The New Employee – Series Review & Ending Explained

The New Employee is a Thai BL series about an office romance at an advertising company.

The New Employee is a Korean BL series about a marketing intern, his boss, and their office romance. The main character begins an internship at an advertising company. He works under a strict supervisor known for his demanding work ethic. Although their relationship doesn't have the best start, they warm up to each other. Soon, the two colleagues must navigate a budding attraction as they work closely together.

The lead actors of The New Employee are attractive studs who form a handsome couple. At times, I can see glimpses of potential in their mature workplace romance. However, the characters fall in love too promptly instead of building up to a passionate journey. Also, this unexciting BL series is low on energy and doesn't inspire enthusiasm. The mundane story is missing a touch of dramatic flair.

The New Employee Summary



Series Info:

South Korea (2022)


3 hours

Total Episodes:

7 episodes


Office romance


The New Employee is a cute & sweet BL drama.


The New Employee is about a workplace romance between an intern and his boss.

Seung Hyun is a grad school graduate with no job experience. He begins his internship at AR Communications, an advertising agency. At the end of his trial, Seung Hyun hopes to gain full-time employment at this company. He meets his supervisor, Jong Chan, a workaholic with strict standards. Although Seung Hyun shows up to his first day of work on time, Jong Chan chastises him for not arriving even earlier. He also implies Seung Hyun isn't experienced enough for this job position.

Despite the lousy first impression, Seung Hyun works hard around the office. His tasks mainly involve deliveries and errands, but he handles these tasks enthusiastically. Soon, employees from other divisions hear about his reputation. They offload their projects onto him, even though the work isn't in his jurisdiction. Seung Hyun takes on the extra workload because he doesn't want to say no to his superiors. After Jong Chan learns what happened, he steps in and stops the other workers from taking advantage of Seung Hyun.

Over time, Jong Chan begins to warm up to Seung Hyun. He defends Seung Hyun when other employees boss him around. In addition, Jong Chan allows the intern to sit in during internal company meetings. Jong Chan pitches Seung Hyun's idea for an advertising project and gives him credit. Seung Hyun is thankful that his supervisor has granted him these opportunities to learn and grow. He soon develops a secret crush on his handsome boss.

Seung Hyun has several friends in the company. He bonds with Kang Hae, another intern who works in different divisions. He is also close with Ji Yeon, a copywriter. Seung Hyun and Ji Yeon have known each other since university. They were both members of Rainbow Rice Cake, the LGBTQ organization on campus. Coincidentally, Jong Chan attended the same university, although they haven't met until now. Rumours circulate that Jong Chan looks after Seung Hyun because they're alumni. Jong Chan's rivals believe he has a "clique", which includes Seung Hyun.

Seung Hyun is unlucky in love. He never dated anyone and remains a virgin. During his university days, Seung Hyun harboured a secret crush on his classmate, Yu Seong. In fact, Yu Seong was the reason why Seung Hyun signed up for grad school, just to get closer to him. Yet, their relationship never became romantic. Years later, Seung Hyun is surprised to reunite with Yu Seong at the company. Yu Seong is one of the agency's clients. Seeing his old crush brings back anguished memories of Seung Hyun, who's trying to move on from him.

The New Employee Trailer

The New Employee Cast


Seung Hyun

Moon Ji Yong (문지용)

Seung Hyun is portrayed by the Korean actor Moon Ji Yong (문지용).

Seung Hyun is a new intern at an advertising agency. He's excited to start his first job after finishing grad school. Although Seung Hyun's tasks mainly involve office errands, he's eager to help his coworkers. Seung Hyun is friends with Ji Yeon, who have known each other since their university days. They were both members of Rainbow Rice Cake, the LGBTQ organization on campus.

Moon Ji Yong

Moon Ji Yong (문지용) is a Korean actor. He is born on June 4, 1993.

Moon Ji Yong (문지용) is a Korean actor. He is born on June 4, 1993. His first BL project is the 2022 series, Once Again. He also stars in an office BL series, The New Employee.

Jong Chan

Kwon Hyuk (권혁)

Jong Chan is portrayed by the Korean actor Kwon Hyuk (권혁).

Jong Chan is Seung Hyun's supervisor at the advertising agency. Initially, he was displeased because the company hired an intern to replace the assistant manager position. Over time, Jong Chan warms up to Seung Hyun and defends him from the other employees. Jong Chan is a workaholic who spends most of his time working constantly. He is single and lives in a fancy apartment loft with his cat.

Kwon Hyuk

Kwon Hyuk (권혁) is a Korean actor. He is born on February 19, 1989.

Kwon Hyuk (권혁) is a Korean actor. He is born on February 19, 1989. His first BL project is the 2022 series, The New Employee.

Supporting Cast

Ji Yeon is portrayed by the Korean actress Baek Ji Hye (백지혜).

Ji Yeon

Baek Ji Hye (백지혜)

Kang Hae is portrayed by the Korean actress Nam Kyu Hee (남규희).

Kang Hae

Nam Kyu Hee (남규희)

Yoo Seong is portrayed by the Korean actor Choi Si Hun (최시훈).

Yu Seong

Choi Si Hun (최시훈)

Director Kim is portrayed by the Korean actress Ye Ji Won (예지원).

Director Kim

Ye Ji Won (예지원)

Mr. Choi is the antagonist of The New Employee.

Mr. Choi

Jong Chan owns a cat.

Yang Hee

Cast Highlights

  • Seung Hyun's actor (Moon Ji Hyong) starred in the 2022 Korean BL drama Once Again.

The New Employee Review


Drama Review Score: 7.2

Seung Hyun and Jong Chan smile at each other.

The New Employee has a mature vibe. The BL genre contains many stories with youthful protagonists, focusing on their schoolyard antics or adolescent phases. In contrast, this series features adult characters and their workplace experiences. Both leads are career-driven men who think ambitiously and behave professionally. While a few moments have lighthearted humour, most scenes are portrayed without unnecessary silliness or childishness. The New Employee feels like a sensible BL drama targeting an older demographic.

My favourite part of The New Employee is the attractive cast. The leads are handsome studs who look suave in their business attire. Jong Chan's actor (Kwon Hyuk) exudes authority with his broad shoulders, tall stature, and commanding presence. His costar (Moon Ji Yong) shines brightly with sparkling eyes and a wide, innocent smile. Together, they make such a hot couple, appealing to the superficial side of me. Before their love story even began, I had already pictured them in my vivid office fantasies. I wanna see Jong Chan and Seung Hyun make out on top of a photocopier! 😚

Sadly, The New Employee lacks excitement. None of the uninspiring workplace storylines spark my enthusiasm. Most office scenes are written mundanely, almost as dull as attending a business meeting in real life. I also don't care about the bland antagonists or their corporate politics. As the plot develops, many events feel forgettable without leaving an impression. The dialogue isn't sharp enough, the jokes aren't funny enough, and the flirting doesn't feel fierce enough. Most of all, The New Employee is missing energy. It needs an injection of flair, liveliness, and pizazz.

Part of the joy in a workplace romance is the playful flirting and budding sexual tension between colleagues. A love story builds momentum by teasing the will-they-or-won't-they dynamic. Yet, The New Employee hardly emphasizes this phase of the courtship. The main characters fall in love too promptly without enough development. I would've liked more scenes highlighting their mentorship dynamic and attraction to each other. When the couple gets together, there's a lack of seduction and fantasy. Their union doesn't feel like the culmination of a passionate journey.

The later episodes include cozy exchanges that make up for the lack of flirting in the beginning. Once Seung Hyun and Jong Chan become romantically involved, their delightful relationship scenes charm me. I enjoy their smooth, easygoing rapport. They go through a rough patch with the Yu Seong subplot, which could be handled better. Even so, the conflict is a minor annoyance than a deal breaker. Although the romance strengthens near the end, the love story still falls a little short of satisfying me. Ultimately, I want more BL content to solidify this couple.

The New Employee has a happy ending and resolves Seung Hyun's crisis neatly. However, the finale focuses mainly on the office drama, which has always been the weakest aspect of the plot. Another part of my dissatisfaction comes from the unachieved potential. The lead actors are so compatible, but the story doesn't amplify their chemistry. Instead, they must work with an average script that limits their talents. Overall, The New Employee is an okay series with some decent relationship moments. Yet, it pales in comparison to other workplace BL romances.


Mundane story

The New Employee is low on energy and lacks excitement. It doesn't inspire enthusiasm with the mundane workplace drama. Most scenes feel forgettable and don't leave an impression.

Mature romance

The characters fall in love promptly without a romantic journey. However, their relationship strengthens near the end. The leads share cozy exchanges with a delightful rapport.

Decent acting

Both leads are handsome hunks who make a hot couple. Jong Chan's actor (Kwon Hyuk) exudes authority with a commanding presence. His costar (Moon Ji Yong) radiates in every scene.

Happy ending

The New Employee has a happy ending. Although Seung Hyun faces a crisis at work, Jong Chan comes to his rescue. Overall, the finale focuses too much on the office drama instead of the romance.

Solid artistry

The series occasionally dazzles with its BL-friendly visuals. I love how it centres on the couple during intimate moments. Of course, the hot actors make everything look more suave and stylish!


The New Employee is a sensible office BL drama with a mature approach. The attractive lead actors carry a lacklustre plot to the best of their ability. Ultimately, the series lacks energy and pizazz.

The New Employee Episodes

Episode Guide

Seung Hyun and Jong Chan share a playful moment.

The New Employee has a total of 7 episodes. Each episode is around 20 minutes long. It is a medium-length BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 3 hours. The New Employee started on December 21, 2022 and ended on February 1, 2023.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Episode 1 Summary
Seung Hyun shares an intimate moment with Jong Chan in the office.

Seung Hyun is a new employee at an advertising agency. He's starting his first day as an intern. Although Seung Hyun shows up on time, his supervisor Jong Chan lectures him for not arriving earlier. Jong Chan also seems displeased about the company hiring an intern to fill the assistant manager vacancy. Later, Seung Hyun meets Kang Hae, another intern at the company. She warns him that Jong Chan has a strict reputation as a workaholic and a perfectionist.

Seung Hyun works hard at his job, doing various menial errands. The other employees notice his work ethic and take advantage of him. They delegate their projects to him, even though the workload isn't his responsibility. Seung Hyun doesn't want to refuse his superiors. When Jong Chan discovers what has been happening, he sticks up for Seung Hyun. Jong Chan tells his subordinate not to do other people's work. Seung Hyun is grateful that his supervisor looks after him.

Jong Chan invites Seung Hyun for lunch. They share an intimate moment in the cramped elevator. Surprisingly, they run into Yoo Seong, Seung Hyun's old university acquaintance. Yu Seong happens to be a client of the marketing agency. The three men gather for lunch as Seung Hyun catches up with his school senior. However, Seung Hyun doesn't seems reserved during this reunion. The episode ends with a flashback. Seung Hyun met Yu Seong at Rainbow Rice Cake, the LGBTQ organization at his university.

Episode 1 Review
Seung Hyun smiles at himself in the mirror reflection.

Going into The New Employee, I really wanted it to succeed. One of the leads, Moon Ji Yong, starred in another BL drama, enticing me with his adorable smile. I was excited to see him in a different project, especially as the leading man in a cute rom-com. Overall, I like The New Employee more than Once Again. With that said, this role doesn't challenge him as much. In his previous work, his character goes through dramatic highs and lows. Either way, he's charismatic in both series and looks cute as always. 😚

The lunch scene is interesting. Firstly, do you notice Seung Hyun eating cream pasta during the meal? Later, we discover he pretended to like this food to impress Yu Seong. The fact he orders this dish shows he still wants his crush's approval. Secondly, there's a moment when Jong Chan asks the two friends how they met. Jong Chan brings up "that club in university" before Seung Hyun interrupts him. They met via the LGBT club, a personal detail Seung Hyun may not necessarily want his boss to know. His character's anxiety at that moment felt very real and humanizing.

I like seeing the younger versions of the leads! It's funny seeing their before-and-after pictures, especially Seung Hyun's nerd phase. Can you imagine sending THIS image on your resume and turning up at work looking like THAT? Talk about selling yourself short. Typically, people use a hot photo of themselves and look less attractive in real life. Seung Hyun reverses this phenomenon: "Surprise! I'm actually a handsome hunk!"

The younger version of Seung Hyun wears glasses.
Jong Chan looks younger in the company's directory.

Episode 2

Episode 2 Summary
Jong Chan kisses Seung Hyun at the end of The New Employee Episode 2.

Episode 2 begins with Seung Hyun's flashback of his university days. He and Yu Seong were both members of the LGBTQ club at school. Seung Hyun had a secret crush on his acquaintance, who was chummy around him. As Yu Seong enrolled in a PhD program, he convinced Seung Hyun to keep him company in grad school. However, their relationship didn't turn out well. Yu Seong merely toyed with his feelings without considering any possibility of romance. Seung Hyun was left heartbroken.

At work, Jong Chan asks Seung Hyun for his opinion on an advertising project. Seung Hyun gives honest feedback about the concept being stale. They arrive at the company meeting with other executives. Jong Chan presents Seung Hyun's idea of revitalizing the campaign and gives him proper credit. Director Kim likes the idea and wants them to proceed. Jong Chan states he looks forward to working with Seung Hyun on this project. Seung Hyun's friend Ji Yeon teases him about a potential romantic connection.

Jong Chan and Seung Hyun arrive for a company dinner with the other employees. Jong Chan remarks on Seung Hyun and Ji Yeon's close bond. However, she clarifies they aren't dating. They are both members of the university's LGBTQ club. Ji Yeon gets drunk, and Jong Chan offers to drive her home safely. After she leaves, the two colleagues share an intimate moment at the end of the episode. Seung Hyun loses his balance and leans his body against his boss. Surprisingly, Jong Chan kisses Seung Hyun on the cheek.

Episode 2 Review
Seung Hyun and Ji Yeon are both part of the Rainbow Rice Cakes.

"Because we're the famous rainbow rice cakes!" Why do they get up and do a synchronized routine as they announce this!? I'M SCREAMING. I really like Seung Hyun and Ji Yeon's rapport. To be honest, I'd rather watch flashbacks of their friendship instead of Seung Hyun and Yu Seong's scenes. Show us more Rainbow Rice Cakes and their zany adventures! I want to see what the characters were like during their university days beyond Yu Seong.

Oh wow, I'm surprised. I wasn't expecting Seung Hyun and Jong Chan to kiss so soon. So far, their characters haven't bonded that closely. While Jong Chan seems nicer than in the first episode, their relationship resembles platonic coworkers. I don't feel a sense of romance. Jong Chan is also very stoic, making it hard to decipher his intentions. I interpret his attraction to Seung Hyun as almost entirely physical. He only likes the hot intern for his looks, right? I wanted a more emotional and nuanced connection between them. 

Episode 3

Episode 3 Summary
Jong Chan looks at Seung Hyun before kissing him.

Episode 3 begins after the kiss. Jong Chan immediately pulls away and claims the intimate moment is a mistake. At work the next day, Seung Hyun is still thinking about the kiss. However, Jong Chan pretends to be business as usual. He offers career advice to his subordinate, who feels lost about what to do after his mentorship. Jong Chan gives Seung Hyun encouragement and pats him on the head.

Yu Seong and Jong Chan have drinks after work. As Yu Seong chats about love, he teases his workaholic friend for not understanding the feeling. Just then, Jong Chan receives a phone call from Ji Yeon. She tells him several company seniors have given Seung Hyun a hard time. These employees have noticed Jong Chan and Seung Hyun's bond. They worry Jong Chan is building a "clique" in the company. So, they invite Seung Hyun to karaoke after work and get him drunk to pry information out of him. Jong Chan arrives to rescue his subordinate.

Jong Chan offers to bring Seung Hyun home, but an intoxicated Seung Hyun teases his supervisor. Jong Chan admits it has been hard to maintain a professional relationship after their first kiss. He then leans in for a kiss, smooching Seung Hyun on the lips. The next day, Seung Hyun's friends are excited about his hook-up, although he doesn't reveal his suitor's identity. Despite the kiss, Seung Hyun isn't sure they are officially dating. They haven't defined their relationship yet. He gets his answer at the end of the episode when Jong Chan invites him on a movie date. 

Episode 3 Review
Jong Chan kisses a drunken Seung Hyun outside.

I understand both characters were under the influence of alcohol. However, Jong Chan overstepped professional boundaries with the kiss. He offers to drive his drunken subordinate home and then finds an opportunity to take advantage of him. If this wasn't BL, Seung Hyun could take what happened to HR and put Jong Chan into trouble. "It was a mistake." Oh! Sounds like he just admitted culpability! This love story takes a dark turn when the new employee reports his boss for sexual harassment!

After the kiss, it tainted my perception of Jong Chan's character. It made me skeptical of his intentions. When he offers career guidance, I start questioning his sincerity. Is he genuine about helping Seung Hyun? Or does he just want to get into the intern's pants? This problem partially comes from the series not developing their romance enough. If the story fleshed out Jong Chan and Seung Hyun's attraction more, my doubts wouldn't be so prominent.

I'm not a fan of the kiss at the end of this episode. For the second time, Jong Chan waits until Seung Hyun is drunk before making a move on him. The first intimate encounter may have been a mistake, but now you're a repeat offender. Here are the facts: you're his boss, you see your intoxicated employee, and your first instinct is to kiss him. Beyond the issue of boundaries, I find the circumstances trashy. Instead of enjoying a fun and flirty romance, I get a sketchy and sleazy vibe.

Episode 4

Episode 4 Summary
Seung Hyun and Jong Chan kiss passionately in The New Employee Episode 4.

Episode 4 begins with Jong Chan and Seung Hyun's first date. Jong Chan looks anxious before the date. He recalls criticisms from his ex-boyfriends, who all chastise him for being a workaholic. Despite his insecurities, the date goes well. The couple enjoys a lovely private dinner, followed by intimate movie viewing. Jong Chan holds Seung Hyun's hand during the film and reaffirms his feelings. Seung Hyun smiles brightly in response.

Jong Chan and Seung Hyun continue being cozy around the office. At one point, Jong Chan rests his head on his boyfriend's shoulder. However, they must hide their relationship from their colleagues. Seung Hyun still hasn't told his friends who his mysterious suitor is. Meanwhile, their advertising project is a success. The client is delighted with Jong Chan and Seung Hyun's work. Yet, Jong Chan's colleagues conspire against him behind his back. They're worried about his growing influence over the company, particularly his clique and close connection with Seung Hyun.

Jong Chan invites Seung Hyun to his apartment for celebratory drinks. As they watch TV, Jong Chan apologizes for always talking about work. Yet, Seung Hyun doesn't mind and likes learning more about his boyfriend. They make out. Their suggestive exchange also implies they will have sex later that night. The series jumps to the following day, and Jong Chan has gone out to grab breakfast. When Seung Hyun sees a pen on the table, his expression darkens. He urgently leaves the apartment. The episode ends with Jong Chan confused about his boyfriend's reaction.

Episode 4 Review
Seung Hyun and Jong Chan watch a movie on their date.

I like the first scene of this episode, which gives us insights into Jong Chan's thinking. He sets up an extravagant date night at a fancy restaurant. However, the story examines Jong Chan's insecurities over his unsuccessful dating history. He worries this relationship will fail, like so many in the past. Jong Chan goes all out to create a romantic evening to overcompensate. This motivation adds nuance to his characterization, revealing Jong Chan is vulnerable beneath his calm and poised demeanour.

After a successful day at work, Jong Chan invites Seung Hyun for celebratory drinks at his apartment. I love Jong Chan's sheepish reaction. His expression contains bashfulness mixed with giddy excitement. Seung Hyun can read between the lines and knows he's getting laid. That is the look of someone thinking to himself, "Yup, I'm definitely losing my virginity tonight~" Later, they kiss at the apartment. Suddenly, Seung Hyun interrupts the intimate moment to ask, "Should I go shower?" OMG I'M SCREAMING!!! Scrub every inch of that body clean because you're about to get very dirty!

I love all the relationship moments in this episode. Once Jong Chan and Seung Hyun start dating, their interactions finally have a sense of romantic fantasy that was missing earlier. However, the series could've pursued this angle even further. Let's build more passion between the characters beforehand and get the viewers excited when they kiss in the climax. I want an extensive journey as Jong Chan and Seung Hyun move from coworkers to lovers. That involves more of everything. Give me more chats, more dates, more flirting, and more kissing.

ALERT!!! 🚨 The movie version of The New Employee has an extended bedroom scene that doesn't appear in the original series. These extra thirty seconds show Jong Chan getting undressed and making out with his partner. Although it's not a significant moment in terms of plot, it's noteworthy if you're watching for steamy BL content. Oh my god, why did they not include this incredible footage in the drama version? This is what the fans want to see! Good thing I came back and rewatched the film, or else I would've missed the additional scene.

Episode 5

Episode 5 Summary
Seung Hyun used to have a crush on Yu Seong.

Episode 5 begins with a flashback between Seung Hyun and Yu Seong in their university days. Yu Seong broke up with his ex-boyfriend. Seung Hyun got his hopes up, thinking he had a chance to date his crush. The two men went shopping for a fountain pen. Seung Hyun assumed it was a gift for him. Instead, Yu Seong intended to buy the present for another guy he was courting. Seung Hyun was heartbroken and felt as if his feelings were being toyed. 

Now, Seung Hyun realizes Yu Seong bought the pen for Jong Chan. It bothers him that his former crush and his current boyfriend have dated in the past. Feeling tormented, Seung Hyun begins making mistakes at work. Jong Chan confronts him to find out what's wrong. Seung Hyun reveals that he's upset Yu Seong and Jong Chan shared a romantic history. After all, Yu Seong was his first love. However, Jong Chan believes his boyfriend is being unreasonable. He leaves their quarrel angrily.

Later, Jong Chan feels remorseful about their exchange. He wants to be more understanding since it was Seung Hyun's first relationship. Yet, the two men continue to be on frosty terms at work. During a company outing, they finally have a chance to talk and clear the air. Jong Chan says that he can't change his past. However, he's sincere about pursuing a relationship with Seung Hyun and wants to ease his heartache. The couple reconciles happily. The episode ends with them exchanging flirty text messages with each other.

Episode 5 Review
Seung Hyun and Jong Chan make up after their quarrel.

I find the Yu Seong storyline uneventful. In theory, it could have been an intriguing subplot exploring Seung Hyun's long-time crush and unrequited love. In practice, the scenes don't inspire enthusiasm. Their characters only chat a few times platonically. The so-called climax is buying a pen in a store. None of these events are exciting to watch. The storyteller should make the flashbacks spicier. Find a way to intensify Seung Hyun's emotions and desires as he pines after a friend toying with his feelings.

Likewise, I find Seung Hyun and Jong Chan's conflict irritating. In theory, I like the idea of the couple quarrelling about an ex-boyfriend. In practice, the events play out annoyingly. Both characters don't come across well in their chats, appearing either oversensitive or insensitive. Initially, I thought Seung Hyun giving his boyfriend the cold shoulder was an overreaction. But then, Jong Chan seemed patronizing during their confrontation in the supply room. While I appreciate the complexity of their situation, I don't enjoy the aggravating emotional drama as it unfolds.

Episode 6

Episode 6 Summary
Seung Hyun and Jong Chan sit by the pool, smiling at each other.

Episode 6 begins with Jong Chan and Seung Hyun going on a date at night. They open up and share more personal information about themselves. The couple also agrees to drop their honorifics around each other. At home, they have more casual conversations. Jong Chan wanted to be a journalist before switching to the advertising industry, so this job differed from his original career path. Jong Chan encourages Seung Hyun that he'll figure out what to do with his employment situation after the internship.

At work, the leads shoot an outdoor advertisement near a resort. The couple chats intimately after the filming. Seung Hyun reveals that he wants to apply for a full-time job in the company's Planning Team division. Jong Chan gives his boyfriend encouragement and believes in him. As they chat, the couple falls into the pool and frolics playfully in the water. They end the day watching the sunset together.

Seung Hyun hands in his job application. Before his official interviews, Jong Chan gives his boyfriend a good luck charm. It's the same talisman that his mom gave him as a student. Seung Hyun aces the interview and answers the questions confidently. However, the episode ends with him getting declined. The company didn't offer him a full-time job after the internship. His friend, Kang Hae, also has a sad look on her face. Both failed to get employment.

Episode 6 Review
Jong Chan encourages Seung Hyun in his career choices.

I enjoy Seung Hyun and Jong Chan's relationship scenes in this episode! From their deep chats to their affectionate interactions, it's great to see the characters bonding. Before, Jong Chan only seemed interested in Seung Hyun physically. But now, I'm convinced they have developed an emotional connection. Jong Chan comes across as a wise older mentor and a supportive boyfriend, helping Seung Hyun with his career ambitions.

With that said, the story drags a little whenever the characters are in the office. I like their romantic exchanges when they're outside of work. Those scenes showcase the couple's easygoing rapport. Yet, the non-romantic scenes are slower and less engaging. The job application process isn't that interesting in real life, and it's just as dull to watch on screen. This episode loses momentum in the last half of the episode as it focuses on Seung Hyun's career ambitions. Either add more exciting events or make this storyline move faster. 

Episode 6
Episode 7

Episode 7

Happy Ending
The New Employee has a happy ending where Seung Hyun and Jong Chan start their own company.

The New Employee has a happy ending where Seung Hyun overcomes his career troubles. Previously, the company didn't offer him a full-time job position. Despite doing well in the interviews, some executives sabotaged his scores to terminate his employment. They worried Seung Hyun would become a part of Jong Chan's clique if he stayed. As a result, Seung Hyun must leave at the end of his internship. Jong Chan opposed the unfair decision, but the CEO wouldn't change the results.

Kang Hae also didn't receive a full-time offer since she didn't have a university degree. The two interns console each other over their job loss. Kang Hae has an idea of making a video using the camera footage she filmed. Seung Hyun used his advertising experience to help her write the storyboard. Once the video is uploaded, it becomes a surprise hit and gains much traction. The company executives are under pressure because they didn't offer these talented interns full-time employment.

Frustrated by what the agency did, Jong Chan hands in his resignation letter. He decides to quit his job and start his own company, JS Planning. Jong Chan hires Seung Hyun as a new employee at his start-up. The two boyfriends are delighted that they can work together again. The last scene shows Jong Chan and Seung Hyun on their first day of work. Kang Hae and Ji Yeon also become employees at this company. The final scene shows the two leads smiling at each other, ready to take on a new enterprise.

Ending Review
Seung Hyun cheers for himself when he begins working for Jong Chan's company.

The ending suffers because it focuses too much on office politics. I'm bored by the uninspiring storyline. The antagonists are bland, the tension feels dull, and the resolution seems slightly unsophisticated. The finale lacks excitement and adrenaline rush, but this problem has been prevalent throughout the entire series. The episode only perks up a bit during the cute confession scene near the end. I laugh at Seung Hyun jumping up and down as he says "I love you" to his boyfriend! Ahhh, he's so adorable~ 😚

I like the idea of Jong Chan leaving the company and launching his start-up. Thematically, this ending works because Seung Hyun becomes "the new employee" again, just like when the series started. This time, he works at his boyfriend's agency, making his employment more special. I also like seeing Ji Yeon and Kang Hae at this company, which is a nice touch. With that said, I wish we saw more! I want to know how the business operates and watch the characters interact in their new office environment. It sucks that the series ends just as it presents an exciting concept.

After finishing The New Employee, I fell in love with Seung Hyun's actor even more than before. I also like his costar, but Moon Ji Yong has always been the highlight for me. What are the chances of him doing another BL series? His last two projects, Once Again and The New Employee, aren't breakout hits. I'm afraid he may close the door on this genre due to the lukewarm reception. However, I really want him to star in a third BL drama and try another role. He has the charisma, the smile, and the leading-man looks. It'd be such a shame not to see him again.

The New Employee Behind the Scenes

The New Employee Information

Rainbow Factory

Rainbow Factory (레인보우팩토리) is a Korean BL studio that made the 2022 series, The New Employee. In the past, this studio has been involved in several projects with a LGBTQ+ focus.


Kim Jho Kwang Soo (김조광수) is a Korean director. He has worked on various LGBTQ+ movies and dramas. His first BL project is the 2008 short movie, Boy Meets Boy. He also directed Just Friends (2009), Love 100° C (2010), Two Weddings and a Funeral (2012), and One Night Only (2014). His other works include Made on the Rooftop (2021) and The New Employee (2022).

  1. Although I’d like to, I can’t disagree with your analysis of The New Employee. I want to give it a slightly higher score (C++? B– -?) to encourage the positive aspects of the series, but truthfully the score is fair.

    Here’s what I like about the series: it takes place outside of school (we need a lot more stories of people negotiating life and love after uni, after 30, after 40), the leads are charming, there are two sympathetic and fun female protagonists (so rare in BL), and the cat. I also appreciated this clear and kind communication: “You used to like Yu Seong, and I used to date him. And that bothers you. I can’t understand beyond that. I know I’m supposed to say that I understand you but I can’t lie. This is me. But I want to understand you from now on. I can’t take away the heartbreak from when you had to pick out that damn fountain pen, but I’ll do my best to make you think that all that heartache with Yu Seong led you to me. Could you give me another chance to get close to you?”

    However, it’s also true that that for the most part the production is really low energy, squandering the potential of the leads and also the female allies. The ending is similar to that of The Roommates of Poongduck 304, but where that conclusion was incredibly funny and super sexy, the same solution in The New Employee is just low-key nice.


  2. personally, i think i would rate The New Employee 7.5 or 8 out of 10 (B or B-).

    i enjoyed this bl kdrama for the most part, however, i do agree with you that they fell in love way too soon and there wasn't enough development in their feelings. i would've loved to see more interactions between them before feeling attracted towards one another.

    nevertheless, i do enjoy the goofiness of the series at times. i LOVE seung hyun's best friend. she's so quirky and funny. "HE'S A CUTE VIRGIN!!!" haahahha.

    and oh my the leads are so hot and attractive. of course moon ji yong charmed us with us shiny eyes and adorable smile (his hair is so cute here too!!). and kwon hyuk is extremely handsome. i mean the hair, broad shoulders, height, face.. SEXY MAN (would've loved to see him shirtless in a scene hehehe). they both made a really hot couple indeed!! and the kissing scenes were so cute and hot too.

    overall, i really liked this bl. it was good. it could've been better but i would still watch it again later on.


  3. P.S.
    Credibility check: do you remember when Jong Chan, in an effort to put him at ease, confesses to Seong Hyun that he is a "fashion terrorist" and buys ensembles off of mannequins because he can't put an outfit together? Really? A mature gay man who is uber successful in advertising with no fashion sense? lol.

  4. I watched this series I think I went into it expecting more. The ending well how business like it needed another episode to consolidate the couple
    Dont get the South Korean BL endings
    Felt much the same as The Director who buys me dinner -you call that an ending !!!

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