Unintentional Love Story – Series Review & Ending Explained

Unintentional Love Story is a Korean BL series about a recently fired employee who gets a fresh start in a coastal town.

Unintentional Love Story is a Korean BL series about a recently fired office employee who gets a fresh start during a vacation. After losing his job, the main character travels to a charming coastal town for a diversion. He meets a mysterious pottery shop owner with a secret past. The protagonist realizes his new acquaintance can help him regain his employment. As the pair becomes closer, they unexpectedly fall in love.

There's a stretch of episodes where Unintentional Love Story comes together enjoyably. The memorable characters, breezy romance, and polished production create an easygoing atmosphere. After finding its stride, the series goes downhill and spends too long on annoying conflicts. The unpleasant final arc dampens my enthusiasm for what could have been a solid BL drama.

Unintentional Love Story Summary


비의도적 연애담

Series Info:

South Korea (2023)


6 hours

Total Episodes:

10 episodes




Unintentional Love Story is a nice & gentle BL drama.


Wonyoung falls in love with Taejoon, a pottery shop owner, in Unintentional Love Story.

Wonyoung is an office employee at a corporation, Taepyeono. He has worked in the General Affairs Team for the past two years. However, Wonyoung's boss Manager Kim was recently involved in a corruption scandal. As his subordinate, Wonyoung was fired by the company, even though he didn't know about his manager's misconduct. Losing his job is devastating for him. He still has to pay off his student loans. Furthermore, finding a new job is challenging because of his tarnished reputation.

Wonyoung is stressed about his unemployment. Following his friend's advice, he relaxes by taking a short vacation. Wonyoung arrives at a coastal town and stays at an inn. However, he accidentally breaks the innkeeper's beloved ceramic plate. Wonyoung offers to replace the broken item. He visits a nearby pottery shop, the Moon Jar, to browse the collections. The store owner, Taejoon, is a knowledgeable expert who speaks wisely about his creations. "Only after it withstands the heat of the furnace will its unique colours show up," says Taejoon.

After leaving the store, Wonyoung realizes Taejoon's real identity. Taejoon is the son of a wealthy family. His father is the most famous painter in the country. However, Taejoon went missing two years ago, and nobody could find him ever since. Before the disappearance, Wonyoung's old company had wanted to sign a business deal with Taejoon. Wonyoung is amazed to see the client in this remote town. Taejoon is very sensitive about his privacy. He won't let customers take photos or share videos of his store online. As such, he has gone undetected for the past few years.

Wonyoung is excited about locating Taejoon and makes a deal with his old company. Manager Jung promises to give him back a job if he can convince Taejoon to return. Wonyoung turns on the charm offence and cozies up to the pottery shop owner. However, Taejoon is put off by his eagerness and treats him coldly. The more Wonyoung persists, the more Taejoon feels annoyed. Wonyoung tries to ask for a part-time job at the shop. Yet, Taejoon rejects the candidate and asks him to leave.

Wonyoung befriends Donghee, a bubbly local cafe owner in the nearby Youth Mall. Donghee is one of Taejoon's only friends in this town. Wonyoung uses his charm to barista skills to gain employment at the cafe. He now has an excuse to become closer to Taejoon. Also, Wonyoung signs up as a student for the weekly pottery classes. Taejoon is annoyed that this random man suddenly appears and keeps showing up everywhere. Dong Hee convinces him Wonyoung is sincere. Oblivious to the truth, Taejoon speculates that Wonyoung may have romantic feelings for him.

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Unintentional Love Story Cast



Gongchan (공찬)

Wonyoung is portrayed by the Korean actor Gongchan (공찬).

Wonyoung is an office employee who recently lost his job. His manager's corruption scandal caused the innocent Wonyoung to get fired as collateral damage. Stressed about unemployment, he takes a relaxing trip to a coastal town. Wonyoung means Taejoon, a mysterious pottery shop owner. Taejoon can potentially help him regain his job.


Gongchan (공찬) is a Korean actor. He is born on August 14, 1993.

Gongchan (공찬) is a Korean actor. He is born on August 14, 1993. His first BL project is the 2023 series, Unintentional Love Story.


Cha Seo Won (차서원)

Taejoon is portrayed by the Korean actor Cha Seo Won (차서원).

Taejoon owns The Blue Jar, a pottery shop in a small coastal town. He is secretly the son of a wealthy painter in the country. However, Taejoon disappeared from the public eye two years ago. He is sensitive about his privacy and forbids customers from sharing social media posts of his store. In addition to his store duties, Taejoon hosts a weekly pottery class.

Cha Seo Won

Cha Seo Won (차서원) is a Korean actor. He is born on April 15, 1991.

Cha Seo Won (차서원) is a Korean actor. He is born on April 15, 1991. His first BL project is the 2023 series, Unintentional Love Story.


Han Do Woo (한도우)

Donghee is portrayed by the Korean actor Han Do Woo (한도우).

Donghee is Taejoon's friend who owns a local cafe nearby. His store makes beverage deliveries. Donghee recently hired Wonyoung to be an employee at his shop. Donghee is also childhood friends with Hotae. Despite their snappy banter and different personalities, the two get along.

Han Do Woo

Han Do Woo (한도우) is a Korean actor. He is born on September 23, 1996.

Han Do Woo (한도우) is a Korean actor. He is born on September 23, 1996. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, Unintentional Love Story.


Won Tae Min (원태민)

Hotae is portrayed by the Korean actor Won Tae Min (원태민).

Hotae is Donghee's friend. They have known each other since high school. Due to the tattoos on his body, Hotae is viewed as a troublemaker around town. He also has a reputation for breaking women's hearts. Hotae is enrolled in adult education to complete his studies. He lives with his mother, who often chastises him for not being responsible enough.

Won Tae Min

Won Tae Min (원태민) is a Korean actor. He is born on September 16, 1993.

Won Tae Min (원태민) is a Korean actor. He is born on September 16, 1993. His first BL project is the 2021 drama, You Make Me Dance. He also appears in the 2023 series, Unintentional Love Story.

Supporting Cast

Manager Jung is Wonyoung's boss.

Manager Jung

Wonyoung's boss

Geonhee is Taejoon's friend from school.


Taejoon's friend

Inho is Taejoon's ex-boyfriend.


Taejoon's ex

Donghee is close to Hotae's mom.

Hotae's mom

Hotae's parent

Aeri is a carpenter at Youth Mall.


Taejoon's friend

Yeonhee is Wonyoung's friend from school.


Wonyoung's friend

The innkeeper offers Wonyoung a place to stay.


Wonyoung's innkeeper

Manager Park is Wonyoung's coworker.

Manager Park

Wonyoung's coworker

The fruit auntie is a student at the pottery class.

Fruit auntie

Pottery class student

Geonhee's wife is strict with him.

Geonhee's wife

Geonhee's spouse

Taejoon has an icy relationship with his father.

Taejoon's dad

Taejoon's parent

Taejoon is close to his pottery professor.


Taejoon's professor

Cast Highlights

Unintentional Love Story Review


Drama Review Score: 7.6

Taejoon corners Wonyoung in his classroom.

Unintentional Love Story comes close to being a good BL series. The quality is almost there, but it misses the mark in a few areas. The narrative maintains a steady pacing and hits its stride during the first half. It succeeds in creating a fun, breezy, and easygoing vibe. Each episode contains a healthy mix of casual drama with lighthearted flirting. Although the plot isn't innovative, the relationships develop delightfully enough. Until a certain point, Unintentional Love Story was on track and sustained my interest.

Initially, the main character annoyed me. Wonyoung's overeager personality came on strongly. He exhibited a persistent air of desperation, from begging for his job to following Taejoon everywhere. I couldn't ship the leads since Wongyoung's behaviour seemed off-putting. However, I changed my opinion of him around Episode 3. When he said, "My life looks like a mess to me," his vulnerability turned my irritation into pity. Like Taejoon, I saw a more endearing side to Wonyoung and warmed to him. I became receptive to this couple's blossoming romance.

Wonyoung & Taejoon grew on me as a pairing more than I expected. I like how Taejoon goes from acting cold and distant to being charmed and smitten. Likewise, Wonyoung's confusion over his attraction offers an intriguing tension in their relationship. Yet, their romantic encounters never reach great heights since the leads don't share a strong rapport. I've seen better compatibility in other BL dramas. This series compensates for the limited chemistry by emphasizing elegant visuals. The production looks crisp and colourful, cultivating a comfortable atmosphere.

Sadly, Unintentional Love Story falters in its second half, losing that brisk momentum. The last few episodes focus on the fallout of Wonyoung's deceit. I understand this storyline is a significant part of the plot and needs to be addressed. However, the prolonged conflict is aggravating. From accusations to arguments, each hostile interaction undermines the romance. The series also brings Taejoon's ex into the drama, producing even more unpleasantness. As their feud drags on, I don't want to watch it anymore. Unintentional Love Story has stopped being charming.

I actually enjoy the secondary pair more than the leads. These fun supporting characters have lively banter, natural chemistry, and a nuanced backstory. Also, both actors are charismatic and convey sparks with each other. If it were up to me, Donghee and Hotae would be the main storyline. Yet, they suffer from drawn-out tensions. After the intense confrontation in Episode 5, their relationship hardly makes progress. Instead of highlighting their feelings or exploring new developments, there are many repetitive scenes. The series doesn't capitalize on the couple's potential.

Although I like both pairings, Unintentional Love Story struggles to write compelling relationship scenes. Many lovey-dovey moments, especially in Episode 7, seem cliched and corny. These characters are in their late 20s or 30s, so I expect more mature interactions. Instead, they flirt like an adolescent BL drama, lacking passion and seduction. The mild-mannered romance never gets my heart pounding with excitement. Despite its shortcomings, I still enjoy Unintentional Love Story as a cute casual series with a happy ending. Overall, this love story is pleasantly average.


Easygoing story

Unintentional Love Story begins with a healthy mix of casual drama and lighthearted flirting. The series hits its stride during the fun, breezy first half. The last few episodes involve annoying conflicts.

Pleasant romance

The lead couple grew on me over time, although they had several aggravating moments. I really like the secondary pair. However, both romances suffer because there isn't enough passion.

Comfortable acting

The cast gives comfortable performances. Wonyoung and Taejoon's leads don't share a strong rapport, weakening their romantic scenes. In contrast, Donghee and Hotae's actors have lively chemistry.

Happy ending

Unintentional Love Story has a happy ending. Wonyoung & Taejoon finally resolve their prolonged conflict in the last episode. Likewise, Donghee & Hotae make a breakthrough in their relationship.

Polished artistry

This BL series has polished production values and offers elegant visuals. Taejoon lives in a lofty house with distinctive architecture. Also, I like the story's unique themes of pottery and ceramics.


Unintentional Love Story is a pleasant BL series with charming couples and polished production values. After a delightful first half, the narrative suffers from irritating conflicts in the last few episodes.

Unintentional Love Story Series Explained



Wonyoung and Taejoon kiss in Unintentional Love Story.

Wonyoung made a lousy first impression on me. Although his financial issues are sympathetic, I hated Wonyoung's subservience to a company that fired him unfairly. Dude, where's your backbone? I also didn't like his willingness to invade a stranger's privacy to get back his crappy job. Taejoon took drastic measures to go into hiding and didn't want to be found. Yet, Wonyoung ruined the safety that Taejoon had established in his new home. His actions didn't sit right with me.

On top of his dubious ethics, I find Wonyoung obnoxious in the first few episodes. He acts like a stalker, following Taejoon everywhere. Given his inappropriate behaviour, I understand why Taejoon is rude and standoffish toward Wonyoung. With that said, I softened my stance starting in Episode 3. Wonyoung encounters so much misfortune, including joblessness, homelessness, and a bad case of herpes. The poor guy can't seem to catch a break. My initial irritation was gradually replaced with pity. I cut Wonyoung some slack and accept his neuroticism as annoyingly charming.

Wonyoung's confusion over his attraction to Taejoon adds nuance to his characterization. Wonyoung doesn't just fall in love straightforwardly. Instead, he experiences self-doubt and eventually overcomes it. I like his introspective journey as he understands his feelings. Unfortunately, Wonyoung started annoying me again in the last few episodes. After Wonyoung returned to being an office worker, he became mopey and sullen. My pity was replaced by irritation once more. While I don't hate Wonyoung, he's my least favourite main character in Unintentional Love Story.

Donghee drags Taejoon by the jacket collar.

I have a soft spot for Taejoon's archetype in fictional works. The best protagonists are these sophisticated older gay men coping with their broken hearts. Beneath their stoic demeanour, we discover they are an emotional mess on the inside. The armchair psychoanalyst in me loves peeling away the characters' barriers and examining their psychological trauma. *lol* Taejoon fits this profile with his ex-boyfriend drama, daddy issues, and subtle reservations about his sexuality.

I love Taejoon's eccentricities. Everything about his background feels very peculiar. He's the wealthy son of a famous artist, adopts a secret identity to live in a coastal town, and spends his days running a fancy pottery shop. You don't meet many Taejoons in fiction or real life. Also, can we talk about where he lives? Most ordinary rich people reside in giant mansions, but Taejoon goes the unconventional route and renovates his modern hanok-style house. The luxurious custom home fits his character. I can imagine a pretentious artist like Taejoon living like this.

Initially, Taejoon seemed aloof and grumpy. Wonyoung's warmth defrosts this ice king over time. I enjoy Taejoon the most when he comes out of his shell and opens up around his love interest. There are casual moments where I really like Taejoon, such as when he hides a coy smile while putting cream on Wonyoung's back. Sometimes, I don't like Taejoon as much when he acts moody or jealous. He has an artist's temperament. Toward the end, I also find his grudge against Wonyoung unpleasant. The feud soured my opinion of him, but I still like his character.

Taejoon grabs Donghee by the shirt.

Does anyone else think Taejoon and Donghee slept together in the past? Although never explicitly mentioned, that's the ~vibe~ I get from them. They talk to each other like war buddies, as if there's history between them. Also, I keep speculating how these two characters with very different personalities become confidantes. My intuition tells me it started with a hookup. Maybe they matched on a dating app. Their relationship didn't work out, but they decided to keep being platonic friends.

Okay, I don't know why I wrote this random Taejoon x Donghee BL fanfiction based on nothing. Let's disregard the unintentional love story I created between them. *lol* Anyway, I like Donghee a lot. He brings much liveliness to the series and shares a comfortable rapport with every other main character. I enjoy Donghee and Taejoon's scenes together because their chats feel very relaxed. They banter like two close acquaintances. Similarly, Donghee acts like a funny boss to Wonyoung and a sassy childhood friend to Hotae. He has well-defined relationships with everyone.

We learn about Donghee's backstory in Episode 9. He came from an abusive and homophobic family. Hotae's mother cared for the runaway teen, so Donghee felt indebted to her. His gratitude makes him hesitant to date Hotae since he doesn't want Hotae's mom to have a gay son. Donghee feels a mix of guilt, doubt, and self-loathing. His storyline is intriguing, but I wish it was expanded with more depth. Episode 9 is too late to introduce an integral part of his characterization. The series could've cut out other subplots and focused on Donghee's development earlier.


Hotae represents a case of don't judge a book by its cover. Based on his introduction scenes, you may have formed an early impression of him. This big burly guy with tattoos talks roughly and has a spat with Donghee. He also has an ugly breakup with his ex-girlfriend, causing a public spectacle. Hotae's reputation doesn't seem the best initially. He comes across as a troublemaking delinquent. However, Hotae is actually a softie beneath his tough exterior.

Donghee doesn't judge Hotae based on his public persona. He knows his childhood friend well enough to understand his true personality. However, he misjudges his friend's feelings for him. When Hotae confesses his love, Donghee won't believe him. Hotae tries to ask him out, but Donghee gives a snarky response. "Okay, I guess you've hit puberty. Apparently, puberty tends to hit two to three times." He makes light of the situation despite his friend's heartfelt confession. Donghee has this preconceived notion of Hotae, perceiving him as a straight guy who dates girls exclusively.

Donghee and Hotae's exchanges in Episode 5 are emotionally charged, making me curious how their romance will progress. However, their relationship hardly advances for the next few episodes. Hotae keeps reiterating his sincerity while Donghee continues to reject him. Their scenes start to feel repetitive, not covering anything new. I wanted the series to go deeper into the characters' perspectives. Give us more flashbacks or heart-to-heart conversations. Instead, they remain a secondary couple who only gets a fraction of the screen time as the leads. 


Wonyoung and Taejoon
Wonyoung and Taejoon kiss in the ending.

Wonyoung approached Taejoon with a hidden agenda. Initially, he schmoozed the pottery shop owner for business reasons. Wonyoung stalked Taejoon, showered him with attention, and pretended to be interested in pottery. Every friendly interaction contained a deliberate intent. Although Wonyoung was supposed to spy on Taejoon, he developed a crush on his target instead. These feelings were not part of the original plan. Falling in love was unintentional.

Taejoon didn't know about Wonyoung's motives. However, he was suspicious of this stranger and kept his distance when they met. Taejoon's previous relationship made him distrustful of everyone. His ex-boyfriend, Inho, was a greedy scumbag who accepted money to break off their relationship. The betrayal traumatized Taejoon, who ran away from his old life and hid under an anonymous identity for years. Despite his cynicism, Taejoon warmed to Wonyoung's earnest persona. "I'm still considering if I could like them," he said at the end of Episode 4, alluding to his intimacy issues.

Taejoon allowed himself to move on from the past, opening his heart to a new love. Yet, history has a cruel way of repeating itself. Taejoon uncovers Wonyoung's original intentions, realizing his new boyfriend is like Inho and exploits his wealthy background. The trust between them is broken. Wonyoung tries to explain the tricky situation. Although he approached Taejoon deliberately, his romantic feelings were unintentional. Wonyoung didn't plan on seducing Taejoon or falling in love with him. Unlike the calculating ex, Wonyoung is sincere about pursuing a relationship

Donghee and Hotae
Donghee and Hotae are childhood friends from high school.

Donghee & Hotae are high school friends who have harboured secret crushes for each other since adolescence. Weighed by confusion and insecurities, both teens repressed their feelings for each other. Donghee, whose father beat him for being gay, hesitated to pursue a relationship with his straight-presenting friend. Meanwhile, Hotae wrestled with his attraction. "I'm dating these girls not because I like them," Hotae once said in the Episode 4 flashback. The unspoken sentiment was that he wanted to bury his love for Donghee.

Torn by their unresolved sexual tension, Donghee and Hotae drifted apart in their adulthood. The story subtly highlights their relationship dynamic. In Episode 2, Hotae was injured by an ex-girlfriend. Donghee treats the wounds on his body, but Hotae evades him. "I told you not to touch me," he snaps. Donghee, a gay man, sees his straight friend react offensively to their physical contact. Donghee assumed the worst-case scenario and attributed it to Hotae's homophobic discomfort. It angered and anguished him that his secret crush responded this way to the slightest intimacy between them.

The Episode 4 flashback contained intriguing parallels. Once again, Hotae was injured by an ex-girlfriend. Yet, notice he didn't dodge when Donghee caressed the injuries on his face. In contrast, he was sensitive to Donghee touching him in the present timeline. The story hints Hotae's reaction didn't stem from homophobic panic. Instead, it was a self-conscious response because Hotae had a physically intimate moment with the guy he liked. Donghee thought he was the only one tormented about his secret crush. Little did he know Hotae struggled with the same feelings.

Failed confession
Donghee and Hotae fight after the love confession.

Donghee keeps a photo and an old gift from Hotae, like they are his cherished possessions. After discovering these mementoes, Hotae figures out his friend's secret crush. He offers to work part-time at the cafe, hoping to spend more time together. Finally, Hotae finds the courage to confess his feelings at the start of Episode 5. He wants them to become boyfriends. Yet, Donghee slaps him and storms off angrily. From his perspective, Donghee thinks he's being ridiculed.

Later, Hotae confesses his feelings again. He faces another rejection. Donghee becomes aggressive and shoves his friend to the ground. This love confession suddenly turns into a UFC mixed martial arts match! Donghee reacts poorly because he thinks Hotae is toying with him. His friend never showed any past inclination toward same-sex attraction. Hotae's proposition came out of nowhere, like a cruel joke targeting Donghee's sexuality. He doesn't believe Hotae's feelings toward him are genuine. Ha ha, lemme fool around with a guy for a palate cleanser until I find a new chick to bang!

"Do you think I'll like anyone as long as it's a guy!?" Donghee yells at his friend. Unfortunately, Hotae is a poor wordsmith and doesn't articulate his feelings well. Hotae can't adequately describe the secret crush on his friend. He also feels frustrated because Donghee keeps downplaying his feelings. It took Hotae much courage to confess, yet Donghee dismissed him and invalidated his attraction. In this high-pressure situation, Hotae believes the best way to express his love is through a spontaneous kiss. Donghee misinterprets his affection and responds violently. 

Mutual attraction
Donghee is grateful to Hotae's mom.

After their intense confrontation in Episode 5, Hotae remains in good spirits and doesn't give up. He continues courting his friend, who keeps rejecting him each time. Hotae persists anyway. Eventually, his sincerity reaches through. Donghee can't deny that his friend is serious about dating. Deep down, Donghee wants this relationship too. His high school crush actually reciprocates his feelings. In theory, he should have been elated.

Yet, Donghee faces another mental barrier. He's reluctant to start a relationship due to Hotae's mom. During his adolescence, Donghee's homophobic family punished him for his sexuality. Hotae's kind-hearted mother provided comfort, understanding, and parental warmth to this lonely teen. "To me, it doesn't matter whether you like men or women. I'll always root for your happiness till the day I die." Moved by her compassion, Donghee feels emotionally indebted to Auntie. Although the story doesn't emphasize their bond too much, she is like a surrogate parent to him.

Donghee doesn't want Hotae's mom to feel heartbroken about her son dating another man. Despite her reassuring words, Donghee believes having a gay child is an emotional burden for any parent. His unhealthy thoughts come from growing up with a homophobic family. The self-loathing has seeped into him, affecting how he perceives his sexuality even in adulthood. Donghee only overcomes his barriers after a heartfelt chat with Hotae in Episode 9. As Hotae opens up about his vulnerabilities, Donghee realizes the depth of his friend's love for him.

Unintentional Love Story Ending Explained


Wonyoung's intentions

Unintentional Love Story has a happy ending where Wonyoung and Taejoon reconcile.

Unintentional Love Story has a happy ending where Wonyoung and Taejoon reconcile after their prolonged conflict. Taejoon learns not to let past trauma tarnish his current relationship. Yes, his ex-boyfriend Inho was a manipulative jerk who betrayed him for personal gain. But no, it isn't fair to compare Inho and Wonyoung as if they're cut from the same cloth. Haunted by what happened in the past, Taejoon assumes the worst of Wonyoung's intentions. My boyfriend only pretended to love me for my status!

Taejoon's friend helps him shift his perspective. Stop thinking every guy is as rotten as Inho. Instead, evaluate the circumstances objectively. Despite his dubious starting point, Wonyoung's feelings for his boyfriend are authentic. His numerous apologies are also sincere. He wanted to resign from his job to continue their relationship. Wonyoung's willingness to do so reveals his true priorities, showing he genuinely cares about Taejoon. Thankfully, Taejoon overcomes his doubts. He reconciles with Wonyoung, trusting his boyfriend's intentions.

The story reiterates its themes during a playful conversation between the couple. Wonyoung jokes having a rich boyfriend means he doesn't need to work hard. Taeyoung agrees with him and states, "I'm prepared to be used by you." However, Wonyoung clarifies this arrangement isn't what he wants. "I'm not going to use you. I'm going to love you instead." This line highlights Wonyoung's pure intentions. He doesn't covet his wealthy boyfriend for his utility. Wonyoung cherishes this relationship and values Taejoon for who he is, rather than what he can provide.

Hotae's intentions

Donghee and Hotae embrace each other.

Unintentional Love Story also offers a happy ending for the secondary couple. After much rejection in the past few episodes, Donghee finally makes a breakthrough and changes his stance. When Hotae propositions him in Spanish, Donghee doesn't decline the advances like usual. He accepts Hotae's embrace, no longer pushing his friend away. Although their relationship isn't explicitly confirmed, at least Donghee is open to the idea of them dating. That is a promising sign.

Donghee arrives at two conclusions in the finale. Firstly, he accepts that Hotae's intentions toward him are genuine. One of Donghee's concerns was that his friend wouldn't take their relationship seriously. This notorious playboy had a terrible reputation for breaking his ex-girlfriends' hearts. The track record made Donghee question Hotae's sincerity, wondering if he was just messing around. However, Hotae clarifies his feelings are authentic. His attraction doesn't come from a spur-of-the-moment impulse. He has harboured a crush for years and finally comes to terms with it.

Secondly, Donghee learns to accept himself. Like Taejoon, Donghee lets go of his past trauma and won't allow it to ruin his romantic prospects. Haunted by his homophobic family, Donghee used to scare himself into thinking Hotae's mom didn't want their relationship. He assumed she'd be upset about having a gay son. Yet, Donghee realizes he has projected his insecurities onto Auntie. Stop denying yourself a boyfriend who wants you. Trust that Hotae's mother is sincere when she says, "I'll always root for your happiness." Allow yourself to love Hotae without fear.

Unintentional Love Story Episodes

Episode Guide

Wonyoung gets Taejoon's attention with a broken piece of pottery.

Unintentional Love Story has a total of 10 episodes. Each episode is around 35 to 40 minutes long. The last episode is around 35 minutes long. It is a short BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 6 hours. Unintentional Love Story started on March 17, 2023 and ended on April 13, 2023.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10

Episode Reviews

Episode 1

Ugh, the lead character is so gutless and annoying. I dread putting up with ten episodes of Wonyoung's neurotic antics. I wanna switch ships and watch a Taejoon x Donghee love story instead.

Episode 2

I love the ~sophisticated rich guy~ vibe that Taejoon exudes. "You give off this feeling you'd prefer a glass of single malt whisky at a fancy bar." LOL yes, that analogy captures his character's essence.

Episode 3

Wow, Taejoon's house is fancy! After a rocky start, Wonyoung finally stopped annoying me. Oddly, getting herpes made him more likeable. *lol* I like how Taejoon is warming to Wonyoung.

Episode 4

Was Wonyoung planning to give Taejoon medicine through a kiss!? LOL. The secondary couple's love story intrigues me. This series is gaining momentum. I like each episode more and more.

Episode 5

I anticipated this pottery scene since the series started. Taejoon is the Patrick Swayze to Wonyoung's Demi Moore. Wow, I didn't expect Donghee to react to Hotae's confession like this. How intense!

Episode 6

Taejoon and Donghee's chat at the bar is cute. Why do I get the feeling these two hooked up before? Donghee's behaviour is annoying in this episode. At least the leads are finally a couple.

Episode 7

Now that they're a couple, Taejoon and Wonyoung's lovey-dovey scenes are corny. Are they going to elaborate on the secondary couple? The follow-up to their love confession seems inadequate.

Episode 8

Sorry, this conflict between Taejoon and Wonyoung is really annoying. I know Wonyoung is wrong, but can Taejoon get over it? Please resolve your argument and move on to another storyline.

Episode 9

OMFG. Are these two still feuding? I don't wanna watch this. While I respond well to the secondary couple's storyline, they don't get much focus. I wish Donghee and Hotae were the leads instead.

Episode 10

When Wonyoung posts that IG picture, he says, "The more childish it is, the more trendy it is." That must mirror the actual mentality of the writers. That's why the BL scenes in this series seem so juvenile.

Unintentional Love Story OST


Coiling My Heart


Coiling My Heart is the official theme song for Unintentional Love Story. It is performed by 16.

Unintentional Love Story Information

NO.3 Pictures

NO.3 Pictures (㈜넘버쓰리픽쳐스) is a Korean studio. It made the 2023 BL series, Unintentional Love Story.

NO.3 Pictures (㈜넘버쓰리픽쳐스) is a Korean studio. It made the 2023 BL series, Unintentional Love Story.


Jang Eui Soon (장의순) is a Korean director. His first BL project is the 2021 BL drama, Peach of Time. He also directed Unintentional Love Story in 2023.

Jang Eui Soon (장의순) is a Korean director. His first BL project is the 2021 BL drama, Peach of Time. He also directed Unintentional Love Story in 2023.

  1. Although the conflict in the second half of Unintentional Love Story did drag a bit, I was charmed by the breezy atmosphere of this series. There were also a few memorable dialogue moments, such as Taejoon’s explanation that “there is no such thing as the same plate in the world, just like how every individual has a different way of getting through hard times,” and Hotae’s position that liking someone comes from the heart, not the head, and therefore can’t be explained with logic.

    My favorite character in this series was Hotae. No, it wasn’t great that he used girlfriend after girlfriend just to get Donghee’s attention, but once he cut that out, the persistence and creativity with which he went after his man was admirable. When Donghee finally accepted Hotae’s backhug (“let me at least do this much”) it was beautiful. That being said, the duo that I enjoyed the most was actually Donghee and Taejoon. The way they constantly called each other out – Donghee roasting Taejoon’s petulant attitude, and Taejoon evicting Donghee from his shop by the scruff of his neck – was fun. If I wasn’t team Hotae, I could ship Donghee and Taejoon.

  2. For me, this drama is actually the best. It may need 2-4 more episodes though, so people will understand more about the characters if they don't read the manhwa. Since I read the manhwa and know how horrible Taejoon's ex is, I can understand Taejoon pov, that's why the conflict doesn't feel draggy (and actually quite fast compared to the manhwa).

    Taejoon ex actually used Taejoon & Taejoon's family to gain his own fame, cheated on him several times with women and abandoned Taejoon to get married to a woman with rich/influental family in artist world, like Taejoon's family, without feeling any guilt. This made Taejoon's greatly traumatized with lies and relationship with people (that's why he didn't even use his own name). Therefore, when he heard Wonyoung approached him intentionally to get his job back (fyi, Wonyoung wasn't fired, he just got suspended), this triggered his trauma and couldn't believe anything what Wonyoung told him at that time. When they finally had a proper interaction during his Sunbae's accident, Taejoon started to calm down and could carefully analyze his feeling and Wonyoung. And he finally admitted what he wanted from Wonyoung was not his apology but his affection.

    One of Wonyoung charm is his honesty, so Wonyoung late honest confession was indeed a bit annoying. If only he could be honest with Taejoon before Taejoon found out the truth from Mr.Jung, they might not need to break up. His last best chance to confess probably that time when Taejoon revealed his real name and past, he should had just apologized and told him all the truth right there instead of feeling all guilty and getting drunk. However, since that is the main conflict of this story, ofc the truth need to be revealed in the worst way.

    I do agree Taejoon and Donghee friendship is cute, they're indeed besties. They didn't hook up before. They said they weren't each other type.

    I think the vibes this drama wants to give is fluff and heart-fluttering, more like a romcom kdrama with BL couple. That's why instead of more passionate BL romance they give lovey-dovey corny types interaction between the main couple, a lot of hugs instead of kisses. I do like this approach, because I think this captured the the manhwa overall vibes well (though the manhwa is definitely not a mild one since Taejoon is quite a beast lol).

  3. Firstly, I am a re-reader of Unintentional Love story so that should give you an idea of how fond I am of it. Whether in the Manhwa or the drama everyone complains about Wonyoung. Well! In my opinion, it is central to the author's theme of 'Every piece comes out differently after going through fire'. Yoon Taejoon is bitter and struggles to trust people after his fire, but eventually overcomes it. Wonyoung's persistence through the fire of his desperate actions proves his sincerity and love. Go Hoatea's unrelenting efforts through fire of his own internal identity struggle gives him a simplified but definite indication of where his heart belongs. Donghee's consistent struggle against the fire of his own feelings comes as deep-rooted unacceptability by (most) of his own folks. He sees dating Go Hotae as betrayal to his mother who supports him when no one else does. We all go through such fires and it is indeed interesting how we come out differently in the end.

  4. When I first watched this I loved it but my brain would not rest. I kept wondering why Taejoon’s pottery was so pedestrian. He would not have wanted to draw attention to himself by advertising his real ability. However, it could have been possible for a spark of genius to flame out and occasionally produce works of greater beauty. This does not happen. He does not appear to be excited about his work. His wardrobe consists of dull-neutral tans and greys. He has not yet recovered from his former lover’s perfidy and has father- issues. Blah, blah, blah. His only saving grace is his hands which move gracefully shaping pots. When he embraces Wonyoung his hands melt into him and hold him close. I really can’t describe it.
    Agreed that Wonyoung was an annoying pest. There is no there there. He and Taejoon have no passion for each other. Their “kisses” are flat-lipped and uninteresting.
    I did get a kick out of their matching pajamas.
    Loving Donghee as a wonderful source of warmth and friendship despite the sadness of his own family history. I hope that he can accept and return Hotae’s love for him.
    Hotae is my favorite. I love his warm, open face and his refusal to give up on Donghee. The hug that Donghee allowed was the high spot of the entire series, never mind sunsets on the beach. His absolute joy was tangible.

  5. Personally, I was charmed by this drama from the start. As it moved forward though, I became less and less enthusiastic about each episode. The main leads didn't have great chemistry and I felt like natural romance was lacking between them. Overall, I think it was an okay drama, nothing spectacular.

    That being said, I wish wish wish we get a sequel to this but with Hotae and Donghee as the main characters. Like you, I enjoyed their storyline and chemistry more than the main plot. Their characterization also felt more thought out and nuanced. It's a shame that nothing much explicitly progressed between them but I'm still grateful we atleast have some hope for them in the future.

  6. I enjoyed Unintentional Love Story, though it wasn't at the level of the manhwa upon which it was based. Honestly, had I not read the manhwa, I would have missed several points the web drama only briefly touched upon. Again, like most Korean BL web dramas, ULS felt entirely too short, leaving a fair portion of the story only partially told.

    The whole bit at the end with Taejoon being entirely unforgiving of Wonyoung's deception mirrors what happened in the manhwa but lacked the full explanation of Taejoon's motivations and flaws, making him less understandable and relatable than in the comic version. Part of that was due to a lack of time, but I also think Cha Seo Won's acting as Taejoon lacked depth, where I felt he was reading his lines more than inhabiting his character for that part, coming across as more childish than anything.

    Still, given the limited length of the series, ULS did remarkably well staying true to the manhwa. Mostly everything that happened in the web drama happened in the comic. If anything, that might have been ULS's greatest weakness, trying to follow the manhwa too closely, given the limited screen time. It may have been better to have cut some scenes to focus more on the essential ones so that it wouldn't require reading the manhwa to really be able to follow the whole story and understand each of the character's motivations.

  7. i loved this bl drama so much. it's super cute, sweet and interesting at the same time. oh my god angry taejoon scenes were wow!! his acting is very good (as well as wonyoung). when i heard wonyoung's name, my first thought was "jang wonyoung from ive (and izone) hahahah.

    anyway, this drama captured my heart and it had a good storyline. TAEJOON IS SO FREAKING HANDSOME TOO LIKE OH MY GODDDD.

    i can't believe we're getting so many korean bl dramas this year. it's so good!! and FINALLY we get 30-40 minute long episodes.

    i rate "Unintentional Love Story" 8/10

  8. ALSO i really wanted to see ho tae and donghee being officially together. HO TAE IS ADORABLE, his attempts at getting donghee's attention ahhhh.

    i just found out through your review that he was the lead in you make me dance!! idk why i didn't catch that before hahah

  9. Thank you, ren93. Comments from those familiar with the manhwa are especially helpful and appreciated!

  10. well… The second couple will having they own show. its called Time of The Fever. The story revolves around Donghee and Hotae in past and they relationship. it will be released at summer 2024.

  11. I actually hated Hotae and Donghee's romance, especially in the manhwa. They're like every bickering couple I see in anime, mangas, and manhwas where they become frustrating because of the prolonged miscommunication trope. In the manhwa, even tho they were already hooking up, they weren't official for a long while. Altho not much is shown about their relationship, I can already guess the no-label/purely physical relationship was due to Donghee's trust issues and Hotae's propensity for equivocations. The enemies to lovers trope is popular because I guess it's more believable when two people show reluctance towards showing affection for each other, compare that to slowburns with which I find most people have little patience for. For me tho, bickering couples trope may have become too repetitive for me at this point. In the manhwa, Hotae made a few extremely homophobic remarks to Donghee and never really apologized for them.

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