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What Did You Eat Yesterday is a Japanese BL slice-of-life comedy about a gay couple.

What Did You Eat Yesterday is a Japanese BL slice-of-life comedy. The story depicts the sweet and frequently funny day-to-day routine of an ordinary gay couple. Both main characters are in their 40s and live together as boyfriends. They love cooking and always make time to enjoy homemade dinners. However, their relationship is a secret, so only their close acquaintances know they are dating. 

Despite the simple premise, What Did You Eat Yesterday is one of the best slice-of-life BL dramas in the genre. The story has plenty of charm, comedy, and heartwarming messages that will make you appreciate your loved ones. The humour is hilarious, portrayed brilliantly by two veteran actors. Every episode is entertaining, endearing, and emotionally profound.

What Did You Eat Yesterday Summary



Series Info:

Japan (2019)


6 hours

Total Episodes:

12 episodes + special + sequels




What Did You Eat Yesterday is a happy & funny BL drama.


Shiro and Kenji are long-term boyfriends who live together.

Shiro is a well-respected lawyer who works at a small law firm. Although he is competent in his job, Shiro never does overtime and always leaves work right on schedule. Unbeknownst to his coworkers, he wants to return home to make dinner for his hairdresser boyfriend, Kenji. Shiro is deeply closeted and his colleagues don't know about his relationship.

Both in their early forties, Shiro and Kenji live together in an apartment. They have been in a committed relationship for several years. Shiro's serious and practical personality is the polar opposite of the lively and whimsical Kenji. Nonetheless, the boyfriends always find a way to compromise each other's eccentricities.

Shiro is very passionate about cooking. Every episode features an extended segment of Shiro preparing a delicious meal for Kenji after work. When shopping for ingredients, Shiro has an obsessive habit of chasing down bargains, which provides a frequent source of comedy. His penny-pinching ways sometimes clash with Kenji's extravagant tendencies. Kenji loves indulging in unhealthy foods and expensive gifts, which gets frowned upon by Shiro.

A lot of the drama comes from the fact that Shiro is still closeted and not comfortable with his sexuality. It doesn't help that his office coworkers often speculate about his private life, although he insists on being as reserved as possible. In addition, Shiro's traditional parents are still coming to terms with their son's sexuality. They haven't met his boyfriend yet. Kenji is understanding but not always patient with being the secret in Shiro's life.

What Did You Eat Yesterday Cast



Hidetoshi Nishijima (西島秀俊)

Shiro is portrayed by the Japanese actor Hidetoshi Nishijima (西島秀俊).

Shiro is a well-respected lawyer at a small law firm. He is secretly gay and lives with his boyfriend. However, he hasn't come out of the closet to his nosy coworkers. Shiro's parents know about his sexuality, yet it's a taboo topic that doesn't get mentioned often in his traditional family. Shiro loves cooking and always prepares a homemade dinner for Kenji when he comes home from work.


Seiyou Uchino (内野聖陽)

Kenji is portrayed by the Japanese actor Seiyou Uchino (内野聖陽).

Kenji is a hairdresser at a local salon who lives with his long-term boyfriend, Shiro. Unlike his serious and reserved partner, he has a bright, enthusiastic personality. Kenji enjoys being tactile, although Shiro is often shy about displaying affection. Kenji's mother is also a hairstylist who runs her own salon.

Supporting Cast

Kohinata is portrayed by the Japanese actor Koji Yamamoto (山本耕史).


Koji Yamamoto (山本耕史)

Wataru is portrayed by the Japanese actor Hayato Isomura (磯村勇斗).


Hayato Isomura (磯村勇斗)

Kayoko is portrayed by the Japanese actress Hayato Isomura (磯村勇斗).


Misako Tanaka (田中美佐子)

Shiro's mom is portrayed by the Japanese actress Meiko Kaji (梶芽衣子).

Shiro's mom

Meiko Kaji (梶芽衣子)

Shiro's dad is portrayed by the Japanese actor Ryosei Tayama (田山涼成).

Shiro's dad

Ryosei Tayama (田山涼成)

Shiro's dad is originally portrayed by the Japanese actor Kotaro Shiga (志賀廣太郎).

Shiro's dad

Kotaro Shiga (志賀廣太郎)

Yoshie is portrayed by the Japanese actress Atsuko Takaizumi (高泉淳子).


Atsuko Takaizumi (高泉淳子)

Osamu is portrayed by the Japanese actor Chan Kawai (川合正悟).


Chan Kawai (川合正悟)

Koyama is portrayed by the Japanese actress Yurika Nakamura (中村ゆりか).


Yurika Nakamura (中村ゆりか)

Miyake is portrayed by the Japanese actor Makita Sports (マキタスポーツ).


Makita Sports (マキタスポーツ)

Reiko is portrayed by the Japanese actress Kaoru Okunuki (奥貫薫).


Kaoru Okunuki (奥貫薫)

Tominaga is portrayed by the Japanese actor Toshihiro Yashiba (矢柴俊博).


Toshihiro Yashiba (矢柴俊博)

Cast Highlights

  • What Did You Eat Yesterday switched the actor who portrayed Shiro's dad after Episode 5. The original actor (志賀廣太郎) had health problems that prevented him from continuing his role.

What Did You Eat Yesterday Review


Drama Review Score: 9.3

Shiro and Kenji shop for wedding rings together.

What Did You Eat Yesterday is a charming, entertaining, and heartwarming slice-of-life drama. Each episode is packed with delightful storylines, relatable scenarios, and tasty recipes. You'll quickly fall in love with the two endearing main characters who have quirky personalities and share a cozy bond. Best of all, the humour is genuinely funny, achieving a perfect balance between hilarious comedy and sentimental drama. What Did You Eat Yesterday successfully hits all the right emotional beats.

The leads are an older gay couple, two adults who have gone through life and racked up experience points. The BL landscape is lopsided towards younger protagonists, typically students falling in love for the first time. What Did You Eat Yesterday goes in a unique direction, embracing an older age group. With the mature main characters, we experience creative stories, fresh perspectives, and a different flavour from your typical drama. Maybe this series won't appeal to some fans because the leads aren't plucky young twinks, but I appreciate the refreshing diversity.

The word 'normal' has a particular connotation when discussing LGBT relationships, but that's how I'd describe Shiro and Kenji: a happy, normal gay couple. Both are ordinary, down-to-earth characters with everyday problems. You can imagine them being your next-door neighbours, cooking dinner every night and having mundane chats. Physically, there's little intimacy between the two leads. Instead, the story highlights their emotional connection. This BL drama normalizes a romance between two men, showcasing a domesticated side of gay relationships.

What Did You Eat Yesterday serves as an excellent pathway for mainstream audiences to understand and demystify gay experiences. This series handles LGBT issues sensitively. It doesn't shy away from stereotypes, misconceptions, or bigotry, but the emphasis is on normalcy and compassion. One of the recurring storylines involves Shiro coping with his sexuality, a complex journey where he makes slow yet steady progress. What Did You Eat Yesterday portrays the nuances of his anxieties and highlights his triumphant breakthrough moments.

Both leads do a great job with the humourous and dramatic aspects of the series. Shiro's actor (Nishijima Hidetoshi) is handsome and charismatic with distinguished leading-man good looks. He gives captivating performances from start to finish, successfully making Shiro a flawed, sophisticated, yet still lovable character. Likewise, his costar (Uchino Seiyou) is just as charming. He breathes life into Kenji's personality, adding bubbly energy and enthusiasm to the comedic scenes. Best of all, the leads share a smooth rapport with natural chemistry flowing between them.

Ideally, I would've liked to see the main characters show more physical affection for each other. I don't need anything too explicit, but the romantic gestures would make this couple seem sincere. In cooking terms, their intimacy is the missing ingredient to an otherwise perfect recipe. Nonetheless, What Did You Eat Yesterday is still a profoundly enjoyable BL drama with a lighthearted and relaxing story. You'll laugh along with these characters, sympathize with their struggles, and even learn delicious recipes along the way!


Hilarious story

What Did You Eat Yesterday crafts a cohesive story from the everyday routines of the ordinary protagonists. Each episode contains entertaining plots, delightful humour & sentimental messages.

Mild romance

This series normalizes an older gay couple to mainstream audiences, showcasing the domesticated side of same-sex relationships. Although Kenji and Shiro are sweet, their physical affection feels lacking.

Excellent acting

Both leads handle the comedic and dramatic scenes brilliantly. Shiro's actor (Nishijima Hidetoshi) is charismatic and captivating in every scene, portraying a flawed yet nuanced protagonist.

Happy ending

What Did You Eat Yesterday has a happy ending. The last episode involves an emotional storyline with Shiro's parents, which resolves elegantly. The leads also share their most intimate encounter.

Pleasant artistry

The series has a cozy, comfortable vibe that enhances its authenticity. Every episode feels relaxing to watch. Overall, the visuals and production values are polished to a professional standard.


What Did You Eat Yesterday is an entertaining slice-of-life BL comedy. The series features hilarious humour, quirky protagonists, sensitive portrayals, heartwarming messages, and delicious recipes.

What Did You Eat Yesterday Episodes

Episode Guide

What Did You Eat Yesterday is one of the best BL series.

What Did You Eat Yesterday has a total of 12 episodes. Each episode is around 30 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in approximately 6 hours. What Did You Eat Yesterday started its first episode on April 5, 2019 and ended on June 28, 2019. The What Did You Eat Yesterday drama is directed by Kenji Katagiri and Katsumi Nojiri. This story is adapted from the manga by Fumi Yoshinaga.

There is also a 75-minute special released in 2020, which takes place after the original season. The special consists of three separate stories, including a showcase specifically focusing on and Kohinata and Wataru. On November 3, 2021, What Did You Eat Yesterday released a two-hour movie sequel.

Episode 1

Episode 1 Summary
Nozue and Togawa chat about aging and happiness.

Nozue is a well-respected office worker in his late thirties, popular with the colleagues in his department. He is single, lives alone, and dedicates himself to work. However, he lacks ambition and prefers a monotonous routine devoid of surprises. Despite his credentials, he constantly turns down promotion opportunities at his company, frustrating Kirishima in the HR department. Nozue's apathy also bothers Togawa, a younger subordinate in his late twenties. Togawa idolizes his boss and encourages him.

Nozue tells Togawa that he admires the happiness of teenage girls, who can enjoy the simple luxuries in life. These schoolgirls are free to eat desserts, take selfies, and chat openly about love. Nozue doesn't think an old man like him can experience this pure joy. Togawa challenges these cynical views about his age and gender. He asks his boss to accompany him to a pancake house, pretending to live like teenage girls for the day.

⭐ Best episode

Episode 1

I knew I'd like What Did You Eat Yesterday since the first episode.

My favourite episode in What Did You Eat Yesterday is Episode 1. I loved the vibe of the episode, and it made a really strong first impression on me. As soon as I finished the first episode, I knew I was going to like this drama and looked forward to watching the rest of the series.

💕 Most romantic episode

Episode 7

Kenji takes care of Shiro when he's sick.

Episode 7 is when Shiro gets sick, so Kenji is the one to cook and take care of him. It's nice to see their roles reverse, and Kenji becomes the caretaker (and chef) for the episode. In the same episode, Shiro and Kenji also have cute couple moments when they go on a double date with Kohinata and Wataru.

🤣 Funniest episode

Episode 6

Shiro thinks his friend Kohinata is hitting on him.

Episode 6 is when Shiro's self-esteem takes two massive hits in one day. First, he assumes that his friend Kohinata is hitting on him. Later, he assumes his new female intern also has a crush on him. In both cases, he ends up feeling hilariously embarrassed over the misunderstandings. This episode also features the introduction of Wataru, who looks so different from the way Kohinata describes him.

😡 Most triggering episode

Episode 8

Shiro feels self-conscious about eating at a restaurant with another gay couple.

In Episode 8, Shiro throws a fit when Kenji invites him to dine at a restaurant with another gay couple. Shiro feels self-conscious about being ~seen in public~ because of his own internalized homophobia, but takes out his insecurities on poor Kenji. It's tough being the boyfriend of this closet case sometimes.

👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 Episodes with intimacy

Episode 12

Kenji and Shiro embrace in Episode 12.

There is absolutely no kissing in What Did You Eat Yesterday. The closest thing to intimacy occurred in Episode 12, where Kenji gives Shiro a hug.

👨🏻‍🤝‍👨🏻 Episodes as a couple

Entire series

We see Shiro and Kenji go on a date during an Episode 4 flashback.

Shiro and Kenji began the drama as a couple and they remain together throughout the series. Episode 4 features flashbacks that describe how the two of them met at the hair salon.

What Did You Eat Yesterday Movie


What Did You Eat Yesterday 2021 movie Movie review

What Did You Eat Yesterday released a movie sequel in November 2021.

What Did You Eat Yesterday released its two-hour movie sequel in 2021. The film continues the familiar story of Shiro and Kenji, following up on the events of the televised drama. A prominent plot is the growing tensions between Kenji and Shiro's family, especially over the New Year's visit. Shiro is caught in the middle, struggling to mediate between his boyfriend and his parents.

I love the What Did You Eat Yesterday movie as much as the televised drama. Everything great about the original series is replicated in the sequel as well. If I must compare, maybe the film isn't as hilarious. Nonetheless, the lighthearted story still carries gentle messages, quirky charm, and delicious recipes. Overall, it's a worthy follow-up to the What Did You Eat Yesterday franchise.

What Did You Eat Yesterday Information

  1. the review is FLAWLESS, the description was so detailed and making me (understood the assignment hehe jk) restless to watch it!!!! I really love your way to explain and go through the story line, definitely the best review i've ever read! <3

  2. I just finished watching Kinou Nani Tabeta, both drama and movie, and OMG, they are so cute! I caaaan't—
    I always value stories with good characters, and there's no way to watch this and not loving almost everyone. Even the supermarket employee helping them was so adorable!
    I could still watch many seasons of them eating together and doing stuff. I know it's frustrating for many people the lack of intimate gestures but for me (especially as an aroace person) I loved the fact it was like a custom-made relationship (like what I'd imagine an Alterous relationship would be), I want to believe that one day people will know that non-tradicional romantic relationships are valid as well. Of course, I know very well it wasn't the drama's purpose, I just wanted to share the different flavor the drama had to me (pun intended!)

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