Last Twilight – Series Review & Ending Explained

Last Twilight is a Thai BL series about a visually impaired protagonist and his caregiver.

Last Twilight is a Thai BL series about a visually impaired protagonist and his caregiver. The main character is an athlete who feels demoralized after losing his vision. His family hires a professional aid to help with daily routines. The new employee is a former convict with a stern demeanour. Unlike everyone else, he speaks bluntly to his employer and doesn't pity him. Despite their initial clash, they bond and learn to rely on each other.

A moving tale about vision loss, Last Twilight explores profound themes with powerful emotions. During an enlightening journey, the story raises awareness, removes stigma, and reveals complex experiences. It's rare for a BL drama to be so meaningful and motivational. The series celebrates a captivating romance with charismatic performances. You'll champion the endearing couple who conquers many obstacles to achieve happiness.

Last Twilight Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2023)


13 hours

Total Episodes:

12 episodes




Last Twilight is a mature & interesting BL drama.


Mhok and Day play the guitar.

Day used to be an ambitious and successful student-athlete. This professional badminton player competed in the doubles event with his partner, August. Together, they aimed to win many championships. Unfortunately, Day suffered from a sudden vision loss in the middle of a tournament. Due to a damaged cornea, he only retained approximately 20% of his eyesight. Although there's a slim chance of an eye implant, Day realized his athletic career must end abruptly.

After the vision loss, Day fell into a depression. He paused his studies as a journalism student and wouldn't go to school. He also ceased contact with his former friends. Day never leaves his room. He wouldn't even go to the kitchen to eat his meals, fearing mobility issues. As Day became a shut-in, his mother and brother worried about him. They insist he hires a caregiver to help with his daily routines.

Day comes from a wealthy family. His mom, a single parent, is a famous chef. Although preoccupied with work, she tries her best to accommodate her son. Day doesn't get along with his brother. He refuses to let Night be his primary custodian. Since his accident, Day has become increasingly bitter toward everyone around him. Night receives most of his hostility. Day scares off many candidates who apply for the caregiver job. None remain employed for more than several days.

While interviewing for a new caregiver, an unusual candidate arrives. Despite having no professional background, Mhok is interested in the high salary. While many candidates coddle Day due to his disability, Mhok speaks to him bluntly. He calls out Day for behaving like a petulant brat. They don't get along at first. When they meet again later, Mhok rescues Day from ongoing traffic. Afterwards, Day allows Mhok to be his caregiver. However, he doesn't expect this new employee to stay for long.

Mhok is a former convict who went to prison over a brawl. Motivated by his older sister Rung and girlfriend Porjai, he's determined to rehabilitate himself. Yet, Mhok has struggled to find a mechanic job since leaving jail. No workplace wants to hire him due to his criminal past. Faced with a year of unemployment, Mhok lacks a steady income and faces a financial burden. Despite not liking Day's attitude, Mhok begrudgingly accepts the caregiving job for the money. The pair must put aside their animosity and learn to cooperate.

Last Twilight Cast



Sea Tawinan Anukoolprasert (ซี ทวินันท์ อนุกูลประเสริฐ)

Day is portrayed by the Thai actor Sea Tawinan Anukoolprasert (ซี ทวินันท์ อนุกูลประเสริฐ).

Day is a former student-athlete. He used to compete in the double events with his partner, August. However, Day must quit his athletic ambitions after suddenly losing his vision. Due to a damaged cornea, he only retains 20% of his eyesight. Since then, he has become depressed and rarely leaves his bedroom. While Day is close with his mother, he doesn't get along with his brother, Night.

Sea Tawinan Anukoolprasert

Sea Tawinan Anukoolprasert (ซี ทวินันท์ อนุกูลประเสริฐ) is a Thai actor. He is born on April 13, 1999.

Sea Tawinan Anukoolprasert (ซี ทวินันท์ อนุกูลประเสริฐ) is a Thai actor. He is born on April 13, 1999. His first BL project is the 2022 series, Vice Versa. He stars in the 2023 drama, Last Twilight. Sea also has a supporting role in the 2021 drama, 55:15 Never Too Late.


Jimmy Jitaraphol Potiwihok (จิมมี่ จิตรพล โพธิวิหค)

Mhok is portrayed by the Thai actor Jimmy Jitaraphol Potiwihok (จิมมี่ จิตรพล โพธิวิหค).

Mhok is a former convict who went to jail over a brawl. After his release, he struggled to find work as a mechanic due to his criminal past. As his financial troubles worsens, he applies for a job interview as Day's new caregiver. Mhok clashes with Day and sees him as a petulant brat. Mhok's older sister, Rung, and girlfriend, Porjai, are his motivation for rehabilitation.

Jimmy Jitaraphol Potiwihok

Jimmy Jitaraphol Potiwihok (จิมมี่ จิตรพล โพธิวิหค) is a Thai actor. He is born on August 21, 1994.

Jimmy Jitaraphol Potiwihok (จิมมี่ จิตรพล โพธิวิหค) is a Thai actor. He is born on August 21, 1994. His first BL project is the 2021 series, Bad Buddy. Jimmy is the star of the 2022 series, Vice Versa and the 2023 drama, Last Twilight. In addition, he has a supporting role in the 2022 drama, Enchanté.

Supporting Cast

Porjai is portrayed by the Thai actress Namtan Tipnaree Weerawatnodom (นํ้าตาล ทิพนารี วีรวัฒโนดม).


Namtan Tipnaree Weerawatnodom (นํ้าตาล ทิพนารี วีรวัฒโนดม)

Night is portrayed by the Thai actor Mark Pakin Kunaanuwit (มาร์ค ภาคิน คุณาอนุวิทย์).


Mark Pakin Kunaanuwit (มาร์ค ภาคิน คุณาอนุวิทย์)

Ramon is portrayed by the Thai actress Cream Premsinee Ratanasopa (ครีม เปรมสินี รัตนโสภา).


Cream Premsinee Ratanasopa (ครีม เปรมสินี รัตนโสภา)

Gee is portrayed by the Thai actress Film Rachanun Mahawan (ฟิล์ม รชานันท์ มหาวรรณ์).


Film Rachanun Mahawan (ฟิล์ม รชานันท์ มหาวรรณ์)

August is portrayed by the Thai actor Ohm Thipakorn Thitathan (โอม ฐิภากร ฐิตะฐาน).


Ohm Thipakorn Thitathan (โอม ฐิภากร ฐิตะฐาน)

Rung is portrayed by a Thai actress.


Aon is portrayed by Thai actor Kun Kunchanuj Kengkarnka (กันต์ กันต์ชนุตม์ เก่งการค้า).


Kun Kunchanuj Kengkarnka (กันต์ กันต์ชนุตม์ เก่งการค้า)

Pla is portrayed by Thai actress Emi Thasorn Klinnium (เอมี่ ทสร กลิ่นเนียม).


Emi Thasorn Klinnium (เอมี่ ทสร กลิ่นเนียม)

Uea is portrayed by Thai actor Jugg Chawin Chitsomboon (จั๊ก ชวิน จิตรสมบูรณ์).


Jugg Chawin Chitsomboon (จั๊ก ชวิน จิตรสมบูรณ์)

Pae is portrayed by the Thai actor Rang Apiwit Reardon (หรั่ง อภิวิชญ์ เรียร์ดอน).


Rang Apiwit Reardon (หรั่ง อภิวิชญ์ เรียร์ดอน)

Singha is portrayed by the Thai actor Thames Sanpakit (เทมส์ สรรพกิจ).


Thames Sanpakit (เทมส์ สรรพกิจ)

Tom is portrayed by Thai actor Au Kornprom Niyomsil (อู๋ กรพรหม นิยมศิลป์).


Au Kornprom Niyomsil (อู๋ กรพรหม นิยมศิลป์)

Cherry is portrayed by Thai actress Nancy Darina Boonchu (แนนซี่ ดารินา บุญชู).


Nancy Darina Boonchu (แนนซี่ ดารินา บุญชู)

Keng is portrayed by Thai actor Pon Siripon Sirininatthakul (พล ศิริพล ศิรินินาทกุล).


Pon Siripon Sirininatthakul (พล ศิริพล ศิรินินาทกุล)

The doctor is portrayed by a Thai actor.


Coach Aek is portrayed by a Thai actor.

Coach Aek

Me is portrayed by a Thai actress.


Big Mhok and Little Day are goldfishes.

Big Mhok & Little Day

Cast Highlights

  • The leads (Sea and Jimmy) previously starred in the 2023 fantasy BL drama Vice Versa. It is their first time portraying a couple. Porjai's actress (Namtan) also appears in the series.
  • Night's actor (Mark) has appeared in numerous BL series. His portfolio of work includes I Promised You the Moon (2021), Bad Buddy (2021), My School President (2022), The Warp Effect (2022), Moonlight Chicken (2023), Our Skyy 2 (2023), and Only Friends (2023).
  • The actor who portrays August (Ohm) has a supporting role as the secondary couple in A Boss and a Babe (2023). He portrays the same character in the Our Skyy 2 sequel.
  • Previously, Aon's actor (Kun) has appeared in SOTUS S (2017) and Oxygen (2020). Pla's actress (Emi) portrays a supporting character in the 2022 BL series 609 Bedtime Story. Gee's actress (Film) has a supporting role as a love interest in the 2021 drama Not Me.
  • Several of the directors had cameos in Last Twilight. Aof was a hotel staff member in Episode 12. Au played Chef Tom in Episode 11, while Meng appeared in Episodes 1 and 10 as a caregiver.

Last Twilight Review


Drama Review Score: 9.7

Mhok and Day hold up the Last Twilight book.

Last Twilight is a moving, motivational, and masterfully crafted BL drama. The story depicts vision impairment, a profound topic that deserves greater awareness. This meaningful series informs viewers about the many complex experiences, from shattering stigma to encouraging empathy. Despite his hardships, the protagonist doesn't want coddling or condescension. Through perseverance, he and his loved ones conquer the obstacles of living without eyesight. Last Twilight emphasizes an empowering journey.

During my youth, I had a medical procedure for a damaged cornea, although mine wasn't as severe as Day's. After recovering, the fear and agony of potential blindness lingered. These memories heighten my immersion in Last Twilight, exploring the worst-case scenarios that used to haunt me. I can recognize Day's frustrations and relate to his self-consciousness. Simultaneously, I feel inspired by every triumph or breakthrough. Thanks to the insightful series, I learn about navigating life with vision impairment, including self-sufficiency, support aids, and accessibility challenges.

Last Twilight has a captivating narrative with a perfect blend of sentimentality, humour, flirtation, tension, and angst. Despite the sorrowful moments, each episode balances itself with cheeky dialogue or lighthearted interactions. This poignant tale makes you smile as much as it evokes stormy emotions. The series features lovable protagonists with nuanced characterizations. Both leads have distinct charms. I respect Day's inner strength against adversity, while his insecurities make him humanizing. Likewise, I admire Mhok's transformation from a bad boy to a sensitive softie.

At the heart of Last Twilight is an enchanting love story. The leads flirt cutely, kiss deeply, and connect emotionally. Their powerful bond comes from understanding each other's hidden depths. Mhok cherishes Day's talents and personality rather than focusing on his disability. Similarly, Day doesn't judge Mhok's criminal past and appreciates his compassion. From tender words to sensual touches, the couple is affectionate without relying on sight. They adapt to preconceived barriers by increasing their intimacy. Each romantic encounter bursts alive with intense passion.

Sea is mesmerizing as Day in a career-defining role. He captures the character's complicated feelings, making every emotion seem genuine. Despite the lack of eye contact with his costar, Sea can convey fondness, sensitivity, and depth. Jimmy is just as charismatic, especially when he flashes that impish smirk. Early on, he matches Mhok's bravado with a natural swagger. Later, he reveals fragility in his enigmatic gazes and subtle expressions. Both leads share compelling chemistry that ignites their romance. The beautiful cinematography also enhances the ambiance.

I love everything about Last Twilight except for the ending. A last-minute conflict emerges, but I hate how it unfolds. From tedious conversations to aggravating behaviour, the couple's prolonged drama is my least favourite part of the series. Nonetheless, the rest of the episodes are so spectacular that they outshine an underwhelming conclusion. Previously, the narrative has achieved many emotional climaxes and epic relationship milestones. It's already a beloved BL masterpiece, with or without the finale. Last Twilight leaves behind a legacy of storytelling brilliance.


Meaningful story

Last Twilight has a meaningful story about vision impairment. It educates viewers, eliminates stereotypes & emphasizes an empowering journey. Each episode is compelling and inspirational.

Powerful romance

Day & Mhok have an enchanting romance. They understand each other's hidden depths, forming a powerful bond. Their encounters include deep kisses, sensual touches, and intense affection.

Compelling acting

Day's actor (Sea) is a mesmerizing lead who makes every emotion seem genuine. His costar (Jimmy) exudes charm and charisma. Both share a compelling chemistry that ignites romantic exchanges.

Happy ending

Last Twilight has a happy ending after the couple reconciles and resolves their previous conflict. Although the couple's prolonged relationship drama is tedious, the finale promotes positivity.

Breathtaking artistry

The series dazzles with breathtaking cinematography, especially during the outdoor scenes. Many emotional climaxes and epic relationship milestones set the mood with beautiful visuals.


Last Twilight is a sensitive and poignant BL series about living with vision impairment. The empowering messages, enchanting romance, and evocative performances contribute to this masterpiece.

Last Twilight Episodes

Episode Guide

Mhok and Day do a slow dance.

Last Twilight has a total of 12 episodes. Each episode is around 50 to 70 minutes long. The last episode is around 75 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 13 hours. Last Twilight started on November 10, 2023 and ended on January 26, 2024.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Vision loss
The camera focuses on Day's eyes when he experiences sudden vision loss.

The opening scene begins with Day losing his eyesight during a pivotal competition. That moment feels scarier than a horror film, giving me PTSD. Going into this series, I knew the story would resonate with me due to my past. Like Day, my vision loss occurred suddenly without warning. The images didn't turn blurry. Instead, there was only darkness accompanied by a sharp pain, as if life disappeared before my eyes. My vision restored, but I relate to the confusion & anxiety Day experienced.

My corneal damage happened during my youth. I was always the youngest in the hospital waiting rooms, surrounded by elderly patients. Beyond the potential blindness, this condition is terrifying because of age. Day is a healthy young adult with a bright future ahead of him. He barely started pursuing life opportunities. Yet, his athletic career and many prospects disappeared in the flash of an eye. In addition to the physical disability, those with vision impairment face psychological turmoil. Day lost his identity as a student-athlete and abruptly became "the blind guy".

I don't remember much about my vision problems from long ago. I also don't like revisiting this chapter of my life. However, I share my story to convey Last Twilight's significant emotional impact on me. Despite a recovery, the fear of losing my eyesight lingered. I'm still concerned about a relapse. Thankfully, my situation never became as severe as Day's. Yet, watching his experiences reveals glimpses into a parallel world of what could have happened to me. I learn from Day's coping strategies and take mental notes in case blindness strikes!

Mhok is sad about his sister's death.

Day's identity is overtaken by his vision loss. Instead of his achievements, others recognize him for his disability. Last Twilight isn't a BL drama about Day, the aspiring badminton player. Instead, the tagline is Day, the visually impaired protagonist. Mhok faces a similar predicament. Due to his conviction, his identity became associated with a criminal. After his release, Mhok rehabilitates and no longer hangs out with the wrong crowd. Yet, employers reject him due to his arrest record. He, too, must live with a stigma.

Mhok carries the psychological burden of his sister's suicide. Due to his arrest, he regrets being unable to help her on that fateful night. "The one who should feel guilty is her, not me." Mhok says with teary eyes. Beneath his bravado, we can tell he hides sorrow. Rung's death catalyzes Mhok's rehabilitation, motivating him to have a productive future. Despite having sincere intentions, he can't shake off his stigma. Others only judge him for his criminal past. They glance at the ankle monitor and see a troublemaker instead of someone striving for redemption.

Day gladly hires Mhok. After so much rejection, Mhok must feel validated that someone wants him. Unlike most employers, Day doesn't judge the former convict's background. That's because Day has first-hand experience with stigma and avoids evaluating others based on their status. Day recites a meaningful quote from The Little Prince: "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye." This line alludes to how Day recognizes Mhok's sincerity. He understands Mhok's intrinsic worth beyond the societal label.

Episode 1 Review
Mhok and Day meet in the elevator.

A year ago, I watched the Last Twilight trailer. My intuition told me this series would succeed based on many signals. Firstly, the topic is meaningful. Secondly, the cast seems promising. I love Jimmy & Sea's chemistry in Vice Versa. And thirdly, Aof is one of the best showrunners in the BL industry. He has the magic touch, bringing excellence to every project. I don't want to put him on a pedestal, but his track record of producing sophisticated stories is impressive. Last Twilight joins A Tale of Thousand Stars, Bad Buddy & Moonlight Chicken in the hall of fame.

Last Twilight isn't the first BL drama to tackle the topic of vision loss. Previously, I watched Want to See You, a Vietnamese series with a similar concept. The plot features a blind protagonist who falls in love with his caregiver. Like Day, the wealthy main character hides his depression beneath a veil of arrogance. Unfortunately, Want to See You suffers from lousy writing. After finishing it, I wished another storyteller would do a better job with this topic. Thankfully, Last Twilight has fulfilled my expectations!

"I'll see you tomorrow." I love the final line of the episode, which is meaningful for multiple reasons. Firstly, there's an irony to Day's quote. He cannot see clearly due to his vision impairment. Yet, speaking the taboo word aloud is like a sign of defiance. Day won't allow his disability to restrain him, including his vocabulary choices. Secondly, his statement conveys hopefulness. After losing his eyesight, Day seemed bleak about his future. Upon meeting his caregiver, Day looks forward to a new day for the first time. His pessimistic attitude is starting to change.

Episode 2

Comfort zone
Mhok gives Day a motorcycle ride.

Early in the episode, I loved the scene where the camera showed us a tour of Day's bedroom. Since he spends all his time living in this space, it's an effective way to introduce his character. Every piece of clutter feels intimate, revealing his personality or interests. The aquarium is the focal point. Next, we see trophies, books, plants, clothes, electronics, water, food, and a teddy bear. In particular, the bear symbolizes his youth, reminding us he was just a kid a few years ago.

When we first meet Day, he has trapped himself inside his bedroom. He won't even go to the kitchen. Physically, it's convenient for him to stay in a familiar space. Psychologically, he feels safer isolating himself from the uncertainties and dangers lurking beyond the walls. While his family is concerned, they don't want to distress him further. The mom allows Day to do whatever he wants instead of pushing his boundaries. She hires a caregiver only to ensure her son is fed, watered, and kept alive. Mhok compares caring for Day to raising a dog, a sadly apt analogy.

Mhok has an easy job with a lofty salary. Besides bringing food, he could smoke on the balcony and do nothing else. Yet, I love how Mhok goes beyond his assigned tasks. The episode focuses on his efforts to bring Day out of his comfort zone. He doesn't want his companion to be isolated from the world. Mhok starts by coaxing Day with simple activities like eating in the kitchen or watching a movie. These little steps lead to a breakthrough, where Day leaves the house and explores. Sitting on the motorcycle with outstretched arms is a powerful image of his liberation.

Day gazes at the fish tank.

Beyond an inability to see, Day's condition comes with other consequences. This episode highlights how he has lost his privacy. Day can't even take a bath in peace. Mhok walks in and sees his employer naked, an embarrassing situation that strips Day of his dignity. Also, Day loses his pride. He has a clumsy accident and falls off the couch in front of Night's friends. As Day lies on the floor pitifully, he feels humiliated for drawing attention to his perceived inadequacies.

The aquarium is an apt metaphor that describes Day. Firstly, he's confined to a small container. He doesn't go anywhere besides the bedroom, just like the fish. Secondly, his life is on display for others, like the transparent screens of the tank. Day inadvertently exposes everything about himself, from his naked body to his physical limitations. Living without privacy makes Day feel self-conscious about every mistake. He carries a mental burden that acquaintances and strangers may judge him.

Mhok feels self-conscious about his criminal past and uses this experience to relate to Day's shame. However, he still lacks understanding initially. The stigma of Mhok's arrest record isn't as visible or prevalent as Day's disability. Mhok underestimates the extent of Day's struggles. Over time, he learns to be more empathetic. Mhok puts on a blindfold to simulate vision loss, giving him insights into Day's mindset. While Day expands his boundaries by leaving confinement, Mhok goes on a parallel journey as he broadens his narrow views.

Mhok wears a shirt with the words: "FART PROUDLY". The text seems funny, but it relates to the themes about overcoming self-consciousness. Don't worry about being judged by others. Hell yeah, let out all the gas you want!

Episode 2 Review
Mhok smiles at the aquarium.

Considering his condition, I don't know if calling out Day's privilege is appropriate. However, he's fortunate to come from a wealthy family that can afford a caregiver. At least Day doesn't have a financial burden, so he never worries about how to make a living. He also has access to the best healthcare because those doctors and treatments are expensive. Imagine being blind and broke, a combination that makes life exponentially harder.

I love the final scene where Day sneaks a glance at Mhok. Day didn't seem curious about his caregiver's appearance in a previous scene. Mhok was shirtless beside him. Yet, Day used his ten seconds of clear vision to watch the fishies in the aquarium instead. However, his feelings have shifted after an eventful episode. Day wants to see Mhok's face, signalling a newfound interest. Day averts his gaze afterwards. That shyness is endearing, hehe!

Not that I ever forgot, but this episode refreshes my recollection of how cute Jimmy is. Since Vice Versa, I have found this actor so precious. I love that shot of him by the aquarium with the head tilt and his signature little smirk. THAT SMIRK MAKES ME FEEL THINGS. Ahhh, he's too adorable~ 😙

The slippers are such a thoughtful gift! The footwear ensures Day is less likely to injure himself again. With reduced risk, he's more inclined to leave his room and navigate the house. This gesture exemplifies Mhok's empathy since he has considered Day's safety and finds a practical solution. It also shows Mhok is a good listener who pays attention to his companion. Best of all, I love the quirkiness. Instead of ordinary slippers, he buys ones in the shape of a cute goldfish. This personal touch makes the present more heartfelt.

Episode 3

Mhok and Day take the subway together.

I love that Mhok goes beyond his caregiver duties and acts more like a life coach. He teaches Day essential skills for his day-to-day routine around the house. Mhok helps him better organize the bedroom storage space, like Marie Kondo for the visually impaired. He takes time to acquaint Day with identifying clothes or accessories. These lessons empower Day's self-sufficiency, allowing him to be independent. He can support himself in the future, with or without Mhok by his side.

Mhok supports Day's self-reliance outside the house. Instead of helping him with vending machines or ticket counters, Mhok allows Day to handle these tasks independently. This autonomy is empowering. Mhok is nearby to assist if necessary, but he creates a supportive environment for Day to do everything himself. While riding the subway, Day doesn't need to ask for a seat. "My eyes don't work well, but my legs do just fine." This line emphasizes his determination to stand on his own without accommodations.

With self-sufficiency comes self-confidence. A positive side effect is that Day becomes comfortable revealing his visual impairment. He used to be ashamed and didn't want anyone to know about his condition. In contrast, Day now wears a shirt with a walking cane, proudly embracing his identity. He doesn't feel self-conscious anymore. That said, Day still hides from his university friends. Being relaxed in front of strangers is different from being around acquaintances, who know him more intimately. That's a lesson for another episode.

Mhok wears a pink shirt that Day bought him.

Mhok behaves confidently, yet he hides his insecurities behind bravado. Secretly, the constant condemnation over his arrest takes a mental toll. He admits to Porjai, "I felt like my life was worthless. All I saw in people's eyes was insult." When others keep pointing out your mistakes, you internalize their judgment and start believing those opinions about yourself. Mhok isn't just a bad boy. He worries about being a bad person since that's how everyone perceives him.

Day treats Mhok differently than others. He states, "I can tell what person you are just by listening to your voice." Day judges Mhok based on what he says, not what others say about him. The notable distinction is that Day observes and doesn't perceive. It allows him to make an accurate assessment of his caregiver's character. Day jokes Mhok is an asshole, but he doesn't mean it. When the mom accuses her employee of being a criminal, Day immediately defends him. After spending time together, he knows Mhok is kind-hearted. Mhok's reputation is irrelevant.

Mhok gets into a fight and returns home with bruises. The mom makes a snap judgment by associating him with a criminal. Her remark triggers Mhok's insecurities. All it takes is one mistake before others condemn him. Tsk tsk! Once a thug, always a thug! However, Day cares more about whether Mhok is hurt from his injuries. Mhok feels grateful for his companion's kindness. During the last scene, he smiles at Day's pink shirt. Mhok realizes he doesn't have to wear the ugly label that society gives him. Instead, he can be as soft and sensitive as the colour pink.

Episode 3 Review
Mhok and Day are in the changing room.

Despite all the thoughtful plots and character development, my favourite moment of the episode is the changing room scene. I understand why Mhok checks out Day's body because that physique looks sexy. The side profile of Day's chest is his best angle. OMG, the chest is chesting very hard! At one point, the camera focuses on his pecs, which protrude across half the screen. That close-up shot causes my nose to bleed. This series deserves a cinematography award ASAP!

Not only is Aof an excellent storyteller, but he's also a talented star maker. There's a reason why the actors in all his projects become fan favourites. Aof understands how to make his leads look desirable. From Jimmy's impish smirk to Sea's protruding chest, he flaunts their attractive features. Aof can identify each cast member's unique charms and showcase their best side to the audience. His intuition comes from being very genre-savvy. He understands what BL fans want and markets the actors accordingly. As a result, he has transformed Jimmy and Sea into superstars.

This episode introduces the book version of Last Twilight. Mhok and Day often recite passages from the fictional story, which mirrors the BL drama's themes. It produces meaningful quotes, such as: "According to the myth, only sunshine can break the curse." This line highlights how Day has ventured into the outside world more frequently. He transformed from the boy locked inside his room to a courageous explorer. With every step he takes outdoors, his fears and anxieties diminish. The curse of his psychological turmoil is disappearing.

Episode 4

Mhok and Day sit in the cab.

This episode's theme revolves around the past. Day learns about Mhok's history, from the sister's car to the ex-girlfriend. Day gets to know his caregiver better by understanding his background. Yet, he must also confront his own history. As Day revisits the badminton club, he's reminded of his former glory. Like athletes who sustained injuries, he must accept his sporting career is over. The blurry vision of his trophy symbolizes how one of his dreams has faded away.

Day must also confront his old friends. Previously, he hid his condition and avoided his social circle. It was a tough transition since Day used to be popular. Thankfully, the reunion helps him realize his disability doesn't impact his relationships. Sure, his friends are curious about the vision impairment, asking silly questions like "how do u jerk off rofl~ 🤣". One person makes a social faux pas and calls him the blind guy. Yet, Day laughs off the comments. He understands there's no malice. If Day keeps a positive attitude, friends will flock to his charismatic personality.

Likewise, Porjai is haunted by her history as she breaks up with her cheating fiancé. Initially, I admired Porjai's partner for getting along with her ex-boyfriend. Wow, his thinking is so modern and open-minded! Little did I know that he turned out to be a dirtbag. Sigh~ Unfortunately, Porjai can't escape her past because she's pregnant. Her subplot mirrors the leads. She gains independence while fighting the stigma of being a single mother. This supporting character reiterates the overarching narrative themes.

Episode 4 Review
Day looks at Mhok's face in the night.

Ooh, Day and Mhok's relationship is heating up! This episode increases the romantic signals between them. Their exchanges become more intimate, from caressing hands to Day studying Mhok's face at night. Despite his blurry vision, he leans close enough to focus on Mhok's lips. Ahhh, oh my god! I also love how Day describes his partner. "His voice is like the scent of cigarettes." This quote seems so vivid, like something out of a novel.

Another promising moment is when Day calls Mhok his friend rather than an employee. Whether there's romance involved or not, I like that Day treats their connection as personal instead of professional. Being Mhok's boss means there's a hierarchy, whereas being his friend signifies they are equals. Mhok feels flattered that Day cherishes him more than he imagined. Porjai calls out her ex for looking happy. "What are you smiling at???" Since Day can't notice visual cues, I like that Porjai's bluntness helps him realize Mhok appreciates his sentiment.

Sorry, I had a bad BL fan moment! For a second or two, I started shipping Mhok and Porjai. 😖 Both characters seem so likable and share a charming rapport. It crosses my mind they'd make a cute couple, raising a baby together. The heteronormative devil possessed my spirit! Thankfully, I regained my senses and dispelled those dark thoughts from my imagination. Never again! Anyway, I appreciate Mhok and Porjai's platonic friendship. It's nice to know these two exes can get along without romantic tension.

Episode 5

Day and August used to be badminton partners.

Day receives a welcoming reception from friends. Contrary to the worst scenarios he imagined, they don't pity or patronize him due to his condition. Instead, they're excited to keep in touch. Mhok encourages his companion to reconnect with others and use social media again. Maintaining a social circle beyond his family and caregiver is a healthy development. "My bread-fast!" Day writes in his photo caption. He takes a positive step toward reintegrating into society, one pun at a time.

Day seeks validation from August, his old badminton partner. Even before the vision loss, Day wanted August's approval. That twink has a powerful hold on our protagonist. Firstly, they spent many hours in practices and matches. Working toward a common goal brings two teammates closer together. Secondly, Day has a secret crush on August. Day believes his vision loss compromises their relationship prospects. Like his sporting career, Day's love life becomes another tragically unattainable dream.

After Day lost his vision, he affected August's athletic ambitions. When one teammate goes down, the other falls with him. However, August is understanding and holds no grudges. They make up with each other in an emotional reconciliation. "I don't want to partner with anyone else. I'll always be there for you," August reassures him. That statement unties a knot in Day's heart. As someone who always craved August's approval, he's relieved they can still be on good terms. Day also gets his hopes up. Despite his condition, maybe a relationship is still a possibility.

Day is in a love triangle with Mhok and August.

I feel awful for Day after August doesn't show up for the dinner. 😢 Day seemed hopeful and made many preparations, including practicing meal etiquette. "I don't want to look bad in front of him," he says with a smidge of cake on his lips. The more anticipation Day builds up, the more crushing his disappointment becomes. His fear of rejection has come true. Day believes August only reconciled with him out of courtesy, undermining the hopefulness he had felt earlier.

After getting stood up by August, Mhok tries to cheer up Day. They go sightseeing and stroll the market. Mhok's goal is to provide a diversion to relieve Day's sadness. His gesture works to some extent, bringing a smile to his companion's face. Despite his best efforts, Day remains heartbroken at the end of the episode. No amount of pleasant distraction can soften the hurtfulness of rejection. Previously, there's a book passage about how sunshine breaks the curse. Yet, the closing scene shows Day in the middle of the night, wallowing in his darkness.

Day isn't the only character to face rejection. Although Day's heartbreak seems more noticeable, Mhok must deal with unreciprocated love. Throughout the episode, Mhok has been hitting on his companion. He hides his flirtation under a playful demeanour. Haha, I just introduced you to the waitress as my boyfriend! Or haha, I used to take my lovers to the flower market! Day remains oblivious, but Mhok drops enough hints of his romantic interest. As Day reveals his crush on August, Mhok struggles with his own feelings. This love triangle is getting juicy!

Episode 5 Review
Day smiles at a sunflower.

I love the scenes where Day & Mhok practice eating meals. Firstly, it's a cute way to highlight the couple's romantic banter. I grin at their exchanges. Secondly, Day overcomes a common challenge. He can eat confidently without feeling self-conscious. I also like seeing Mhok support his companion and introduce strategies. Even a gesture like drinking water with a straw shows thoughtful attention to detail. Last Twilight manages to be entertaining, educational, and empowering.

At the end of the practice meal, the couple messes around. Day ignores utensils and shoves cake into his mouth with his hand. Then, he feeds Mhok with the same hand. The moment was meant to be playful, but I reacted negatively to the lack of etiquette. In Vice Versa, the leads have a similar incident of being filthy with food. Is unhygienic eating supposed to be a JimmySea signature thing? They've committed this offence in two out of two series. No other BL ships gross me out with their dining habits except them.

Mhok wants to buy a sunflower for Day, but his partner declines the gift. "I can't see it anyway. Let it be with someone with good vision. It should be happier." Although I understand the rationale, the statements are devastating because they reveal his pessimism. Day believes having vision impairment diminishes his ability to appreciate beauty. By his logic, he can't bring as much joy as someone with better eyesight. This self-loathing permeates other aspects of his life. Day may think he's unworthy of positive experiences due to his condition.

Episode 6

Day and August kiss at the birthday party.

August throws a birthday party for Day. The event draws a large crowd with a welcoming atmosphere. August brags this is the happiest he has seen his friend. Privately, Day admits he doesn't even know some of the guests. They show up to take pictures with him, like an activism stunt. Look, we partied with a visually impaired acquaintance! Day realizes the celebration is performative. He feels demoralized by everyone's phoniness and wonders if his friendships stem from pity.

Since their reunion, August has tried to spend time with Day. A part of him is sincere about maintaining their friendship. Like Gee, August wants to provide companionship and not alienate Day after a misfortune. Yet, August's incentive also comes from pity. He feels sorry for his former teammate, who can't see or play sports anymore. Despite having no romantic feelings, August kisses Day on his birthday. He treats it like a charitable deed for his visually impaired friend. In August's misguided thinking, this moment is meant to motivate Day and leave behind a positive memory.

Day is offended after discovering August kissed him out of sympathy. What should have been an intimate moment turns into an insult. A kiss is supposed to come from desire, not out of an obligation. "I'm just damn lucky to be blind," Day says sarcastically. August has perpetuated Day's insecurities that his friends are acting phony. They only pay attention to him due to his condition. In contrast, Mhok kisses Day out of passion. Unlike August and the others, no pity or performative behaviour is involved. Mhok has developed genuine feelings for his companion. 

Episode 6 Review
Mhok and Day share their first kiss.

I WANT THAT TWINK OBLITERATED. Give me a badminton racket. I'll whack August away like a shuttlecock! Every scene featuring his character is like a direct attack on the MhokDay ship. First, August holds Day's hands while running. Next, he propositions him with a banana. Then, they replace Mhok's old shoes with August's new sneakers. Also, Day uses eye drops to see August's face. OMG, that was supposed to be an exclusive MhokDay romantic moment! August must be stopped!

AUGUST GTFO!!! No, I'm just kidding. I don't mind August's character lol~ The pesky rival adds fun relationship drama for one episode. I laugh at campy moments like Day eating August's banana or Mhok dropping the sunflower dramatically over the kiss. My favourite part is whenever Day & August act intimately, we see Mhok standing behind them and sulking in the background. This love triangle is so on-the-nose, hehe~ I also cackle at Mhok's line at the party, "As for me, I came as your matchmaker." I can hear all the BL fans screaming in horror, including myself.

Despite August's interference, this episode contains some great MhokDay material! I like the scene where Mhok describes his appearance to Day. Their body language includes a lot of intimate touching and caressing. Day also gives a flattering line, "It smells like toughness and aggression. But after a while, it makes you feel warm." Day refers to the perfume, but his words can apply to Mhok's personality. Of course, the best part is when the couple makes out at the end of the episode. From the emotional climax to the picturesque landscape, it's an iconic moment in the series.

Episode 7

Day and Mhok attend a marathon.

Day rejects Mhok after the kiss, claiming the caregiver isn't his type. Dude, you sucked lips while holding his waist last episode. That response revealed a different story about your attraction. Still, it takes time for Day to get used to the prospect of dating Mhok. His preferred type is dainty little twinks, not rugged bad boys. Mhok doesn't give up his romantic pursuit. He chases after Day, hoping to win his partner's heart through flirtation and sincerity.

Day desires warm, gentle, soft-spoken guys, whereas Mhok doesn't fit all the criteria. Mhok changes his rough habits over time, like quitting smoking and using courteous language. The home visit marks a pivotal turning point. Rung is intrinsic to Mhok's rehabilitation, helping Day understand his partner better. Beneath the tough persona, a grieving brother pursues redemption. During the porch scene, Mhok's hand touches Day, who pulls away initially. Mhok tries again, yet Day doesn't retreat this time. The moment symbolizes the couple's evolving dynamic.

Day feels insecure after realizing Mhok may pursue job opportunities besides caregiving. He throws a tantrum during the race, stemming from his inadequacy. Day believes vision loss limits his happiness. Like how he can't bring joy to sunflowers, Day thinks he'll never be a fulfilling partner for Mhok. This guy can do better than being saddled with me. Day's coping strategy is to detach his emotions and distance himself to avoid getting hurt. Thankfully, Mhok reassures Day by expressing his commitment. I won't leave you behind. Let's go on this life journey together

Mhok and Day line in bed.

I adore the poignant passages from the Last Twilight book. The fictional tale about Mee mirrors Day's journey. There are multiple interpretations. Firstly, the story describes Day's journey toward self-acceptance. The sunlight represents regaining his eyesight, while the shadow symbolizes falling to blindness. Mee chases the sunlight until she finds joy in her shadow. Likewise, Day stops pursuing false hope about recovery and accepts a content life without vision.

Secondly, the story can describe the love triangle. The sunlight is August, while the shadow is Mhok. August represents Day's aspirations. From his athletic ambitions to his first love, he's the idyllic future Day wants to achieve. Our protagonist discovers August is unattainable, like a symbol of false hope. Instead, Day embraces his shadow. Mhok is the caregiver who follows loyally, accompanying Day and supporting him in every step. Unlike how his journey began, Day realizes he doesn't need to chase after happiness. He can achieve a fulfilled life with Mhok, who has always been close to him.

Let's analyze the meaning behind the book passages:

After discovering that she was only seen in direct sunlight, Mee began pursuing the sun. Her path was difficult, but her heart was full of hope.

This passage describes Day's optimism about regaining his eyesight despite many challenges. The sun represents his aspiration. "Only seen in direct sunlight" refers to Day's opportunities if his vision is restored. He can have athletic ambitions and genuine friends who admire him instead of showing pity.

Mee hoped that if she didn't stop pursuing the sun, one day, the wicked curse would go away for good. Mee held her shadow's hand and ran along together under the bright sunlight.

This passage describes Day's ongoing pursuit of happiness. Despite having no success with his sight recovery, he doesn't want to lose positivity. Being hopeful gives him the motivation to live purposefully. As Day proceeds on this journey, he adapts to his vision impairment. Mhok also accompanies him and offers encouragement.

No matter how far Mee ran, she could never catch up with the sun. Instead of being sad, Mee invited her shadow to dance with her under the final glow of the day. They joyfully danced together.

This passage talks about Day's realization that regaining his eyesight is an unattainable goal. Yet, he comes to terms with his vision impairment instead of feeling demoralized. As Day accepts his condition, he plans to live a fulfilling life even without the ability to see.

Episode 7 Review
Day visits Mhok's house and spends the night together.

I was so into the last episode's romantic climax that I hadn't considered the consequences after the kiss. Damn, Porjai is right. Making out with your employer is a firable offence. The old Day would have fired his caregiver, as he did in Episode 2. Thankfully, Day enjoys Mhok's companionship and still feels comfortable around him. I like seeing the couple overcome awkwardness and return to a playful dynamic. Of course, I'm delighted when they finally start dating!

August's departure seems abrupt, but I'm glad to get rid of that trifling twink as swiftly as possible. Send him to badminton camp on Uranus so he can't come between the leads again! In all seriousness, I like how Day & August make amends. This decent sendoff gives closure to their subplot. August apologizes, realizes why his actions are wrong, and admires his friend's inner strength. Day also shows understanding and doesn't begrudge August for a mistake. Ultimately, I'm glad these two former teammates didn't ruin their special bond over a kiss.

adore Porjai and Day's chat in this episode. Initially, I thought their conversation would revolve around Mhok. Instead, I appreciate Day's interest in Porjai's pregnancy as he asks personal questions. Even if Porjai is a supporting character, she has her own experiences rather than existing solely as Mhok's sidekick. In addition, I enjoy how Day encourages her. He draws from his mother's hardships to relate to Porjai. Much of the story focuses on how others must empathize with Day. At this moment, the roles are reversed. Day displays his compassion toward others.

Episode 8

Mhok and Day kiss on the beach.

Day learns he'll lose his eyesight in around three months, a scary diagnosis that looms over him. While vision impairment still offers a vague sense of his surroundings, blindness means even the last trace is gone. Day takes out his frustrations on loved ones, speaking viciously to his family. From "Sorry my sight can't wait for your schedule." to "Are you happy now, Night? I'm blind!", Day's statements reveal his resentfulness. In a darkening world where he has no control, Day's only outlet is anger.

After Day's feud with his brother, Mhok wants to defuse the tension. The couple spends a sunny day by the beach, frolicking in the water. The joyful experience lifts Day's spirits and soothes his temper. After calming down, Day is enlightened. "The sea remains the sea. The sand remains the sand. Though I can't see, everything remains the same." He realizes the beauty of the world stays intact after going blind. Nothing changes except his ability to see, which he compensates with other senses. Losing his vision doesn't mean he's doomed. Day can enjoy life as it is by adapting gracefully.

When the couple arrives at the beach, Day vividly describes the scenery. He uses his senses to identify the sealine, ocean waves, and sunset. This moment exemplifies how Day can enjoy experiences without sight. "For some things, we don't need our eyes to look, yet we're still able to see it." From now on, Day understands how to navigate his blindness. His surroundings are so nuanced that he doesn't need to rely on one sense to feel immersed. He can smell the ocean scent, hear the waves, touch the sand, and taste his boyfriend's lips for a profoundly enriching life.

Episode 8 Review
Mhok and Day dance at the wedding.

The kiss on the beach is an A+ moment. The scene includes a romantic setting, pretty visuals, and an emotional build-up with sentimental messages. Mhok delivers a great line: "For some things, you need to feel with the heart, like my feelings right now." I enjoy how Mhok guides Day's hand on his lips, conveying his desire. Day understands the signal and lunges in for a kiss. Wow, I'm breathless! A visual detail I like is how the sand on Day's fingertips transfers to Mhok's neck. It makes their exchange feel more intimate and tactile.

The leads play pranks on each other. First, Day pretends to misplace the wedding gift. Later, Mhok impersonates other people's voices. Both take the joke too far, upsetting their partners with mean-spirited mischief. This scene shows how the couple navigates conflict. It's the first quarrel since Day and Mhok started dating. Instead of always being lovey-dovey, I like seeing how they respond to tension. Thankfully, they reconcile with good humour and quick apologies. From their reactions, I feel more confident about the resilience of their relationship.

Wow, the guys look so handsome in their wedding attire! Mhok is so precious in that vintage outfit with the suspenders. Likewise, Day appears dashing in his fitted vest and trousers, highlighting his classiness. IMO, they almost dress too fashionably. I feared Aon & Pla would be upset their guests upstaged them at their wedding lol. During the ceremony, Pla gives a lovely speech about how Aon looks after her. Her words reassure Mhok and Day about their romance. A blind lover and his sighted partner can have a long-lasting relationship based on mutual care.

Episode 9

Mhok and Day climb the Last Twilight Mountain.

As Day's eyesight worsens, he doesn't have much time until blindness overtakes him. The couple goes on a sightseeing tour, exploring the places the book recommends. The famous Last Twilight Mountain is the final stop. Reaching the peak requires a steep climb. Day has doubts and wants to return home, but Mhok motivates him to achieve the milestone. Like he has done all series, Mhok guides Day out of his comfort zone and into unchartered territories.

Climbing to the top of a mountain is an inspirational feat. This physically demanding activity requires Day to navigate rocky paths and steep terrains. Due to his condition, he feels uncertain about his surroundings. Day literally can't see where he's going. Many people may consider the endeavour too dangerous and logistically impossible for a blind or visually impaired person. The difficulty adds significance to Day's perseverance. Against all odds, he overcomes his perceived limitations and reaches new heights. Day arrives at the summit triumphantly.

The mountain symbolizes Day's challenges due to his vision loss. Like the steep uphill climb, his journey in life seems daunting. Naysayers (like the mom) dissuade Day, warning him to know his limits and stay safe. Don't leave your comfort zone! Even Day doubts himself. Yet, Day finds the inner strength to conquer adversities others say he can't overcome. Reaching the summit is only one instance of him defying expectations. Being self-sufficient, exploring the world, and enjoying a fulfilled life are all metaphorical mountains where he confidently prevails.

Day's last image before losing his vision is Mhok.

After reaching the summit, Mhok is disappointed by the view. Unlike the book's description, he sees an overcast sky instead of an extraordinary landscape. Yet, Day has a different interpretation and describes a glorious skyline with the sunset's warm glow. He helps Mhok envision the same imagery. Both have transformed their surroundings with the power of perspective. Instead of focusing on the destination, the beauty is found in how they perceive their experience.

The journey of ascending the mountain is already a triumph for our protagonists. They set their minds on a goal and achieved it. Mhok feels disappointed since he only focuses on the external view, whereas Day appreciates the internal validation. He has proven himself by accomplishing beyond his presumed limitations. This confidence carries into Day's emotions about his impending blindness. He no longer fears losing his sight. Day shall persevere and conquer the challenges of his condition. As Day envisions a hopeful future, his positive outlook makes the summit view beautiful.

Contrary to Mhok's misunderstanding, the Last Twilight book has a happy ending. All along, Mee's curse made her invisible unless exposed to sunlight. In the final chapter, she doesn't worry anymore. She's reassured about her existence without feeling a mental burden. Also, Mee leaves behind a legacy. She's immortalized as a statue, eternally remembered for her joy and enlightenment. 

Finally, Mee arrived at the Last Twilight Mountain, the place where the last light would break all curses. Mee was softly cradled by an orange ray of light. The curse within Mee was washed away as Mee's body slowly turned to a stone. In the end, Mee became a statue and gazed joyfully at the last light forever.

Mee and Day are kindred spirits. Our protagonist used to worry nobody recognized him beyond his vision loss, which overshadowed his identity and opportunities. Now, Day realizes he can be an inspiration. Others will remember his ability to conquer the challenges of his disability. Day's legacy is courage, triumph, and perseverance, never letting blindness limit his potential. Like Mee, he becomes an emblem of hope. As Day loses his eyesight in the final moments, he feels illuminated about his future.

Episode 9 Review
Mhok and Day kiss before having sex.

In this episode, Day gains clarity over his family relationships. He used to hate his father and perceived him as a no-good cheating husband. Recently, he vilified his older brother and blamed him for his vision loss. Day's breakthrough is that he understands the nuance of both situations. Unlike his past misconceptions, the dad and brother aren't one-dimensional antagonists. Day recognizes the remorse over their mistakes and softens his hostility toward them.

OMG, Night is the reason for Day's vision loss! I didn't predict this twist. I assumed they only had a typical sibling rivalry. The revelation adds nuance to their relationship and explains why Day holds a grudge. If I were him, I'd make petty remarks too. Even if it was an accident, it's hard to forgive the guy who indirectly caused your blindness. Also, I appreciate the meaningful name choices for the characters. Night eclipses the day, alluding to how he took away his brother's vision.

I love how Day unloads all his family baggage during Aon and Pla's wedding. First, his estranged dad shows up! Then, he drops the bombshell about his brother causing his accident! Plus, the dad cheated on the mom! Those two newlyweds must be like *WTF* at the unexpected melodrama.

Although this episode focuses primarily on Day, Mhok has a minor subplot for his character development. Cooking all those meals for Day has paid off. Mhok gets praise for his culinary skills, which are good enough to receive a job offer from a hotel restaurant manager. That's impressive! Mhok discovers hidden potential in himself that he never recognized before. Previously, he only restricted his career opportunities to being a mechanic. Now, Mhok realizes he has other talents. Like Day, Mhok becomes enlightened about his presumed limitations.

Episode 10

Day and his mom have a family dinner.

Like many guardians with blind children, Day's mom worries about his safety. Despite Day's feat on the mountain, she blames Mhok for endangering her son. You're fired! When fear mixes with helplessness, the emotional response causes a parent to be overprotective. In her misguided thinking, she assumes Day is too fragile to have ambition. She cuts off his independence and won't let him explore the world. While he may be secure under her care, his life is hardly fulfilled.

Day becomes introspective. Before asking for his mom's understanding, Day realizes he must do the same and be open-minded about his brother. Since the vision loss, Night lives with a guilty conscience for hurting his loved one. He abstains from alcohol and dedicates time to looking after Day's needs. Despite his atonement, Day still treats him like a villain. Night's subplot mirrors Mhok since others overlook their good deeds and judge them by their pasts. Thankfully, the siblings reconcile. Day forgives Night, removing the burden from both their hearts.

Day's mom looks down on Mhok, who earns his income from her money. She doubts his financial ability to support her son's living expenses, a snobby yet realistic concern. He needs to prove his self-sufficiency to gain her approval. Mhok's storyline shares similar themes as Day's since both must learn to be independent and defy expectations. In Mhok's case, his limitations come from a lack of career prospects. He begins a culinary job, striving to establish himself as a capable provider. Day is Mhok's incentive for hard work and self-improvement.

Episode 10 Review
Mhok kisses Day on the cheek after the date.

During one scene, Day asks his brother to help him get dressed. Night merely stands there and holds the shirt. I laugh at this moment comparing it to Mhok's hands-on, full-service wardrobe experience. When Mhok used to be the caregiver, this encounter features sensual touches, lustful gazes, and close-up nipple shots. Putting on clothes becomes an extended romantic spectacle. In contrast, it turns into a platonic two-second transaction when Night swaps positions. 😅

I'm upset Mhok gets fired. After helping Day's breakthrough, he should be rewarded rather than punished. However, losing the job may be positive in the long term. Instead of working as Day's caregiver for money, Mhok's title is his boyfriend. I like having the distinction between the two roles without overlap. I also enjoy their cute little dates. The mom's opposition hasn't stopped the couple from desiring each other. In addition, I smile when Mhok reassures Day during dinner. He tells his partner to be cute and eat messily, a nice gesture to help Day relax.

If Mhok's new job doesn't work out, I have a career recommendation. Mhok & Day should become the product ambassadors for the Oishi beverage. Like in Vice Versa, this couple has plugged the sponsor non-stop throughout Last Twilight. All the marketing is hilariously on the nose, like: "Hey, let's check out my favourite vending machine!" In this episode, the merchandise randomly shows up while Day draws a picture. "Mmm, I love the refreshing scent of this famous drink!" They promote the brand so much that I consider JimmySea to be the official children of Oishi.

Episode 11

Day cries after his eye surgery fails.

I suspected Day's surgery would fail since the mood seemed too cheerful. The more everyone joked around, the likelier the story would twist our emotions with a tragic diagnosis. Day was optimistic about restoring his eyesight, only to be tortured by cruel reality. This disappointment comes after he makes peace with his condition, yet his confidence is destroyed once again. "True blindness is the inability to see any hope," Day states. Ohhhh, I'm devastated for him!

Months later, Day has recovered. The story highlights his resilience over his suffering. Life goes on for Day, who accepts he may never see again. The failed surgery means he can give up false hope and set realistic expectations. A recent change in Day's life is that he started using a walking stick. He used to feel self-conscious about emphasizing his condition. Now, he values the practicality. "I need to be able to take care of myself." Despite the misfortune, Day becomes assertive and lives with even more determination. He can't be defeated psychologically. His perseverance is empowering.

Day's mother improves her relationship with Mhok. She realizes he genuinely loves Day after observing the couple's affection. Mhok's tenderness eases her stance about his viability as a romantic partner. While Day's toughness is his inner strength, Mhok's softness becomes his triumphant quality. His sensitive side wins over his mother-in-law. Later, Day's mom invites Mhok for a group meal, where she doesn't mind sharing her recipes. The gestures signify she has accepted Mhok and wants him to feel included. Welcome, you're part of my family.

Episode 11 Review
Mhok and Day kiss in the swimming pool.

"He's able to see something in me that even I'm unable to see myself." Oh my god, can somebody help me get up from the floor? My whole body has melted after hearing the sweetest words. I'm such a sucker for the sentimentality. Mhok's quote encapsulates his character arc. Day was the first to recognize his partner's kindness and sensitivity, even when Mhok suffered from low self-worth. Day encouraged him to show his gentler side. You don't have to be the bad boy. Deep down, I know you are a lovable softie.

I would have ended the episode (and possibly the series) with the swimming pool exchange. The couple embraces and tells each other, "I love you so damn much." Okay, great! Let's wrap it up and conclude the story at this point. Instead, the final scene annoys me. I hate how the couple splits up over Mhok declining the job offer. The conflict stems from Mhok's doubt and paranoia. He coddles Day, who can look after himself without his boyfriend. Despite the tension, the breakup seems unnecessary. Day discards this relationship too damn easily!

Mhok shouldn't have lied or doubted Day's self-reliance. However, Day judges Mhok harshly over this incident when he has been respectful every other time. He's the one who first encouraged Day to leave his comfort zone and live independently. Based on his history, Day could extend grace for Mhok's only offence. At least communicate your issues and give him an opportunity to reflect. Mhok's paranoia also comes from the trauma of his sister's suicide, yet Day doesn't try to understand his motivations. The abrupt breakup makes a mockery of their romance.

Episode 11
Episode 12

Episode 12

Last Twilight has a happy ending where Mhok and Day become boyfriends again.

At the start of the series, I wanted Day to regain his eyesight. Influenced by my personal experiences, I wished for a miraculous recovery. The alternative is a lifetime of vision loss, which seems severe. I wouldn't want this fate for anyone, including the young lead of an uplifting BL drama. Screw gritty realism. Give me that fantasy ending where Day's fairy godparent blesses him with a new set of eyes. I hoped for Day to see the world, his love interest's face, and his reflection in the mirror. Please let him see again.

As the series progresses, I change my initial stance. The story's poignant themes of perseverance and enlightenment have moved me. I feel inspired by Day's journey of rebuilding his confidence, adapting to his condition, and overcoming many adversities. I'm convinced that Day can enjoy a rewarding life without vision. Contrary to my belief, the best ending isn't Day restoring his eyesight. Instead, he accepts his blindness and feels empowered. Our protagonist can find happiness when surrounded by darkness. For me, this message is thematically powerful.

Last Twilight would make a bold statement if Day had stayed blind until the end. In reality, not everyone has a wealthy family who can afford treatments. There may be no hope of recovery for those with physical limitations. By showing Day's happiness as a blind protagonist, the series emphasizes that life can remain fulfilling without eyesight. I prefer this meaningful ending. With that said, I'm still glad Day experiences a miracle. Good for him! Most importantly, I believe Day feels enlightened either way. With or without vision, he would have lived triumphantly.

Ending Review
Mhok and Day dance at the wedding.

THREE YEARS LATER!?!? OMFG. I wanted the couple to reunite in three days, three weeks, or even three months at the maximum. But a three-year separation is so damn long. How much time do they need for their soul-searching? The story barely depicts the events during the time skip. Day running his dream bookstore is a significant milestone, but I wanted more scenes of his entrepreneurial journey. Likewise, does Mhok have other experiences besides cooking in the kitchen?

I like the sentimental exchange between Day's mom and Porjai. The rest of the finale is dull, from tedious relationship drama to pointless scenes like the airport chase. Mhok keeps flirting unsuccessfully, while Day continues to reject him. Ugh, stop talking about second chances and hurry up with the reconciliation. A wedding also happened just a few episodes ago, so another one loses its spark. It'd be more exciting if Day and Mhok were marrying instead. Oh wait, that can't happen because the couple broke up and stayed apart needlessly for three years. 🙄

Now I understand why someone ripped out the last page of Last Twilight. If I had a chance to remove the last episode of the drama, I would. Or at least rewrite most of it like fanfiction. My original review score was an A+, but it dropped a letter grade in the finale. With that said, I don't want to express too much negativity toward a series I loved the rest of the time. The finale isn't as important since the earlier episodes achieved climaxes in the character arcs. I'll still fondly remember this BL masterpiece, which leaves a legacy of meaningful themes & powerful emotions.

Last Twilight Information


GMMTV is a heavyweight in the BL world. It has produced numerous acclaimed dramas and launched many successful careers over the years.

GMMTV is a heavyweight in the BL world. It has produced numerous acclaimed dramas and launched many successful careers over the years. GMMTV is the leader in the Thai BL industry and possibly around the world. Some of its well-known works include SOTUS (2016), Theory of Love (2019), 2gether (2020), A Tale of Thousand Stars (2021), Bad Buddy (2021), and Last Twilight (2023), among many others.


Aof Noppharnach Chaiwimol (อ๊อฟ นพณัช ชัยวิมล) is a Thai director.

Aof Noppharnach Chaiwimol (อ๊อฟ นพณัช ชัยวิมล) is a Thai director. He worked on He's Coming to Me (2019), Dark Blue Kiss (2019), A Tale of Thousand Stars (2021), and Bad Buddy (2021). His other projects include Last Twilight (2023) and Moonlight Chicken (2023).

  1. A precious masterpiece for the ages indeed, director Aof is with this preciosity now in "my list" along the likes of Akira Kurosawa-Ran, Steven Spielberg – The Purple Color.


    1. Yes! Aof has done it again, constantly raising the bar and doing it flawlessly. When I watch the behind-the-scenes videos, he's meticulous with every detail. The high calibre of each project comes from his expertise, passion, and hard work. I'm thankful the BL industry has a storyteller who handles these dramas so seriously. He has lifted the genre from casual romantic fluff to ambitious topics and sophisticated themes.

  2. Dear BL Watcher, thank you very much.

    Your review is perfect. Really, the story is fantastic and engaging, and is told in a lovely way, through the fantastic performances of Sea and Jimmy. Even though you didn't comment, I think you agree that Aof's direction was extremely safe and happy.
    Another point, which really touched me, was the similarity of the situation you experienced. I can evaluate how you followed each episode and the conjectures you made for each difficulty or victory experienced by the character Day.
    Once again, thank you very much, and I reinforce that I remain your fan.


    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! Your words read like a comforting hug, giving me a boost of encouragement. 🥰

      Last Twilight has many successful components. It combines an engaging plot, meaningful messages, fantastic performances, and a sweet romance. Since vision loss is very solemn, an uplifting tone is crucial to balance the narrative. The story should portray the adversities of the condition while remaining respectful and providing inspiration. IMO, Aof handled a tricky topic delicately.

      Based on my personal experiences, this story resonated with me significantly. I can relate to Day's emotions during many experiences. His challenges are heartbreaking, whereas his triumphs are heartwarming. Either way, Last Twilight has made me feel vividly.

      Once again, thank you for being a fan! I really appreciate your support. Hugs!

  3. I was eagerly waiting for this review. I guess I've been eagerly checking your website every day since I finished watching last twilight.

    Now I understand why it took so much time to write this review. You wanted to take time to gather your thoughts and feelings and compile them objectively.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your vision loss and can only try to guess how traumatic it might have been, and consequently how much this series might have touched you. I am guessing that you liked this series way more than you are letting on. This series was a roller coaster of emotions EVEN for someone like me who has never experienced any vision problems.

    I like how you connected Day's life with the fish in the aquarium. "His life is on display for others, like the transparent screens of the tank." It's a sad yet true analogy. I never thought of it this way.
    In ep 2, even I loved the final scene where Day sneaks a glance at Mhok as well, and later on, when he looks at Day's face closely from the one-palm distance, it was so romantic.

    "I love that shot of him by the aquarium with the head tilt and his signature little smirk. THAT SMIRK MAKES ME FEEL THINGS. Ahhh, he's too adorable"- I should just keep quoting you and say "Exactlyyyyyyyy!!!!!!"

    There's one moment I liked in ep 3. When Day was lost and Mhok came back searching for him after leaving the fight scene, and couldn't find him, he then wore that tacky fluorescent-colored t-shirt that Day chose for him. Day on the other hand found it easier to locate Mhok in the crowd due to the fluorescent color of the t-shirt being distinctively visible amongst the crowd.
    "That close-up shot causes my nose to bleed" – I just love these cheeky comments of yours. I remember some of your comments from the "Only Friends" review….. It's fun to read your reviews 'cause you DISMISS the logical department of your brain every time there's a sexy shirtless guy on the screen. LOL!!!!!!
    You know, I was actually suspicious of Porjai's boyfriend ' when he brought two beers for him and Porjai, saying he had only two hands so he couldn't bring another beer for Mhok. Like seriously???!!!!!

    "He takes a positive step toward reintegrating into society, one pun at a time." Hahahahaha……. You really give your heart and soul to writing these reviews, don't you? Reading your reviews feels like discussing our BL CRAZE with a fellow BL fan friend….

    Whaaaaaattttt???!!!!!! Review incomplete!!!!!!! (Cry Out Loud)


    1. Thank you for waiting! Yeah, I wanted time to sort out my thoughts and feelings after an emotional journey. There are also other factors like scheduling and creative energy. I'm like a phone – I need to recharge 100% to write a lengthy piece of text, haha.

      Ah, your words are so kind. 🥹 Back in the day, there's a period when I liked consuming books or shows with blind & visually impaired protagonists. Understanding their thoughts and feelings is therapeutic. Last Twilight stands out because it also includes a gay love story, adding another emotional layer. Remember the holiday dinner scene where Day joked, "The only thing wrong with this meal is you should have cooked it for me earlier." That's how I feel about this series. Damn, it could have comforted me years ago lol. But even now, its messages still resonate with me powerfully.

      I love all the scenes with Big Mhok and Little Day. Each moment is well-written and beautifully filmed. The analogy between Day and goldfish is meaningful, capturing not only his agoraphobia, but also the transparent nature of his new life. He can't see anyone, yet his actions become a spectacle. Yes, I also love the gazes Day and Mhok exchanged in the final scene. As they become more curious about each other, I find the atmosphere very romantic. Exactlyyyyy.

      Oh, I loved the moment with Mhok's pink shirt in Episode 3. I like how the story casually introduces the item earlier in the narrative. I didn't think much of it at the time, but it emerges in the end like a triumphant symbol. Also, wearing bright colours to help a visually impaired person's identification is an intuitive idea. I love learning these little life hacks from the series.

      Haha, I had so much writing the Only Friends review, hahaha. I'm glad you remember some of the cheeky comments, hehe. Guilty as charged – my logic becomes compromised once you flaunt hot shirtless guys in front of me. "Wait, that doesn't make sens- oooh, look at those pecs~" 😆

      Now that you brought it up, Porjai's bf and August did a similar thing with the drinks. "Oops, I only brought enough for two of us!" We just uncovered a sneaky way to insult someone you perceive as a love rival lol.

      Ahahaha, thank you for pointing out the remarks that you liked! I really try my best to write these reviews, so it's great whenever a reader picks up on nuances that I didn't think anyone else would notice. I also like when you introduce new ideas or reiterate some points to me. Most importantly, I'm glad our thoughts can connect as BL fans~

      The rest of the review is now completed! PROCEED!!!

  4. Dear Bl-Watcher, you don't know how long I've been waiting for your review of Last Twilight, and you didn't disappoint me. Since I finished watching it, I couldn't help but think that your review would be amazing, because the series really deserves recognition.

    I've been reading and watching Bl for many years (I'm a movie buff), and I've always felt that Asian Bl sometimes doesn't take its plots seriously enough, focusing more on showcasing attractive actors than on good scripts and performances. While there are clear exceptions (especially in recent years, when some good projects have emerged), the truth is that there is still a lot of mediocre Bl out there. That's why I liked this program so much.

    Of course, as a Bl fan, I enjoy silly romantic comedies and the occasional fan service, but I really appreciate the tremendous effort P'Aof puts into delivering masterpieces like this. I've seen their entire catalog, and their shows are truly beautiful, entertaining and meaningful, with brilliant performances. Last Twiligh is my favorite of his so far, but like you, I had some issues with the last episode, which brought its rating down slightly.

    However, the impact this show had on me was so significant that I ended up giving it a 10. That was more a sentimental thing than a criticism. I hesitated for a moment, but I really thought it would be difficult to find another program of the same quality in the near future. The cinematography, the OST and the performances make it hard for me to go on and stop comparing it to other shows. It really stood out for me.

    Thank you for the work you put into making such beautiful and well written reviews. I've spent days reviewing and looking forward to this one, and will continue to do so until you finish it. But I'm glad to see that you enjoyed it as much as I did, and I'm deeply moved by the broader meaning you give it as you relate it to your own experience. I really enjoy your reviews, and you are certainly a point of reference for me when I try to evaluate a BL. I look forward to more of your work!


    1. Dear Athenas, thank you for waiting! I knew Last Twilight would be an amazing series, but I didn't know whether my review could do it justice. It's hard to capture every nuance of the story and articulate its elegance. I gave it my best shot, so I'm glad the review resonated with you.

      I agree. This genre has a lot of smut and fluff that doesn't take the plot seriously. As much as I enjoy lighthearted love stories, I wish there were more BL series with substance. There's a term used to describe high-quality TV show: "prestige". They earn the label for having excellent writing, acting, directing, and production values. Every aspect is made with 100% professionalism. The BL industry has a lack of prestige dramas, but Last Twilight fits this category.

      Last Twilight sets a high standard of excellence, demonstrating what a top-tier BL drama looks like. I admire Aof's talent tremendously. He understands how to tell a compelling story with mature topics, meaningful messages, and sophisticated artistry. He executes his creative vision meticulously and considers every detail, from the plot's overarching themes to the minor visual cues on screen. Aof is also hardworking, passionate, and dedicated. His enthusiasm reflects in the quality of each project.

      Beyond his skills, Aof is also supported by many resources. He has access to a large studio, experienced production staff, a roster of the hottest BL actors, a significant budget, and flexible timelines. Other BL studios work on a smaller scale, limiting their potential. They don't have the financial resources to tell ambitious stories. That may explain why there's a lot of smut and fluff, which are cheaper to make.

      I wish Last Twilight had a better ending. After an incredible eleven-episode streak, it fumbles in the final hour. Despite my frustration, the finale doesn't diminish my respect for the series. I loved the story, romance, acting, artistry, and everything else. Like you, this drama left a significant emotional impact on me. It achieves a level of brilliance that few BL projects can match.

      Thank you again for your support and patience. I really appreciate reading your insights. I'm so glad we both enjoyed Last Twilight and responded to this powerful story. Writing reviews, especially this one, can be very personal. After opening up so much of myself, I'm unsure how readers may respond to my opinions and critical analysis. It's fantastic to receive encouragement, like a reassuring pat on the shoulder. Thank you!

  5. Thank you BL Watcher for a typically thorough, and funny, review. I was completely absorbed by this series when it was airing and was deeply impressed with the writing, the performances and the editing of most of the show. Both characters grew so much, and their communication skills and commitment to each other were so intense, that the last minute break-up rang false to me and seemed to betray everything that came before. Mohk did not deserve that degree of condemnation from Day — where's the credit for everything he did right? And his sincerity?

    The regaining of Day’s sight also seemed like it came out of a different script. I don’t know what happened. Although it was a happy ending which I normally prefer, rather than end like that I would have had it end with them on the mountaintop — it seems truer to the trajectory of the narrative up to that point. When I rewatch it someday, I’ll remember to stop there.


    1. Thank you! Yes, "absorbing" is a great word I would use to capture my feelings about Last Twilight. This beautifully sophisticated story engaged me almost until the end. I appreciate Day and Mhok's character growth throughout the series. I also love seeing their relationship flourish based on mutual respect and support.

      The last-minute break-up is my least favourite part of the series. Our frustrations are the same. The conflict itself is okay: Mhok obsesses over Day's safety, especially since his paranoia stems from his sister's death. Meanwhile, Day feels insulted because Mhok doubts his self-reliance. Their responses make sense. However, they didn't need to end their relationship or separate for three years to resolve their issues. The couple could have communicated maturely and work out the appropriate boundaries.

      For me, I don't mind Day's miraculous recovery. I do prefer the alternative – it would be more thematically powerful if the happy ending includes a blind protagonist. It sends a clear message that vision loss doesn't impair your ability to achieve a fulfilled life.

      With that said, I focus on Day's enlightenment. By the finale, he has grown significantly. He doesn't feel upset or insecure about being blind anymore. Day already understands that he can live confidently with his condition. It doesn't matter if he regains his eyesight or not. Day's self-assurance finishes his character arc poignantly.

  6. Dear BL Watcher. thank you so much for your reply. and thank you for making this space.
    OMG August did it as well. i totally missed that part.
    your reviews are better than best, trust me. reading your review is another separate entertainment for me, whether or not i have watched the BL…. LOTS OF LOVE.


  7. I ACTUALLY LOVE YOUR REVIEWS!!! The Last Twilight might be the BL series I could watch over and over and never get tired of watching. I swear, AOF did such a good job with it. The style, the acting, the story, the romance, and the ending were all chef f'ing kiss.


  8. Bl Watcher, j'attendais tellement ton avis mais j'avais tellement peur aussi car je savais que tu serais franc et direct et j'avais peur que tu anéantisse mes espoirs. C'est une immense joie pour moi de voir qu'on est sur la même longueur d'onde.

    Last twilight a aussi fait un écho en moi car je suis à aveugle de l'œil droit depuis que je suis enfant. De mes 24 ans, je ne me souviens pas de m'être servi de lui à aucun moment. Et j'ai tellement peur de perdre l'autre soudainement aussi.

    À part la rupture, certes nécessaire, last twilight a 99 sur 100 pour moi. Comme presque tous les bl thaïlandais ou bien ce n'est que pour GMMTV, le dernier épisode peut soit manqué de détails soit en avoir trop. Ici, je suis assez mitigée. Pourquoi?
    1- Day aurait pu rester aveugle. Pourquoi être obligé de montrer qu'il a appris à se débrouiller pour après le voir revoir. Ne peut-il pas être heureux aveugle?
    2- Même si j'aime Day profondément, pourquoi à aucun moment il ne s'est excusé auprès de Mhok d'avoir rompu avec lui?
    3- non Mhok, tu n'avais pas pitié de Day. Certes tu le gatais parfois mais n'oublie pas que tu l'as aidé à redevenir indépendant et à accepter sa condition
    4- Day, Mhok avait peur de te perdre, non il n'avait pas pitié de toi

    Le cameo de AOF m'a fait volé au plafond tellement j'étais contente de le voir.

    Je pense que Last twilight a enfin donné à Jimmy et Sea la reconnaissance que Gmmtv aurait déjà dû leur donner.
    J'espère qu'ils auront d'autres rôles qui leur sied autant que celui là à lavenirn


  9. Dear BL Watcher,

    Thank you for your ongoing reviews. I depend on them now, because my time is limited and I cannot watch as many BLs as I would like. So I use your recommendations as a guide!

    As usual, your review was spot on and I loved Last Twilight.

    BL Bear


  10. Thank you for this spot-on review. I enjoyed revisiting this riveting show through your eyes. I completely agree that the ending was a big mess but not enough to wipe away the magic of the series. It's frustrating though because I think with some adjustments it could've been a great ending. Mhok DIDN'T pity Day and I hate that he agreed with that statement in the end, but he was overprotective (due to both love and trauma) and a break was probably healthy so he could see that Day was independent. A couple months, maybe? A more compassionate "Let's take a break" from Day vs. a cold harsh "Let's break up" and blocking him from all contact for 3 years?

    I wasn't totally mad at Day getting his sight back, especially after reading about your own terrifying brush with vision loss, but I cringed and bristled when he gushes in voiceover about being "normal" again, after the show spent so much time and care on demonstrating that people with disabilities ARE normal, even if their circumstances aren't ideal. What would his blind friend think about him saying that? Jeez.

    I also hated how easily Day forgave the Mom's pity and controlling behavior, whereas he was SO hard on Mhok, who was one of the first people to encourage his independence and treat him like a normal human being. But whatever, Mhok is so head-over-heels in love with Day that he doesn't seem to mind being treated that way, so it kind of worked out.

    Big quibbles but they seem small in light of how toweringly great the majority of the show was!


  11. Also don't agree with your A+ for this show.

    This show started strong in the first episode and the second gave a glimpse of what could be an outstanding show. But the writers missed it.

    While Sea was really good acting a nearly blind person, he was not so great with the fluffy moments. Jimmy did grow in his acting but he could only do as much as he was given from the script.

    The problem is the writing, the 180° turn from "enemies" to "lovers" was much too fast, the character development did just happen over night. Mhok should have much more struggle with his trauma and a spoiled brat does not turn 180° overnight also.

    While I understand that a handicapped person does not like to be pitied, the same person should also have an understanding of a trauma of his partner and not just end the relationship just of that. And because the characters do not understand each other and the story does not explore it deep enough, this show does not deserve an A rating. Also the cliché happy ending was too much.

  12. Thank you, BL Watcher, for this outstanding and marvelously detailed review. LAST TWILIGHT is hands-down the most poignant and beautifully rendered BL series I’ve ever watched. No other series comes close. Though I’ve never had eye disease, I could sympathize with Day as I struggled each week to read the subtitles through my tears. (I must have emptied an entire box of facial tissue over 12 episodes.) I am in awe of the director. What a masterpiece! My thoughts about the ending match yours (and Heliotrope's). When I rewatch the series in the future, I will stop after episode 9, which is a perfect stopping point for those already familiar with the plot but who wish to relive the emotional journey.

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