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Let's Talk About Chu is a Taiwanese series about three siblings in a dysfunctional family.

Let's Talk About Chu is a Taiwanese series about three siblings and their relationship drama. The main character is the youngest child in her family. She clashes with her traditional parents, who condemn her independent streak and sex positivity. Her married sister faces pressure to have kids, while her gay brother seems secretive about his life. The protagonist begins a casual fling with her friend. She doesn't want them to develop serious feelings.

I'm entertained by Let's Talk About Chu, a bold series about relationships and family dynamics. The characters don't always act in their best interests, but their dysfunctional drama provides eventful storylines. I admire the candid approach toward sex by removing its stigma. Also, the entire cast gels well together and portrays their roles well. While the gay romance doesn't take centre stage, the likeable couple goes on a fun journey.

Let's Talk About Chu Summary



Series Info:

Taiwan (2024)


7 hours

Total Episodes:

8 episodes




Let's Talk About Chu is a spicy & romantic drama.


Yu Sen and Yueh have feelings for each other.

Ai is an aspiring content creator who posts videos under her channel, "Let's Talk About Sex". Her vlogs contain progressive ideas about sex positivity. However, Ai is relatively unknown and has a small online following. Away from the spotlight, Ai's day job is at a beauty salon. She helps people wax their bodies, although her mom doesn't see the work as respectable or glamorous.

Ai is the youngest child in the Chu family. She lives with her older brother, Yu Sen. Their tiny apartment has a foul odour, but they have gotten used to the smell. Ai often borrows money from Yu Sen and never pays him back. Ai and Yu Sen have an older sister, Wei. This aspiring author works at the university library. Her husband, Shih Chieh, is a professor. Wei fell in love with Shih Chieh while she was his student. Since then, they have gotten married. The couple has no kids, although Wei's mother pressures her daughter to raise children.

Ai's parents have been married for over thirty years. Her dad, Cheng Nan, operates a factory is in Indonesia. Although Cheng Nan handles the finances, his wife makes all the decisions at home. Mei Chih is an opinionated matriarch who constantly meddles in her children's lives. She wants Ai to quit making videos and find a better job. Due to her desire for grandchildren, she imposes fertility strategies on Wei. Mei Chih knows Yu Sen is gay, but she doesn't interfere with his love life. Yu Sen's sexuality is a taboo topic among his traditional parents.

Ai recently began a casual fling with Ping Ke, an old friend from her university days. Despite their sexual compatibility, she doesn't want to date him. Ai enjoys her independence and prefers to be friends with benefits. However, Ai brings Ping Ke to a family dinner and introduces him as a boyfriend. She wants to appease her mom, who is buzzing over her daughter's love life. Ai lies about Ping Ke's career. In reality, he's unemployed and lives on his family fortune. Yet, Ping Ke has a distant relationship with his dad.

Yu Sen has lied to his parents about his career. They think he works an office job. However, he secretly makes money from poker games. His impressive winning record has caught the eye of Yueh, a loan shark who wants to recruit him. Yu Sen is also in a relationship with Henry, but they have drifted apart recently. Meanwhile, Wei has doubts about her marriage to Shih Chieh. He seems tired after work and doesn't satisfy her sexually. Wei worries her husband may be having an affair.

Let's Talk About Chu Cast



Chan Tzu Hsuan (詹子萱)

Ai is portrayed by the Taiwanese actress Chan Tzu Hsuan (詹子萱).

Ai works at a beauty salon and waxes bodies for a living. She's an aspiring influencer who posts sex education videos. She wants to be famous, but her online following is insignificant. Ai is the youngest child in the Chu family. Her independent streak clashes with her parents' traditional views. Ai's mother constantly pressures her to find a better job instead of creating crass videos.

Chan Tzu Hsuan

Chan Tzu Hsuan (詹子萱) is a Taiwanese actress. She is born on July 16, 1997.

Chan Tzu Hsuan (詹子萱) is a Taiwanese actress. She is born on July 16, 1997. She is the lead of the 2023 drama, Let's Talk About Chu.

Yu Sen

JC Lin (林哲熹)

Yu Sen is portrayed by Taiwanese actor JC Lin (林哲熹).

Yu Sen is the middle child and only son in the Chu family. He lives with his younger sister in a shabby apartment. He's dating Henry, but their relationship seems distant recently. Yu Sen's parents know he is gay, but his sexuality remains a taboo topic during family visits. He has lied to them about his career. Instead of working an office job, he makes money in poker games. Yu Sen is occasionally affected by his asthma.

JC Lin

JC Lin (林哲熹) is a Taiwanese actor. He is born on December 16, 1991.

JC Lin (林哲熹) is a Taiwanese actor. He is born on December 16, 1991. His first BL project is the 2021 movie, Moneyboys. He also plays a gay character in the 2024 drama, Let's Talk About Chu.


Kimi Hsia (夏于喬)

Wei is portrayed by Taiwanese actress Kimi Hsia (夏于喬).

Wei is the oldest child in the Chu family. She works as a university librarian. In addition, she's an aspiring author working on a new book. Wei is married to Shih Chieh, a professor at her school. They fell in love while she was a student in his class. The couple is currently childless, but Wei's mom wants her daughter to have kids.

Kimi Hsia

Kimi Hsia (夏于喬) is a Taiwanese actress. She is born on August 24, 1984.

Kimi Hsia (夏于喬) is a Taiwanese actress. She is born on August 24, 1984. She is one of the leads in the 2024 drama, Let's Talk About Chu.

Ping Ke

Kai Ko (柯震東)

Ping Ke is portrayed by Taiwanese actor Kai Ko (柯震東).

Ping Ke is Ai's college friend. They started sleeping together casually. Both agree to be friends with benefits instead of settling in an official relationship. However, Ai introduces Ping Ke as a fake boyfriend to appease her family. Ping Ke is unemployed and relies on his family fortune. He lives with his mom, Doris. Unlike a typical parent, she's relaxed around him and doesn't judge his sex life. In contrast, Ping Ke has a poor relationship with his dad.

Kai Ko

Kai Ko (柯震東) is a Taiwanese actor. He is born on June 18, 1991.

Kai Ko (柯震東) is a Taiwanese actor. He is born on June 18, 1991. His first BL project is the 2021 movie, Moneyboys. He also portrays a straight character in the 2024 series, Let's Talk About Chu.


Chien Ho Wu (巫建和)

Yueh is portrayed by Taiwanese actor Chien Ho Wu (巫建和).

Yueh is a loan shark involved in criminal activities. After observing Yu Sen's success in poker games, he wants to recruit him to participate in high-stakes competitions. Yueh has a crude personality and speaks crudely. He likes to cuss a lot, especially when interacting with Yu Sen. Also, the feisty Yueh loses his temper frequently.

Chien Ho Wu

Chien Ho Wu (巫建和) is a Taiwanese actor. He is born on May 2, 1993.

Chien Ho Wu (巫建和) is a Taiwanese actor. He is born on May 2, 1993. He is one of the leads in the 2024 drama, Let's Talk About Chu. In addition, he has a supporting role in the 2023 film, After School.

Shih Chieh

Umin Boya (馬志翔)

Shih Chih is portrayed by Taiwanese actor Umin Boya (馬志翔).

Shih Chieh is Wei's husband. He works as a university professor. The couple fell in love while she was a student in one of his classes. Despite their age difference, they have gotten married. Shih Chieh and Wei agree not to have kids. However, his mother-in-law keeps meddling in their love life. Recently, Shih Chieh seems disinterested whenever Wei initiates sex. His wife suspects he might be having an affair.

Umin Boya

Umin Boya (馬志翔) is a Taiwanese actor. He is born on March 1, 1978.

Umin Boya (馬志翔) is a Taiwanese actor. He is born on March 1, 1978. His first BL project is a supporting role in the 2003 gay drama, Crystal Boys. He also plays a straight character in the 2024 series, Let's Talk About Chu.

Supporting Cast

Mei Chih is portrayed by Taiwanese actress Ke Li Miao (苗可麗).

Mei Chih

Ke Li Miao (苗可麗)

Cheng Nan is portrayed by Taiwanese actor Hong Sheng Te (洪都拉斯).

Cheng Nan

Hong Sheng Te (洪都拉斯)

Coco is portrayed by Taiwanese actress Angel Lee (李雪).


Angel Lee (李雪)

Annie is portrayed by Taiwanese actress Wang Yu Xuan (王渝萱).


Wang Yu Xuan (王渝萱)

Henry is portrayed by Taiwanese actor Christopher Lung (隆宸翰).


Christopher Lung (隆宸翰)

Bonner is portrayed by Taiwanese actor Rhydian Vaughan (鳳小岳).


Rhydian Vaughan (鳳小岳)

Mr. H is portrayed by Taiwanese actor Bruce He (禾浩辰).

Mr. H

Bruce He (禾浩辰)

Doris is portrayed by Taiwanese actress Helena Hsu (許乃涵).


Helena Hsu (許乃涵)

Lisa is portrayed by a Taiwanese actress Phoebe Lin (林子熙).


Phoebe Lin (林子熙)

Old Lin is portrayed by Taiwanese actor Wu Kun Da (吳昆達).

Old Lin

Wu Kun Da (吳昆達)

Yueh's grandma is portrayed by a Taiwanese actress.

Yueh's grandma

Yueh is portrayed by a Taiwanese actress.

Yueh's aunt

Chang is portrayed by a Taiwanese actor Cheng Chih Wei (鄭志偉).


Cheng Chih Wei (鄭志偉)

Ming Te is portrayed by the Taiwanese actor Cheng Yu Chieh (鄭有傑).

Ming Te

Cheng Yu Chieh (鄭有傑)

Kelly is portrayed by a Taiwanese actress.


Hsien is portrayed by the Taiwanese actor Xie Zhang Ying (謝章穎).


Xie Zhang Ying (謝章穎)

Ted is portrayed by the Taiwanese actor Fu Lei (傅雷).


Fu Lei (傅雷)

Shih Chie's dad is portrayed by the Taiwanese actor Lei Hong (雷洪).

Shih Chieh's dad

Lei Hong (雷洪)

Cast Highlights

  • The actors who portray Yu Sen and Ping Ke (JC Lin and Kai Ko) appear in the 2021 Taiwanese gay movie Moneyboys. They play a couple in that film.
  • Shi Chieh's actor (Umin Boya) has a supporting role in the 2003 gay drama Crystal Boys.
  • Lee Yueh's actor (Chien Ho Wu) has a supporting role in the 2023 film After School, which contains LGBTQ+ themes. Henry's actor (Christopher Leung) appears in the 2019 short movie Gentleman Spa.
  • Bonner's actor (Rhydian Vaughan) is one of the leads in the 2012 gay film Girlfriend & Boyfriend. Mr. H's actor (Bruce He) is the lead of the 2022 drama 49 Days with a Merman.
  • The actor who portrays Ming Te (Cheng Yu Chieh) is the director of the 2020 gay movie Dear Tenant.

Let's Talk About Chu Review


Drama Review Score: 8.2

Yu Sen and Yueh play poker together.

Let's Talk About Chu emphasizes sex positivity. The opening scenes depict the protagonists in racy encounters, setting the tone for a bold and titillating drama. Some gratuitous moments don't add substance to the plot development. Even so, I admire the story's candid approach to destigmatizing sexuality. One of the narrative themes involves expressing your desires. Viewers learn from the characters, who grow comfortable with passion, pleasure & physical intimacy.

The series focuses on the Chu family. Their dynamics mirror your typical Asian parents and adult offspring. Beneath the surface, each protagonist feels tormented by inner conflicts. They don't act in their best interests, but their messy behaviour creates entertaining storylines with dramatic twists. Some plots seem overdone, such as Wei's marriage troubles. A few characters, like Ping Ke, also lack engaging personalities or backstories. Regardless, the eventful narrative grabs my attention most of the time. Let's Talk About Chu succeeds in making me care about everyone's journeys.

Let's Talk About Chu reminds me of Shameless, an iconic TV franchise. Although this comparison isn't perfect, I see shades of the Gallaghers in several characters. Ai is Fiona, Yu Sen and Yueh are Ian & Mickey, and the mom terrorizes her kids like Frank in a different skin. Besides the cast resemblances, both shows are dysfunctional family dramas with an underlying sardonic humour. They also showcase mature themes, volatile relationships, and over-the-top sex scenes. Let's Talk About Chu may appeal to Shameless fans who enjoy a similar storytelling style.

The cast gels well together. Their interactions exude comfortable chemistry, whether flirting with love interests or responding to tense exchanges. Ai's actress (Chan Tzu Hsuan) captures the protagonist's strengths and vulnerabilities. I also envy her for hooking up with all those hot guys! My favourite is Yu Sen's actor (JC Lin), who plays a fascinating character with complex layers. I appreciate the nuances he brings to his performance, from sullen gazes to bashful smiles. Plus, this beefcake and his male costars delight us by showing a generous amount of skin.

Let's Talk About Chu has a gay character with a prominent romantic subplot. While Yu Sen isn't in the leading role, he receives enough focus for meaningful character development. His love story is condensed and doesn't get as much attention as an official BL drama. The series could do a better job of establishing the couple's initial attraction. Nonetheless, Yu Sen and Yueh have enjoyable relationship scenes, from playful banter to emotional bonding. Their personalities seem mismatched, but the differences create a fun pairing. By the end of the drama, I adore this ship.

Due to my BL bias, I wanted more emphasis on Yu Sen and Yueh over the straight pairings. Ai is a spunky lead, but her bland romance with Ping Ke never interests me. Likewise, Wei and her failing marriage go through repetitive melodrama. I'd gladly reduce the heterosexual nonsense to give time to the gay couple. With that said, I still enjoy all the characters and their hijinks. This series offers spicy relationship drama, complex family dynamics, cheeky humour, sex positivity, hot guys, and gay hookups. Let's Talk About Chu satisfies my criteria for a fulfilling story.


Entertaining story

Let's Talk About Chu has entertaining storylines about family, love, and sex. From messy behaviour to dysfunctional relationships, I enjoy the complex characters and their cheeky hijinks.

Spicy romances

Let's Talk About Chu has a prominent gay romantic subplot. Yu Sen and Yueh make a fun couple with enjoyable relationship scenes. I wish they received more focus over the straight pairings.

Natural acting

The cast gels well together and shares natural chemistry. My favourite is Yu Sen's actor (JC Lin), who portrays a fascinating character. I love this beefcake's sullen gazes and bashful smiles.

Happy ending

Let's Talk About Chu has a happy ending where the family reconciles after resolving the dad's problems. The couples also make their relationships work. Every story arc wraps up positively.

Racy artistry

In addition to the polished production, this racy series shows a gratuitous amount of skin. Expect many sexual encounters. The story promotes sex positivity and destigmatizes physical intimacy.


Let's Talk About Chu features entertaining storylines, dysfunctional relationships, and a bold approach to sex positivity. While the gay romance isn't the main focus, the couple shares fun interactions.

Let's Talk About Chu Series Explained


Yu Sen

Yu Sen is a poker player.

I like Yu Sen a lot. He's an intriguing character for several reasons. Firstly, the story subverts our expectations. Yu Sen has a secret, but it doesn't have anything to do with his sexuality. He's already out to his family. Instead, he's lying to his parents about his job. They think their son works in a respectable career, but he makes money in poker games. I love having a gay character whose secret isn't defined by still being in the closet. Let's Talk About Chu defies the common trope.

Secondly, Yu Sen is in a niche profession. While not restricted to sexuality, a gambling career is rarely associated with gay love stories. I haven't seen many BL protagonists who are poker players, so there's a refreshing novelty. Furthermore, Yu Sen doesn't fit the job profile perfectly. He may seem poised when winning the matches. Away from the competitions, Yu Sen is quiet, socially awkward, and tense. He even has asthma, contradicting his calm, brooding persona. I appreciate Yu Sen's duality. He's a versatile lead with different sides to him.

Finally, I like that Yu Sen's storyline doesn't entirely revolve around romance. While he has relationship problems with his boyfriend, that isn't his only subplot. His gambling adventures unfold over a multi-episode arc. In contrast, other characters have less versatile development. Wei only seems defined by marriage troubles, limiting her depth. I'm glad Yu Sen has a more diverse arc that explores his nuances beyond his love life.


Yu Sen goes to a bar with Henry.

Yu Sen is dating Henry at the start of the story. Henry is a doctor, a respectable profession that would help Yu Sen with parental approval. His mom cares about job status. However, Yu Sen isn't happy in this relationship. Notably, the couple is incompatible during sex. Since both enjoy being the top, Yu Sen must compromise his needs by switching to a submissive position. He becomes sexually frustrated and daydreams about penetrating his boyfriend.

Ai believes her brother should break up. If Henry can't fulfill Yu Sen in the bedroom, that's a deal breaker! "It's no different than marrying a woman," Ai states. Yu Sen disagrees with her oversimplification. Sex isn't the only benchmark for picking a long-term romantic partner. Emotional intimacy may be more significant than physical affection for some people. That said, Henry is incompatible with Yu Sen in other aspects beyond sex. He's still closeted to his family. His social circle also doesn't get along with Yu Sen. Taking everything into account, Henry fails to make Yu Sen happy.


Yu Sen breaks up with Henry in Let's Talk About Chu Episode 5.

Yu Sen ghosts his boyfriend and cheats on him with Yueh. In Episode 5, Henry tries to save their relationship. Yet, he doesn't understand why his partner is upset. He thinks Yu Sen's issue is not getting along with Henry's friends. In reality, Yu Sen is bothered by many pent-up frustrations. Also, notice how Henry presses his body against his boyfriend during the apology. The position resembles a top penetrating a bottom, another reminder that Yu Sen must be submissive.

Many problems in this relationship come down to the two of them not being equal. Yu Sen always yields to Henry. He switches sexual positions, hides their relationship, and mingles awkwardly with his boyfriend's social circle. Henry hasn't done enough to reciprocate. Worst of all, he's clueless. Henry doesn't know what's wrong in their relationship. That's the last straw. At this point, Yu Sen and Yueh aren't officially together yet. Nonetheless, Yu Sen decides to break up with Henry. He'd rather be single than stay with an incompatible partner.


Yu Sen and Yueh are about to play a poker game.

Yueh isn't a perfectly suitable partner either. For starters, a loan shark seems like an unstable romantic prospect. Yueh is involved with gangs, criminals, and dangerous activities. In addition, his personality differs drastically from Yu Sen's. Yueh is loud, cheeky, and aggressive, whereas Yu Sen seems quiet, calm, and brooding. Also, Yueh isn't an out gay man, just like Yu Sen's ex-boyfriend. Our protagonist finds another closeted love interest and faces a similar dilemma.

Initially, Yueh puts on a facade and passes off as straight. He makes lewd remarks, hits on bar hostesses, and puts on a show of asserting his heterosexuality. In his risky field of work, Yueh probably needs to hide his sexuality for personal safety. Later, Yueh reveals his tragic childhood. He has suffered physical abuse from his homophobic father. This deep-rooted trauma contributes to Yueh's precautions for the rest of his life. He doesn't feel comfortable with being gay in public.


Yueh pinches Yu Sen's butt.

Despite his performance, Yueh gets outed in Episode 3. A random acquaintance greets him, claiming they've met in a gay sauna. Yueh instantly loses all his bravado. Yu Sen exchanges a knowing gaze at his companion because he understands the implications. A gay man like him could connect the dots and reach a logical conclusion. With his deepest secret exposed, Yueh feels vulnerable. He freezes on the spot and quickly leaves without saying another word. His damning silence confirms Yu Sen's suspicions. I know what you are…

After being outed, Yueh bounces back quickly. One of Yueh's defining character traits is his bravado. He masks his self-consciousness behind cheekiness and swagger, not letting anyone sense his insecurities. Yueh drops the heterosexual pretenses around Yu Sen. Instead, he makes suggestive remarks. From "Look at your pretty face" to "Tighten your asshole", these are all provocative comments a closeted gay man would avoid. Now, Yueh speaks freely to his companion. Using crass vocabulary feels empowering. It takes away Yueh's discomfort by owning up to his sexuality.

First kiss

Yu Sen and Yueh kiss for the first time.

Yueh wants to test the waters with his innuendos. He's curious about how Yu Sen responds to his sexuality. If his companion were homophobic, he'd react uncomfortably to the lewd antics. Otherwise, Yueh feels reassured his secret is safe with Yu Sen. Also, Yueh has another agenda. He's trying to flirt. In Episode 2, a drunken Yu Sen joked about backdooring. Humour often comes from prevalent thoughts in our minds. This moment signalled to Yueh that Yu Sen may be into men. Let's pitch a few pick-up lines and see if his gaydar pings!

Yu Sen & Yueh have their first kiss at the end of Episode 4. This spontaneous moment occurs after an eventful night. While the story could've fleshed out their attraction better, I enjoyed the ~shock factor~. What a surprise to see their sexual tension unleash at that moment! This episode reminds me of Shameless. Yu Sen and Yueh's story arc is like a page from Ian and Mickey's playbook. The gay couple goes through wild antics, only to follow up with an unexpected passionate encounter. Once I made the first comparison, I saw all the similarities between the two shows.


Yueh gives Yu Sen a motorcycle ride.

After sex, Yueh threatens Yu Sen to keep quiet. Don't let anyone know I'm gay! Despite coming out, Yu Sen is still affected by the insecurities of other closeted men. Their feelings of shame pass on to him. The story highlights Yu Sen's troubles with a visual cue. In Episode 2, there's a shot of him sitting alone in the dining room as he thinks about Henry. In Episode 5, he's in a similar position while mulling over Yueh. The parallels are intentional, implying Yu Sen feels bothered about repressing himself in both romances.

Fortunately, Yu Sen doesn't mope around. Our protagonist shows initiative and takes decisive steps to improve his life. Firstly, Yu Sen breaks up with Henry, a doomed relationship beyond saving. He smiles in the mirror afterwards, indicating no regrets. Secondly, Yu Sen travels and spends the day in Yueh's hometown. It may be a long trip, but he makes the effort anyway. Yu Sen realizes he's attracted to Yueh. Instead of repressing his desires, he learns to be assertive with his love life and actively pursues Yueh. Yu Sen's confidence will overcome his partner's insecurities about a romance.

Emotional bond

Yu Sen and Yueh kiss at night.

Yu Sen & Yueh spend meaningful time together in Episode 6. The couple bonds emotionally, getting to know each other beyond poker games or sex. Yu Sen meets the grandma, an important person in Yueh's life. Beneath his tough exterior, Yueh is a softie who earns money to look after his sick loved one. He behaves gently toward his grandma, allowing Yu Sen to see a different side to his love interest. Also, Yueh doesn't feel the need to put on a persona around Yu Sen anymore.

Yu Sen's visit demonstrates his sincerity. He has travelled all this way to spend the day with a dying hospital patient. The gesture exceeds what you'd do for a casual hookup. Yueh recognizes his companion cares about him beyond making money or having sex. One of my favourite moments is when Yueh leaves on the motorcycle, only to return and kiss Yu Sen. I like that he came back to express his affection! The couple's first kiss stemmed from physical desire, whereas this intimate moment arose due to their emotional bond. Both characters are falling in love with each other.


Yu Sen and Yueh have sex at the funeral.

Episode 7 explores Yueh's past and present trauma. Sadly, he must return to his hometown to host his grandmother's funeral. The visit brings back painful memories for him, including his dad's homophobia, domestic abuse, and accidental death. Yueh also resents his aunt, who outed him in the past. During a tense confrontation, he loses his temper and makes a scene at the wake. Yu Sen tries to soothe him, but Yueh redirects his anger at the nearest target. The couple gets into a fistfight.

For a moment, Yueh risked turning into his father. The trauma of his childhood abuse caused Yueh to respond to distressing emotions with violence. Thankfully, he snaps out of his self-destructive spiral. Yueh offers an unconventional apology by allowing Yu Sen to punch him back. They almost get into another fight, but it turns into a steamy encounter instead. I gotta say, having sex at your grandmother's funeral is hilariously ICONIC. 😆 Before her death, the grandma worried Yueh was still haunted by his dad's homophobia. As this sex scene demonstrates, he has moved on quite vigorously!


Yu Sen and Yueh are being playful.

Yueh follows the advice from his grandma and Yu Sen. Instead of holding an unhealthy grudge, he allows the aunt to attend the funeral. This flexibility indicates his character growth. However, Yueh doesn't admit to his change of heart and makes up an excuse to justify his decision. By now, Yu Sen sees through his partner's bravado. He knows Yueh is a softie beneath his tough exterior. As Yu Sen teases Yueh, the couple has a playful moment where they horse around.

An interesting imagery arises during this scene. Yueh grabs Yu Sen's body from behind, forcing his partner to bend over. The position resembles penetration, with Yu Sen assuming the submissive role. Before, he was upset about being a bottom. He agonized whenever Henry pressed his body on him. Yet, Yu Sen doesn't mind when Yueh poses similarly. The story alludes to how Yu Sen is happy in this relationship, regardless of sexual compatibility. His personality meshes well with Yueh's, so whether he tops or bottoms isn't an issue. Like Yueh, Yu Sen learns to be flexible.


Yu Sen and Yueh hold hands at the bus stop.

Yu Sen's first romance failed because the ex-boyfriend wouldn't compromise. Henry dictated all the decisions, from sexual positions to social circles. The lopsided power dynamic made Yu Sen unhappy. In contrast, his relationship with Yueh is give-and-take. When Yueh punched him earlier, he allowed Yu Sen to hit him back. Although violent, this gesture is a sign of reciprocation. Yueh respects Yu Sen as an equal and values his autonomy. Both don't overpower each other.

Another meaningful gesture is when Yueh lends money to Yueh. The former loan shark offers him the cash without a deadline, interest rates, or urgency. This generous act highlights the mutual trust between the couple. They have evolved from a financial contract to a personal favour. In addition, Yueh overcomes the insecurities with his sexuality. He meets Yu Sen's family and doesn't mind when introduced as a love interest. From the monetary support to the home visits, these positive signs indicate Yueh's commitment to Yu Sen. He wants to establish a long-term relationship.


Let's Talk About Chu has a happy ending where Yu Sen and Yueh kiss.

Yu Sen and Yueh have sex in the finale. They pause during the encounter when Yueh comments on the foul odour in the room. Yu Sen replies, "You won't smell it once you get used to it." This line alludes to Yueh's dysfunctional background. He comes from an unpleasant history of abuse, trauma, and criminal misconduct. With so much past baggage, Yueh thinks he isn't an ideal romantic partner. However, Yu Sen doesn't mind. Like how he can tolerate the stench, Yu Sen accepts Yueh unconditionally, flaws and all.

Despite his partner's support, Yueh still wants to rehabilitate himself. He reports to the police and serves jail time for his wrongdoings. This momentous decision helps him get a fresh start away from the criminal world. Upon his release, he plans on switching to a respectable career. Since meeting Yu Sen, Yueh has transformed significantly. He drops his tough persona, doesn't repress his desires, and uproots his old life. Most of all, Yu Sen inspires the former bad boy to pursue a better future for himself. The power of love is the best motivation for change.

Let's Talk About Chu Episodes

Episode Guide

Ping Ke gives a seductive smile.

Let's Talk About Chu has a total of 8 episodes. Each episode is around 45 to 55 minutes long. The last episode is around 60 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 7 hours. Let's Talk About Chu released all the episodes on February 2, 2024.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8

Episode Reviews

Episode 1

Wow, this drama seems liberated about sex! Ping Ke's actor (Kai Ko) is so hot, but I wish he was paired with Yu Sen. Continue the romance from when they last worked together in Moneyboys.

Episode 2

OMG, the mom is watching Komorebi on Gagaoolala~ We stan! I love how Ping Ke's mom buys him condoms like they're daily essentials lol. I'm surprised by Ai's response to the sex tape.

Episode 3

Whoa, I got an eyeful of asses in this episode! 🍑 I'm intrigued by Yu Sen. He doesn't resemble a typical gay character. Oh, the twist in Wei's storyline is that she cheats, not her husband.

Episode 4

I love how the mom starts using the daughter's vibrator. 😆 This series reminds me of the TV show, Shameless. I got Gallavich flashbacks from that impromptu kiss between Yu Sen and Yueh.

Episode 5

Ai's actress hooks up with all the hot guys. Kai, Bruce, and Rhydian. Wow, I'm envious. I think the mom got the bacterial infection from the sauna. I like this episode's ending, which is simple yet powerful.

Episode 6

Aww, I like that Yu Sen and Yueh are growing closer. My favourite moment is when Yueh drives back to kiss Yu Sen. LMAO, that student's seduction is over the top. "Consider it a graduation gift!"

Episode 7

SCREAMING at Yu Sen & Yueh's funeral sex scenes!!! ICONIC. I like this couple a lot, more than I expected. I wish we could explore Yueh's backstory deeply instead of the other plots.

Episode 8

While the conflict resolution is contrived, I like this feel-good ending. I appreciate how Yueh lends money to Yu Sen, showing how their relationship evolved. I'm also happy the other couples fix their issues.

Let's Talk About Chu Information


Remii Huang (黃婕妤) is a Taiwanese director. Her portfolio of work includes the 2023 drama, Let's Talk About Chu. She is the founder of Problem Child Films (不聽話映畫).

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