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My Goofy Deskmate is a Vietnamese BL series about a group of high school friends.

My Goofy Deskmate is a Vietnamese slice-of-life high school BL series. The main character has a close rapport with his best friend. They spend all their time together and know each other's secrets. The other students joke that they act like a couple. Despite their familiarity, the protagonists have yet to define their ambiguous relationship. They must determine their feelings between brotherhood and love.

The aimless slice-of-life narrative hinders My Goofy Deskmate, which has too much frivolous filler. Some episodes only contain childish jokes instead of developing the characters or highlighting their relationships. While the plot may be lightweight, the series grows on me over time. I enjoy both couples with their playful antics. Nonetheless, this cute, cheerful BL drama isn't substantial enough to warrant a positive recommendation.

My Goofy Deskmate Summary


Thằng Ngốc Bàn Bên

Series Info:

Vietnam (2023)


4 hours

Total Episodes:

18 episodes


High school romance


My Goofy Deskmate is a happy & funny BL drama.


Bang and Bong are classmates.

Dieu Bong is a senior high school student. His best friend is Huu Bang, who sits beside him during classes. The two teens have known each other since childhood. They have a close rapport and know each other's unspeakable secrets. During a campus interview, Bang admits that he confides in Bong on everything. Their bond is unbreakable.

Due to their familarities, many students assume that Bong and Bang are dating. They tease the pair for behaving like a couple. The two teenagers admit they gave their first kiss to each other. However, their actual relationship status remains undefined. They call each other buddies without putting any labels. This ambiguity confuses Bang and Bong, who aren't sure how they feel about one another.

Binh An is another senior student who attends the same school as Bang and Bong. He has a crush on Bong. Binh An asked him out on a date. Unfortunately, he faced rejection. A heartbroken Binh An feels bitter about Bang and Bong's close relationship. Sometimes, he makes snide remarks or throws dramatic tantrums. The moody Binh An wears his heart on his sleeves. For better or for worse, he cannot contain his emotions.

After his rejection, Binh An befriends Thien Ly, Bong's younger brother. Thien Ly is a year younger than him. Despite his youth, he is intelligent and offers to mentor Binh An in his academic studies. Binh An, who doesn't like studying, often complains about the school work. Nonetheless, Bong is mature and patient as he teaches his acquaintance. Over time, they start developing romantic feelings for each other. Binh An's affection shifts from one brother to another.

My Goofy Deskmate Cast



Tran Vi Hao (Trần Vĩ Hào)

Bong is portrayed by Vietnamese actor Tran Vi Hao (Trần Vĩ Hào).

Dieu Bong is a high school student in his senior year. His parents work in education, and he hopes to follow in their footsteps. Bong also likes to draw. Bong has been best friends with Bang since childhood. Their bond is nearly unbreakable. Despite their familiarity, they haven't defined their relationship status.

Tran Vi Hao

Tran Vi Hao (Trần Vĩ Hào) is a Vietnamese actor.

Tran Vi Hao (Trần Vĩ Hào) is a Vietnamese actor. He is one of the lead actors in the 2023 Vietnamese high school BL drama, My Goofy Deskmate.


Dang Tuan Kiet (Đặng Tuấn Kiệt)

Bang is portrayed by Vietnamese actor Dang Tuan Kiet (Đặng Tuấn Kiệt).

Huu Bang is a senior high school student. He is an only child with no siblings. He is also childhood best friends with Bong. They have an incredibly tight bond and know each other's secrets. For example, Bang has a scar on his butt, which Bong knows about. Bang is also Bong's first kiss. Even though others see them as a couple, they haven't defined their relationship status yet.

Dang Tuan Kiet

Dang Tuan Kiet (Đặng Tuấn Kiệt) is a Vietnamese actor.

Dang Tuan Kiet (Đặng Tuấn Kiệt) is a Vietnamese actor. He is one of the lead actors in the 2023 Vietnamese high school BL series, My Goofy Deskmate.

Thien Ly

Sy Tay (Sy Tằy)

Thien Ly is portrayed by Vietnamese actor Sy Tay (Sy Tằy).

Thien Ly is Bong's little brother. He is one year younger than his sibling. Thien Ly's parents work in education, and intelligence runs in his family. Despite his youth, Thien Ly gives tutoring lessons to his upperclassman, Binh An. Thien Ly is patient and mature, even though Binh An doesn't always cooperate during the studies.

Sy Tay

Sy Tay (Sy Tằy) is a Vietnamese actor.

Sy Tay (Sy Tằy) is a Vietnamese actor. He is one of the lead actors in the 2023 Vietnamese high school BL drama, My Goofy Deskmate.

Binh An

Kai Bie

Binh An is portrayed by Vietnamese actor Kai Bie.

Binh An is a high school student and Bong's classmate. He has a crush on Bong and once asked him for a date. However, his invitation was declined. After his rejection, Binh An throws moody tantrums whenever he sees Bang and Bong together. Binh An's friends often tease him for being capricious. He cannot hide his emotions.

Kai Bie

Kai Bie is a Vietnamese actor.

Kai Bie is a Vietnamese actor. His first BL project is the 2019 BL drama, Hey! First Love. He also appears in The Most Peaceful Place (2021) and My Goofy Deskmate (2023).

Supporting Cast

Dieu is portrayed by a Vietnamese actress.


Tiep is portrayed by a Vietnamese actor.


Quang Minh is portrayed by a Vietnamese actor.

Quang Minh

The interviewer is portrayed by a Vietnamese actress.


The singer is portrayed by a Vietnamese actress.


The teacher is portrayed by a Vietnamese actor.


The cat is portrayed by a Vietnamese animal.


Cast Highlights

  • Binh An's actor (Kai Bie) appeared in other Vietnamese BL dramas, including Hey! First Love (2019) and The Most Peaceful Place (2021).
  • In Episode 4, the characters watch a clip from the 2022 Vietnamese BL series, The Promise. Oril Nguyen, the director of My Goofy Deskmate, also worked on The Promise.

My Goofy Deskmate Review


Drama Review Score: 6.3

Bang and Bong almost kiss.

My Goofy Deskmate follows a slice-of-life format. Each episode contains short segments about the protagonists and their delightful interactions. The series doesn't have an overarching plot, especially in the beginning. The early episodes consist of random scenes with little relation to each other. They fail to properly introduce the characters, flesh out their dynamics, or create narrative arcs. My Goofy Deskmate seems disjointed and aimless, focusing on scattered moments rather than a cohesive story.

I'm frustrated by the lack of progression in My Goofy Deskmate. Instead of meaningful plots, it's cluttered with frivolous filler. There's no strong incentive to continue watching since it's preoccupied with random silliness. Furthermore, the series struggles to create unique scenarios. More than a few scenes feel repetitive, like rewriting the same events in a different font. While the later episodes have more solid storylines, the ideas aren't original. The numerous cliches outweigh the glimmers of creativity. My Goofy Deskmate seems mundane and doesn't excite me as a viewer.

This series relies on many humorous exchanges, but the jokes are hit-and-miss. The childish comedy isn't sharp enough to be the main selling point. With that said, several funny moments have charmed me due to their goofiness. Even if some scenes don't make me laugh, I appreciate the perpetual energy and cheerfulness. The cast also delivers the sassy exchanges enthusiastically, maintaining the lively atmosphere of the drama. For all its faults, My Goofy Deskmate keeps a brisk pace and conveys positive vibes. This lighthearted BL drama puts me in a good mood.

The leads, Bang and Bong, have an ambiguous dynamic that may confuse you. These childhood best friends share an undeniably tight bond. Everyone acknowledges their romantic feelings for each other, including themselves. Yet, they won't define their relationship status. The series conveys the attraction clumsily when it should've provided more clarity and explored their emotions. Even though the story doesn't maximize their full potential, the couple still has cute, cheeky interactions. They also unleash their pent-up passion in an exhilarating dramatic climax.

Out of the four leads, Binh An is my favourite. His moodiness can be irritating, but I enjoy his colourful personality. He stands out compared to the other main characters, who are vaguely similar. Binh An's actor (Kai Bie) is expressive and portrays his role with a funny belligerence. I'm also fond of his nerd-chic aesthetic with the gelled hair and thick glasses. However, his romance with Thien Ly is lacklustre. While I like their amusing exchanges, the flirtation never culminates in a grand display of love. They have tame relationship growth after eighteen episodes of development.

Despite its narrative shortcomings, My Goofy Deskmate grew on me over time. I feel attached to the charming cast, playful antics, and quirky schoolboy romances. Although not well-written, this harmless comedy delivers cute relationship fluff and the occasional funny jokes. I do my best to overlook the flaws and enjoy the entertaining aspects. With that said, I hesitate to give the series a positive recommendation. My Goofy Deskmate may be endearing, but the story lacks nuance and substance. Ultimately, it isn't a noteworthy addition to the BL genre.


Random story

My Goofy Deskmate focuses on random slice-of-life scenes rather than telling a cohesive story. While a few scenes are funny, it's preoccupied with random silliness. I'm frustrated by the lack of plot.

Charming romances

Both couples have cute and charming exchanges. However, their love stories lack clarity, from muddled feelings to tame relationship growth. These schoolboy romances never reach their full potential.

Bubbly acting

The lively cast handles the comedic material well. They deliver the sassy scenes with bubbly enthusiasm. My favourite is Binh An's actor (Kai Bie), who adds a lot of colourful personality to his character.

Happy ending

My Goofy Deskmate has a happy ending that concludes with the characters graduating from high school. Bang and Bong resolve a last-minute relationship issue. Overall, it's a cute, satisfying finale.

Okay artistry

The series loses points since it's filmed in a vertical video format, which doesn't create an optimal viewing experience. However, I like its use of musical cues, like the Doraemon theme song.


My Goofy Deskmate is an endearing BL comedy with quirky scenes and charming romantic fluff. However, it suffers from a lack of plot. The relationships don't develop clearly or meaningfully.

My Goofy Deskmate Episodes

Episode Guide

Bang and Bong gaze into each other's eyes outdoors.

My Goofy Deskmate has a total of 18 episodes. Each episode is around 10 to 15 minutes long. The last episode is a short epilogue around 3 minutes long. It is a medium-length BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 4 hours. My Goofy Deskmate started on May 25, 2023 and ended on August 17, 2023.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13
Episode 14
Episode 15
Episode 16
Episode 17
Episode 18

Episode Reviews

Episode 1

I don't mind the slice-of-life structure, but I wish the first episode would introduce the characters better. The jokes are hit or miss for me, but adding the Doraemon theme song is a cute punchline.

Episode 2

So far, all the scenes feel like frivolous fluff and filler. The series is missing a hook. What entices viewers to keep watching the rest of the episodes? Without a plot, there appears to be no progression.

Episode 3

I wish Bang and Bong's affection would occur organically. All their romantic scenarios seem forced, like being paid to kiss on camera. The interactions are also not meaningful enough to make an impact.

Episode 4

I recognize the theme song from The Promise! Some storylines are annoyingly similar. Didn't Binh An & Thien Ly recently argue over tutoring lessons? Why do Bang & Bong have the same feud?

Episode 5

I'm still unsure how the relationships are defined. Are they friends or lovers? Binh An's actor is (Kai Bie) is expressive. I initially found him annoying, but he's the character with the most personality.

Episode 6

The first scene is funny! While the jokes don't always make me laugh, there are cheeky moments. Binh An & Thien Ly's scenes in this episode are well-written. Their relationship drama is engaging.

Episode 7

I like how this episode fleshes out the characters and their personalities. Both couples are growing on me. I'm starting to care about their relationships and want to see the romances flourish.

Episode 8

The fake flashforward is interesting! I like how the series breaks from the usual narrative structure, delving into serious drama. The glimpse of the characters' future adds complexity to the story.

Episode 9

The jealousy plot is cliche, but I like seeing Binh An & Thien Ly navigate their relationship issues. Binh An treads the line between annoying and entertaining me. I'm not sure how to feel about him.

Episode 10

This feels like another filler episode with trite scenes that don't advance the plot or develop the romance. The series is midway over, and I expect more progression instead of going around in circles.

Episode 11

The series has gone back to generic slice-of-life filler. These scenes are mundane and contain little BL content. I'm quickly losing enthusiasm and lack the desire to continue watching new episodes.

Episode 12

This is the most dramatic episode thus far! Although Bang's conflicted feelings don't make sense, I'm glad the story explores his turmoil. It's the first time I genuinely felt engaged by the plot.

Episode 13

Whoa, look at those two making out! Yeah, that kiss earned this series some extra points~ The series does an excellent job of building the adrenaline. The climax unleashes the passion powerfully.

Episode 14

I like the secondary couple's dynamic. Thien Ly is a year younger, yet he's more mature and academically brighter than his love interest. Unlike the other pair, this romance is missing a dramatic climax.

Episode 15

I'm not a fan of the love triangle subplot. The rival is annoying and manipulative, so I'm rooting for Binh An to destroy him! I like the scene where he compares homewrecking to stealing snacks lol.

Episode 16

I'm glad Thien Ly clearly defines the boundaries with his ex. However, this pointless subplot accomplishes nothing. The story wastes time when it could've focused on another topic.

Episode 17

Bong studying overseas seems like a hasty subplot that emerges out of nowhere. Also, it's abrupt when the characters suddenly graduate. There's no buildup to this milestone. All the events feel rushed.

Episode 18

Aww, that's a sweet ending. I like that Bang will study in Singapore with his boyfriend. However, I wish this plot was better developed. Nonetheless, this finale wraps up the story satisfyingly.

My Goofy Deskmate Information


Oril Nguyen (Oril Nguyễn) is a Vietnamese director. He directed the 2021 BL short movie, Beef, Cupcakes and Him. He also directed the 2022 BL series, The Promise and the 2023 series, My Goofy Deskmate.

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