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Love on Lo is a Thai BL series about two guests at a beach resort.

Love on Lo is a Thai BL series about two guests at a beachside resort. The main characters check into a hotel near the end of the year. They must share close living arrangements due to the lack of available rooms during the holiday season. Initially, the grumpy protagonist doesn't get along with his bubbly roommate. Over time, they develop a comfortable bond.

A casual BL drama, Love on Lo doesn't have an eventful plot. It coasts on the cute, lighthearted interactions between the leads. At times, their playful banter can be charming. However, not much happens besides chit-chat and mild flirting. I wanted more substance from this lacklustre story. The supporting characters also seem annoying instead of being successful comedic relief. Some scenes aren't as funny as intended.

Lost on Lo Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2023)


1 hour

Total Episodes:

2 episodes




Love on Lo is a cute & sweet BL drama.


Golf and Pond meet on the beach.

Golf's job is to scout locations. His boss instructs him to visit a beach during the holiday season. His work involves taking pictures and checking out the area. Golf stays at a nearby resort alone. This lodging has a unique characteristic. Although the guests have separate rooms, they must share a bathroom unit. According to the innkeeper, this layout is meant for families and couples.

A while later, Pond arrives at the same resort. He seems doubtful about the accommodations. However, the innkeeper reminds him of the busy holiday season. Most hotels are booked around this time of year, so he may not find any vacancies elsewhere. Pond reluctantly checks in at this resort, even though he's annoyed about sharing close living quarters with Golf.

Pond seems grumpy. After checking in, he wanders the beach with a scowl. Golf is nearby to take pictures of the coastline for work, but Pond constantly gets in the way of the view. Despite the inconvenience, Golf remains in good spirits. He has a bright, cheerful demeanour. Later, Pond is alarmed when he loses his hotel room key. The innkeeper announces she also lost the spares. So, she suggests the two guests sleep together for one night.

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Love on Lo Cast



Golf Witchayapong Krungsrimuang (กอล์ฟ วิชญพงศ์ กรุงศรีเมือง)

Golf is portrayed by the Thai actor Golf Witchayapong Krungsrimuang (กอล์ฟ วิชญพงศ์ กรุงศรีเมือง).

Golf's job is to scout for locations. His boss has asked him to visit a beach at the end of the year. He needs to take pictures and gather info about the place. Golf ends up sharing a hotel room with Pound. Golf's bubbly personality differs from his grumpy companion.

Golf Witchayapong Krungsrimuang

Golf Witchayapong Krungsrimuang (กอล์ฟ วิชญพงศ์ กรุงศรีเมือง) is a Thai actor. He is born on August 17, 1996.

Golf Witchayapong Krungsrimuang (กอล์ฟ วิชญพงศ์ กรุงศรีเมือง) is a Thai actor. He is born on August 17, 1996. His first BL project is the 2020 series, Roommate. He also appears in its 2020 sequel, Soulmate. His other leading roles include The Love of Winter (2022) and Love on Lo (2023).


Kawin Phatkawin Hankla (ปอนด์ ภัทร์กวินท์ หาญกล้า)

Pound is portrayed by the Thai actor Kawin Phatkawin Hankla.

Pound is a guest at a beachside resort. He reluctantly checks into this hotel since there are no vacancies elsewhere. Pound seems grumpy and scowls all the time. He isn't happy about his living arrangements, forcing him to share close quarters with Golf. Pound is in peak shape physically.

Kawin Phatkawin Hankla

Kawin Phatkawin Hankla is a Thai actor.

Kawin Phatkawin Hankla (ปอนด์ ภัทร์กวินท์ หาญกล้า) is a Thai actor. His first BL project is a leading role in the 2023 short series, Love on Lo.

Supporting Cast

The innkeeper is portrayed by a Thai actress.


Jam Bantita Kannasut (แจม บัณฑิตา กรรณสูต)

The boss is portrayed by a Thai actress.


Khwan Khwanruedee Wongphat (ขวัญ ขวัญฤดี วงศ์ภาษ)

Cast Highlights

  • Golf's actor (Golf) is the lead of Roommate (2020), Soulmate (2020), and The Love of Winter (2022). The actresses who portray the innkeeper and the boss (Jam and Khwan) also appear in The Love of Winter.

Love on Lo Review


Drama Review Score: 6.1

Golf and Pound have sparklers.

Love on Lo is cute holiday fluff. It delivers a relaxing love story that wraps up in an hour. Its short length is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, I'm glad the plot doesn't drag on. A quick, light romantic comedy provides the perfect serotonin boost before the end of the year. On the other hand, it lacks depth and content. Some storytellers can pack so much complexity into two half-hour episodes. Unfortunately, that's not the case for Love on Lo. This drama consists of casually pleasant filler.

The first half of the series takes too long to set up the simple premise. The plot often gets sidetracked by the supporting characters and their unfunny antics. Meanwhile, I'm waiting impatiently for the leads to interact. The second episode is more enjoyable because it focuses on the couple's bonding moments. I came into the series expecting delightful romantic fluff. And to its credit, this cutesy BL drama delivers as promised. The main characters flirt a lot and exchange playful banter. Most of their encounters are charming enough to draw a faint smile from me.

Although the interactions are enjoyable, not much else happens between the couple. They chit-chat and flirt mildly, but that's the extent of their relationship growth. I don't witness romantic sparks from the couple's shallow bond. They resemble a brief holiday fling that won't last after returning to their regular lives. In addition, the plot suffers from its uneventfulness and lack of meaningful characterizations. Initially, Pound seems intriguing due to his grouchiness. Ooh, this brooding stud must have a mysterious past! Instead, I'm disappointed by his mundane backstory.

This series tries to be funny. I appreciate its attempts at lighthearted humour to keep an energetic atmosphere. However, the jokes don't succeed as intended. Let me choose an example. In the first episode, the boss sees a shirtless hunk on her employee's videoconference screen. The scenario has comedic potential, making me think it will escalate into hilarious shenanigans. However, the situation is only amusing for a split second. The rest of the exchange seems awkward. A skilled storyteller would know how to build momentum and extend the goofiness.

The first episode's highlight is when Pound's actor takes off his top. Seeing his beefy physique made me gasp dramatically and fall to the floor. I prayed to the BL gods to never grant him a shirt again! I'm kidding, but his physical attractiveness enhances my viewing experience. Both leads do a decent job with their roles, even if the material isn't particularly challenging. Golf's performer brings a bright, bubbly spark to his scenes. However, the supporting cast seems annoying. Their energy levels are too high and clash with the more mellow tone of Love on Lo.

Love on Lo has a happy ending. You can take comfort in a cozy conclusion without contrived melodrama. However, I wish the couple would exhibit more affection and give the final scene some oomph. I want a more fierce climax than them gazing into each other's eyes with sparklers. Overall, Love on Lo is an okay BL drama with a few adorable moments. My feelings aren't negative. Yet, I give a modest review score to reflect its lack of impression on me. The hour of frivolous romantic fluff comes and goes without impact. I'll probably forget this series exists after today.


Casual story

Love on Lo has a short, relaxing story without melodrama. However, the plot is thin and relies on casually pleasant filler. There's not a lot of depth or substantial content. A few jokes are unfunny.

Pleasant romance

The couple shares a few cute scenes with charming flirtation. Their relationship resembles a brief holiday fling and doesn't develop deeply. I don't sense much affection or romantic sparks.

Chipper acting

The leads do a decent job with their roles. Guy is chipper, while Kawin stuns with his physique. The supporting cast is annoyingly energetic and disrupts the mellow tone.

Happy ending

Love on Lo has a happy ending as the couple solidifies their feelings. Although their exchanges are sweet, I wished they'd show more affection to give the final scene some oomph.

Decent artistry

The production looks decent for a small studio with limited resources. The sparklers scene is enchanting. Yet, the indoor exchanges in the hotel come across as plain.


Love on Lo is a relaxing BL drama with casually pleasant romantic fluff. The uneventful story is too short to have complex development. The couple flirts mildly and doesn't show much affection.

Love on Lo Episodes

Episode Guide

Golf investigates Pound's shirtless body.

Love on Lo has a total of 2 episodes. Each episode is around 25 to 30 minutes long. It is a short BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 1 hour. Love on Lo released on December 26, 2023.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode Reviews

Episode 1

Although I didn't expect much, the plot seems too light and frivolous. The supporting cast also annoy me. I'm still tempted to score this episode A+ just for showcasing Pound's shirtless physique!

Episode 2

The flirting scenes are cute, highlighting the couple's charming rapport. The sparklers scene is also pretty. However, I don't feel passionately about the characters or their romance.

Love on Lo Information

DoubleM Entertainment

DoubleM Entertainment is the Thai BL studio that made Roommate (2020). Its other portfolio includes Soulmate (2020).

DoubleM Entertainment is the Thai BL studio that made Roommate (2020). Its other portfolio includes Soulmate (2020) and Love on Lo (2023).

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