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You Are Mine is a Taiwanese office BL series about a business executive and his assistant.

You Are Mine is a Taiwanese office BL series about a business executive and his assistant. The main character has started a new job as a secretary. His boss is notoriously demanding and doesn't get along with the staff. Despite making mistakes initially, the protagonist learns to accommodate his strict employer. As their workplace relationship develops, they struggle to admit their fondness for each other.

The early episodes of You Are Mine charmed me. I enjoy the goofy plots, lighthearted humour, and the growing bond between the leads. However, the series becomes increasingly cringy in the second half. The sleazy boss behaves problematically toward his subordinate, from aggressive advances to abuse of power. Instead of a mutually reciprocal romance, their relationship is defined by resistance, miscommunication, and uncomfortable flirtation.

You Are Mine Summary



Series Info:

Taiwan (2023)


4 hours

Total Episodes:

10 episodes


Office romance


You Are Mine is a happy & funny BL drama.


Shun Yu is the new assistant for Shang Zhou.

Shun Yu begins his new job at Tianxia Online Inc., working as an assistant for a business executive. Before being recruited for this role, he used to help at his family's bakery. He has no prior administrative experience. The company had an old policy of only hiring female secretaries, but it changed the rules recently. Shun Yu became the first male assistant in his department.

Shang Zhou is a general manager at Tianxia Online Inc., where his mother owns the company. Known for his stern demeanour, Shang Zhou intimidates the staff. He's hard to please and makes many demands. In the past, none of the secretaries have enjoyed working for him. Shun Yu was hired as the new assistant because of his resilient personality. Despite his lack of credentials, he can endure Shang Zhou's criticisms better than other employees.

Shun Yu begins his first day of work and makes many mistakes, from spilling the coffee to forgetting the schedule. Shang Zhou is annoyed at his assistant's ineptitude and wants to fire him. However, the company's vice president urges Shang Zhou to be patient and focus on the positives. When Shang Zhou gets a headache, he tries to take pain medication. Shun Yu advises against it and offers to give him a massage instead. Shang Zhou discovers massages are one of his assistant's hidden talents.

After a rocky start, Shun Yu improved in his job. He understands his employer's eccentricities and learns to accommodate him. Likewise, Shang Zhou becomes interested in his quirky assistant and wants to know more about his life. The two grow closer, overcoming their awkward start. The other employees also noticed a change in Shang Zhou's behaviour. They think Shun Yu is a positive influence on the surly business executive.

You Are Mine Cast


Shun Yu

Tiger Hsiao (蕭鴻)

Shun Yu is portrayed by Taiwanese actor Tiger Hsiao (蕭鴻).

Shun Yu is a new employee at Tianxia Online Inc. He works as Shang Shou's assistant, becoming the company's first male secretary. Shun Yu has no prior administrative experience. He used to help his parents at the family bakery. Shun Yu is thrifty and enjoys saving money.

Tiger Hsiao

Tiger Hsiao (蕭鴻) is a Taiwanese actor. He is born on June 16, 1998.

Tiger Hsiao (蕭鴻) is a Taiwanese actor. He is born on June 16, 1998. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, You Are Mine.

Shang Zhou

Parker Mao (毛祁生)

Shang Zhou is portrayed by Taiwanese actor Parker Mao (毛祁生).

Shang Zhou is a general manager at Tianxia Online Inc. His mother runs the company. Shang Zhou is a demanding employer with a strict demeanour. He intimidates most of the staff and doesn't get along with them. Shang Zhou is a workaholic and places high expectations on everyone, including himself.

Parker Mao

Parker Mao (毛祁生) is a Chinese actor. He is born on October 28, 1995.

Parker Mao (毛祁生) is a Chinese actor. He is born on October 28, 1995. His first BL project is the 2023 series, You Are Mine.

Supporting Cast

Hui Wang is portrayed by Taiwanese actor Yorke Sun (孫沁岳).

Hui Wang

Yorke Sun (孫沁岳)

Lisa is portrayed by Taiwanese actress Angel Hong (洪詩涵).


Angel Hong (洪詩涵)

Sofia is portrayed by the Taiwanese actress Chiao Yuan Lin (林巧媛).


Chiao Yuan Lin (林巧媛)

Yang is portrayed by the Taiwanese actor Bobo Luo (羅奕傑).


Bobo Luo (羅奕傑)

Shang Zhou's mom is portrayed by the Taiwanese actress Kuo Lin Ting (丁國琳).

Shang Zhou's mom

Kuo Lin Ting (丁國琳)

Han is portrayed by the Taiwanese actor Oscar Huang (黃建豪).


Oscar Huang (黃建豪)

Gu is portrayed by the Taiwanese actor Stan Huang (黃丞邦).


Stan Huang (黃丞邦)

Cast Highlights

  • Gu's actor (Stan Huang) is the lead of the 2023 Taiwanese BL series VIP Only. The leads (Tiger Hsiao and Parker Mao) also make cameo appearances in Episodes 6 and 10.

You Are Mine Review


Drama Review Score: 5.6

Shang Zhou is shirtless in front of Shun Yu.

You Are Mine has a cute start. The early episodes thrive on silly plots and lighthearted humour. Yes, the cliché storylines are ridiculously dumb. And yes, the low-brow comedy seems juvenile. Nonetheless, the goofiness amuses me. Some moments can be cringy, but it's the good kind of cringe that feels playful and endearing. This series doesn't take itself too seriously, so you want to laugh along with the shenanigans rather than criticize everything. I enjoy the mischief from You Are Mine, setting a positive first impression.

Initially, the protagonists have a fun relationship dynamic. Shun Yu and Shang Zhou must overcome their drastic differences. The plucky assistant uses his enthusiasm to draw out warmth from his boss. Likewise, the mature manager offers mentorship guidance to the clumsy subordinate. Both characters benefit from each other's influences, revealing new nuances to their personalities. Every bonding scene brings them closer together. There are hints of romance as the series teases the couple's growing attraction. Their promising love story gains a steady momentum.

Unfortunately, You Are Mine goes downhill midway through the series. Each episode worsens in quality, becoming less enjoyable as it proceeds. Any early potential in the romance fades away, overtaken by annoying relationship drama. The writing lacks focus and loses clarity. My interest wanes as the plot turns increasingly incoherent. The characters are difficult to decipher, giving odd reactions or taking convoluted actions. There are also unnecessary conflicts, which can be resolved through communication, yet the couple would rather avoid speaking honestly.

One of the worst issues is the tasteless romantic scenes. Shang Zhou appears too aggressive in his seduction and disrespects boundaries. He physically imposes himself on his nervous subordinate, creating uncomfortable optics. Also, Shun Yu keeps resisting his love interest and doesn't reciprocate the intimacy. Since the flirtation is one-sided, Shang Zhou seems predatory while pushing unwanted sexual advances. In Episode 8, he disturbs me by taking advantage of his drunken assistant. As the boss, his violations have an extra dimension of inappropriateness.

You Are Mine doesn't care that it perpetuates offensive behaviour. Shang Zhou's problematic antics go unchecked for the entire series. No one calls out the sleazy boss for abusing his authority or sexually harassing an employee. Shang Zhou can explicitly command his secretary to sleep in the same bedroom as him without facing consequences. The other coworkers witness the misconduct and don't oppose it. They act as if pleasing the boss is part of the job. The story has an alarmingly skewed view of power dynamics, normalizing an unhealthy workplace culture.

After falling into a miserable slump, You Are Mine rebounds with a surprisingly enjoyable ending. The finale is funny and cheerful, reminding me why I liked the series at first. Despite the charming conclusion, my opinion remains staunchly negative. The dreadful last few episodes have done irreparable damage to the story. I shudder and squirm when thinking about the couple, the surest sign of a failed BL drama. You Are Mine promotes an inappropriate office romance with a predatory protagonist who acts like a creep. This icky relationship does nothing for me.


Sleazy story

You Are Mine begins its story with goofy antics and playful humour. The quality worsens midway, from tiresome conflicts to sleazy plots. My interest wanes with each incoherent episode.

Inappropriate romance

The sleazy boss has an inappropriate romance with his assistant. His sexual advances are aggressive and not reciprocated. Shang Zhou acts predatory, yet no one calls out his problematic antics.

Unremarkable acting

The performances are unremarkable. Shang Zhou's actor (Parker Mao) wears a stoic expression for the whole series. His costar (Tiger Hsiao) is animated, but he overdoes his responses in several scenes.

Happy ending

You Are Mine has a happy ending that concludes the love story on a cheerful note. The finale is surprisingly enjoyable. It rebounds after falling into a miserable slump of poor episodes.

Fine artistry

The series looks fine visually. I appreciate the abundance of BL-friendly optics. The camera always captures clear shots of the characters' intimacy, emphasizing their affection.


You Are Mine perpetuates a problematic workplace romance with a sleazy, predatory protagonist. After a goofy beginning, the episodes become unenjoyable due to annoying conflicts & incoherent plots.

You Are Mine Episodes

Episode Guide

Shun Yu and Shang Zhou kiss each other.

You Are Mine has a total of 10 episodes. Each episode is around 20 to 25 minutes long. It is a medium-length BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 4 hours. You Are Mine started on September 15, 2023 and ended its last episode on November 10, 2023.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10

Episode Reviews

Episode 1

The first episode is OK. While the humour seems cringy, the jokes are awkwardly endearing. The boss has a nice body, but he's a control freak with a prickly personality. I wouldn't wanna work for him.

Episode 2

Some of the interactions are cute! I like the scene where Shang Zhou does Shun Yu's tie. I also like when they chat casually over the meal. One of Shun Yu's strengths is his bubbly personality.

Episode 3

Did he buy all the condoms? LOL. That's funny. I also like the scene where Shang Zhou tries Shun Yu's homemade food. While some moments are cliché, the series displays an oddly endearing charm.

Episode 4

The kidnapper storyline is surprisingly funny! The situation is so bizarre and dumb that they amuse me. This series is cringy, but it's the good kind of cringe that provides awkward entertainment.

Episode 5

Shang Zhou's flirting is too aggressive. He imposes his physically daunting advances on his subordinate. Shun Yu's blatant resistance makes the flirtation seem even more inappropriate.

Episode 6

The series has lost its awkward charm. Shang Zhou's misconduct is becoming explicitly problematic. As a boss, he should show caution and respect his employee's physical boundaries.

Episode 7

Why won't Shang Zhou confess and clarify his feelings? His ambiguity complicates matters. I hate how the series depicts the romance. Shun Yu behaves like he's terrified of his love interest.

Episode 8

The drunken kiss is yucky, making me feel uncomfortable. Shun Yu's perspective also seems unclear due to the muddled writing. My interpretation is that Shang Zhou took advantage of his subordinate.

Episode 9

Shang Zhou uses the contract to take away Shun Yu's autonomy!? Ugh, he's so gross and slimy. The vice president has a much better personality. He should have been the love interest instead.

Episode 10

I love the scene when Shun Yu confronts the mom. Ripping the cheque is so badass lmao~ While this finale is surprisingly enjoyable, I can't erase the bad taste from the last few episodes.

You Are Mine Information


Vidol is a Taiwanese streaming platform that made the BL series Stay by My Side (2023).

Vidol is a Taiwanese streaming platform that made these series: Stay by My Side (2023), You Are Mine (2023), VIP Only (2023), and Anti-Reset (2024). It has also produced other non-BL dramas in the past.


Hong Ru Chen (陳虹儒) is a Taiwanese director who worked on the 2023 BL workplace romantic drama, You Are Mine.

  1. I think watching office BLs has warped my sense of right and wrong. I don't disagree with you about how predatory and inappropriate the General Manager seems, but it didn't bother me this time. Shun Yu is so charming, and the General Manager is so attractive! And I agree that the last episode is a hoot. His mother – who founded and has been running this big company for decades – flounces in dressed like she's going clubbing, and then slaps Shun Yu like she's Joan Collins or something. I give points for that kind of nuttiness.

  2. Thank you for your honest reviews of the episodes – I was starting to feel icked out by ep 5 so after reading your feelings about it I skipped to ep 10. No creepy boss-subordinate stuff for me! Thanks again.

  3. Hmmm you are really negative when narrating movies, always looking for something to criticize. It's a movie for a reason, a fiction meant to be enjoyed. Of course I'm sure no one wants their boss to hit on them like that but it's a bl movie where we all know the secretary is gonna end up falling in love and not be offended. Also their acting is not bad, you are giving out false information. You really should be more open-minded.

  4. I am sorry if my English is not good, but I think this drama is not bad as you think guys. From my POV this drama maybe different from the other drama that sometimes has huge psychological way to solve the problem. if we see in the reality, sometimes a lot of people are the same as the General Manager who have problem with expressing their emotion, because since they were child, they can't express their feeling right away like "I am Happy!" or "I am Sad" even they can't cry or smile when they experience something because of the numb feeling.

    This is happen because a lot of things in the past and you can find the cause if you want to open and fix your Inner child. So they always use their mind to search the other solution to express their feeling and it can be in the extreme way even doing cringe things like the General Manager have done. But I think the good point in this drama is that "Bad & Cringe" things in General Manager personality that can make you feel annoyed or maybe irritated.

    But we cannot justify this kind of personality, because it is still bad if done in real life and the result will be like in this drama. Thank you for reading my comment, I hope you get what I mean, Peace. 🙂

  5. My thoughts about the boss's behaviour did seem predatory however he had no concept of how to like someone, never mind love someone. That was made very clear throughout the series which diminishes the creepiness factor. The poor guy just didn't know how to approach his love interest.

  6. Not as bad as you wrote….
    Truly not as bad as what you described here….
    I will give this movie a B-

    I think you just hate Red Flags behavior then you know any kind of movie trigger you is either C D or F

    For me Cutie Pie is an F nothing but cheesy love story….
    like far from reality thats cutie pie for me

  7. Honestly, I don't think the drama is as bad as you're portraying it to be. Most if not all of your reviews make it seem like the series was horrendous when in reality it really isn't. I feel like your reviews mostly if not only focus on the negative aspect of the series as you try your best to find mistakes and problems and things that you didn't like in general. It's a little too much. I no longer trust these reviews now.

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