Tinted With You – Series Review & Ending Explained

Eun Ho travels back in time and falls in love with a banished prince in Tinted With You.

Tinted With You is a historical BL series from South Korea. The protagonist is a high school student who gets magically transported to the feudal period. Confused by his surroundings, he encounters a banished prince and his devoted bodyguard. The three characters live together, getting entangled in a love triangle.

While Tinted With You shows ambition and creativity with its premise, the story is told incoherently. It doesn't have enough time to flesh out the plot, develop the characters, or expand on the romance. This historical drama underwhelms me with its awkward narrative, even if the BL content is sometimes compelling.

Tinted With You Summary



Series Info:

South Korea (2021)


1 hour and 30 minutes

Total Episodes:

8 episodes


Historical drama


Tinted With You is a mature & interesting BL drama.


Eun Ho travels back in time and meets the banished prince Heon.

Eun Ho is a senior high school student getting ready for his final exams. He falls asleep in the classroom and has a strange dream about the feudal period. After waking up, he visits a nearby cafe and sees an art painting that evokes nostalgia. Suddenly, a mysterious lady appears in the art gallery with a cryptic message. Eun Ho loses consciousness and wakes up in a different location.

Dazed and confused, Eun Ho discovers he was magically teleported to the past. He arrived in the feudal era, just like his dream earlier. The art gallery lady appears again, stating she transported him into the painting. According to her, Eun Hon is the original artist. And the only way for him to escape this timeline is to complete the drawing. She disappears again after giving these vague instructions.

Eun Ho wanders around his new surroundings without understanding what happened to him. Suddenly, he encounters two men and asks them for help. However, they are suspicious of him, especially since his appearance seems unusual for this time period. The menacing man draws a sword and threatens to kill him. Eun Ho is terrified and desperately explains his situation.

Eun Ho learns their names are Heon and Guem. Heon is a banished prince accused of plotting against his kingdom. Guem is his devoted bodyguard, who feels very protective over his master. Although suspicious of this stranger, Heon and Guem spare Eun Ho's life. Heon believes his new acquaintance means no harm and doesn't seem to belong here.

Initially, Heon wants Eun Ho to deliver a letter to the king. Guem threatens lethal violence unless the prince's instructions are obeyed. However, they can tell Eun Ho is visibly frightened and lost about his surroundings. Heon takes pity on him and cancels the task. Instead, Heon starts befriending Eun Ho, discovering they have lots in common despite their different backgrounds.

Tinted With You Cast


Eun Ho Junhee Park (박준희) Jun Instagram

Eun Ho is portrayed by the Korean actor Jun (박준희).

Eun Hon is a high school student focused on his upcoming exams. However, he is teleported to a feudal era after encountering a mysterious lady in an art gallery. Initially, Eun Ho feels frightened and confused by his new surroundings. He begins to adjust after meeting Heon and Guem.

Heon Yoo Hyun Woo (유현우) Yoo Hyun Woo Instagram

Heon is portrayed by the Korean actor Yoo Hyun Woo (유현우).

Heon is a former prince banished from his kingdom. He is falsely accused of conspiring against the state. The real reason is that others in power feel jealous of his close bond with the king. Since his banishment, Heon is depressed and feels bleak about his future.

Guem Kim Tae Jung (김태정) Kim Tae Jung Instagram

Guem is portrayed by the Korean actor Kim Tae Jung (김태정).

Guem is Heon's loyal and devoted bodyguard. He vows to protect the banished prince, even if it means sacrificing his own life. Guem has a hostile personality and initially feels suspicious of Eun Ho's arrival. Later, he becomes annoyed by Heon and Eun Ho's growing bond.

Supporting Cast

Seo Jin is Eun Ho's friend from high school.

Seo Jin

Yang Seung Bin (양승빈)

The art lady is portrayed by the Korean actress Yoon Ye Hee (윤예희).

Art Gallery Lady

Yoon Ye Hee (윤예희)

Cast Highlights

  • Seo Jin's actor (Yang Seung Bin) appears in a supporting role in the 2023 Korean BL series Love Tractor.

Tinted With You Review


Drama Review Score: 6.3

Eun Ho and Heon come close to kissing.

The unique historical setting and innovative premise are the best selling points in Tinted With You. It has an exciting concept about a modern high school student stuck in the feudal era. The imaginative plot offers many possibilities, experimenting with timelines, history, and culture. Sadly, most of the potential isn't realized, squandered by a weak narrative and a narrow scope. This BL series feels lacklustre, barely scratching the surface with its limited story.

Tinted With You presents creative ideas, but they're devoid of depth and development. The universe appears empty, only showing a tiny fraction of the historical background. Since the drama is on the shorter side, it doesn't flesh out the plots or characters enough. The narrative meanders aimlessly, wasting precious time with trivial scenes or filler subplots. Worst of all, many events are incoherent, illogical, and implausible. Tinted With You could use a much tighter storyboard, mapping each episode with clarity, direction, and purpose.

The wonky logistics of the fantasy plot never made sense to me from the start. I can't wrap my head around the bizarre time travel, cryptic messages, or abstract tropes. The more this series tries to explain its lore, the less I understand everything. Is that mysterious lady from the art gallery supposed to be God? Or is she there to drive the contrived storytelling? The outrageously erratic narrative will leave you with perplexing questions. Just don't expect rational answers because the ending is even more of an indecipherable mess.

The BL content is handled slightly better. Tinted With You has a serviceable love story and I like the aesthetics of the kissing scenes. With that said, I'm not totally convinced by the whirlwind romance between Eun Ho and Heon. Their attraction seems flimsy and superficial. The series also teases love triangle drama with Guem, only for it to fall flat and go nowhere. More could have been done to highlight the relationship dynamics, which feel underutilized and not fully explored.

I like the cast in Tinted With You. Each character has a distinctive identity: the hapless time traveller, the tragic prince, and the devoted bodyguard. Their drastic differences and surprising similarities lead to quirky interactions. Admittedly, the characterizations are surface-level, never expanding upon their basic archetypes. Nonetheless, I think the three actors do a decent job of propelling their roles. My favourite is the lead (Jun), who's boyishly cute and exudes an irresistible magnetism on screen.

Tinted With You has decent artistry. I like the themed costumes and gorgeous outdoor locations, creating vibrant visuals that energize the story. However, several production aspects feel a bit cheap, especially the fake blood and the obvious props. I also think it goes overboard with the sentimental background music in some scenes. Nonetheless, the atmospheric setting is the highlight in a flawed series that doesn't have many other positives. Overall, Tinted With You feels like mediocre BL and I don't think the quality is good enough to recommend.


Illogical story

Tinted With You suffers from incoherent storylines, a restrictive universe, and a lack of character development. I can't follow the outrageously erratic narrative and gave up on deciphering it long ago.

Superficial romance

The BL material is adequate, but there's still much room for improvement. This romance feels superficial and doesn't explore the relationship dynamics sufficiently.

Decent acting

The acting is decent in Tinted With You. I really like the telegenic lead actor (Jun), who exudes a charming magnetism on screen.

Happy ending

Tinted With You has a happy ending, but it's a ridiculous mess. Don't expect this series to answer any questions. In fact, you may be more confused than ever.

Decent artistry

Tinted With You has gorgeous outdoor scenery that elevates the aesthetics. However, the props look a bit fake and the background music can sometimes be overbearing.


Unfortunately, Tinted With You is a lacklustre BL drama with amateurish storytelling. While the visuals are appealing and the actors are endearing, they can't make up for the many other flaws.


Time travel
Eun Ho travels back in time to a foreign land.

I love the idea of putting a modern character in a historical timeline. What I don't love is how this idea gets executed in Tinted With You. The dream, the painting, and the mysterious art gallery lady are so unnecessarily convoluted. The more they try to explain Eun Ho's situation, the less enjoyable this series becomes. Honestly, I'd prefer if they scrap the lore and just throw the protagonist into the past without an explanation.

The premise has so much potential, but it doesn't get explored in any meaningful capacity. Why can't we see Eun Ho adjust to living in the past and let him explore the universe more? Also, aren't the others curious about him and why he carries these contemporary items in his bag? I want more scenes highlighting the culture shock, but we barely get anything substantial. The characters hardly leave the premises, and when they do, it's just to draw pictures. How boring!

Banished prince
Heon is crying after he was ostracized from the kingdom.

I also love the idea of an exiled prince ostracized from the kingdom. Once again, what I don't love is the execution. Heon's storyline is too abstract and would've worked better if we had more scenes leading to his banishment. Show us his interactions with the king. Show us the other royals plotting against him. The additional context would've enriched the narrative, making it more compelling and coherent.

Instead, Heon was introduced with a terrible first impression. We meet his character under confusing circumstances. I was cringing from the fake blood, bad crying, and melodramatic dialogue. Instead of sympathizing with Heon, I was laughing at him because his situation seemed so over-the-top cheesy. Tinted With You took a really creative idea and botched it with amateurish writing. It's a shame this series doesn't have a better storytelle to implement these imaginative concepts more cohesively.


Eun Ho and Heon
Eun Ho and Heon hold hands together.

I like the relationship scenes between Eun Ho and Heon. Their characters have a cute rapport and the sweetest kisses, amplified by their cinematic surroundings. In my opinion, this couple has okay chemistry. While I don't sense a big spark between the actors, their connection is serviceable. I could use more passion, but I'll accept these performances.

Yet, I'm left unsatisfied by the overall storyline, portraying a superficial whirlwind romance without much substance. Heon and Eun Ho's attraction seems surface-level, falling in love because they like drawing pictures together. Sharing the same hobby sets a basic foundation for romance, but can we have more content please? I wanted deeper conversations and more meaningful interactions to establish their bond, which this series never delivered.

Heon and Guem
Guem is devoted to protecting his master Heon.

The Heon and Guem relationship is a wasted opportunity, failing to develop substantially. Tinted With You teased us with the prospect of a love triangle. However, the reality is that nothing happens between Heon and his bodyguard. It's simply a one-sided crush from Guem, who doesn't express much nuance other than "I'll protect you with my life!" Okay, that's nice, but what else can you offer? His devotion to Heon is one-dimensional and doesn't excite me.

In general, Guem's character is underdeveloped. He isn't one of the leads, but his role is still pretty prominent and deserves more attention. However, Guem behaves stereotypically, never expanding upon his loyal bodyguard archetype. After eight episodes, I don't know much about this guy and have little reason to care about him.


Decent acting
Eun Ho smiles at his reflection in the mirror.

The acting in Tinted With You is decent. All three actors grew more comfortable in their roles as the series progressed. Generally, I think Heon and Guem's actors put forth okay performances, but nothing too remarkable to report.

In contrast, the actor portraying Eun Ho (Jun) leaves a more memorable impression on me. I'm drawn to his perkiness and cheerful disposition, which help to energize the series. He can carry the scenes by himself, but also interact with the other actors just as smoothly. Plus, I think he's super adorable with his boyish good looks, always an asset to enjoying BL! 😚


Happy ending
Eun Ho and Heon travel to the present timeline together.

Tinted With You has a happy ending where Eun Ho and Heon travel to the present timeline together. An execution order had been placed on Heon, so his life was in grave danger if he stayed here any longer. Eun Ho convinced the banished prince to leave and come home with him. After completing the magical painting, both characters were teleported away from this feudal era.

Initially, Heon wanted his bodyguard to accompany them on the time-travel voyage. However, Guem decides to stay behind without his master. It turns out the art gallery lady had visited Guem earlier. She tells him to remain in this world and preserve the painting in a safe location until the present. Otherwise, Eun Ho won't be able to travel between the timelines and rescue Heon's life. As a result, Guem makes the tough choice of separating from Heon to ensure the prince stays alive.

The art gallery lady interferes to save Heon's life.

You may be wondering about the identity of this mysterious art gallery lady. Well, keep wondering because the mystery around her character is never solved! She only appears in the first and last episode of the series. Yet, we know nothing about who she is, where she comes from, and what her powers are. Apparently, Art Gallery Lady wants to change the past and save Heon's life. That's why she teleported Eun Ho into the painting to modify the timeline.

Of course, this explanation answers NOTHING, leaving you with even more questions about the situation. If she has these omniscient powers, why doesn't she go into the painting and save Heon himself? Also, how did she anticipate Eun Ho would rescue Heon or fall in love with him? It seems like a risky plan considering her only instructions to Eun Ho were: "Complete the painting or you'll get trapped here forever, sucker!"

Who is the Art Gallery Woman? I have a theory that she is GOD in human form. Yes, God is apparently a BL fan who ships a high school student with a feudal prince. That's why she ordered Guem to stay in the past, manipulating him to get out of the way from Heon and Eun Ho's budding romance. She works in mysterious ways. 😇

Present timeline
Tinted With You ends with Heon living happily in the present timeline.

After the time travel, Tinted With You jumps forward two years into the future. Annoyingly, the series doesn't show us the immediate aftermath of Heon arriving in the present timeline. I wanted to see his character adjust to a shockingly different culture, but this enormous event gets glossed over in the ending. Tinted With You couldn't bother to explain the logistics of Heon fitting in with modern society.

Instead, the final scene shows the two protagonists settling into their ordinary routines as university students. Heon knows how to use a laptop, showing he's fully integrated with the present-day lifestyle. The final scene is supposed to be a twist, because they see someone who resembles Guem. I mean, it would make NO SENSE for Guem to be in the current timeline? Did the art gallery lady transport him into the future too? Nonetheless, it's best to not overthink this ridiculous ending too much, like with everything else about Tinted With You.

Tinted With You Episodes

Episode Guide

Tinted With You has a total of # episodes. Each episode is around 10 to 13 minutes long. The last episode is around 14 minutes long. It is a short BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 2 hours. Tinted With You started airing on December 23, 2021 and finished on January 14, 2022.

Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 3


Episode 4


Episode 5


Episode 6


Episode 7


Episode 8


Tinted With You Information

Idol Romance

Idol Romance is a Korean BL studio that made Wish You (2020), Nobleman Ryu's Wedding (2021), The Tasty Florida (2021), and Tinted With You (2021).

Idol Romance is a Korean BL studio that made Wish You (2020), Nobleman Ryu's Wedding (2021), The Tasty Florida (2021), and Tinted With You (2021). It also produced Once Again (2022) and Roommates of Poongduck 304 (2022).

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