Sing My Crush – Series Review & Ending Explained

Sing My Crush is a Korean BL series about an aspiring musician and his best friend.

Sing My Crush is a Korean BL series about a young aspiring musician with romantic feelings for his mentor. After a crucial audition, the main character gathers the courage to confess his secret love. However, the outcome devastates him. At his emotionally lowest point, the heartbroken protagonist befriends a bright, bubbly companion who comforts him. They forge a special connection filled with music, laughter, and mutual support.

Although the plot may be straightforward, Sing My Crush presents a delightful and sentimental love story. It's a pleasure witnessing the couple's cozy friendship blossom into an intimate bond. Many sweet romantic encounters make my heart swell. The leads dazzle with their captivating charisma and chemistry. Also, the elegant music, visuals, and production values add an impressive polish to the viewing experience.

Sing My Crush Summary



Series Info:

South Korea (2023)


4 hours

Total Episodes:

8 episodes




Sing My Crush is a cute & sweet BL drama.


Baram and Hantae are high school friends.

Baram is a young aspiring musician. After school, this teenager takes private lessons from his instructor, Sangin. The older mentor has taught Baram how to play the guitar. Sangin also provides friendly encouragement, supporting Baram and guiding him through his musical career. The two maintain a close relationship. However, Baram views him more than platonically. He harbours a secret crush on Sangin.

Baram is nervous about an upcoming audition. Sangin cheers him on and gives his student a guitar pick as a lucky charm. Baram carries this special gift with him everywhere. Before the audition, the teenager makes a promise to himself. If Baram succeeds, he will confess his romantic feelings to Sangin. Baram's crush becomes his incentive to do well during the performance.

On audition day, Baram makes his way to the stage. However, another candidate suddenly collides with him, causing both to fall. Baram is devastated to discover that his guitar broke during the tumble. The timing couldn't be worse since his performance is coming up. Hantae apologizes for the careless accident and offers his own instrument as repayment. Baram reluctantly takes it to his audition.

Baram has also lost his guitar pick, which Hantae picks up. The series of unfortunate events shakes Baram's confidence. Instead of performing, he gets spooked and leaves the audition in tears. Baram is in a bad mood when he returns the guitar to Hantae, blaming him for the accident. Although Baram feels defeated, Sangin gives his student a healthy dose of encouragement. He helps Baram move on after the failed audition.

Baram performs his audition song, "Letter of Apology", for Sangin. The music teacher gives him a few suggestions for adjusting the song. As their faces come close, Baram suddenly initiates a kiss. Yet, Sangin pulls away. Baram confesses his romantic feelings, which Sangin does not reciprocate. Feeling embarrassed, Baram runs away and cries to himself. Just then, Hantae approaches him to return the lost guitar pick. Hantae comforts his sad acquaintance and offers him a shoulder to cry on.

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Sing My Crush Cast



Jang Do Yoon (장도윤)

Baram is portrayed by Korean actor Jang Do Yoon (장도윤).

Baram is an aspiring musician with a secret crush on Sangin, his instructor. The two have a close relationship. Baram wants to confess his romantic feelings after an audition. He has written a song, "Letter of Apology", that describes his love for Sangin. On audition day, Baram accidentally bumps into Hantae. Baram's guitar broke during the fall. Subsequently, his audition goes poorly. Baram's confidence is shaken, and he blames Hantae for ruining his important day.

Jang Do Yoon

Jang Do Yoon (장도윤) is a Korean actor. He is born on August 6, 1995.

Jang Do Yoon (장도윤) is a Korean actor. He is born on August 6, 1995. His first BL project is the 2021 drama, My Sweet Dear. He stars in the 2023 series, Sing My Crush.


Son Hyun Woo (손현우)

Hantae is portrayed by Korean actor Son Hyun Woo (손현우).

Hantae is a happy-go-lucky teenager who recently learned to play the guitar. He attends an audition just for fun. Before his performance, Hantae accidentally collides with Baram and breaks his guitar. Hantae feels terrible and offers his instrument as repayment. Yet, Baram still blames him for ruining his audition. Later, Hantae is surprised to see Baram crying at the park. Hantae comforts his acquaintance and offers him a shoulder to cry on.

Son Hyun Woo

Son Hyun Woo (손현우) is a Korean actor. He is born on July 30, 1996.

Son Hyun Woo (손현우) is a Korean actor. He is born on July 30, 1996. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, Sing My Crush.

Supporting Cast

Sangin is portrayed by Korean actor Kwak Tae Hyeok (곽태혁).


Kwak Tae Hyeok (곽태혁)

Youngmi is portrayed by Korean actress Bang Yoo In (방유인).


Bang Yoo In (방유인)

Jeongpal is portrayed by Korean actor Koo Ja Keon (구자건).


Koo Ja Keon (구자건)

Hantae's mom is portrayed by a Korean actress.

Hantae's mom

The team leader is portrayed by a Korean actor.

Team Leader

Sangin's manager is portrayed by a Korean actor.

Sangin's manager

Baram has a cat doll.

Baram Cat Doll

Hantae has a dog doll.

Hantae Dog Doll

Cast Highlights

  • Baram's actor (Jang Do Yoon) has a supporting role in the 2021 Korean BL drama My Sweet Dear.

Sing My Crush Review


Drama Review Score: 8.7

Baram and Hantae give each other cat and dog dolls.

Sing My Crush is a delightful BL series with a sweet, endearing romance. The early episodes depict a cozy camaraderie between the protagonists. Every cute interaction highlights their close bond, from playful banter to gentle encouragement. Despite their platonic relationship, these buddies are so chummy that they almost behave like lovebirds. Once they grow intimate, the couple's flirtiness is as equally enjoyable. Sing My Crush portrays a charming journey as the main characters go from friends to lovers.

I love the amount of time the leads spend together. They are friends, coworkers, roommates, and confidantes who seem almost inseparable. Many silly, lighthearted exchanges emphasize their easygoing rapport. The two BFFs are also quite affectionate. Expect cute BL moments like hugs, handholding, piggybacks, or Hantae resting his head on Baram's shoulder. Despite their familiarity, the pair still discovers new facets of each other. Their relationship goes through ups and downs, evolving through serious discussions, occasional spats, and heartfelt reconciliations.

Baram and Hantae are lovable protagonists. Baram's sympathetic circumstances make you root for him to mend his broken heart. The actor (Jang Do Yoon) portrays him delicately with a soft, sensitive demeanour. Meanwhile, Hantae stands out due to his dazzling charisma. The character's cheeky personality and goofy humour enhance his roguish charm, so you understand why Baram is smitten with him. Even I, as a viewer, have developed a crush on Hantae! The performer (Son Hyun Woo) exudes natural warmth and enthusiasm. This heartthrob brings the role to life vivaciously.

The leads share excellent chemistry. Although their characters have opposite personalities, the performers bounce off each other's energy to create a compatible couple. In addition, Sing My Crush enriches the love story with gorgeous visuals. The cinematographer has a skilled eye for scene composition and knows how to accentuate romantic fantasy through imagery. The elegant soundtrack also contributes to the dreaminess. Since music is an integral part of the plot, the series is meticulous with song selections that complement the ambiance.

The weakest aspect of Sing My Crush is the story, which doesn't feel sophisticated. Despite a few sentimental moments, all the events unfold straightforwardly without much complexity. Sangin becomes a shallow antagonist and provides the primary source of drama. Once his character arc wraps up, the narrative is out of fresh ideas. For a nearly four-hour series, it has time to develop backstories, expand on characterizations, or introduce new plots. Yet, Sing My Crush coasts mostly on romantic fluff instead of exploring more significant themes.

The best BL works can balance story and romance in perfect harmony. Regrettably, Sing My Crush focuses too much on cutesy encounters than a substantial plot. It gets outshined by the top-tier series, which are significantly more profound. Nonetheless, I adore the precious couple, their comfortable chemistry, and the juicy friends-to-lovers journey. The finale features enchanting moments that celebrate the relationship exuberantly. Overall, Sing My Crush meets my criteria for a fun and feel-good love story. This warmhearted drama leaves me singing many of its praises.


Sentimental story

Sing My Crush has a sentimental love story about mending a broken heart. However, the plot is too lightweight and lacks sophistication. It coasts on romantic fluff than exploring profound themes.

Sweet romance

I enjoy the couple's charming friends-to-lovers journey. They make a compatible couple that shares comfortable chemistry. Many cute bonding scenes highlight their easygoing rapport.

Charismatic acting

Baram's actor (Jang Do Yoon) portrays a sensitive protagonist with a soft and gentle demeanour. His costar (Son Hyun Woo) exudes dazzling charisma. He brings his role to life vivaciously.

Happy ending

Sing My Crush has a happy ending that celebrates the couple's relationship. The finale contains many lovey-dovey moments and an extended kiss. It wraps up the love story enjoyably.

Elegant artistry

The series enjoys polished production values. The gorgeous visuals accentuate the romantic fantasy of the love story. Likewise, the elegant soundtrack adds to the dreamy atmosphere.


Sing My Crush is a charming BL drama with an endearing couple on a cozy friends-to-lovers journey. The charismatic leads bring the best out of their playful banter, lighthearted flirting, and cute exchanges.

Sing My Crush Episodes

Episode Guide

Baram and Hantae stare into each other's eyes.

Sing My Crush has a total of 8 episodes. Each episode is around 25 to 30 minutes long. The last episode is around 30 minutes long. It is a medium-length BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 4 hours. Sing My Crush released on August 2, 2023.

This BL series is adapted from a Korean webtoon, Ttalabalam (따라바람), also known as Follow the Wind. The original story is created by Gum Dung (검둥).

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Episode 1 Review
Baram has a crush on Sangin.

My first impression is that the music instructor seems too touchy-feely with his student. During their one-on-one time together, Sangin keeps finding excuses to touch Baram's body. Oh, lemme feel your heartbeat, hehehe~ *places my grubby hand over your bosom* Is this a music lesson or a body check-up? Although Baram doesn't act uncomfortable, I feel apprehensive. Based on my observations, a parental guardian should be in the same room to maintain supervision.

Hantae makes an excellent first impression on me. I adore his goofy personality. He injects lots of bubbly enthusiasm into the episode, especially since many of Baram's scenes are sad. Every time Hantae appears, there's a burst of energy! My favourite moment is when he compliments himself ("I'm such a good person!") after giving away his guitar. LMAO. His self-aggrandizement is oddly endearing. From that one moment, I can already tell Hantae is a quirky character with a spunky personality. He's a much more appealing love interest than the sleazy Sangin.

I enjoy the compelling emotional drama in the first episode. Baram faces sympathetic circumstances, from a failed music audition to a rejected love confession. Just when Baram reaches his lowest point, he encounters Hantae and his infectious positivity. I love how Hantae cheers up the crying teen, turning his heartbreak into happiness. It's such a sweet way of bringing the two leads together. This first episode marks a promising starting point for their friendship. I look forward to seeing how the rest of their relationship blossoms.

Episode 2

Episode 2 Review
Baram and Hantae take a selfie together.

Wow, I have a crush on Hantae! I understand why Baram becomes smitten with his bestie. Yeah, I get the appeal. Hantae is adorable~ 😚 He's kind-hearted, has a playful sense of humour, and always wears a cheerful smile on his face. Hantae gives off strong ~dream boyfriend material~ vibes. It helps that his actor (Son Hyun Woo) is highly charismatic. I like how he portrays his character's cheeky, happy-go-lucky personality. Hantae builds from a positive first impression and increases his likability with each episode.

This episode transitions from adolescence to adulthood. However, the time skip seems rather abrupt. Maybe the series could've included a montage or another smooth way to denote the passage of time. Similarly, I don't like how the story glosses over a few milestones for the protagonists. Hantae suddenly works at a bar, while Baram is in a band with random characters. The leads have also moved in together, which is a massive step in their relationship. These plot developments come out of nowhere as if there's a gap in the narrative. The storytelling feels clunkier than the first episode.

There are several moments during Episode 2 where I can't tell if Baram & Hantae are friends or boyfriends. The leads seem so chummy with each other that I thought they became a couple after the time skip. When Hantae holds Baram's chin or rests his head on his companion's shoulder, these gestures feel intimate. Later in the episode, a drunken Hantae wraps himself around Baram and gives him a peck on the cheek. OMG, the boundaries between friendship and romance seem indistinguishable. I have to remind myself that the characters aren't dating yet.

Baram and Hantae get cozy in their selfie.

Hantae and Baram's drunken picture resembles a couple's selfie. It's the type of ~anniversary photo~ you may see while someone flaunts their blissful love life on social media. Just look at them! From their expressions to their body language, everything screams: "WE'RE DATING!!!" My favourite part is where their fingers subtly touch. OMG, that is the *chef's kiss* right there. Maybe I'm viewing the story through BL lenses, but can two platonic bros take a picture like this and not question their feelings for each other? They're a couple, your honour!

Episode 3

Episode 3 Review
Baram and Hantae talk on stage.

I'm sympathetic toward Baram, who suffers another case of unrequited love. However, he spends almost the entire series longing for a guy. First, he falls in love with Sangin. Then, he switches his focus to Hantae. Baram is in a perpetual state of unfulfilled desires, which can be frustrating to watch as a viewer. He often mopes around in a cloud of self-pity, torturing himself over his secret affection. At some point, Baram tests my patience. Stop pining for unattainable men if you can't set emotional boundaries.

This love story is intriguing because of the blurred lines between friendship and romance. The sexual tension comes from the characters navigating the ambiguous boundaries. Baram may yearn for his bestie romantically, but Hantae only sees them as buddies. He doesn't realize yet that his feelings run deeper than platonic relations. When Hantae hugs Baram, he only wants to cheer up a sad friend. He has no other hidden agenda. His affection around Baram stems from friendliness and compassion, not because he has a crush. 

OMG! Plagiarism drama! Sangin stealing Baram's song is an exciting way to bring back his character into the narrative. Initially, I was intrigued to see how he'll stir up some tension. However, the storyline seems straightforward. Many interactions between Baram and Sangin unfold as I anticipated from the start. Baram also never expands beyond a shallow, self-serving villain. Instead of creating poignant drama, the series delivers a simplified conflict that doesn't have much substance. Any enthusiasm I felt about this subplot fizzles over the next few episodes.

Episode 4

Episode 4 Review
Hantae gives Baram a piggyback.

love the cute cat and dog dolls that the leads bought! The animals remind me of the characters' personalities. Hantae has canine qualities, like an overactive golden retriever with tons of excitable energy. Likewise, Baram resembles a feline because he acts poised, graceful, and self-reliant. Cats and dogs don't always get along in real life. Similarly, Baram and Hantae have a personality clash in this episode, proving they aren't always compatible.

This episode highlights Baram and Hantae's personality differences. Baram is reserved, so he keeps secrets and doesn't speak his mind. In contrast, Hantae is an open book. He's forthright and transparent with his feelings. When Hantae is happy, he can't hide his excitable enthusiasm. Or when Hantae is upset, he throws a tantrum and gives you a piece of his mind. They also approach the Sangin problem differently. Baram wants to bury the issue, whereas Hantae confronts it recklessly. The story presents two distinct protagonists with unique personalities.

Sangin is vile for weaponizing Baram's sexuality and threatening to out him. You wouldn't see this storyline in a straight love story. The nasty dose of bigotry is only reserved for BL dramas. 😫 Sing My Crush suggests that having a same-sex attraction is a negative quality that can be used against you. Realistically, having a gay romantic history would concern a young musician trying to make it in the Korean entertainment industry. The topic is worth examining. However, the series doesn't dig deeply, missing an opportunity to explore grittier themes.

Episode 5

Episode 5 Review
Hantae cries after the love confession.

I'm kinda over the Sangin saga. Can we wrap up this annoying conflict and move on to something else? I don't want to watch a love story where half the series is about a damn stolen song. The characters seem stuck in a rut. Baram keeps being weepy and feeling sorry for himself. Likewise, Sangin acts increasingly desperate and resorts to horrendous threats. Meanwhile, Hantae runs around without a clue. The plot is going in circles instead of entertaining me. Let's stop dragging out the drama.

Baram finally confesses his love to Hantae. Yet, it ends terribly for him once again. Although Hantae doesn't explicitly reject him, the tepid response is disheartening. I feel bad for Baram. The poor guy faces constant heartbreak whenever he expresses his feelings. After the confession, Hantae sits down and ponders what happened. A montage sequence plays, showing flashbacks where Hantae gave signals that Baram misconstrued. Tears fill Hantae's eyes. I appreciate this quiet moment of introspection for his character. The scene highlights his remorse without the need for words.

The boxing scene is a good turning point for the ongoing drama. This storyline is getting heavy and dreary. I'm relieved there's finally a shake-up to revitalize the narrative. Instead of feeling defeated, Hantae encourages his friend to fight back. Don't be the victim anymore! Stand up and retaliate! Yet, the encounter doesn't just emphasize aggression. There's also a tender moment when Baram asks, "Why is it so tiring to like someone? What did I do wrong?" Hantae responds with a reassuring embrace. I like this sentimental interaction between them.

Episode 6

Episode 6 Review
Hantae encourages Baram before his busking performance.

Sangin receives his comeuppance. Get lost, loser! I'm glad the drama is over. His story arc is okay, but it drags on for four episodes. Also, I'm relieved Sangin won't retaliate against Baram, proving his threats are empty. Maybe Sangin finds his conscience and realizes he wronged Baram. Or perhaps he recognizes his career is dead, so there's no point in dragging out the public feud. Either way, Baram can close this chapter of his life and move on from his first love.

Baram's busking performance marks the first time he completes "Letter of Apology". Baram used to struggle to finish this song, which he associated with heartbreak and remorse. He felt apologetic for falling in love with an unattainable guy in a one-sided crush. However, Hantae empowers his friend, giving him the courage to transform his perspective. The music, which caused Baram pain, also has the power to heal him. With Hantae's help, Baram can embrace his emotions and no longer feels ashamed of his romantic past. He can sing about his crush proudly without reservations or regrets.

Fangirls, no!!! I gasped when the mob of Sangin fans threw eggs at Baram. Oh my god, they're so dramatic! Egging a celebrity is something I'd never imagine doing, so I find their actions completely bewildering. I may understand if just one unhinged superfan attacks Baram out of delusion. However, a group of toxic fans forms an organized squad for the sake of harassing him. How bizarre!? Let's see what's on my schedule today. Meet up with other fan club members, orchestrate a violent ambush, and then go home to make dinner with the leftover eggs.

Hantae blows warmth on Baram's hands.

The other moment that makes me gasp is when Hantae grabs Baram's hands to blow his breath on them. OMG. That gesture seems intimate, exceeding the boundaries of what you'd do with your platonic bro. Shockingly, Hantae doesn't recognize the romantic undertones. Taking care of Baram comes as a natural response for him. Yet, Baram feels self-conscious about the affection, especially after the failed love confession. He pulls away, suggesting these two friends can't be as close as before. There's tension between them.

Hantae must come to terms with his feelings for Baram. Sangin calls him out during their exchange: "Who do you think you are? Why do you keep meddling in Baram's life?" Hantae should've answered that he is the best friend. Yet, he pauses and seems uncertain about how to define their ambiguous relationship. Unlike previously, Hantae feels confused about the blurred lines between friendship and romance. He is going through the questioning phase. Later, Youngmi also calls him out on having a crush. Hantae begins to understand the nature of his feelings.

The last scene is interesting. Hantae grabs Baram's hands again, mirroring the interaction earlier. "I want to be like you and think more," he says fondly. Then, Hantae places his head on Baram's hand. Their body language looks intimate. The "thinking" mentioned by Hantae describes him sorting out his feelings. Slowly but surely, he gains clarity about what Baram means to him. Hantae still felt confused when he grabbed Baram's hands in the tunnel earlier. Now, he seems more assured in the closing scene. Hantae holds onto Baram and won't let go of him anymore.

Episode 7

Episode 7 Review
Baram and Hantae have their first kiss.

Hantae uses these words to describe Baram: sexy, pure, cold, and cute. But he quickly corrects himself and says, "Well, I'm not sure about sexy…" Why did he retract sexy from his description!? LOL. I love this hilariously backhanded compliment. Use four positive adjectives to describe someone, but then you immediately take one back. Sorry, you only fit three out of the four criteria! 😅

The tables have turned. Hantae is now the one with the secret crush, pining after his best friend. He experiences the nervousness that Baram felt in the past. However, this storyline also seems unnecessary. Hantae already knows that Baran likes him. He should have the reassurance to express his feelings openly. Yet, Hantae behaves neurotically with his self-inflicted agony. The relationship drama is annoying, except for the scene where he panics and chucks the boxers at Baram's face. Hehe, that's a cute piece of comedy.

I love the ambiance of Baram and Hantae's first kiss. The lakeside location looks picturesque. This series has a knack for choosing gorgeous filming locations that dazzle on screen. In addition, I like the colour combination in their wardrobe. Baram wears a rosy pink top, a soft and delicate colour that evokes love. Hantae complements the outfit with his purple hoodie, conveying passion and intimacy. As the characters touch lips, their gentle movements have a captivating gracefulness. This first kiss feels serene, capturing the aura of a beautiful romantic fantasy.

Hantae rests his head on Baram's shoulder.

adore Baram and Hantae's flirtiness after they start dating. My favourite moment is when Hantae brings out two pairs of matching gloves for them to wear. Baram looks so happy that he can barely hide his enamoured smile. Ahhh, they're so cute together! 😚 The relationship scenes are also enjoyable because they showcase Hantae's playful charm. His character is the most endearing whenever he behaves cheekily and vivaciously. These romantic encounters allow the actor to flex his charisma.

As much as I enjoy the couple's romantic fluff, the plot takes a backseat around this point. In most series, the penultimate episode is supposed to be a critical point. It builds toward a climax and sets the stage for an exciting resolution. In Sing My Crush, all the drama already seems settled by Episode 7. There isn't any tension left before the finale. The series shifts gears and focuses on lovey-dovey moments instead of significantly expanding the narrative. The story seems limited in scope when it should have fleshed out the characterizations or various arcs better.

Episode 7
Episode 8

Episode 8

Ending Review
Baram and Hantae kiss in the Sing My Crush ending.

Wow! This romantic finale is impossible to resist for any BL lover. The series packs many sweet lovey-dovey moments in thirty minutes, highlighting the couple's adorable and affectionate relationship. From a lighthearted movie date to cheeky banter on the couch, Sing My Crush sweeps us away on an enchanting journey. The protagonists seem so smitten with each other. They convey a sense of fresh, invigorating love. The BL content is highly persuasive, making me enjoy Baram and Hantae together even more.

My favourite moment in the finale is when Hantae plays the guitar for Baram by the campfire. In most BL dramas, the protagonist appears suave as he serenades his love interest with a dreamy song. In contrast, Hantae performs a botched rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Despite his clumsiness, he comes across as so endearing in this scene. Although Hantae isn't good at the guitar, he tries his best to impress his boyfriend. He knows music is a meaningful language to Baram and wants to connect with him. His sincerity, with a touch of goofiness, makes Hantae such a lovable character. 

Can we talk about the kiss? Oh my! Firstly, this moment comes at an excellent point in the story. Baram has composed a new piece of music ("Second Wind") with his boyfriend in mind. He doesn't play that sad love song from before. Baram moves on to more hopeful lyrics, signalling a new beginning. Secondly, the kiss is full of passion. Their cute flirting scenes earlier are like foreplay that tease the couple's attraction. The sexual tension unleashes powerfully with an affectionate kiss, like a convincing showcase of their emotional intimacy and physical desires.

Baram and Hantae take a selfie as a couple in the Sing My Crush happy ending.

I like how the finale wraps up the character arcs for both leads. Baram's accident is a clever callback to the premiere. Once again, he experiences adversity before a music performance. Hantae gave away his guitar in the first episode, but Baram didn't appreciate him back then. Since then, his fondness for Hantae has grown over the series. When Hantae retrieves the guitar in this episode, Baram recognizes his companion's sincerity. Haram's love gives Baram the comfort to perform on stage confidently.

Baram has grown significantly throughout Sing My Crush. He began as a shy protagonist who felt insecure. Baram often internalized his feelings and faced heartbreak whenever he expressed his affection. Thankfully, Hantae gives him the courage to open up about himself. Baram learns from his boyfriend and lives without inhibition. Loving someone shouldn't be a shameful secret. His heartfelt emotions are valid and worthy of recognition. Now, Baram can stand confidently on stage and sing about his crush. At last, Baram can be honest about voicing his love.

Hantae has also picked up Baram's best qualities. Hantae started the series as a carefree youth without aspirations. His mom chastised him for chasing his whims than sticking to a passion. Baram's musical gift inspires Hantae, giving his life a newfound purpose. By helping Baram achieve his dreams, Hantae forges his own path. His hard work lands him a suitable job in the music industry. Hantae learns to be focused, responsible, and ambitious without losing his signature spontaneity. With Baram by his side, Haram now pursues the future in a clear direction.

Sing My Crush Videos


Behind the Scenes #1

Episodes 1 & 2

This video contains the behind-the-scenes footage for Sing My Crush Episodes 1 and 2.

Behind the Scenes #2

Episodes 3 & 4

This video contains the behind-the-scenes footage for Sing My Crush Episodes 3 and 4.

Behind the Scenes #3

Episodes 5 & 6

This video contains the behind-the-scenes footage for Sing My Crush Episodes 5 and 6.

Behind the Scenes #4

Episodes 7 & 8

This video contains the behind-the-scenes footage for Sing My Crush Episodes 7 and 8.

Sing My Crush Information


NEW, also known as Next Entertainment World, is a Korean studio. It has worked on various BL dramas, including Blueming (2022), The Director Who Buys Me Dinner (2022), and Love Tractor (2023).

NEW, also known as Next Entertainment World, is a Korean studio. It has worked on various BL dramas, including Blueming (2022), The Director Who Buys Me Dinner (2022), Love Tractor (2023), and Sing My Crush (2023).

Myung Films

Myung Films (명필름) is a Korean studio. It co-produced the 2023 BL drama, Love Tractor, with the NEW studio.

Myung Films (명필름) is a Korean studio. It co-produced the 2023 BL drama, Love Tractor, with the NEW studio. Myung Films has also worked on various non-BL movies and dramas.


Sing My Crush is based on the Korean webtoon Follow the Wind.

Gum Dung (검둥) is the original creator of the webtoon, Follow the Wind (따라바람). Its drama is adapted into the 2023 BL series Sing My Crush. The illustrations in each episode's opening credits are drawn by the creator.


So Joon Moon (소준문) is a Korean director. He has worked on various LGBTQ+ films, including Auld Lang Syne (2007), REC (2011), I'm Horny Now! (2014), Late Bloomer (2016), Don't Worry (2017), and Kiss Kiss (2019). In addition, he is the director of several BL dramas, including You Make Me Dance (2021), My Sweet Dear (2021), Love Mate (2023), and Sing My Crush (2023).

  1. OMG Sangin, despite an innocent-looking face, is such a loathsome human! It turns out that plagiarism of a love song from his student is not even his worst behavior. Worse than that was the blackmail and bullying tactics he used to try to prevent Baram from claiming authorship of the song. Just wow. But there had to be some tension and I'm so glad that it wasn't between Baram and Hantae once they hit it off. The series was short and sweet, I loved it, although it will be a while before I need to hear "letter of apology" again. I think he sang it every episode.

  2. BRUH SAME! I LOWKEY thought they were ALREADY dating when I watch episode 2 too LMAO bc PLSSS no straight friends are THAT touchy lol

  3. I totally agree, all the faults, shortcomings, and illogical script (band members unaware of the long-term romance, right under their noses for months??) EPISODE 8 was such a redeeming episode!!!

    OH MY GOD, what chemistry, what spirited and passionate kissing!!! SO PERFECT!!!

    If only the lead actors in INDIVIDUAL CIRCUMSTANCES could have kissed like that, (IE not just touch lips and freeze) showing such affection in various ways of touching and hugging, THAT BL drama would have been twice a good!

    Oh Yeah! I LOVED the "Lights Out"!! scene, when camping out… viewer's imagination had to do the heavy lifting, but accompanied with the JOY knowing that the two lads finally got to be physically intimate, at long last! WELL DESERVED, imho.

    Lastly, Baram, played by Jang Do Yoon, is simply adorable (when he's showing some character strength and assertiveness!)

  4. I know that in Korean culture affection between males is pretty common. With the teacher it was pretty obvious that he’s just touchy feely type of person. But with Hantae and Baram it just felt like it was blurring the lines between friendship and something more. So I’m not sure how to gauge the type of affection between Hantae and Baram. So for episode 2 I was kinda shocked to know that they were still friends at that point because the way Hantae was going at Baram felt more like romantic partner than friend. With the contract of being with Baram for life, and the hugs and kisses. I do think that Hantae did fall for Baram first without him realizing what he was feeling. His slight stares when Baram puts the bandaid on Hantaes, calling him pretty to guitar teacher, the contract which is quite literally a love contract, he puts in sickness and in health I will stay with Baram for life.

    One thing I do wish we got like the author of the post said was more time fleshing out the characters and connecting high school them to adult Hantae and Baram. And also I would love more of the friends, they were super cute and funny, it would’ve been nice to see the reaction to their band mate and manager getting together.

    Also idk if it’s just me, but what is the teachers age supposed to be?? Because he’s old enough to be a teacher but young enough to be an Idol?? It would’ve made more sense if he was a CEO at his company he made and stole the song that way. then he could’ve tried to blacklist Baram from the industry or force him join his company. That way the stakes could’ve been bigger, just a thought.

    But honestly this was one of my favorite BLs of the year, the chemistry and love that these two actors portrayed was so believable and it just made me enjoy watching them everytime!

  5. this is definitely one of the best releases this year!! it's one of those bl's you can recommend to anyone who likes bl's and especially romance


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