Mignon – Anime Review & Ending Explained

Mignon is a Korean BL anime series about a cage fighter and a doctor.

Mignon is an 18+ Korean BL anime series about a cage fighter and his intense relationship with a doctor. The main character is an up-and-rising boxer who participates in arena fights for money. Each violent match leaves him wounded and in need of medical attention. A compassionate doctor attends to his injuries and tries to convince him to quit this dangerous career. Despite their close bond, a shocking revelation changes their relationship forever.

A gritty and sexy anime, Mignon reveals a bold twist at the end of the first episode. The rest of the series follows the couple's exhilarating journey amid dangerous circumstances. With many twists and turns, this exciting story evokes intrigue, anticipation, and brooding emotions. It also teases palpable sexual tension, leading to a racy sexual encounter in the finale. Everything comes together beautifully thanks to the stylish, atmospheric artwork.

Mignon Summary



Anime Info:

South Korea (2023)


1 hour




Mignon is a dark & toxic anime series.

Is Mignon BL?

Yes, Mignon is a BL anime.


Young-One treats Mignon's injuries after a boxing match.

Mignon is a young, college-aged cage fighter. He participates in boxing matches for money and often performs well. His fame is on the rise. However, Mignon has a stern, abusive coach who disciplines him if he loses a fight. Mignon endures the mistreatment. He doesn't dare to stand up against his boss, who controls his career.

Mignon's fights are violent. He leaves each match with many severe wounds. A compassionate doctor, Young-One, attends to his physical injuries. Young-One tries persuading the young boxer to quit this dangerous line of work. However, Mignon has no interest in attending school. He also lacks relevant career skills. While he works as a mechanic for his day job, boxing is more lucrative.

Mignon joined the boxing club over two years ago. Young-One had watched over him since then. They have developed a close, affectionate bond. The boxing club's manager, Master Woo, warns Young-One not to become emotionally attached. The doctor understands that initiating a romantic relationship carries many complications. It would jeopardize his work and potentially his livelihood. Young-One tries to maintain a platonic bond with Mignon, but their boundaries always become blurred.

One day, Mignon gets ready for an upcoming match. However, he has forgotten his boxing gloves. His coach chastises him for his forgetfulness. As Mignon fetches his gloves in the infirmary, he catches Young-One off-guard. To Mignon's surprise, he sees the doctor in the middle of an unsettling act. This shocking revelation changes the pair's relationship dynamic forever.

Mignon Cast



Oh Minhyeok (오민혁)

Mignon is voiced by Oh Minhyeok (오민혁).

Mignon is a young, up-and-rising cage fighter. He has been boxing for two and a half years. His coach is strict and controls a lot of his career. After each violent match, Mignon suffers severe injuries and needs medical treatment. The doctor tries convincing him to quit fighting. However, Mignon believes he has no other prospects for his future.


Kim Minju (김민주)

Young-One is voiced by Kim Minju (김민주).

Young-One is a doctor who works for the boxing club. He treats the injuries of Mignon and other cage fighters who get hurt. Young-One worries about the young boxer's well-being. He tries convincing him to quit this dangerous career. His boss, Master Woo, warns Young-One not to get emotionally attached. Any relationship between Young-One and Mignon comes with complications.

Supporting Cast

The coach is voiced by Park Jookwang (박주광).


Park Jookwang (박주광)

Master Woo is voiced by Lee Gyuchang (이규창).

Master Woo

Lee Gyuchang (이규창)

The referee is voiced by Jeong Uihan (정의한).


Jeong Uihan (정의한)

Mignon Review


Anime Review Score: 8.5

Mignon and Young-One flirt with each other.

Mignon is a dark, gritty anime that takes viewers on a journey of exhilarating emotions. It includes a shocking twist at the end of the first episode, which dictates how the rest of the series goes. The exciting story offers many twists and turns as the protagonists navigate troubling circumstances. Expect danger, violence, and lots of blood. Despite the chaos, there is a sensitive romance with palpable sexual tension. Mignon combines intense action and intricate relationship drama in a visually captivating package.

Previously, the creator of Mignon worked on Hyperventilation, an excellent BL anime with a stylish flair. Like its predecessor, this new project carries many of the same successful elements. The storyteller understands how to construct a compelling narrative. The early episodes introduce dramatic tension, quickly grabbing the audience's attention and setting their expectations. Adrenaline builds throughout the plot until it unleashes in breathtaking climaxes. Some of the best moments in the Mignon anime can get my pulse racing and my heart thumping.

Everything looks visually stunning. From the beautiful character designs to the atmospheric locations, this anime dazzles me with its exquisite elegance. Compared to Hyperventilation, the artist has gained experience and improved their craft. The final product is a polished work with a chic presentation. Both leads have attractive appearances. The titular character, Mignon, is a strapping stud with a distinctive image. With silver-white hair, piercing blue eyes, and a sturdy physique, he can evoke lustful fantasy. That said, his body proportions seem slightly off in a few scenes.

This love story is epic since both characters must overcome impossible odds to be together. Mignon is a sympathetic protagonist with an endearing personality. His love interest, the sensitive and brooding doctor, balances their dynamics. The compatible couple will warm to you with their chemistry. Their relationship scenes tease smouldering sexual tension, including a particularly memorable first kiss. Beyond physical attraction, the pair has an emotionally intimate bond. I enjoy the tenderness in their interactions, from gentle gazes to soothing words of encouragement. 

I want expanded backstories for the leads. Although the series gives a general idea of their backgrounds, the details are vague. If the storyteller dives deeper into their pasts or personal experiences, I'd feel a stronger connection to their journeys. Similarly, their romance lacks context. The characters already knew each other for two years, skipping over the early stages of how their attraction formed. Also, the series features one-dimensional villains with over-the-top antagonistic personalities. They generate outlandish conflicts that don't feel particularly sophisticated.

The last episode of Mignon is racy. It showcases explicit sex scenes that go all the way, from fingering to full-on penetration. Many 18+ BL fans will appreciate the sensual encounter, which oozes passion and desire. While the sex is hot, it occupies most of the finale without leaving time for the plot. There isn't enough closure to the story. Yet, the shallow part of me craves eroticism and doesn't care that the ending prioritizes smut over substance. Overall, Mignon is an impressive anime with a stimulating narrative and a sizzling romance. This series is a triumphant knockout!


Intense story

Mignon has an exciting plot, especially after the shocking twist at the end of the first episode. The storyteller takes viewers on a thrilling journey of emotions. The best moments feel exhilarating!

Brooding romance

The couple has an epic romance. They must navigate their relationship through dangerous circumstances. Despite their palpable sexual tension, I wish their relationship had more backstory.

Stylish visuals

This beautifully drawn anime dazzles me with striking character designs and atmospheric locations. While the body proportions appear slightly off, both main characters look like strapping studs.

Happy ending

Mignon has a happy ending for the couple after surviving a dangerous encounter. They consummate their love in explicit sex scenes. However, the finale focuses on smut over substance.

Sexy artistry

The series exudes a dark, gritty atmosphere. It excels during romantic encounters, teasing a smouldering sexual tension between the characters. I can sense the couple's chemistry.


Mignon is a visually stunning BL anime series with an exciting storyline and a sizzling romance. Dramatic tension and sexual chemistry build throughout the plot, leading to memorable climaxes.

Mignon Anime Series Explained



Supernatural twist
Young-One hides his vampire identity from Mignon.

Mignon reveals a supernatural twist at the end of Episode 1. As Mignon enters the infirmary unannounced, he stumbles upon the doctor drinking human blood. Yes, Young-One is a vampire! Although this anime begins as a gritty drama about illegal boxing, it takes an unexpected turn. The doctor's secret identity adds an intriguing layer of mystery and danger to the story. Not only is Young-One a vampire, but a human has caught him in the act. There's no way to talk himself out of the situation. Immediately, I'm intrigued by what will happen next.

The rest of the series takes the audience on a thrilling journey of emotions. Young-One needs to keep his identity hidden, so he wants Mignon out of his life. Master Woo gives him a deadline to get rid of the nuisance. Yet, our protagonist feels tortured because he's fond of the lovable Mignon. His conflicted emotions provide a compelling dramatic tension. While I never suspected Young-One would hurt Mignon, I don't see how they can be together. Like many vampire-human stories, their relationship can't last forever. Mignon is "but a fleeting moment" as Master Woo describes.

I wish we learned more about the doctor's backstory. Young-One's vampirism defines his character entirely, giving him limited depth beyond his supernatural nature. Exploring his origins, motivations, and experiences would add a more complex layer to his persona. The story hints that he lived a long and enigmatic life, and those untold chapters can unravel fascinating mysteries. I want to know about everything, from his early memories as a human to the pivotal moment of his transformation. Sadly, the series barely scratches the surface with this mysterious protagonist.

Mignon escapes his life of poverty, abuse, and misfortune.

Beyond the supernatural elements, the Mignon anime also explores a young man trapped in a vicious cycle of abuse. The titular character, Mignon, is stuck in a dangerous, life-threatening career. Each cage fight leaves him with severe physical injuries. However, the scariest wounds are his emotional scars. Mignon's abusive coach inflicts relentless manipulation and cruelty, leaving the protagonist psychologically shattered. Despite his athleticism, poor Mignon can't find the strength to escape the toxic relationship with his boss.

Young-One encourages his companion to leave the vicious cycle of abuse. Leave the boxing arena, find another career, and free yourself from this life of suffering. However, Mignon is afraid of stepping into the unknown. He lacks the self-esteem to believe he can achieve a better life. Our protagonist constantly talks down his abilities, demonstrating little self-worth. In theory, the physically domineering Mignon should overpower his coach. Yet, he cowers in fear before the emotional manipulation. Mignon's coach makes him feel as if he deserves nothing but pain and degradation.

The Mignon anime guides us on a fascinating adventure as Mignon finds emancipation. With Young-One's support, our protagonist overcomes his self-doubt. Mignon discovers a newfound strength, finally believing he deserves love and affection. The last few episodes depict his freedom. Young-One turns him into a vampire, freeing him from the shackles of his painful history. I wish the narrative had explored Mignon settling into his new lifestyle more. Becoming a vampire has ample storytelling potential, but the series finishes his character arc at his transformation.


Mignon & Young-One
Mignon and Young-One share their first kiss.

Mignon is an epic love story between a vampire and a human. As you can imagine, there are many complications between them. After discovering the doctor's identity, Mignon promises to keep his secret. Yet, Young-One resists his love interest, knowing the relationship will be doomed over time. "A fleeting moment" is a tragic way to describe their romance, but it's true. Young-One's immortality and Mignon's aging existence are incompatible in the long term.

Against impossible odds, Mignon and Young-One have feelings for each other. I wish we saw how their attraction formed. The characters have known each other for over two years, yet the narrative doesn't highlight how their relationship evolved. Without context, Mignon's love confession seems startling in Episode 3. The series would benefit from highlighting the couple's experiences, from their first meeting to when Mignon developed a crush. The story's foundation has some missing building blocks, preventing me from fully embracing the pairing.

Mignon and Young-One share their first kiss in Episode 4, one of my favourite moments in the series. Before this scene, the couple's sexual tension has built steadily like a crescendo. Young-One resists his love interest, while Mignon confronts their attraction. Suddenly, Mignon bites into his lips, causing them to bleed. With fresh blood mingling, he leans forward for a kiss. Oh my gosh, I screamed! The imagery is disturbing yet captivating. The mixture of blood and saliva between their lips adds a layer of raw intensity to the romantic encounter. How feral, how sexy!


Mignon is a handsome protagonist.

Mignon is a beautifully drawn anime series with stylish imagery. My favourite is this gorgeous side profile of Mignon in Episode 4, showcasing the character's handsome features. There are many other instances of visually stunning excellence. Every episode looks polished, an impressive feat from a small start-up studio. From my understanding, the Mignon anime was in development for several years before its release. The time and effort poured into this project show in the final quality. It's a work of love and care.

Both leads have attractive art designs. Young-One is a conventional vampire twink with dark hair, red eyes, pale skin, and a slender body. He carries a brooding demeanour that suits his character. In contrast, Mignon is a dreamy beefcake who exudes vitality. With broad shoulders and beefy pecs, this physical powerhouse commands attention in every shot. Boxing is an excellent theme for the story, allowing Mignon to display his shirtless body as much as possible. I also like the combination of his white hair and blue eyes, adding a unique touch to his persona.

The Mignon anime excels in creating ambiance, going beyond drawing attractive characters or pretty backgrounds. It understands how to use imagery to convey mood, evoke emotions, and immerse the audience in the story's atmosphere. Many scenes have a gritty vibe, matching the heavy tone of the narrative. It paints a vivid picture of the fictional universe, from abandoned alleyways to rainy evenings in the cityscape. The artist's attention to detail is worth praising. The elegant aesthetics elevate the Mignon anime, providing an exquisite visual experience.


Happy ending
The Mignon anime has a happy ending where Mignon and Young-One become vampires together.

Mignon has a happy ending where the protagonists become vampires together. Young-One turns his lover into a creature of the night to save him from dying. Previously, Mignon incurred a severe head wound and lost a lot of blood. He comes close to losing consciousness, but Young-One finds him in time. After the transformation, Mignon must adjust to his new lifestyle as a vampire. His appearance undergoes drastic changes. Mignon's signature hair has turned black, while his eye colour is red instead of blue.

Mignon moves into the doctor's apartment. Initially, their new living arrangement causes conflict. Even though Mignon wants them to be together, Young-One insists they sleep in separate bedrooms. Mignon gets pouty and throws a tantrum, proving he still has a childish side despite his intimidating appearance. Young-One has a heart-to-heart with him in the bedroom. The doctor admits he hasn't opened up to anyone for a long time. "Everybody perished before me." Mignon comforts his lover and reassures him. They share a passionate kiss. Soon, they make love.

Mignon takes the lead in the bedroom. He strips the doctor and teases his sensitive, slender body. Mignon uses his tongue and fanged teeth for foreplay. At one point, he bites into Young-One's flesh and licks the blood! The racy sexual encounter occupies most of the finale. Afterwards, the closing scene shows Mignon settling into his new lifestyle. He works with the doctor at the infirmary, but nobody recognizes him anymore. In the last shot, Mignon gazes at the boxing ring with an ambiguous expression before turning away. His old life as a human is no more.

Ending explained
The main characters have sex in Mignon Episode 12.

The Mignon ending is smutty! The sexual encounter lasts nearly five minutes, occupying over half the finale. On the one hand, I enjoy the sheer eroticism. I like how the 18+ series doesn't hold back from explicitness. On the other hand, I feel unsatisfied with the story's lack of closure. The leads have sex and then carry on as usual. After eleven episodes of crafting an intricate narrative, I want more substance from the finale. I wish there's a better balance between the raunchy content and the plot development.

Both protagonists have grown throughout their character arcs. Mignon started the story as a helpless victim trapped in the cycle of abuse. He lacks the confidence to escape his dangerous career, which almost gets him killed. Thankfully, Mignon meets the kind doctor, who becomes his saviour. With Young-One's guidance, Mignon transitions into a new lifestyle as a vampire. At last, he's free from his abusers and finds a supportive home. The final shot shows Mignon averting his gaze from the boxing ring. It's a sign that he wants to move on from the past.

Young-One started the story as a loner who rejected companionship. Young-One isolates himself, believing no relationships will last. Mignon tries reaching out to him until he convinces the doctor to give love a chance. Before their sexual encounter, Young-One admits he has given up on bonding with anyone. Mignon embraces his vulnerable lover, providing him much-needed warmth and reassurance. Their passionate encounter becomes a pivotal turning point. Beyond physical pleasures, Young-One breaks down the emotional barriers he built around himself.

Mignon Anime Episodes

Episode Guide

Mignon and Young-One chat after a match.

Mignon has a total of 12 episodes. Each episode is around 5 to 10 minutes long. The last episode is around 9 minutes long. It is a short BL anime, and you can finish the entire series in around 1 hour. Mignon released all its episodes on August 11, 2023.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12

Episode Reviews

Episode 1

I'm excited to see another project from the maker of Hyperventilation. The art and character designs look gorgeous. OMG! The episode's twist ending sets up the story in an exciting direction.

Episode 2

I love how the story already has so much danger within the first two episodes. The series is off to a strong start, keeping us entertained. I hope Mignon leaves his abusive coach soon.

Episode 3

Although I enjoy the Mignon and the doctor's exchange, I wish we saw more of their relationship. Mignon's love confession doesn't carry as much impact without providing more context.

Episode 4

Oh! I adore that moment when Mignon bit into his lips before kissing Doc. That imagery is supposed to be disturbing, but why do I find it so sexy? 😅 I also like how the story is progressing so far.

Episode 5

"He is but a fleeting moment." That's a powerful line. Master Woo's warning is sadly correct. As much as I like the couple, they'll face tricky circumstances being together. This romance is doomed.

Episode 6

Mignon's body proportions sometimes look slightly off. His head appears too small compared to his broad shoulders and enormous pecs. This episode is also slower in terms of advancing the story.

Episode 7

Mignon's flirting with the doctor is cute! I want to see them behave more like a couple, but maybe that isn't possible in this environment. I'm nervous about what'll happen to Mignon after defying his boss.

Episode 8

OMG! That last shot of Mignon is terrifying. Both protagonists are in dangerous situations. Things have gone from bad to worse. I wonder how the couple will survive and reunite.

Episode 9

The doctor tries to protect Mignon by pushing him away, but his words are harsh. Poor Mignon is already ~bleeding~ in the head and doesn't need another kick while he's down.

Episode 10

I like the artsy way of depicting Mignon's vampire transformation. The entire series looks gorgeous with a stunning atmosphere. The artwork quality has improved since Hyperventilation.

Episode 11

I like seeing how Mignon copes with his vampire lifestyle. Despite his new form of existence, Mignon still maintains an endearing childishness in his personality. His interactions with the doc are cute.

Episode 12

LOL. Not the entire finale consisting of smut! I never imagined seeing the doctor stripped to his tiny white briefs, twisting his tight body. While the sexual encounter is hot, I wish the story had more closure.

Mignon Anime Information

ABJ Company

ABJ Company is a South Korean animation studio. Its first BL project is the 2017 series, Hyperventilation.

ABJ Company is a South Korean animation studio. Its first BL project is the 2017 series, Hyperventilation. It has also released Mignon in 2023.


Bboung Bbang Kkyu (뿡빵뀨) is a Korean artist and animator. Their first BL project is the 2017 anime drama, Hyperventilation. Other works include Unbelievable Space Love (2018) and Mignon (2023).

  1. Thank you for this!!!
    I accidentally saw this while browsing your other 18+ reviews after reading your cornered mouse dreams of cheese review, after rewatching that great movie! I'd seen the trailer years ago and forgotten about this, so when I saw your review pop up (coincidentally only like a few days ago!) I was like OH MY GOD ITS OUT?!!
    Love this review and loved the anime, honestly I vibed with it so much, it reminded me a bit of Shutline (korean web comic). I'd rate it slightly higher personally, just because I so DIG settings like these with such an intriguing premise & characters! But I would absolutely love a season 2 to explore the future – and maybe their past too! —- this is a reminder to people to please stream legally so the creators get paid!! It's only $1/episode on Vimeo!!
    Also, can we talk about that music?!?! The mix of synth and jazz was just *chefs kiss*. My goodness. Loved the setting.
    Ngl would love some kind of story like this with all women (as every single character is a man lol – I didn't mind cos it fit the story – but it would be fun to see this kinda vibe like that!)

    thanks again for this review as it helped me find this wonderful anime ^.^

  2. *Spoilers*
    I actually disagree with a few points in this review. I think we got a lot of closure. Regarding Mignon's trauma and response to abuse, we can see that in his rebirth, by choosing love and choosing Doc, we see a glimpse of him as a child (your inner child is thought to hold onto your trauma) which I think signifies the acknowledgment of the child that was so often put in harm's way and thus the healing nature of their relationship. We also see Mignon's death wish fulfilled, in which he is not only granted more time with Doc, but eternity. Also, we know the coach and gangsters were dealt with, by the gangsters and then by master woo, respectively. Concerning the future of Mignon, a new vampire, and their relationship, obviously, the two are just having a lot of sex (hence the last scene), but regarding Mignon, what more did we really expect? We see how Doc lives as a vampire functioning in human society, so it makes sense for them both to remain doctors at the underground arena, among other vampires (i.e. Master Woo), where they have access to a sufficient supply of blood.
    Lastly, I don't know if there really is a lack of dimension or less of a need for it for the villains. The story was "they need to be together" and the villains merely created a situation to keep them apart. Also, with context to society and their motives (money), I think that's plenty of context. The coach and the sharks were driven by money and worked to exploit others for their own personal gain.

    On the other hand, I agree the series was short-lived and that a little, even a little, backstory to the development of their relationship in the past 2 years would've been helpful. But if you really think about it, it would make sense for them to both hold off on their hopes for more with each other in order to hold onto those mundane, routine moments we got to see them share with one another, considering their situations. Also the unknown is scary, that's a moral of the story. I also can see how you say the finale was "smut over substance" but personally, I think sex and love are divine, and compared to some webcomics, it was definitely not as over the top and more tender (especially with the music).

    Anyway, this is all my opinion and personally, I think the series was really good and received 10s across the board. Everything was stunning: the music, the visuals and cinematography, the plot, and the characters!
    PS. I realized there wasn't a single woman in the entire series LOL

  3. I appreciate you writing about this- I had never heard of it- while I find the animation lacking with lots of flat and static panels and slow pan shots on drawings- the actual story is great and the storyboarding fantastic.
    I hope there is a manga this is based on.
    I wish they would offer on Vimeo for $2 for the whole series, but oh well.

  4. Also, it's me again – can I just say how LITTLE we've been fed for BL anime in 2023? T_T I guess the Thai dramas have still been swiftly coming, but my roots in BL lies with anime boys and I feel so deprived. We've had plenty of homoerotic shows with gay undertones – I mean even Paradox Live, My New Boss is Goofy and Deranged Detective are all ongoing recent shows that have just started and have some very gay feeling to them….
    But give us the explicitly gay stuff please! We are in a drought T.T
    Heaven Official's Blessing S2 has just started and is beautiful so far, although of course we'll get the Chinese censorship with that so still no kisses…..
    It'll be a happy day when more finally airs 🙏🙏

  5. Just finished reading your detailed and insightful review. Wow! Thank you for writing about it. I have just watched this series today and I must say… I am floored by the realistic animation, characters full of raw emotions and a sincere storyline. IMHO, the animators displayed their true prowess in EP5. EP5 is the most nuanced episode in this series and my favourite was THE KISS. But before I can talk about it, I have to talk about EP4 first.

    Some people may find it puzzling why Mignon had to bite his own mouth first (I think it was the tongue) before kissing Doc in EP4. That's because Doc had been intentionally starving himself all week in order to quickly fulfil the 100 units of blood (I believe it means 100 blood bags – "Yes Sir, Yes Sir, 100 bags full!") Master Woo wants in order to spare Mignon's life. He would probably steal a mouthful or two sometimes but not enough to sustain himself. Unaware of the blood debt and the fact that his life is in real danger, Mignon had assumed that Doc merely wants more blood to keep himself off hunger. Being a simple-minded beefcake who had a tough childhood (probably facing occasional/frequent bouts of starvation no thanks to his coach's merciless training), Mignon believes that a doctor who no longer worries about hunger will be a happy doctor who will treat him better. Just like a coach with a winning wrestler will be a happy coach who will beat him lesser. However, Mignon was stunned to see that Doc was deathly pale, trembling and in cold sweat (signs of significant blood loss in humans = signs of anorexia in vampires). He couldn't fathom why despite being handed so much blood every night, Doc did not feed himself. When Doc fainted in his arms, Mignon infers that he lacks blood and impulsively bites his own tongue to feed Doc. In a room full of scalpels and needles, he had to bite his own tongue instead of using all that medical paraphernalia around him. I mean… the room had SIX beds. He could just put Doc down on one and extract his own blood in some other way like using his arm, right? Well, I guess the stans can defend him saying that he's a "pea brain" simpleton and his "sausage fingers" were too busy holding on to the unconscious Doc. And yeah, this naive oaf may even cut his own artery and bleed to death if he had used any of the scalpels on his arm… so let's all stick to the circumstances that would conveniently lead to the KISS! Haha, I've watched too many Cinema Sins. LOL…

    OK, now EP5…

    On the surface, the "kiss of blood" looks like one horny tongue fest but it is actually the catalyst that makes Doc realise something about himself and it also made me realise something (pretty poignant) about Mignon. Initially Doc was very hungry (the "full on vampire beast mode" glimmer in his eyes) and kissed Mignon only for his blood. He doesn't even seem to be aware he's actually being fed via a kiss, the hunger having taken over his senses. Around the 00:0023-00:27 mark, Mignon was taken aback by the Doc's strong reaction to his blood and held the rabid Doc's head back for a split second and looked at Doc's hungry face incredulously. The Doc he knows is a stone cold jerk who likes to chase him out of the infirmary. This was the first time Mignon see him wanting him so desperately, albeit in a "beast" mode. You could see Mignon's thoughts naked in his eyes throughout this sequence: "Wow, I have never felt so wanted before. Whoaaa.. he still wants more of me. Ok, whatever. Let's keep it going." From these few seconds, I can see part of the profound effects of abuse in this poor boy. He didn't care if Doc wants him out of animalistic instincts or real love, he just wants to be wanted by Doc.

    Then at 00:45, we can see Doc's glimmering eyes turn back to normal. He has already returned to his senses and he could see that he is in the midst of kissing Mignon but he did not stop immediately… which implies he actually has feelings for Mignon. When he finally stopped the kiss, he got furious – at himself, not Mignon – and cursed "Damn it!" That was because he realised that despite being an ancient vampire who is not supposed to be overly attached to humans, he DOES crave for affection and love, which is an intrinsic human desire. But being a vampire, this is a weakness within him that he cannot embrace. But Mignon misunderstood Doc and thought Doc was angry at him. Well, I guess part of this man-child is aware that kissing an unconscious person isn't exactly ethical and he was ashamed of that? Not wanting to lose the only person who makes him feel wanted and desired, he cries and apologises and blames himself despite not really understanding the real reason why Doc is mad. This makes me feel really sad for Mignon; children who endured abuse/traumatic events often blame themselves for being the cause of it despite not fully understanding why do the abuse/said events happen in the first place. Emotionally negligent people (Doc) often put up a wall and push people away because they can't bear to let their loved ones see them at their worst/weakest, but they make their loved ones feel they're responsible for it and it hurts them too. By putting a cotton wool in Mignon's mouth – symbolising some sort of peace offering, if you will – Doc assured Mignon that he is not angry at him and will go back to being his usual cantankerous self, indicating he would still care for Mignon like the child he is. The "where are you going/out for a smoke" exchange hints heavily of Mignon's fear of abandonment; his parents had probably abandoned/sold him to Coach as a child.

    This infirmary scene in EP5 gave us all the character background we really need and in a very subtle way. Instead of spoon-feeding the audience literal flashbacks of their childhood/origins to flesh out the characters, the producers used crisp dialogue, the expressions on their faces and their interactions with each other that makes EP5 of this series so sublime.

    Well, I am NOT done raving about EP5 yet.

    The next scene between Doc and Master Woo also revealed a lot about Doc's growing affections for Mignon. Doc asked for more time to chase Mignon away from the pit, but Master Woo could tell immediately that Doc was reluctant to let him go not just because "he needs to make a living after all." The way he says this line – in a meek voice with downcast eyes – shows he himself is subconsciously not quite convinced of this excuse he made up. Evidently, Doc needs Mignon more than he thinks.

    After the conversation with Master Woo, we see Doc passing by the boxing ring in the final scene of EP5 and watching Mignon in awe momentarily before walking away. In the ring, Mignon shows his audience a rugged face of determination and playful confidence that he would smack down his opponent. All Doc ever encountered with Mignon were his child-like and emotionally vulnerable and naive side. I interpret Doc walking away out of his awareness of the artifice in this scene, as if he was warning himself not to get carried away by Mignon's charismatic "game face" , which does not reflect the real Mignon that only he gets to see.

    Then we see the digital clock strike midnight before the credits roll. This invokes Cinderella, who had to leave the palace before her beautiful gown and coach and horses turn back to rags and rats at midnight. But I believe this clock can symbolise a few things:

    – 00:00, it means going back to ZERO. It means a return to a blank slate. Both characters are beginning to see each other in a different light and are now given a chance to know each other all over again.
    – It can also foreshadow something bad to come. For Cinderella, the ball is over and she had to go back to being a servant in rags. Doc – the Cinderella – wished the Fairy Godmother – Master Woo -would give him more time with Mignon, which Master Woo grants but with a warning to "let him go as soon as you can". For Mignon and Doc, it could mean that this little "paradise for two" they've barely began to build in the infirmary will sooner or later be crushed by the reality of the world they live in.

    My second favourite episode was EP10. Doc's sincere confession and their tearful embrace almost made me cry. Of course, how can we talk about EP10 without mentioning Mignon's bathtub transformation? Beautiful and surreal sequence of imagery… But I think s3x was somewhat involved in making Mignon a vampire because Doc was licking and kissing him in the bloody bathtub? (Sheesh what's with all this kissing unconscious people? But oh well, if that's the vampire's version of CPR, go cray-cray please.) Like what you said, it represents Mignon's emancipation of his shackles to the ring, his coach, his troubled past and his emotional vulnerabilty. But the way Doc sensuously licked and kissed him in the bathtub was like the vampire version of the Prince kissing Sleeping Beauty to awaken her from the spell. It seems that blood is not enough to resurrect the undying; love and affection is what gives Mignon the will to reawaken.

    As for the "all smut and no substance" finale, I believe their s3x scene symbolises Doc's emancipation from his self-imposed wall of emotional repression. He finally lets go of the notion that craving for love and affection is a weakness that vampires should not allow themselves to have. He allows Mignon to take a bite of his ankle but he closes his eyes and covers his face. This "biting ankle" part was tough to figure out. What did the writers want to project – The prey becomes the predator? It was a parallel scene to EP5; this time, it was Mignon who has the "glimmer of hunger" in his eyes. But I believe Doc covered his face and eyes because he was very turned on by this foreplay but he was too ashamed to let Mignon see it. And why did Mignon bit him is because he has this aching desire to know everything about Doc, even how his blood would taste like. It harkens back to what he mused about in EP2: "I wonder if he drank my blood too."

    The unsung hero of this series is the MUSIC. Beautiful synth soundtrack that makes me visualise Daft Punk and a-ha got married and produced the soundtrack with some elements of Erasure. It gives me additional clues to the era the characters may be in: the early 1980s OR 1997. In fact there were many clues littered in this series: The old 1960s era phone Master Woo uses, the lack of any computers around any scenes, Doc using the housephone to call Master Woo in EP11, the gaudy clothes of the villains and the coach, the fact that the two male leads who already knew each other for more than TWO YEARS don't already have each other's Naver or WhatsApp so they have to run around in public to find each other instead of texting… It all indicates a bygone era. Initially I thought of the early 80s but the midi ringtone of the coach's cellphone indicates the late 90s (post 1997 Asian Financial Crisis?).

    Why the early 80s? There was global recession caused by the 1979 energy crisis which was sparked by the Iranian Revolution. The city scenes and the illegal boxing ring depicted in the series were smudged with a tinge of gloominess from the bleak underbelly of an embittered society, a total contrast to the prosperous BTS-BLACKPINK South Korea we know today. And on top of it, yep as Slaymama commented…NO FEMALE CHARACTERS. I think the real reason for the lack of female characters in this series is because the producers do not have enough budget to hire female voice actresses LOL but this lack of women also seems to reinforce the implication that the era we are looking at is a pre-MeToo, staunchly patriarchal Korea. This would also make sense as to why Mignon as a child had fallen out of the social safety net and ended up being enslaved by Coach way into adulthood. If he had data and Internet, he would have been savvy enough to google the hotline of Korea's Child Protection Services before ending up in the hands of Coach.

    All in all, Mignon is a wonderful series for people who hate draggy BL shows with too much crying, too much panning of CGI sceneries and too little fXcking. Mignon officially now stays rent free in my head, enjoyed like its namesake (fillet mignon): seared medium rare, a third bloody from the inside with a glass of fine shiraz.

    Mignon has a very tight Fast & Furious plot that blazes through twelve 5-minute episodes, with some slow moments thrown in for contemplation. The animation of the intimate scenes (especially the kissing scenes) seems to have been done by rotoscoping real actors and then using 3D software to stylise it. The 2D pair in this series has such sizzling chemistry that even surpass that of some real human actors in some shows, I wouldn't be surprised if one day I find some news article revealing that their respective voice actors are real life lovers but hey, I am no delulu. The rest of the s3x scenes seems borrowed from high quality hentai anime but oh well, at least they borrowed the good ones. Using s3x as a pivotal tool to reveal the character development of the two leads reminds me of one of my favourite Lee Ang movies "Lust Caution". If y'all crave for a fast paced, barebones storyline with plenty of sensuous initmate scenes and sincerely written mai characters, this 6-chapter manga stays rent free in my head: Oreshika Shiranai Karada by Usui Iroha. Plot is wafer thin but the intimate scenes were so steamy that it's a pity it aint animated. Enjoy on a night where you don't wish to use your brain!

    Just like the clock striking 00:00, it is time for me to bid you adieu. Thank you for letting me share my thoughts here! Have a great week!


  6. Thank you so much for the detailed review! The commentary has solidified for me how much I love the series!

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