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The Heartbeat is a Macanese BL series about two content creators filming a web drama.

The Heartbeat is a Macanese BL series about two actors in a web drama. The main characters are content creators for a digital media production company. Their boss, who wants to capitalize on the latest trends, casts them as a couple in a new mini-series. The protagonists reluctantly take on the roles, despite their reservations about portraying a romantic relationship on screen. As filming begins, they must navigate their feelings for each other.

Made in Macau, The Heartbeat is a sweet and simple love story that follows a predictable formula. Although you can foresee every plot point, the series produces several cute BL moments with an enchanting vibe. I also appreciate the sincerity of the production team. However, I'm bothered by some of the cliches, stereotypes, and outdated tropes. In addition, the romance is too tame and doesn't generate much excitement.

The Heartbeat Summary



Series Info:

Macau (2021)


40 minutes

Total Episodes:

5 episodes




The Heartbeat is a cute & sweet BL drama.


Jason and Conil chat at night.

Jason and Conil are content creators at a digital media production company. Following the recent success of Ossan's Love: Hong Kong, their boss and colleagues want to capitalize on the popularity of BL. They plan on making a web drama with Jason and Conil as a fictional couple. The two guys oppose the idea. However, their boss insists the project will be successful. Their female coworkers are also enormous BL fans and seem excited to work on this series.

Despite their reluctance, Jason and Conil begin working on the BL drama. Since neither has experience with acting, they struggle to be comfortable on camera. The director is upset about their awkwardness with each other. After many failed takes, they barely progress in shooting a single scene. Sensing the frustration, Jason and Conil decide to take the project more seriously. They give advice and encouragement to relax on camera. Finally, the series is starting to take shape. As Jason and Conil continue filming, they also bond and become closer.

The Heartbeat Cast



Jason Loi (雷濠權)

Jason is portrayed by the Macanese actor Jason Loi (雷濠權).

Jason is a content creator at a digital media production company. His boss wants him to star in a BL drama with his colleague Conil. Jason agrees to participate in the project, even though he has reservations about the role.

Jason Loi

Jason Loi (雷濠權) is a Macanese actor and a member of Bacalhau.

Jason Loi (雷濠權) is a Macanese actor and a member of Bacalhau. He is born on February 2nd, 2000. His first BL project is the 2021 series, The Heartbeat.


Conil Lei (李泓濬)

Conil is portrayed by the Macanese actor Conil Lei (李泓濬).

Conil is a content maker at a media production company. His boss wants him to star in a BL web series with his colleague Jason. Despite his reservations about the role, Conil agrees to participate in the project.

Conil Lei

Conil Lei (李泓濬) is a Macanese actor and a member of Bacalhau.

Conil Lei (李泓濬) is a Macanese actor and a member of Bacalhau. His first BL project is the 2021 drama, The Heartbeat.

Supporting Cast

The boss wants Jason and Conil to film a BL drama.


The director films a BL drama with Jason and Conil.


Conil becomes jealous of Jason's connection with Christy.


Cast Highlights

  • Jason, Conil, and the rest of the cast are all members of the Macanese YouTube channel Bacalhau.
  • In the first episode, The Heartbeat references the characters from the 2021 Hong Kong BL drama Ossan's Love Hong Kong.

The Heartbeat Review


Drama Review Score: 6.5

Jason and Conil become more than friends.

The Heartbeat is a simple love story with a familiar premise. The two main characters develop feelings for each other while filming a romantic drama. You will recognize many predictable tropes in the formulaic plot, from common misunderstandings to petty rivalries. The series abides by standard conventions and offers nothing particularly new or innovative. The Heartbeat doesn't have a unique selling point to make it stand out in the BL genre.

Despite its lack of creativity, The Heartbeat delivers a couple of cute BL moments. I enjoy seeing the leads improve their relationship, going from mismatched acquaintances to genuine companions. Episode 3 showcases their bond sweetly, especially the part where the protagonist protects his love interest from traffic. The imagery of Conil wrapping his arm around Jason's body is persuasive. As the couple becomes closer, I feel my heartbeat jumping faster. This BL series can be enchanting, capturing the essence of a growing attraction.

The Heartbeat only highlights the early stages of a relationship. Compared to lengthier BL dramas, it doesn't deliver a complex or fully developed love story. Also, the romance feels too tame. The couple's mild-mannered interactions only make a faint impact instead of a lasting impression. This series would benefit from emphasizing more physical and emotional intimacy. While there is a so-called kissing scene, the circumstances are unappealing. I doubt any BL fan would be satisfied with the first kiss, which involves the characters being peer-pressured into the encounter.

When the story began, the leads were reluctant to portray a gay couple. I assumed their journey would involve them overcoming these homophobic views. Instead, the series continues reiterating their uneasiness. After the first kiss, Jason makes a vomiting noise to express his displeasure. Likewise, Conil pictures his male costar in drag while filming a romantic scene. These dubious interactions and uncomfortable remarks trouble me. I want to watch a progressive BL drama instead of one that perpetuates offensive cliches or outdated stereotypes.

Aided by their background as YouTubers, both performers appear confident on screen. Their casual line delivery and relaxed body language seem easygoing. However, they still display some inexperience in their portrayals, unable to shake off their amateurishness. The actor playing Jason (Jason Loi) is a cutie who looks sharp on camera. However, he behaves too deliberately and doesn't feel fully immersed in the role. His costar (Conil Lei) seems slightly more natural, but he also has room for improvement. As far as acting goes, their performances are just average for me.

The Heartbeat has a happy ending in the beautifully filmed finale. I'm glad the couple reaffirms their feelings, although I wish they shared more fireworks in the final scene. Nonetheless, this series is a decent first attempt at a BL drama. It earns points for the production team's sincerity. You can observe the care and effort poured into polishing this project, from the opening song to the cinematography. Also, I appreciate seeing a rare gay love story from Macau, which needs more LGBT representation. Overall, The Heartbeat deserves kudos and encouragement.


Predictable story

The Heartbeat is a simple love story that follows a predictable narrative. You will recognize many familiar tropes and conventional plots. Although the series is sweet, it doesn't offer anything new.

Tame romance

While there are enticing BL moments, the romance is tame. It focuses on the early stages of the relationship instead of a complex love story. Also, the kissing scene occurs under iffy circumstances.

Average acting

Both performers (Jason and Conil) seem easygoing on camera. They deliver casual line delivery and relaxed body language. However, their amateurishness is noticeable in some scenes.

Happy ending

The Heartbeat has a happy ending. I'm glad to see Jason and Conil reaffirm their feelings for each other. Although there is enough closure, I wish the couple had more fireworks in the final scene.

Sincere artistry

The production efforts are sincere. I appreciate the love and care put into polishing various aspects of the drama, like the opening song. The last episode is beautifully filmed and displays gorgeous visuals.


The Heartbeat is a simple love story with several charming BL moments. Yet, the plot is predictable and relies heavily on familiar cliches. The mild-mannered romance doesn't make a lasting impact.

The Heartbeat Episodes

Episode Guide

Jason and Conil stare at each other.

The Heartbeat has a total of 5 episodes. Each episode is around 5 to 10 minutes long. The last episode is around 11 minutes long. It is a short BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 40 minutes. The Heartbeat started on October 18, 2021 and ended on October 22, 2021.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5

The Heartbeat Information


Bacalhau Entretenimento Produção Limitada (歡樂馬介休) is a Macanese media production company. It is well-known for running a popular YouTube channel based in Macau.

Bacalhau Entertainment Production Limited (歡樂馬介休) is a Macanese media production company. It is well-known for running a popular YouTube channel based in Macau. In 2021, the studio produced The Heartbeat, its first BL project.

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