Hit Bite Love – Series Review & Ending Explained

Hit Bite Love is a Thai BL series about three high school couples and their spicy romantic drama.

Hit Bite Love is a Thai BL series about three high school couples and their spicy romantic drama. The main character feels miserable about his secret relationship with a closeted gay student. He meets another guy who is open about pursuing him. However, his new love interest enjoys adventurous bedroom activities. The protagonist is intrigued as he discovers the pleasures and dangers of BDSM for the first time.

It's impossible to endorse the tacky plots, toxic relationships, and vile behaviour in Hit Bite Love. This BL drama is unquestionably problematic, offending those with a low tolerance for decadence. Nonetheless, the sleazy series is almost naughty enough to qualify as a wicked guilty pleasure. From the raunchy humour to the provocative scenarios, the story is not afraid to be messy and irreverent.

Hit Bite Love Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2023)


5 hours

Total Episodes:

6 episodes


High school romance


Hit Bite Love is a wild & intense BL drama.


Shogun and Ken are in a secret relationship in Hit Bite Love.

Shogun is a high school student at Rose Garden College. He has a secret tryst with Ken from the basketball team. They meet privately in locker rooms to have steamy romps. However, Ken is a closeted jock who pretends not to know Shogun in public. The other students believe Ken and his girlfriend Fern are happily dating. Shogun feels miserable as the hidden lover. His friend King encourages Shogun to end this toxic relationship, arguing he deserves better.

Shogun finally breaks up with Ken, who doesn't react well to getting dumped. Shogun also quits the football team, which he only joined to impress Ken. Instead, he pursues his real passion in the music club. However, the defunded club has no money for instruments or competitions. Shogun meets with Matteo, the student council president, to negotiate the budget. Later, Ken harasses his ex-boyfriend for reconciliation, but Matteo intervenes in time. Shogun is grateful for the rescue and develops a crush.

Matteo makes a shocking proposition. He will approve funding the music club if Shogun agrees to be his playmate. Matteo is into adventurous bedroom activities, particularly BDSM. He keeps lots of bondage gear in his private collection. Shogun refuses to participate until Matteo blackmails him. He threatens to out Shogun to the entire school. Reluctantly, Shogun must go along with Matteo's sexcapades. He learns more about various sex toys, techniques, and best practices. Soon, Shogun becomes bolder and more curious each time he meets Matteo.

Shogun's friend King is the president of the school's drama club. He's a popular figure on campus, and many girls have a crush on this quiet, mature teenager. Burger, a new student, joins King's class and sits beside him. Burger is like the opposite of King. His personality is goofy, neurotic, and enthusiastic. Burger wants to be an actor and joins the drama club. As the two classmates hang out, they get along well. However, a misunderstanding causes King to believe Burger has a crush on him. Burger becomes flustered whenever they're together.

Matteo's friend Saint is the vice president of the student council. He is an ace student who likes abiding by rules. Saint has dated his girlfriend, Pimtha, for almost a year. Yet, their relationship is chaste, and they have never even kissed. Pim is sexually frustrated, but her boyfriend doesn't feel ready for passion. Saint's stepbrother Hida lives with him in the same apartment. Hida likes teasing Saint about his lack of sexual experience. Despite their banter, the two siblings have a close relationship. In fact, Hida may view Saint more intimately beyond their family bonds.

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Hit Bit Love Cast



Bigboss Woraphon Charoensuk (บิ๊กบอส วรพล เจริญสุข)

Shogun is portrayed by the Thai actor Bigboss Woraphon Charoensuk (บิ๊กบอส วรพล เจริญสุข).

Shogun is a high school student. He's part of the football team. Shogun has a steamy tryst with Ken, a basketball player, but their romance remains covert. Shogun feels miserable about being Ken's secret gay lover and wants to break up.

Bigboss Woraphon Charoensuk

Bigboss Woraphon Charoensuk (บิ๊กบอส วรพล เจริญสุข) is a Thai actor. He is born on November 10, 2003.

Bigboss Woraphon Charoensuk (บิ๊กบอส วรพล เจริญสุข) is a Thai actor. He is born on November 10, 2003. His first BL project is the 2023 series, Hit Bite Love.


Alan Campana (อลัน คัมปานา)

Matteo is portrayed by the Thai-Italian actor Alan Campana (อลัน คัมปานา).

Matteo is the student council president. He controls the budget for every club and extracurricular activity on campus. Known for his strict funding allocation, Matteo is unpopular among the student body. After befriending Shogun, Matteo reveals that he has adventurous bedroom activities. He's passionate about BDSM and wants Shogun to be his new playmate.

Alan Campana

Alan Campana (อลัน คัมปานา) is a Thai-Italian actor. He is born on October 7, 2002.

Alan Campana (อลัน คัมปานา) is a Thai-Italian actor. He is born on October 7, 2002. His first BL project is the 2023 series, Hit Bite Love.


Pure Napolpong Sooksombut (เพียว ณพลพงศ์ สุขสมบัติ)

Ken is portrayed by the Thai actor Pure Napolpong Sooksombut (เพียว ณพลพงศ์ สุขสมบัติ).

Ken is Shogun's secret boyfriend. The couple meets in locker rooms to have steamy sexual encounters. However, Ken is closeted and pretends not to know Shogun in public. Ken presents himself as straight around his other jock friends. He uses his girlfriend Fern as his beard.

Pure Napolpong Sooksombut

Pure Napolpong Sooksombut (เพียว ณพลพงศ์ สุขสมบัติ) is a Thai actor. He is born on October 27, 2003.

Pure Napolpong Sooksombut (เพียว ณพลพงศ์ สุขสมบัติ) is a Thai actor. He is born on October 27, 2003. His first BL project is the 2023 series, Hit Bite Love.


Newyear Nawaphat Thannamongkhonsawat (นิวเยียร์ นวพรรษ ธนมงคลสวัวดิ์)

King is portrayed by the Thai actor Newyear Nawaphat Thannamongkhonsawat (นิวเยียร์ นวพรรษ ธนมงคลสวัวดิ์).

King is Shogun's friend and the school's drama club president. He's a popular figure on campus, and many girls want to join the club to be around him. King has a quiet, mature personality. Yet, he becomes charmed by Burger, a goofy and childish student who joins his class. King and Burger befriend each other despite being polar opposites.

Newyear Nawaphat Thannamongkhonsawat

Newyear Nawaphat Thannamongkhonsawat (นิวเยียร์ นวพรรษ ธนมงคลสวัวดิ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on January 1, 2007.

Newyear Nawaphat Thannamongkhonsawat (นิวเยียร์ นวพรรษ ธนมงคลสวัวดิ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on January 1, 2007. His first BL project is the 2023 series, Hit Bite Love.


Jur Vasin Traiprakhong (เจ๋อ วศิน ไตรประคอง)

Burger is portrayed by the Thai actor Jur Vasin Traiprakhong (เจ๋อ วศิน ไตรประคอง).

Burger is a new student who transferred schools recently. He sits beside King in class. Unlike King, Burger has a goofy, immature personality. Burger wants to be an actor and joins the drama club. A misunderstanding causes King to believe his classmate has a secret crush on him. Burger feels flustered whenever they're together.

Jur Vasin Traiprakhong

Jur Vasin Traiprakhong (เจ๋อ วศิน ไตรประคอง) is a Thai actor. He is born on November 5, 2005.

Jur Vasin Traiprakhong (เจ๋อ วศิน ไตรประคอง) is a Thai actor. He is born on November 5, 2005. His first BL project is the 2023 series, Hit Bite Love.


Tae Natthapat Meesuk (เต้ ณัฐภัทร มีสุข)

Saint is portrayed by the Thai actor Tae Natthapat Meesuk (เต้ ณัฐภัทร มีสุข).

Saint is the vice president of the student council. He is an obedient student and likes abiding by rules. Saint and his girlfriend, Pim, have been dating for almost a year. Yet, they aren't sexually active because Saint doesn't feel ready. They haven't even kissed. Saint's stepbrother Hida likes teasing him about his lack of sexual experience.

Tae Natthapat Meesuk

Tae Natthapat Meesuk (เต้ ณัฐภัทร มีสุข) is a Thai actor. He is born on September 23, 2003.

Tae Natthapat Meesuk (เต้ ณัฐภัทร มีสุข) is a Thai actor. He is born on September 23, 2003. His first BL project is the 2023 series, Hit Bite Love.


Vic Vittawin Panichtamrong (วิค วิธวินท์ พาณิชย์ธำรง)

Hida is portrayed by the Thai actor Vic Vittawin Panichtamrong (วิค วิธวินท์ พาณิชย์ธำรง).

Hida is Saint's stepbrother. They live together in the same apartment and even sleep in the same bed. Saint's girlfriend, Pim, is annoyed by Hida and questions their close bond. Hida has a playful personality. He likes cracking jokes, playing pranks, and being a nosy troublemaker. Reluctantly, Saint puts up with his sibling's obnoxious antics.

Vic Vittawin Panichtamrong

Vic Vittawin Panichtamrong (วิค วิธวินท์ พาณิชย์ธำรง) is a Thai actor. He is born on April 27, 2005.

Vic Vittawin Panichtamrong (วิค วิธวินท์ พาณิชย์ธำรง) is a Thai actor. He is born on April 27, 2005. His first BL project is the 2023 series, Hit Bite Love.

Supporting Cast

Pimtha is portrayed by the Thai actress Ning Chutima Maholakul (นิ้ง ชุติมา มะโหละกุล).


Ning Chutima Maholakul (นิ้ง ชุติมา มะโหละกุล)

Fern is portrayed by the Thai actress Mint Kittiyapron Fungmee.


Mint Kittiyapron Fungmee

Ink is portrayed by the Thai actress Supravee Phonkarn.


Supravee Phonkarn

The mean teacher is portrayed by Bookko Thanatchaphan Buranachiwawilai (บุ๊คโกะ ธนัชพันธ์ บูรณาชีวาวิไล).


Bookko Thanatchaphan Buranachiwawilai (บุ๊คโกะ ธนัชพันธ์ บูรณาชีวาวิไล)

The nice teacher is portrayed by the Thai actor Art Pakpoom Juanchainat (อาร์ต ภาคภูมิ จวนชัยนาท).


Art Pakpoom Juanchainat (อาร์ต ภาคภูมิ จวนชัยนาท)

King's mom is a nurse.

King's mom

The Art Club President is portrayed by the Thai actor Goove Jirayus Sarika (กู๊ฟ จิรายุส สาริกา).

Art Club President

Goove Jirayus Sarika (กู๊ฟ จิรายุส สาริกา)

The Music Club President is unenthusiastic about the club.

Music Club President

Tintin is in Shogun's band.


Chao Kun is portrayed by the Thai actor Beam Atichart Lawansathian (บีม อติชาติ ลาวัณย์เสถียร).

Chao Khun

Beam Atichart Lawansathian (บีม อติชาติ ลาวัณย์เสถียร)

Long Lee is a homophobic character.

Long Lee

Ohm Chetnipat Lohagarog (โอม เจตนิพัทธ์ โลหะการก)

Long Lee's friend is not a homophobic character.

Long Lee's Friend

One of the police detectives is portrayed by the Thai actor Link Thanawee Phongphasawat (ลิ้ง ฐานวีร์ พงศ์พศวัต).


Tang-oh Nattawat Trisomboon (ตั้งโอ๋ ณัฐวัฒน์ ไตรสมบูรณ์)

One of the police detectives is portrayed by the Thai actor Tang-oh Nattawat Trisomboon (ตั้งโอ๋ ณัฐวัฒน์ ไตรสมบูรณ์).


Link Thanawee Phongphasawat (ลิ้ง ฐานวีร์ พงศ์พศวัต)

Cast Highlights

  • The actors who portray Shogun and Saint (BigBoss and Tae) have supporting roles in the 2023 drama Beyond the Star.
  • One of the teachers (Art) is the star of the 2018 Thai BL drama What the Duck. He also featured in the 2022 series Till the World Ends. The other teacher (Bokko) has supporting roles in Top Secret Together (2021) and Bed Friend (2023).
  • Chao Khun's actor (Beam) is a supporting character in the 2022 series Check Out. He is part of the secondary couple and has steamy encounters.
  • Long Lee's actor (Ohm) is a part of the supporting couple in the 2023 series Love in Translation.
  • One of the police officers (Link) is the star of the 2020 BL drama Ghost Runner. He also appeared in Top Secret Together (2021). The other police detective (Tang-oh) is the star of the 2023 series Senior Love Me.

Hit Bite Love Review


Drama Review Score: 6.7

Shokun and Matteo are into adventurous bedroom activities.

Hit Bite Love is a cheeky, irreverent drama that doesn't give a damn about being respectable. The lewd series has no shame in appealing to your lecherous gaze. All the actors prance around in the tiniest shorts imaginable, like the BL equivalent of a mini-skirt. They strip, bend over, or pose seductively, daring you not to objectify their bodies. The provocative story also pushes boundaries with naughty jokes and raunchy innuendos. From racy encounters to outrageous mischief, Hit Bite Love enjoys scandalizing the viewers.

This problematic series crosses the line of decency on many occasions. The vile storylines sensationalize offensive tropes, including sexual aggression, extortion, victim-blaming, colourism, and stereotypes. Most characters are also despicable scumbags who speak harshly or behave maliciously. Politically incorrect statements roll off their tongues with fiendish delight. Hit Bite Love is worse than your average sleazy BL drama. It gets a wicked thrill from being morally depraved. Giving a high review score may implicitly support its harmful ideas, which I don't endorse.

Hit Bite Love is unabashed about sex. These horny teenagers wanna screw each other! The series teases numerous saucy encounters that are visually titillating. In addition to the risqué imagery, the BL drama speaks candidly about erotic desires. The story takes extra care to destigmatize BDSM. It explains basic concepts, promotes safe practices, and normalizes the niche experience. However, Hit Bite Love contradicts its sex positivity with mixed messages. It supposedly celebrates physical intimacy before another plot condemns the characters for being promiscuous.

Shogun has an unhealthy relationship with Ken, who is closeted and disrespects his boyfriend. The new love interest, Matteo, should have been a better alternative. Yet, he coerces Shogun into doing S&M or threatens to out him to the school. Matteo's blackmail lands him on my shit list permanently. Also, Shogun has shallow romances with both men. Their scenes only revolve around sex instead of building an emotional connection. Furthermore, Shogun constantly equates his love to how much he can pleasure another man. His low self-worth troubles me.

The secondary couple, Burger King, is easily my favourite. This vulgar BL drama includes a surprisingly cute, innocent teen romance. Burger and King brighten the series whenever they appear. Admittedly, King's predatory advances can be iffy. Nonetheless, the pair charms me with their goofy exchanges and compatible chemistry. I love Burger's quirkiness. The series describes his personality as "Hokkaido milk flavour", which is a hilariously apt analogy. Also, his actor (Jur) is outstanding. This enthusiastic performer nails every comedic scene with oodles of charisma.

Hit Bite Love intensifies the drama near the end. As tensions explode, the unhinged finale is messy yet morbidly entertaining. This dark, twisted series embraces its sinister humour and sleazy shenanigans, becoming a lite version of the TV show Elite. A second season almost intrigues me, like a decadent guilty pleasure. However, I remain turned off by the story's malevolence. My conscience can't enjoy the trashy plots, tasteless jokes, toxic romances, or tacky messages. Hit Bite Love is a sordid BL series that often oversteps into an uncomfortable viewing experience. 


Sordid story

Hit Bite Love has a scandalous story that sensationalizes many offensive tropes. The outrageous plot is fuelled by tasteless jokes, sleazy seduction, and problematic misconduct.

Raunchy romance

The series is unabashed about sex. It features risqué imagery and takes care to destigmatize BDSM. Despite celebrating sex positivity, the hypocritical story shames the sexually active characters.

Amateurish acting

Most cast members are inexperienced and give below-average performances. However, Burger's actor (Jur) exudes lively charisma. He handles the comedic scenes with a goofy charm.

Sad ending

Hit Bite Love has a sad ending. It focuses on the school's criminal investigation and reveals the culprit's identity. The twisted finale is disturbing yet morbidly entertaining.

Sleazy artistry

This series is committed to being as sleazy as possible. It has no shame flaunting the actors in their itsy-bitsy shorts. Many visuals are deliberately titillating to stimulate your erotic imagination.


Hit Bite Love is a cheeky BL drama with raunchy jokes and racy encounters. There are many offensive storylines, rotten characters & toxic romances. It's almost naughty enough to be a guilty pleasure.

Hit Bite Love Episodes

Episode Guide

Burger reacts to being called Hokkaido milk flavor.

Hit Bite Love has a total of 6 episodes. Each episode is around 45 to 60 minutes long. The last episode is around # minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 5 hours. There is also exclusive footage with steamier scenes, which aren't included in the original episodes. Hit Bite Love started on January 21, 2023 and ended on February 25, 2023.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Episode 1 Review
Burger and King have a pillow fight in Hit Bite Love Episode 1.

Wow, Hit Bite Love begins with titillating visuals. Ken and Shogun's locker room sex scene, the naked shower, and those shirtless basketball players… These suggestive opening scenes are deliberately designed to make the viewers ogle. And the wardrobe choices are just as saucy. Every guy wears itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie, nano-sized PE shorts. Those short shorts are the BL equivalent of a mini-skirt. My first impression of Hit Bite Love is that it likes to show a lot of skin.

Are their names Burger and King!? LOL. Okay, that's cute. Burger King is such an adorable ship name. I really like this couple so far. My favourite moment of the episode is their pillow fight in the drama club, which is super sweet. Also, Burger's actor (Jur) is like a one-man comedy show. I find his quirky personality and silly antics really charming.

What does King 4.1 mean? Burger freaks out after seeing this message in his textbook, but I don't know its meaning. I looked it up online and can't find a definitive answer. Is it slang the cool kids are saying these days? In the next episode, Hit Bite Love elaborates on this scene, but I still don't understand. Is "4.1" a secret code for a love confession? Help, someone plz explain!

Episode 2

Episode 2 Review
Burger and King flirt during a tutoring session.

Burger and King are so cute together. Their adorable scenes make me smile, hehe~ I really like their story arc in this episode. It contains a healthy mix of romance, humour, and drama. The Burger King couple is enjoyable, but what's missing is better acting. Both leads are young, and their inexperience shows during dramatic moments. If their performances were stronger, that confrontation at the end would've resonated more powerfully.

I thought Shogun would mope around for a while after his recent breakup. However, he seems to have moved on already. When Matteo removes his shirt, Shogun immediately forgets about his ex. Ken who!? LOL. However, it makes sense that Shogun gets over his heartbreak quickly. His relationship with Ken wasn't emotional. They merely hooked up. Since Ken never treated Shogun as a legit boyfriend, I don't expect Shogun to have a deep attachment either.

It fascinates me how different the two couples are. Burger and King are this cute, innocent teen pairing. Their romantic scenes are at a schoolyard level of wholesomeness. Meanwhile, Shogun and Ken's storyline deals with dark, gritty themes. Their interactions are far more mature. This series takes the love stories from two opposite ends of the spectrum and mesh them together. The first pair is sweet, while the second pair is spicy. It's an unusual combination.

Episode 3

Episode 3 Review
Matteo kisses Shogun's hand.

The BDSM focus is interesting! Hit Bit Love takes time to explain concepts and demystify the experience for viewers. The story could've just given us sexy scenes and called it a day. Instead, it takes one step further and uses its platform to provide sex education. This series is often reckless and irresponsible in handling many sensitive topics. However, it does admirable due diligence with this specific subplot. The writers commit to producing a valuable teaching moment.

Matteo threatens to out Shogun unless he agrees to do BDSM with him. Wow, that's rotten. Matteo used Ken's sexuality as blackmail in the last episode, although I understand the context is different. Yet, it indicates the behavioural pattern of someone who weaponizes sexuality against closeted gay guys. We hate Ken for physically forcing himself on Shogun. Yet, Matteo also inflicts his sexual desires with manipulation and coercion. That's two toxic love interests in a row for poor Shogun. He shouldn't settle for Ken or Matteo. You deserve better, Shogun!

Is the third pairing necessary? I'm not a big fan of Hida and Saint as a couple. The word "brother" is an instant turn-off for BL romances, making me groan after I hear it. On top of being stepbrothers, Saint also has a girlfriend. Those are two major red flags. In addition, Hida and Saint's relationship has a clumsy introduction. Saint suddenly appears after being absent for the first two episodes. He feels like a randomly tacked-on character, which lessens my emotional attachment to him.

Episode 4

Episode 4 Review
King flirts with Burger.

Yay! I love having almost an entire episode dedicated to Burger and King. Their relationship scenes are my favourite. I can't get over how this sleazy drama has produced such a sweet and adorable teen romance. Since the actors are younger, Hit Bite Love relies less on gratuitous sex to fill the plot. Instead of sticking to raunchy material, the series must use more imagination when writing the scenes. The extra creativity improves the quality, leading to memorable exchanges.

"That person is not a chili. He can only be Hokkaido milk flavour." Oh my god, I love this witty analogy! Hokkaido milk is a hilariously apt way to describe Burger's quirky character. Burger seems sweet and pure, almost like milk. Yet, he has a vivid personality stronger than plain old vanilla, hence the Hokkaido flavour. A significant part of Burger's ~Hokkaido milk~ charm comes from the actor's charisma. Jur is so funny when handling comedic material. From his expressions to his mannerisms, he injects a powerful burst of enthusiasm into the role.

Burger and King are a bankable couple. They show bright sparks together, displaying the potential to be fan favourites. However, I want to tone down King's predatory advances. When King forcibly removes Burger's clothes in this episode, his actions seem too sinister. The characters can flirt without sleaziness. That isn't the right vibe for these two. Instead, the story should highlight more of their cutesy interactions. I almost want to lift Burger King out of this toxic series and put them into a wholesome teen BL drama. Give me a spin-off where they are the leads!

Episode 5

Episode 5 Review
Shogun and Ken hold hands in the gym.

This episode needs to come with a trigger warning. The events feel highly provocative. From sex tapes to suicide attempts, the heavy topics must be handled delicately. You don't want to send harmful messages to the viewers. Yet, Hit Bite Love approaches the sensitive plots with a sledgehammer. It glorifies the trauma, vilifies the victims, and undermines their suffering. The story's twisted morals are on full display. Episode 5 crosses the line of decency and creates an unpleasant viewing experience, at least for me.

To be honest, every episode of Hit Bite Love has made me uncomfortable. The tasteless jokes, offensive dialogue, and morally dubious characters have produced a toxic atmosphere. I can't relax. The story puts me on high alert, not knowing if a controversial plot will suddenly trigger my sensibilities. My discomfort is at an all-time high during the final scene. I'm mortified by Pim's mental spiral and the men's callousness toward her. Worst of all, her suicide is a terribly distressing way to end the episode. I asked myself, is this BL drama the type of unhealthy entertainment I want to be watching?

Episode 5
Episode 6

Episode 6

Sad Ending
Saint attacked Fern in the Hit Bite Love ending.

After teasing a mysterious crime throughout the series, Hit Bite Love reveals the events in the last episode. Saint is the culprit. He attacked Fern, bashing her skull. He was provoked after Fern teased him about his being in love with his stepbrother. Fern remains unresponsive after the attack. Pim, Hida, and Matteo help him cover up the crime.

Burger randomly stumbles upon the crime scene. He sees Hida adjusting Fern's unconscious body and makes the wrong assumption. Initially, Burger keeps the discovery to himself. However, King encourages him to do the right thing. As Burger reports the crime to the police, they arrive to arrest Hida. He also admits culpability and protects his stepbrother. Yet, the final scene reveals Fern isn't dead. She wakes up in the hospital as the story teases a potential Season 2.

Ending Review
Saint attacked Fern in the Hit Bite Love ending.

The Hit Bite Love ending is morbidly entertaining. I enjoy watching the events unfold, like piecing together a puzzle. Saint's crime brings all the characters together, and I like seeing how each person plays a role in the night's events. Burger being a witness and accusing his friend Hida is an unexpected twist, adding another dimension to the mystery. This storyline keeps me guessing until the end. It has the thrills and excitement of a juicy teen mystery.

This episode reminds me of Elite, the Spanish teen drama famous for its sauciness. There are parallels in the storylines, from the mystery investigation to the raunchy romances. Obviously, Elite is a way more polished series on every level. Nonetheless, being a lite version of Elite is still a compliment for Hit Bite Love. It's a good direction for this series to follow, especially for Season 2. Mix a central mystery with bitchy characters, sleazy sex scenes, and irreverent dialogue. Yes, I would watch something like this as a trashy guilty pleasure.

Hit Bite Love Information


Jinloe Media Work is a Thai studio that made What the Duck (2018) and its sequel What the Duck 2: Final Call (2019).

Jinloe Media Work is a Thai studio that made What the Duck (2018) and its sequel What the Duck 2: Final Call (2019). It also created the BL series In a Relationship (2022) and Hit Bite Love (2023). In addition to its BL efforts, Jinloe has a history of producing other Thai dramas.


Yuan Tin Tun Danop (หยวน ตฤนธัฬห์ ดนพ) is a Thai director. His first BL project is the 2015 drama, Love Sick 2

Yuan Tin Tun Danop (หยวน ตฤนธัฬห์ ดนพ) is a Thai director. His first BL project is the 2015 drama, Love Sick 2. He also directed Make It Right (2016), What the Duck (2018), and Hit Bite Love (2023).

  1. What I understood about the 'King 4.1' thing is that Ink has a little brother named King and he's in 4th grade (Prathom 4 in Thailand) an he did the drawing seen on Ink's book, so Burger and King thought it was 4 as in 4th year of high school/10th grade (Matthayom 4 in Thailand). I think the 1 represents the class number (4.1, 4.2, 4.3, etc.). It's explained in the Uncut Version but i really don't get why they cut out important things like this from the free version tho, i started paying the membership when EP4 aired because i wanted to see more of BurgerKing lol


  2. I really liked this bl and was shocked by this review… The very problematic things they portray like the colourism scene, the very weird relationship between Matteo and Shogun, suicide attempt (after that, it's all back to normal??) and the victim-blaming is not forgotten. They do theme this issue, but much to short… I did mentioned this, but I understand that others didn't or think it's not long enough to be excusable. For me the worst character was the teacher, they was sooooo annoyingly wrong in so many topics, but was portrayed good in the end… The D for Story is not that fair imo. If the ending and the plot is good, why is not the Story? The Story CARRIED this Drama! I really liked season 1 and hope we get a season 2 in the future. Bye Henry

  3. Ok everyone. Make a judgement for yourself and don't take reviews to heart. This short series is definitely for a more mature audience, but it was really good. If you believe the characters to be too shallow, how indepth could you be when you have to hit on some points and the shows only 6 episodes. Sorry, deep emotional connections are formed just not shown. Otherwise it would have been 16 to 24 episodes long. The actors were all amzing even if they are not all your personal favorite. Remember, they get a script and have to act, that's what they do, and project as much as they can in a short alloted time. Did I have my favorites? YES! Were there characters I disliked or hated? YES! But that's with any drama and any subject. I really did love the quirky, funny moments in between. I cracked up at Burger so many times.
    Anyway, watch this and make judge for yourself. If nothing else, college life can really bite!

  4. I loved every minute of this as it was completely different from any of BL that I have watched, the last episode ending on a cliffhanger got me happy for season 2 but It's been so long now I highly doubt we are ever going to get it which is a massive disappointment for me. Not all BL watchers are teenage girls screaming and shouting and even though the actors were young I still enjoyed the more mature content and odd comedy scene.

  5. Oh my. What a dreadful series! Giving it a "C" grade was truly generous of you, BL Watcher. Upon finishing the series, I found myself struggling with the indissoluble memory of bad acting, bad directing, bad pacing, bad storylines, and profoundly unerotic semi-nudity. My heart goes out to the young cast who tried their best. I feel like buying each of them a pair of long pants and comforting them with the knowledge that the nadir of their acting careers is now behind them.

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