Vice Versa – Series Review & Ending Explained

Vice Versa is a Thai BL series about a love story in a parallel universe.

Vice Versa is a Thai BL series about a love story in a parallel universe. After life-threatening encounters, the protagonists regain consciousness to discover they have been magically transported to another dimension. Furthermore, they swapped bodies with two strangers and took over their identities. The main characters must work together, navigate this strange world, and find a way home.

Although Vice Versa may hook you in with its creative premise, the real selling point is the delightful romance. This series features two lovable lead characters who form a charming BL couple. They deliver many sweet, playful & intimate moments that tickle my heart. Both actors share natural chemistry, propelling this surreal story with their enthusiastic rapport.

Vice Versa Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2022)


11 hours

Total Episodes:

12 episodes




Vice Versa is a cute & sweet BL drama.


Talay and Puen try to return home after being transported to an alternate world.

Talay is a colourist who recently applied for a job at his dream company. He secures the position despite his nerves during the interview. Before his first day of work, Talay has an accident and drowns while swimming at the beach. When he regains consciousness, Talay discovers he has swapped bodies with a stranger named Tess. Furthermore, he is magically transported to a parallel universe.

Talay must navigate the strange, unfamiliar surroundings under his new identity. Talay doesn't recognize his friends or family, who all think he is Tess. Initially, he isn't used to the many oddities in the parallel universe. This place almost seems similar to the real world, except for several quirky discrepancies. The people here live differently, from their unexpected traditions to their peculiar cuisines. Talay experiences culture shock as he adjusts to the new rules.

Talay meets and befriends Dol, who was transported from the real world eight years ago. Dol introduces Talay to the Association of Thai Citizens in the Alternate World. This secret organization helps victims like him who travel in between parallel universes. Talay learns he must find his "portkey", another individual from the real world. Once they meet and form a connection, both will dream of a location that sends them back home. Until he discovers this person, Talay must continue living as Tess. Meanwhile, Tess will assume Talay's identity.

As Talay searches for his portkey, he encounters Tun. Tess and Tun used to be friends. However, a love triangle drove them apart. Talay believes Tun could be his portkey and tries connecting with him. Eventually, Talay confirms that his acquaintance is indeed a traveller. However, Tun is a celebrity in the real world, so he doesn't want to disclose his identity. Talay only refers to him as Tun without knowing his actual name or background.

Talay and Tun work together to find their portkeys, but their search has yielded no results. Over time, the two of them get used to their new lives. Talay comes from a wealthy family and begins employment at his father's film company. Meanwhile, Tun is an aspiring screenwriter collaborating with his friends, Up and Aou. Since Talay and Tun's interests align, they work together to get their first script made into a movie. Along the way, their relationship becomes closer. Talay and Tun wonder if they could be each other's portkeys, even though they haven't received any signals.

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Vice Versa Cast



Sea Tawinan Anukoolprasert (ซี ทวินันท์ อนุกูลประเสริฐ)

Talay is portrayed by the Thai actor Sea Tawinan Anukoolprasert (ซี ทวินันท์ อนุกูลประเสริฐ).

Talay is a colourist passionate about his work. He recently received a job offer at his dream company. However, Talay finds himself magically transported to a parallel universe, disrupting his plans. He begins living as "Tess", the wealthy son of a film company owner. Despite his comfortable life, Talay is eager to find a way to return home.

Sea Tawinan Anukoolprasert

Sea Tawinan Anukoolprasert (ซี ทวินันท์ อนุกูลประเสริฐ) is a Thai actor. He is born on April 13, 1999.

Sea Tawinan Anukoolprasert (ซี ทวินันท์ อนุกูลประเสริฐ) is a Thai actor. He is born on April 13, 1999. His first BL project is the 2022 series, Vice Versa. He stars in the 2023 drama, Last Twilight. Sea also has a supporting role in the 2021 drama, 55:15 Never Too Late.


Jimmy Jitaraphol Potiwihok (จิมมี่ จิตรพล โพธิวิหค)

Puen is portrayed by the Thai actor Jimmy Jitaraphol Potiwihok (จิมมี่ จิตรพล โพธิวิหค).

Puen is a celebrity with many adoring fans. After a car accident, he has travelled to the same parallel universe as Talay. Although the two men befriend each other, Puen doesn't disclose his real identity. Instead, Talay keeps referring to him as "Tun" without knowing his acquaintance's background. Puen begins living the life of a screenwriter who collaborates with his friends to get a movie made.

Jimmy Jitaraphol Potiwihok

Jimmy Jitaraphol Potiwihok (จิมมี่ จิตรพล โพธิวิหค) is a Thai actor. He is born on August 21, 1994.

Jimmy Jitaraphol Potiwihok (จิมมี่ จิตรพล โพธิวิหค) is a Thai actor. He is born on August 21, 1994. His first BL project is the 2021 series, Bad Buddy. Jimmy is the star of the 2022 series, Vice Versa and the 2023 drama, Last Twilight. In addition, he has a supporting role in the 2022 drama, Enchanté.

Supporting Cast

Tess is portrayed by the Thai actor Ohm Pawat Chittsawangdee (โอม ภวัต จิตต์สว่างดี).


Ohm Pawat Chittsawangdee (โอม ภวัต จิตต์สว่างดี)

Tun is portrayed by the Thai actor Nanon Korapat Kirdpan (นนน กรภัทร์ เกิดพันธุ์).


Nanon Korapat Kirdpan (นนน กรภัทร์ เกิดพันธุ์)

Dol is portrayed by the Thai actress Jeab Lalana Kongtoranin (เจี๊ยบ ลลนา ก้องธรนินทร์).


Jeab Lalana Kongtoranin (เจี๊ยบ ลลนา ก้องธรนินทร์)

Up is portrayed by the Thai actor Neo Trai Nimtawat (นีโอ ตรัย นิ่มทวัฒน์).


Neo Trai Nimtawat (นีโอ ตรัย นิ่มทวัฒน์)

Aou is portrayed by the Thai actor Aou Thanaboon Kiatniran (อู๋ ธนบูรณ์ เกียรตินิรันดร์).


Aou Thanaboon Kiatniran (อู๋ ธนบูรณ์ เกียรตินิรันดร์)

Fuse is portrayed by the Thai actor Boom Tharatorn Jantharaworakarn (บูม ธราธร จันทรวรกาญจน์).


Boom Tharatorn Jantharaworakarn (บูม ธราธร จันทรวรกาญจน์)

Kita is portrayed by the Thai actor Pepper Phanuroj Chalermkijporntavee (เป๊ปเปอร์ ภานุโรจน์ เฉลิมกิจพรทวี).


Pepper Phanuroj Chalermkijporntavee (เป๊ปเปอร์ ภานุโรจน์ เฉลิมกิจพรทวี)

Pang is portrayed by the Thai actress Namtan Tipnaree Weerawatnodom (นํ้าตาล ทิพนารี วีรวัฒโนดม).


Namtan Tipnaree Weerawatnodom (นํ้าตาล ทิพนารี วีรวัฒโนดม)

Mek is portrayed by the Thai actor Perth Tanapon Sukumpantanasan (เพิร์ธ ธนพนธ์ สุขุมพันธนาสาร).


Perth Tanapon Sukumpantanasan (เพิร์ธ ธนพนธ์ สุขุมพันธนาสาร)

Joobjang is portrayed by the Thai actress Ae Maneerat Kam-Uan (เอ๋ มณีรัตน์ คำอ้วน).


Ae Maneerat Kam-Uan (เอ๋ มณีรัตน์ คำอ้วน)

Gyo is portrayed by the Thai actress Piploy Kanyarat Ruangrung (พิพลอย กัญญรัตน์ เรืองรุ่ง).


Piploy Kanyarat Ruangrung (พิพลอย กัญญรัตน์ เรืองรุ่ง)

Joe is portrayed by the Thai actor Tanthai Tatchapol Thitiapichai (แทนไท ธัชพล).


Tanthai Tatchapol Thitiapichai (แทนไท ธัชพล)

Tun's dad is portrayed by the Thai actor Pae Daweerit Chullasapya (เป้ ทวีฤทธิ์ จุลละทรัพย์).

Tun's dad

Pae Daweerit Chullasapya (เป้ ทวีฤทธิ์ จุลละทรัพย์)

Tun's mom is close to her son.

Tun's mom

Tess' dad is portrayed by the Thai actor Kwantuch Na Takuathung (ขวัญทัศน์ ณ ตะกั่วทุ่ง).

Tess' dad

Kwantuch Na Takuathung (ขวัญทัศน์ ณ ตะกั่วทุ่ง)

Tess' mom is portrayed by the Thai actress Ann Watsana Phunphon (แอน วาสนา พูนผล).

Tess' mom

Ann Watsana Phunphon (แอน วาสนา พูนผล)

Tess' brother is portrayed by the Thai actor Victor Chatchawit Techarukpong (วิคเตอร์ ชัชชวิศ เตชะรักษ์พงศ์).

Tess' brother

Victor Chatchawit Techarukpong (วิคเตอร์ ชัชชวิศ เตชะรักษ์พงศ์)

Talay's mom appears in Vice Versa Episode 11.

Talay's mom

Mix is portrayed by the Thai actor Mix Sahaphap Wongratch (มิกซ์ สหภาพ วงศ์ราษฎร์).


Mix Sahaphap Wongratch (มิกซ์ สหภาพ วงศ์ราษฎร์)

Pong is the bartender.


Chang is a director.


Arm is portrayed by the Thai actor On Nophand Boonyai (อ้น นพพันธ์ บุญใหญ่).


On Nophand Boonyai (อ้น นพพันธ์ บุญใหญ่)

Prikyuak is Puen's manager.


Lucky is Aou's dog.


Cast Highlights

  • The leads (Jimmy and Sea) star in the excellent 2023 series Last Twilight. Jimmy also has a supporting role in the popular 2021 Thai BL series Bad Buddy. Tess and Tun's actors (Ohm and Nanon) also starred in that series as the leads. Additionally, Jimmy appeared in the 2022 Thai BL drama Enchanté.
  • Enchanté featured Aou's actor (Aou) and Fuse's actor (Boom). They're also the secondary couple in Hidden Agenda (2023). The married couple that appeared in Episode 1 of Vice Versa are the two leads of Enchanté (Force and Book).
  • Ohm appeared in various BL projects during his career. His works include Make It Right (2016), Make It Right 2 (2017), He's Coming to Me (2019), and Dew (2019).
  • Up's actor (Neo) appeared in various Thai BL dramas, including Tonhon Chonlatee (2020), Fish Upon the Sky (2021), The Eclipse (2022), Only Friends (2023), and Cooking Crush (2023). Aou also had a minor role in The Eclipse, although he never interacted with Neo.
  • In addition, Aou has a supporting role in Be My Favorite (2023) and Hidden Agenda (2023).

Vice Versa Review


Drama Review Score: 8.5


I came into Vice Versa feeling inspired by the creative concept. A BL drama about parallel universes seems innovative, exciting me with the possibilities. However, the selling point of this series is actually the dreamy romance. I adore the charming leads, their natural rapport, and those delightful interactions in every episode. The flirty relationship moments make me giggle, gush, and swoon. Backed by a playful sense of humour, Vice Versa caters to my soft spot for cute and lighthearted love stories.

Vice Versa excels in writing romantic fluff. That sounds like an insult, but it's not. I'm impressed by its ability to produce warm, vibrant BL content, an underrated skill that few dramas can master. All the best scenes are funny and quirky exchanges that highlight the couple's bond. My personal favourite is when Puen flirts with Talay using a pillow in Episode 9. However, there are countless occasions where this enchanting series dazzles me. Vice Versa is primarily sweet. Yet, it can also portray sensitive, sassy, or steamy encounters, showing remarkable versatility.

The BL drama appeals to me for other reasons. First of all, an alternate universe is a surprisingly romantic setting. Two lovers must navigate an unfamiliar world, relying only on each other. The ambiguities make their love more precarious. Second of all, the couple forms a genuine connection over time. The attraction comes from growing their friendship. Third of all, this series isn't shy with affection. The leads frequently kiss, become intimate, and take bubble baths together. Fourth of all, Vice Versa looks beautiful. The fancy visuals enrich the aura of fairytale fantasy.

Vice Versa features two endearing protagonists. Puen's actor (Jimmy) is an enthusiastic performer who draws my attention with his charismatic presence. There's something boyishly adorable about him, from his impish smirks to his cheeky expressions. His dashing costar (Sea) seems slightly tense and often defaults to a worried look. Yet, he relaxes and improves over the series, easing into his role. Both leads share smooth, comfortable chemistry that propels their relationship scenes. They make a compatible pair, winning over me with their mischievous flirtation.

Despite my praises for Vice Versa, the plot underwhelms me. After the early episodes, the series deviates from its central premise. Suddenly, the leads spend all their time making a movie instead of finding a way home. The filmmaking overtakes the narrative, whereas the parallel universe only gets a secondary focus. Vice Versa doesn't dig deeply into the complexities of switching lives with a stranger. It acknowledges some oddities and inconveniences, but the hardships won't go beyond a superficial level. I'm disappointed the story never explores its full potential.

Vice Versa takes an easy route with the plot. The leads have a fortunate journey considering their circumstances. Both live in cozy homes, work in relevant careers, and meet all the right people. Even if they face issues, the conflicts are presented shallowly with little tension & quick resolutions. The story stays in a safe comfort zone, unwilling to challenge itself with elaborate drama. This pleasant BL project lacks grit, which stops it from being a masterpiece. Even so, I still appreciate the series a lot. Vice Versa tickles my heart with its fun, vivid, and colourful romance.


Fun story

Vice Versa has a fun and creative concept about parallel universes. Regrettably, the story never explores its full potential. It focuses on lighthearted plots more than complex, hard-hitting drama.

Adorable romance

Packed with BL content, the warm-hearted romance is the highlight of the series. The adorable couple highlights their natural chemistry with flirty interactions. They bond emotionally and physically.

Charming acting

Puen's actor (Jimmy) is charming. He draws my attention with his boyish enthusiasm and charismatic presence. Also, he shares a smooth, comfortable rapport with his dashing costar (Sea).

Happy ending

Vice Versa has a happy ending where Talay and Puen overcome their relationship crisis. The love story concludes blissfully and almost unrealistically, like a fairytale fantasy.

Vivid artistry

This series is bright, vibrant, and gorgeous. Everything is presented exquisitely, from the polished visuals to contemporary wardrobes. As expected, the colour grading in this series is elegant & refined.


Vice Versa is a cute BL series set in the quirky backdrop of an alternate universe. Led by two endearing protagonists, this enchanting romance feels sweet, playful, intimate, and affectionate.

Vice Versa Episodes

Episode Guide

Puen plays the guitar for Talay.

Vice Versa has a total of 12 episodes. Each episode is around 50 to 60 minutes long. The last episode is around 60 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 11 hours. Vice Versa started on July 16, 2022 and ended its last episode on October 1, 2022.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Ocean Blue
Talay helps Puen put on a hat.

What a fascinating idea for a BL drama. I love the concept of transporting to a parallel universe with quirky rules. The differences between the two worlds are fun, from small details like the number system to big changes like marriage equality laws. In retrospect, I wished Vice Versa had asserted itself further and highlighted more discrepancies. Show us a progressive Thailand where LGBT rights, among many societal values, are fully recognized. Create a utopia that will make Talay second-guess about returning to the real world.

Despite the creative premise, I don't think the first episode is the smoothest start to the series. The story spends too much time explaining how this alternate world works. Instead, it would've been entertaining if Talay could explore on his own. Let him go on adventures, get into hilarious hijinks, and make discoveries along the way. He's assuming a stranger's identity. In theory, it should be a chaotic experience for him. Having Dol as the friendly tour guide ruins the fun, reducing the mystique and adventure of this parallel universe.

Episode 2

Forest Green
Talay has a piece of bread in his mouth.

Puen's actor (Jimmy) caught my eye in Bad Buddy, despite portraying an unlikable character. I'm glad to see him star in another BL series. Vice Versa is a solid showcase of his charisma, highlighting his endearing charm. I find Jimmy really adorable with his quirky expressions, impish smiles, and perky attitude. Also, the contrast between his boyish face and buff body makes an impression on me. With that physique, he makes wearing the simplest clothes look good.

Speaking of Bad Buddy, I like seeing various cast members from that series make cameos in Vice Versa. The stunt casting is cute, as if Tess & Tun are the alternate-world versions of Pat & Pran. However, I believe Tess and Tun should've been prominent characters in the plot. Imagine if we actually saw them living as Talay & Puen in the other world. Their unique experiences can juxtapose with the leads. Show us how Tess struggles with Talay's life, and vice versa. Instead, the characters only appear in a handful of episodes without maximizing their storytelling potential.

In each episode, Vice Versa dedicates a colour to represent its storytelling themes. I love this creative idea and how much the series commits to the stylish aesthetic. It references the colour scheme in overt and subtle ways, including wardrobe, props, lighting & locations. Even the smoothie in this episode is a "forest green". Although these little details are trivial, they make me appreciate the series more. The Vice Versa team has put much thought and care into elevating its presentation.

Talay and Puen meet each other in a maze.

I love the final shot of this episode. The characters come out of a maze, surrounded by greenery. The imagery reiterates how the characters are lost in this complex labyrinth of a world. Despite their confusion and aimlessness, they have found each other. Puen and Talay are destined to navigate this strange parallel universe together.

Episode 3

Soft Blush
Talay and Puen enjoy a bath together.

Episode 3 develops Talay and Puen's relationship meaningfully. Although their characters interacted previously, they were only casual acquaintances drawn together by circumstances. This episode actually begins their friendship. The leads hang out together, enjoying each other's company. I like when Talay & Puen stalk the dating couple, following them from the restaurant to the cinema. They unknowingly go on their first date together, enjoying the same activities as that other couple. It's a cute, cheeky way of advancing their relationship.

The signature colour in this episode is soft blush, a rosy hue that you'd associate with romance. It's an apt colour to describe Talay and Puen's budding relationship as they start falling in love. All their scenes in this episode are adorable, conveying how much they enjoy spending time together. I like how Vice Versa builds their romance, beginning with a friendship that naturally grows into an attraction. When the episode ends, I feel a tiny pang of excitement as Talay scribbles a cute message on Puen's helmet. Talay's feelings for Puen are turning into a crush.

OMG, that bathtub scene… The "soft blush" refers to me turning red in the face as I watch them bathe together. Excuse me while I attend to my nosebleed. 😳 The appeal of this scene is self-explanatory, right? Two naked guys in a bathtub is a sexy scenario, adding a dash of spiciness to the relationship. Yet, the moment is tastefully done without appearing too sleazy. I like how the series highlights their physical attraction, building on top of their emotional bond. Vice Versa is excellent at balancing the physical & emotional aspects of this romance.

Episode 4

Deep Magenta
Talay and Puen attend a wedding together.

My favourite moment in this episode is when Puen vandalizes the school with his love message. In real life, his gesture would be too over-the-top. However, I enjoy these grand displays of love in fictional works. Puen appeared so charming when he smiled through the window. The first time I watched that scene, I swooned. However, it's crappy of Puen to draw graffiti and not clean up afterwards. The poor custodian looked like he had trouble scrubbing away the mess!

I really enjoy Talay and Puen as a couple. They have a warm, vibrant relationship dynamic, enchanting me with their delightful rapport. Puen comes across as suave, confident, and charming when he flirts. Meanwhile, Talay is friendly and playful, although he doesn't always reciprocate his partner's advances. It's exciting when Talay lets his guard down and shows signs of romantic interest, which makes Puen bashful. Many of their interactions are super cute, satisfying the BL fan in me. 😚

Episode 4's signature colour is deep magenta, a much stronger hue than soft blush. The transition signifies the characters' feelings have deepened, at least for Puen. However, Talay isn't quite there yet emotionally. His character is reluctant to romance and doesn't respond well to Puen's advances. As Talay mulls over his feelings, the magenta colour appears prominently in the final stretch of the episode. In one scene, there's a beautiful shot of him in the rain, with purplish lighting cast over his face. Symbolically, Talay is opening up and letting love wash over him.

Talay looks up at the rain with deep magenta colours cast over his face.

Episode 5

Winter White
Talay and Puen are surprised to see snow in Thailand.

My favourite line of the episode comes after Puen kisses Talay on the cheek. He says: "Your cheeks give me cute aggression." That remark is so adorable, hehe~ It's such a quirky way of phrasing his attraction to Talay. The flirty comment is playful and jovial, capturing the essence of Puen's personality.

Although Puen seems confident, he shows moments of insecurity. For example, he's self-conscious about reading shoujo stories. "Why are you so interested?" Puen responds defensively when Talay inquires about his hobby. I adore Talay's response: "I see you like it, so it has my attention." Puen was worried his friend will tease him, but that didn't happen. Talay's questioning stems from showing a genuine interest in him. He wants to know Puen better as an individual, a crucial part of courtship.

The shoujo scene parallels another secret that Puen hides about himself: his identity. Puen doesn't want Talay to know who he is in the real world. Talay is curious about his famous buddy. Yet, Puen doesn't reveal his name until Episode 10. Why is he secretive? Initially, the discretion comes from protecting his celebrity image. Over time, Puen is guarded because he doesn't want his fame to affect their relationship. He hopes Talay can know him as Puen the person, not Puen the superstar. Please understand me based on my inner character instead of my reputation.

Talay and Puen see snow for the first time.

I like the unusual phenomenon of snow in Thailand, where this kind of weather never happens. It adds to the surreal element of the fantasy romance, reminding us the leads live in another world. While the snow produced pretty visuals, I wish there were more substantial scenes highlighting the parallel universe. Many differences between the two worlds are cosmetic, so they don't significantly impact the characters. I want Talay and Puen to face challenges, complexities & consequences with their new lifestyles.

Vice Versa isn't pushing itself far enough creatively. The series is imaginative when it comes to aesthetics. Yet, it shows less inspiration with the plot and spends too much time on the filmmaking storyline. Honestly, I like the subplot of the characters making a movie. There are amusing scenes involving the lively supporting cast. This lighthearted narrative would work well in another BL drama. However, it isn't the right fit for Vice Versa, which has more urgent stories to tell. It's a narrow focus when Talay & Puen live in a fascinating world with boundless possibilities.

For example, this episode introduces a random character whose life was ruined after travelling between universes. His alter ego recklessly mishandled the guy's existing job and family. Wow, that's interesting! Why aren't we pursuing this plot more? In fact, why isn't this juicy story arc happening to the main characters? Talay and Puen should be the ones facing these types of challenges in their lives! Instead, they're worried about making a dud movie. Vice Versa is dealing with minor stakes when it has so much untapped potential.

Episode 6

Fire Yellow
Puen has shaving cream on his face.

When Puen buried his face into Talay's bucket of popcorn, I had a visceral reaction. His behaviour is such a turn-off. Excuse me, but don't put your nasty mouth into somebody else's food! How rude, not to mention really unhygienic! I won't hold this gross etiquette against Puen since it was just a fantasy sequence. Nonetheless, it was Puen's least attractive moment in the entire series. 

Thankfully, Puen's least attractive moment is followed by his most attractive appearance. Seeing Puen with bucketloads of shaving cream on his face makes me grin. Oh my gosh, he is precious. I don't know if I can explain the appeal, but this is what ~cute aggression~ looks like in human embodiment. Ugh, he's so adorable that it hurts! 😣

This episode's signature colour is fire yellow, a vibrant shade that looks slightly mature. You associate fire yellow with enthusiasm, sparks, and blazing flames. It's an apt colour to describe the characters' renewed creative passion. They have found their fire again, symbolized by Friends Credit lighting sparklers in the night. A part of me appreciates the uplifting themes of friendship, ambition, and perseverance after a failure. However, another part of me thinks: "C'mon, another movie? No offence, but can we see a new storyline?" 

Joob's death feels unexpected, but I suppose that's the point. It sucks she died, although I don't feel too attached. I wish Vice Versa explored the bond between Dol and Joob. The series could've highlighted their romantic tension instead of revealing it post-mortem. After the first episode, I thought Dol would be a key supporting character. Someone who spent eight years in a parallel universe must have fascinating experiences. Yet, Dol receives little focus and spends most scenes delivering exposition. What a disappointing lack of character development.

Episode 7

Sunset Orange
Talay and Puen have their first argument in the relationship.

Talay's behaviour in this episode annoys me, although I understand his perspective. His character is frightened. Joob's passing reminds Talay that the parallel universe is risky because your fate is tied to a stranger's. On top of worrying about his safety, he fears losing Puen to sudden death. Talay pushes Puen & Pang together, believing they're each other's portkeys. It makes sense to test the theory, just in case. Maybe Pang can bring Puen home, keeping him safe from danger. 

Logically, Puen & Pang spending time together is the right thing to do. Emotionally, Talay can't control his jealousy toward their chumminess. He has a crush on Puen, so it sucks seeing him get closer to someone else. Talay seems upset about Puen and Pang hanging out, but the annoyance is directed at himself. His brain wants Pang to be Puen's portkey, yet his heart feels differently. This internal conflict sends Talay on a downward spiral as his insecurities and anxieties start snowballing. Eventually, the emotional turmoil leads to Talay's volatile response during the episode's climax.

Talay and Puen almost kiss each other.

Talay and Puen almost kiss in this episode. However, Puen hesitates and asks, "I can kiss you, can't I?" Partially, the question comes from respect since Talay seemed startled by their earlier intimate encounters. Also, Puen needs confirmation he's getting the right signals from his emotionally reserved partner. Talay's recent actions suggest he's pushing Puen towards Pang. From Puen's perspective, maybe Talay is doing this because he doesn't want a relationship.

Puen's hesitation feeds into Talay's insecurities. It's a sign of lingering doubt. From Talay's perspective, he thinks Puen feels uncertain about their relationship. Maybe this guy isn't committed to his feelings for me, especially now that Pang is in the picture. Admittedly, Talay misjudges the situation and overreacts. He hasn't been in the right headspace for the past few days, so his perception is skewed by anxieties. Thankfully, Pang puts Talay on the right track, easing his worries. The leads make up at the end of the episode, overcoming the first argument in their relationship.

Episode 8

Cloudy Gray
Talay and Puen have their first kiss.

The filmmaking storyline is overtaking the entire narrative. Even though a few of the scenes are mildly amusing, I'm losing enthusiasm. Can we wrap things up and move on to another topic? Vice Versa has gone off-course, overindulging in a glorified subplot. Making a movie is a cute diversion, but it shouldn't be the main event. Let's steer the series back to its central concepts: alternate world, identity switch, and returning home.

This episode underwhelms me, but the kissing at the end redeems it. The leads already smooched in Episode 4. However, it's more impactful this time because Talay solidifies his feelings for Puen. As they kiss, a tear trickles down Puen's face. Wow, that's impressive! His crying is perfectly timed, making the romantic moment feel epic. I also admire what Talay says before the kiss. During the love confession, he says his feelings don't come from Puen's appearance or fame. Instead, their bond goes beyond the superficial, and Talay connects with Puen's inner self.

Episode 9

Midnight Black
Talay and Puen pretend to hug each other.

OMG. That pillow scene is genuinely hilarious. I cracked up every time Puen put his face on that pillow. Teehee! 😆 Vice Versa is great at creating these funny scenarios highlighting the characters' charm. Likewise, the charismatic actors execute those moments adorably. That might be one of my favourite scenes in the series, achieving the perfect mix of playfulness and flirtiness. 

I enjoy the camaraderie between the four friends. Aou and Up are perky characters who bring lively, lighthearted energy to their scenes. Puen and Talay share fun chemistry with Aou and Up, so their group interactions are delightful to watch. Overall, Vice Versa has done a terrific job depicting their close bond. It saddens me Puen and Talay will never see their friends again when they return to the real world.

The leads have different opinions about their lives in the parallel universe, which presents an intriguing moral conundrum. Talay is adamant about going back to the real world. However, Puen enjoys his new identity since he has family, friends, and a fulfilling career. Talay becomes upset because Puen wants to claim Tun's life as his own. I'm fascinated by their differing views and understand both their perspectives. Thankfully, they reconcile. Surrounded by picturesque scenery, the couple communicates their concerns with each other before they find common ground.

Episode 10

Talay and Puen kiss in the bathtub.

My favourite scene might be when the characters fed each other snacks at the start of the episode. To preface, I think nibbling the crumbs off your boyfriend's face is unsanitary. Also, it isn't the first time Puen has shown gross eating habits, so I *am* judging him. Nonetheless, Puen and Talay's interactions are so adorable during this moment. I like the flirting in their weird, unhygienic way. It's one of those sweet, fluffy relationship scenes I love in BL dramas.

Wow, that bathtub kissing scene is HOT. The sexy imagery speaks for itself. Here are two bros chilling in a tub, sitting zero inches apart because they're gay. 😳 This series really loves bathtubs, huh? We've seen the characters lounge in the tub numerous times. Ordinary humans sit on chairs and sofas, whereas Vice Versa characters sit on bathtubs and their boyfriends' laps. After the leads discovered they were each other's portkeys, I was sure this bathtub would be their magic portal. Why are they going to a random island when they made all their memories in this tub!?

"Thank you for cleaning my face, and for cleaning off my dusty heart." Oh my god, I am GUFFAWING at this hilariously ridiculous line. Only a BL drama would be shameless enough to write something like this. I love how Aou & Up lampooned the situation afterwards. Also, I gotta give Vice Versa their props. This series knows how to turn blatant product placements into memorable romantic encounters. Some of Talay and Puen's sweetest exchanges are sponsored by a face cleanser company or a fried chicken franchise. Rake in the money, GMMTV! 💸

Puen shows off the muscles in his arm while talking to Talay.

Okay, the next observation is trivial, but it needs to be said. Puen's arms are looking criminally fine in this episode. Those muscles and veins in his biceps are screaming for our attention. 💪🏻 Vice Versa has many shirtless scenes, showcasing the fit physiques of both leads. Jimmy's arms, chest, and body look phenomenal from every angle. 

Based on the overpoweringly romantic scenes earlier in the episode, I should've known there would be a sad ending. Everything was proceeding too smoothly for our protagonists, so I suspected something ominous would happen. I think it's a cool twist that only one of them is transported back to the real world. It creates compelling tension and unpredictability, not knowing what will happen to the couple. Honestly, I haven't felt enthusiastic about the plot since the start. This episode's twist ending is the first time in a long time I'm excited about the story.

Episode 11

Real Red
Talay and Puen kiss in the bedroom.

This episode is just okay for me. Considering the circumstances, the ensuing drama feels flat and uneventful. Talay mopes around sadly, waiting for Puen to reunite with him. Also, I find his scenes corny, especially when he's sitting on the beach at night and crying over an hourglass. The pacing picks up once Talay transports to the real world. I like that he focuses on rebuilding his career instead of obsessing over his relationship. Talay may miss Puen, but he doesn't base his entire self-worth on a guy.

I wish we could've seen what happened to Tun and Tess during their time in this world. We get a quick glimpse of Tess lazing around, but I want more details. Show us how the alter-egos adjusted to their new lives on the other side! It doesn't have to be thorough, but a few funny scenes can summarize their experiences concisely. Instead, the series glosses over Tun and Tess when their characters should be integral to the plot. It frustrates me Vice Versa maintains a narrow focus instead of expanding the story.

Episode 11
Episode 12

Episode 12

Crystal Clear
Vice Versa has a happy ending where Talay and Puen reunite.

Overall, I like the lighthearted ending. Admittedly, the events don't feel realistic, and everything goes too smoothly for the protagonists. However, Vice Versa aspires to be an idyllic fairytale fantasy instead of a gritty love story. This cute BL series offers sweet romantic fluff over hard-hitting drama, and I've come to terms with it. Ultimately, I enjoy the adorable couple, their natural chemistry, and the many flirty interactions. I'm happy they found a way to make their relationship work in the real world.

The finale has two memorable lines that stood out to me. The first is when Puen tells Talay, "Thank you for taking away my fear of tomorrow." Oh, I love how that sounds. Puen and Talay lived with uncertainty in the parallel universe. Puen's statement highlights how they survived this scary experience by relying on each other for reassurance. I didn't feel afraid because I had you! The second iconic line comes from Gyo, who reacted cutely to her friend dating her celebrity crush. She says, "I'm his fan, not a master of his life." I love her enlightened views about star culture.

Puen proposes to Talay with a bag of potato chips in his hands.

I like the clever twist that Talay's boss is a universe traveller. This revelation works on multiple levels. One, it explains why Talay secures the job after leaving on bad terms with the company. And two, I like how the leads share their stories with other victims and motivate them. The support group helped Talay adjust to the parallel universe, which was a big part of his journey. I'm glad he contributed back and helped others cope with similar experiences.

I'm SCREAMING at the proposal scene. Did Puen just propose to Talay with a bag of potato chips in his hand? LMAOOOOO. That's so funny to me. 🤣 Wow, Vice Versa pulled off a cynical next-level marketing tactic. Lays, you better pay up for your primetime product placement! My hot take is that the series has done an impressive job integrating the products into the story. From a fan's perspective, these aggressive advertisements are annoying. But from a commercial perspective, the Vice Versa team created memorable scenes that get people to notice the brands.

Vice Versa Series Information


GMMTV is a heavyweight in the BL world. It has produced numerous acclaimed dramas and launched many successful careers over the years.

GMMTV is a heavyweight in the BL world. It has produced numerous acclaimed dramas and launched many successful careers over the years. GMMTV is the leader in the Thai BL industry and possibly around the world. Some of its well-known works include SOTUS (2016), Theory of Love (2019), 2gether (2020), A Tale of Thousand Stars (2021), Bad Buddy (2021), and Last Twilight (2023), among many others.


X Nuttapong Mongkolsawas (ณัฐพงษ์ มงคลสวัสดิ์) is the director of Vice Versa and Cherry Magic Thailand.

X Nuttapong Mongkolsawas (ณัฐพงษ์ มงคลสวัสดิ์) is a Thai director. His first BL project is the series Theory of Love (2019). In addition, he directed I'm Tee, Me Too (2020), Vice Versa (2022), and Cherry Magic Thailand (2023).

  1. Omg so excited to watch this! As soon as I saw Wai in BB I thought “I hope this guy stars in his own BL!” Bonus that so many other BB actors are in it too!

  2. Half of the show they where brushing their teeth, eating KFC, crisps and cookies (I love KFC !!!) Drinking this juice and inhaling from a black inhaler. I am surprised you didn't mention this…
    My score is 7.7 since I FF in many parts…some parts I felt like deja vu, some parts where only product placements and some parts were not interesting.
    What kept me going?
    1. The different universe… the little ideas of the new world were nice and funny. I was hoping in every EP. to get this little gems off the different universe moments.
    2. The artistry- interior design of all the places was wow!!! and the outfits, cars and bikes, locations etc.
    3. An excellent group of friend.
    4. I LOVE ALL THE ACTORS from previous works, including the cameos.
    What got me mostly upset?
    The chemistry between the main leads, sorry, I didn't buy it.
    And what you wrote- the fact that the series didn't develop the story properly. I expected more. Half of the time I thought I'm waisting my time and this wasn't good.

  3. Hi, I’ve been reading your reviews since Tale of 1000 Stars. I loved the parallels you drew between the show and Pride & Prejudice in that review.
    While I haven’t always agreed with the final grade of every review, I’ve always respected them, because I feel like as a reviewer, you’re extremely thorough, consider every angle, and really care about doing justice to the series.
    I’m so glad you reviewed Vice Versa. I know it’s a very polarizing show, but, while there were moments where, as you described, the story started focusing on an “over-glorified subplot”, I enjoyed this show (despite its lost potential) and I’m glad you did too 🙂
    (I also thought the dream location would be Talay’s bathtub, given how much it was featured. Guess we both got had lol)
    Wonderful review as usual!

  4. Hey BL Watcher. Just finished this series and the mandatory post-completion reading BL Watcher review!!!

    i guess my feeling can be summed up with saying so much potential left untapped just like you said.

    "OMG, that bathtub scene… The "soft blush" refers to me turning red in the face as I watch them bathe together. Excuse me while I attend to my nosebleed. 😳" —— Not BL watcher and every BL fan nosebleeding at this scene. this scene is ticklish!!!!
    Even I really enjoyed the camaraderie between the four friends. Aou and Up really bring lighthearted energy to their scenes. Especially Neo…. Although I felt all of his scenes were childish and immature BUT Neo makes them hilarious and sweeet…. neo is such a charming actor with an infectious smile…. he makes his characters lovable anyhow…. even a toxic character like in only friends. I actually loved the scene after the pillow scene where neo wakes up screaming that he's afraid of dentists. LOL…..Such an adorable baby….. I wish i could see Aou and Fuse's story a little more. I was rooting for them.

    "After the leads discovered they were each other's portkeys, I was sure this bathtub would be their magic portal. Why are they going to a random island when they made all their memories in this tub!? " See this is why reading your reviews is another level of entertainment. LMAOOOO!!!! and i totallyyyyyy agree…………………

    Okay, the next observation is CRUCIAL!!!!!!!!, AND IT NEEDS TO be REAFFIRMED. "Puen's arms are looking criminally fine in this episode. Those muscles and veins in his biceps are screaming for our attention. 💪🏻"

    After Talay is transported to the real world and finally meet Puen after some obstacles, I expected they would take some time adjusting to each other considering that they weren't really seeing each other's real face in the parallel universe. I get that their bond goes deeper than external attributes and they were yearning to get back with each other. But when you see a different face, body, voice and a whole new person in front of you, it WOULD take some time adjusting, which wasn't sadly portrayed.

    "I like that he focuses on rebuilding his career instead of obsessing over his relationship. Talay may miss Puen, but he doesn't base his entire self-worth on a guy." Couldn't have agreed more! It is high time movies and series stop glorifying "flushing one's own life down the drain" for one person. TBH you are allowed to be hurt for someone's absence but basing your entire self-worth on one person is not something to be romanticized.

    "I'm SCREAMING at the proposal scene. Did Puen just propose to Talay with a bag of potato chips in his hand? LMAOOOOO." seriously!!!!!!!!!! was the product placement necessary during the most important event of their lives !!!!!

    I do appreciate how they have used the product placements to create memorable moments between the couple…… BUT….. during the proposal!!!!!!! (LMAO instead if Swooning)


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