Jin Ho and Seok Hoon is a Korean BL short film about a lighthearted comedy.

My Personal Trainer is a silly and campy Korean BL comedy. In this short movie, the main character and his friends begin a gym membership. The protagonist meets his beefy personal trainer, who is touchy-feely. The two men are eager to spend one-on-one time and get to know each other better.

Even if the comedy is pretty low-brow, you may get a cheap laugh or two from My Personal Trainer. This short film is supposed to be frivolous with dumb humour, shallow plots, and ridiculous characters. Although it doesn't have much literary merit, I wouldn't take this harmless little movie too seriously. It's cute enough for twenty minutes and may make you giggle once or twice.

My Personal Trainer Summary


마이 퍼스널 트레이너

Movie Info:

South Korea (2019)


20 minutes




My Personal Trainer is a happy & funny short film.

Is My Personal Trainer BL?

Yes, there is a BL storyline.

What is the film called?

마이 퍼스널 트레이너

Where was the movie made?

South Korea

When was the film released?


How long is My Personal Trainer?

Around 20 minutes

What is the genre?


How would you describe the movie?

Happy & upbeat

Who is the director?

Byun Chun

Is My Personal Trainer BL?

Yes, there's a BL couple


Jin Ho and Seok Hoon do exercises at the gym.

Jin Ho is a YouTuber who struggles to gain popularity with his silly online videos. He joins the gym with his friends, hoping that a buffer body will help him gain more attention. They have booked a session with a personal trainer. However, the coach is late on their first day. Jin Ho attempts to try out the gym equipment himself, but his incorrect posture is potentially dangerous. Seok Hoon, a personal trainer, arrives in time to help Jin Ho with his exercises.

Jin Ho begins to train under Seok Hoon during one-on-one fitness sessions. As a personal trainer, Seok Hoon is surprisingly tactile. He has no problems asking Jin Ho to place his hands over his pecs or abs. Jin Ho quickly grows smitten with his personal trainer. His friends also agree that he got the hottest guy in the gym.

Afterwards, Jin Ho and Seok Hoon exchanged contact information. They send friendly text messages that bring a smile to Ji Ho's face each time. Seok Hoon invites his trainee for a meal as they become closer. Jin Ho is excited about the possibility of taking their relationship to the next level. He and his friends have speculated about the personal trainer's sexuality. However, they can't figure out whether Seok Hoon is actually interested in Jin Ho or not.

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My Personal Trainer Cast


Jin Ho

Lee Na Gil (이나길)

Jin Ho is portrayed by the Korean actor Lee Na Gil (이나길).

Jin Ho works as an online content creator. However, his silly YouTube videos fail to gain popularity. Jin Ho and his friends join the gym, hoping that a buffer body will help him gain more attention. Jin Ho quickly develops a crush on Seok Hoon, his touchy-feely personal trainer.

Seok Hoon

Jang Seok Hoon (장석훈)

Seok Hoon is portrayed by the Korean actor Jang Seok Hoon (장석훈).

Seok Hoon is Jin Ho's personal trainer. He first meets Jin Ho after correcting his posture on a piece of gym equipment. Seok Hook is a touchy-feely guy with no issues asking Jin Ho to touch his pecs or abs. He develops a close relationship with his trainee, and they even exchange contact information outside of gym hours.

Supporting Cast

Kang Woo is portrayed by the Korean actor Moon Soo Ho (문수호).

Kang Woo

Moon Soo Ho (문수호)

Young Joon is portrayed by the Korean actor Lee San (이산).

Young Joon

Lee San (이산)

My Personal Trainer Review


Movie Review Score: 6.0

Jin Ho and Seok Hook share a kiss in his fantasy.

I don't think anyone has this misconception, but My Personal Trainer is not a BL masterpiece. The frivolous short movie is nowhere near a standard of quality and sophistication. Instead, it's a campy comedy with goofy jokes, dumb plots, and silly shenanigans. If you're looking for something elevated, you won't find literary merit in this film. Nonetheless, My Personal Trainer may appeal to those who want a few quick laughs from a casual, lighthearted story.

The comedy in My Personal Trainer is low-brow, relying on exaggerated reactions and blatant innuendos. Personally, most of the juvenile jokes don't tickle my funny bone. The single scene that makes me laugh is when the characters speculate about Seok Hoon's sexuality. As they scroll through his Instagram feed, every picture is gay, gayer, and gayest. 🤭 Even if the other moments don't connect with me, I still appreciate the cheekiness. The delightful mischief makes this film amusing to watch.

However, the story is pitifully shallow. There isn't much substance to the plot other than a few reactions and gags. My Personal Trainer doesn't develop its paper-thin characters, who are merely vapid cliches and senseless stereotypes. The BL romance is also limited. There is a kiss, and the characters share a few inappropriately intimate encounters. Yet, these quick moments don't amount to anything significant, like the equivalent of watching superfluous fluff. The hollow relationship scenes are not intended to make you gush about the couple.

Many aspects of this movie are unremarkable. The production values are okay, but there's a lack of artistry in the visual presentation. Most scenes occur in a run-of-the-mill gym, which looks as mundane as it sounds. As for the acting, it's average at best. Jin Ho's performer (Lee Na Gil) and the supporting cast seem lively, but their charisma isn't compelling enough to boost the mediocre material. Meanwhile, Seok Hoon's actor (Jang Seok Hoon) is just there to be objectified. Overall, the uninspiring script hardly showcases anyone's acting capabilities.

I can criticize more, but I don't want to be too harsh in my review. Ultimately, I recognize the movie is inoffensive and harmless. The plot might be lightweight, but it's brimming with exuberance and enthusiasm. Also, this cheerful comedy fills a missing niche and diversifies the BL genre beyond just schmaltzy love stories. While My Personal Trainer might not be my cup of tea, I believe some viewers will react to the humour more fondly. The quirky antics should make you giggle once or twice, which is a fair trade-off for twenty minutes of your time.


Vapid story

My Personal Trainer is a silly and campy comedy with a frivolous plot. The humour is low-brow, relying on exaggerations and innuendos to make you laugh.

Shallow romance

The BL relationship is shallow and doesn't develop meaningfully. There are a few physically intimate moments, but you won't feel a sense of buzzing romance as the characters interact.

Average acting

The actors are lively, but they give average performances that don't elevate the material too much. The script is limited and doesn't showcase anyone's talents.

Happy ending

My Personal Trainer has a happy ending with a cute twist in the final moment. The conclusion is slightly amusing, but it feels lightweight like the rest of the movie.

Plain artistry

The production values are acceptable, but there's a lack of visual artistry. Many scenes occur in a run-of-the-mill gym, which isn't the most exciting location aesthetically.


My Personal Trainer is a shallow comedy that fails to tickle my funny bone. Nonetheless, some viewers might appreciate the cheerful vibe, goofy humour, and campy characters.

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Strongberry is a Korean BL studio that made Long Time No See (2017), Secret Roommate (2020), Sweet Curse (2021), among many LGBT series and short films.

STRONGBERRY is a Korean BL studio that made Long Time No See (2017), Some More (2018), As If You Whisper (2019), Secret Roommate (2020), Sweet Curse (2021), Choco Milk Shake (2022), among many LGBT series and short films. The studio is also known as MATCHBOX.

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