Till the World Ends – Series Review & Ending Explained

Till the World Ends is a Thai BL dystopian series.

Till the World Ends is a Thai BL dystopian series about the final days before Earth's destruction. There have been news reports about the moon striking the world. Suddenly, the government announces everyone should retreat to the nearest bunker. The protagonist gets entangled in unexpected drama, causing him to miss the evacuation deadline. He teams up with another stranded survivor as they confront the apocalypse. 

I appreciate the ambition shown by Till the World Ends, which does something different than your standard BL romances. Despite several plot holes, the epic narrative is packed with creativity, excitement, and emotional drama. However, I cannot excuse the main character's outrageous actions at the end of the first episode. No matter how much the story tries to redeem him, his misconduct makes it impossible to champion this couple.

Till the World Ends Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2022)


8 hours

Total Episodes:

10 episodes




Till the World Ends is a wild & intense BL drama.


Golf takes care of Art after his injury.

According to news sources, the moon will strike the earth in two weeks, causing massive destruction. Some conspiracy theorists have already started preparing for the apocalypse. However, the general population continues leading their ordinary lives, dismissing the reports as speculation. Suddenly, the government announces an emergency ordinance. All citizens must immediately retreat to the nearest bunker. This evacuation route will only be open for a short time before closing its access.

Before the apocalypse, Golf was a regular medical student who didn't believe the conspiracies. He was preoccupied with his scholarship and his girlfriend, Lin. Recently, Golf has been annoyed about a change in the scholarship program. He must split half of his financial reimbursement with a new student, Art. Furthermore, Golf discovers Art has been cozy with his girlfriend around the school campus. When he confronts her, Lin angrily breaks up with him. Getting dumped devastates Golf, and he considers ending his life. His girlfriend stops him in time.

Another heated confrontation occurs between Golf, Lin, and Art. Golf pleads to get back together with his ex, but Lin doesn't want anything to do with him. During the violent scuffle, Art becomes injured and falls unconscious. Suddenly, they receive the government's warning about the emergency evacuation. Lin leaves for the bunker, abandoning the men. However, Golf stays behind to take care of Art. He brings the injured patient to his flat and nurses him back to health. Art has a head injury, but his condition is stable.

Much time has passed before Art regains consciousness. However, he loses his memory and doesn't remember what happened. Golf introduces himself to Art. However, he lies and omits the fight that caused Art's injury. Golf warns that they have missed the deadline for the government's evacuation. Most people are secured inside the bunker. The city is nearly empty, overtaken by criminals and escaped prisoners. The outside world has become a dangerous anarchy due to these convicts.

Golf reveals that his brother, Gus, is a political prisoner who may have escaped jail. Golf has stayed behind in hopes of reuniting with his brother. However, Art is skeptical and feels unsafe about his current environment. He tries to escape, dashing out of the apartment. Unfortunately, Art runs into a violent gang that executes people for fun. Golf rescues him from these dangerous criminals. Art breaks down in tears after realizing the world has changed drastically. He must rely on Golf for survival, despite not trusting him completely.

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Till the World Ends Cast



Willi Arawill Jartonk (วิลลี่ อราวิลล์ ชาติทอง)

Golf is portrayed by the Thai actor Best Anavil Charttong (เบสท์ อนาวิล ชาติทอง).

Golf is a medical student who doesn't believe in the apocalypse. He dismisses the news reports of the world ending in two weeks. Golf is smitten with his girlfriend, but he suspects Lin might be getting close to another guy at school. Golf's parents have moved away to Germany since his childhood. His older brother, Gus, is currently in prison for leading political demonstrations against the Thai government.

Willi Arawill Jartonk

Willi Arawill Jartonk (วิลลี่ อราวิลล์ ชาติทอง) is a Thai actor. He is born on November 1, 1989.

Willi Arawill Jartonk (วิลลี่ อราวิลล์ ชาติทอง) is a Thai actor. He is born on November 1, 1989. He is formerly known as Best Anavil Charttong (เบสท์ อนาวิล ชาติทอง). His first BL project is the 2022 series, Till The World Ends. He also appears in the 2023 drama, Beyond the Star.


Art Pakpoom Juanchainat (ภาคภูมิ จวนชัยนาท)

Art is portrayed by the Thai actor Art Pakpoom Juanchainat (ภาคภูมิ จวนชัยนาท).

Art is a business student who just started university. He receives half of Golf's original scholarship money. In addition, Art has gotten close to Golf's girlfriend, Lin. Art came to the city alone for his studies without friends or family nearby. He has a close relationship with his little brother. After the apocalypse, Art worries about never seeing his loved ones again.

Art Pakpoom Juanchainat

Art Pakpoom Juanchainat (ภาคภูมิ จวนชัยนาท) is a Thai actor. He is born on July 16, 1996.

Art Pakpoom Juanchainat (ภาคภูมิ จวนชัยนาท) is a Thai actor. He is born on July 16, 1996. His first BL project is the 2018 series, What the Duck. He also appears in the 2019 sequel, What the Duck 2. Art is the star of the 2022 drama, Till the World Ends. He has a supporting role in Between Us (2022), Boyband (2023), and Hit Bite Love (2023).

Supporting Cast

Gus is portrayed by the Thai actor Michael Kiettisak Vatanavitsakul (ไมเคิล เกียรติศักดิ์ วัฒนวิทย์สกุล).


Michael Kiettisak Vatanavitsakul (ไมเคิล เกียรติศักดิ์ วัฒนวิทย์สกุล)

Mam is portrayed by the Thai actor Pong Kusuma Teppharak (กุสุมา เทพรักษ์).


Pong Kusuma Teppharak (กุสุมา เทพรักษ์)

Long is portrayed by the Thai actor Knight Pichayuth Rajitjameekorn (ไนท์ พิชญุตน์ รจิตจามีกร).


Knight Pichayuth Rajitjameekorn (ไนท์ พิชญุตน์ รจิตจามีกร)

Joke is portrayed by the Thai actor Songklod Kunlachat Cheythong (ทรงกลด กุลฉัตร เชยทอง).


Songklod Kunlachat Cheythong (ทรงกลด กุลฉัตร เชยทอง)

Fai is portrayed by the Thai actress Ice Pawinee Phongnopakhun (ไอซ์ ภาวิณี ผ่องนพคุณ).


Ice Pawinee Phongnopakhun (ไอซ์ ภาวิณี ผ่องนพคุณ)

Mike is Fai's boyfriend.


Lin is Golf's ex-girlfriend.


Som is someone that Golf and Art meet during their journey.


Moo Daeng is Mam's dog.


Cast Highlights

  • Golf's actor (Willi) is one of the leads in the 2023 BL drama Beyond the Star.
  • Art's actor (Art) is the star of the 2018 Thai BL Drama What the Duck and its 2019 sequel What the Duck 2. In addition, he has a supporting role in the 2022 series Between Us and the 2023 series Hit Bite Love.
  • Gus' actor (Michael) appears in the 2021 series Call It What You Want and its 2022 sequel Call It What You Want 2.

Till the World Ends Review


Drama Review Score: 7.7

Golf and Art feel attracted to each other.

Till the World Ends is admirable due to its ambition. A dystopian story about the end of the world is a wild departure from many BL dramas. The easy route is to do another school or workplace romance, but it takes guts to go against the norm. Also, this small indie studio overcomes its low-budget constraints to tackle a challenging topic like the apocalypse. It doesn't pull off every detail elegantly, hindered by dubious writing decisions. Regardless, Till the World Ends deserves credit for being creative and adventurous.

I love the epic plot in Till the World Ends. The protagonists must navigate an unfamiliar landscape, facing doom, danger, and destruction at every turn. From violent fights to grisly deaths, the constant action keeps me on edge about what happens next. Yet, the most gripping moments often come from the characters' emotional turmoil. Their quiet introspection resonates as powerfully as the intense sequences. Likewise, their intimate bedside chats explore topics that range from family to politics. Till the World Ends can be thoughtful, thrilling, and thematically complex.

Till the World Ends sensationalizes the dystopian narrative. For instance, the antagonists are a pack of gun-toting cannibals who love anal sex. Their over-the-top antics are entertaining, but I can't take these villains seriously. Also, an actual doomsday wouldn't play out as chaotically as the series portrays. It exaggerates the mayhem, omits realistic details, and glosses over plot holes. Plus, the story has an annoying habit of using the apocalypse as a catch-all excuse. The ~end of the world~ is supposed to justify every illogical event or irrational behaviour.

The main character does something extremely reckless at the end of the first episode. In an instant, it turns Golf from a troubled protagonist into a terrorizing menace. No matter how much the story tries to redeem Golf, his shocking actions make him an unviable love interest. I can't overlook what he did to Art. His culpability weighs on me during each romantic encounter, tarnishing the relationship. I hate how the series excuses his misconduct in Episode 6. Till the World Ends sends uncomfortable messages about abuse and violence that I don't condone.

I wish Golf's characterization was written differently because his performer (Willi) seems likable. He displays charisma and a commanding presence, not to mention a chiselled body. Under other scenarios, I would've enjoyed the flirty exchanges with his costar (Art). However, I can't champion this couple due to what happened between them at the start. Another casting highlight is Gus' actor (Michael), as charming as I've remembered him from his previous projects. He's a BL Watcher favourite, and I'm so glad Till the World Ends keeps him employed.

Till the World Ends tugs at your heartstrings with sentimental scenes. However, the journey isn't entirely depressing. It offsets the gloominess with cute flirting, playful dialogue, and a touch of dark humour. Amid hopeless circumstances, the leads persevere and make the best out of their impending doom. The series reminds viewers to cherish their remaining time, no matter how short it may be. Overall, I appreciate the bold premise, fascinating messages, and action-packed narrative in Till the World Ends. Despite some storytelling issues, this unique BL drama is enjoyable.


Adventurous story

Till the World Ends tells a bold and exciting dystopian story. Despite some plot holes, the action-packed narrative entertains me. I also enjoy the thoughtful messages and quiet moments of introspection.

Problematic romance

The main character does something irredeemable to his love interest at the end of Episode 1. Golf's reckless actions weigh heavily on the romance, making it impossible to champion this couple.

Charismatic acting

Golf's performer (Best) is charismatic and likable. Under different circumstances, I would've enjoyed his flirty exchanges with his costar (Art). I also love the charming actor who plays Gus (Michael).

Sad ending

Till the World Ends has a sad ending as the leads face their doomed fates together. They suffered a grisly battle against the villains. Yet, this tragic conclusion feels appropriate for the series.

Sombre artistry

I enjoy the sombre tone and gloomy visuals that match a dystopian story. Despite its low-budget constraints, this indie studio deserves props for tackling an ambitious topic like the apocalypse.


Till the World Ends is an action-packed BL drama that takes bold risks with its dystopian story. While I don't champion the problematic romance, this series offers an exciting and entertaining journey.

Till the World Ends Episode

Episode Guide

Golf and Art chat in the bedroom.

Till the World Ends has a total of 10 episodes. Each episode is around 45 to 50 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 8 hours. Till the World Ends started on October 29, 2022 and ended on January 7, 2023.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Episode 1 Review
Lin breaks up with Golf in Till the World Ends Episode 1.

Till the World Ends skyrocketed on my to-watch list as soon as I learned its premise. Wow, a dystopian BL series about the apocalypse sounds super intriguing! The plot stands out because it isn't something I've seen much in this genre. There's another 2023 Japanese BL series (The End of the World, With You) with a similar concept, so I'll be interested to see how it approaches the topic. Generally, I want more BL projects to try doing YA dystopia. Imagine a BL version of The Hunger Games. Doesn't that sound epic?

Oh, Michael from Call It What You Want is in the cast! Till the World Ends gets bonus points for keeping this talented actor employed. 🧡 His character, Gus, is in jail due to his pro-democracy views. Okay, the series deserves props for highlighting the Thai human rights movement. We live in a sad reality where protesters become prisoners across East Asia. Many are wrongfully imprisoned for years due to opposing the corrupt government or monarchy. Sometimes, the real world is enough of an apocalyptic landscape, overtaken by injustices. Maybe we don't need dystopian BL after all. 😔

This episode ends with a shocking confrontation. Golf bashes a guitar against Art's skull, knocking his victim unconscious in a puddle of blood. He initiated this violent act due to jealousy of seeing his girlfriend with Art. Oh my god… WTF!? The assault came out of nowhere!? It was entirely unprovoked! Dude, get a grip! You don't bludgeon someone just because they were talking to your girlfriend! At this point, I was still in denial and thought it was a fantasy sequence. However, the next episode confirms that Golf hurts Art for real, leaving me horrified.

Episode 2

Episode 2 Review
Golf keeps Art silent so that he doesn't alert the gangsters.

I feel so bad for Art! He has minded his own business and done nothing wrong. Yet, some random lunatic suddenly bashes him in the head with no provocation. The world is now ending, but an unconscious Art misses his opportunity to evacuate to the bunker. He's probably going to die in the apocalypse and can't reunite with his family for one last time. Poor Art is also forced to live in close quarters with the same guy who hurt him and caused all this suffering. WTF!!!

I wish Golf didn't attack Art. Why would you make your main character hurt his love interest so violently!? Golf almost kills Art with blunt-force trauma! His homicidal rage is too extreme! It's impossible to root for their romance after such a barbaric assault. When I look at the couple, I get scary flashbacks of Golf swinging the guitar at Art's skull. No matter how much the series tries to redeem Golf, it can't undo the severity of his actions. The bottom line is that I don't want Art to hook up with his abuser. Run away from him, Art!

Imagine if the apocalypse didn't happen. Wouldn't Golf be arrested for assaulting Art in broad daylight? Maybe he'd even get charged with attempted murder. Golf's future consists of sharing a jail cell with his brother lol. Yet, the perpetrator somehow becomes his victim's love interest in this BL series. His crime becomes the starting point of a romance. That's so wild!

Episode 3

Episode 3 Review
Art tends to Golf's injuries.

That scene where Art treats Golf's wounds is funny! I love how Golf was in more pain than when he was initially injured. Art unintentionally retaliates against the man who hurt him in the first episode. 😆 Also, Golf's actor has a really buff body. Oh my gosh, that physique looks divine. Please continue coming up with fictional scenarios requiring him to go shirtless.

That parking lot scene made me LOL. Golf suddenly appears out of nowhere and slices that guy's neck with a knife, like a phantom killer. The sequence of events seems so bizarre and outrageous that it's entertaining. 😆 I understand Till the World Ends is a small-studio production, so it faces limitations with filming action scenes. Given the circumstances, it does a decent job of creating tension & adrenaline in the narrative. Even if several encounters lack polish, I won't hold it against them.

With that said, what's up with the antagonists? Whenever these characters appear, they crack me up instead of instilling fear. Their antics are so laughably over the top! These four anarchists travel in a pack, executing everyone in sight. They use their remaining days on earth to have sex and kill random people lol. They remind me of the one-dimensional villains from The Walking Dead, especially when the show was scraping by in the final seasons. Or they remind me of generic early-stage villains from video games, like Bandit #1 and Bandit #2.

Golf and Art have a bedside chat.

Has Golf considered that his relationships never last longer than a week because of his personality? Although Golf's attack was the most offensive action, his behaviour with Lin also disturbed me. He threw a jealous fit, got hostile with his girlfriend, and called her a bitch. Golf exhibited so many red flags in the first episode that made him an unsuitable romantic partner. No wonder Lin dumps him. 

enjoy Art & Golf's intimate bedside conversations. While they discuss random topics, these chats make me connect with them more. Despite making a lousy first impression, I don't hate Golf's character. He often seems intelligent and introspective, outside of his mental breakdown in Episode 1. Under different circumstances, Golf would be a sympathetic protagonist. Unfortunately, the first episode painted him in a terrible light, from attacking Art to intimidating Lin. His worst moments will always cast a shadow, no matter how much the story rehabilitates him.

Episode 4

Episode 4 Review
Golf feels guilty about hurting Art.

Art almost regains his memories in this episode, but Golf continues lying to him about what happened. After the bedside chat, there's a lingering shot of Golf staring directly at the camera. Oh, I love this moment. The storyteller uses this silence to make the viewers reflect on the previous conversation. Golf's gaze expresses his emotional turmoil without any need for dialogue. When his character stares at the camera, he's almost confronting the viewers: "Guess what I'm thinking right now?"

I like this bubbly, perky side of Golf. He can be charming and charismatic, especially when flirting with Art. Without the baggage from Episode 1, I would've liked this couple's relationship scenes. I actually think Golf should not tell Art about the attack. Take this secret with you to your grave! Although Golf has wronged Art, ignorance is bliss. I'd rather have Art spend his final days happily instead of feeling scared and betrayed by his companion.

Love Sis Mam. Her character is exactly what this story needs. She's like a breath of fresh air, injecting humour and liveliness into the sombre narrative. I also enjoy seeing the leads interact with other people besides each other. Mam's reason for remaining in her apartment is touching. If doomsday was real, not everyone would evacuate to the bunker. There'd be people like Mam, who stay behind for personal reasons. Beyond the death and violence, I like how Till the World Ends explores the human side to to the apocalypse.

Episode 5

Episode 5 Review
Golf plays the guitar for Art.

LMAOOOO. I thought this was supposed to be a grocery run! Why did they bring back so many condoms!? The fact that both denied it made the scene even funnier. Based on their reactions, it seems that Art is the one who pins the blame on Golf. I love how he takes TWO boxes because one pack will simply not suffice. Art may look innocent, but he has the biggest sexual appetite. While Golf worries about food and safety, Art is like, "Before the world ends, I'm gonna get some steamy action!"

Gus is here! I had been waiting for him to reunite with the main characters since the first episode. For a while, I assumed there might be some love triangle drama. After the truth about Golf comes out, Art may turn to Gus and view him as a new love interest. Or better yet, Art should hook up with both siblings. The world is ending! Slut it up and bang the brothers, one after the other! Now we know why there are two boxes of condoms. The first is for Golf, and the second is for Gus. 😆

The love confession scene at the end of the episode is sweet. I like Art's response, "I thought I was already your boyfriend." Nonetheless, I struggle to embrace Golf and Art as a couple. Honestly, I would rather see Art and Gus in a relationship instead. I find Gus' character more likable than his younger brother, from his activism background to his sensible personality. Most importantly, he hasn't whacked Art with a guitar, which already makes him a better love interest than Golf. 

Episode 6

Episode 6 Review
Golf and Art get married in Till the World Ends Episode 5.

Oh dear. I hate the conversations in this episode. After the premiere, I gave Till the World Ends the benefit of the doubt. I thought they'd handle the Golf storyline with care. Unfortunately, that isn't the case. The series sends irresponsible messages about abusive relationships, almost excusing Golf's violence. You're encouraging the victims to forgive their abusers and return to destructive relationships. Oh, we all make mistakes… Oh, he didn't mean to hurt you… WTF NO!!! 

Golf made more than just a mistake. He severely endangered Art's life, bashing a heavy object over his skull. It wasn't an accident. It was a deliberate act of violence! We can't predict whether Golf will lose his shit again if Art upsets him in the future. Maybe he'll use a knife next time. That's what makes him dangerous. I sympathize with Golf's mental health struggles and believe he can rehabilitate. However, his recovery will take longer than just a few days. I don't think he's ready to be in another romantic relationship so soon, especially with his abuse victim.

The episode begins with Art confronting Golf about the murder attempt. It ends with a marriage between the two characters. Okay, did Art develop Stockholm syndrome? After discovering the culprit of your assault, you respond by marrying him!? Along with his memory, Art lost common sense during the attack, which would explain his decision. To be fair, it's not a long-term relationship. Both will die soon, so Art may as well make his final days pleasant. He can either hold a grudge or hook up with a hot guy. Art is like, "Whatever, I'm gonna get some dick and enjoy myself."

I respect Mam's decision to stay behind with her deceased husband. "I'm choosing to spend the last few days of my life where I had my happiest memories." Aww, I find that sentiment poignant. The apocalypse is scary because it's unpredictable, leaving us powerless. We can't stop the doomed circumstances. Yet, Mam has accepted her fate and decides to die on her own terms. She takes control of her destiny instead of compromising. I find her enlightened state of mind empowering, even though she meets a tragic end in the next episode. 😢

Episode 7

Episode 7 Review
Gus comforts Golf after Mam's death.

The worst part of Till the World Ends is the silly gangster drama. The characters are one-dimensional, the events seem outlandish, and the action sequences expose the production limits. Also, the scenes add little value to the story. Even though they're supposed to create conflict, I don't care about these villains. The series should've reduced the gang's visibility and used that time to highlight other plots. There are many exciting scenarios in an apocalypse, yet we're stuck watching these cannibals kill people.

Can the series give Gus an actual subplot? His character hasn't done much since being introduced. So far, Gus exists only to cockblock the couple. Every time they come close to kissing, the pesky older brother shows up to interrupt the moment. Otherwise, he's relegated to being Golf and Art's nanny, driving them around and asking if they need washroom breaks. Let Gus have a storyline or a love interest! There's so much material to explore with Gus, from his activism background to his escaped prisoner status. Till the World Ends could've done more with his characterization.

There was a scene where Gus and Golf put their foreheads together. They were also hugging and touching during that entire exchange. Although it wasn't supposed to be an intimate moment, my mind still went to an unholy place. I wanted these actors to stop being brothers and hook up with each other instead. Screw the plot, dump the twink, and let's get steamy with these two beefcakes! Okay, I'm just kidding. Don't mind me. My delusional BL symptoms are flaring up again~ 😅

Episode 8

Episode 8 Review
Golf and Art kiss in Till the World Ends Episode 7.

I like how Till the World Ends pays attention to the continuity in the series. Golf incurred a shoulder injury early in the series. During this episode, we see that his injury has healed, but there's a faint wound on his shoulder blade. Likewise, Gus was almost strangled in the violent fight with the gangsters. Two episodes later, he still has a visible scar underneath his neck. The production team didn't have to include these details, but I appreciate their commitment to the story's immersion.

Till the World Ends has a clear political stance. The characters frequently discuss real-world topics, such as the government, activism, and human rights. It expresses explicit support for the pro-democracy movement. Gus is a protest leader who went to jail for opposing the regime. Yet, he's portrayed as the most likable character. There are numerous exchanges where the series embeds meaningful messages into the narrative. I appreciate Till the World Ends for being an opinionated BL drama. The storyteller wants to convey more significant themes than just romance.

Golf and Art kiss each other int he bedroom.

I started the series sympathizing with Art due to his circumstances. As the story progresses, I find him a little vapid. After eight episodes, I realize this individual doesn't have much substance. Art's ignorance about the political landscape in his country is particularly unappealing. Despite his flaws, Golf is a well-developed protagonist with nuanced opinions and complex personality traits. In contrast, Art is a simple character with fewer layers. While I still like Art, I don't feel emotionally attached to him.

Art's actor (Art) does an impressive job in this episode. This performer shines the most during romantic encounters. In other scenes, he's fine. However, Art is more vibrant and showcases his charisma best when being flirty. He looks comfortable kissing his costar, which is always a plus. Their bedroom affections feel very relaxed. In addition, I like him in the morning-after scene. Art is in bed with his lover and flashes a giddy little smile. His expression seems so genuine, like someone excited about being in love.

Episode 9

Episode 9 Review
Joke and Long are the villains of Till the World Ends.

Did you notice how all the characters have grown stubble since embarking on the road? Everyone had smooth faces in the first half of the series. Yet, Gus, Golf, and Art now have unshaven appearances. It must be an intentional styling choice to indicate the passage of time. They've been travelling for a few days. I guess nobody remembered to bring a razor during this trip! 

Can the series make Gus' death any more obvious? Every scene in this episode telegraphs his impending doom. Suddenly, Gus is in the spotlight, getting schmaltzy and emotional. "Please take care of Golf if something bad happens to me!" LOL, why is he talking cryptically like this!? Gus even changed into a white shirt to make his blood stains stand out more when he dies. The foreshadowing is so blatant that I felt surprised he survived long enough until the next episode. Gus staying alive would have been the real plot twist!

Imagine if you're a kidnapper with three hostages tied up in the room next door. This dangerous situation seems urgent, yet you take a break and leave your enemies alone. Instead, you're preoccupied with banging your boyfriend. Ugh, killing people is SO exhausting! I must relieve stress with backdoor penetration right this instant! I don't understand why the baddies didn't just kill off their victims immediately. Why go through the trouble of tying them up and keeping everyone alive? First, shoot them dead. Then, you can have all the anal loving you want.

Episode 9
Episode 10

Episode 10

Sad Ending
Till the World Ends has a sad ending where Golf and Art don't survive the apocalypse.

Till the World Ends has a sad ending where Golf and Art don't survive the apocalypse. They planned to travel to a distant bunker that is rumoured to still take newcomers. On their final day, the protagonists realize they won't have enough time to arrive at their destination. Instead, they give up on their journeys. They accept their doomed fates as the moon strikes the earth. 

Previously, the leads were held up because their enemies ambushed them. A bloody battle ensued between the protagonists and the gangsters. After one of the baddies dies, his agonized lover kills himself. Gus succumbs to his fatal injuries and perishes after the confrontation. He dies in his brother's arms. That night, Golf and Art express their love for each other. They have sex on the rooftop with the moon overlooking them.

Golf and Art travel to the top of Saam Ouay mountain, where the moon has eclipsed their view of the sky. An announcement reveals they only have a few minutes left before the world ends. Golf and Art cry, realizing they are about to die. The lovers embrace and thank each other. Golf stares at a family photo and envisions Gus standing next to him. In the final scene, the moon grows closer as the screen flashes white. After the credits, there's one final shot of Art waking up from bed. It's implied that he may have dreamed about the apocalypse after his head injury.

Ending Review
Golf and Art share their final kiss.

The final episode entertained me. The fight with the villains may be excessively violent and gory, but it felt like an epic showdown. That exchange had the senseless excitement of a ~final boss duel~. Despite not caring about the two villains, their deaths felt very dramatic. Seeing Joke, who has gone completely blind, feel his lover's bloody corpse is such an iconic moment. I didn't feel sad or emotional, not even during Gus' death. Nonetheless, I was engaged in the chaotic events.

Having sex on the rooftop is EPIC~~~ Take a moment to think about their current circumstances. Golf finished burying his brother in the backyard a few feet below where he's sitting. Nearby, there are two dead bodies in a puddle of blood. Yet, Golf and Art are still in the mood to get saucy. Death is all around us, but our horniness will prevail! I love the visual of Golf mounting Art on the rooftop with the massive moon in the backdrop. The encounter feels so surreal and over-the-top that it works for me. Golf and Art are commemorating their last night on earth with extraordinary sex!

"I love you since the first day I met you." Oh, come on. This guy is so full of shit. Initially, you suspected him of stealing your girlfriend and whacked him with a guitar! Why does Golf rewrite history and pretend their relationship was love at first sight? The leads keep saying they're in love, but I remain skeptical. I see them as two desperate individuals who have no other options left. Golf and Art are scared of their current situation, so they seek comfort and reassurance from their nearest romantic partner.

I prefer the ending where the apocalypse happens for real. I don't like the epilogue that teases it was Art's dream. Ugh, that's so cliche, not to mention it reverses ten episodes of the plot. Till the World Ends is a dark series that deserves a grim ending. It feels epic for these two lovers to resign to their doomed fates. They're powerless to change their destinies. Instead, they must face the end of the world, cherishing their final moments together. Luckily, I can ignore the fake ending and pretend both guys die in the apocalypse. Golf and Art get blown to smithereens! 😈

Golf and Art share a kiss on the rooftop.

Till the World Ends Information


COMMETIVE Production is a Thai BL studio that produced Call It What You Want (2021) and its sequel Call It What You Want 2 (2021).

COMMETIVE Production is a Thai BL studio that produced Call It What You Want (2021) and its sequel Call It What You Want 2 (2021). Its other works include Till the World Ends (2022).


Aam Anusorn Soisa-ngim (อนุสรณ์ สร้อยสงิม) is a Thai director. His first BL project is the 2012 short film, Present Perfect. It received a full-length movie adaptation in 2017 and a sequel in 2020. In addition, he worked on There Is No Space for Me (2014), Call It What You Want (2021), and Till the World Ends (2022).

  1. This review was really fun, leaning into the absurdity of everything in (and not in) this show, up to and including shipping Gus and Golf, lol. Halfway through the series the psycho punk rock girl is wearing a graphic tee that reads, “Whaaat???” and for once, I have to agree with her. From the neurosurgery student bashing in the brains of his soon-to-be-lover, to the government public address system counting down the days to total annihilation (and that’s useful how?), to the bedroom scenes accompanied by instrumental versions of “The First Noel” and “Come all Ye Faithful” (nowhere near Christmastime), to the auntie who is forever in curlers, this show is batsh*t crazy. I’m not even going to talk about the plot holes, particularly not the fact that if “everything is going to be destroyed” that would include bunkers. Anyway, I just watched the director’s recap of episodes 1-9 in which he compressed seven hours of content into 45 minutes. It flowed surprisingly well, and it was interesting to see what he considered to be the key scenes (Art suturing Golf’s shoulder wound seemed to go on forever, again).
    Episode 10: I approve of sex on the roof; no sex in the pink T-bird was a missed opportunity.

  2. PS
    Seriously, what is it with Thai BLs and Christmas music in summertime? Never Let Me Go is doing it now too …

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