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Love Tractor is a Korean BL series about a law student and a farmer.

Love Tractor is a Korean BL series about a law school student who relocates to the countryside. The main character defies his strict father and disregards his promising career prospects. He flees to his grandfather's countryside home for a fresh start. The protagonist meets a friendly farmer who helps him settle into his new lifestyle. Despite their cultural differences and personality clashes, they develop a budding relationship.

Carried by its countryside charm, Love Tractor will appeal to those who enjoy warm, cozy BL dramas. From the memorable characters to the cute relationship scenes, this series offers a delightful experience. It's also beautifully filmed with picturesque landscapes and an atmospheric soundtrack. While pleasant, the plot unfolds straightforwardly. I wish these simple storylines contained more substance and sophistication.

Love Tractor Summary


트랙터는 사랑을 싣고

Series Info:

South Korea (2023)


3 hours

Total Episodes:

8 episodes




Love Tractor is a cute & sweet BL drama.


Seon Yul and Ye Chan meet in the countryside.

Yul is an intelligent law student who gets excellent grades in school. He comes from a wealthy family. His well-connected father wants him to start an exchange program at Harvard University and gain experience. However, Yul is not passionate about being a lawyer. He defies his dad by handing in a blank exam paper during his finals. He also gives up his exchange program placement to another student.

After rebelling against his father, Yul takes refuge at his grandfather's countryside home in Neodul Village. This remote rural town is his hideaway, where no one knows about his past. Yul's father doesn't know his son is here, despite many phone calls to get in touch with him. Unfortunately, Yul's grandpa has fallen ill at the hospital and cannot greet him. Yul must live at the house alone.

In exchange for living here, Yul must follow his grandparent's designated instructions. For instance, one of his responsibilities is caring for the dog Dongshik. In addition, he neecds to help at the nearby farm from time to time. Yul meets Yechan, a farmer who lives with his mom. Yehan is 20 years old, seven years younger than Yul. Initially, the two clashed over a misunderstanding when Yul accused Yechan of abducting Dongshik. Soon, they cleared up their feud.

Yechan has a bubbly personality. He is eager to help his neighbour settle down with the rural lifestyle. It's part of his countryside hospitality. However, Yul is irritable and doesn't adapt well to his surroundings. He is particularly bothered by Yechan, who keeps hanging around him. The two must also work together at the farm, but Yul struggles with some activities. Yechan is patient and teaches him how to handle various farm errands.

Yechan is charmed by his new friend. The older Yul displays a maturity and a nurturing side beneath his standoffish personality. Yechan develops a secret crush, although he struggles to recognize his feelings. Yechan's friend, Mark, encourages him to pursue a relationship. However, Yul seems oblivious and doesn't see the farmer as more than a platonic acquaintance.

Love Tractor Cast



Do Won (김관수)

Seon Yul is portrayed by the Korean acctor Do Won (김관수).

Yul is a 27-year-old law school student. His father has arranged for him to begin an exchange program at Harvard University. However, he defies his dad's wishes and gives away the placement to another student. Yul flees the city and arrives at his grandfather's countryside home. He struggles with the different cultural norms in his new surroundings.

Do Won

Do Won (김관수) is a Korean actor. He is born on August 27, 1994.

Do Won (김관수) is a Korean actor. He is born on August 27, 1994. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, Love Tractor.


Yoon Do Jin (윤도진)

Ye Chan is portrayed by the Korean actor Yoon Do Jin (윤도진).

Yechan is a 20-year-old farmer who lives with his mother. As Yul's neighbour, he welcomes his new acquaintance and helps him settle in the countryside. Yechan has a cheerful disposition and constantly maintains a positive attitude. He is good friends with Mark, the village head, and consults him for guidance.

Yoon Do Jin

Yoon Do Jin (윤도진) is a Korean actor. He is born on January 14, 1998.

Yoon Do Jin (윤도진) is a Korean actor. He is born on January 14, 1998. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, Love Tractor.

Supporting Cast

In Seo is portrayed by the Korean actor Yang Seung Bin (양승빈).

In Seo

Yang Seung Bin (양승빈)

Mark is Ye Chan's friend.


Ye Chan's mom lives with him.

Ye Chan's mom

Seon Yul's dad doesn't approve of him.

Yul's dad

Joohee is an orphan who went missing.


Dongshik is a dog.


Cast Highlights

  • In Seo's actor (Yang Seung Bin) had a supporting role in the 2021 Korean BL series Tinted With You.

Love Tractor Review


Drama Review Score: 7.9

Seon Yul and Ye Chan have a misunderstanding when they first met.

Love Tractor is a light and cheerful BL drama. I smiled a lot during every episode, charmed by the comedy, characters, and countryside setting. Most of the series is a pleasant experience, from cute reactions to funny interactions. While there are some occasional conflicts, the tensions never overwhelm the plot. Generally, Love Tractor maintains a warm, cozy, and relaxing atmosphere that puts me at ease. The delightful love story is like apple pie, carrying a sweet and comforting taste.

Each Love Tractor episode starts with a catchy opening song, which fits the soothing vibe of the series perfectly. The energetic soundtrack complements the bright and colourful visuals. From dense forests to lush fields, the outdoor landscapes look majestic and illustrate the beauty of the picturesque countryside. The talented cinematographer creates ambiance through thoughtfully composed shots, transforming ordinary surroundings into mesmerizing scenery. Love Tractor is a highly polished production made with care, elegance, and artistry.

I like the two protagonists in Love Tractor. Yul is a grouchy tsundere who feels awkward in this rural town. Part of the joy is watching the city dweller adapt to the countryside lifestyle. Unlike his old snobby self, Yul learns to open up to new experiences and embrace a different way of life. In comparison, Yechan is endearing due to his pure and perky personality. The stark contrast between this big burly man and his childlike innocence creates a memorable character. I love when Yechan grins, giggles, or acts goofy. He's the root of the humour in Love Tractor.

The romance takes a while to develop. The early episodes focus on Yechan's one-sided crush, from seeking quirky relationship advice to dreaming hilariously inappropriate fantasies. Although the scenes are funny, they don't convey a mutual attraction. I would have liked more emphasis on Yul reciprocating his partner's affections earlier. He recognizes his feelings for Yechan late in the narrative, leaving little time to see the couple in action. Thankfully, the pair shares excellent chemistry when they interact. The leads gel well together in many adorable exchanges.

The cast gives solid performances. Yechan's actor (Yoon Do Jin) catches my eye with his bubbly enthusiasm. Initially, he overdoes his expressions and mannerisms a little. However, he settles into the role and finds the sweet spot that highlights his natural charm. He turns Yechan into a lovable goofball with endearing quirks. His costar (Do Won) is a worthy on-screen partner, bringing maturity and sensibility to his portrayal. Yul adds a calmer energy that balances with Yechan's lively persona. Both actors capture the essence of their characters and make them feel distinctive.

Love Tractor celebrates simplicity, teaching the protagonists to enjoy life without overthinking their troubles. Despite the positive messages, the narrative seems too straightforward and lacks sophistication. The one-dimensional antagonists, like the strict father or the jealous boyfriend, suddenly arrive to fill an episode with shallow conflicts. These rushed plots don't have enough depth or substance. Overall, the series leans toward frivolous fluff than a moving love story that emotionally affects me. With that said, I still enjoy Love Tractor as a fun, casual, and easygoing BL drama. It succeeds in providing lighthearted entertainment and a welcomed escape from reality.


Simple story

Love Tractor has a simple plot depicting a protagonist who relocates to the countryside and adapts to his new lifestyle. Although the story lacks complexity, it thrives on charm and warmth.

Cheerful romance

The romance takes a while to get started. It focuses more on a one-sided crush than a mutual attraction. With that said, the leads share excellent chemistry and gel well together in cute interactions.

Charming acting

Yechan's actor (Yoon Do Jin) exudes enthusiasm. He turns his character into a lovable goofball. His costar (Do Won) brings a calm and sensible energy to balance his partner's bubbliness.

Happy ending

Love Tractor has a happy ending for the couple as they overcome various obstacles in their relationship. Yul stands up to his father and pursues his ambitions. Yechan offers his partner emotional support.

Cozy artistry

The series showcases excellent production values, including an energetic soundtrack and polished cinematography. It highlights the beauty of the countryside with lush colours & a soothing ambiance.


Love Tractor is a light and pleasant BL drama that unfolds straightforwardly. The charming characters, cute interactions, and cozy countryside surroundings create a warm, relaxing love story.

Love Tractor Episodes

Episode Guide

Seon Yul and Ye Chan chat outside the supermarket.

Love Tractor has a total of 8 episodes. Each episode is around 20 to 30 minutes long. The last episode is around 30 minutes long. It is a medium-length BL drama, and you can finish the entire series around 3 hours. Love Tractor started on June 7, 2023 and ended on June 21, 2023.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8

Episode Reviews

Episode 1

I adore the theme song. The soothing music is ideally suited for the cozy vibe of this drama. This premiere takes too long to warm up. Let's cut the unnecessary filler and introduce the story faster.

Episode 2

I like the contrast between Yechan's big, burly physique and his sunny and ditzy personality. The series looks gorgeous with bright colours, warm hues, and picturesque countryside scenery.

Episode 3

Yul's character seems unlikeable, especially when speaking harshly to that little girl. He highlights the worst qualities of an arrogant city dweller. I'd like to see his ice-king persona to defrost.

Episode 4

Yechan's actor has an infectious smile. Whenever his character grins, he exudes warmth and joy. I like how he brings a lot of goofy energy to the role. Yechan carries a lot of the humour in this series.

Episode 5

I feel bad for Yechan when he picks up his gift from the ground. 😢 Yul's ex causes needless conflict. The series should focus on developing Yechan and Yul's relationship instead of this diversion.

Episode 6

Love this drama's cozy countryside vibes. I felt my heart skipping a little faster when Yul unbuttoned his shirt, hehe~ I wanna see the rest of Yechan's fantasy! Don't stop at the best part!

Episode 7

Dying at Yechan's seduction face! His character is hilarious, striking the ideal balance between goofiness, childishness, and ditiziness. I like how this episode focuses on developing the couple's bond.

Episode 8

This episode looks so gorgeous! The visuals, soundtrack, and atmosphere are spot-on, creating perfectly romantic vibes for that couple's kiss. I wish all BL dramas had this level of polish.

Love Tractor Information


NEW, also known as Next Entertainment World, is a Korean studio. It has worked on various BL dramas, including Blueming (2022), The Director Who Buys Me Dinner (2022), and Love Tractor (2023).

NEW, also known as Next Entertainment World, is a Korean studio. It has worked on various BL dramas, including Blueming (2022), The Director Who Buys Me Dinner (2022), Love Tractor (2023), and Sing My Crush (2023).


Raemongraein is a Korean studio. It has worked on various BL dramas, including Semantic Error (2022) and Love Tractor (2023).

Raemongraein (래몽래인) is a Korean studio. It has worked on various BL dramas, including Semantic Error (2022) and Love Tractor (2023).


Yang Kyung Hee (양경희) is a Korean director. Her first BL project is the 2021 drama, The Tasty Florida. She has also directed Kissable Lips (2022), The Director Who Buys Me Dinner (2022), and Love Tractor (2023).

  1. Thank you for reviewing Love Tractor! I have loved the name Love Tractor since it was adopted by an indie band from Athens, Georgia, US, back in the day and I love it still. The pairing of these actors was charming. What I loved about Yechan from the beginning was his confidence, sense of self, and love for his work as a farmer. He greatly admired Yul’s academic achievements and cosmopolitanism (and, no doubt, beauty), but did not feel inferior to him. He built him up with enthusiasm and gave him opportunities to grow. Almost from the beginning Yul was very comfortable behaving as Chan's hyung, which I found compelling; bossy but affectionate ("go inside first"), both traits claiming a bond. The scene when Yul claimed emancipation from his abusive father, choosing love, music, and independence, was stellar. Let m also say that the cinematography was next level. The toxic BF showing up and planting his fancy woven loafer on the ground sketched his entire character. The scene in the orchard mapped the future of Yul and Chan's relationship. And that closing scene, the panorama left to right with Yul’s white luxury car, Yul, Yechan, Yechan’s red tractor, and the lush green backdrop after Yul said, “I’m home,” was everything. The marks 3/3/3/4 out of four were absolutely accurate. A lovely series. Well done all!

  2. Well, I tried, and I mean really tried to get into and get behind "Love Tractor", since the premise itself was not that outlandish, and could have been the foundation for an enjoyable BL drama!.

    WHAT WAS outlandish, however, was Yechan's plastic elastic Mr. Bean-like over-the-top facial hysterics, over-acting, super-obsessed behavior, more than bordering on disturbing pathological controlling behavior. Yechan was more Forrest Gump, than any semi-normal country farmer.

    I mean I totally GET that Yul had a LOT of baggage of his own, between his controlling father and his cheating ex-boyfriend. HOWEVER, Yul certainly was an intelligent and cultured young 27 year old extremely attractive gay man.

    However, identifying with Yul, throughout the first 7 episodes, there was just no way I could picture him being able to be any type of "equal" boyfriend… with Yechan.

    On top of all THAT, the director chose to show Yechan's quite impressive body more than just a few times, HOWEVER (judging from some pictures and videos in Do Won's personal Instagram account) Yul has a stunningly beautiful body in real life, yet not a SINGLE shot of Yul's amazing torso?

    In this drama, there was VERY VERY LITTLE of ANY physical interaction or attraction between Yul and Yechan, and this fact didn't get past my eyes and consciousness, either.

    I could picture this situation much as what would have happened in real life: LITTLE or NO "SPARK" between them! NO physical or emotional connections between the two, hardly make for real genuine boyfriend relationships, IMHO.

    YES, scenery and photography was quite lovely.

    I look forward to future BL projects with the adorable Do Won, hopefully with a more believable potential lover as co-star.

  3. The major problem with Love Tractor is that the alleged 20 year-old looks about 30, and the alleged 27 year-old looks about 17. What were the producers thinking?

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