

Episode 14

Secret Crush on You has an okay finale with cheerful humour and sentimental moments for all the couples. However, this lengthy 14-episode series suffers from fatigue. I'm so glad it's finally over!

Secret Crush on You Behind The Scenes

Secret Crush on You Information

  1. I love this series, I dropped it three times because it was too much with the stalking and collecting garbage, but every time the good reviews convinced me I should watch it!
    Eventually I binged watched it only after it ended.
    You are right, There are many unnecessary parts and it was better with only 10 episodes.
    it is cringe but well aware cringe, funny, stylish, interesting, I think Billy and Seng are great (and they proved it even better in war of y).
    Lately I watch youtube reactions, to get different opinion (never done it before), its interesting to hear the reaction for this one, mostly about Toh embarrassing behaviour and the difficult to differentiate fantasy from reality in the scenes

  2. A new though regarding what you wrote: "insights into Nuea’s hazy motivations"- I think Scoy should have done Nuea episode side of the story like they did in "my beautiful man" and in Senpai and lately in Takara-kun to Amagi-kun., that would have been perfect!

  3. Good Day when the next season 2 secret crush on you so very satisfied and beautiful bl series.. I waiting the season 2

  4. Toh's actor is really good though, I saw a few episodes of Secret Crush On You and dropped it after the 3rd episode, and much later watched War of Y, and really liked Saefan's acting, it was wonderful to realise that he played such diametrically opposite characters. Also, the actors the series (War of Y) have such good chemistry, it's sweet yet, sizzling at the same time.

  5. i am very happy about all you say about this show but im not to sure im supporting the jao x sky commet of getting annoyed because their kinda interesting to me thats all.

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