Beyond the Star is a Thai BL series about an up-and-coming boy band.

Beyond the Star is a Thai BL series about an up-and-coming boy band. The main characters are trainees at a new talent agency. They must undergo singing and dancing lessons before their official debut. Recently, another boy band became their competitor for attention. As the pressure intensifies, some members feel insecure about committing to the entertainment industry. They also develop close relationships with each other.

Too many characters compete for the spotlight in Beyond the Star. Keeping track of all the different storylines is confusing, especially early on. Most plots lack meaningful development, while others don't receive focus for an extended time. Also, the rivalry between the boy bands produces dull drama. The only positive is the physical intimacy, which can be steamy and passionate. Surprisingly, I liked one of the couples more than I expected.

Beyond the Star Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2023)


6 hours

Total Episodes:

8 episodes




Beyond the Star is a spicy & romantic BL drama.


Nathee and Kita are boyfriends.

KJ Entertainment is a new talent agency. Recently, it started the Beyond the Star initiative. The project aims to turn nine young trainees into celebrities. The owner, Araya, has invested lots of money and resources into this group. She’ll provide singing and dancing lessons before their official debut as a boy band. Unlike other agencies, Araya allows the members to date. However, she hopes they’ll take their ambitions seriously.

The nine-person boy band consists of Namo and Kengkla, who have become friends during training. They are often together, even outside rehearsal. Kengkla frequently visits temples for spiritual guidance, while Namo accompanies his friend each time. However, Kengkla is frustrated about the group's progress. He wants to be an actor, not a boy band member. He doubts whether all their practice is meaningful. In contrast, Namo has received positive attention for his talent. A rival agency even wants to recruit him.

MChange is KJ Entertainment's industry competitor. Araya used to have a fling with the MChange owner, Kiat. Their business relationship isn't on the best terms. MChange recently launched Red King, a new boy band. Their debut puts pressure on all the Beyond the Star members, who feel they compete against their rivals. Despite their success, there's a toxic culture at MChange. Kiat is controlling and doesn't allow the members to have love lives. Anyone who misbehaves will be kicked out of the group. This creates a hostile environment where everyone is agitated.

Nathee is a prominent member of Red King. He is Kiat's nephew, so his family connections have helped him secure a role in the band. The nepotism has caused other group members to be harsh toward Nathee, sometimes bullying him during rehearsal. Nathee, who wants to prove himself, takes the abuse without retaliating. He's also in a secret relationship with Kita, a former group member. Before Red King's debut, Kita was kicked out for misbehaving. Although Nathee and Kita are in love, they must hide their romance. Otherwise, it may jeopardize Red King's success.

To compete against Red King, Beyond the Star must work harder during practice. The extra workload pressures everyone. Tonnam feels insecure about his injuries and inability to master the dance moves. His friend, Phupha, provides emotional support. Meanwhile, Mawin is constantly late for rehearsal due to his part-time job. He must support his family financially in addition to pursuing his dreams. Mungkorn clashes with him and claims Mawin isn't committed to the group. The other three members, Tul, Trin, and Copper, are involved in a scandalous love triangle.

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Beyond the Star Cast



Bank Chanwut Kwanmongkolcharoen (แบงค์ ชาญวุฒิ ขวัญมงคลเจริญ)

Namo is portrayed by Thai actor Bank Chanwut Kwanmongkolcharoen (แบงค์ ชาญวุฒิ ขวัญมงคลเจริญ).

Namo is one of the nine trainees in the Beyond the Star project. He is the only member who wears glasses. Namo is good friends with Kengkla and accompanies him to different places outside rehearsal. Namo's dancing skills have received positive attention from judges and instructors. Other rival agencies are interested in recruiting him.

Bank Chanwut Kwanmongkolcharoen

Bank Chanwut Kwanmongkolcharoen (แบงค์ ชาญวุฒิ ขวัญมงคลเจริญ) is a Thai actor. He is born on August 3, 1997.

Bank Chanwut Kwanmongkolcharoen (แบงค์ ชาญวุฒิ ขวัญมงคลเจริญ) is a Thai actor. He is born on August 3, 1997. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, Beyond the Star.


Llouis Kitawat Chaodi (หลุยส์ กฤตวัฒน์ เชาวน์ดี)

Kengkla is portrayed by the Thai actor Llouis Kitawat Chaodi (หลุยส์ กฤตวัฒน์ เชาวน์ดี).

Kengkla is one of the nine trainees signed under the Beyond the Star project. However, he is frustrated with the singing and dancing lessons. Kengkla wants to be an actor instead of a boy band member. Kengkla is superstitious and likes to visit temples for spiritual guidance. He has formed a close friendship with Namo out of all the members.

Llouis Kitawat Chaodi

Llouis Kitawat Chaodi (หลุยส์ กฤตวัฒน์ เชาวน์ดี) is a Thai actor. He is born on April 1, 1996.

Llouis Kitawat Chaodi (หลุยส์ กฤตวัฒน์ เชาวน์ดี) is a Thai actor. He is born on April 1, 1996. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, Beyond the Star.


Focus Poonyavee Ekpankul (โฟกัส ปุณยวีร์ เอกพันธ์กุล)

Nathee is portrayed by the Thai actor Focus Poonyavee Ekpankul (โฟกัส ปุณยวีร์ เอกพันธ์กุล).

Nathee is a member of the new boy band Red King. His uncle, Kiat, owns the talent agency. Due to his family connections, some members treat him harshly. Nathee wants to prove himself and endures the bullying. He's in a secret relationship with Kita, a former group member. They must hide the romance since the agency doesn't allow its artists to date.

Focus Poonyavee Ekpankul

Focus Poonyavee Ekpankul (โฟกัส ปุณยวีร์ เอกพันธ์กุล) is a Thai actor. He is born on June 12, 1996.

Focus Poonyavee Ekpankul (โฟกัส ปุณยวีร์ เอกพันธ์กุล) is a Thai actor. He is born on June 12, 1996. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, Beyond the Star.


Willi Arawill Jartonk (วิลลี่ อราวิลล์ ชาติทอง)

Kita is portrayed by the Thai actor Willi Arawill Jartonk (วิลลี่ อราวิลล์ ชาติทอง).

Kita is Nathee's secret boyfriend. Despite being in love, the couple must hide their romance due to a no-dating policy at Nathee's talent agency. Kita belongs to the same company. He used to be a part of the boy band. However, Kiat kicked him out of the group due to misconduct. Since then, Kita has worked as one of Kiat's employees and does shady errands for him.

Willi Arawill Jartonk

Willi Arawill Jartonk (วิลลี่ อราวิลล์ ชาติทอง) is a Thai actor. He is born on November 1, 1989.

Willi Arawill Jartonk (วิลลี่ อราวิลล์ ชาติทอง) is a Thai actor. He is born on November 1, 1989. He is formerly known as Best Anavil Charttong (เบสท์ อนาวิล ชาติทอง). His first BL project is the 2022 series, Till The World Ends. He also appears in the 2023 drama, Beyond the Star.


Gun Suwichak Kulthongsriwat (กัน สุวิจักขณ์ กุลทองศิวัฒน์)

Tonnam is portrayed by the Thai actor Gun Suwichak Kulthongsriwat (กัน สุวิจักขณ์ กุลทองศิวัฒน์).

Tonnam is one of the new trainees with the Beyond the Star project. Due to his recent injury, Tonnam can't participate in rehearsals. As time passes, his self-esteem worsens. He believes his singing and dancing skills are worse than others. Tonnam is friends with Phupha, who always gives him emotional support.

Gun Suwichak Kulthongsriwat

Gun Suwichak Kulthongsriwat (กัน สุวิจักขณ์ กุลทองศิวัฒน์) is a Thai actor. He is born on June 27, 1996.

Gun Suwichak Kulthongsriwat (กัน สุวิจักขณ์ กุลทองศิวัฒน์) is a Thai actor. He is born on June 27, 1996. His first BL project is the 2023 series, Beyond the Star.


Beer Rapeewish Sangiamwong (รพีวิชญ์ เสงี่ยมวงศ์)

Phupha is portrayed by the Thai actor Beer Rapeewish Sangiamwong (รพีวิชญ์ เสงี่ยมวงศ์).

Phupha is one of the new trainees in the Beyond the Star project. He is friends with Tonnam, Namo, and Kengkla. Phupha volunteers to take care of Tonnam after his recent injury. He has noticed his friend's self-esteem issues and tries to give him friendly encouragement.

Beer Rapeewish Sangiamwong

Beer Rapeewish Sangiamwong (รพีวิชญ์ เสงี่ยมวงศ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on May 3, 1994.

Beer Rapeewish Sangiamwong (รพีวิชญ์ เสงี่ยมวงศ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on May 3, 1994. His first BL project is the 2018 drama, My Dream. He also appears in My Engineer (2020) and Beyond the Star (2023).

Supporting Cast

Tul is portrayed by Thai actor Pan Jirachot Chotticomporn (ป้าน จิรโชติ โชติทิฆัมพร).


Pan Jirachot Chotticomporn (ป้าน จิรโชติ โชติทิฆัมพร)

Trin is portrayed by Thai actor Plai Chattrin Chotticomporn (ปลาย ฉัตริน โชติฑิฆัมพร).


Plai Chattrin Chotticomporn (ปลาย ฉัตริน โชติฑิฆัมพร)

Copper is portrayed by the Thai actor BeBoy Nanthakorn Sringenthap (บีบอย นันทกร ศรีเงินทาบ).


BeBoy Nanthakorn Sringenthap (บีบอย นันทกร ศรีเงินทาบ)

Mawin is portrayed by Thai actor Tae Natthapat Meesuk (เต้ ณัฐภัทร มีสุข).


Tae Natthapat Meesuk (เต้ ณัฐภัทร มีสุข)

Mungkorn is portrayed by Thai actor Bigboss Woraphon Charoensuk (บิ๊กบอส วรพล เจริญสุข).


Bigboss Woraphon Charoensuk (บิ๊กบอส วรพล เจริญสุข)

Araya is portrayed by Thai actress Minnt Wwaranluckk Phonpawiworaqul (มิ้น วรัญช์รักษ์ พรปวีณ์วรกุล).


Minnt Wwaranluckk Phonpawiworaqul (มิ้น วรัญช์รักษ์ พรปวีณ์วรกุล)

Kiat is portrayed by Thai actor Turk Kahabodee Kaljareuk (เติร์ก คหบดี กัลย์จาฤก).


Turk Kahabodee Kaljareuk (เติร์ก คหบดี กัลย์จาฤก)

Film is portrayed by Thai actor Float Nattawut Treedach (โฟล์ท ณัฐวุฒิ ตรีเดช).


Float Nattawut Treedach (โฟล์ท ณัฐวุฒิ ตรีเดช)

Phat is portrayed by Thai actor Frame Noraphat Chanthannagkun (เฟรม นรภัทร จันทนางกุล).


Frame Noraphat Chanthannagkun (เฟรม นรภัทร จันทนางกุล)

Phuri is portrayed by Thai actor Phuri Phuwanon Thiddakulprasert (ภูริ ภูวนนท์ ธิดากุลประเสริฐ).


Phuri Phuwanon Thiddakulprasert (ภูริ ภูวนนท์ ธิดากุลประเสริฐ)

Phark is portrayed by Thai actor Poom Soravis Acharnewvanit (ภูมิ สรวิศ อาชานิวณิช).


Poom Soravis Acharnewvanit (ภูมิ สรวิศ อาชานิวณิช)

Cream is portrayed by Thai actor King Chayut Kemtongkum (คิง ชยุต เข็มทองคำ).


King Chayut Kemtongkum (คิง ชยุต เข็มทองคำ)

Pim is portrayed by Thai actress Minty Chuthikan Chawasathienphong (ชุติกาญจน์ ชวเสถียรพงศ์).


Minty Chuthikan Chawasathienphong (ชุติกาญจน์ ชวเสถียรพงศ์)

Kawee is portrayed by Thai actor Run Kantheephop Sirorattanaphanit (กัณต์ธีภพ ศิโรรัตนพาณิชย์).


Run Kantheephop Sirorattanaphanit (กัณต์ธีภพ ศิโรรัตนพาณิชย์)

Kong is portrayed by a Thai actor.


In is portrayed by a Thai actor.


Diya is portrayed by a Thai actress Carol Warinya Mok (แครอล วริญญา มอค).


Carol Warinya Mok (แครอล วริญญา มอค)

Lee is portrayed by Thai actor Japan Thanat Navamarat (เจแปน ธานัท นวะมะรัตน).


Japan Thanat Navamarat (เจแปน ธานัท นวะมะรัตน)

Cast Highlights

  • Phupha's actor (Beer) has previously appeared in My Dream (2018) and My Engineer (2020).
  • The actor who portrays Kita (Willi) is the lead of the 2022 apocalyptic BL drama Till the World Ends.
  • Tul and Trin's actors (Pan and Plai) have appeared in 2 Moons: The Ambassador (2022) and Venus in the Sky (2023). Copper's actor (BeBoy) has appeared in the series My Roommate (2022).
  • Mawin and Mungkorn's actors (Tae and Bigboss) have appeared in the 2022 Thai BL drama Hit Bite Love. However, they weren't paired together as a couple in that series.
  • Kawee's actor (Run) is the lead of the 2023 drama Tin Tem Jai. Run and Prim's actress (Minty) have supporting roles in the 2022 series Coffee Melody.

Beyond the Star Review


Drama Review Score: 5.1

Nathee and Kita kiss passionately.

Beyond the Star has an oversized cast with too many characters, all competing for the spotlight. Each busy episode juggles between four romances, two rival boy bands, and numerous subplots with random people. Keeping track of each storyline is a confusing nuisance. The series also does a terrible job of introducing everyone. I can only identify the protagonists based on vague characteristics, like "guy with glasses" or "dude with an injured leg." Nobody receives enough development to have fleshed-out personalities.

Besides having too many storylines, most of them are annoyingly dull. A central plot is the rivalry between the new boy bands, but nothing exciting comes out of this conflict. Other scenes show the protagonists struggling with low self-esteem, time management problems, or doubts about the future. Yet, these ideas never expand beyond their shallow portrayals. All the issues seem one-dimensional. Every character arc lacks substance and growth. The entertainment industry is supposed to have juicy topics, but this mundane series fails to showcase any compelling drama.

Namo and Kengla receive the most focus out of all the couples. Unfortunately, they're the least interesting characters with the weakest storyline. These two hardly bring drama, humour, or romance to their boring scenes. The inexperienced performers (Bank and Llouis) also lack the acting chops and compatible chemistry to elevate their interactions. On top of working with lousy material, they don't have the charisma to command attention. Quite frankly, they shouldn't have been the leads. Reduce their screen time and focus on the other pairings instead.

Surprisingly, Nathee and Kita have the best relationship scenes. The other pairs bore me due to their pointless chats. All they do is yap about nothing important. In contrast, this couple doesn't waste time and engages in lots of physical intimacy. The two hotties display passionate romantic chemistry, from steamy kisses to sensual touches. I adore their seduction game in Episode 5, a sultry encounter that captures their fun, sexy flirtation. Nathee and Kita are the only bright spots in Beyond the Star. Their enjoyable BL content makes me not regret watching this series.

Although I like Nathee and Kita's romance, they only occupy a fraction of the plot. My favourites have almost no focus in the last two episodes since the series must highlight the other couples. I was initially intrigued by Tonnam and Phupha, but their uneventful storyline doesn't have much going on. Despite a lengthy sex scene, their raunchy encounter loses oomph because I stopped caring about them long ago. The other relationship is the hilariously awkward love triangle between Copper and the twins. The drama is so trashy that I don't even want to address it.

While poorly executed, the first seven episodes of Beyond the Star showed some effort to maintain a reasonable narrative. However, the finale has given up on any semblance of logic. From offensive twists to outrageously stupid resolutions, every disappointment tarnishes my already low opinion of the series. Looking back, I see no positives from my viewing experience besides the eroticism. A few amateur sex scenes aren't enough to compensate for hours of boredom and wretched storytelling. Beyond the Star has gained notoriety as a sleazy and subpar BL drama.


Dull story

Beyond the Star introduces too many characters and doesn't develop meaningful storylines. Most plots are as dull as they are shallow. The entertainment industry drama isn't compelling at all.

Sexy romances

Nathee & Kita are my favourite couple. They share hot chemistry and have steamy physical affection. The other pairings also have passionate encounters, but their storylines don't interest me.

Bland acting

Despite receiving the most focus, Namo and Kengla's leads (Bank and Llouis) lack the charisma and chemistry. None of the other cast members stand out, although I appreciate their hot physiques.

Happy ending

Beyond the Star has a happy ending as the trainees find a new direction for their group. I didn't like the sloppy finale, which introduces last-minute conflicts and senseless resolutions.

Plain artistry

For a series about the celebrity world, this series lacks glamour. While not ugly, some of the decor or visuals look plain. I still like how a few scenes look, such as Nathee & Kita's encounter in Episode 2.


Beyond the Star is a dull BL drama that introduces too many characters and one-dimensional storylines. Despite several steamy encounters, the series bores me with its shallow romances.

Beyond the Star Episodes

Episode Guide

Nathee and Kita are in the bathtub.

Beyond the Star has a total of 8 episodes. Each episode is around 40 to 45 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 6 hours. Beyond the Star started on November 11, 2023 and ended on December 30, 2023.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8

Episode Reviews

Episode 1

Obsessed that the president's shoes are bigger than the steps in the staircase. 👠 This introduction is confusing. There are too many characters. I have no idea who anyone is or what they do.

Episode 2

I love how Nathee and Kita's steamy hookup is filmed. Kissing in front of the white curtains creates a striking visual. The actors also look hot and share a compatible chemistry.

Episode 3

Nathee and Kita are becoming my favourite couple simply because they kiss the most. The other pairs need to step it up! Ugh, Namo & Kengla's drama is annoying. I don't wanna watch them.

Episode 4

Halfway into this series, I still have no idea who some characters are. What happened to those two guys who were arguing? Please focus more on Nathee & Kita and less on the other couples.

Episode 5

Oh, I love the seduction game Nathee and Kita played! That scene is hot. The couple's chemistry is wasted in this crappy series. They're the only bright spot when I find everything else boring.

Episode 6

Can they just debut already? I'm tired of hearing these characters bitch, whine, and moan about whatever. I'm also bored of watching them practice steps in the tiny studio. "1, 2, 3, 4…!" Oh my god. 🥱

Episode 7

Wow, Tonnam and Phupha's sex scene lasts pretty long. I thought they were never gonna stop screwing lol. I liked the couple when they were first introduced, but I stopped caring about them.

Episode 8

NOT THE KNEE! The love triangle with the twins is so trashy and ridiculous lmao. Ugh, this finale is so icky. It feels like they threw together these random conflicts and resolutions without any thought.

Beyond the Star Information

MFlow Entertainment

MFlow Entertainment is a Thai BL studio that made Second Chance (2021). Its portfolio also includes With Love (2021).

MFlow Entertainment is a Thai BL studio that made Ai Long Nhai (2022). Its portfolio also includes With Love (2021), Second Chance (2021), Coffee Melody (2022), Beyond the Star (2023), and Time (2024).

  1. Uy, mi momento ha llegado nuevamente. Pido disculpas desde el inicio por el posible largo texto plagado de quejas sin sentido.

    He establecido que NO debería tener expectativas con las series tailandesas. Sin embargo, el primer trailer de Beyond the Star parecía prometedor. Aunque había también demasiadas parejas que iban a ser introducidas, era mejor que la basura final. No había una supuesta rivalidad con otra banda, sino que parecía la historia de los artistas y cómo se desarrollaba su entrenamiento con todo el drama del romance. Y, al final, nada. Joder, se nota los grandes cambios que tuvieron que hacer al final, quitaron personajes, sí los principales… "principales" no están desarrollados, hay unos de los que no entiendes ni qué hacen ahí -el ejemplo, el chico que trabaja en la cafetería y su amigo que al final se desvanecen en el aire-.

    No voy a mentir, odio los triángulos amorosos, pero el drama de los gemelos y Copper era lo que me trajo a esta serie y al final fue una burla total. Es decir, al final ni siquiera se sabe si arreglan bien el drama porque Tul le dice a Trin qué sólo quiere verlo feliz. Y ya.

    ¿El problema es que sólo fueron 8 capítulos? ¿Los evidentes cambios en la trama y los actores? Al principio ni siquiera pareciera que Namo y Ken fueran los protagonistas, pero los actores se volvieron muy populares de la nada y como que eso bastó para darles todo el foco de atención. ¿Era tan difícil darles un capítulo completo a cada pareja para así introducir personajes, problemáticas y usar el demás tiempo para unir tramas? ¿Por qué sigo pidiéndole tanto a series bl tailandesas? Sólo para que destroces mi corazoncito cada vez con más fuerza. Y creo que el siguiente proyecto de esta empresa es Lovely Addict, donde saldrán de nuevo los de Venus inbthe Sky, y los actores de Trin y Copper, pero ya estoy asustada con el bodrio que podrían hacer. ¿Algo tranquilo como VITS? ¿O una basura como Beyond the Star?

    Quien quiera que crea que meter más de dos parejas en 8 capítulos debería de darse de topes contra una puerta ¡¿A quién se le ocurre?!

    Iba a decir que una D es muy benevolente, pero la verdad Nathee y Kita le ponen todo el feeling a la serie. Nathee es precioso y debería ser protegido de toda maldad humana, eso incluye a su novio. Por un segundo creí que Kita iba a tener algo con Namo -bueno, eran ex o algo así- y ya estaba lista para enojarme. También pensé que Kita tendría algún plan malvado en el qué estaba usando a Nathee para vengarce. Pero luego me doy cuenta que hago más interesantes las historias en mi cabeza de lo que realmente son y ese es el verdadero problema hahahaha -ayuda-. A parte, creo que tampoco es justo ponerle una F, por ejemplo, nada puede estar al nivel de Dinosaur Love de momento 😆😆

    Ya no quiero esperar nada porque las pocas series que me han interesado han sido basura -bueno, hay excepciones, pero la mayoría…-

    Bueno, en fin, lamento sacar aquí mis corajes 🥲 a veces me siento traicionada y no tengo a quién contarle. ¡Saludos!

    1. No worries about the length! Some unpopular BL dramas don't get much discussion online. Typically, I don't get many responses after reviewing a bad series like Beyond the Star. Most people won't even bother to watch it, which is understandable. However, it's good to read a comment from someone who has finished it, endured the same suffering as I have, and share our thoughts with each other! Talking about how this series had disappointed us is a part of the healing process, haha.

      I recognize the coffee shop guy and his partner from another BL series, Hit Bite Love. I was interested in their storyline and thought they would become a couple. Yet, their characters disappeared after the second episode and didn't show up again until I forgot they existed. They weren't even romantically involved. It makes me wonder what was the point of this subplot in the first place. Give their material to the other characters instead.

      My theory is the original story had 10 or 12 episodes, but it got reduced to 8 for whatever reason. The storyteller had little time to edit the script and had to make abrupt cuts. The last episode felt particularly rushed. All the plots came together hastily with little closure, especially what happened between Copper and the twins. Regardless of how many episodes, the writing isn't coherent. Like you suggest, it should've dedicated the early episodes to introducing the characters and establishing the background details. That's basic storytelling.

      Doing a BL series with more than one couple is challenging. You must handle multiple romances instead of concentrating on the leads. The more pairs you add, the more complicated it becomes to balance everything. Beyond the Star does itself a disservice by introducing too many couples, resulting in poorly developed content for everyone.

      Beyond the Star is missing some humour. The studio's previous project, Venus in the Sky, could cover up its bad plots with silly jokes. I feel entertained even when the storylines are dumb. In contrast, this series is pretty serious. When the melodrama is badly written AND unfunny, it creates a dull viewing experience. It also needs a charismatic actor to pull off the comedy, which this series lacks.

      Yes, Nathee and Kita are one of the few saving graces. Nathee is precious in every scene. Looking back at this series, I think, "Okay, at least they introduced a couple I kinda liked. It didn't totally waste my time." I was also worried Kita might betray him since his character had an oddly ~suspicious~ backstory. Thankfully, the story didn't go there!

      I give a D or D- to most bad dramas. I'm strict with my F scores and only save them for dramas that feel *PAINFUL* to watch. As terrible as Beyond the Star was, it didn't cause long-term suffering. On the other hand, Dinosaur Love made me lose brain cells that I may never recover. 😆

  2. Hii! I think I had hope for BTY until ep 5 but then…
    In the end: what happened to Nathee?! Wtf they reunite for a new agency?! Kengla wanted to be an actor so much that he become a singer?!
    I appreciate the information about the experience these actors have or not, many were first timers so (probably) they took the opportunity to be an actor. When something is your dream, if a door opens, you have to take the leap… Kudos to them for that!
    Becoming a BL watcher like you (hihihi), some kind of BL critic was born so…
    Next BL please! Thank you for this space, BL Watcher 😀

    1. Hi Elisa! I still had hope for Beyond the Star until the last episode. I remained optimistic and left disappointed. 😢 Unfortunately, the last episode feels too rushed. It doesn't address what happened to Nathee. The project also shifts from a boy band to a series very suddenly. Many storylines needed more development.

      I like the story's message about these young aspiring stars pursuing their celebrity dreams. Some question whether they're talented or committed enough. Nonetheless, they work hard and give it their best shot. Their ambition is admirable. Similarly, many of the cast members are first-time actors in real life. Although they don't have much experience, I still appreciate their courage and effort to perform on screen. They deserve kudos, absolutely.

      Yes, join me in becoming a BL watcher and critic! We can watch the next BL together! Thank you for your comment! 😄

  3. Yo creo que NADIE podrá recuperarse de Dinasour Love. Todavía duele el recuerdo. Estoy esperando a ver si se van a atrever a hacer las supuestas historias adicionales relacionadas con esa serie. De verdad quiero saber quién es capaz de arriesgarse todavía con algo tan mediocre 😆

    Y tienes razón, faltó uno o dos personajes carismáticos que pudieran hacer más llevadero el "drama" en Beyond the Star. Kita y Nathee como pareja eran lindos, pero separados no aportaban nada a la trama. Incluso un pequeño drama en su historia habría sido interesante. Pero sí, también creo que al final hicieron más corta la historia de lo que originalmente fue planeada y la edición final fue horrible.

    Gracias por brindarme este espacio para hablar de series. Aunque tengo amigos que ven BL, generalmente no vemos lo mismo hahahaha

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