Naughty Babe – Series Review & Ending Explained

Naughty Babe is a spin-off to the Thai BL series Cutie Pie.

Naughty Babe is the spin-off to the Thai BL series Cutie Pie, occurring several years after the original story. The main character is shocked and confused when his fiancé plans to leave him. He's involved in a car accident while searching for the runaway. After regaining consciousness, the protagonist pretends to have memory loss. His lover stays by his side to look after him. The couple rekindles their sparks as they heal from past trauma.

The nonsensical story in Naughty Babe is an incoherent trainwreck. From the fake memory loss to the convoluted family conflicts, most idiotic plots are too awful to ignore. The series shifts erratically between sinister drama and lighthearted fluff, succeeding in neither. With that said, I appreciate the immersive physical affection from the leads. A few campy moments are also amusing once I stop taking anything too seriously.

Naughty Babe Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2023)


7 hours

Total Episodes:

8 episodes




Naughty Babe is a spicy & romantic BL drama.


Yi and Diao are an engaged couple.

Yi comes from the wealthy Chen family, which owns multiple businesses. He helps his father run a race car circuit and a luxury auto dealership. A child of divorce, Yi's mother left her son while he was young. She has since remarried into another family. Yi grew up with his strict dad, who raised his child with tough love. Makorn placed high expectations on his son and rarely expressed his appreciation. Yi learned to bottle up his vulnerability.

Yi is engaged to Kon Diao. They have known each other since childhood. Both were involved in a devastating tragedy many years ago. Yi's father used to own a tiger, Lele, and raised the animal in his house. Young Yi sneaked into the cages to play with the tiger. However, he accidentally let the animal escape. The tiger leaped at Young Diao, who was playing nearby. Yi saved him just in time. The tiger shifted targets and mauled the caretaker instead. Both children witnessed the violent attack. Subsequently, the caretaker lost his vision.

The horrifying trauma made Diao forget his memories. He became a shell of his former self. Yi's father offered to compensate for his living expenses, including the tuition for his overseas education. Diao studied in the UK and met his best friend, Kuea. After graduation, Diao returned to Thailand and became a martial arts instructor for kids. Although many years have passed, Diao's father and wicked stepmother still demand regular payments from Yi's family. They continue using Diao's childhood trauma to extort money.

Yi also feels guilty about the attack. He vows to look after Diao for the rest of his life. Over the years, the two became romantically involved. Although Diao doesn't remember the tragedy, he fears Yi is only with him out of a moral obligation. Three years ago, the couple had gotten engaged with blessings from their families. However, Yi hesitates to schedule a wedding. Yi's procrastination causes doubts in Diao, who wonders if his fiancé loves him. Diao's fears worsen after he suspects Yi of cheating on him with other women.

As Diao's fears spiral out of control, he creates an elaborate plan to leave his fiance. With Kuea's help, Diao arranges a secret flight to Switzerland. Yi is frantic after discovering his lover's departure. He drives to the airport in the middle of the rainy night. However, he gets into an accident. Diao cancels his plans to leave after hearing about what happened. Yi survives the car collision with bodily injuries. Yet, he loses his memories and can't remember Diao. During Yi's recovery, Diao stays by his side to look after him. They rekindle their lost sparks while healing from past trauma.

Naughty Babe Cast



Max Kornthas Rujeerattanavorapan (แม็ค กรธัสส์ รุจีรัตนาวรพันธ์)

Yi is portrayed by the Thai actor Max Kornthas Rujeerattanavorapan (แม็ค กรธัสส์ รุจีรัตนาวรพันธ์).

Yi is the owner of a race car circuit and luxury auto dealership. He comes from a wealthy family. During his childhood, Yi's mischief caused a devastating accident. The trauma scarred Diao for life, making him lose his memories. Since then, Yi vowed to look after him. Yi became engaged to Diao three years ago. Yet, he hesitates to get married. Yi's best friend is Lian.

Max Kornthas Rujeerattanavorapan

Max Kornthas Rujeerattanavorapan (แม็ค กรธัสส์ รุจีรัตนาวรพันธ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on October 25, 1993.

Max Kornthas Rujeerattanavorapan (แม็ค กรธัสส์ รุจีรัตนาวรพันธ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on October 25, 1993. His first BL project is the 2020 series, Why R U? He also appears in Y-Destiny (2021), Close Friend (2021), Cutie Pie (2022), and Cutie Pie 2 You (2023). Max is the lead of the 2023 series, Naughty Babe.


Nat Natasitt Uareksit (ณฐ ณฐสิชณ์ เอื้อเอกสิชฌ์)

Diao is portrayed by the Thai actor Nat Natasitt Uareksit (ณฐ ณฐสิชณ์ เอื้อเอกสิชฌ์).

Kon Diao is a martial arts instructor for children. He is also Yi's fiance. When they were young, Yi's mischief caused a tiger to almost attack Diao. The horrifying incident traumatized Diao, making him lose his memories. His family demanded compensation from Yi's wealthy father for many years. Yi's dad paid for Diao's school tuition while studying in the UK. There, Diao met his best friend and roommate, Kuea.

Nat Natasitt Uareksit

Nat Natasitt Uareksit (ณฐ ณฐสิชณ์ เอื้อเอกสิชฌ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on August 8, 2002.

Nat Natasitt Uareksit (ณฐ ณฐสิชณ์ เอื้อเอกสิชฌ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on August 8, 2002. His first BL project is the 2020 series, Why R U? He appears in Y-Destiny (2021), Close Friend (2021), and Cutie Pie (2022). Nat is the lead of the 2023 series, Naughty Babe.

Supporting Cast

Kuea's actor is portrayed by the Thai actor NuNew Chawarin Perdpiriyawong (นุนิว ชวรินทร์ เพริศพิริยะวงศ์).


NuNew Chawarin Perdpiriyawong (นุนิว ชวรินทร์ เพริศพิริยะวงศ์)

Lian is portrayed by the Thai actor Zee Pruk Panich (ซี พฤกษ์ พานิช).


Zee Pruk Panich (ซี พฤกษ์ พานิช)

Makorn is portrayed by Thai actor Jab Penpetch Benyakul (เพ็ญเพ็ชร เพ็ญกุล).


Jab Penpetch Benyakul (เพ็ญเพ็ชร เพ็ญกุล)

Sattha is portrayed by Thai actor Bie Teerapong Leowrakwong (ธีรพงศ์ เหลียวรักวงศ์).


Bie Teerapong Leowrakwong (ธีรพงศ์ เหลียวรักวงศ์)

Aon is portrayed by Thai actor Est Supha Sangaworawong (เอส ศุภ สงวรวงศ์).


Est Supha Sangaworawong (เอส ศุภ สงวรวงศ์)

Nong is portrayed by a dog.


Nuea is portrayed by Thai actor Tutor Koraphat Lamnoi (ติวเตอร์ กรภัทร ลำน้อย).


Tutor Koraphat Lamnoi (ติวเตอร์ กรภัทร ลำน้อย)

Syn is portrayed by Thai actor Yim Pharinyakorn Khansawa (ยิม ปริญญากรณ์ ขันสวะ).


Yim Pharinyakorn Khansawa (ยิม ปริญญากรณ์ ขันสวะ)

Young Yi is portrayed by the Thai actor RoodBus Pakapon Tanphanich (ภคพล ตัณฑ์พาณิชย์).

Young Yi

RoodBus Pakapon Tanphanich (ภคพล ตัณฑ์พาณิชย์)

Young Diao is portrayed by Thai actor Kuma Punnathorn Pornprasit (คุมะ ปัณณธร พรประสิทธิ์).

Young Diao

Kuma Punnathorn Pornprasit (คุมะ ปัณณธร พรประสิทธิ์)

Lele is portrayed by a tiger.


Lele's caretaker is portrayed by a Thai actor.

Lele's caretaker

Chenne is portrayed by a Thai actor Bosszo Thawatchanin Darayon (บอสโสะ ธวัชนินทร์ ดารายน).


Bosszo Thawatchanin Darayon (บอสโสะ ธวัชนินทร์ ดารายน)

Chun is portrayed by Thai actor Chun Pachchun Hiranprateep (ชุณห์ ปัชชุน หิรัณประทีป).


Chun Pachchun Hiranprateep (ชุณห์ ปัชชุน หิรัณประทีป)

Sattaporn is portrayed by Thai actor Chane Tawatson Plengsiriwat (เชน ธวัชสรรค์ เปล่งศิริวัธน์).


Chane Tawatson Plengsiriwat (เชน ธวัชสรรค์ เปล่งศิริวัธน์)

Orn is portrayed by a Thai actress.


Tem is portrayed by Thai actor Gems Jassada Janmano (เจ็ม เจษฎา จันทร์มะโน).


Gems Jassada Janmano (เจ็ม เจษฎา จันทร์มะโน)

Tam is portrayed by Thai actress Mae Methakarn Anektanasuwan (เม เมธกานต์ เอนกธนะสุวรรณ).


Mae Methakarn Anektanasuwan (เม เมธกานต์ เอนกธนะสุวรรณ)

Yi's mom is portrayed by a Thai actress.


Chatchada is portrayed by a Thai actress.


Chatchanok is portrayed by Thai actress Fung Tussaporn Pattanapasai (ฟัง ทัศพร พัฒนภาศัย).


Fung Tussaporn Pattanapasai (ฟัง ทัศพร พัฒนภาศัย)

In is portrayed by a Thai actor.


Winner is portrayed by a Thai actor Kong Kongpob Jirojmontri (ก้อง ก้องภพ จิโรจน์มนตรี).


Kong Kongpob Jirojmontri (ก้อง ก้องภพ จิโรจน์มนตรี)

Jiew is portrayed by a Thai actor.


Khim is portrayed by a Thai actress Thanyaporn Waikittipong (ธันยพร ไวกิตติพงษ์).


Thanyaporn Waikittipong (ธันยพร ไวกิตติพงษ์)

Foei is portrayed by the Thai actor Poppy Ratchapong Anomakiti (ป๊อปปี้ รัชพงศ์ อโนมกิติ).


Poppy Ratchapong Anomakiti (ป๊อปปี้ รัชพงศ์ อโนมกิติ)

Cast Highlights

  • Many of the actors from Naughty Babe appeared in its predecessor, Cutie Pie (2022). They also played the same roles in the 2023 sequel, Cutie Pie 2 You.
  • The leads (Max and Nat) have supporting roles in the 2020 series Why R U? Lian's actor (Zee) is one of the leads in that drama. Additionally, they make a guest appearance in the 2023 Korean remake Why R U?
  • The actors portraying Nuer and Syn (Tutor and Yim) starred in the 2023 short series Our Winter. Yim and Sathaporn's actor (Chane) also have supporting roles in the 2023 office drama Bed Friend.
  • Aon's actor (Est) has a supporting role in the 2020 Thai BL series Love by Chance 2. Chenne's actor (Boss) is the lead of several BL series, including Hidden Love (2021) and What Zabb Man (2022).
  • Makorn's actor (Jab) has a supporting role in the 2022 drama The Warp Effect. He portrays the lead character's father.

Naughty Babe Review


Drama Review Score: 6.5

Yi and Diao share an intimate kiss.

Naughty Babe has too much outlandish drama. Its convoluted plots include memory loss, car crashes, attempted murder, family extortion, and tigers attacking children. The series begins ridiculously and becomes even more absurd as it progresses. The later episodes decline on a downward spiral of over-the-top nonsense. Not only are the storylines unrealistic, but Naughty Babe also lacks intelligence. All the illogical events and idiotic character motivations boggle my mind.

Beyond the outrageous melodrama, Naughty Babe fails to tell a coherent story. The choppy narrative gives vague and confusing explanations. I don't understand why the characters tell pointless lies, keep unnecessary secrets, or behave sketchily. The series also juggles too many different ideas. On the one hand, it wants to explore angsty childhood trauma and gritty family conflicts. On the other hand, it tries to include goofy humour and cheeky rom-com scenes. Instead of focusing on one topic comprehensively, Naughty Babe switches erratically between underdeveloped plots.

The most poignant scenes in Naughty Babe relate to Yi opening up emotionally. He overcomes his reserved nature and learns to communicate with his fiancé. Sadly, the nuances of his character development are lost amid the nonsensical plots. You won't pay attention to Yi's growth due to the annoyingly dumb drama surrounding him. The series also misses an opportunity to expand on the family dynamics. Yi and Diao have intriguing relationships with their fathers that deserve attention. Yet, Naughty Babe hardly spends time on meaningful storylines.

BL fans will respond favourably to the high volume of physical affection during the series. The leads have lengthy makeout sessions with deep smooches and lots of intimate body contact. Their encounter in Episode 3 occurs under dubious circumstances. The couple's verbal threats, physical aggression, and emotional manipulation seem problematic. Fortunately, the other exchanges are more romantic, including the exhilarating display of passion in the finale. The polished production values add elegance to these steamy scenes, making everything look stylish.

Diao's actor (Nat) has an angelic expression that pops on screen. However, he can't emote convincingly in dramatic scenes. I snickered when he collapsed theatrically in Episode 1, the opposite of what my response should be. Likewise, his costar (Max) struggles with his sincerity. He appears hammy, especially during the sex scenes. You can tell he's trying too hard to force his expressions instead of letting the reactions come naturally to him. The only decent cast members are Yi and Diao's fathers. They bring maturity and experience to their assured performances.

I stopped taking Naughty Babe seriously after the first few episodes. Instead of scrutinizing everything, I go along with the foolish antics and laugh at the preposterous twists. The series has some silly jokes, sentimental moments, and spicy encounters. I also like the last couple of scenes in the finale, wrapping up the love story nicely. While these bits and pieces don't make a great drama, I gain a tiny guilty pleasure from the amusing experience. Overall, I see Naughty Babe as trashy and mindless fun. It's best enjoyed when treated as campy entertainment


Outlandish story

Naughty Babe has an over-the-top story that becomes even more absurd as it progresses. From memory loss to attempted murder, the idiotic storylines lack realism and test my intelligence.

Passionate romance

The couple share passionate encounters throughout the series. They have deep, immersive kisses with intimate body contact. The dumb relationship drama often undermines their romance.

Insincere acting

Despite his angelic expressions, Diao's actor (Nat) cannot emote convincingly in dramatic moments. His costar (Max) appears insincere and too hammy, especially during the sex scenes.

Happy ending

Naughty Babe has a happy ending where Yi and Diao confirm their love for each other. The series concludes with sweet, sentimental scenes as they establish their future together.

Polished artistry

True to the Cutie Pie brand, this series comes with elegant production values. Everything looks gorgeous, from dazzling visuals to stylish settings. It feels like a sleek and modern BL drama.


Naughty Babe tells an incoherent story with too much dumb nonsense and ridiculous melodrama. The couple shares passionate encounters. You may enjoy the series as campy entertainment.

Naughty Babe Episodes

Episode Guide

Yi wraps his arms around Diao.

Naughty Babe has a total of 8 episodes. Each episode is around 45 to 50 minutes long. The last episode is around 55 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 7 hours. Naughty Babe started on September 2, 2023 and ended its last episode on October 21, 2023.

Naughty Babe is a spin-off to the 2022 Thai BL series, Cutie Pie. The story's events occur after Cutie Pie and its second season Cutie Pie 2.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Episode 1 Review
Diao pretends to be a cow.

The opening monologue compares Yi to a tiger, implying he masks his sadness and solitude beneath a tough facade. This vivid metaphor remains with me throughout the series. Yi is a surprisingly complex protagonist. Admittedly, his behaviour contains contradictions due to the inconsistencies in the writing. Nonetheless, Naughty Babe is compelling whenever it explores Yi's inner turmoil and reveals his vulnerability. Yi presents himself as cool, calm, and collected. Deep down, he represses the pain from his childhood trauma.

The flashbacks are supposed to show Yi & Diao's relationship deteriorating over the years. Yet, these vague scenes don't offer enough context. For instance, Diao finds Yi chatting with a random woman and suddenly accuses him of cheating!? That feels like an overreaction. Also, Diao's decision to break up with his fiancé should have been a significant event. Yet, the emotional impact is lost due to the choppy narrative. We don't see Diao communicate with his partner or do anything to revive their romance. He makes an extreme decision to leave Yi, but his rationale seems unclear.

This episode exposes the limitations of Diao's actor (Nat). Typically, he's decent when making cutesy expressions at the camera. Nat has an angelic face that appears innocent and sincere by default. However, the dramatic material challenges him. He can't pull off the emoting convincingly. His reaction to Yi's car accident is so comically theatrical that it elicits inappropriate laughter from me. Oh my god, that scene is way too over the top. There must be a better way to portray grief without making a hysterical spectacle.

Episode 2

Episode 2 Review
Diao remembers happy memories of Yi.

Oh wow, the flashback is chilling! While the series hinted that Yi and Diao suffered childhood trauma, I never imagined it'd be this intense. I had my hands over my mouth and exclaimed OMG when the caretaker fell to the ground. The tragedy is definitely over the top, but that makes it memorable. It's sad how a child's mischief inadvertently caused devastating consequences. At least Diao doesn't remember what happened, whereas poor Yi must carry this psychological burden.

I wish Naughty Babe would elaborate on the aftermath of the attack. The series offers several flashbacks, barely delivering any insights. It misses the opportunity to explore this emotional storyline. Forget the stupid memory loss plot or the evil uncle melodrama. Instead, highlight the repercussions of Yi and Diao's trauma. Show us how the protagonists coped and grew up with this devastating tragedy in their childhood. Also, the caretaker should've been more prominent. He lost his vision and his family after the attack. This character has a fascinating backstory that remains untold.

I don't understand the contract that Yi and Diao's families made with each other. If my son doesn't marry your son in five years, we get the land to your race circuit! Umm, what the hell? Why does this arrangement exist!? Stop using your children's love lives as bargaining chips in financial schemes! The annoying subplot adds an unnecessary complication to the story. Why do we need this ridiculous melodrama with the evil in-laws? Why not just focus on Yi and Diao working through the trust issues in their relationship?

Episode 3

Episode 3 Review
Lian puts his head on Yi's shoulder.

Yi and Diao's aggression disturbs me. I don't like seeing the couple be physically violent or verbally abuse each other. "I'll beat you to death" is a statement you should never utter to your romantic partner, not even in the heat of the moment. Their hostility ruins the vibe. Although they make out afterwards, I can't enjoy the romantic scenario due to my lingering discomfort. Before this episode, I didn't understand why Yi & Diao broke up. After witnessing their fight, I believe they shouldn't get back together.

The fake memory loss storyline is so stupid that it makes me laugh. Yi gives many reasons why he pretends to have amnesia. Yet, none of his justifications make sense to me. He also gains very little from this elaborate ruse. I don't understand the benefits of lying to his fiancé, but Yi insists on doing it anyway. The funniest part is that everyone sees through his transparent deceit. All the characters suspect he has recovered his memories. Diao knows, Lian and Kuea know, the dad knows, the assistant knows, and even the dog knows. Yi, drop the act! You aren't fooling anyone!

My favourite part of this episode is the Yi and Lian romantic fantasy. Their exchange only lasts a few seconds, but it's enough to fuel my delusional fantasies. This episode confirms that I WANT YI & LIAN ENDGAME!!! Yes, I ship them together~ 😚 I don't care about the official couples. Two seasons and a spin-off later, I've lost all interest in Kuea x Lian and Yi x Diao. These canon romances are so stale. It's time for a change! Give me an affair, a divorce, a husband swap, a foursome, or whatever it takes for Yi and Lian to hook up. I need this imaginary pairing BADLY!!!

Episode 4

Episode 4 Review
Yi and Diao are in bed together.

Kuea is acting like such a saboteur. I thought he'd be a supportive friend and encourage Diao to reconcile with his fiancé. Instead, Kuea has been stirring the pot for the past two episodes. He makes snide marks, plants seeds of doubt, and spreads rumours about Yi's unfaithfulness. Kuea is the biggest anti who secretly wants Diao to break up with his man. Kuea and Yi haven't interacted much, so their conflict is unexpected. It's funny seeing them get bitchy with each other, hehe~ 🤭

I wish Naughty Babe would've focused on Yi & Diao's friendly rivalry with Lian & Kuea. When these four characters are together, there's an exciting spark. Why not explore the relationship dynamics between the two couples? Show us more of the playful tensions between Yi and Kuea. Likewise, I want to see Diao and Lian share scenes together, establishing an unlikely rapport. With some imagination, Naughty Babe could've created fun storylines featuring the leads from both series. Instead, it wastes time on obnoxious drama with the evil family members. *sighs*

"Memories depend on our brains, but feelings depend on our hearts." Although this line is corny, I like how it sounds. One of Diao's concerns is that his fiancé only stays with him due to a guilty conscience. Diao worries Yi's love is a moral obligation in disguise. By faking his amnesia, Yi removes their complicated history. He creates a clean slate in their relationship without the emotional baggage. Yi uses this opportunity to prove his affection is sincere. He demonstrates his feelings for Diao aren't tied to any regrets. Yi still loves Diao, even if the past never happened.

Episode 5

Episode 5 Review
Yi and Diao kiss each other in the middle of the night.

I like the poignant scenes at the beginning of the episode. Yi has a momentous breakthrough by dropping his facade and revealing his vulnerability. After the childhood tragedy, Yi's coping mechanism is to repress his feelings. He acts tough to mask his sorrow. Diao shoulders his emotional burden and encourages him to open up. As a result, Yi finally frees himself from his demons. When Yi and Diao put band-aids on each other's wounds, that's a symbolic gesture. They're helping one another heal from their trauma.

Unfortunately, the rest of the episode is an unbearable mess. The plot shifts too much focus on Diao's evil relatives. Their constant plotting and scheming are dull to watch. Also, the story doesn't elaborate on Diao's relationship with his family. Show us a few face-to-face conversations or childhood flashbacks between Diao and his father. Help the viewers understand what their dynamic is like. Instead of portraying the dad as a one-dimensional villain, give him a nuanced characterization. Highlight his inner conflict about exploiting his son's trauma for financial gain.

I have a crush on Yi's father. What a sexy papa~ 🤤 I only tolerate the idiotic family feud storyline because of him. Throughout the series, I keep fantasizing about Yi's father, Diao's father, and Diao's uncle in an erotic love triangle. Daddy on daddy action! I also ship Makorn with the hot single parent from karate school. They should be a couple! Regardless of his partner, let's give Makorn his own BL drama. Imagine another spin-off called NAUGHTY DAD about a divorcé who has given up on love until he meets the perfect man. Ahhh, I need this imaginary series BADLY!!!

Episode 6

Episode 6 Review
Yi and Diao kiss while having sex.

Yi and Diao have made significant progress. Initially, Diao was concerned about their lack of sex life. In this episode, he no longer holds back his desires. Their steamy encounter flows with passion. You may also notice Diao's assertiveness during the exchange. He takes charge of all the movements and positioning. Diao's sexual liberation comes from resolving his doubts about Yi. Diao navigates physical intimacy confidently after feeling certain about his romantic partner.

Besides their physical connection, Yi and Diao grow closer emotionally. You may notice Yi's effort to be an attentive partner. Unlike before, he sits with Diao to discuss their wedding plans, showing his willingness to be more involved in their relationship. Likewise, Yi wants to display Diao's medals around the house, a positive affirmation of his partner's accomplishments. Most importantly, Yi doesn't repress his feelings anymore. He overcomes his reserved nature and learns to be more communicative. With Diao's support, Yi makes strides in his self-improvement journey.

Change isn't easy. Sometimes, Yi struggles to express himself. During the wedding photos, Yi is self-conscious about displaying emotions and smiling for the camera. This activity seems out of his comfort zone. Diao notices his awkwardness and offers gentle advice. He speaks soothingly to his partner, guiding him through the process. True to his word, Diao supports Yi when he feels vulnerable. I highlight this moment due to its simplicity. Contrary to the outlandish plots, Naughty Babe shines when conveying character development through down-to-earth interactions.

Episode 7

Episode 7 Review
Yi receives encouragement from his father.

I like the scenes with Yi and his dad. Growing up, Makorn was strict with his son and never gave him positive affirmations. Even after the trauma, he wouldn't comfort the crying child with a pat on the shoulder. Yi inherited his father's aloofness and maintained an emotionally distant relationship. Both men bottled up their feelings until Diao's soft, gentle personality thawed the barriers between them. Makorn drops his tough persona and express his parental love. They learn to be more sensitive.

Besides the one nice moment between Yi and his dad, the rest of the episode is mindless. The storyline with Diao's family is ridiculously melodramatic. Not only is the evil uncle sleeping with the stepmother, but he's the actual biological father to Tam and Tem! Furthermore, the characters run around abducting each other in broad daylight! Also,z the personal assistant is the caretaker's secret son! Yet, the series does nothing interesting after dropping this random revelation. Naughty Babe has deteriorated into a nonsensical trainwreck, proceeding without rhyme or reason.

Instead of the criminal shenanigans, I wish the storylines were more rooted in reality. Give us lighthearted plots with Yi and Diao planning their wedding. I want to meet their other loved ones. Show us Yi's relationship with his mother and sisters besides just one short scene in the finale. Also, let's introduce Diao's boarding school friends! Use them to flesh out his backstory of the period when he studied overseas. There are many storytelling opportunities to develop Yi and Diao's characters further. Yet, the series chooses to focus on dumb, outlandish melodrama.

Episode 7
Episode 8

Episode 8

Ending Review
Naughty Babe has a happy ending where Yi and Diao start their own family in the future.

Naughty Babe wastes half of the finale on a stupid wedding day hide-and-seek. These scenes are tedious and unnecessary. In the last episode, Makorn encouraged Diao to talk to his father into doing the right thing. I wish Diao had followed this advice instead of pulling a ridiculous stunt to void the contract. Imagine a heartfelt father-and-son conversation on the night before the wedding. The emotions in that exchange would've produced poignant family melodrama. 

Diao is so classy, showing grace and decency to his scumbag dad. Diao has justification to cut ties with him after all the awful things he has done. Yet, he chooses to take the high road. I'm glad Makorn has become almost like a surrogate father figure for Diao. He dotes on his son-in-law, taking him under his wing. Their conversation at the family breakfast is adorable since Makorn shows blatant favouritism toward Diao over Yi, hehe~ Even though Diao's birth father has failed him, Makorn fills the parental role with warmth and love.

Naughty Babe ends with a heartwarming final scene. After their wedding, the story showcases Yi & Diao's blissful domestic life in the future. They have started a family and become parents to two children. Oh my gosh, that's so sweet! Also, it's empowering to see two gay dads in a happy nuclear family unit. Same-sex marriage is already a progressive idea, but Naughty Babe pushes its social agenda further by embracing parenthood. I wish we could've seen more beyond just the epilogue. Give us additional scenes or storylines about the leads building a family.

Cutie Pie Series


Season 1

Naughty Babe is the spin-off to Cutie Pie.

Naughty Babe is a spin-off of Cutie Pie, a Thai BL drama released in February 2022. It is the original story that started the famous franchise. The first season focuses on Lian and Kuea, an engaged couple on the verge of a breakup. Diao and Yi also appear in this series as the secondary couple. However, they don't have as much prominence. Naughty Babe is the first drama that expands on their backstories.

In my opinion, Cutie Pie is a more enjoyable BL drama than Naughty Babe. The original story has glaring flaws with dumb plots and problematic romances. Nonetheless, the narrative is more cohesive. I may be frustrated sometimes, but at least I'm not left dumbfounded after each episode. Lian's actor (Zee) is also more charismatic and entices me as a leading man. Naughty Babe feels like the inferior product that doesn't replicate the same magic as the first season.

Season 2

Cutie Pie 2 You is the sequel of Cutie Pie.

Cutie Pie 2 You is the second season of Cutie Pie, airing in January 2023. It contains four episodes and continues the story after the original drama. You should watch Cutie Pie first, then Cutie Pie 2 You, and Naughty Babe afterwards. The Naughty Babe series occurs several years after the events of Cutie Pie 2 You. Watching the previous series will help you understand Yi and Diao's characters better.

Cutie Pie 2 You focuses significantly on getting married. Each episode focuses on the wedding preparations and some light drama surrounding it. The plot is insubstantial, missing an opportunity for more profound character development. Nonetheless, it's a cute sequel that wraps up the original love story satisfyingly. I also enjoy Cutie Pie 2 You more than Naughty Babe. At least the narrative is coherent and somewhat down-to-earth. In contrast, the spin-off frustrates me with its ridiculously outlandish melodrama.

Naughty Babe Information

Mandee Channel

Mandee Channel is the Thai BL studio that made Why R U (2020) and Cutie Pie (2022).

Mandee Channel is the Thai BL studio that made Why R U (2020) and Cutie Pie (2022). This company has a close business relationship with the entertainment agency, Domundi TV. They have co-produced various BL dramas together.


Aoftion Kittipat Jampa (อ๊อฟชั่น กิตติพัฒน์ จำปา) is a Thai director. He is in charge of making the 2022 series, Cutie Pie. It is his first BL project as a director. He also worked on the 2023 sequel, Cutie Pie 2 You.

  1. Lo único que hubiera valido la pena de esta serie es Makorn Chen -el papa de Yi- y su turbia historia amorosa, pero ignoraron totalmente eso y fue una decepción tras otra. Pero se agradece todo lo "naughty" que son los protagonistas 🤭🤭🤭

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