In Golden Blood, Sun is the bodyguard who vows to protect his young master Sky.

Golden Blood is a Thai BL series that focuses on the son of a mafia boss. With his life in imminent danger, the main character receives 24/7 security from a hunky bodyguard. Living together, the two of them form a connection while faced with constant threats and assassination attempts.

A crime drama mixed with BL elements is a potent combination, bringing two drastically different genres together in an exciting way. In Golden Blood, the adrenaline never stops with its action-packed plot, explosive twists, and an engaging relationship dynamic. Although the series relies heavily on familiar BL tropes, the formula works and it creates a pretty fun experience to watch.

Golden Blood Summary

What is the drama called?

Golden Blood รักมันมหาศาล

Where was the series made?


When was the drama released?


How long is Golden Blood?

Around 8 hours

What is the genre?

Crime drama

How would you describe the series?

Dramatic and intense

How many episodes are in Golden Blood?

8 episodes

How long is each episode?

Around 50 to 60 minutes


Sun almost comes close to kissing Sky.

Sky is the son of a powerful mafia boss. As an only child, he is cherished dearly by his overprotective father Phupa, who keeps a close eye on him. After starting university, Sky has moved out to live on his own. He enjoys his newfound freedom and independence, away from his father's controlling reach.

Lately, tensions have been escalating between Sky's dad and another mafia boss. His rival Sakkhee wants to sell drugs in his territory, but Phupa has a strict policy of not running any illegal businesses. Unable to come to an agreement, the two men grow increasingly hostile. Phupa expects Sakkhee to retaliate against him, mainly by hurting his son.

Against Sky's wishes, his father sends over a bodyguard to live with him. The bodyguard is a serious and stoic man named Sun, tasked with protecting his young master 24/7. Sun follows Sky everywhere he goes, even enrolling in the same classes. His duties go beyond just an ordinary bodyguard, since Sun also cooks, does the laundry, and drives Sky to school.

At university, Sky is joined by his best friend Bank and his two female classmates, Toktang and Juno. There's also Pitch, an older student who makes a terrible first impression, but later immerses himself in the group. In front of his friends, Sky makes Sun hide his bodyguard identity and pretend to be a distant relative instead. As the six of them spend time together, relationships begin to form. Toktang is fond of Sky, Juno has a crush on Sun, while Bank and Pitch develop a connection.

Initially, Sky finds his bodyguard a nuisance and doesn't treat him well. A turning point in their relationship occurs when Sky faces life-threatening danger from Sakkhee's assassins. Although Sun manages to protect him from harm's way, the near-death experience makes Sky appreciate his bodyguard's presence. Over time, Sky begins to warm up to Sun, showing him more empathy and compassion.

Golden Blood Trailer

Golden Blood Cast


Sky Gun Napat Na Ranong (ณภัทร ณ ระนอง) Gun Instagram

Sky is the precious son of a mafia boss. Currently an art student, he moved out of the house after starting university to escape his controlling father. When Sky is in a good mood, he can be caring, compassionate, and charitable. He's also prone to throwing spoiled tantrums occasionally though.

Sun Boat Tara Tipa (ธารา ทิพา) Boat Instagram

Sun is portrayed by the actor Boat Tara Tipa (ธารา ทิพา).

Sun is the bodyguard sent to live with Sky and protect him from the assassins. Serious and stoic, he doesn't express his emotions outwardly. Adopted from an orphanage at a young age, Sun was homeschooled and led a sheltered life. He is a strong and capable fighter, having trained in martial arts since childhood.

Bank Tenon Teachapat Pinrat (เตชพัฒน์ พิณรัตน์) Tenon Instagram

Bank is portrayed by the actor Tenon Teachapat Pinrat (เตชพัฒน์ พิณรัตน์).

Bank is Sky's childhood best friend. The two of them are both art students, attending the same school and classes. Bank has a goofy personality and often finds himself as the butt of a joke. He has a good sense of humour and can get along with almost everyone.

Pitch Sugus Buntawit Tragulpanich (ซูกัส บัณฑวิช ตระกูลพานิชย์) Sugus Instagram

Pitch is portrayed by Sugus Buntawit Tragulpanich (ซูกัส บัณฑวิช ตระกูลพานิชย์).

Pitch is a university upperclassman. Early on, he made awkward passes at Toktang and Juno, which made them uncomfortable. He also clashed with Sky and Bank. Later, Pitch clears the air with everyone and becomes friends with them. He forms an especially close relationship with Bank.

Supporting Cast

Toktang is portrayed by the actress Jane Jaytiya Naiwattanakul (เจติยา นัยวัฒนกุล).


Jane Jaytiya Naiwattanakul (เจติยา นัยวัฒนกุล)

Juno is portrayed by the actress Apple Lapisara Intarasut (ลาภิสรา อินทรสูต).


Apple Lapisara Intarasut (ลาภิสรา อินทรสูต)

Sky's father Phupha is portrayed by the actor Oat Voravudh Niyomsap (วรวุฒิ นิยมทรัพย์).


Oat Voravudh Niyomsap (วรวุฒิ นิยมทรัพย์)

Sakkhee is portrayed by the actor Thanayong Wongtrakul (ธนายง ว่องตระกูล).


Thanayong Wongtrakul (ธนายง ว่องตระกูล)

Trin is portrayed by the actor Danai Charuchinta (ดนัย จารุจินดา).


Danai Charuchinta (ดนัย จารุจินดา)

Shin is portrayed by the actor J-Dai Setthasitt Limkasiddej (เจได เศรษฐศิษฎ์ ลิ้มกษิดิ์เดช).


J-Dai Setthasitt Limkasiddej (เจได เศรษฐศิษฎ์ ลิ้มกษิดิ์เดช)

Cast highlights

  • The actor playing Sky (Gun) starred in the 2018 Thai BL drama Love By Chance and its 2020 sequel Love By Chance 2. He also stars in the 2023 fantasy drama The Luminous Solution.
  • Sakkhee's actor (Thanayong Wongtrakul) appeared in the BL franchise TharnType.
  • The actress playing Juno (Apple) featured in the 2020 wacky BL comedy YYY.

Golden Blood Review


Drama Review Score: 7.9

Sky and Sun go on a fun date together.

Golden Blood evokes a strong sense of deja vu, reminding me of several other BL series I've watched in the past. Imagine if someone took the bodyguard romance from Where Your Eyes Linger and merged it with the mafia plot from HIStory 3: Trapped. Like the popular dramas that it draws inspiration from, Golden Blood is exciting to watch. Although the story elements might seem familiar, everything is still thoroughly enjoyable. Each episode is a lot of fun, filled with exhilarating adventure and adrenaline.

The plot is straightforward and easy to follow, spelling out all the key events clearly. Even if the storylines aren't that sophisticated, you can still expect a twist or two along the way. There's rarely a slow moment in this action-packed series, from the well-choreographed fighting sequences to the sizzling romantic exchanges. When the characters aren't enjoying an intimate moment together, they're beating up bad guys, engaging in gunfights, and evading assassination attempts. While the mafia drama is prominent, it never feels overpowering and the real focus is on interpersonal relationships instead.

Since Sky and Sun don't start off as equals, there's a compelling power dynamic between the leads. Part of the journey is watching Sky warm up to his bodyguard and whittle away at Sun's emotional barriers. Their relationship scenes sometimes feel contrived, like a heavy hand is trying to engineer BL moments between the characters. Despite some clichés, this pairing is a fairly solid romance that goes through the usual ups and downs. I don't stan Sky and Sun hardcore, but I do like them enough as a couple.

Although the gangsters are the main antagonists of the series, Sky's father emerges as a villainous figure near the end. His controversial actions highlight how far parents would go to protect their children. I found Phupa's character interesting, particularly his sinister and manipulative relationship with Sun. Does he view Sun as merely an employee, or an adopted son, or a soulless vessel to protect his only child? Golden Blood missed an opportunity by not expanding upon their juicy dynamic more, because it could be rich with provocative drama.

Unfortunately, Golden Blood has a couple of failings that hold back the series from top-tier excellence. One, Sky's actor (Gun) gives a lousy performance, trying too hard to exert his emotions during the important scenes. Two, the subplots with the female love interests are boring and there's little reason to care about them. Three, Sun's characterization is unsatisfying. He lacks all sense of agency, hardly stands up for himself, and doesn't exhibit any free will. His trauma needs to be explored more deeply, but it gets glossed over instead.

Nevertheless, my experience with Golden Blood remains pretty positive. I'm tolerant towards its various flaws and don't believe they tarnish the quality of the series. With an intriguing plot and a dazzling romance, the content is strong enough to keep me entertained throughout all eight episodes. As far as BL crime dramas go, Golden Blood is a welcomed entry to this genre and represents the niche triumphantly.


Entertaining story
Sun is a bodyguard sent to protect Sky from danger.

Golden Blood isn't particularly deep, but it's fast-paced, action-packed, and entertaining. While there's some crime drama in the background, the story mainly focuses on the budding relationship between Sky and Sun. On one hand, we have the spoiled and privileged mafia brat. On the other hand, we have the serious and emotionless bodyguard. These two drastically different personalities have a compelling dynamic that creates a lot of fun scenarios.

As Sky and Sun try to lead an ordinary life as university students, they are faced with extraordinary danger from various henchmen, gunmen, and assassins. There's danger around every corner and it's up to Sun to protect his young master's life each time. In a way, Sky is like the damsel in distress and Sun is the hero who always comes to his rescue. All the fighting sequences are great showcases for Sun's character, who gets cooler and more attractive with every bad guy he beats up. 😎

Logically speaking, I'm sure there are plenty of plot holes in the narrative. I try my best not to overthink the story too much, preferring to enjoy the simple thrills of the journey. Golden Blood works best when you immerse yourself into whatever shenanigans they throw at you. The more chaotic the drama, the more fun and entertaining this series gets!

Mafia drama
Golden Blood is a mafia drama and involves lots of gangster feuds.

To this date, we still haven't gotten an exceptional BL crime drama that defines the genre, at least to my knowledge. HIStory 3: Trapped is one of the first to set a precedence and it definitely broke many barriers. Even though the story leaves a lot to desire, that BL drama reveals the possibilities when it comes to BL and crime stories.

Golden Blood is better in terms of storytelling, yet doesn't hit the mark perfectly. All the mafia drama is kept on a pretty superficial level. The plot is easy to follow, but it doesn't go any deeper than ~these bad guys are trying to kill you~. Even though Golden Blood is a solid addition to the BL crime genre, it isn't revolutionary and doesn't set a new standard of quality.

Maybe one day, we'll finally get an incredible BL crime series that can be described as epic. I am aware of KinnPorsche, an upcoming Thai drama with lots of buzz and controversy, although there's uncertainty whether that series will see the day of light. The road to producing excellent BL is long and uncertain. For now, I'll settle for Golden Blood, but I'm hoping to see something even better from this genre in the future.

Fighting sequences
There are fighting sequences in Golden Blood.

One thing Golden Blood has that you don't often see in BL is the fighting sequences. The characters, mainly Sun, engage in various physical brawls and violent gunfights throughout the drama. Nothing super complex of course, but these fights are still choreographed thoughtfully. They go beyond just throwing a few punches and kicks.

Sometimes, the fights would take place underwater. They might involve female assassins. Or there're security guard costumes in play. The creativity isn't bad and the scenes add some interesting variety to the usual BL fanfare.

The fighting also introduces a sense of danger to the storylines. I actually feel like Sky's life is at actual risk, because you never know when an assassin might be lurking around the corner. It's an element of excitement and surprise in the plot, never knowing when the next assassination attempt on his life will come.


Sky and Sun
Sky and Sun have sex for the first time.

As a couple, Sun and Sky don't have the healthiest relationship. There's almost too much drama between them, especially in the beginning and near the end. The conflicts between them become pretty volatile, and Sky treats Sun in an appalling way sometimes. Sun also doesn't stand up for himself, taking whatever verbal or physical abuse as if it's just ~part of the job~.

On their good days, Sun and Sky can show a lot of affection towards each other. From dreamy romantic dates to intimate homemade meals, they are as BL as a BL romance gets. Around the midway point, Sun and Sky behave so much like a couple that it seems silly when they won't be outright with their feelings for each other. After the first kiss, their relationship spirals downhill and the unpleasant conflict returns again.

The couple goes through such extreme highs and extreme lows that I'm left with a mixed reception about them. Yes, their romantic arc is exciting, but it's also emotionally exhausting. Even when they get back together in the end, I find myself dubious, questioning whether they are right for each other. As much as I enjoy some of their romantic moments, I'm not completely on board with this couple.

Bank and Pitch
Bank and Pitch develop a romantic relationship in Golden Blood.

To be honest, I'm still not sure how I feel about Bank and Pitch. They are a strange pair. Both characters are oddballs and their scenes are all over the place. There's no rhyme or reason to how their relationship progresses. On paper, Bank and Pitch shouldn't work as a couple. Yet, they are oddly compatible and end up with a romance that's quite sweet.

The main reason why I feel apprehensive about this couple is Pitch, who left a bad first impression with his character introduction. In the beginning, he came across as such a sleaze, hitting on the girls and making them uncomfortable. Weirdly, he somehow integrated himself into this group of friends, like an awkward uncle sitting with the cool kids at school. Pitch remained an inexplicable presence throughout the series, and I must admit that I never got used to him.

As comic relief characters, they keep the mood light and their scenes aren't meant to be taken seriously. Still, I am confused by their sheer randomness sometimes. I can't tell whether they're flirting, have no idea what they see in each other, and don't understand most of their interactions. Nonetheless, Bank and Pitch are kinda charming in their quirky, offbeat way. By the time the series ends, my opinion of this couple is positive, even though I can't really figure out why. 😅

Sun and Juno
Juno is quite assertive in pursuing Sun.

Juno and her friend Toktang feel like such disposable characters. I know that female love interests are faced with an uphill battle in BL, but a well-written drama can still turn them into compelling figures at the heart of the story. Sadly, that is not the case with Golden Blood, which cares little about their two female characters.

Juno and Toktang only exist to have one-sided crushes on the leads. Their storylines aren't interesting because it's so evident that Sun and Sky have ZERO inclination towards them. The only time Sky pays attention to Toktang is to make Sun jealous, which is honestly kind of a dick move. Otherwise, these girls are paper-thin plot devices and contribute nothing else to the story.

At least Juno's character has more of a defined personality than poor Toktang. However, Juno's aggressiveness in pursuing Sun is off-putting. How many times can you throw yourself at a guy who looks like he wants to recoil from your touch? I can only cringe from second-hand embarrassment so much before the scenes start to get repetitive and annoying.


Poor acting
Sky's actor isn't that strong in the crying scenes.

Oh dear. I'm sorry to say that Sky's actor (Gun) is the weak link in the cast. He's almost passable in the casual interactions, but his performances are pitiful during the emotional moments. He can't get angry convincingly and he's even worse at making a crying face. It's unfortunate that his character has the most demanding scenes, none of which the actor can pull off.

To be fair, I don't think the other actors in Golden Blood are that good or that bad. Everyone else is hovering around the same level of averageness, which makes Sun's actor stand out even more like a sore thumb. His inability to emote detracts the viewer's attention and brings down the effectiveness of certain scenes. Some storylines definitely would've resonated better with a stronger lead actor at the helm.


Happy ending
Sky and Sun become a couple six years later.

Golden Blood has a happy ending where Sun and Sky become an official couple. However, their romance doesn't start right away. Instead, they spent six years apart because Sky's father wanted to test their love for each other. Convinced their feelings would fade over time, the dad forced Sky to study overseas and make no contact with Sun in the meantime. If they still want each other after six years, then Sky's dad will give his blessing.

Despite the outrageous request, Sun and Sky agree to his terms. Before parting ways, the two of them enjoy some romantic time with various product placements and each other. Yes, gotta plug those adverts! All kidding aside, they do have a lovely date, led by an intimate kiss, which is then followed by a steamy romp under the covers. In the next morning, Sun has disappeared from the house, but not before cooking one last breakfast for his young master.

Afterwards, Sky leaves to study in Japan and Sun continues to work under his boss. The two of them don't even maintain a long-distance relationship. However, the absence hasn't made their feelings subside over the years. When Sky returns, the dad finally relents and Sun is reunited with his lover underneath the stars.

Ending review
Sky and Sun kiss plenty of times throughout the Golden Blood episodes.

Golden Blood's ending won me over with all the romance scenes they crammed in the final episode. I can overlook any plot holes or inconsistencies in the story as long as you gimme some adorable BL content. Yes, I ~am~ that shallow. 😙 Granted, I would've preferred if these scenes were distributed more evenly throughout the series. Nevertheless, I'll take whatever BL material I can get!

In the past few episodes, the main characters went through lots of agony, so it's refreshing to just enjoy some sweet intimate exchanges between them. There was a decent amount of kissing, hugging, and product plugging. Although Sky's father imposed a stupidly dumb rule on them, I was never concerned the leads wouldn't end up together. We were obviously headed towards a happy ending. Keeping them apart just seemed like another test for Sun and Sky, which they were definitely going to pass.

Their final reunion scene was adorable and resonated with me. I liked the part where Sky told Sun to call him by his name instead of "young master", a symbolic reminder that they're now equals in the relationship. Also, the moment when they joined their heart necklaces together was such a lovely way to conclude the series. As cheesy as it was, I'm a total sucker for schmaltzy gestures like this. 😙

Golden Blood Analysis



Sun is touched when Sky gives him roses.

Sun is the most interesting figure in Golden Blood. With that said, I'm not entirely happy with his characterization. If this drama was more well-written, I'd have no problems writing endless passages about every facet of his personality. Unfortunately, he isn't explored with enough depth and remains quite stagnant throughout the series. Sun ends up being a complex character who never reaches his fully realized potential.

Nonetheless, I still have a lot to say about him! Sun is a tragic figure dealt with unfortunate odds in life. He is an orphan adopted by a manipulative man, who introduced him to a life of crime at a young age. Sun got homeschooled, which meant he was sheltered and kept away from other kids his age. He spent his time playing with a Rubik's cube, his only source of entertainment. Growing up in the mafia, his childhood is far from happy or normal.

The saddest part about Sun is that he rarely experiences kindness in his life. He seemed genuinely touched when Sky gave him the roses, cherishing them as if those flowers were the first gift that Sun ever received. Perhaps the biggest act of generosity is being adopted by Phupa, who provides him with a comfortable home. It explains why Sky is so grateful towards "Father" and seems wholly devoted to him. Sun is not used to people being nice to him, so he feels disproportionately attached to those who treat him well.

Sun's personality

Sky convinces Sun to smile more often.

When we first meet Sun, he doesn't appear to be the friendliest guy. A man of few words, his character seems curt, gruff, and distant. It isn't his intention to be rude. The problem is Sun has been so deprived of normal socialization and he can't talk to people articulately. Sun might know how to throw a punch or cook an egg benedict, but he's unfamiliar with social etiquette. This guy doesn't talk because he has no idea what to say.

Sun's discomfort in social settings is quite evident during the university scenes. The other students are having conversations and making friends, whereas he's always silent in the background. In fact, Sun looks the most terrified when he's asked to dance at the school orientation, more so than when he was facing bad guys with a gun! The social anxiety is real, y'all~

Over time, Sun becomes more comfortable with expressing himself. A lot of his progress is thanks to Sky, who does his best to bring Sun out of his shell. He encourages Sun to relax, smile more, and participate in activities outside of his comfort zone. Sky doesn't drastically change Sun, who still maintains a shy and serious personality. However, at least Sun seems more at ease socially than he was at the beginning, all because of Sky's influence.

Sun's destiny

Sun is adopted from the orphanage.

Being adopted means a lot to Sun, and it's perhaps the most significant moment in his life. We don't know his experiences in the orphanage, but he seems eternally grateful about his new lifestyle. Sun's loyalty to his Father is never in question. Think back to the conversation in Episode 1, where Sky doesn't want others to know about his dad's mafia job, and Sun immediately jumps to Phupa's defense. That moment is a good example of how much Sun respects and idolizes the man who adopted him.

Despite his hidden agenda, there's an altruistic element to Phupa's actions, raising an orphan child and giving him a cozy home. I can understand why Sun would feel indebted to his Father, who has taken good care of him. However, Phupa doesn't adopt this kid out of the pure goodness in his heart. He already has a child at home and Sky will always be his top priority. After adopting Sun, he leaves most of the childcare duties to his henchman. Shin is the one who knows Sun best, shows more emotional attachment, and acts as a father figure towards him.

Phupa treats his adopted child like the star employee in his organization. There's a stark contrast between how much he dotes on Sky and how strict he is with Sun. While Sky grew up with privilege, Sun's childhood was filled with fighting lessons so that he could become a killing machine as an adult. Sun's life was dictated from the moment he got adopted. He'd grow up, learn to fight, and work for the mafia. Even though Sky has the freedom to study art and travel abroad, Sun was groomed and conditioned to a life of gang violence.

Sun's blood

Sun and Sky share the same rare blood type.

Golden blood refers to the rarest blood type in the world. Very few people have this blood type, making it extremely difficult to obtain more blood in medical emergencies. The three characters who have golden blood are Sky, his mother, and Sun. After his wife died of severe blood loss, Sky's father decided to adopt Sun, treating him like a backup container of golden blood. Every three months, Sun is forced to donate some of his blood, which will be stored for future use if Sky needs it.

I don't endorse what Phupa does, but I understand that his actions come from a place of love, fear, and trauma. He loved his only son, feared losing him in the same way as his wife, and still felt traumatized from the circumstances of her death. This is a man driven to extremes by desperation, hoping to avoid another personal tragedy. He'll do anything to protect Sky, even if it means adopting another child just to extract his blood.

Sun is the biggest victim of this outrageous scheme. He is treated like livestock instead of an actual human, only being raised to harvest his golden blood. The saddest part is that Sun doesn't recognize his exploitation. He still sees Phupa as a generous man who raised him in a comfortable home, keeping him healthy and well-fed. From Sun's perspective, donating some blood is a small price to pay for his luxuries. His blind loyalty makes him ignorant of his own suffering.

Ironically, Sun survives a near-death experience because of all the blood that he donated over the years. His character is the one that suffers major blood loss, but he's fortunate enough to have a good supply already available. The same precious golden blood originally stored for Sky is now used to save Sun's life instead.

Sun and Phupa

Sky's father opposes the relationship between his son and his bodyguard.

Phupa's relationship with Sun intrigues me on various levels. Let's start with the fact that he insists on making Sun call him "Father". What's up with that? I suppose it's an endearing term for an orphaned child, helping him get acclimated to a foreign home environment. Like hey kid, I'm your new dad now!

At the same time, there's an undercurrent of manipulation, as if Phupa wants to instill his authority into Sun's psyche at a young age. I'm your Father, so you better listen to me and do everything I say! This sinister power dynamic is present even after Sun grows up. Notice how bizarrely subservient his character is, never daring to step out of line. Even when Phupa sends Sky to study overseas, Sun doesn't really fight back, obeying his master and just accepting his fate.

While Sun views his Father with complete admiration, Phupa's feelings are more opaque. He always speaks of Sun highly, praising his competence and reliability. There's enough confidence to entrust Sky's safety in this man's care. Yet, Phupa's respect only goes so far, keeping Sun at arm's length like he's one of his employees. He has no trouble threatening Sun with a gun, reminding him that his life is disposable. But when Sun is in actual peril, Phupa doesn't hesitate to exchange the golden blood to save him.

Phupa's relationship with Sun is a complicated dynamic, one riddled with contradictions. His altruism in adopting an orphan is motivated by self-interest to exploit this child for his blood. His incredible displays of compassion are offset by a history of extreme heartlessness. Both a despicable villain and a devoted guardian, there's a lot of moral ambiguity in this character's complex duality.

Sun's trauma

Sun remains subservient to his father figure throughout the series.

Sun is a traumatized character who grew up in an abnormal environment with an unhealthy childhood. This trauma is so deeply rooted inside him that he has a distorted view of his relationships. He's blindly loyal to the only man who showed him kindness, thus overlooking all his exploitations and abuses. He claims to "owe" his life to Sky's father, so there's no fear of putting himself in danger based on his employer's command.

Unfortunately, Sun never breaks out of this trauma during the series. He remains wholly committed to his master, carrying out all the commands without defiance. Sun shows little autonomy, so bounded by his employer's duties that he doesn't develop independent thoughts of his own. When Phupa forbids the two guys from dating, Sun's line of thinking is "I'll wait for him to change his mind" instead of "Screw this old controlling geezer! You aren't the boss of my love life!"

Not only does Sun feel gratitude towards his adopted father, but his entire career is dependent on Phupa. If Sun makes the reckless decision to defy his boss, he might risk losing all the stability in his life. He wouldn't have a job, a home, or a "family" anymore. I believe Sun is haunted by the fear of being alone, much like how life was before his adoption. His trauma runs so deep that he's utterly codependent on Sky's father. Sun can't imagine life without his support system, no matter how much he is mistreated.

Golden Blood Episodes

Episode Guide

Golden Blood has a total of 8 episodes. Each episode is around 50 to 60 minutes long. The last episode is around 60 minutes long. This is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in approximately 8 hours. Golden Blood started on June 23, 2021 and aired its last episode on August 11, 2021.

Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 3


Episode 4


Episode 5


Episode 6


Episode 7


Episode 8


⭐ Best episode

Episode 3

Sky and Sun wear animal hats on their date.

Episode 3 mainly focused on the cute date between the main characters. Sky booked some low-rent amusement park to spend the day with Sun, and it was filled with lots of adorable moments. The best part is definitely the animal hats. The prop department needs a pat on the back because these hats are super cute.

Although most of the episode is sweetness overload, it suddenly turns dramatic when the assassins infiltrate their date. We get some pretty cool fighting sequences, including a hilarious underwater brawl. The episode ends with Sun falling unconscious, until Sky brings him back to life with a magical CPR kiss. 😙

💕 Most romantic episode

Episode 2

Sky gives roses to Sun as a gift.

Episode 2 marked a turning point in Sky and Sun's romance as their relationship significantly improved. The first romantic moment came when Sky bought a bunch of red roses for Sun. Although Sky was pretty drunk at the time, it was still a surprisingly pleasant gesture that made me see his character in a new light. Up until now, Sky acted like a huge spoiled brat, but this scene kinda redeemed him and showed a more altruistic side to his personality.

Later in the episode, Sky got attacked at the school and Sun incurred serious injuries during the fight. The near-death experience was a wake-up call for Sky, who started appreciating how much Sun risked his life to protect him. The tables got turned as Sky became the one to take care of his bodyguard. We get a cute cooking scene, a sweet dining scene, and an intimate bedroom scene where Sky tends to Sun's injuries.

Overall, Episode 2 is a fantastic episode that changed Sky and Sun's relationship dynamic positively. Sky treated his bodyguard with more compassion than before, while Sun let his guard down and stopped being such a tough guy all the time. It was a promising start to their romance and one of the episodes in Golden Blood that I really enjoyed.

😭 Tearjerker episode

Episode 7

Sky and his father have a heart-to-heart chat in the hospital.

Episode 7 was filled with intense drama. In the beginning, there's a lot of relationship turmoil, because Sun and Sky still aren't on good terms with each other. Later, a chaotic fight breaks out, which results in Sun getting shot as he saves Sky's life. Sun loses a lot of blood and comes close to dying in the hospital. Although he has a rare blood type, his character gets saved from the verge of death because of all the blood he had donated.

The tearjerker moment came during the hospital conversation between Sky and his father. Sky became curious about where the blood came from, forcing the dad to admit that it was his doing. He adopted Sun solely because of his blood type, and forced him to extract his blood as "backup" in case his son has an emergency. His actions came after his wife's death, because she also suffered major blood loss and couldn't get enough supply on time. Sky's father was determined to not let the same tragedy befall his son.

Sky is completely outraged, calling out his father on his cruelty. The exact term he used to describe Sun was "caged animal", which is honestly pretty accurate. 😔 Golden Blood reaches its emotional climax in this scene, which is bursting with provocative emotions. For all its numerous action sequences, the quiet drama between two family members is the most emotionally compelling moment of the series.

💋 Episodes with kissing

Episode 3, 5, 6, 7, 8

Sky and Sun share their first kiss in Episode 6, but it doesn't end well.

There's a lot of kissing in Golden Blood! Technically, the first kiss between Sun and Sky came in Episode 3 during the CPR, but I don't know if that counts. The real kiss between them comes in Episode 6 when Sky confesses his love during the camping excursion. It's a beautiful moment as they gaze at the stars together, although a lot of annoying drama follows afterwards. The two of them kiss multiple times throughout Episode 8 after they get together.

As for the other couple, Bank and Pitch technically had their first kiss in Episode 5. However, the moment was kinda weird and got disrupted because Pitch had a nosebleed. A more intimate kiss came in Episode 6 when Pitch suddenly kissed Bank in the camping tent. There was some drama afterwards, but it got cleared up in the same episode. Finally, the two of them shared another kiss in Episode 7 after becoming a couple.

💪🏻 Episodes with skin

Episode 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8

Sun has many shirtless scenes throughout Golden Blood.

Both lead actors go topless right away in the first episode. Sky has a memorable incident in the shower, and Sun walks in on him naked to "protect" his young master. Later in the episode, Sun has a sweaty and oily workout without his shirt on. It must be noted that Sun's actor looks sexy as hell during the series, reaching his peak physical hotness. I approve of his copious amounts of shirtless scenes in Golden Blood. 🥵

In Episode 2, there's a weird scene where Pitch strips off all of Bank's clothes, because he doesn't want to get his bed dirty. Hmm, if you say so. 🤨 Bank goes topless again in Episode 5, whereas Pitch remains clothed throughout the entire series.

Shin (the dad's bodyguard) has a shirtless scene in Episode 3 during a flashback. Other instances of shirtlessness include Episode 2 with Sun, Episode 4 with Sky, and Episode 8 with both characters as they have sex for the first time.

👨🏻‍🤝‍👨🏻 Episodes as a couple

Episode 6-8

Sky and Sun finally become a couple in Episode 8.

Bank and Pitch become a couple in Episode 6 and they stay together for the rest of the series. They come out to all their friends in Episode 8.

Meanwhile, Sun and Sky don't become a couple until the final episode. Due to Sky's father, they had to spend six years apart with no communication to "test" their love for each other. The two of them did as they were told, reuniting years later after Sky returned from his overseas studies. With proof of their unwavering feelings, they finally got the dad's blessing to start a romance together.

Golden Blood Information

Good Feeling Company Limited

Good Feeling Company is the Thai Studio that made Golden Blood (2021). It is also one of the production companies that worked on Lovely Writer (2021).

Good Feeling Company is the Thai Studio that made Golden Blood (2021). It is also one of the production companies that worked on Lovely Writer (2021).

  1. BLW's analysis of this show is on point, as usual. I especially agree that there could have been a lot more unpacking of the relationship between Phupa and Sun. If Sun's blood was so valuable, why did they train him to be a bodyguard and throw him in harm's way all the time? Following that logic, wouldn't you be protecting his body (if not heart and mind) at all costs? I want to see Sun grow as a person, not just in a relationship with Sky whom he's hardwired to idolize. I am glad they are reunited, but what's next for them? Sky takes over the mysterious family business (non-narco mafia?) and Sun keeps working security, they both keep banking blood for when one of them gets shot? Also, when will BLW review KinnPorsche?

  2. And another thing: if Sun and Sky grew up in the same house with the same legal guardian, how is it that they never met?

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