Kinn is a tourist who finds romance during his travels in The Love of Winter.

The Love of Winter is a Thai BL series about a tourist who travels to the countryside alone. He stays at a remote resort, getting acquainted with the local tour guide. Thanks to the other meddlesome employees, the two men have many opportunities for alone time and forge a close connection.

Set in a breathtaking mountainside location, The Love of Winter dazzles with bright, vibrant, and lush visuals. The story and romance are less impressive, following a standard BL trajectory with little surprises. While this drama won't win points for innovation, it's still a cozy and comfortable love story that meets average expectations.

The Love of Winter Summary

What is the drama called?


Where was the series made?


When was the drama released?


How long is The Love of Winter?

Around 1 hour

What is the genre?


How would you describe the series?

Cute and sweet

How many episodes are there?

2 episodes

How long is each episode?

Around 21 minutes


Kinn and Tidner go camping together.

Kinn is a tourist who travels to the countryside by himself. He hopes to clear his mind from a recent breakup. Kinn checks into the Honglu Boutique Resort, where he meets the employees Tidnuer, Namjai, and Tib. Tidnuer is a local resident born and raised in the countryside his whole life. His father owns this resort.

Kinn asks for a local tour guide to show him around the countryside sights. Namjai and Tib encourage Tidnuer to accompany the new guest on his travels. Tidnuer is shy and reluctant initially. However, he warms up to Kinn's friendliness and the two men begin spending time together.

Namjai and Tib sense a connection between their friend and the new resort guest. They constantly play matchmaker, creating different opportunities for the two men to have alone time. Their plan works as Kinn and Tidnuer forge a close bond over time.

The Love of Winter Trailer

The Love of Winter Cast


Kinn Ter Sittar Theerapatvej (เตอร์ สิทธา ธีรภัทรเวช) Ter Instagram

Kinn is portrayed by the Thai actor Ter Sittar Theerapatvej (เตอร์ สิทธา ธีรภัทรเวช).

Kinn is a tourist who travels to the countryside on a solo journey of self-discovery. He stays at a mountainside resort, where local resident Tidnuer works as a tour guide. Kinn is interested in taking pictures and seeing the sights, as Tidnuer shows him around the destination. When Kinn first arrived at the resort, one of the staff members broke his cell phone.

Tidnuer Golf Witchayapong Krungsrimuang (กอล์ฟ วิชญพงศ์ กรุงศรีเมือง) Golf Instagram

Tidnuer is portrayed by the Thai actor Golf Witchayapong Krungsrimuang (กอล์ฟ วิชญพงศ์ กรุงศรีเมือง).

Tidnuer works at the mountainside resort, which is owned by his father. Tidnuer becomes smitten with Kinn, the young guest who recently checked into the resort. The other employees play matchmaker, trying to connect the two men together. Tidnuer was born and raised in the countryside his whole life. He dreams of visiting the big city one day.

Supporting Cast

Namjai is portrayed by the Thai actress Jam Banthita Kansoot (แจม บัณฑิตา กรรณสูต).


Jam Banthita Kansoot (แจม บัณฑิตา กรรณสูต)

Tib is portrayed by the Thai actress Khwan Khwanruedee Wongphat (ขวัญ ขวัญฤดี วงศ์ภาษ).


Khwan Khwanruedee Wongphat (ขวัญ ขวัญฤดี วงศ์ภาษ)

Cast Highlights

  • The actor portraying Tidnuer (Golf) appeared in the 2020 Thai BL series Roommate and its sequel Soulmate.

The Love of Winter Review


Drama Review Score: 6.1

Kinn hugs Tidnuer after being afraid of ghosts.

The Love of Winter is a beautiful yet basic BL series that doesn't deviate from the norm. There aren't many surprises with the simple plot or wholesome romance, both of which progress predictably. It's an ordinary story of two guys who meet and exchange mild flirtations. Then, their relationship wraps up with a happy, foregone conclusion. I don't want to dismiss The Love of Winter as generic, but the narrative follows a familiar and expected formula.

This BL drama takes place in a gorgeous location. The lush fields, grassy terrains, and vast mountainside landscape create a serene backdrop accompanying every scene. You can turn on the camera, film anywhere at random, and still capture a picturesque view no matter what. The cinematography looks majestic and graceful, an impressive feat from a small studio effort. The striking visual presentation is definitely the best part about The Love of Winter.

Aesthetically, I love the romantic ambiance in the countryside setting. Emotionally, I feel uninspired by the shallow BL moments that don't go beyond the surface level. While the content isn't awful by any means, there's a shortage of passion, enthusiasm, and adrenaline. I can't get excited about the mundane characters or their tepid exchanges. The leads only share a tiny spark of chemistry rather than sizzling flames of desire. The Love of Winter feels too timid when this genre has already advanced to many creative plots and daring relationships.

The Love of Winter is relaxing to watch. The leads get along, treat each other amicably, and dabble in a chaste romance. There's virtually no conflict other than maybe thirty seconds of tension near the end. Perhaps the two supporting characters might veer into silly caricatures, but they never become too overbearing. Otherwise, I can't think of anything stressful about this gentle, peaceful narrative. In fact, the series is so devoid of action that it feels a bit vanilla. The Love of Winter could've dug deeper into its imagination and come up with more compelling scenarios.

The short series is capped off with a subdued finale, not making promises about the viability of the long-distance couple. I can't imagine this holiday fling lasting long, considering the characters live so far apart and barely know each other. However, it's best not to overthink the happy ending from this simple, straightforward BL drama. The story isn't that complex and offers almost nothing to analyze. You might still enjoy The Love of Winter for being sweet, pretty, and pleasant, but just don't expect anything more.


Simple story

The Love of Winter has an uncomplicated plot devoid of tension or conflict. The relaxing narrative is a bit vanilla and could've used more excitement.

Mild romance

The relationship moments are pretty safe and mild. Kinn and Tidnuer's interactions can be occasionally sweet, but their scenes are standard BL fanfare.

Okay acting

The acting in The Love of Winter is unremarkable. The leads share a tiny bit of chemistry, but not enough to make me feel excited about the romance.

Happy ending

Predictably, The Love of Winter has a happy ending. However, I wonder about the longevity of this couple and suspect their holiday fling won't last.

Beautiful scenery

The Love of Winter is filmed beautifully in a spectacular countryside setting. The majestic mountains and grassy fields add to the serene ambiance of the series.


The Love of Winter is a perfectly ordinary BL drama that meets average expectations. It lacks adrenaline in the plot and passion in the relationship.

The Love of Winter Episodes

Episode Guide

The Love of Winter has a total of 2 episodes. Each episode is around 21 minutes long. It is a short BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 1 hour. The Love of Winter aired on January 28, 2022.

Episode 1

Around 20 minutes

Episode 2

23 minutes

The Love of Winter Information

28 MDP Studio

28 MDP Studio is a Thai studio that made The Love of Winter (2022), their first BL drama.

28 MDP Studio is a Thai studio that made The Love of Winter (2022), their first BL drama. It also functions as a dance and choreography studio.

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