Beef, Cupcakes and Him is a Vietnamese BL short movie about a chef reuniting with his childhood friend.

Beef, Cupcakes and Him is a Vietnamese BL movie about a chef and his childhood acquaintance. The main character was employed at a restaurant until he suddenly lost his job. Subsequently, he teams up with his sister to start an online culinary business from home. The protagonist hires his hometown friend to help with the startup. As they work together, the two leads form a cozy relationship.

The Beef, Cupcakes and Him movie is a cute love story with a straightforward plot. Don't expect too much depth from the linear narrative, one-dimensional villains, or their transparent antics. This short film is serviceable as something light and casual to fill an hour of your time. With that said, it doesn't make a big impression on me.

Beef, Cupcakes and Him Summary


Bữa Tối, Bánh Ngọt và Anh

Movie Info:

Vietnam (2021)


55 minutes




Beef, Cupcakes, and Him is a cute & sweet movie.

BL Content:

Yes, Beef, Cupcakes, and Him is a BL movie.


Hy and Thang almost come close to kissing.

Hy is a professional chef employed at a five-star restaurant for many years. He lives with his younger sister, Ngan, a university student. One day, their mom informs her kids to expect a visitor at their residence. She has promised a neighbour's son, Thang, to live with them for a few days. Thang has arrived in their area to look for a culinary job. His experience includes helping with small catering events in the past.

Hy is annoyed that his mom made this living arrangement without consulting him. Furthermore, he has unfavourable childhood memories of his time with Thang. When they were kids, Thang used to bully him. As such, Hy doesn't appear hospitable toward his new houseguest. His sister, Ngan, seems friendlier. She welcomes Thang into their living quarters and wants her brother to help him secure a job.

Due to the pandemic, Hy's workplace has shut business temporarily. However, Thang informs him that it opened again recently, or at least according to social media. A confused Hy visits his place of work, only to discover he has been terminated because of "business redundancies". His former coworkers tell him it was a wrongful dismissal. Hy clashed with his boss, Thong, over kitchen responsibilities in the past. So, Thong uses the pandemic as a convenient opportunity to fire a nemesis.

Hy reveals he has been fired from work. Due to his financial strain, he only wants Thang to live with them for a few days. Afterwards, he tells his houseguest to find other accommodations. Thang is understanding and leaves that night. However, he is mugged and loses all his money. Hy takes pity on his old friend and allows him to stay here for the time being.

Hy cooks food for Ngan's birthday party. All her friends remark on how delicious everything tastes. Their feedback gives Ngan the idea to start a new business with her brother. They'll cook food at home, sell it online, and deliver the meals to customers. To help them launch this startup, Hy and Ngan hired Thang to be their delivery courier. He's grateful for the job opportunity. As Hy and Thang begin working together, their relationship improves. Hy discovers Thang has matured from the bully who used to tease him in the past.

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Beef, Cupcakes and Him Cast



Gia Huy

Hy is portrayed by the Vietnamese actor Gia Huy.

Hy has been a professional chef at a five-star restaurant for many years. He is talented and has received great feedback about his cooking. After the pandemic, Hy's boss fired him due to their personality clash. Hy and his younger sister Ngan decide to start an online culinary business from home.

Gia Huy

Gia Huy is a Vietnamese actor.

Gia Huy is a Vietnamese actor. His first BL project is the 2020 series, Stage of Love. He also appeared in the 2021 series, Follow My Sunshine. Gia Huy starred in the 2021 short movie, Beef, Cupcakes, and Him.


Hoang Duy (Hoàng Duy)

Thang is portrayed by the Vietnamese actor Hoang Duy (Hoàng Duy).

Thang is an old childhood acquaintance from Hy's hometown. He used to pick on Hy, who still remembers him as a bully. Recently, their mothers made a prior arrangement, allowing Thang to live at Hy's house for the time being. Thang is looking for a new job in the food industry, preferably at Hy's restaurant.

Hoang Duy

Hoang Duy (Hoàng Duy) is a Vietnamese actor.

Hoang Duy (Hoàng Duy) is a Vietnamese actor. His first BL project is the 2021 series, Follow My Sunshine. He starred in the 2021 short movie, Beef, Cupcakes, and Him.

Supporting Cast

Ngan is portrayed by Viet Thi P336 (Việt Thi P336).


Viet Thi P336 (Việt Thi P336)

Thong is portrayed by Trinh Tu Trung (Trịnh Tú Trung).


Trinh Tu Trung (Trịnh Tú Trung)

Mrs. Nam is Thang's mom.

Mrs. Nam

The customer is portrayed by Tieu Minh Phung (Tiêu Minh Phụng).


Tieu Minh Phung (Tiêu Minh Phụng)

Tan is the YouTube host.


Hy meets up with his ex-boyfriend.

Hy's ex

Cast Highlights

  • Both leads (Gia Huy and Hoang Duy) had supporting roles in the 2021 Vietnamese high school BL series Follow My Sunshine.
  • Gia Huy featured in the 2020 Vietnamese BL series Stage of Love.

Beef, Cupcakes and Him Review


Movie Review Score: 6.5

Hy and Thang get intimate in the bedroom.

Beef, Cupcakes and Him depicts a cute, casual BL romance in under an hour. This short film features a straightforward plot about a chef, his love interest, and their food business. The movie doesn't waste time, moving forward at a brisk, comfortable pace. Guided by the storyteller's clear vision, the narrative maintains steady momentum from start to finish. It introduces drama, builds adrenaline, and unleashes passion at the proper intervals. Beef, Cupcakes, and Him is an entertaining experience without a dull moment.

Unfortunately, Beef, Cupcakes and Him lacks depth. Although the plot includes dramatic conflicts and occasional twists, the circumstances aren't complex. This story feels unsophisticated, relying on one-dimensional villains and their transparent antics to create tension. Likewise, the character development and romantic journey seem painfully shallow. Beef, Cupcakes and Him suffers because it doesn't show much substance beyond the surface. The only profound message is when the protagonist says, "Your lover may betray you someday, but food never does."

Beef, Cupcakes, and Him has a conventional romance. The leads overcome their initial clash, forming a cozy bond as they collaborate on the business. They share plenty of sweet exchanges and steamy encounters, although their interactions aren't anything out of the ordinary. It follows a traditional BL playbook with familiar scenarios and cliched relationship tropes. This couple doesn't have enough substance or development to inspire strong feelings in me. Also, their transition from friends to lovers seems abrupt and could have been smoother.

Thang's actor (Hoang Duy) shines on screen with warm charisma, twinkling eyes, and a bright smile. He portrays his role with endearing earnestness, making Thang seem likable and sympathetic. His costar (Gia Huy) also meets standards, performs comfortably, and looks poised in every scene. Admirably, the two leads aren't shy as they tackle their physical encounters with energized vigour. However, the lightweight script doesn't challenge these two actors. Not many moments showcase their dramatic or comedic range, limiting how much I can praise them.

Beef, Cupcakes and Him intensifies near the end. The bad guy gains the upper hand, but the protagonists outsmart him to save the day. As the events unfold, I struggle to immerse myself in the silly and outlandish drama. I don't respond to these unrealistic storylines, cartoonish caricatures, diabolical schemes, or inelegant resolutions. Overall, Beef, Cupcakes, and Him is a delightful short film that amused me for an hour. However, it doesn't leave a lasting impression. Without a deeper plot, this inconsequential BL movie is too basic and deserves a middling review score.


Shallow story

Beef, Cupcakes and Him tells a straightforward love story with a formulaic plot. The narrative moves briskly and efficiently. However, it relies on silly conflicts, outlandish villains, and shallow plots.

Conventional romance

This short movie features a conventional BL romance. The leads have sweet exchanges & steamy encounters, but these relationship moments aren't anything out of the ordinary. Everything feels typical.

Decent acting

Both leads perform comfortably, but the unchallenging material doesn't showcase their range. Thang's actor (Hoang Duy) shines on screen with twinkling eyes and a warm smile.

Happy ending

Beef, Cupcakes and Him has a happy ending. The bad guy gains the upper hand before the protagonists outsmart him. The events feel unrealistic, and I can't immerse myself in the outlandish drama.

Basic artistry

The movie has solid and steady production values. While the visuals don't look ugly, there's a lack of artistry on display. They film each scene by the books, and that's it.


Beef, Cupcakes and Him is a cute, casual BL movie that maintains a brisk momentum from start to finish. However, the plot is too lightweight and lacks complexity. It doesn't make a big impression.

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54 minutes

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Beef, Cupcakes and Him Information


Oril Nguyen (Oril Nguyễn) is a Vietnamese director. He directed the 2021 BL short movie, Beef, Cupcakes and Him. He also directed the 2022 BL series, The Promise and the 2023 series, My Goofy Deskmate.

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