Ossan's Love Hong Kong – Series Review & Ending Explained

Ossan's Love Hong Kong is a BL romantic comedy, featuring a love triangle between Tin, Muk, and KK.

Ossan's Love Hong Kong is a remake of the popular Japanese BL series. This workplace comedy features an unexpected love triangle between a young real estate agent, his coworker, and their boss. The main character is shocked to discover his manager has a secret crush on him. Later, he is confronted by another colleague's romantic confession. The protagonist feels overwhelmed and doesn't know how to navigate the office dynamics.

The exciting Ossan's Love remake is Hong Kong's first-ever televised BL drama. It follows a similar plot as the original drama, but there are new storylines and more emphasis on the supporting cast. Also, the series retains the same zany humour while adding its unique flavour. From the charming cast to the polished production, this strong adaptation boasts many positive qualities. It appeals to the fans looking for a hilarious BL comedy.

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Ossan's Love Hong Kong Summary



Series Info:

Hong Kong (2021)


11 hours

Total Episodes:

5 episodes


Office comedy


Ossan's Love: Hong Kong is a happy & funny BL drama.


KK falls in love with his younger employee Tin.

Tin is a friendly real estate agent with a happy-go-lucky personality. He loves to help other people, going beyond his responsibilities to ensure his clients are always comfortable in their units. However, his personalized approach doesn't generate much property sales, so he's one of the least successful salespeople at his company.

A new employee named Muk joins the real estate company. Being his usual friendly self, Tin helps his coworker to get acquainted with the workplace. When Tin learns that Muk is looking for a new apartment, he suggests they become roommates. Tin lives alone in his apartment, but he's pretty messy and hates doing domestic chores. After Muk agrees to move in, he takes care of all the cooking, washing, and cleaning up.

Tin gets along with his boss KK, a mature business professional who conducts himself in a seemingly calm and poised manner. KK is married to his beautiful wife, Francesca, and they recently celebrated their 20th anniversary together. Unbeknownst to his spouse, however, KK has developed a secret crush on Tin. He is smitten with his younger employee and has been taking photos of Tin doing adorable things around the workplace.

At work, Tin uses KK's phone to take a team picture. He accidentally discovers there's a hidden photo collection of him. This revelation baffles Tin, who feels confused and disturbed by his boss. Although KK hadn't planned to admit his feelings, he noticed that Tin grew increasingly suspicious around him. Soon afterwards, KK gathers the courage and confesses his love for Tin. To Tin's utter shock, KK reveals that he will divorce his wife and hopes his employee can accept his feelings.

Meanwhile, Muk has also developed feelings for Tin, won over by his coworker's perpetual kindness and boyish enthusiasm. He also confesses his love for Tin, surprising him with an impulsive kiss in the shower. Tin, who has never been in a relationship before, suddenly finds himself in an unexpected predicament, pursued by two male suitors simultaneously.

Ossan's Love Hong Kong Trailer

Ossan's Love Hong Kong Characters


Tin (田一雄)

Tin is played by the Hong Kong actor Edan Lui (呂爵安).

Tin is a real estate agent with a bubbly and goofy personality. Although he loves helping others, he is terrible at caring for himself. He can't cook, he doesn't clean, and he hates doing chores. At the start of the series, Tin lives by himself. His parents immigrated away from Hong Kong, and his older sister moved out after getting married.

Tin's performance at work isn't the best, partially because he spends too much time helping clients instead of chasing after sales. Sometimes, his coworkers exploit Tin's generosity, offloading all the undesirable work onto him.

Edan Lui (呂爵安)
Tin is an adorable real estate agent played by Hong Kong boy band member Edan Lui.

Edan Lui, the lead actor in Ossan's Love Hong Kong, is a member of the Hong Kong boy band MIRROR. His costars, Anson and Stanley, are also part of the same band. Back in 2018, the three of them competed in a music talent show called "King Maker", where Edan came in 8th place.

The band MIRROR is very popular in Hong Kong, taking the Cantonese music world by storm. Edan's first song E先生連環不幸事件 accumulated millions of views on YouTube within days after launching the music video. In addition, Edan is a talented musician, and he's quite skilled on the piano.

Besides his music career, Edan has also participated in a variety of TV dramas and variety shows, where he's known for his clever wit. A running gag is that Edan has terrible luck and always loses in every competition.

Muk (凌少牧)

Muk is played by the Hong Kong actor Muk Anson Lo (盧瀚霆).

Muk is a real estate agent who recently joined Tin's company as a new employee. Tin quickly befriends him, and they soon become roommates. A domestic king, Muk does all the cooking, cleaning up, and household chores around the apartment.

Muk was one of the top real estate salespeople at his old company. However, he remains modest about his achievements, without any ego whatsoever. With a sweet and empathetic personality, Muk looks after Tin and helps whenever he struggles at work.

Anson Lo (盧瀚霆)
Muk is Tin's friend, coworker, and roommate, played by the Hong Kong boy band member Anson Lo.

Anson Lo is a member of the Hong Kong boy band MIRROR, along with his costars Edan and Stanley. The MIRROR band consists of twelve members in total, all of whom were participants in the talent show "King Maker". Coincidentally, MIRROR has another member named Anson, so there are two guys with the same name in the same band.

Anson has debuted as a solo artist, releasing a number of fast-tempo pop songs. He is an extremely talented dancer, as witnessed by his music videos. In fact, Anson used to be a dance instructor before he became a celebrity.

Before they filmed Ossan's Love Hong Kong, Anson and Edan were already good friends with each other. In interviews, both have stated that their friendship made the kissing and intimacy scenes easier to perform, since they know each other so well.

KK (翟國強)

KK is played by the Hong Kong actor Kenny Wong (黃德斌).

KK is Tin's significantly older boss at the real estate company. With a mature appearance and a confident personality, you'll never guess he has developed a secret infatuation with his employee Tin. He likes taking photos of Tin, capturing his most adorable moments around the workplace. Eventually, KK's romantic feelings for Tin became so strong that he divorced his wife, even though they had been married for 20 years.

KK is a romantic at heart. When he was married to his wife, KK would dote on her with gifts, compliments, and date nights. KK is just as sweet and passionate around Tin, although his gestures are not as well-received.

Kenny Wong (黃德斌)
KK is a complete departure from the usual roles that Kenny Wong plays.

Kenny Wong is an experienced Hong Kong actor with a career that spans across nearly four decades. Currently in his late fifties, Kenny has kept up a very fit physique despite his age. Due to his macho appearance, Kenny has been typecast into playing very stoic and masculine characters, especially in period dramas. His role in Ossan's Love Hong Kong is a complete departure and unlike anything he portrayed before. I'm not exaggerating when I say that KK's character is a revolutionary breakthrough for his acting career.

Kenny and co-star Rachel Kan are known for starring in numerous Hong Kong dramas together, often paired as a romantic couple. Ossan's Love Hong Kong is their fourth time together as an on-screen couple. In interviews, Rachel stated that she signed onto this BL series because of Kenny, out of curiosity about his performance.

By the way, that moustache is fake and glued onto his face for the sake of filming this drama. Just in case you were wondering! 😆

Supporting Characters

Francesca is played by the Hong Kong actress Rachel Kan (簡慕華).


Rachel Kan (簡慕華)

Louis is played by the Hong Kong actor Stanley Yau (邱士縉).


Stanley Yau (邱士縉)

Tze Chin is played by the Hong Kong actress Asha Cuthbert (徐㴓喬).

Tze Chin

Asha Cuthbert (徐㴓喬)

Darren is played by the Hong Kong actor Colin Chan (周政文).


Colin Chan (陳子豐)

Carmen is played by the Hong Kong actress Florica Lin (練美娟).


Florica Lin (練美娟)

Ping is played by the Hong Kong actor Yeung Wai Lun (楊偉倫).


Yeung Wai Lun (楊偉倫)

Yeung Wai Lun (楊偉倫)


Lulu Kai (蓋世寶).

Tin's sister is played by the actress Crystal Cheung (張紋嘉).

Tin's sister

Crystal Cheung (張紋嘉)

Kelvin is played by the Hong Kong actor Marco Ip (葉振弘).


Marco Ip (葉振弘)

Cast highlights

  • For KK's actor (Kenny Wong), Ossan's Love Hong Kong is the second time he played a gay character on TV. He previously portrayed a gay role in the 2008 drama The Gem of Life.
  • In addition, Darren's actor (Colin Chan) played a gay character in the 2020 drama Single Papa.
  • It may also interest you to know that Tin, Muk & Louis' actors (Edan Lui, Anson Lo, Stanley Yau) are all part of the popular Hong Kong boy band MIRROR. This drama's catchy theme song is sung by Edan and Anson.

Ossan's Love Hong Kong OST

Ossan's Love Hong Kong Review


Drama Review Score: 9.4

Tin pretends to be cute in front of KK.

The original Ossan's Love is a beloved Japanese BL drama, resonating with audiences across the country and the rest of the world. The 2021 Hong Kong remake is equally charming, matching its predecessor's energetic humour and upbeat tone. This workplace comedy is supported by a dynamic cast, polished production values, and boundless amounts of charisma. I enjoyed Ossan's Love Hong Kong massively and had so much fun watching this BL series from start to finish.

Before writing the rest of this review, I must confess that Hong Kong is a city very close to my heart. Growing up, I never imagined the day that Hong Kong would air a primetime television show about a gay couple. For many years, the portrayal of LGBTQ+ characters has been negative, stereotypical, and nonexistent. Faced against decades of normalized homophobia, this refreshing gay drama is an amazingly progressive breakthrough. As the city's first-ever televised BL series, the cultural significance of Ossan's Love Hong Kong is momentous.

For those new to the franchise, Ossan's Love is well-known for its wacky, over-the-top humour. The Hong Kong version is packed with hilarious moments that will make you giggle. The bulk of the comedy is carried by the young actor playing Tin (Edan Lui), whose enthusiasm is adorable and infectious. There's also a lively supporting cast with distinct and colourful personalities. However, the real scene stealer is easily KK's actor (Kenny Wong) and his impeccable comedic timing. He is brilliant in his role and can coax a laugh from you through a single wily expression.

Those familiar with the original series will be glad to know Ossan's Love Hong Kong is faithful to its Japanese counterpart. The main plot is similar, except the Hong Kong remake expands upon some storylines and elaborates on characterizations. These additional scenes help enrich the viewer's immersion. Even if you already know what happens in the original, there's still a unique flavour to the Hong Kong series. The remake interprets the same events in a culturally different way. The adaptation also benefits from a lengthier narrative, allowing more depth.

My biggest complaint about Ossan's Love Hong Kong is the pacing of the BL relationship. It starts out feeling too rushed, but then goes dormant during the middle, before fluctuating up and down in an emotional rollercoaster near the end. Considering there are fifteen episodes to craft the love story, the romance should flow more smoothly. Nonetheless, the main actors share great chemistry and delightful interactions. Compared to the original drama, I feel more engaged by Tin and Muk's love story. They are fun coworkers, cozy roommates, and a cute couple.

Comparisons are bound to happen between the two versions, but I believe Ossan's Love Japan and Ossan's Love Hong Kong are both excellent BL dramas. However, the remake has a cultural context that makes the series extra meaningful for me. From the first moment I heard the catchy opening theme song, I already had a gut feeling that I'd love this remake. Your viewing experience may differ from mine, but I stand by my positive review of Ossan's Love Hong Kong. This impressive workplace comedy will provide you with lots of lighthearted fun and laughter.


Funny story

Tin and Muk are coworkers, roommates, friends, and lovers.

In this review, I want to address two types of audiences: those who watched the original Ossan's Love and those who haven't. You might have a very different experience with the Hong Kong remake based on how familiar you are with the source material.

For any newcomers, Ossan's Love Hong Kong is a hilarious workplace comedy. The story is about an unexpected love triangle at a real estate company, where a straight employee discovers that his male boss and his male coworker are in love with him simultaneously. It's a pretty ridiculous premise, but that's where a lot of the hilarity comes from. You laugh because of how the main character reacts to these increasingly wacky scenarios in his life.

The over-the-top humour is carried over from the Japanese version. If anything, the Hong Kong remake might've toned down the zaniness a little, because the original series is packed with exaggerated expressions and outlandish reactions. Personally, I find this brand of comedy quite funny, but I know it won't appeal to everyone. The humour is a huge part of what makes Ossan's Love Hong Kong so successful. If you don't find the jokes funny, then you probably won't enjoy this series as much.

Faithful remake

Ossan's Love Hong Kong is a faithful remake to the original Japanese series.

For those who have watched the original series, you'll recognize that Ossan's Love Hong Kong is quite the faithful remake. The Hong Kong version follows the same plot and reenacts all the classic scenes from its Japanese counterpart. In fact, one of the licensing agreements from the Ossan's Love creators is that the remake can't change the original story too much. As such, Ossan's Love HK can only expand upon certain storylines instead of altering them entirely.

Understandably, some people may not like the idea of watching the same story twice. However, the Hong Kong version has a pretty different vibe than the original Ossan's Love. There were cultural differences between Japan and Hong Kong, which led to changes in the remake. Not only do the characters speak a different language, but they have different workplace traditions, different jokes, and different ways of life.

Largely, the changes come down to the Hong Kong cast bringing a very different energy to their roles. The actors in the Hong Kong series are quite dynamic, and they interpret their characters differently than the original series. Even though the storylines might be similar, the scenes aren't always reenacted in the same way. The Hong Kong version of Ossan's Love isn't exactly the same as the original, making it quite refreshing to watch even if you know the story.

Japan vs HK version

KK peels an apple when spending time with Tin.

When you're too closely attached to the original series, it's difficult to review the remake on its own merits. That's why I actually avoided rewatching the original Ossan's Love to limit its influence on my perceptions. After each episode aired, I'd then go back to the Japanese version and watched the same events up until a certain point. That way, I can still compare between the two versions without being swayed by the original.

After observing both series carefully, my conclusion is that these are both great BL dramas. I know my review score for Ossan's Love Hong Kong is higher than Ossan's Love Japan, but that doesn't mean I think the remake surpasses the original. Although I do like the HK version better for personal reasons, the original is an excellent series that built the framework for the remake. As you watch Ossan's Love Hong Kong, you'll see that it studies the original drama closely and treats the source material with lots of respect.

In my opinion, Ossan's Love Hong Kong isn't better or worse than the original series. Both dramas are equally strong in their own rights. My recommendation is that you should watch the Japanese original and the Hong Kong remake, because they are both excellent BL series.


Tin and KK spend an intimate moment together in the bathtub.

Here's my rundown of what I think each version of Ossan's Love does better.

Humour: The Japanese version of Ossan's Love was extremely funny. To my pleasant surprise, I think the Hong Kong remake is on par at the same level of hilariousness, which is not an easy feat. Ossan's Love Hong Kong does an excellent job capturing the silly, zany humour without losing any charm through the translation process.

Energy: The original Ossan's Love maintains a consistently high level of energy throughout the series. The Hong Kong remake is right up there in keeping with the energetic tempo and upbeat tone.

Pacing: The Hong Kong version of Ossan's Love is twice as long as the Japanese series. In theory, that should make the story flow better in Ossan's Love HK. Unfortunately, the remake suffers from some pacing issues. Since the original is shorter, the story moves along at a rapid pace. With the Hong Kong version being lengthier, some of the weaker storylines drag out for too long. After a strong start, the plot cools down in the middle before picking up again near the end.

Production values: The production values in Ossan's Love Hong Kong are terrific. The production quality is not just better than the original, but it's also better than the average BL drama in this genre. You'll definitely notice a level of professional polish to the Hong Kong remake, giving this drama a very slick and contemporary feel.


Decent romance

Tin feeds Muk food during their date together.

The BL romance in Ossan's Love Hong Kong might be the weakest part of this series. I know that isn't a very reassuring thing to say in a review, but it's the truth. The romance between Tin and Muk lacks in some places, especially when it comes to pacing. For a series with over ten hours of content, this relationship doesn't develop as coherently as it could have.

Muk falls in love with Tin quickly at the beginning, but then their relationship stalls around the middle. When they become a couple, the moment feels very abrupt because there hasn't been enough buildup. The past few episodes focused on Tin and Tze Chin so much that the Tin and Muk pairing almost feels neglected. Then, they break up soon afterwards, just when it feels like their relationship got started at that point. We haven't seen enough of Tin and Muk as a couple to solidify their relationship yet, but the romance is already over.

While I think their romance could be written better, I still think Tin and Muk are quite cute together. Their banter and interactions bring a giddy smile to my face. Despite a few stumbles in the relationship development, I feel engaged by the close bond shared between the leads. The actors have terrific chemistry and I enjoy their natural rapport with each other. I also consider the bonus footage at the end of each episode as canon. The sweetness in those scenes helps with the immersion of their pairing.

First BL drama in Hong Kong

Tin and Muk go from friends to lovers during Ossan's Love Hong Kong.

It's worth mentioning that the two leads kiss, hug, and show affection towards each other multiple times throughout the series. Not excessively so, but this isn't one of those "bromance" dramas where the leads never physically touch. More importantly, we see these two young men in a happy, healthy romantic relationship together by the end of the series. As I mentioned earlier in my review, this is a HUGE breakthrough for Hong Kong's television landscape.

I want to emphasize that Ossan's Love is a show airing on a primetime network for a mainstream audience as Hong Kong's first-ever televised gay romance. This isn't just watched by BL fans, but it's a show for enlightening your dad, your mom, your grandparents, and various demographics of people who don't normally watch BL. As the show was airing, it sparked important conversations about LGBT equality in Hong Kong (and the usual homophobic comments as well).

I don't want to overstate the cultural impact of the show, but Ossan's Love is an important start in changing the perceptions towards Hong Kong's LGBT community. Think about the first BL or gay drama that aired in any place around the world, then compare it with the sensitivity and sincerity shown by Ossan's Love Hong Kong. All things considered, I think this romance is a pretty decent portrayal with some room for improvement.

Last BL drama in Hong Kong?

Ossan Love Hong Kong is the city's first ever televised BL drama.

Every day, Hong Kong's basic human rights and democratic freedoms are being destroyed by the merciless Chinese government regime. Hong Kong's first openly gay politician Raymond Chan is locked up behind prison bars for winning an election primary. The citizens of Hong Kong voted for Raymond to become their elected legislator, and the government responded by imprisoning him. The same jail sentence goes for Jimmy Sham, another gay politician and LGBT activist, who was also attacked with hammers by violent street thugs.

In the current political climate, I'm amazed that a gay drama like Ossan's Love Hong Kong even saw the day of light. We already know that the ruthless Chinese government shows no tolerance for the LGBT community, with their official stance about gay relationships being "abnormal". As China imposes their brutal tyranny upon the world, LGBT equality in Hong Kong will definitely be on their hit list, along with free speech, critical thought, and creative expression.

Ossan's Love might be Hong Kong's first-ever televised BL series, but there's a likely chance that it will be the last BL drama ever made. The ominous Chinese government has already infiltrated every level of society in Hong Kong, from criminalizing independent thought in schools to manipulating the rule of law in court. It's only a matter of time before China unleashes the guillotine on LGBT representation in Hong Kong's broadcast networks.

As you watch Ossan's Love Hong Kong, you might marvel at the tall skyscrapers and the elegant architecture across the city landscape. Unfortunately, this beautiful modern city is overrun by China's authoritarian government. Please pay attention to the news headlines every time another Hong Kong activist goes to prison, another part of Hong Kong's democracy gets destroyed, and another Hong Kong free voice is silenced by China. Cherish Ossan's Love with a heavy heart, for we might never see this type of LGBT representation from Hong Kong ever again.


Great acting

KK is delighted when he gets a chance to kiss Tin Tin.

The actor playing KK (Kenny Wong) is really funny and quite the scene stealer. Whether he's happy, sad, angry, or smitten, the actor knows how to amplify the comedic effect of his emotions. As a result, every facial expression from KK cracks me up. The series always puts his character in these really amusing scenarios, so Kenny has a lot of room to showcase his comedic performance.

I want to give a special shoutout to the actress playing Francesca (Rachel Kan), who gives a very nuanced performance as KK's abandoned wife. In Episode 5, she offers a poignant speech about giving up on her marriage, and I could feel the pained emotions behind her sophisticated performance. Francesca also has fantastic on-screen chemistry with KK and Louis, sharing a warm, vibrant dynamic with both her co-stars.

You know how Kei Tanaka, the lead in Ossan's Love, went from being an underestimated actor into a breakout star after the series aired in Japan? I think the Kei Tanaka phenomenon applies to Kenny and Rachel here in Hong Kong. As actors, both of them had been working in this industry for decades, but they were always overlooked until Ossan's Love Hong Kong. Once the show aired, Kenny and Rachel received tons of publicity and praise from Hong Kong viewers. For two experienced actors who never enjoyed a lot of buzz, I'm glad that KK and Francesca have been their career-defining roles.

Strong supporting cast

Carmen's actress brings a lot of energy to Ossan's Love Hong Kong.

One of the strengths of Ossan's Love Hong Kong is its emphasis on the supporting cast. This series almost feels like an ensemble comedy, made up of lively and colourful characters fleshed out with distinct personalities. While the Japanese version has unique supporting characters too, the cast has more opportunities to shine in the Hong Kong remake.

The two standouts are Carmen and Louis. The actress playing Carmen (Florica Lin) is funny, vivacious, and charismatic. She's super likable, injecting a boost of hyper energy to every scene. The actor playing Louis (Stanley Yau) is also quite the charmer. I actually disliked his counterpart in the Japanese version, but Louis wins me over with his suave personality and perpetual sweet talk. With their natural charm and snappy dialogue, Carmen and Louis keep the workplace scenes in Ossan's Love HK very lighthearted.

I hate to pick on one particular actor, but the weak link in the cast might be Darren (Colin Chan). His performance in the emotional scenes just isn't that persuasive. With a stronger actor, the subplot about Muk's ex-boyfriend could've been more compelling.

The leads

Edan Lui is very animated in his performance as Tin.

Truth be told, the two leads in Ossan's Love Hong Kong aren't as good as the original. However, this statement should come with a disclaimer, because the Japanese actors set a high bar in the original version. In fact, Kei Tanaka might've given the performance of a lifetime during his role as Haruta. If you compare these veteran actors with the less experienced Hong Kong leads, of course the latter would seem inferior.

I think the actors playing Tin (Edan Lui) and Muk (Anson Lo) have their strengths and weaknesses. Edan is really enthusiastic and throws himself into the role with no hesitation whatsoever. Many young idols from a boyband background would be conscious about their self-image, but you don't sense that reservation with Edan. He doesn't care about looking foolish, making ugly faces, or humiliating himself for the sake of comedy. Edan pours himself into this high-energy role that not every actor could pull off, and he puts in a very admirable effort.

The problem with Edan is his weakness in the dramatic scenes. He has good comedic chops and can deliver a funny moment fabulously. However, his limited range shows when he is asked to cry or get emotional. My overall assessment of Edan is that I love his enthusiasm and his comedy, but there's work to be done on polishing his versatility.

As for Anson, I think his performance in Ossan's Love Hong Kong is perhaps a little mild. He is completely serviceable as Muk, and there isn't any moment where his performance drops below average. Anson also acts quite naturally with an easiness in the way he delivers his lines. However, his expressions might be too subtle sometimes. I can't read him even when Muk's character is supposed to be sad or anxious. If Anson can let go of his emotions a bit more in future performances, he would be able to make a bigger impact.


Happy ending

Despite their engagement, KK and Tin don't stay together in the Ossan's Love Hong Kong ending.

Ossan's Love Hong Kong has a happy ending where Tin and Muk reunite as a couple. Rest assured that the two of them get back together in the end. However, this happy ending doesn't come before a lot of agony, heartbreak, and introspection. There is quite the journey as Tin and Muk stumble, get lost, and feel confused until they find their way to each other again.

After spending a year apart, Muk finally admits that he's still in love with his ex-boyfriend. He realizes his mistake in rejecting Tin, who proves that he can commit to a long-term relationship (even an engagement!) with a man. However, Muk thinks it's too late to act on his feelings. He especially doesn't want to wreck apart another marriage, like he did with Darren and his family.

As for Tin, he hasn't let go of his feelings for Muk either. In the past year, he numbs himself to KK's affections, playing along because it's comfortable and convenient. However, he is still in love with Muk, and arriving in Hong Kong has awakened these dormant feelings inside him. When Muk calls to meet him on the bridge that night, notice how urgently Tin dashes out of his home without a second thought. At the mere possibility that Muk might've changed his mind about their relationship, Tin gets so excited and sprints all the way to meet him.

Failed reunion

Muk waits for Tin on the bridge in the Ossan's Love ending, but he never shows up.

Unfortunately, their meeting on the bridge never comes to fruition. When Tin gets held up with helping a stranger, he misses the much-anticipated reunion with his ex-boyfriend. This moment is actually quite symbolic of their relationship dynamic. As always, Tin is too slow and doesn't reach his destination on time. Tin has also been too slow at coming to terms with his sexuality and recognizing his romantic feelings for Muk. As a result, he doesn't meet Muk halfway in their relationship until they've broken up.

As for Muk, his problem is that he won't wait for Tin. By the time Tin arrived at the bridge, Muk had already left their meeting without waiting for his ex. If Muk believed in Tin and had more confidence about their relationship, he should've stayed a bit longer or even for the whole night. But once again, Muk has left pre-emptively before giving Tin a chance to prove himself. Muk giving up on his relationship with Tin too quickly is a recurring theme in their romance.

Tin's feelings

Tin is nervous on his wedding day with KK.

After his failed meeting with Muk, Tin thinks he has been rejected once again and goes back to marrying KK. Yes, it's a cowardly move to wed someone he doesn't love, but this action is consistent with his character's personality. Tin just isn't the type of person to break off a relationship decisively.

In this context, his simple-minded kindness is a fallible trait. Tin doesn't want to hurt KK by outright rejecting him, but fails to realize that he causes harm by lying about his feelings. In other words, Tin doesn't have much of a backbone. He will agree to a loveless marriage with KK, even though that isn't what his heart wants.

Had KK not spoken up, it's possible that Tin would've bit the bullet and proceeded to marrying KK. We would have a very different ending to Ossan's Love in this case. However, it's only with KK's blessing that Tin feels motivated to chase after his personal happiness. And once he does, the emotions come overpouring inside Tin. He loves Muk, he wants him, and he is determined to get back together with his ex. These feelings had been harbouring within Tin all along, but he needed that final push from KK to spur into action.

Ending explained

KK decides not to marry Tin who is still in love with Muk.

You may want an explanation about why KK suddenly doesn't want to marry Tin in the Ossan's Love ending. As oblivious as KK might sometimes be, he is an emotionally intuitive man. KK could sense that his fiancé's feelings had shifted since arriving in Hong Kong.

KK notices Tin's indifference during their wedding arrangement plans, as well as his ambiguous answer to Darren at the bar. The final nail in the coffin is when KK sees Muk's phone call, which prompts Tin to drop everything to see his ex. Although KK doesn't know why they're meeting, he can tell where Tin's priorities lie.

In the past, KK may fight harder to keep Tin, after coming close to marrying the man of his dreams. However, KK has first-hand experience of going through a loveless marriage without passion. Even if he forced himself to marry Tin, the two of them might end up like KK and Francesca 2.0. Besides, KK had an entire year in Taiwan to prove his love to Tin, but his fiancé still doesn't feel the same way.

KK is willing to call off their wedding because he ultimately wants Tin to be happy. Even if this happiness can only be unlocked by another relationship, KK is ready to make that sacrifice. By the time KK writes that love letter to Tin, it reads more like a farewell letter instead. That's because KK has accepted defeat and knows he lost the love of his life to Muk.

Tin and Muk reunion

Muk cries after realizing he's still in love with Tin a year later.

At first, Muk thought time would heal all wounds and he could move on from Tin. After all, Muk tends to compartmentalize his feelings, mask his emotions, and pretend nothing is wrong. Since Muk manages to put his relationship with Darren behind him, he must've thought the same thing would happen with Tin.

Unfortunately, Muk's resolve is tested when he encounters Tin, engaged to another man a year later. Unlike what Muk assumed about his ex-boyfriend, Tin is capable of committing to a gay relationship. Just as Tin said before, he can cope with his family's expectations, not having kids, and going steady with a guy. Regret immediately starts to set in once Muk realizes he was wrong about Tin. When Muk sees the engaged couple, a part of him must've thought: "That could be me, if only I stayed with Tin".

Tin and Muk have an emotional encounter in his hometown. Although Muk begins their reunion with his favourite phrase, "We won't be happy together…", his words melt away when Tin embraces him. Standing in front of Tin, Muk can't lie to himself anymore. He loves Tin, he wants to be together with him, and he doesn't have the mental fortitude to deny his feelings. Any doubts or insecurities about their relationship now seem insignificant, overpowered by the sheer love that Tin and Muk have for each other.

The ending kiss

Tin and Muk share a sweet kiss during the happy ending for Ossan's Love Hong Kong.

The episode ends hopefully with one final scene featuring Tin and Muk after they've reunited. Both of them will move to Taiwan, a progressive country that allows them to get legally married as a couple. Even though Tin probably asked Muk to marry him in the heat of the moment, it's still an idealistic prospect to look forward to. The most important part is that Tin and Muk are now together again, having reaffirmed their feelings for each other.

The final kiss between Tin and Muk is a telling sign. At first, Muk is the one who kisses Tin, no longer restraining himself to express his love. But then, Tin also initiates a kiss with Muk, which is the first time his character has done so during the series. This significant moment shows that Tin finally reciprocates Muk's love and feels comfortable enough about their physical intimacy. As they kiss once, Tin pulls back and glances at his partner's face decisively, before he leans in again for yet another kiss.

The ending credits begin to roll and I am bawling my eyes out from happiness. I feel like I went through such an emotional rollercoaster these past few episodes, but my adorable Tin and my precious Muk are finally back together. Yes, yes, yessss! BEST ENDING EVER!!! 😭

Ossan's Love Hong Kong Analysis


The tragedy of KK

KK writes a final love letter to Tin before their wedding.

It's easy to dismiss Ossan's Love as a silly comedy because of its wacky humour. However, there's more depth to the series than meets the eye. Beneath the jokes and laughter, there's a tragic love story in Ossan's Love Hong Kong. Try looking at the narrative from KK's perspective, a middle-aged man who breaks off his marriage to come to terms with his sexuality. He then tries and fails spectacularly to have his romantic feelings returned. The series ends with KK alone, left at the altar, as he watches everyone else find love around him.

Think of how much courage it takes for an older man like KK to come out at his age. He is a well-respected corporate professional with the perfect wife who loves him very much. Yet, he gives up this comfort and stability to go after a younger guy who doesn't even have feelings for him. To some of you, I'm sure KK's actions come across as creepy, inappropriate, and foolish. But at the same, there's also such a raw emotional honesty to his actions. In KK, I recognize someone who doesn't want to live a lie anymore, even if it means sacrificing his marriage or getting his heart broken.

KK is not as oblivious as he seems. Surely, someone with his wisdom and acumen would've known that Tin doesn't fancy him. A large part of him is acting in denial. After confessing his love, KK skips off before giving Tin a chance to clarify the situation. When Tin later breaks up with him, KK's first reaction is to cover his ears so that he doesn't hear the dreaded words. KK's love for Tin isn't rooted in reality. Instead, he wants to live out a romantic fantasy for as long as possible, because deep down KK fears that he might get rejected soon enough.

Tin and KK

KK is an older boss fond of his younger employee Tin.

Moving to Taiwan with Tin was KK's last hurrah. He had an entire year of close contact with Tin, creating a great opportunity to win over his heart. Ultimately, he fails to sway Tin's love away from Muk. Perhaps Tin and KK might still be together if they hadn't gotten engaged or returned to Hong Kong. However, I suspect that KK sensed a distance in their relationship (i.e. Tin wouldn't even kiss him), which he hoped to close by getting married.

Once they're in Hong Kong, old feelings quickly resurface. Unfortunately, that's when KK realizes that Tin doesn't love him. Compare how nonchalant Tin feels about his big gay wedding to how urgent he reacts over a simple text message from Muk. In a heartbreaking sacrifice, KK admits defeat and lets go of their relationship. There's no point in trapping Tin in an unhappy marriage. KK would rather have Tin find happiness with Muk, even if it comes at his own expense. His decision is quite mature and noble, but also very devastating.

Maybe KK will never find someone he loves as much as Tin, and his character is destined to a life of desolation. Or perhaps he'll get together with fellow divorcee Darren, which isn't as strange of a pairing as it may seem. Whatever the future holds for KK, I wish his character could be happy someday because he genuinely deserves it.

Tin's sexuality

Tin gets confused and frustrated often during Ossan's Love Hong Kong.

Tin started out Ossan's Love Hong Kong as a straight guy…or was he? We'll give him the benefit of the doubt that he's attracted to women. However, someone who keeps repeating that he likes girls with big boobs may be overcompensating for something. In any case, Ossan's Love is a journey of Tin discovering his sexuality, as he comes to terms with his bisexual feelings.

Someone like Tin, as with many other people, is accustomed to thinking that straight is the default sexuality. Tin probably never considered the possibility that he could be attracted to anybody other than a woman. Growing up in a traditional society where LGBTQ awareness is almost nonexistent, you simply accept the norm and don't question whether there's more to your sexuality than being straight.

Upon meeting Muk, Tin begins to develop an attraction for the same gender subconsciously. Of course, we know that it takes a long, long, long time (*checks watch*) before he sorts out these feelings. At first, what Tin feels is an emotional attraction. He gets along with Muk and they have a super close bond. However, Tin only interprets these feelings as a platonic friendship, because it never crosses his mind that his feelings for a guy can also be romantic.

Tin and Tze Chin

Tin and Tze Chin have a close bond, but they don't become a couple.

After Muk and KK confess their love for him, Tin suffers from a heterosexual crisis and feels the need to assert that he's straight. Enter Tze Chin, his childhood best friend. On paper, Tin and Tze Chin would make a great couple. Their similar personalities, close history, and fun snappy banter indicate that they're compatible with each other.

How Tze Chin feels about Tin is obvious and doesn't need any elaboration. On the other hand, Tin also seems to develop feelings for Tze Chin and even tries to initiate a kiss with her. I do think Tin is attracted to his female best friend, as unpopular as it is to admit about the lead character in a BL series. However, the most important part is that Tin's feelings for Tze Chin are weaker than his feelings for Muk.

Every time Tin is asked to choose between Muk and Tze Chin, he always picks Muk. Even after her ill-timed love confession, Tin's choice is still Muk. When she cries during the confession, Tin gives his friend a consoling hug, but that's all he does. Had his feelings for Tze Chin been stronger, he would've reacted differently at the moment. Instead of reciprocating Tze Chin's confession, Tin ends up going back to Muk because that's whom he loves more.

Tze Chin's love

Tze Chin has a new butler boyfriend in the Ossan's Love Hong Kong ending.

Maybe Tin's choice would be different if Tze Chin confessed first. If they had the opportunity to date, perhaps Tin's feelings would intensify, exceeding how he feels towards Muk. I don't deny that possibility, especially since Tze Chin has the advantage of being a woman and knowing Tin a lot longer. If Ossan's Love wasn't a BL drama, Tin and Tze Chin probably would've ended up together.

However, there's no point in speculating because nothing actually happened between Tin and Tze Chin. The fact is that Tze Chin hesitated for too long and missed her window of opportunity. She has nobody to blame but herself for the poor timing. Girl, you've known your best friend for decades, and you only realize that you like him now? Muk knew within days that he was in love with Tin. He was more proactive than Tze Chin and that's why Muk ended up reaping the rewards.

I don't feel bad for Tze Chin's heartbreak. Let's be honest, Tin isn't that much of a catch. 😅 I also don't think Tze Chin has the temperament to put up with Tin's slovenly ways, unlike Muk or KK. After dating for a while, she might get too irritated, break up with him, and possibly even stop being friends. As proven by the ending, she can find herself a man with way better credentials than Tin. Enjoy your handsome butler boyfriend, Tze Chin!

Tin and Muk

Muk quickly falls in love with Tin during Ossan's Love Hong Kong.

Muk fell in love with Tin pretty quickly upon meeting him. Although Tin has tons of personality flaws, his compassion and kindness are very appealing traits to Muk. After dating a cheater like Darren (more on him later), Muk just wants to be with a nice, simple-minded guy without any hidden agendas. As Tin and Muk live, work, and spend all their time together, being in such close proximity has accelerated the feelings between them.

It's less clear to pinpoint when Tin develops feelings for Muk, but I do understand the basis of his attraction. In short, Muk is very likable with a lot of positive qualities. Not only is he a domestic king, but Muk has a sweet, easygoing personality and likes to take care of people. This guy is like the epitome of a dream boyfriend, and anyone could easily fall in love with Muk.

The problem is that Tin has fallen for Muk over time, but doesn't quite comprehend how he feels. Muk being a guy is the biggest barrier. Tin isn't programmed to think that a guy like him could form intimate feelings for another guy like Muk. If Muk is a girl, Tin would've easily understood that he has a crush. But because Muk is a guy, Tin is confused, uncertain, and needs more time to process his feelings.

Tin's attraction

It takes a while for Tin to accept his bisexuality.

Tin begins dating Muk, even though he's still confused about his attraction. His heart wants to spend more time with Muk, but his brain tells him that he should only like girls with big boobs. (I'm assuming that's how Tin's brain works. 😅) Tin is forced to choose between his heart and his brain when Muk suddenly threatens to move out of the apartment. As his shirtless embrace around Muk demonstrated, Tin's heart won out in the end.

Even though they're now boyfriends, Tin is still conflicted about his feelings for Muk. Perhaps it's irresponsible to enter a relationship without being certain about how you feel, but that's Tin for you. However, the fact that Tin agrees to date Muk shows he isn't completely against the idea of a gay romance. A part of him is open-minded enough to explore his same-sex attraction, albeit with lots of anxiety and trepidation.

The biggest ambiguity with Tin is whether he has a physical attraction for men. Emotionally, we know he likes Muk, but does he reciprocate the affection on a physical level as well? At times, it doesn't seem like Tin is that comfortable about having a relationship with a guy, especially in public. He makes a big fuss over sitting too closely together, sleeping in the same bed, or sharing a kiss in broad daylight. From Muk's perspective, Tin's pattern of behaviour doesn't feel reassuring.

Tin and Muk breakup

Muk breaks up with Tin because he doesn't feel reassured by their relationship.

Can you blame Muk for feeling insecure about his relationship with Tin. At one point, Muk admits to Darren that he doesn't even know if Tin likes him. Tin is so wrapped up in his own journey of self-acceptance that he has neglected his role as a boyfriend. He never initiates any form of romance and doesn't reciprocate affection either. Tin treats Muk more platonically than he does romantically.

During his relationship with Tin, Muk is faced with psychological pressure from Tin's family, Tze Chin, Darren, and his own self-doubts. As Muk says himself, there's a lot of people who don't want their romance to succeed. Without Tin's reassurance and support, Muk feels alone in continuing this relationship against all the odds. Finally, Muk's mental fortitude crumbles and he reaches his breaking point. Witnessing Tin and Tze Chin's hug is only the tip of the iceberg, but there's so much other baggage that leads to their breakup.

Of course, Tin only realizes that he loves Muk after losing him forever. Like usual, Tin is always a few steps behind in this romance. By the time Tin pleads for a reconciliation, Muk has already made up his mind, convinced that they don't have a future together. As much as Tin says he'll take their relationship more seriously, actions speak louder than words. Tin simply hasn't done enough to reassure Muk about his love.

Muk and Darren

Muk and Darren used to be boyfriends.

As we see with Muk and Darren, he handles his breakups quite decisively. Once Muk loses trust in someone, it's almost impossible to win him back again. No matter how hard Darren tries to reconcile, Muk won't give his ex a second chance. To this day, all these years later, Darren is still paying the price of his adultery. His wife left him. His son doesn't have a close relationship with him. And worst of all, Muk refuses to forgive him.

Muk's failed relationship with Darren might be the reason why he doesn't have much confidence in Tin. Darren hurt Muk badly, concealing him as a gay lover while he cheats on his wife. For somebody as morally principled as Muk, he hates being a homewrecker and holds himself responsible for ending Darren's marriage. Muk's experience with Darren makes him cautious about relationships, instilling a sense of insecurity about men who need to appear heterosexual. In the future, will Tin eventually decide to prioritize a woman ahead of Muk?

Fortunately, Muk's romance with Tin has a happier ending than his past relationship with Darren. Both Muk and Tin decide to follow their hearts, giving each other a second chance at love. This time, Tin seems more serious and affectionate, which should provide Muk with the reassurance he needs. I wish them all the best, and hope that Muk never has to face another heartbreak again. ❤️

KK and Francesca

KK and Francesca eventually come to an understanding in their divorce.

For the past twenty years, Francesca thought she had the idyllic marriage with a doting husband, who would still give her roses on their wedding anniversary. She loved his spontaneity, maturity, and sentimentality. KK was a seemingly perfect husband in every way, which was why Francesca felt so shocked when he asked for a divorce. The announcement bamboozled her. Weren't they in love? What went wrong!?

Was KK always a closeted gay man who married a woman due to cultural norms? Did his attraction to Francesca subside over time? Or was Tin Tin simply too adorable to resist, with sexual pheromones so overpowering that KK cannot help himself? Whatever the reason, KK fell in love with Tin and didn't want to mislead his wife anymore. Francesca became an unwilling victim as KK moved on to a new romance, and the safe, stable life that sheltered her for the past twenty years suddenly crumbled apart.

Francesca initially reacted to her divorce with shock, despair, and desperation. Then, her emotions morphed into wrath, and there was a time when Francesca became quite hostile. However, she learned to dissolve her anger after witnessing Tin's rejection of KK. What she felt was overwhelming sympathy towards a man who sacrificed everything for unrequited love.

Francesca's journey

Francesca gives a brilliant performance as a heartbroken woman processing her divorce.

Since then, Francesca has softened her stance, agreed to an amicable divorce, and even became friends with her former husband. It was a surprisingly lovely relationship as KK and Francesca became each other's confidantes. Not every ex-wife could be so understanding and achieve this level of enlightenment. Francesca's kindness and compassion towards KK must be commended.

Francesca's storyline might be the biggest surprise for me in the Ossan's Love remake. Compared to the original Japanese drama, the HK version expanded on her character a lot more. She goes through an emotional journey as a heartbroken woman coping with her failed marriage. Portrayed by a talented actress, her personal growth arc is engaging to watch, handled with lots of care and sensitivity. I felt pain for her character at every moment and rooted for Francesca to rebuild her life again.

Francesca and Louis

Louis wins over Francesca with his charm, flattery, and persistence.

Not every character has a happy ending in Ossan's Love Hong Kong. Both KK and Darren are alone when the series ends, unsuccessful in their attempts at love. Fortunately, Francesca fares better than her fellow divorcees, showing that it is still possible to find romance again after a divorce. Her relationship with Louis is surprisingly sweet, as unconventional and unexpected as their pairing may be.

Although Louis begins the series as a notorious playboy, he isn't as much of a heartbreaker as his reputation may indicate. During his relationship with Tze Chin, we see that Louis behaves like a gentleman, taking care of her even when she's a terrible date. A lot about how Louis presents himself is bravado. Deep down, this guy is more of a hopeless romantic than a casanova. He falls in love quickly, deeply, and wholeheartedly.

After her divorce, Francesca is understandably hesitant about entering a new relationship, especially with a younger man. The age difference between Francesca and Louis was highlighted a few times as an obstacle to overcome. It takes a lot of patience, perseverance, and Louis' signature persuasion skills to ease Francesca into another romance. As they spend time together, Francesca understands that neither her age nor her divorce should get in the way of her happiness. After all, Louis never minded that she's an older divorcee. If anything, it's a turn-on for him? 😛

A common theme in Ossan's Love Hong Kong is that we should celebrate love regardless of age or gender. The romance between Francesca and Louis is a showcase of that beautiful messaging. Age is only a number, just like gender is only a construct. If we love someone, it doesn't matter if they're a younger guy or an older woman. Ossan's Love encourages us to pursue our happiness, and love indiscriminately with all our hearts.

Ossan's Love Hong Kong Series

Episode Guide

For the full episode guide, read my Ossan's Love HK series recap.

Ossan's Love Hong Kong started airing on June 28, 2021 and finished its last episode on July 16, 2021. This series has a total of 15 episodes, which is double the length of the original Japanese version. Each episode is around 45 minutes long. This is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in over 11 hours. For each episode, make sure you watch through the ending credits. There are outtakes and bonus footage at the end of each episode.

As Ossan's Love Hong Kong was airing, I reviewed each episode and recorded my immediate thoughts. The series recap contains an in-depth episode guide, along with some fun trivia notes that you may not have noticed at first.

⭐ Best episode

Episode 3

Muk gives Tin a farewell kiss on the forehead.

Episode 3 was an action-packed episode of Ossan's Love Hong Kong. It featured an extremely hilarious confrontation between Muk and KK, as they have a heated showdown for Tin's affections. KK also has a funny fantasy of Tin, imagining himself as Cinderella (!?) when Tin helps him put on his shoe.

There's also a sentimental scene between Tin and Muk near the end of the episode. Muk threatens to move out of the apartment when Tin states that he doesn't have feelings for him. Tin begs Muk to stay, insisting they can still be friends. Muk responds by kissing his forehead, but clarifying that their relationship dynamic has changed and being just friends is no longer possible.

💋 Episodes with kissing

Episode 2, 11, 15

In Episode 11, Tin and Muk kiss before they go on a vacation.

Muk and Tin kiss in three separate episodes. They share their first kiss in Episode 2. The kiss happens when Muk enters the bathroom to hand Tin a towel, but then kisses him on an impulse.

Their next kiss doesn't happen until all the way in Episode 11, right before Tin and Muk leave for their hometown date in Tai O. Once again, Muk surprises Tin with a sudden kiss.

Their third and final kiss happens in the last scene of Episode 15. Muk initiates a kiss with Tin first, but then Tin reciprocates and kisses him back. Their kissing is a pretty sweet way to conclude the series.

💪🏻 Episodes with skin

Episode 2, 7, 8, 14

Edan Lui gets shirtless multiple times in Ossan's Love Hong Kong.

The only character who appears shirtless in Ossan's Love Hong Kong is Tin, who takes his shirt off a couple of times in the series. In Episode 2, Muk walks in on Tin while he is taking a shower. In Episode 7, Tze Chin also walks in on Tin while he is taking a shower. Why does this keep happening to him!?

In Episode 8, Tin walks out of the bathroom after a shower and then embraces Muk in a shirtless bear hug. Finally, KK forces Tin to take off his shirt in Episode 14, while barking at him: "Take off your clothes! Arms up! Take off your clothes!!!"

Although not shirtless, a few other memorable scenes include: Episode 11, where Tin sleeps in a very compromising position in bed, and Episode 12, where Louis wears a skin-tight tracksuit that shows all his curves.

Best Scenes

Episode 1 – KK's love confession

KK confesses his love to Tin at the end of Episode 1.

The first episode of Ossan's Love Hong Kong ends with a memorable love confession, which will be remembered as one of the funniest moments in the series. In this scene, KK is dressed in his sharpest suit, carrying a bouquet of red roses, and standing in a romantic landscape filled with blinking heart lights. Tin is freaking out, but convinces himself this is just a platonic work meeting and his boss doesn't have feelings for him.

Tin starts talking casually about work, until KK just blurts out his love confession all of a sudden. He doesn't just say it once, but he exclaims it again with the giddiest grin on his face. "TIN TIN I LOVE YOU~~~ ❤️" Tin is shocked by the love confession and cannot even process what's happening right now. His eyes have bulged, his mouth is agape, and he's left completely speechless at the moment.

Before Tin can get a hold of himself, KK drops another massive bombshell: he's gonna get a divorce because of his feelings for Tin. A mortified Tin manages to splutter out the word "wait", except KK misunderstands him and thinks it's spoken in the context of "I'll wait for you". His love confession concludes with KK blowing an air kiss as he skips off merrily, while Tin is left in a state of shock and horror. 🤣

Episode 2 – The shower kiss

Muk surprises Tin with a love confession and a kiss in the shower.

The first kiss between the lead characters is always important in a BL drama. In Ossan's Love Hong Kong, Muk enters the bathroom to give Tin a towel after his shower. However, Muk suddenly kisses Tin out of an impulse. Tin is completely startled for a few seconds before pushing Muk away in shock.

Their kiss is followed by Muk's rather unconventional love confession: "I know you like girls with big boobs, but I have a big tool too!" Imagine someone walking in during your shower to tell you this line. 🥵 Naturally, things got very awkward afterwards and Muk concealed his embarrassment by pretending like nothing happened.

I actually thought this moment resonated better in the original Japanese version. The kiss came too abruptly during the Hong Kong remake, after the Tin and Muk relationship had cooled off during the episode. The kiss in the shower could have more impact with a better buildup. Nonetheless, this is one of the signature scenes in Ossan's Love and it needs to be included in a list of the best scenes.

Episode 3 – The rooftop scene

Muk and Tin square off on the rooftop over their love for Tin.

I was cracking up nonstop throughout the rooftop scene in Episode 3. The scene started out as a lunch date between KK and Tin. KK made a special lunchbox for him, carving Tin's name and tiny hearts with the food. 😹 As they chatted about work, KK served as a mentor figure, motivating Tin when he felt discouraged over a tricky client.

I loved the sentimental flashback with Tin and the old lady who didn't want to relocate from her apartment. It was a small but authentic moment that highlighted the best quality in Tin's character: his kindness. Of course, I also loved the other flashback, where Tin took care of KK after hurting his foot. KK's facial expression during the whole exchange was priceless, and he even described himself as Cinderella. 😁

The confrontation between KK and Muk was an episode highlight, and I enjoyed seeing this fieriness from Muk's character. The dialogue in their exchange was super sharp, especially when KK recited Tin's top ten features in a hilarious pseudo-rap. For the record, here are all the characteristics that KK loves about Tin:

  1. Good looking hairstyle
  2. Not afraid of doing something even if it's against his self-interest
  3. Gives up his seat in public transit
  4. Naive and silly, but takes his work seriously
  5. Loves helping old grannies
  6. Brings joy and laughter to the company
  7. Fair skin
  8. Good health
  9. Likes playing on his phone with his mouth opened wide
  10. So cute that I just wanna take a bite out of him!

I will spare you from describing Muk's counterpoint, where he points out every single character flaw in Tin's personality. Otherwise, it's gonna be too long of a list. 😁

Episode 3 – The bridge scene

Muk kisses Tin on the forehead on the bridge scene.

The scene at the end of Episode 3 is momentous for Tin and Muk's relationship. Previously, the two of them just had an argument after Tin insisted that he doesn't have any feelings for Muk. An angry Muk storms off and Tin chases after him until they meet again on a bridge overlooking the beautiful night view of Hong Kong.

Feeling remorseful over his harsh tone, Tin apologizes and hopes they can still go back to having the relationship as before. He just wants the two of them to be friends. Muk walks over and gives Tin a peck on the forehead, but he's adamant that the two of them cannot be friends anymore. Their relationship has changed, and it's clear that Muk sees him as more than a friend, whether Tin is ready to accept it or not.

This is the first moment in the series where Tin expresses his feelings for Muk, although his feelings are still more platonic than they are romantic. Although the kiss between them isn't as explicit as the one in the shower, it feels a lot more intimate. Plus, the view from the bridge is simply gorgeous, helping to set the ambiance of this scene.

Episode 5 – Francesca learns about Tin Tin

KK tells Francesca about his relationship with Tin.

In Episode 5, KK finally tells Francesca the truth about his feelings for Tin. The scene begins quite poignantly, with Francesca feeling devastated after she read KK's diary entries. She discovers her husband has fallen in love with someone else, but doesn't know that person is literally sitting right across from her. Francesca's actress does a stellar job conveying heartbroken emotions, and you really feel for her character at this moment.

When KK arrives, he comes clean about his relationship with Tin. His wife feels confused at first, then shocked, and finally she bursts into anger. Just a moment ago, Francesca was sobbing her heart out. Now, there's a sudden emotional whiplash, and she angrily accuses Tin of stealing her husband. The scene ends with Francesca embarking on a path of vengefulness, as she takes photographic evidence of KK and Tin holding hands for her divorce lawsuit.

Episode 9 – Tin and Muk first date

Tin and Muk go shopping for clothes together on their first date.

Although it took over half the series for Tin and Muk to get together, they finally start dating in Episode 9. The two of them go on their first date, where Muk takes Tin shopping for new clothes. This is an important moment in their relationship because it's the first time they actually act like a couple. Tin and Muk are officially boyfriends going out on a date, which is an important distinction.

During the shopping date, Tin is adorable as always as he tries out different outfits. Muk ends up picking a hilariously over-the-top wardrobe that looks ridiculous on his boyfriend. Not that it stops Tin from taking a bajillion selfies of himself! To continue this cute scene, make sure you watch the bonus clip at the end of the episode.

Episode 10 – Tin comes out to his coworkers

KK is traumatized after he learns that Tin and Muk are dating.

In the last scene of Episode 10, Tin comes out and tells his colleagues that he's dating Muk. KK angrily storms out of his office at the shock announcement, exclaiming "WHAT!?!? 😡", but then backtracks when he realizes his overreaction. It doesn't help that Carmen and Louis keep repeating, "TIN SAID HE AND MUK ARE DATING!!! 📣📣📣" to rub more salt onto the wound.

KK is so traumatized that he starts laughing and clapping like a seal, and then he retreats back into his office after giving the most bizarre reaction. Tin is left feeling so embarrassed. To make matters worse, Muk is suddenly the one to deny that they're in a relationship. Overall, this is a really funny scene with pitch-perfect comedic timing.

Episode 11 – The hometown date

Tin and Muk take a selfie together in Tai O.

Ossan's Love Hong Kong has a shortage of cute couple moments between Tin and Muk, so their hometown date stands out as one of their more intimate scenes. Before the date even begins, Muk already gives his boyfriend a surprise kiss on the lips in public during broad daylight. When Muk wants a kiss, he will get one.

The rest of their date is short and sweet. Tin and Muk do normal couple activities together. The two of them take selfies, go shopping, feed each other food, and do a little playful teasing. Even though the date wasn't that long, these interactions were super sweet and sold the idea that they were an ordinary couple.

The episode ends with Tin and Muk taking pictures on a bridge, as the camera pulls back to show a panoramic shot of the fishing village. The beautiful visuals, the lighthearted music, and the sweet couple moments all contributed to the wonderful atmosphere in this scene.

Episode 12 – Francesca agrees to date Louis

Francesca finally agrees to date Louis in Ossan's Love HK Episode 12.

Francesca's journey comes to an emotional climax in Episode 12. In a previous scene, she breaks down in front of Louis, noticeably still upset about her divorce. Normally, a young playboy like Louis might've backed off from this relationship, intimidated by the baggage that comes with dating a divorcee. Instead, Louis becomes even more assertive in his pursuit, solidifying his conviction that Francesca is the one for him.

In this scene, Louis boldly intrudes in the middle of a lunch between Francesca and KK. He asks for KK's permission to date his ex-wife. KK is the perfect gentleman, offering such a sweet and understanding response. Although Francesca acts like she's embarrassed by the love confession, KK encourages Louis to go after Francesca. The two characters have a heartfelt chat, where they discuss the nuances of their age difference. I love how Louis thoughtfully turned Francesca's older age into an advantage, making her feel more confident about their relationship.

The scene ends touchingly, with Francesca opening her heart and agreeing to give this relationship a go. For a brief moment, Louis reverts back to his childish ways and celebrates giddily, before he composes himself again. Of course, I think it's this fun and youthful spirit in Louis that appeals to Francesca. Their personalities balance each other well, and I'm so glad they have gotten together in this episode.

Episode 13 – Tin confronts Muk on the bridge

Tin confronts Muk on the bridge in Episode 13 of Ossan's Love HK.

The most compelling moment in the episode must be Tin and Muk's confrontation on the bridge. It's a powerful scene, packed with tension and melancholy between the couple. The breakup has taken an emotional toll on Tin, who is dazed, confused, upset, and frustrated that Muk wouldn't communicate with him. After much struggle, he manages to corner Muk, confronting him on the same bridge they broke up once before.

Tin tells Muk that he wants to get back together, not caring about his family's expectations. Unfortunately, Muk remains convinced they wouldn't have a happy future together. He refuses to give this relationship another chance and walks away from this Tin.

I like seeing the more serious side to Tin, who has been quite goofy and happy-go-lucky up until now. He behaves like a cartoonish caricature most of the time, so it's good to see emotional depth from his character. This scene succeeds in humanizing Tin and showcasing the complexities of his feelings for Muk.

Episode 14 – KK's proposal

KK plans an elaborate proposal for Tin in Ossan's Love Hong Kong Episode 14.

I adore KK's proposal so much. The stunt is a bit over-the-top in typical KK fashion, but the sentiment was super cute and his creativity really appealed to me. It's a fun concept, turning your proposal into a mini scavenger hunt where you have to decipher clues along the way. I imagine a lot can go wrong with this type of proposal in real life, but watching it unfold in fiction is just magical.

By the time Tin pulled out that wedding ring from KK's jacket, I was already feeling completely enchanted with the whole scene. What a lovely and thoughtful proposal, I thought. If Tin doesn't want to marry KK, then I'll take him. Especially if he's wearing that wedding dress! 😍

Episode 15 – Tin and Muk kiss

Tin and Muk kiss at the end of Ossan's Love Hong Kong.

I love the last scene of the episode, ending the series on a sweet and satisfying note. The setting is perfect, taking place in the apartment where Tin and Muk spent the most time together. In the final scene, Muk kisses Tin all of a sudden, but it almost seems like he's a little reluctant. But in the next moment, we see that Tin initiates a kiss as well.

This is the first time in the whole series that Tin has willingly demonstrated physical affection towards Muk. The kiss is symbolic, showing that Tin is now comfortable in this relationship, and Muk's love will be reciprocated.

On a related note, after watching Tin's kisses throughout the series, I don't think he's that great of a kisser. However, that's something Muk can teach him with lots and lots of practice. 😉 By the way, there's apparently a steamier version of the kiss between Tin and Muk. Since the finale, the BL fans in Hong Kong have been relentlessly trying to get this footage released, haha. 😙

Ossan's Love Japan vs Ossan's Love Hong Kong

Original Series

Ossan's Love 2018 series Drama review

Ossan's Love Hong Kong is a remake of the 2018 Japanese BL drama.

Ossan's Love Hong Kong is a remake of the 2018 Japanese BL drama. The original series is extremely popular in Japan, but it has also resonated with audiences around the world, including Hong Kong! Compared to the remake, the story in Ossan's Love Japan is shorter and more compact. It basically has the same story as the Hong Kong version, but does not include some of the new storylines from the remake.

In the original Ossan's Love, this zany workplace comedy is carried by an energetic cast with pitch-perfect comedic timing. This is the breakout role for Kei Tanaka, who nails his performance with hilarious acting. If you enjoyed Ossan's Love Hong Kong, much of the charm and humour come from the original series. Personally, I'm a fan of both versions and think they're respectively great in their own way.


Ossan's Love Hong Kong is a fairly faithful remake of the original version, but there're some minor changes made to the details here or there. In the below section, I'll go over some of the differences between Ossan's Love Japan and its Hong Kong counterpart.

The lead characters

In the original drama, the main character Haruta is in his early thirties. Although he's a big kid at heart, Haruta is old enough to be the "ossan" in the title. His love interest Maki is younger than him. In the Hong Kong version, the main character Tin is in his late twenties, while his love interest Muk is around the same age. There's less of an age difference between them.

Haruta and Tin have very similar personalities. Maybe Haruta is a little louder and more boisterous, whereas Tin is cheekier and more mischievous. Maki and Muk are also pretty similar. However, Maki seems more vulnerable and wears his heart on his sleeves, while Muk is more guarded and masks his feelings behind a cool composure.

Haruta and Maki share an intimate hug in Ossan's Love Japan.
Tin and Muk share an intimate hug in Ossan's Love Hong Kong.

The ossan

In the original Japanese series, the ossan is more of a comedic caricature. The actor gives a very theatrical performance and he hams it up a lot. While Kurosawa is very funny to watch, his over-the-top characterization doesn't always feel grounded or realistic. When I'm watching his scenes, there's a sense of "I'm laughing AT him" rather than "I'm laughing WITH him".

In the Hong Kong version, the ossan character is more nuanced and sophisticated. The actor also hams it up a lot, but we spend more time with him and get to see other facets of his personality. We get to see him be more vulnerable, more sentimental, and more reflective. As a result, KK's characterization is well-rounded. He's more of a sympathetic figure than the butt of a joke.

I should also highlight the differences in their physical appearances. The actor playing Kurosawa is slightly older and does look more like his age. The actor playing KK is taller, more muscular, and very fit for a man in his late fifties. Based on how he looks, his demeanour comes across quite differently from his Japanese counterpart.

Kurosawa is the Japanese version of the ossan.
KK is the Hong Kong version of the ossan.

The coworkers

While the three main characters are pretty similar between the Japanese and Hong Kong versions, some changes have been made to the supporting cast. The coworkers in Ossan's Love Hong Kong have slightly more pronounced personalities than their Japanese counterparts. Here are some of their differences:

  • Utamaro is depicted as a young and immature real estate agent. Louis, his Hong Kong substitute, is more flirty and suave.
  • Segawa is simply the office gossip with a wicked laugh. In the Hong Kong version, Carmen's big appetite for food is a new character trait.
  • Takekawa is strict, but mostly comes across as weird and offbeat. His doppelganger Darren is meaner and moodier in the Hong Kong version.
  • Aki, one of the female employees, has a small but recurring role throughout the Japanese drama. Her counterpart Mary leaves the company after the first episode, making Carmen the only female employee in the office.
  • Justice is the new employee introduced in the Japanese Ossan's Love movie. His Hong Kong equivalent might be Kelvin, who joins the company in Episode 13. Their personalities aren't really that alike though. Justice is more animated and enthusiastic, whereas Kelvin is timid and polite.
Ossan's Love Japan has a colourful supporting cast.
Ossan's Love Hong Kong elaborates more on its supporting cast.

The family members

In the original Japanese version, the lead character begins the series living with his mother. However, the mom gets fed up with her son's slovenly ways and moves out of the house after an argument. His mom believes that Haruta, a grown man in his thirties, should be able to take care of himself.

In the Hong Kong version, the lead character begins the series living by himself. Tin has an older sister, but she moved out after getting married. Tin's parents have immigrated away from Hong Kong, a common phenomenon in the city these days. As the Chinese government kills Hong Kong's democratic freedoms, many have escaped the city before they're imprisoned for speaking up about their human rights.

Haruta's mom abandons him in Ossan's Love Japan.
Tin's older sister can't take care of him anymore in Ossan's Love Hong Kong.

The bus scene

In the Japanese version, the woman on the bus apologized to Haruta after making a false accusation against him. Nobody was touching her. It was just a figment of her imagination.

In the Hong Kong version, the woman on the bus discovered that a tennis racket was brushing against her body. Nonetheless, she refused to apologize to Tin and stormed off in a fit of rage.

The lady on the bus reacted differently in Ossan's Love Japan.
The lady on the bus reacted differently in Ossan's Love Hong Kong.

The secret pictures

In the 2016 Japanese special, Haruta used Kurosawa's phone to take a team picture, but accidentally saw many other photographs of him on the phone. This is how the Ossan's Love story begins, with Kurosawa confessing his love for Haruta after getting caught.

In the 2018 Japanese series, Kurosawa used Haruta's photo as the wallpaper on his phone. When he dropped the phone, Haruta picked it up and freaked out after seeing his picture. Feeling suspicious, he snooped around on the office computer and found even more hidden images of himself.

In the 2021 Hong Kong series, the remake used the same storyline from the 2016 special instead of the 2018 drama. Tin discovers all the hidden pictures of himself on KK's phone during a team photo. Personally, I liked this version better, which felt like a more probable scenario that could realistically happen.

Haruta discovers his picture on his boss' phone in Ossan's Love Japan.
Tin discovers his picture on his boss' phone in Ossan's Love Hong Kong.

The divorce

The Hong Kong version of Ossan's Love spends more time on elaborating the divorce between KK and Francesca. There are more scenes dedicated to the characters, covering the deterioration of their marriage every step along the way. The Japanese version treats this as a minor subplot, whereas the Hong Kong remake focuses on the divorce as one of their main plots. As a result, the emotional undertones between KK and Francesca are a lot more powerful. The two characters really feel like a couple who have been married for a long time.

Speaking of the divorce, Francesca's friend Nancy is another new addition to Ossan's Love Hong Kong. In the original Japanese drama, Choko didn't have any friends. She mostly talked to herself during the divorce process. In the Hong Kong version, Francesca has an actual friend to confide in. With that said, Nancy is an insignificant character and doesn't serve any purpose other than as a sounding board for Francesca.

The married couple's divorce is a minor subplot in Ossan's Love Japan.
Ossan's Love Hong Kong spends more time on the married couple's divorce.

The ex-wife

In the original Ossan's love, Utamaro takes an interest in Choko after her divorce. They share a few scenes together during the series, but their romantic connection isn't highlighted too much. At the end of the drama, Choko and Maro become a couple. The two of them continue their romance in the Ossan's Love movie, where he eventually proposes to Choko and she accepts.

In Ossan's Love Hong Kong, Louis takes an interest in Francesca after her divorce. They share a lot of scenes together, and we actually see their relationship progress in every episode. At first, Francesca is hesitant to begin a romance with Louis, concerned about their age difference. However, she is won over by his sincerity and they start dating in Episode 12. In the final episode, Louis proposes to Francesca and she accepts.

Utamaro proposes to Choko in the Ossan's Love movie.
Louis proposes to Francesca at the end of Ossan's Love Hong Kong.

The ex-boyfriend

In Ossan's Love Japan, Maki's ex-boyfriend is his coworker Takekawa, a single gay man with no wife or kids. They broke up because their feelings for each other cooled off, but Takekawa regrets this decision and wants to win Maki back.

In Ossan's Love Hong Kong, Muk's ex-boyfriend is his coworker Darren. Unlike his Japanese counterpart, Darren is a divorced single dad with a son. He left his wife after falling in love with Muk, who cannot forgive his ex for dating him while married. Darren feels guilty about his failed marriage and doesn't want his kid to get attached to a father like him. Darren repairs the relationship with his son before he leaves for the United States.

Interestingly, Ossan's Love: In the Sky (the second season of Ossan's Love) also features a single dad character with a similar predicament as Darren. The Hong Kong version took Shino's storyline and merged it with Darren's backstory instead. In the original version, Shino divorced his wife because of his sexuality and didn't stay in touch with his son afterwards. Shino reunites with his son in an emotional moment before he leaves for Thailand.

Ossan's Love: In the Sky also has a single dad character with a son.
In Ossan's Love Hong Kong, the ex-boyfriend is a divorced dad with a son.

The engaged couple

In the Japanese original, Haruta's university friend is a famous novelist, while his fiancée is an athlete. At the end of Episode 2, Tin gives an empowering speech to the engaged couple. He tells them to stop thinking about their dream house based on their own individual needs. Instead, Haruta encourages them to think in terms of their future together as a married couple.

In the Hong Kong remake, the engaged couple has different occupations. She's now a famous cartoon artist, while he works at a lucrative IT job. At the end of Episode 3, Tin reads over the fiancée's published artbook, which contains cute little cartoons of the couple being happy together. He takes a picture of the cartoon picture, reminding the couple to cherish their love for each other.

In the Japanese Ossan's Love, the engaged couple is an athlete and a novelist.
In Ossan's Love Hong Kong, the engaged couple is an artist and an office worker.

The scam

In the Japanese version, Teppei is an aspiring musician and part of a band. He uses a recording device to document any melody that inspires him. Due to the real estate fraud, Teppei loses both his restaurant and his residence. He is forced to live with his bandmates.

In the Hong Kong version, Ping is an aspiring stand-up comedian. He uses the recording device to document any jokes that inspire him. Due to the real estate fraud, Ping loses his home and is forced to live at his bar. His love interest Carmen gets a lot more involved in helping him than her Japanese counterpart Segawa.

Teppei is a musician in Ossan's Love Japan.
Ping is an aspiring comedian in Ossan's Love Hong Kong.

The celebrity couple

The celebrity couple storyline is pretty similar between the two versions. The main difference in Ossan's Love Hong Kong is that the two celebrities already have a connection with the people in the real estate company. SK is KK's nephew, while Kathy is Muk's classmate. In the Japanese version, the celebrities don't have any prior relationship with the characters. As a result, their interactions tend to be more formal than the Hong Kong version.

In Ossan's Love Japan, the celebrity couple doesn't have any connection with the real estate company.
In Ossan's Love Hong Kong, the celebrity couple has a previous connection with the characters.

The illness

In the Japanese version, Haruta never goes overseas when Maki falls sick. Haruta stays at home to take care of Maki, preparing poorly cooked food for his boyfriend.

In the Hong Kong version, Tin has travelled to Taiwan when Muk falls sick, so no one cares for him at home. At the end of Episode 11, Muk dreams of Tin taking his temperature, but then wakes up and finds out it's a fantasy sequence. Later in the series, KK is the one who falls sick and Tin prepares food for him instead.

Maki falls sick in Ossan's Love Japan and Haruta takes care of him.
Muk falls sick in Ossan's Love Hong Kong and dreams that Tin takes care of him.

After the breakup

The Japanese and Hong Kong versions of Ossan's Love diverge quite significantly after the breakup. In the Japanese original, Kurosawa visits Haruta's apartment frequently after Maki's departure. Later, Haruta accepts a business relocation to Shanghai, China, and Kurosawa wants to take early retirement to join him there. However, the two of them never actually left Japan together.

In the Hong Kong version, KK visits Tin's apartment frequently after Muk departs. Later, KK and Tin both relocate to Taipei, Taiwan to launch a new office there. The two of them end up spending an entire year living together abroad. Ossan's Love Hong Kong elaborates on KK and Tin's bond during their time in Taiwan. The Japanese version basically shows a quick montage of their relationship, whereas the Hong Kong version shows a natural sequence of events.

After Haruta and Maki break up, Kurosawa looks after Haruta in Ossan's Love Japan.
After Tin and Muk break up, KK looks after Tin in Ossan's Love Hong Kong.

The proposal

In the Japanese version, Kurosawa proposes to Haruta in the final episode. The proposal takes place in a shopping mall, where Kurosawa surprises Haruta by coordinating a flash mob. They do a large song and dance in front of a huge audience until Haruta is pressured into saying yes.

In the Hong Kong version, KK proposes to Tin in the penultimate episode. The proposal takes place in a restaurant, where KK surprises Tin by coordinating a mini scavenger hunt. He involves a dozen of actors who get involved as part of this scavenger hunt. By the end, Tin locates a wedding ring in KK's jacket, and he's pressured into saying yes in front of everyone.

In Ossan's Love Japan, Kurosawa proposes to Haruta in a shopping mall.
In Ossan's Love Hong Kong, KK proposes to Tin in a restaurant.

After the proposal

In Ossan's Love Japan, Maki and Chizu aren't super close with each other and don't keep in touch often. After learning about Haruta's engagement, Maki and Chizu have a chat together. They shout at the ocean to vent out their frustrations, including a snarky comment about Haruta's long legs.

In Ossan's Love Hong Kong, Muk and Tze Chin become friends and meet up regularly. Before Haruta's engagement, Muk and Tze Chin have a heart-to-heart chat. They shout at the sea to vent out their frustrations, including a snarky comment about Tin's short legs. Muk and Tze Chin have yet another chat after learning about Haruta's engagement, where Tze Chin comforts her friend.

Maki and Chizu have a chat after learning about the proposal in Ossan's Love Japan.
Muk and Tze chat after the proposal in Ossan's Love Hong Kong.

After the wedding

After the wedding was called off in Ossan's Love Japan, Kurosawa tells Haruta that Maki is taking an extended overseas vacation. Haruta doesn't know where to find Maki, but randomly encounters him in the middle of the street with a suitcase. The two of them reunite in an emotional embrace.

After the wedding was called off in Ossan's Love Hong Kong, KK tells Tin that Muk is taking a long break at his hometown in Tai O. Haruta goes to Muk's family home, but encounters the dad who encourages Tin to go after his son. This scene was not present in the original version. Later, Tin finds Muk nearby and the two of them reunite in an emotional embrace.

Haruta finds Maki on the streets after the wedding was called off in Ossan's Love Japan.
Tin finds Muk in his hometown after the wedding was called off in Ossan's Love Hong Kong.

The ending

The ending is similar between the two Ossan's Love series, but there are a few differences. In Ossan's Love Japan, Haruta still goes to China, but maintains a long-distance relationship with Maki. Also, Kurosawa never retires and continues to be the boss of the company. In Ossan's Love Hong Kong, Tin and Muk both leave for Taiwan to manage the office there together. Strangely enough, KK has been demoted from the company and he's working under Darren instead.

In the original Ossan's Love ending, Maki kisses Haruta and then Haruta kisses back Maki. However, the episode cuts away just as Haruta plants the kiss on his boyfriend, so we never see it happening on screen. The scene fades to black before the second kiss.

In the Ossan's Love Hong Kong ending, Muk kisses Tin and then Tin kisses back Muk. We actually see the second kiss take place for a few seconds before the series officially ends. In fact, Tin goes for yet another kiss right before the ending credits roll. He can't get enough of Muk's lips~ 😘

Maki kisses Haruta in the Ossan's Love Japan ending.
Muk kisses Tin in the Ossan's Love Hong Kong ending.

Ossan's Love Hong Kong Behind the Scenes

Ossan's Love Hong Kong Information

I wanted to highlight some local Hong Kong illustrators and cartoonists who have embraced the Ossan's Love fandom. All artworks are credited to the original artists.

Below is a compilation of videos related to Ossan's Love Hong Kong. These are all YouTube videos, consisting of bonus footage, interviews, and special goodies for the hardcore fans to enjoy. All videos are in Cantonese.

  1. Okay, I just watched this one and I have things to say!

    First of all: KK and Tin's relationship annoys me too much. I just can't put into words how much I hate the way that KK doesn't respect what Tin wants and keeps forcing stuff, when he's clearly uncomfortable. And how Tin is in a relationship with someone he doesn't want to be.

    Second: If it wasn't for Edan acting, Tin would be such an annoying character. The fact that he never makes a decision for himself makes me hate him, but Edan is so good and funny that makes the character so likable that is impossible to hate him. Sometimes I wold just scream "DO SOMETHING" at the screen and than laugh about some dumb face that Edan did.

    And third: Anson Lo is the most beautiful man on Earth. Sometimes I had to rewind the episode cuz I was staring at Anson and forgot to read the subtitles. God, he's gorgeous. And Muk is such a good character too, all his crying scenes were amazing.

    Anyways, this show was so fun to watch, I laughed a lot and feel in love with the characters. I just wish that it went a little bit deeper in Tin's sexuality, cuz he never shows any sexual attraction towards mens, just literally on the last scene when he kissed Muk back. Just wish that they showed something about him finding out that he's bissexual, just a classic "omg why am I starring at my naked roomate" scene would be enough. And that's not just cuz I wanted to see Anson shirtless, it would be good for the plot, ok?

    I think that's all, English is not my first language but i hope you understand everything I said!

    Aaaand, could you give some BL recommendations that are as fun to watch as this one? Pleeeease~~~

    1. 1. I agree, there's an unhealthy dynamic between KK and Tin. How their relationship started is especially inappropriate since KK is Tin's boss and has a lot of power over his subordinate. While I don't believe KK would've retaliated if Tin said no, this still isn't an acceptable position to put your employee in. Maybe the company found out about his problematic romance and that's why he got demoted in the end. 😅

      2. Edan brings so much charm, energy, and likability to Tin's character. A less charismatic actor wouldn't have been able to carry this role for sure. Whenever Tin does something so frustrating, I react the same way that Muk did when Tin broke the toilet: "How cute of you~" He's so adorable with all his silly expressions and I can't hate him either.

      3. An astounding yes! In this comments section, we stan Anson Lo. 💛 He looks super sharp in his suits and wear them so well. Wouldn't mind if he comes to my workplace one day and start a little office romance with me. 😙

      Thanks for leaving the comment, and I understand everything you wrote perfectly! I'm so glad you enjoyed Ossan's Love Hong Kong, which also brought me much joy & laughter. It would've been AMAZING if Tin's sexuality was fleshed out more, with stronger indications that Tin was developing an attraction towards Muk. Remember those scenes where Tin & Tze Chin discovered their attraction? I wanted Tin to have that same kind of discovery with Muk, which would've been a prime opportunity for BL content. 😞

      If you're looking for another fun BL series similar to Ossan's Love Hong Kong, I might recommend Lovely Writer, which was released earlier this year.

      – It's a sweet and lighthearted romantic comedy with an upbeat tone. IMO, not as funny as Ossan's Love, but still charming in its own way.
      – The main characters are also roommates, sharing a similar (yet different) dynamic as Tin and Muk.
      – There's good chemistry between the leads with quite a bit of physical affection. The drama is also very respectful towards consent.

      I also have a full list of the best BL dramas with all my favourites, if you haven't checked it out already. Ossan's Love HK is on that list!

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