Cutie Pie 2 You – Series Review & Ending Explained

Cutie Pie 2 You is the second season of the Thai BL series Cutie Pie.

Cutie Pie 2 You is the sequel to the Thai BL series Cutie Pie. The short second season continues the original love story following the main character's graduation. The protagonist faces a dilemma between marrying his fiancé and pursuing a career opportunity. He must decide whether their wedding, which had been anticipated since childhood, shall proceed.

The Cutie Pie sequel is exciting because we get four additional episodes of cute relationship fluff and sexy intimate moments. The glitzy second season continues to dazzle with its elegant presentation, from stunning visuals to catchy soundtracks. However, the story is too light and lacklustre, not offering a significant plot beyond the romantic encounters. Also, many mushy scenes borderline on being overly schmaltzy.

Cutie Pie 2 You Summary


นิ่งเฮีย 2 You

Series Info:

Thailand (2023)


3 hours

Total Episodes:

4 episodes




Cutie Pie 2 You is a cute & sweet BL drama.


Kuea and Lian want to get married in Cutie Pie 2 You.

Nuea is engaged to his fiancé Lian. Their families have prepared an arranged marriage for them since childhood. Although they used to have a frosty dynamic, the betrothed couple put their past drama behind them and now maintain a healthy relationship. They waited until Nuea finished university to proceed with their wedding. At Nuea's graduation ceremony, Lian proposes marriage again. Nuea accepts once again.

Their best friends, Diao and Yi, have stepped in to help with the wedding planning. Along with Lian's assistant Foei, they take care of all the responsibilities. Lian has taken a laidback approach to the preparations. He wants to accommodate Nuea on everything as long as they get married. However, Nuea urges his fiancé to change his mindset. He insists they should have an equal say in their wedding events.

Nuea has recently finished an internship at an auto repair shop. However, he doesn't plan to continue this career. Instead, Nuea hopes to dedicate time to building his music career under his stage name "Kirin". He recently received an intriguing offer from Cosmixo, a Korean entertainment company. They want to sign him as an artist and launch his debut in South Korea. Nuea is excited by this overseas opportunity. Yet, he worries about how Lian will respond to the news.

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Cutie Pie 2 You Cast



NuNew Chawarin Perdpiriyawong (นุนิว ชวรินทร์ เพริศพิริยะวงศ์)

Kuea is portrayed by the Thai actor NuNew Chawarin Perdpiriyawong (นุนิว ชวรินทร์ เพริศพิริยะวงศ์).

Kuea is Lian's fiancé. He recently completed an internship and graduated from university. Now that he has finished school, Kuea and Lian plan on getting married. However, Kuea recently received an intriguing overseas offer to expand his music career in South Korea. He wrestles with the decision between his upcoming marriage and this precious job opportunity.

NuNew Chawarin Perdpiriyawong

NuNew Chawarin Perdpiriyawong (นุนิว ชวรินทร์ เพริศพิริยะวงศ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on July 25, 2001.

NuNew Chawarin Perdpiriyawong (นุนิว ชวรินทร์ เพริศพิริยะวงศ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on July 25, 2001. His first BL project is the 2022 series, Cutie Pie. He appears in the 2023 sequel, Cutie Pie 2 You and its spin-off Naughty Babe. He is the lead of the 2023 movie, After Sundown.


Zee Pruk Panich (ซี พฤกษ์ พานิช)

Lian is portrayed by the Thai actor Zee Pruk Panich (ซี พฤกษ์ พานิช).

Lian is Kuea's fiancé. After Kuea has graduated from university, Lian is eager to wed his partner. They have been in an arranged marriage since childhood. Although their union isn't officially legal in Thailand, Lian insists on tying the knot anyway. He takes a laidback approach to wedding planning and wants to accommodate Kuea on everything.

Zee Pruk Panich

Zee Pruk Panich (ซี พฤกษ์ พานิช) is a Thai actor. He is born on September 10, 1992.

Zee Pruk Panich (ซี พฤกษ์ พานิช) is a Thai actor. He is born on September 10, 1992. His first BL project is the 2020 series, Why R U? He is the lead in the 2020 series, Why R U? In 2022, Zee stars in the hit series, Cutie Pie. He appears in the 2023 sequel Cutie Pie 2 You and spin-off Naughty Babe. He also stars in the 2023 movie, After Sundown.

Supporting Cast

Yi is portrayed by the Thai actor Max Kornthas Rujeerattanavorapan (แม็ค กรธัสส์ รุจีรัตนาวรพันธ์).


Max Kornthas Rujeerattanavorapan (แม็ค กรธัสส์ รุจีรัตนาวรพันธ์)

Diao is portrayed by the Thai actor Nat Natasitt Uareksit (ณฐ ณฐสิชณ์ เอื้อเอกสิชฌ์).


Nat Natasitt Uareksit (ณฐ ณฐสิชณ์ เอื้อเอกสิชฌ์)

Nuer is portrayed by the Thai actor Tutor Koraphat (ติวเตอร์ กรภัทร ลำน้อย).


Tutor Koraphat (ติวเตอร์ กรภัทร ลำน้อย)

Syn is portrayed by the Thai actor Yim Pharinyakorn Khansawa (ยิม ปริญญากรณ์ ขันสวะ).


Yim Pharinyakorn Khansawa (ยิม ปริญญากรณ์ ขันสวะ)

Foei is portrayed by the Thai actor Poppy Ratchapong Anomakiti (ป๊อปปี้ รัชพงศ์ อโนมกิติ).


Poppy Ratchapong Anomakiti (ป๊อปปี้ รัชพงศ์ อโนมกิติ)

Kim is portrayed by the Thai actress Thanyaporn Waikittipong (ธันยพร ไวกิตติพงษ์).


Thanyaporn Waikittipong (ธันยพร ไวกิตติพงษ์)

Nuchy is portrayed by the Thai actress Pure Purewarin Kosiriwalanon (เพียว เพียวรินทร์ กอศิริวลานนท์).


Pure Purewarin Kosiriwalanon (เพียว เพียวรินทร์ กอศิริวลานนท์)

Ton is portrayed by the Thai actor Tonnam Piamchon Damrongsunthornchai (ต้นน้ำ เปี่ยมชล ดำรงสุนทรชัย).


Tonnam Piamchon Damrongsunthornchai (ต้นน้ำ เปี่ยมชล ดำรงสุนทรชัย)

Jab is portrayed by the Thai actor Barbell Jirakit Kanjanawaraporn (บาร์เบล จิรกิตติ์ กาญจนวราภรณ์).


Barbell Jirakit Kanjanawaraporn (บาร์เบล จิรกิตติ์ กาญจนวราภรณ์)

Jay is portrayed by the Thai actor Perth Stewart Nakhuntanagarn Screaigh (เพิร์ธ สจ๊วต นคุณธนัชกาญจน์ สเกร).


Perth Stewart Nakhuntanagarn Screaigh (เพิร์ธ สจ๊วต นคุณธนัชกาญจน์ สเกร)

Kuea's mom is portrayed by the Thai actress June Poramaporn Jangkamol (จูน ปรมาภรณ์ จ่างกมลt).

Kuea's mom

June Poramaporn Jangkamol (จูน ปรมาภรณ์ จ่างกมลt)

Kuea's dad attends the wedding.

Kuea's dad

Sunoko is portrayed by the Thai actress Tui Tui Puttachat Pongsuchat (พุทธชาด พงศ์สุชาติ).


Tui Tui Puttachat Pongsuchat (พุทธชาด พงศ์สุชาติ)

Sia is portrayed by the Thai actor Pluto Pruet Nakprad (พลูโต พฤทธ์ นักปราชญ์).


Pluto Pruet Nakprad (พลูโต พฤทธ์ นักปราชญ์)

Kuea works with his boss at the internship.

Sia's boss

Nong is Diao and Yi's dog.


Cast Highlights

  • Many of the original Cutie Pie cast members return for the second season, including all the leads and many supporting characters.
  • The secondary couple, Yi and Diao, are the stars of the spin-off series Naughty Babe. Many Cutie Pie characters reprise their role in this drama.

Cutie Pie 2 You Review


Drama Review Score: 7.4

Kuea and Lian kiss each other ont he beach.

Cutie Pie 2 You is a cute and sweet sequel to the iconic BL franchise. Despite my mixed feelings about the original series, I appreciate this short follow-up to the first season. I enjoy checking in on the couples and watching their relationships evolve. Each episode feels nostalgic, bringing back fond memories of the cozy friendships and sizzling romances between the characters. I laugh at the lighthearted jokes, blush at the steamy exchanges, and marvel at the stunning visuals. Cutie Pie 2 You offers plenty of delightful fun!

This sequel is packed with romantic encounters. The Cutie Pie creators know fans tune in eagerly to watch their favourite couples, so the relationship scenes don't disappoint. Each pair gets time in the spotlight to display their intimate physical affection. These characters flirt intensely, kiss passionately, and lust after each other with a hungry appetite. Best of all, their interactions are accentuated by stylish visuals and an elegant soundtrack. Like the first season, Cutie Pie 2 You showcases polished production values. It understands how to maximize the ambiance, chemistry & seduction.

However, I'm disappointed by the lacklustre plot. The second season revolves around Kuea and Lian's nuptials, one of the most significant milestones in their romance. A wedding is a big topic with many nuances, especially for a gay couple who can't be legally married in Thailand. Yet, Cutie Pie approaches this storyline superficially. Kuea and Lian are hands-off with the preparations. Also, they don't talk to their families beforehand. Even their bachelor parties feel like a non-event. There's a lot of content missing that would've given their union more emotional depth.

Lian was a polarizing figure in the first series. Viewers criticized his manipulative personality and controlling behaviour. Cutie Pie 2 makes him as easygoing as possible, but his character's agreeableness feels overboard. He seems nonchalant about his wedding and addresses every conflict with, "Whatever you want, my dear~ 🙂" Judging by his laid-back behaviour, I thought Lian was attending someone else's ceremony. Also, his exchanges with Kuea are too schmaltzy. Their sickeningly mushy dialogue doesn't feel like what an authentic couple would say to each other.

In Season 1, Lian is a flawed and multifaceted protagonist. However, this sequel reduces him to a vanilla character preoccupied with having sex. His blandness is a symptom of an ongoing problem with Cutie Pie 2 You. The series simplifies and sanitizes every storyline, unwilling to delve deeply into sophisticated arcs. It introduces some tension into the narrative, like Kuea's dilemma about working overseas. Yet, his struggle feels so shallow. Kuea just tears up while Lian immediately reassures him it's okay. "Whatever you want, cutie pie~ 🙂" Where's the complexity?

Cutie Pie 2 You is like a three-hour epilogue to the first season, so there's plenty of time to develop meaningful plots. Yet, the sequel merely coasts along on the popularity of the original material. Without more substantial storylines, the series feels like gratuitous fanservice. There's little emotional investment in the narrative. You only pay attention when the characters flirt and hook up. Despite my frustrations, I still enjoy Cutie Pie 2 You. I like seeing the gay couple tie the knot, taking a firm stance on marriage equality. Even though it's fluff, this BL drama promotes love jubilantly.


Shallow story

Cutie Pie 2 You continues the romance in the first season and highlights the lead couple's wedding. Yet, the plot lacks complexity. This story doesn't explore emotional arcs with substance or depth.

Intimate romances

This series is packed with steamy romance! All three couples enjoy intimate physical affection, flirting intensely and kissing passionately. However, some mushy exchanges are too schmaltzy.

Decent acting

The performances are fine, on par with the acting skills displayed in the first season. I appreciate all the couples for tackling the physical encounters with gusto. The leads get intimate frequently.

Happy ending

Cutie Pie 2 You has a happy ending where Kuea & Lian proceed with their union. The couple overcomes minor hiccups and reaffirms their love for each other. Their sex scene is hilariously campy!

Elegant artistry

Like the first season, this series dazzles with elegant visuals and an upbeat soundtrack. The series knows how to maximize ambiance, chemistry, and seduction in every romantic encounter.


Cutie Pie 2 You is a delightful sequel to the first season, packed with cute flirting and sexy encounters. Yet, the plot is too light and lacklustre. It feels like gratuitous fanservice than a complex story.

Cutie Pie 2 You Episodes

Episode Guide

Lian and Yi share an intimate moment.

Cutie Pie 2 You has 4 episodes. Each episode is around 45 minutes long. It is a medium-length BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 3 hours. Cutie Pie 2 You started on January 6, 2023 and finished on January 27, 2023.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Episode 1 Summary
Lian asks Kuea to marry him at the start of Cutie Pie 2 You.

Cutie Pie 2 You begins at Kuea's university graduation ceremony. He has officially finished school. Lian arrives on campus, asking Kuea to marry him. Before we hear his answer, the story goes back shortly in time. During the flashback, Kuea and Nuer are doing an internship at an auto repair shop. Their boss is satisfied and allows them to pass. At the celebration party, Kuea's colleague Sia hits on him. Kuea shows he can defend himself and fend off these inappropriate advances. 

Lian brings Kuea home after dinner as the couple grows affectionate. However, Lian stops their steamy encounter because his fiancé seems intoxicated with alcohol. Lian states he wants Kuea to be fully conscious if they become physically intimate. The next day, Lian's business partner Yi shows up at work later than usual. A flashback shows Yi was preoccupied with kissing his boyfriend Diao, causing the delay in his schedule. 

At work, Sia apologizes to Kuea for making him feel uncomfortable. Kuea accepts his apology. That night, Kuea sings a song for his internship's farewell party. Lian arrives after the performances and rewards him with a kiss in front of the crowd. The story jumps back to the graduation ceremony. Kuea finally replies to Kuea's proposal and agrees to marry him

Episode 1 Review
Kuea and Lian kiss each other.

Are Lian & Kuea the most engaged couple in BL history? The original Cutie Pie began with them already betrothed. As the season progressed, they went through multiple failed proposals. The finale concluded with them accepting their 100th proposal. Now, Season 2 begins, and Lian proposes marriage to Kuea AGAIN. Dude, you've done this already! How many times must these guys ask to marry each other!? We even watched the same proposal scene twice in this episode. OMFG. They're addicted to getting engaged!

Who's that loser trying to hit on Kuea? I'm dying at this random nobody thinking he has a chance to break up the star couple. This sleazy Sia guy talks a big game when Kuea is totally out of his league, right? As if Kuea would leave his hot, successful millionaire boyfriend for you. I like how Kuea defends himself without anyone coming to his rescue. It shows his character's maturity from the first season. Kuea can fight his own battles without having to rely on Lian.

Nuer called out Sia's inappropriate behaviour during the episode. However, does Nuer not remember his own dark history? Once upon a time, he was also an aggressive flirt and tried hitting on Kuea. He continued his unwanted advances, even though his classmate was already in a committed relationship. Nuer was like the old-school Sia in Cutie Pie Season 1. I'm glad Nuer defended his friend, but it's a bit rich of him jumping into this confrontation. Those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

Episode 2

Episode 2 Summary
Yi flirts with Diao and asks his boyfriend to go on a date.

Episode 2 begins with Kuea singing alone in the bedroom. Lian walks in on him mid-performance, making Kuea feel embarrassed by his display. During breakfast, Lian asks his fiancé about his plans after graduation. Kuea replies that he wants to pursue his music career as Kirin. Later, he receives a phone call from Cosmixo Entertainment, a Korean talent agency. They want to sign him as an artist and launch his debut in South Korea. Kuea is excited about this career opportunity.

Yi and Diao have offered to help their friends plan their wedding day. However, Kuea and Lian have different desires for their dream weddings. Lian wants a grand event, whereas his partner prefers an intimate gathering. Lian reveals he can accommodate all his wishes to appease Kuea. Yet, his fiancé doesn't want to make all the decisions alone. As they try out wedding suits, Kuea receives a phone call from Cosmixo Entertainment again. He must respond to their job offer by the end of the day. Kuea is troubled by his decision. Diao encourages his friend to chat with his fiancé.

Yi asks Diao out on a date. That night, they spend an intimate evening at home. His boyfriend teases him that they never go out anywhere, like a domesticated couple. Meanwhile, Syn plans on getting ordained as a monk. Yet, he gets distracted at the ceremony due to Nuer's presence. At the end of the episode, Kuea sits down with Lian and finally tells him about the overseas job offer. Kuea wants to pursue this career opportunity. Lian supports his fiancé's decision. However, he wonders if it will impact their wedding plans. Kuea insists he still wants to get married.

Episode 2 Review
Syn wants to become ordained as a monk.

Syn's storyline intrigues me because the topic isn't something I see a lot in Thai BL dramas. He must navigate between his spirituality and his sexuality. The series only touches upon this topic lightly, but I'm interested in seeing it explored more in Cutie Pie 3. Also, I had to pause in the middle of the episode to ask ChatGPT about gay monks in Thailand. Syn's predicament got me curious about a subject I've never considered much until now.

I know people grow and change, but did Cutie Pie go overboard in giving Lian a new personality transplant? He's almost unrecognizable from the first season. He speaks in cheesy clichés, agrees with his partner on everything, and avoids conflicts at all costs. It's like someone removed the old Lian from his vessel and implanted the personality of a generic romance novel protagonist. The Cutie Pie team must've read all the criticisms about Lian being a manipulative control freak last season. So, they overcompensate by making him as bland and agreeable as possible.

Foei wants to feed his boss some wedding cake.

I like the cake-tasting scene, hehe~ Lian and Yi are guys who take themselves seriously. They want to project an image of poise and sophistication. So, watching Foei feed them cake so frivolously clashes with their usual demeanour. Open wide, here comes the he-li-copter! I also like how Lian and Yi have different responses. Lian won't let Foei feed him, but Yi goes along with it. Yi usually behaves like Diet Lian, but this scene shows subtle differences between the two characters.

I don't like how Foei, Yi, and Diao handle all the wedding planning instead of the leads. This ceremony celebrates Kuea and Lian's love, which is supposed to feel intimate and personal. Yet, the couple has a limited role in preparing for their special day. They pass the responsibilities to people not involved in their relationship. This romantic milestone feels store-bought instead of handmade. Sometimes, Lian behaves so nonchalantly that I thought he was a bystander at his wedding. Why aren't you more emotionally invested? I wanna see your INNER GROOMZILLA!

Lian doesn't seem to care about planning his wedding. He's happy to nod, smile vacuously, and accommodate his future husband in every detail. From the food to the location, Lian is eager to agree with whatever Kuea says. The only time he expressed concern was during the wardrobe fitting. "Would our suits match!?" Lian exclaimed in a moment of panic. Out of the many possible issues, I love how coordinating the clothes is Lian's only priority. The inner cheerleader jumped out and worried about a potential uniform crisis!

Episode 3

Episode 3 Summary
Nuer and Syn kiss in Cutie Pie 2 You Episode 3.

Episode 3 continues where Kuea and Lian's conversation leaves off in the last episode. After getting married, Kuea wishes to pursue his career opportunity in South Korea. Lian completely supports him. Kuea is glad they can make important life decisions together as a married couple. The next morning, Lian wants to have sex with his partner. However, Kuea doesn't consent. He insists on saving himself for their wedding day to make the occasion more sexual.

Lian's assistant Foei is responsible for arranging all the stressful wedding plans. He feels overworked, and his mistakes annoy Lian. That night, Kuea's university friends surprise him with a bachelor party by the poolside. Meanwhile, Lian's party consists of chatting one-on-one with Yi. His friend addresses how this same-sex marriage comes without legal recognition. Nonetheless, Lian insists on making his union with Kuea feel as official as possible. "These rights should be ours from the beginning," Lian states decisively.

That night, Syn and Nuer sleep in the same bedroom. Nuer kisses his boyfriend, who feels shy and nervous. Although they come close to a sexual encounter, Syn's clumsiness stops the intimate mood. Nonetheless, they cuddle each other in bed. The episode ends with Lian and Kuea talking on the beach. They reaffirm their love for each other. Lian strips and wants to have sex in public. Yet, Kuea insists on waiting until their wedding day. Lian respects his wishes.

Episode 3 Review
Kuea and Lian are in bed together.

Not Kuea saving himself for his wedding day! Why does he suddenly care about abstinence? Oh sweetie, the chastity ship sailed long ago! And can we talk about how Lian cleared out an entire beach to have sex with his fiancé? "I made sure this area is clear." What!? Can he do that? Imagine giving this command to the resort staff. Nobody better come outside after 10PM! I'll be doing it in public!

Cutie Pie misses an opportunity by not including scenes of Kuea's bachelor party. It feels like a fun setting to have lively interactions between Kuea's friends. Yet, we see nothing after the party starts. I also would like to see the festivities with Lian and his pals. His chat with Yi is amazing, and I appreciate hearing what this marriage means to him. However, it would've been insightful to meet Lian's social circle, like his cheerleading buddies. Their exchanges could further flesh out Lian's views and feelings on the day before his wedding.

Initially, the cultural significance of this series didn't dawn upon me. I just thought the sequel was a fluffy piece of fanservice. However, Lian and Yi's conversation reminded me of the story's firm LGBT messaging since the start. "These rights should be ours from the beginning" is an empowering line. This series is dedicated to promoting marriage between two men in a country that doesn't legally recognize same-sex unions. It defies traditional norms, shatters prejudices, and eliminates stigma. I admire the powerful statement made by Cutie Pie 2 You.

Syn and Nuer embrace each other in bed.

Syn and Nuer's bedroom scene is so adorable! 😚 Although I've always been their fan, this episode turns me into an even more devoted shipper. They're my favourite couple in Cutie Pie. The other two pairs have high exposure, so I've seen enough and know what to expect from their exchanges. In contrast, Syn and Nuer's dynamic feels fresh. There's plenty of untapped chemistry left to explore. I'm intrigued by this couple and want more cute clumsy romantic encounters!  

OMG. This episode includes a random tease of Yi and Lian sharing an intimate moment. Their exchange is short and ultimately means nothing, but it excites me nonetheless! YES PLEASE. Personality-wise, Yi and Lian seem more compatible due to their similarities. They're both type-A personalities who share the same ambition. The same goes for Diao and Kuea, who get along swimmingly. Most of all, I'm tired of seeing the same-old couples after 15+ episodes. Let's do a husband swap in Cutie Pie 3 and mix up the pairs! I wanna see Yi and Lian KISS!

Episode 3
Episode 4

Episode 4

Happy Ending
Cutie Pie 2 You has a happy ending where Lian and Kuea get married. They kiss each other on their wedding day.

Cutie Pie 2 You has a happy ending where Lian and Kuea get married. Despite facing unexpected setbacks on the wedding day, their love for each other prevails. They tie the knot and become husbands. Previously, the couple encountered various issues. Firstly, it began raining at their outdoor wedding. Secondly, Yi misplaced the rings. And thirdly, the priest couldn't arrive at the ceremony to ordain the marriage. With the odds against them, Lian and Kuea's wedding was headed for disaster.

As the stormy weather knocks off the wedding decorations, an upset Lian believes their big day is ruined. However, Lian encourages him to persevere. "At least we still have each other," Lian reassures his future husband. Soon, the dire situation turns around. The rain has suddenly stopped. Also, Jay arrives with the lost rings. Best of all, he's qualified to ordain marriages. With everything back on track, the couple enjoys a beautiful wedding by the beach. They give rings, exchange rings, and celebrate with a passionate kiss before their guests. Kuea and Lian are officially married!

When Kuea tosses the bouquet, his friend Diao catches the flowers. Earlier, the couple had chatted about getting married. Likewise, Nuer also asked his boyfriend about his stance on marriage. However, he becomes shy when Syn teases him about it. That night, Kuea and Lian consummate their love as newlyweds. They kiss each other and have sex with rose petals spread across the bed. Afterwards, the series jumps forward in time. Kuea is now in South Korea, beginning his music career. Lian shows up after the first live performance and kisses his husband.

Ending Review
Kuea and Lian officially become husbands at the end of Cutie Pie 2.

It was a beautiful wedding. I love the beach setting, the sunset in the background, and the matching suits (Lian definitely coordinated their clothes, you can tell). As the couple ties the knot, this ceremony feels like a picturesque fairy tale. I also enjoy the chaos in the first half of the episode, adding unpredictability to the proceedings. The drama highlights Kuea and Lian's perseverance as they overcome various struggles. Their love has prevailed through bad weather, lost rings, and missing priests!

Cutie Pie 2 You is missing the parental scenes. The finale includes one measly chat with Kuea's mom. Otherwise, the families are hardly involved in their children's big day. The series doesn't bother bringing back the actors who portrayed Lian's parents. Considering how Kuea and Lian's arranged marriage formed to bring their two families together, it should've been a notable topic. Kuea and Lian also don't mention the grandfather, even though he was a key figure who brought them together. Regrettably, the strong family themes in Season 1 don't carry into Season 2.

I knew Diao would catch the bouquet toss at the wedding. So expected lol. Cutie Pie 2 You drops hints that Diao and Yi have become settled in their domestic life. For example, their romantic date in Episode 2 consists of a cozy evening at home. Similarly, they arrive at events together and bicker about arriving too early or too late, like a married couple. The series has set the stage for them to also tie the knot. Later this year, Yi and Diao will get a spin-off called Naughty Babe. We'll see how their relationship takes form.

Lian puts his head on Kuea's thigh.

Kuea and Lian's wedding day sex scene is so funny to me. I was expecting a standard bedroom romp. Instead, their romantic encounter feels like a seven-minute abstract lovemaking performance. There's no dialogue, so you must decipher the characters' actions and expressions during each interaction. Leave it to Cutie Pie to take raunchy newlywed sex and turn it into an experimental art piece.

The couple explores each other's bodies intimately. At one point, Lian takes Kuea's hand and places it over his nipple. FEEL MY TENDER BOSOM! In another exchange, Lian rests his head on Kuea's thigh while facing a noticeable bulge in his groin. I CRAVE YOUR SAUSAGE! Oh my god, I almost choked during that moment. What am I watching!? Why are they performing interpretive eroticism!? I laughed my ass off at all of Kuea and Lian's over-the-top bedroom antics. Cutie Pie can be so hilariously camp sometimes! 😆

Cutie Pie Season 1


Season 1

Cutie Pie is the first season of Cutie Pie 2.

Cutie Pie 2 You is the sequel to Cutie Pie. The original series has 12 episodes. Cutie Pie Season 2 started airing on February 19, 2022 and ended its last episode on May 14, 2022. You should watch Cutie Pie before starting its second season, Cutie Pie 2 You.

Season 1 introduces the three BL couples and their relationship dynamics. The story focuses on Kuea and Lian, who have been in an arranged marriage since childhood. However, this couple faces trouble in paradise and wants to call off their engagement. Since its release, Cutie Pie has become a popular BL franchise. This polarizing series has drawn criticism due to its portrayal of a toxic romance. Despite this, many fans enjoy the cute relationships and the sizzling chemistry between the leads.


Naughty Babe is the spin-off of Cutie Pie.

Naughty Babe is the spin-off to Cutie Pie, focusing on Yi and Diao as the leads. This eight-episode series started on September 2, 2023 and ended on October 21, 2023. The story occurs several years after the events of Cutie Pie 2 You. The same actors reprise their roles in this installment. You should probably watch the first two seasons of Cutie Pie before beginning Naughty Babe.

Unfortunately, the Naughty Babe series suffers from idiotic storylines. There are too many outlandish plots, including memory loss, attempted murder, and family scheming. The events lack realism, making it hard to feel engaged with the drama. On the bright side, the couple shares steamy passion. There are also several amusing moments. Naughty Babe may be enjoyable if you treat it as campy entertainment.

Cutie Pie 2 You Music Video

Cutie Pie 2 You Information

Mandee Channel

Mandee Channel is the Thai BL studio that made Why R U (2020) and Cutie Pie (2022).

Mandee Channel is the Thai BL studio that made Why R U (2020) and Cutie Pie (2022). This company has a close business relationship with the entertainment agency, Domundi TV. They have co-produced various BL dramas together.


Aoftion Kittipat Jampa (อ๊อฟชั่น กิตติพัฒน์ จำปา) is a Thai director. He is in charge of making the 2022 series, Cutie Pie. It is his first BL project as a director. He also worked on the 2023 sequel, Cutie Pie 2 You.

  1. This brief sequel was fun for what it was, some nice BL fluff, some sexy scenes, and a happy ending with the wedding, but also had some good messages along the way, including support for SSM and not sacrificing your own dreams for another.

    But I just have to gush over what has to be my favorite scene in Cutie Pie 2, the bedroom scene in EP3 with Syn and Nuer. I don't know why, but this scene was both very sexy to me but also hilarious. I liked everything about it, from the "move to the next lesson," to the intimate aspects, to the humor. When Syn's clumsiness from his lack of intimate experience kept injuring Nuer (and in some delicate places :- ) led to trying to move to the next lesson, until finally Nuer gave up and decided to just cuddle, this led to some literal LOL moments for me.

  2. "Interpretive eroticism" lol, what a great phrase. I enjoyed your review so much more than I would the actual sequel. I found the first one stylish (there's no denying that Zee is a gorgeous human) but also equal parts tedious (the simping) and problematic (the controlling). It's interesting to learn that the team (over) course-corrected Lian's stalking impulses and gave Kuea a little more backbone this time, but I'm not going to watch it. I am still mourning my fave on-screen couple of all time, Zee and Saint. They burned the stage with their humor, character development, role-swapping, chemistry, and grit: sadly it seems we'll never see them together again due to the juggernaut that is ZeeNew.

  3. I must say that your reviews are more important to me because I always check your ratings for the dramas just after watching them. I also choose dramas based on your ratings, so thank you.

    About Cutie Pie 2, I think this is better than the first season because, in the first season, I didn't like most of the things except Nuer and Syn. Both 2 main couples had issues at first and I think this was better than that.

    Cutie pie 2 is better because it shows a more mature side than that childish teenager going after his childhood crush. And also they showed "choosing yourself over other things" because I wouldn't like it if Nu Kuea decided to just live at home with Lian forgetting all of his dreams saying his love for Lian is bigger than his love for dreams or something. Since both Zee and Nunew are more comfortable with each other, this season looks a bit better than the previous one. I loved how they showed Nuer and Syn's intimate scene in episode 3 more realistic.

    Episode 3 was funny thanks to them and it was more believable because Syn is new to everything, and it's not possible to be perfect when you're new to the relationship. I like how they portrayed it, Nuer being patient with Syn and deciding to just cuddle, cuz Syn needs more time. Yi and Diao also look more mature than those push-and-pull selves they had in the previous season. I think Yi having marriage in his mind itself is a huge achievement.

    So in my opinion this was better than Season 1.

  4. I mostly enjoyed these eps a lot since they were really cute and ofc all the couples have amazing chemistry, the soundtrack and then obviously Nuer and Syn. Also I laughed so hard with your comment on the ep 4 sex scene

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