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Crazy Handsome Rich is a Thai BL series about a butler and a wealthy family.

Crazy Handsome Rich is a Thai BL series about a butler working for a wealthy family. The main character is a market vendor from a poor upbringing. His friend recruits him to become a housekeeper for three eccentric brothers in a mansion. The protagonist feels troubled by his employers' ill temper and bizarre rules. Despite his discomfort, he grows attached to one of the hunky residents. They overcome their differences and forge a connection.

I was eager to see a BL drama about butlers, a unique theme with exciting possibilities. However, Crazy Handsome Rich delivers a terrible series that's impossible to enjoy. The illogical plot, unfunny jokes, and offensive tropes create a painfully frivolous comedy. The couple's romance develops awkwardly without explaining the attraction between the leads. Eventually, the story deteriorates into unwatchable nonsense in the second half.

Crazy Handsome Rich Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2023)


5 hours

Total Episodes:

6 episodes




Crazy Handsome Rich is a happy & funny BL drama.


Luv works for Thad's wealthy family.

Luv works as a vendor at a street market who sells vegetables. He is an orphan who comes from a poor background. He lives with Uncle Wan, a kind neighbour who looks after him. Luv has a close relationship with Inn, Uncle Wan's son. The two have grown up together and practically see each other as brothers. They're also friends with Mamuang, another lively vendor at the market.

Sorn is a regular customer at Luv's market stall. Sorn works as a butler for a wealthy family and frequently visits to buy ingredients. Although Luv isn't friends with him, they know each other well. Sorn's younger brother Sin is about to start working as a new butler. This career is a part of their family's tradition. However, Sin doesn't seem interested in the job and clashes with his sibling. After a massive argument at the market, Sin quits the butler job before starting his first day of work. He becomes a runaway and hides from his brother.

Sorn is troubled by recent events. His employer expects a new butler to work for them, yet nobody can fill the job vacancy. Luv, who witnessed the fight at the market, becomes his ideal candidate. Sorn convinces Luv to work as the butler temporarily until his brother returns. Luv is hesitant because he has no housekeeping experience. However, Sorn tempts him by revealing there's an astronomically high salary. Luv agrees to the job offer, especially since he's doing a favour for Sorn.

Luv begins working as the new butler for a wealthy family. Sorn gives him a fake identity and introduces Luv as his younger brother, Sin. Their employer consists of three brothers. Thod, the oldest sibling, is the master of the household. Thod is an eccentric recluse who nitpicks, micromanages, and imposes many strict rules. One of his odd policies is not allowing women into his home. During the introduction, Thod demands Luv conduct a strip search as part of the screening process. He orders Luv to undress in public.

Luv completes the strip search, but he feels horrified and humiliated afterwards. He threatens to quit the job, albeit Sorn convinces him to stay. As Luv begins working in his new position, he becomes acquainted with Thad, the hunky middle brother. Thad tries flirting with him. However, Luv does his best to maintain professional boundaries. Later, Luv discovers Thad and his younger brother Thep live under strict rules, too. Thod forbids basic communication with the outside, including a no cell phone policy. Luv is intrigued by this mysteriously sheltered family.

Crazy Handsome Rich Cast



Frank Thanatsaran Samthonglai (แฟรงค์ ธนัตถ์ศรันย์ ซำทองไหล)

Luv is portrayed by the Thai actor Frank Thanatsaran Samthonglai (แฟรงค์ ธนัตถ์ศรันย์ ซำทองไหล).

Luv works as a vendor for a vegetable market stall. He's an orphan who comes from a poor background. He lives with his neighbour, Uncle Wan, who looks after him. His son Inn is Luv's childhood best friend. Luv begins working as a butler after his customer Sorn recruits him. He had no prior housekeeping experience before starting the job. Luv is highly superstitious and believes in fortune tellers.

Frank Thanatsaran Samthonglai

Frank Thanatsaran Samthonglai (แฟรงค์ ธนัตถ์ศรันย์ ซำทองไหล) is a Thai actor. He is born on July 12, 2000.

Frank Thanatsaran Samthonglai (แฟรงค์ ธนัตถ์ศรันย์ ซำทองไหล) is a Thai actor. He is born on July 12, 2000. His first BL project is Cause You're My Boy (2018). He stars in Love Syndrome III (2023) and Crazy Handsome Rich (2023). He also appears in Our Skyy (2018), 2gether (2020),


Lee Long Shi (李龙世)

Thad is portrayed by Singaporean-Thai actor Lee Long Shi (李龙世).

Thad comes from a wealthy family. He lives with his two brothers in a gated mansion. His older sibling, Thod, imposes strict household rules. One of his odd policies includes preventing Thad and his younger brother, Thep, from using cell phones. Thad is instantly attracted to Luv and flirts with the new employee. Luv tries his best to maintain professional boundaries.

Lee Long Shi

Lee Long Shi (李龙世) is a Singaporean-Thai actor, also known as Long Lee. He is born on July 8, 2000.

Lee Long Shi (李龙世) is a Singaporean-Thai actor, also known as Long Lee. He is born on July 8, 2000. His first BL project is I Am Your King 2 (2019). He stars in Love Syndrome III (2023) and Crazy Handsome Rich (2023). Long Lee also has supporting roles in Even Sun (2022), That's My Candy (2022), and Tin Tem Jai (2023).

Supporting Cast

Thod is portrayed by a Thai actor Nueng Suriyon Sriorathaikul (หนึ่ง สุริยน ศรีอรทัยกุล).


Nueng Suriyon Sriorathaikul (หนึ่ง สุริยน ศรีอรทัยกุล)

Thep is portrayed by a Thai actor Joseph Pharmtharm Gorach (โจเซฟ ภามธาม โกราช).


Joseph Pharmtharm Gorach (โจเซฟ ภามธาม โกราช)

Sorn is portrayed by a Thai actor Pak Papungkorn Sakunsong (ภัค ปภังกร สกุลซ้ง).


Pak Papungkorn Sakunsong (ภัค ปภังกร สกุลซ้ง)

Inn is portrayed by Thai actor Ellfa Weeravich Bampen (แอลฟ่า วีรวิชญ์ บำเพ็ญ).


Ellfa Weeravich Bampen (แอลฟ่า วีรวิชญ์ บำเพ็ญ)

Mamuang is portrayed by Thai actor Kokliang Parinya Angsanan (ก๊กเลี้ยง ปริญญา อังสนันท์).


Kokliang Parinya Angsanan (ก๊กเลี้ยง ปริญญา อังสนันท์)

Sin is portrayed by Thai actor Pak Chavitpong Pusomjitsakul (ภัค ชวิศพงศ์ พูสมจิตสกุล).


Pak Chavitpong Pusomjitsakul (ภัค ชวิศพงศ์ พูสมจิตสกุล)

Thian is portrayed by Thai actor Mon Varakorn Varuncharoentham (ม่อน วรากร วรุณเจริญธรรม).


Mon Varakorn Varuncharoentham (ม่อน วรากร วรุณเจริญธรรม)

Chan is portrayed by Thai actor Rin Sarin Rungkiattiwong (ริน สาริณ รุ่งเกียรติวงศ์).


Rin Sarin Rungkiattiwong (ริน สาริณ รุ่งเกียรติวงศ์)

Uncle Wan is portrayed by a Thai actor.

Uncle Wan

Thod's mom is portrayed by a Thai actress.

Thod's mom

Thod's dad is portrayed by a Thai actor.

Thod's dad

Uncle Therd is portrayed by a Thai actor.

Uncle Therd

Lady Thiphayarot is portrayed by a Thai performer.

Lady Thiphayarot

Cast Highlights

  • The leads (Frank and Long Lee) starred in the 2023 Thai BL series Love Syndrome III. Frank also appeared in various dramas, including 'Cause You're My Boy (2018). Long Lee has appeared in I Am Your King 2 (2019) and Tin Tem Jai (2023).
  • Long Lee also appeared in several 2022 BL series, including Even Sun and That's My Candy. The actors portraying Sorn, Mamuang, and Thian (Pak Papaungkorn, Kokliang, and Mon) also have supporting roles in these dramas.
  • Sin's actor (Pak Chavitpong) is the star of the 2021 series Love Area and its 2022 sequel Love Area Part 2.
  • Inn's actor (Ellfa) appeared in the 2018 series My Dream.
  • The actor who portrays Chan (Rin) is a part of the tertiary BL couple in the 2023 series Destiny Seeker.

Crazy Handsome Rich Review


Drama Review Score: 4.0

Thad rescues Luv in the garden.

Crazy Handsome Rich has an exciting theme that piques my interest. A BL drama about butlers is a unique concept, offering many storytelling possibilities. The opening credits also parade the cast of handsome housekeepers in their formal uniforms. Okay, I'm hooked! Butlers are on my checklist of fantasies. This fondness came from playing a naughty Japanese visual novel that corrupted my mind. 🥴 Despite my enthusiasm, Crazy Handsome Rich has awful writing and implements its ideas ineptly, leaving me unfulfilled.

Among its numerous issues, Crazy Handsome Rich is too silly. The series wants to be a cheeky comedy, but it tells obnoxiously unfunny jokes. It uses goofy humour to cover blatantly illogical plot holes. Not much makes sense in the story. The wealthy brothers won't leave their homes, never use their money productively, and impose odd rules on themselves. Their outrageous family past is more absurd than a soap opera. Don't expect any reasonable explanations from the vague, confusing narrative. Instead of being eccentric, Crazy Handsome Rich comes across as foolish and frivolous.

Crazy Handsome Rich bothers me due to its offensive content. Most plots are either cringy or creepy. Episode 1 ends with an appalling display of forced nudity. Episode 2 has a sleazy seduction scene where Thad sexually harasses his employee. The later episodes introduce a new character whose facial tics mock people with disabilities. The story also gives an outrageous justification for Thod's misogyny. There's a long list of problematic tropes that perpetuate harmful stereotypes. Worst of all, the drama's tasteless humour makes everything seem ickier.

Crazy Handsome Rich fails to convey a compelling romance. A skillful storyteller would've explored the couple's class differences and power dynamics. Yet, the shallow plot never delves into relevant topics. Instead, the leads flirt awkwardly in clumsy exchanges. The series thinks showing off Thad's shirtless physique will make the scenes sexy, but it's not enough. Also, Thad has a weird personality and behaves like a cartoonish caricature. He isn't an appealing love interest. I prefer to ship Luv with his childhood friend Inn, the only sensible character in the cast.

Despite the dumb and dubious storylines, I endured the first half of Crazy Handsome Rich. At least I can follow the simple plot about a butler serving a wealthy family. The most intriguing scenes revolve around work. I like seeing Luv perform his job duties or manage the household. Unfortunately, the last few episodes deteriorate into melodramatic theatrics and idiotic nonsense. I don't understand what's happening, from the complicated twists to the incoherent character motivations. Crazy Handsome Rich becomes an unwatchable mess toward the end.

Crazy Handsome Rich is trash and probably deserves a lower review score. However, I rank it slightly above the rest of the garbage BL dramas. Believe it or not, I see a glimmer of potential in the premise. In my mind, I envision a gritty romance about a butler rescuing a sheltered rich kid from his evil, overbearing family. With significant rework, the series could have been a sinister tale about domestic abuse. Regretfully, the actual story is dumb, ridiculous, and offensive. Overall, Crazy Handsome Rich is a pathetic joke that contains almost no redeeming qualities.


Frivolous story

Crazy Handsome Rich is a silly story about a butler's misadventures. The nonsensical plot suffers from unfunny jokes, offensive tropes & illogical twists. Everything comes across as foolish and frivolous.

Awkward romance

Luv and Thad's romance develops awkwardly. The series wrongly equates shirtless scenes as sexy passion. Thad is a weird character with an off-putting personality. I prefer Inn as Luv's love interest.

Okay acting

Out of the many issues with the series, the acting isn't my primary concern. Generally, everyone does a decent job. I like the cast's lively enthusiasm, especially from the actor who plays Mamuang.

Happy ending

Crazy Handsome Rich has a happy ending with a surprising plot twist. Luv is blessed with a reversal of fortunes. The last few episodes deteriorate into dumb, incoherent nonsense.

Cheap artistry

For a series about luxury, the setting looks cheap and low-budget. It also uses dubbing to replace the original dialogue. I don't care about the voiceovers, but some viewers are against it.


Crazy Handsome Rich fails to tell an entertaining story about butlers. I take issue with the dumb plots, offensive tropes, and awkward romance. The last few episodes turn into absurd nonsense.

Crazy Handsome Rich Episodes

Episode Guide

Luv and Inn are childhood friends.

Crazy Handsome Rich has a total of 6 episodes. Each episode is around 45 to 50 minutes long. The last episode is around 50 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 5 hours. Crazy Handsome Rich started on August 27, 2023 and ended on October 1, 2023.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6

Episode Reviews

Episode 1

This is a rough start. There's too much silly filler. The strip search at the end of the episode is creepy. Luv & Inn's chat reminds me of Katniss & Gale talking before the Hunger Games lol.

Episode 2

Thad's flirting comes across as sleazy harassment instead of sexy seduction. The whole family is weird, particularly the evil misogynist Thod. There's a sinister vibe to this lighthearted comedic story.

Episode 3

I like the moment when Inn mocks Thad about the stripping, hehe. Inn seems like the only sensible character. I prefer him as a love interest. Luv & Thad's relationship scenes do nothing for me.

Episode 4

Thod is an evil jerk, but Luv is in the wrong for snooping in his employer's belongings. His obsession with the necklaces is odd. The family backstory is ridiculously stupid. I hate the new character.

Episode 5

The story was never good, but it has deteriorated into unwatchable nonsense. There's too much focus on the relative. Why does Luv pick Thad over Inn? I don't understand their bizarre relationship.

Episode 6

The finale is so dumb, absurd, and incoherent. The story should've focused on a butler working for a rich family. Yet, it introduces too many bizarre details and nonsensical plot twists. This series is trash.

Crazy Handsome Rich Information

Very Great Company Limited

Very Great Company is a Thai BL studio.

Very Great Company Limited is a Thai BL studio. Its BL projects include Physical Therapy (2022), After Sundown (2023), and Crazy Handsome Rich (2023)


Sappakosol Supsavati (สรรพโกศล สุพสวัสดิ์) is a Thai director. His first BL project is the 2020 series, Calculating Love. He also worked on On Cloud Nine (2021) and Crazy Handsome Rich (2023)

  1. Very entertaining read- I guess I will skip this one. I only made it 10 minutes into Love Syndrome 3. The two leads have quite a list of credits of subpar BLs- some of it is script, some direction, some poor acting.
    Sorry you suffered through it.

  2. I can use just one word to define this whatever it is = garbage! F is too generous in my opinion. Didn't last a full ep, just few mins here and there and it was more than enough tbh.

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