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Bon Appetit is a Korean BL series about two neighbours who eat together.

Bon Appetit is a Korean BL series about two neighbours who meet up for dinner every night. The main character is a workaholic who never has time for meal preparation. A new apartment tenant has noticed his unhealthy eating habits and invites him to eat together. This aspiring restauranteur is an excellent chef and prepares many tasty homemade dishes. As the pair bonds over dinnertime, they develop a secret attraction.

While Bon Appetit has an okay start, the quality declines steadily and never recovers. The story focuses too much on the irrelevant workplace plots instead of the BL content. Furthermore, it creates bland conflicts through the tedious love triangle drama. Many uneventful episodes bore me, especially toward the end. Even if the charismatic actors do their best to rejuvenate the series, they can't salvage a dull, cliched narrative.

Bon Appetit Summary



Series Info:

South Korea (2023)


4 hours

Total Episodes:

8 episodes




Bon Appetit is a nice & heartwarming BL drama.


Dohoon and Yoon Soo are in the kitchen.

Dohoon is an office employee at a marketing agency. He currently leads an upcoming advertising campaign for a beverage company, an exciting opportunity for him. However, his team struggles to come up with a concept. Dohoon's boss, Ms. Sung, pressures her employees to brainstorm ideas. Dohoon's colleagues, Hana, Ms. Choi, and Mr. Nam, contribute little to the discussions. He feels stressed about their lack of preparation before the pitch.

Ms. Sung instructs her employees to work overtime until they develop a sound business pitch idea. Yet, there is little progress. It is late at night when Dohoon finally returns home. He's exhausted and only wants to go to sleep. Suddenly, he's disrupted by the doorbell. His neighbour, Yoonsoo, greets him. Yoonsoo has recently moved into Room 302 in their apartment building. He wants to be neighbourly and introduces himself. However, the tired and grouchy Dohoon is annoyed that Yoonsoo disrupted his beauty rest. He dismisses Yoonsoo's invite for a friendly chat.

Dohoon has overslept and is late for work. Before heading off, he finds a mysterious gift on his doorstep. Dohoon grabs the item and rushes to the office without thinking much about it. Later, he discovers the present is a bottle of rice punch, or an amazake, prepared by Yoonsoo. His neighbour has noticed that Dohoon only eats unhealthy takeouts from his trash collection. Yoonsoo wants to give him a homemade beverage to start the day energetically.

Yoonsoo has included a message with his present, using a clever pun to encourage his Room 301 neighbour. Reading the pun gives Dohoon a stroke of inspiration. He comes up with a fun and brilliant idea for his upcoming campaign. Ms. Sung likes the concept and approves it. The team delivered a thriving business pitch to the beverage company, earning Dohoon praise. As he celebrates, Dohoon remembers his neighbour played an indirect role in his success. He returns the hospitality by buying food for Yoonsoo.

Yoonsoo accepts the present and invites Dohoon to eat with him. Dohoon is reluctant but agrees to share the meal. They chat casually about their lives. Yoonsoo is an aspiring restauranteur who plans to open a new diner in the area. He's currently coming up with menu ideas. Yoonsoo asks Dohoon if he'd be interested in sampling various dishes for him. Dohoon agrees to do so. They soon meet up for dinner each night, forming a close connection. Yoonsoo reveals that he used to know Dohoon from university. However, Dohoon doesn't remember meeting him.

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Bon Appetit Cast



Yoo Jung Hun (유정훈)

Dohoon is portrayed by the Korean actor Yoo Jung Hun (유정훈).

Dohoon is an apartment tenant who lives in Room 301. He is an office employee at a marketing agency. He often works overtime and feels stressed about his job. He has an unhealthy sleep schedule and poor eating habits due to his poor work-life balance. Dohoon befriends his neighbour in Room 302. They used to know each other from university, although Dohoon can't recall who he is.

Yoo Jung Hun

Yoo Jung Hun (유정훈) is a Korean actor.

Yoo Jung Hun (유정훈) is a Korean actor. His first BL project is a leading role in the 2023 series, Bon Appetit.


Lee Ki Taek (이기택)

Yoon Soo is portrayed by Korean actor Lee Ki Taek (이기택).

Yoonsoo is Dohoon's apartment neighbour who recently moved into Room 302. He is a chef in the process of opening a new restaurant. Yoonsoo offers to prepare dinner for Dohoon after noticing his irregular eating habits. They become friends afterwards. Later, Yoonsoo reveals he used to know Dohoon from university. Dohoon doesn't remember him, while Yoonsoo is vague about their meeting.

Lee Ki Taek

Lee Ki Taek (이기택) is a Korean actor. He is born on October 26, 1994.

Lee Ki Taek (이기택) is a Korean actor. He is born on October 26, 1994. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, Bon Appetit.

Supporting Cast

Sangwoo is portrayed by Korean actor Yoo Jang Hee (유장희).


Yoo Jang Hee (유장희)

Ms Sung is portrayed by a Korean actress.

Ms. Sung

Hana is portrayed by a Korean actress.


Ms Choi is portrayed by a Korean actress.

Ms. Choi

Mr Nam is portrayed by a Korean actor.

Mr. Nam

Yoonsoo is portrayed by a Korean actor.


Sohee is portrayed by a Korean actress.


Jowoon is portrayed by a Korean actor Yoon Seo Bin (윤서빈).


Yoon Seo Bin (윤서빈)

Mr. Han is portrayed by a Korean actor.

Mr. Han

Cast Highlights

  • Jowoon's actor (Yoon Seo Bin) is the lead of the 2022 Korean BL series, Roommates of Poongduck 304. The story focuses on two roommates who clash before falling in love. It shares similar themes (and room unit numbers) as Bon Appetit.

Bon Appetit Review


Drama Review Score: 6.1

Dohoon and Yoon Soo enjoy time together.

I like Bon Appetit the most in the beginning. The early episodes are cute, introducing the workaholic protagonist and his friendship with the overeager neighbour. They share endearingly awkward interactions, as you'd expect from two BL leads getting to know each other. The series also demonstrates its cheeky humour. Several moments are amusing enough to warrant a smile. While the plot may be simple, Bon Appetit displays a pleasant charm and leaves a positive first impression.

Sadly, Bon Appetit declines after a solid start. One of the worst problems is the boring workplace subplot, which occupies too much time. The protagonist spends half of each episode with his colleagues rather than his love interest. None of these scenes are engaging, from mundane gossip to pointless office politics. Also, the series doesn't bother developing the supporting cast. The characters are one-note caricatures who never expand beyond a single comedic quirk. Despite the excessive attention on the coworkers, there's little reason to care about them.

Episode 3 introduces a new rival, another unnecessary diversion that drains attention. Instead of solidifying the relationship between the leads, Bon Appetit keeps teasing a non-starter romance with a minor character. The love triangle drama drags on forever without making progress. Not only is this storyline dull, but there's also a lot of annoying behaviour. Expect jealous accusations, stupid misunderstandings, and every tired cliché from the handbook. Both leads become aggravating toward the end as they refuse to communicate or compromise.

Dohoon & Yoonsoo's pairing showed potential initially, but their sparks dwindled due to muddled writing. Firstly, the love triangle and workplace subplots overshadow the couple. The BL content competes against irrelevant storylines and loses in the battle for screen time. Secondly, the relationship development doesn't feel sensible. A good romance is supposed to convey how the leads fall in love. In Bon Appetit, this journey is choppy and confusing. The protagonists express themselves clumsily, show contradictory signals, or behave erratically around each other.

Bon Appetit includes a few intimate exchanges between Dohoon and Yoonsoo, but these scenes aren't compelling. The bottom line is that I walked away from the series without being persuaded by the love story. It's a shame because I like the two charismatic actors who infuse their roles with spunky personalities. From their endearing reactions to their surprisingly buff bodies, both leads have moments where they charmed me. Unfortunately, they're working with lousy material and lacklustre characterizations, which don't highlight their best qualities.

Worst of all, Bon Appetit is boring! The episodes blend into a forgettable blur of generic plots, repetitive chats, and obnoxious love triangles. Instead of focusing on romance, the narrative often gets sidetracked by inane drama. My interest can barely sustain through one tedious scene after another. Other mediocre BL dramas have the decency to keep their stories short, whereas this drab series prolongs its blandness. Overall, Bon Appetit feels like an undercooked dish without satisfying flavours. It leaves a taste of disappointment and a hunger for better storytelling.


Boring story

Bon Appetit bores me, especially towards the end. Instead of developing the love story, the series gets sidetracked by irrelevant office drama and aggravating love triangles.

Bland romance

Despite their cute introduction, Dohoon and Yoonsoo's romance doesn't develop meaningfully or compellingly. The annoying relationship drama drains my enthusiasm toward this couple.

Charming acting

I like the leads, who try their best with lacklustre material. They infuse their characters with charisma and spunky personalities. Both actors have moments where they successfully charmed me.

Happy ending

Bon Appetit has a happy ending where the main characters reconcile, resolving their past relationship drama. Prepare for many familiar cliches from a dull, typical, and predictable finale.

Plain artistry

The visuals look low-budget and unremarkable. The characters spend too much time cooped up indoors. The apartment and office settings are plain, hardly inspiring me.


Bon Appetit shows faint promise, but the quality declines with each boring episode. It focuses too much on the dull office subplots and love triangle drama instead of developing the romance.

Bon Appetit Episodes

Episode Guide

Dohoon and Yoon Soo are in the classroom.

Bon Appetit has a total of 8 episodes. Each episode is around 25 to 30 minutes long. The last episode is around 30 minutes long. It is a medium-length BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 4 hours. Bon Appetit released all the episodes on September 27, 2023.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8

Episode Reviews

Episode 1

The intro episode is cute! Get your shit together is a funny slogan, hehe~ I like how the leads meet and befriend each other. Their interactions have a relatable and endearing awkwardness.

Episode 2

So far, these two episodes are a solid start to the BL drama. I like how the leads grow closer and bond over their meals. The series also has a few amusing moments showcasing its humour.

Episode 3

I'm not excited about the new intern and the love triangle drama he brings. The story spends too much time on the office subplots. The leads barely interacted in this episode.

Episode 4

Half of the episode resolves around mundane storylines at the office or in the restaurant. These boring scenes are unnecessary. The story only perks up once the leads meet up together.

Episode 5

OMG! Yoonsoo's body is surprisingly buff! These gratuitous shirtless scenes are the most exciting thing to happen in the past three episodes. The actors' physiques jolted me out of my boredom lol.

Episode 6

I hate this unnecessary conflict over the ex-boyfriend's photo. Get over it! I'm also tired of the love rival. Why are we spending so much time on this irrelevant character? Screw him. Show me the leads!

Episode 7

This series is so dry and dull. Each episode includes one lovey-dovey scene, but the rest is just mundane drama that I don't care about. Both leads also aggravate me with their behaviour.

Episode 8

I'm glad the boss defends Dohoon against the client. The couple's conflict has dragged on so long that I don't care whether they reconcile. Finishing these last few episodes feels like a chore.

Bon Appetit Information


NEW, also known as Next Entertainment World, is a Korean studio. It has worked on various BL dramas, including Blueming (2022), The Director Who Buys Me Dinner (2022), and Love Tractor (2023).

NEW, also known as Next Entertainment World, is a Korean studio. It has worked on various BL dramas, including Blueming (2022), The Director Who Buys Me Dinner (2022), Love Tractor (2023), and Sing My Crush (2023).


Hwang Kyu Il (황규일) is a Korean director. His first BL project is the 2023 series, Bon Appetit. Previously, he worked on several non-BL movies.

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