The top BL dramas of 2023 include Moonlight Chicken, If It's With You, The Eighth Sense, and Our Dating Sim.

2023 introduced many outstanding Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, and Thai BL series. My top pick is I Feel You Linger in the Air. This epic historical drama dazzles with its brilliant themes, passionate romance, and majestic artistry. I also loved The Eighth Sense, an outstanding ten-episode series that sets a high standard for the BL genre. Inspired by Western LGBTQ+ shows, it delves into complex themes about mental health.

Thailand's Moonlight Chicken is another engaging BL drama. Talented actors Earth x Mix and Fourth x Gemini gave powerful performances in their roles. Their love story comes to life with stunning visuals and a refined soundtrack. Due to its outstanding work, Moonlight Chicken won the Gold Award for Best LGBTQ+ Programme Made in Asia.

Our Dating Sim is another excellent installment, showcasing a heartwarming romance between childhood friends. Fans will appreciate the couple's delightful interactions and unforgettable kisses. Similarly, Japan's If It's With You offers well-developed teenage romance. With relatable characters and a gentle bond, this touching drama holds plenty of emotional depth.

I'll assess and rank the new BL dramas as they come out. Keep an eye open for updates on the hottest BL series of 2023.


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Top BL

I Feel You Linger in the Air is one of the best BL dramas. Our Dating Sim and The Eighth Sense are also excellent series. In addition, If It's With You, Moonlight Chicken, and the Sasaki and Miyano movie are highly recommended.

BL Anime

Sasaki and Miyano: Graduation 90%

Mignon 85%

My New Boss Is Goofy 77%

Buddy Daddies 74%

Mask Danshi 70%

Japanese BL

If It's With You 91%

Monster 89%

My Beautiful Man: Eternal 86%

The End of the World With You 84%

Jack o' Frost 84%

My Beautiful Man 2 83%

Our Dining Table 83%

I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama 82%

One Room Angel 81%

My Personal Weatherman 79%

Minato's Laundromat 2 78%

Old Narcissus 76%

Tokyo in April is… 75%

I Cannot Reach You 73%

Let's Eat Together, Aki and Haru 72%

Polyethylene Terephthalate 71%

Naked Dining 68%

Korean BL

The Eighth Sense 95%

Our Dating Sim 94%

So Long, See You Tomorrow 89%

Sing My Crush 87%

Love Tractor 79%

Love Class 2 78%

Unintentional Love Story 76%

Star Struck 75%

Individual Circumstances 70%

Behind the Shadows 70%

A Shoulder to Cry On 70%

A Breeze of Love 69%

Taiwanese BL

Marry My Dead Body 88%

Stay by My Side 79%

Kiseki: Dear to Me 72%

VIP Only 69%

Thai BL

Last Twilight 97%

I Feel You Linger in the Air 96%

Cherry Magic Thailand 94%

Moonlight Chicken 90%

Wedding Plan 88%

Only Friends 85%

Be My Favorite 80%

Dead Friend Forever 80%

Pit Babe 78%

Past Senger 78%

Make a Wish 77%

Venus in the Sky 77%

Love in Translation 76%

Playboyy 76%

Bake Me Please 75%

A Boss and a Babe 75%

Cutie Pie 2 You 74%

Tin Tem Jai 74%

My Blessing 73%

Step by Step 73%

After Sundown 72%

Childhood 72%

Our Skyy 2 71%

Night Dream 71%

Twins 71%

The Promise 68%

Hit Bite Love 67%

La Pluie 67%

Shadow 67%

Vietnamese BL

Stormy Honeymoon 77%

Oh My God 69%

Hong Kong BL

Stay Still 74%

Singapore BL

Pure Vanilla 68%

Top BL Series

Last Twilight

Last Twilight

Last Twilight is a Thai BL series about a visually impaired protagonist and his caregiver. The main character is an athlete who feels demoralized after losing his vision. His family hires a professional aid to help with daily routines. The new employee is a former convict with a stern demeanour. Unlike everyone else, he speaks bluntly to his employer and doesn't pity him. Despite their initial clash, they bond and learn to rely on each other.

97% Last Twilight is a sensitive and poignant BL series about living with vision impairment. The empowering messages, enchanting romance, and evocative performances contribute to this masterpiece.

Meaningful story Last Twilight has a meaningful story about vision impairment. It educates viewers, eliminates stereotypes & emphasizes an empowering journey. Each episode is compelling and inspirational.

Powerful romance Day & Mhok have an enchanting romance. They understand each other's hidden depths, forming a powerful bond. Their encounters include deep kisses, sensual touches, and intense affection.

Compelling acting Day's actor (Sea) is a mesmerizing lead who makes every emotion seem genuine. His costar (Jimmy) exudes charm and charisma. Both share a compelling chemistry that ignites romantic exchanges.

I Feel You Linger in the Air

I Feel You Linger in the Air

I Feel You Linger in the Air is a Thai historical BL series with a fantasy twist. After an accident, the main character regains consciousness and finds himself stuck in the past. He is lost and confused while navigating an unfamiliar world from decades ago. Eventually, he receives help from a young aristocrat. As the protagonist begins working for the wealthy household, he develops forbidden feelings for his employer.

96% I Feel You Linger in the Air is an extraordinary BL series with a poignant historical romance. It explores brilliant themes, displays magnificent artistry & celebrates the couple's passionate chemistry.

Epic story I Feel You Linger in the Air is an epic period drama set in the fascinating era of 1928. The story offers astute social commentary and explores insightful themes, including LGBTQ+ experiences.

Enchanting romance The couple's enchanting romance bursts alive with exhilarating passion. Each intimate encounter highlights their intense chemistry. I can't stop smiling and giggling over their cute flirtation!

Commanding acting Jom's actor (Nonkul) emotes exquisitely and anchors the series with his dignified performance. His costar (Bright) dazzles with suaveness, sophistication, and a commanding screen presence.

The Eighth Sense

The Eighth Sense

The Eighth Sense is a Korean BL series about the emotional relationship between two university students. The main character has moved away from a small town to study in a big city. He befriends the campus heartthrob, who entices the protagonist to join the surfing club. As their bond deepens, his charming companion becomes increasingly restless. Beneath the confident swagger, he struggles with his deteriorating mental health.

95% The Eighth Sense is a masterful BL drama conveying a mature love story with sophisticated messages. It makes a profound impression with brilliant writing, genuine acting, and exquisite artistry.

Profound story The Eighth Sense presents an intelligent story with complex themes and authentic characters. Among its many meaningful messages, it depicts mental health experiences sensitively.

Emotional romance The compelling relationship drama includes vivid sexual tension and undeniable chemistry. We also see the characters cultivate an emotional bond, from intimate chats to gentle encouragement.

Genuine acting Both performers (Oh Jun Taek and Im Ji Sub) portray their roles with poise and dignity. They make their characters seem genuine, charming, and vulnerable. Plus, they share an excellent rapport.

Cherry Magic Thailand

Cherry Magic Thailand

Cherry Magic Thailand is the Thai remake of the famous Japanese BL series. The main character is a single office worker with low self-esteem. Suddenly, he gains the power to read other people's minds on his 30th birthday. To his surprise, he discovers his colleague has a secret crush on him. Beneath his confident demeanour, the company's star employee is lovestruck and constantly thinks about the protagonist.

94% Cherry Magic Thailand is an enchanting remake that captures the warmth and charm of the original drama. It has a lovey-dovey romance with sweet flirting, physical intimacy & adorable leads.

Sentimental story Cherry Magic Thailand has a sentimental story full of warmth, humour, and creativity. Like the original drama, the remake conveys uplifting messages about empathy. Each episode leaves me smiling!

Charming romance Achi and Karan have a charming relationship. From cute flirting to physical affection, their lovey-dovey moments are couple goals! This series may be one of the most romantic BL dramas ever.

Endearing acting The casting is spot-on. Both leads capture the essence of the characters, from New's endearing charm to Tay's natural suaveness. Their charisma shines in every scene, like fairytale princes.

Our Dating Sim

Our Dating Sim

Our Dating Sim is a Korean BL series about a workplace romance in a video game company. The protagonist is stressed when he reunites with his high school crush during a new job opportunity. Due to a failed love confession, these two childhood friends fell out of touch for many years. They must work together in a small office environment, navigating their troubled relationship history and hazy professional boundaries.

94% Our Dating Sim is an exceptional BL drama with a simple yet engaging love story. The adorable couple dazzles with cute flirting, iconic kisses, natural chemistry, and riveting sexual tension.

Entertaining story Our Dating Sim offers a fun, breezy love story that flows cohesively. The simple plot combines familiar romantic tropes into an engaging narrative. Everything unfolds without clunkiness.

Riveting romance The series showcases riveting sexual tension in the early episodes and never loses momentum in the second half. This adorable couple flirts enthusiastically and gives epic kisses.

Charming acting Both leads share an easygoing chemistry with a natural rapport. Ki Tae's actor (Lee Seung Gyu) is vivacious and impishly charming. His costar (Lee Jong Hyuk) gives a poised performance.

If It's With You

If It's With You

If It's With You is a sweet Japanese BL series about two high school students in a coastal town. After moving into his new home, the main character befriends a kind teenager who works at a family restaurant. They develop a cozy bond while hanging out at school and around the neighbourhood. The protagonist realizes he has developed romantic feelings for his friend. However, he doesn't believe his one-sided love is reciprocated.

91% If It's With You tells a sweet, sentimental teen love story with delicate emotions & nuanced introspection. The dreamy visuals, elegant music, and sincere acting enrich this mesmerizing BL drama.

Introspective story If It's With You portrays a gentle teen romance with immense emotional depth. With many insightful dimensions, the story explores the characters' thoughts, feelings & perspectives profoundly.

Sensitive romance Amane develops a meaningful connection with Ryuji. Their friendship blossoms into a tender love. However, Amane's feelings are stronger than Ryuji's. Also, their kissing scenes look awkward.

Sincere acting Both young performers bring sincerity to their roles. Amane's actor (Takato Okura) lights up the screen with his bubbly enthusiasm. His costar (Wataru Hyuga) conveys a raw, earnest charm.

Sasaki and Miyano: Graduation

Sasaki and Miyano

Sasaki and Miyano: Graduation is the movie sequel to the Japanese BL anime series. It continues the sweet love story of a high school couple who recently started dating. The main characters must find a way to express their feelings and explore their physical desires. In addition, they worry about how friends and family will react to their relationship. The protagonist also deals with the stress and uncertainty of university entrance exams.

90% Sasaki and Miyano: Graduation is a sweet BL anime movie that depicts a gentle teen romance. It includes cute relationship moments, positive messages, and sensitive LGBTQ+ storylines.

Gentle story Sasaki and Miyano: Graduation portrays a gentle high school love story. It embeds positive messages into the sweet, wholesome teen romance. The movie tackles mature topics sensitively and gracefully.

Enchanting romance The lead characters have many enchanting relationship scenes that make me smile. The movie reinforces the couple's feelings for each other. It highlights their connection physically and emotionally.

Colourful visuals The movie complements its optimistic narrative with bright, colourful visuals. I enjoy the appealing character designs. However, I wish the plain backgrounds would have more depth and detail.

Moonlight Chicken

Moonlight Chicken

Moonlight Chicken is a Thai BL series about a restaurant owner's romance with his customer. The protagonist runs a local diner that sells chicken rice. On a fateful evening, he encounters a younger man and hooks up with him. It was supposed to be a quick, meaningless fling. Yet, his one-night stand has developed feelings. He reappears and seems determined to pursue a relationship.

90% Moonlight Chicken is a mature BL series with complex protagonists going through emotional relationship drama. I enjoy the sentimental plots, talented actors, chic aesthetics, and positive messages.

Poignant story Moonlight Chicken features sentimental storylines with thoughtful messages and astute social commentary. The complex characters go on emotional journeys of growth and healing.

Emotional romance The lead couple shares a comfortable on-screen chemistry. Similarly, the secondary romance hits all the right sentimental notes. However, I'm not a fan of Wen and Alan's angsty breakup drama.

Talented acting The star-studded cast gives talented performances. I enjoy Jim's actor (Earth) for his balanced portrayal of maturity and vulnerability. Likewise, Li Ming's actor (Fourth) appears sensitive and authentic.

So Long, See You Tomorrow

So Long, See You Tomorrow

So Long, See You Tomorrow is a Korean movie with a storytelling twist, which unveils as the plot progresses. The main character is a gay high school student who develops a crush on his charismatic best friend. This teen relationship becomes one of his lifelong regrets. Decades later, the adult protagonist remains haunted by his unattainable love. As he navigates life wistfully, every experience seems interconnected and draws mysterious parallels.

89% So Long, See You Tomorrow is a brilliant movie with thoughtful themes & exhilarating emotions. The creative storytelling twist reveals itself over time, adding nuances to the sophisticated plot.

Complex story So Long, See You Tomorrow reveals a clever storytelling twist as the plot develops. It explores profound emotions, poignant introspection, and philosophical themes in a meticulously crafted narrative.

Emotional romance The movie emphasizes the couple's emotional connection, but there isn't enough flirtation or seduction. Besides a brief kiss, this melancholy love story needs more scenes highlighting the attraction.

Sensational acting The cast delivers arresting performances, capturing the raw anguish during emotional climaxes. The actors who portray the teens (Hong Xa Bin and Shin Joo Hyup) are superb.



Monster is a Japanese movie about a fifth-grade student and his troubles at school. The main character is a child who lives with his single mother. Lately, she has noticed unusual behaviour from her son. He hides secrets, brings suspicious items home, and even goes missing at night. When she confronts the principal and teachers, they won't speak candidly about what happened on campus. Her quest for answers triggers a chain of consequences.

89% Monster has a sophisticated story that explores inner demons poignantly. In addition to the thought-provoking messages, it offers astute commentary and brilliant metaphors.

Intelligent story My Beautiful Man: Eternal skillfully navigates sophisticated plots with insightful themes & intelligent messages. It handles each character arc gracefully, demonstrating storytelling finesse.

Childhood romance There is a childhood crush, but the love story isn't the central plot. Despite the lack of romance, this movie deals with LGBTQ+ themes and should appeal to gay cinema enthusiasts.

Sensitive acting The cast's sensitive performances elevate the movie. Minato's actor (Souya Kurokawa) emotes delicately, while his charming costar (Hinata Hirragi) infuses each scene with his innocence.

Marry My Dead Body

Marry My Dead Body

Marry My Dead Body is a Taiwanese movie about a homophobic cop, a gay ghost, and their relationship. The main character is a police detective prejudiced against the LGBTQ+ community. One day, a superstitious woman approaches the cop and ropes him into marrying her dead grandson. If the protagonist opposes the union, he shall experience misfortune. Reluctantly, he must communicate with the deceased to fulfill his last wishes.

88% Marry My Dead Body is an entertaining movie with lovable protagonists played by charismatic actors. Beyond making me laugh with constant jokes, the sentimental story explores LGBTQ+ themes.

Entertaining story Marry My Dead Body has a creative premise, combining a supernatural comedy with a crime thriller. The whimsical story cracks me up with hilarious jokes and makes me cry with poignant drama.

Platonic bromance This movie isn't a love story. It contains very little romance, although the supporting characters kiss several times. Nonetheless, the film has a gay protagonist and depicts LGBTQ+ themes meaningfully.

Charismatic acting Both performers are charming and charismatic. Ming Han's vivacious actor (Greg Hsu) nails the comedic scenes, while his costar (Austin Lin) brings so much cheeky personality to his role.

Wedding Plan

Wedding Plan

Wedding Plan is a Thai BL series about a mismatched couple looking to get married. Two childhood sweethearts approach a wedding planner, asking him to coordinate their ceremony on short notice. These tricky clients are uncooperative with no idea what they want. The protagonist tries to work with them, but his failed plans lead to comical shenanigans. Unexpectedly, he develops a forbidden attraction toward the groom-to-be.

88% Wedding Plan is a lighthearted BL romantic comedy with hilarious jokes and spicy relationship drama. Each entertaining episode is delightful, guiding viewers through silly and sassy shenanigans.

Amusing story Wedding Plan has an entertaining story with lots of lighthearted humour, from goofy jokes to witty lines. It offers a sprinkle of romance, a touch of comedy, and a light dose of romantic drama.

Forbidden romance The BL drama begins controversially. A forbidden romance between a wedding planner and his client is bound to stir drama. I became more receptive to the couple in the last few episodes.

Energetic acting The energetic cast injects lots of personality into their roles. They enhance the comedic material with their liveliness and sassiness. However, the actors are weaker during dramatic exchanges.

Good BL Series

Top BL
Good BL
Okay BL

Sing My Crush

Sing My Crush

Sing My Crush is a Korean BL series about a young aspiring musician with romantic feelings for his mentor. After a crucial audition, the main character gathers the courage to confess his secret love. However, the outcome devastates him. At his emotionally lowest point, the heartbroken protagonist befriends a bubbly companion who comforts him. They forge a special connection filled with music, laughter & mutual support.

87% Sing My Crush is a charming BL drama with an endearing couple on a cozy friends-to-lovers journey. The charismatic leads bring the best out of their playful banter, lighthearted flirting, and cute exchanges.

Sentimental story Sing My Crush has a sentimental love story about mending a broken heart. However, the plot is too lightweight and lacks sophistication. It coasts on romantic fluff than exploring profound themes.

Sweet romance I enjoy the couple's charming friends-to-lovers journey. They make a compatible couple that shares comfortable chemistry. Many cute bonding scenes highlight their easygoing rapport.

Charismatic acting Baram's actor (Jang Do Yoon) portrays a sensitive protagonist with a soft and gentle demeanour. His costar (Son Hyun Woo) exudes dazzling charisma. He brings his role to life vivaciously.

My Beautiful Man: Eternal

My Beautiful Man Eternal

My Beautiful Man: Eternal is the movie sequel to the Japanese BL series. The story continues after the events in the second season. The couple settles into domestic bliss. However, the protagonist feels troubled by the growing disparity between a celebrity and a civilian. He loses his ambition to become a worthy boyfriend. In addition, a career scandal threatens the main character's stardom. He recognizes the fleeting nature of his fame.

86% My Beautiful Man: Eternal is an intelligent sequel with insightful themes and elegant character arcs. The movie dazzles with steamy romantic encounters, sizzling chemistry, and gorgeous visuals.

Sophisticated story My Beautiful Man: Eternal skillfully navigates sophisticated plots with insightful themes & intelligent messages. It handles each character arc gracefully, demonstrating storytelling finesse.

Steamy romance The couple's romance has evolved into a healthy, mutually supportive relationship. They also convey their love through steamy physical passion. Their sex scene in the bathtub is so damn hot!

Comfortable acting Both leads (Riku Hagiwara & Yusei Yagi) are comfortable in their roles, embodying the characters' personalities. They display sizzling chemistry and inject desire into romantic encounters.



Mignon is an 18+ Korean BL anime series about a cage fighter and his intense relationship with a doctor. The main character is an up-and-rising boxer who participates in arena fights for money. Each violent match leaves him wounded and in need of medical attention. A compassionate doctor attends to his injuries and tries to convince him to quit this dangerous career. Despite their close bond, a shocking revelation changes their relationship forever.

85% Mignon is a visually stunning BL anime series with an exciting storyline and a sizzling romance. Dramatic tension and sexual chemistry build throughout the plot, leading to memorable climaxes.

Intense story Mignon has an exciting plot, especially after the shocking twist at the end of the first episode. The storyteller takes viewers on a thrilling journey of emotions. The best moments feel exhilarating!

Brooding romance The couple has an epic romance. They must navigate their relationship through dangerous circumstances. Despite their palpable sexual tension, I wish their relationship had more backstory.

Stylish visuals This beautifully drawn anime dazzles me with striking character designs and atmospheric locations. While the body proportions appear slightly off, both main characters look like strapping studs.

Only Friends

Only Friends

Only Friends is a Thai BL series about a group of university students involved in complicated relationship drama. The main character is kind, intelligent, and sexually inexperienced. His buddy introduces him to a hunky one-night stand. Instead of sleeping together, they get along surprisingly well without sex. Yet, trouble arises in their social circles. The protagonist's friends clash with his new boyfriend, causing friction and divisions.

85% Only Friends is a bold BL series that embraces physical intimacy, from sensual kisses to steamy hookups. The cast shares compelling chemistry, exudes confidence, and portrays their roles memorably.

Eventful story Only Friends has an eventful story driven by memorable protagonists. Their interpersonal conflicts ignite intense emotions. Yet, they often act out of character. Their toxic drama annoys me after a while.

Lustful romance This sensual BL series embraces physical intimacy without modesty. Expect wild hookups, steamy kisses & sizzling sexual encounters. Despite the raunchiness, I only like one out of the three couples.

Confident acting These hunky actors share a comfortable chemistry. All the performers exude confidence during romantic encounters, showing no hang-ups with physical contact. Their boldness impresses me.

The End of the World With You

The End of the World With You

The End of the World With You is a Japanese BL series about two ex-lovers reuniting before the apocalypse. In ten days, a meteor will strike the earth and decimate humanity. The protagonist is surprised to reunite with his university boyfriend, who once broke his heart. The world's impending destruction forces them to team up together. They go on a whimsical journey of redemption and reconciliation.

84% The End of the World With You is a unique and imaginative BL drama in an apocalyptic setting. The eventful plot contains unpredictable twists, eccentric characters, and philosophical themes.

Imaginative story The End of the World With You has a creative story exploring introspective themes in an apocalyptic setting. The eventful plot has unpredictable twists, turning each episode into an epic adventure.

Controversial romance The couple displays steamy physical passion. However, Ritsu has wronged Masumi severely in the past. The story doesn't rehabilitate him enough. His failed redemption undermines the romance.

Gritty acting Masumi's actor (Toshiki Seto) portrays repressed grief with raw sincerity. He shares a smooth rapport and alluring sexual tension with his costar (Keisuke Nakara).

Jack o' Frost

Jack o' Frost

Jack o' Frost is a Japanese BL series about a protagonist who gets amnesia after his recent breakup. The main character injures himself and loses his short-term memory. His ex-boyfriend commits to taking care of him. However, he hides their former relationship and pretends they are only roommates. The couple spends time together in a shared apartment, rediscovering what they once loved about each other.

84% Jack o' Frost is an intimate BL series with complex themes about a couple's bittersweet relationship drama. Supported by talented actors, this delicate love story is thoughtful and emotional.

Introspective story Jack o' Frost explores a couple's relationship drama with personal introspection and emotional sensitivity. Although slow and slightly cliched, the heartfelt story can evoke profound feelings.

Warm romance The series depicts a nuanced romance, highlighting both bliss and torment. As the couple rebuilds their broken bond, their interactions are filled with warmth, sincerity, and passion.

Genuine acting Fumiya's actor (Kosuke Suzuki) is genuine and vulnerable. Likewise, his costar (Kyoya Honda) is graceful and charismatic. His bright eyes convey purity, resembling an innocent angel.

My Beautiful Man 2

My Beautiful Man 2

My Beautiful Man 2 is the sequel to the Japanese BL series My Beautiful Man. The main character's acting career has taken off in the second season, catapulting him to celebrity fame. However, he becomes concerned about the secret romance with his ordinary boyfriend. As his career grows, both protagonists realize their lifestyles and ambitions may not be on the same wavelength.

83% My Beautiful Man 2 is an excellent sequel to the original story. Although not perfect, the romance has become more mature and supportive. The protagonists also go on complex emotional arcs.

Sophisticated story My Beautiful Man 2 has a well-written story exploring the complex characters and their relationship dynamics. There are emotional exchanges with memorable lines that resonate powerfully.

Flawed romance The couple enjoys domestic bliss with surprisingly sweet moments. Hira goes overboard with his obsessive behaviour and extreme devotion. Thankfully, Kiyoi learns to cherish his boyfriend.

Capable acting The lead actors (Riku Hagiwara and Yusei Yagi) give excellent performances and create characters with vivid personalities. They handle the comedic, dramatic, and romantic material elegantly.

Our Dining Table

Our Dining Table

Our Dining Table is a Japanese BL series about a shy protagonist who bonds with a heartwarming family. The main character lives by himself and leads a lonely life. One day, he befriends a cheerful child and his older brother. The siblings welcome him into their home, where they enjoy meals together every weekend. Thanks to their companionship, he learns to open his heart, conquer his insecurities, and overcome his past trauma.

83% Our Dining Table is a heartwarming BL drama with positive messages and adorable moments of domestic bliss. Supported by an endearing child actor, each scene exudes joy and hopefulness.

Positive story Our Dining Table is a wholesome story with many positive messages. Although slightly schmaltzy at times, the family-oriented series is full of domestic bliss and heartwarming sentimentality.

Mellow romance The love story takes some time to develop. While the BL content isn't passionate, the series portrays a sweet and sensitive romance. Both leads have a healthy, mutually respectful relationship.

Adorable acting Tane's actor (Kuuga Maeyama) is the highlight of the series. This adorable child actor dazzles with his bubbly charisma. He brings so much genuine joy, warmth, and liveliness to every scene.

I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama

I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama

I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama is a Japanese BL series about two actors. The main character is a former child star who secures a role in a gay romantic drama. His costar is a beloved celebrity with many fans. After meeting for the first time, the protagonist feels insecure about their different levels of fame. He also worries about not getting along with his partner. Thankfully, their relationship improves once they start collaborating.

82% I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama is a decent series balancing meaningful storylines with playful humour. It showcases a satisfying romance, juicy fanservice, and impressive acting performances.

Meaningful story I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama has amusing scenarios. It also explores meaningful storylines with sensitive emotions. The story balances drama with humour, despite some contrived plots.

Cheeky romance This series likes teasing fanservice. The couple's sexual tension builds and climaxes in an iconic scene. However, the relationship plays it safely and could have pushed further with more passion.

Emotive acting Aoyagi's actor (Nichika Akutsu) has expressive eyes that convey intricate emotions. His performance shines, whether delivering seductive looks, wistful gazes, or uncertain glances.

One Room Angel

One Room Angel

One Room Angel is a Japanese fantasy BL series about a loner and his mysterious new roommate. The main character is a convenience store worker who feels disgruntled about his pitiful life. After surviving a near-death encounter, he returns home to find a guardian angel waiting for him. The protagonist is confused by his celestial companion, who has quirky habits and gives snarky advice. Over time, they form an unexpected connection.

81% One Room Angel is a whimsical fantasy series with quirky characters and witty writing. Although there's little romance, this tear-jerker drama explores sophisticated themes and poignant emotions.

Sophisticated story One Room Angel is a quirky fantasy story with witty dialogue & whimsical characters. Beneath its comedy, there's an underlying melancholy. The sympathetic backstories tugs at your heartstrings.

Nonexistent romance While One Room Angel markets itself as a BL drama, there's little romantic content. The leads have an emotional bond over a physical attraction. Only Episode 5 contains a bit of flirtation.

Quirky acting Both leads bring lots of personality to their roles. Kouki's actor (Shuhei Uesugi) captures his character's despair authentically. His costar (Takuya Nishimura) conveys innocence & vulnerability.

Be My Favorite

Be My Favorite

Be My Favorite is a Thai BL fantasy series about a time traveller returning to the past to fix his regrets. The main character is dissatisfied with his life after university graduation. A magical crystal ball transports the protagonist to ten years ago, giving him a chance to make better decisions. He uses this opportunity to win the girl of his dreams, even though she likes another guy. Surprisingly, he develops a connection with his love rival.

80% Be My Favorite is an eventful BL series with intimate storylines about life and love. The couple's riveting relationship drama is like an epic journey, containing many emotional ups and downs.

Insightful story Be My Favorite begins with an eventful time-travel premise. Over time, the narrative evolves into intimate and insightful storylines about personal growth. Some plots are more compelling than others.

Dynamic romance Kawi & Pisaeng go on an epic journey as a couple, experiencing ups and downs. I enjoy them when they navigate their repressed sexual tension. I also like the lovey-doveyness toward the end.

Respectable acting The cast gives respectable performances throughout the series, handling the dramatic scenes with poise. Kawi's actor (Krist) overdoes his perkiness, which almost seems like a false front.

Dead Friend Forever

Dead Friend Forever

Dead Friend Forever is a Thai horror BL series about a group of friends and the scary events in a secluded cabin. The main character plans to move overseas. His former classmates arrange a farewell party and invite him for a vacation in the woods, far from civilization. The protagonist feels awkward about reuniting with his high school crush due to their unresolved feelings. As ugly memories resurface, their time together turns deadly.

80% Dead Friend Forever is a gritty horror BL series with constant thrills and sensual encounters. Despite the illogical plot holes and outlandish drama, the provocative story leaves a strong impression.

Thrilling story Dead Friend Forever is a gruesome horror story with scandalous drama & thrilling plot twists. The narrative can be unrealistic, from illogical events to irrational behaviour. Even so, the chaos is exciting!

Volatile romance The series injects bursts of romance at random intervals. These relationship scenes bring a powerful wave of sensuality and seduction. The BL content is okay, but there's room for improvement.

Compelling acting Despite some weak emoting and shaky performances, I like the intensity that everyone brings in the last few episodes. Tan & Non's actors (Mio and Barcode) are committed to their emotional spiral.

Stay by My Side

Stay by My Side

Stay by My Side is a Taiwanese BL series about two university roommates who don't get along. The main character used to live alone until a new student moves into his dorm room. They antagonize each other due to a personality clash. Recently, the protagonist unlocks an ability to communicate with ghosts. These restless spirits torment him and disrupt everyday life. The only way to ward off the demons is by remaining close to his nemesis.

79% Stay by My Side is a solid BL drama with a fun couple, many sweet romantic exchanges, and an intriguing paranormal twist. Despite a few minor hiccups, this eventful love story entertains me.

Entertaining story Stay by My Side has an eventful plot, especially after introducing a supernatural twist in Episode 2. The protagonist is well-defined. A few storylines annoy me, but not enough to ruin my enjoyment.

Sweet romance The couple's enemies-to-lovers dynamic seems contrived initially. Fortunately, their rapport strengthens throughout the series. I appreciate the many romantic moments and sweet flirtation.

Inexperienced acting Both leads take a while to ease into their roles. They can manage their expressions better. The actors gain confidence as the series progresses, embodying their characters more and more.

My Personal Weatherman

My Personal Weatherman

My Personal Weatherman is a Japanese BL series about the steamy relationship between a meteorologist and his secret lover. The main character is a struggling manga artist who doesn't make money from his career. His roommate is a famous weather reporter who offers to cover all the living expenses. However, his financial support comes with an obligation. The protagonist must do the house chores, obey his benefactor, and fulfill him sexually. 

79% My Personal Weatherman features a couple with intense chemistry, iconic kisses, and sensual encounters. I enjoy the trashy smut, even if the toxic romance has shallow plots & problematic power dynamics.

Problematic story My Personal Weatherman showcases the toxic relationship dynamics between a sugar daddy and his partner. Beyond the sex scenes, the story doesn't reveal much meaningful development.

Spicy romance This racy BL drama embraces physical affection. The couple shares many steamy exchanges, from sensual touches to iconic kisses. Yet, Segasaki is possessive and manipulative toward his partner.

Steamy acting The performers share intense chemistry, approaching each sexual encounter with mesmerizing passion. Yoh's actor (Atsuki Mashiko) gives a heartfelt performance and elevates the dramatic material.

Love Tractor

Love Tractor

Love Tractor is a Korean BL series about a law school student who relocates to the countryside. The main character defies his strict father and disregards his promising career prospects. He flees to his grandfather's countryside home for a fresh start. The protagonist meets a friendly farmer who helps him settle into his new lifestyle. Despite their cultural differences and personality clashes, they develop a budding relationship.

79% Love Tractor is a light and pleasant BL drama that unfolds straightforwardly. The charming characters, cute interactions, and cozy countryside surroundings create a warm, relaxing love story.

Simple story Love Tractor has a simple plot depicting a protagonist who relocates to the countryside and adapts to his new lifestyle. Although the story lacks complexity, it thrives on charm and warmth.

Cheerful romance The romance takes a while to get started. It focuses more on a one-sided crush than a mutual attraction. With that said, the leads share excellent chemistry and gel well together in cute interactions.

Charming acting Yechan's actor (Yoon Do Jin) exudes enthusiasm. He turns his character into a lovable goofball. His costar (Do Won) brings a calm and sensible energy to balance his partner's bubbliness.

Pit Babe

Pit Babe

Pit Babe is a Thai BL series about a race car driver and his fanboy. The main character is famous for his talent and achievements in the racing circuit. He used to have many casual hookups, never committing to a long-term relationship. After the protagonist meets a mysterious fan, they get along surprisingly well. Their passionate romance is full of seduction. Behind his innocent image, the new lover may be hiding a dangerous secret.

78% Pit Babe is an action-packed BL series with exhilarating drama, a sexy lead, and sizzling romantic chemistry. After an eventful start, the story derails and becomes a convoluted mess near the end.

Fast-paced story Pit Babe has a fast-paced narrative exploring the exciting world of racecar driving. Each episode brings new mysteries and intriguing drama. Yet, the plot becomes convoluted in the second half.

Sexy romance Babe and Charlie have a sexy romance with lots of physical affection. The story also establishes their emotional bond. Over time, they become an endearing couple I can champion.

Seductive acting The leads share a sizzling chemistry, highlighted during seductive moments. Babe's actor (Pavel) oozes confidence and sex appeal, although he sometimes emotes too forcefully.

Love Class 2

Love Class 2

Love Class 2 is a Korean BL series about three university couples. The first pair are classmates who reunite after years apart. The protagonist tries to figure out the reason behind his high school crush's mysterious disappearance. In the second storyline, two childhood friends come to terms with their uncertain feelings. Meanwhile, the third romance is between a teaching assistant and a student, who meet under hilariously awkward circumstances.

78% Love Class 2 improves upon its first season and delivers an engaging romantic drama. It emphasizes playful flirtation and sexual tension for three couples, each showcasing various strengths.

Uneven story Love Class 2 features three couples in an interconnected narrative, splitting the screen time evenly. Yet, the plots aren't implemented well. Kim An's backstory is the biggest disappointment.

Charming romances My favourite couple is Sung Min and Joo Hyuk. They have a cheeky & charming romance with sizzling chemistry. The other two pairings also share the spotlight and showcase enjoyable moments.

Solid acting The cast gives solid performances. Ma Roo's actor handles the comedic material well. Sung Min and Joo Hyuk's performers bring maturity to their roles. They appear natural, relaxed, and assured.

Minato's Laundromat 2

Minato's Laundromat 2

Minato's Laundromat 2 is the second season of the Japanese BL series. It continues the romance between a laundromat owner and his young lover. Although they started dating recently, the main character still struggles with their age difference. He feels self-conscious about physical and emotional intimacy. His boyfriend wants to close their distance by moving in together. The couple's living arrangement fuels their flirtation and frustration.

78% Minato's Laundromat 2 is a cheerful BL drama with sweet and silly relationship scenes. Both actors are highly charismatic. Sadly, the last few episodes suffer from a ridiculously dumb plot.

Cheerful story Minato's Laundromat 2 is a cheerful, lighthearted love story with lots of charm. Its upbeat humour entertains me. The story revolves around casual relationship drama instead of mature plots.

Cheeky romance The couple has a troublesome age gap. Minato is self-conscious about dating a younger man. Even so, he shares a fun rapport with Shin. Many relationship scenes are sweet, silly, and schmaltzy.

Genuine acting Minato's actor (Takuya Kusakawa) brings boisterous enthusiasm and nails his comedic scenes. His talented costar (Sho Nishigaki) delivers genuine emotions and heartfelt performances.

Past Senger

Past Senger

Past-Senger is a Thai BL series about a time traveller trapped in the future. After passing his university entrance exams, the main character disrespects the sacred worship ceremony and calls it a superstition. As punishment, he disappears through a time portal and arrives twenty-seven years into the future. The protagonist reunites with his old friends, who are now adults. He must adjust to his new life in the modern world.

78% Past Senger is a zany time-travel drama with cheerful humour and charming romantic encounters. It portrays the enemies-to-lovers trope delightfully, but the series declines in quality near the end.

Quirky story Past Senger combines a quirky time-travel plot with silly humour and sassy relationship scenes. Its offbeat eccentricity is enjoyable. However, the story starts strong and declines near the end.

Sassy romance This BL series has mastered the enemies-to-lovers trope, portraying the dynamic relationship excitingly. Their epic journey contains many ups and downs, from playful pranks to seductive flirtation.

Underwhelming acting The leads struggle during dramatic moments and can benefit from more coaching. With that said, they portray their roles with a likeable charm. Kiew's actor (Cooper) is cheeky and charismatic.

Make a Wish

Make a Wish

Make a Wish is a Thai fantasy BL series about a doctor who sees ghosts. Since birth, the main character can communicate with undead spirits. He feels troubled by his power, which gets in the way of leading a regular life. The protagonist makes a wish to get rid of this ability forever. To his surprise, an angel physically manifests and accepts the request. They go on quirky misadventures, solve mysteries, and develop a close bond.

77% Make a Wish is a quirky fantasy BL series with creative storylines, silly comedy, and enthusiastic acting. Some plots have rushed resolutions, while the romance is underdeveloped.

Zany story Make a Wish has quirky storylines, from murder mysteries to supernatural shenanigans. Some ideas are creative, although rushed in execution. The series keeps the mood lighthearted with silly jokes.

Rushed romance Phum and Krit have cute exchanges as they flirt. However, they don't have a deep romantic connection. They only know each other for a few days, undermining the credibility of their attraction.

Charming acting Krit's actor (Fluke) shows a charismatic spark, capturing his character's quirks & charms. His costar (Pon) delivers a solid performance, while Noongning's actress (Farida) exudes perkiness.

Venus in the Sky

Venus in the Sky

Venus in the Sky is a Thai BL series about two university friends reuniting after a failed love confession. Three years ago, the main character was heartbroken when his college roommate rejected him. They cut ties with each other and went their separate ways. The protagonist recently quits his job, moves back to his hometown, and lives with his older brother. His former crush visits him, hoping to reconnect after a change of heart.

77% Venus in the Sky is a silly slice-of-life romantic comedy that delivers hours of stupidly fun entertainment. While some storylines are dull or poorly executed, I enjoy this drama's mischievous humour.

Mischievous story Venus in the Sky is a lighthearted story with cheeky jokes and playful mischief. Some storylines are dumb, tedious, or not well-executed. It also creates contrived conflicts and drags out the annoying drama.

Playful romances All three pairs are affectionate with hilariously raunchy encounters. There's a lot of playful flirting. Although Vee & Sky's romance can be frustrating, I'm glad to see them rebuild their bond.

Bubbly acting Janus' actor (Tontae) is the standout, outshining the others. This natural comedian brings charisma, liveliness, and improvisational humour to his scenes. I prepare to laugh whenever he appears.

My New Boss Is Goofy

My New Boss Is Goofy

My New Boss Is Goofy is a Japanese anime series about an office employee and his mentor. The main character recently quit his job at a toxic workplace. His old employer was psychologically abusive, causing long-term trauma. The protagonist's new company has better working conditions. He befriends his kind-hearted colleague, who offers comfort through his unintentional silliness. Their friendship helps him heal from his shattered self-esteem.

77% My New Boss Is Goofy combines its upbeat comedy with an uplifting storyline about healing from workplace trauma. The series contains empathetic characters and emphasizes compassion.

Uplifting story My New Boss Is Goofy is a funny slice-of-life office comedy. Its gentle, lighthearted jokes never seem mean-spirited. The uplifting story promotes compassion, positivity, and healing.

Implied romance There is no BL content in My New Boss Is Goofy. However, the couple's bromance is coded with romantic undertones, allowing you to fantasize. There's also a bisexual supporting character.

Inconsistent visuals The anime's visuals seem inconsistent since several episodes look less polished than others. Overall, everything still looks decent and presentable. The art style has grown on me.

Stormy Honeymoon

Stormy Honeymoon

Stormy Honeymoon is the sequel to the Vietnamese BL series The Star Always Follows You. This short special episode continues the original story, following the couple as they return to living in the city. After falling in love, the main characters have recently gotten married. Yet, the newlyweds cannot enjoy their marital bliss. They struggle with their jealousy, self-doubt, and communication barriers.

77% Stormy Honeymoon is a charming sequel that improves on the original love story. Despite the clichéd plot, the lighthearted BL drama contains cheerful humour, playful flirtation, and a delightful ending.

Lighthearted story Stormy Honeymoon highlights a newlywed couple in a lighthearted romantic comedy. Although the unoriginal plot may feel predictable, the charming story is written playfully and delightfully.

Cheerful romance I enjoy Dang and Son's domesticity. They live together in a loving home, share physical affection, and banter with one another. There are plenty of sweet moments between the newlyweds.

Enthusiastic acting The acting is solid. Son's performer (Hao Dan) conveys his role enthusiastically, balancing humour with vulnerability. He shares natural chemistry with his costar (Truong Van Ngoan).

Old Narcissus

Old Narcissus

Old Narcissus is a Japanese gay movie about a senior man who pays a young escort for pleasure and companionship. The main character is in his seventies and has a famous career as a picture book illustrator. He hires a sex worker who happens to be a fan of his work. As they maintain an ongoing relationship, the protagonist shares his past experiences. He opens up about his regrets, insecurities, and fear of loneliness.

76% Old Narcissus is a unique movie with a gay elderly protagonist, highlighting his experiences with aging. Despite its lewdness, the story has meaningful messages and explores LGBTQ+ topics.

Meaningful story Old Narcissus focuses on a senior protagonist and explores his struggles with aging. The story highlights LGBTQ+ topics seldom explored in media. Some moments come across as cliched or lewd.

Lustful romance The movie has a predominantly lustful vibe. It embraces sex, challenging the stigma around age and intimacy. However, there's a contentious 50-year age difference between the leads.

Quirky acting Yamazaki's actor (Taijiro Tamura) brings quirkiness to his role. He carries the film with a colourful eccentricity. He plays a significant part in making the character feel memorable.

Unintentional Love Story

Unintentional Love Story

Unintentional Love Story is a Korean BL series about a recently fired office employee who gets a fresh start during a vacation. After losing his job, the main character travels to a charming coastal town for a diversion. He meets a mysterious pottery shop owner with a secret past. The protagonist realizes his new acquaintance can help him regain his employment. As the pair becomes closer, they unexpectedly fall in love.

76% Unintentional Love Story is a pleasant BL series with charming couples and polished production values. After a delightful first half, the narrative suffers from irritating conflicts in the last few episodes.

Easygoing story Unintentional Love Story begins with a healthy mix of casual drama and lighthearted flirting. The series hits its stride during the fun, breezy first half. The last few episodes involve annoying conflicts.

Pleasant romance The lead couple grew on me over time, although they had several aggravating moments. I really like the secondary pair. However, both romances suffer because there isn't enough passion.

Comfortable acting The cast gives comfortable performances. Wonyoung and Taejoon's leads don't share a strong rapport, weakening their romantic scenes. In contrast, Donghee and Hotae's actors have lively chemistry.

Love In Translation

Love in Translation

Love in Translation is a Thai BL series about the two owners of a general goods shop. The main characters meet through a mutual acquaintance. Despite not getting along, they want to open a new store as business partners. The young protagonist is also obsessed with a foreign celebrity and wishes to communicate with her. His colleague agrees to give him language lessons. These one-on-one tutorials strengthen their ambiguous relationship.

76% Love in Translation has a charming romance highlighting the couple's comfortable chemistry. The illogical plot holes and dumb storylines bother me, but I still like the series more than I can justify.

Illogical story Love in Translation suffers from an illogical plot. From implausible events to irrational explanations, the narrative doesn't make sense. Despite its creative ideas, the story leaves me dumbfounded.

Charming romance Yang & Phumjai have a charming romance. Their bonding scenes build momentum, unleashing irresistible passion during the climax. The couple shares immense chemistry and works well together.

Sincere acting Besides the crying scenes, I enjoy the cast's performances. The roles highlight each actors' strengths. Phumjai's lead (Offroad) has a warm smile, while his costar (Daou) conveys a sensitive demeanour.



Playboyy is a Thai BL series about the investigation of a missing university student. The main characters have a friend who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. A year later, his brother arrives to seek answers. He uncovers scandalous secrets about his sibling's past, including a suspicious connection to an escorting service. The protagonists work together to find out what happened. They also have raunchy hookups and fall in love.

76% Playboyy is a raunchy BL series with many hot sexual encounters and a boldness toward risqué topics. Despite the plot holes and problematic tropes, this guilty pleasure offers campy entertainment.

Sleazy story Playboyy embraces eroticism. I admire the story's boldness, tackling taboo topics around sexuality and prostitution. However, it excuses immoral behaviour and baffles me with illogical plot holes.

Smutty romance This series pushes boundaries with hot sexual encounters. Its over-the-top smuttiness makes other BL series look tame. My favourites are Aob & Puen, who have a sizzling relationship dynamic.

Gutsy acting Although the cast aren't great actors, I admire everybody's gutsiness in being intimate on camera. The actors engage in steamy kisses, explore each other's bodies, and wear skimpy outfits.

Star Struck

Star Struck

Star Struck is a Korean BL series about two childhood friends from troubled homes. The main character lives with his depressed mother and struggles financially. His best friend is miserable due to his parents' constant quarrelling. Despite their family hardships, they rely on each other's companionship for emotional support. However, the protagonist's secret romantic feelings may jeopardize their precious bond.

75% Star Struck is a moody BL drama with enchanting exchanges between two childhood friends. However, the couple's emotional turmoil and excessive conflicts overshadow the intimate moments.

Dramatic story Star Struck is an emotionally charged love story about two childhood best friends. Their journey is filled with dramatic ups and downs, from intimate encounters to heated confrontations.

Volatile romance When the couple gets along, the bonding scenes highlight their easygoing camaraderie. However, they have jealous spats and misunderstandings. The animosity often eclipses the romance.

Bright acting I am charmed by Han Joon's actor (Kim In Sung). He portrays a lovable protagonist with warmth in his bright expressions. His costar (Zuho) is too aggressive and doesn't exhibit enough charisma.

Bake Me Please

Bake Me Please

Bake Me Please is a Thai BL series about a pastry chef and his new assistant. The main character used to sell homemade delicacies with his grandmother in a humble small business. His friend recruits him to work at a famous bakery, where he can learn from a talented patissier. The protagonist clashes with his new mentor, who has an arrogant personality. Despite the earlier conflict, their relationship evolves into an attraction.

75% Bake Me Please is a simple love story with schmaltzy plots and sweet relationship moments. The conflicts become aggravating at points, but I still have a soft spot for this oddly charming romance.

Corny story Bake Me Please has a cheesy love story with predictable plots & corny cliches. I'm a sucker for the sappiness, but not everyone will like it. The coworker drama turns aggravating in the second half.

Sweet romance While the couple doesn't share sizzling chemistry, their sweet, delightful relationship scenes have a touch of sentimentality. Later, the annoying conflicts and Shin's conduct undermine their romance.

Sincere acting Peach's actor (Guide) brings warmth, cheerfulness, and down-to-earth sincerity to his role. His costar (Ohm) makes an unlikeable protagonist more bearable due to his physical attractiveness.

Tokyo in April is…

Tokyo in Love

Tokyo in April is… is a Japanese BL series about two office coworkers who used to be best friends in high school. The main character begins a new corporate job. Surprisingly, he encounters an old classmate who works at the same company. They haven't seen each other for a decade. The colleagues have an amicable reunion and hang out around the workplace. Beneath their pleasantries, they share a rocky history that goes unaddressed.

75% Tokyo in April is… offers a poignant romance with a likeable couple and many saucy sexcapades. However, the excessive melodrama and amateurish acting performances undermine the narrative.

Theatrical story Tokyo in April is… has over-the-top melodrama, especially in the second half. The last few episodes contain ridiculous plot twists and excessive angst. Many heavy storylines are triggering.

Poignant romance Ren and Kazuma make a likeable couple who shares blissful relationship moments. Their saucy sexcapades are also entertaining. I want to root for them to prevail over their struggles.

Overwrought acting The constant melodrama requires the actors to emote vividly, but that isn't their strong suit. The material may be too challenging for the inexperienced leads, who cannot cry convincingly.

A Boss and a Babe

A Boss and a Babe

A Boss and a Babe is a Thai BL series about a CEO, his intern, and their controversial office romance. The main character is a new hire at a video game company. This bubbly employee befriends his intimidating boss and helps him open up around others. Despite their growing attraction, the couple faces scrutiny for their inappropriate relationship. They must navigate the tricky professional boundaries of a workplace affair.

75% A Boss and a Babe is an energetic BL series with boisterous comedy and cheeky mischief. Yet, I'm troubled by the grossly inappropriate office romance between a sleazy boss and his subordinate.

Unprofessional story A Boss and a Babe has a cheerful story with a zany protagonist and funny jokes. However, the office romance is highly unprofessional. The series depicts most workplace dynamics irresponsibly.

Inappropriate romance Although the couple flirts and kisses frequently, I'm not fond of the tacky workplace romance. The sleazy boss initiates an inappropriate relationship with an intern, overstepping professional boundaries.

Energetic acting There's room for improvement in the acting performances. However, I appreciate the cast's liveliness and enthusiasm. Everyone is high-energy and contributes to the vibrant atmosphere.

Okay BL Series

Cutie Pie 2 You

Cutie Pie 2 You

Cutie Pie 2 You is the sequel to the Thai BL series Cutie Pie. The short second season continues the original love story following the main character's graduation. The protagonist faces a dilemma between marrying his fiancé and pursuing a career opportunity. He must decide whether their wedding, which had been anticipated since childhood, shall proceed.

74% Cutie Pie 2 You is a delightful sequel to the first season, packed with cute flirting and sexy encounters. Yet, the plot is too light and lacklustre. It feels like gratuitous fanservice than a complex story.

Shallow story Cutie Pie 2 You continues the romance in the first season and highlights the lead couple's wedding. Yet, the plot lacks complexity. This story doesn't explore emotional arcs with substance or depth.

Intimate romance This series is packed with steamy romance! All three couples enjoy intimate physical affection, flirting intensely and kissing passionately. However, some mushy exchanges are too schmaltzy.

Decent acting The performances are fine, on par with the acting skills displayed in the first season. I appreciate all the couples for tackling the physical encounters with gusto. The leads get intimate frequently.

Tin Tem Jai

Tin Tem Jai

Tin Tem Jai is a Thai BL series about two childhood best friends living together in their cozy hometown. The main characters are roommates who have maintained a brotherly bond since adolescence. Now adults, the young protagonist wants them to pursue a romance. However, his older companion rejects the advances and insists on a platonic relationship. They must navigate the hazy boundaries between familiarity and attraction.

74% Tin Tem Jai is a cozy slice-of-life BL drama with cheeky humour & colourful characters. The series isn't skilled in depicting dramatic plots. The narrative also flows awkwardly with too much filler.

Slice-of-life story Tin Tem Jai has a charming story emphasizing the themes of family & friendship. The lacklustre writing falters during dramatic encounters. Serious moments come across as theatrical or farcical.

Goofy romance Initially, Tin and Park's brotherly relationship didn't display romantic sparks. Over time, their cheesy flirting grew on me. They have plenty of goofy interactions and intimate exchanges as a couple.

Lively acting The actors share a lively rapport. The cast seems most authentic when engaging in funny banter or playful jokes. However, none of them can handle the dramatic material convincingly.

Buddy Daddies

Mask Danshi

Buddy Daddies is a Japanese anime series about two professional assassins who must raise a kid together. During a shootout, the protagonists killed a four-year-old girl's father, leaving her parentless. They accept the responsibility of becoming her caregiver. This energetic child brings unexpected joy, excitement, and chaos into their daily routines. Yet, their dangerous line of work threatens the livelihood of the untraditional family unit.

75% Buddy Daddies is a charming anime that explores parenthood with a cheerful sense of humour. Although it lacks BL content, the series explores untraditional families with subtle LGBTQ+ messaging.

Delightful story Buddy Daddies has a funny, entertaining story that mixes the criminal underworld with the joys of parenthood. The lovable characters and their cute interactions are the highlights of the series.

Zero romance Buddy Daddies is not a BL anime series. There is no romantic relationship between the two male protagonists. However, they form an unconventional family unit with soft LGBTQ+ themes.

Adorable visuals The anime offers bright, colourful, and comedic visuals. I like the character designs, especially the adorable Miri. Her goofy actions or joyous expressions are depicted vibrantly.

Stay Still

Stay Still

Stay Still is a Hong Kong BL series about two tenants in an apartment building. The main character recently moved into a small flat by himself. He befriends his elderly neighbour who lives on the floor above him. He also becomes close to her grandson as they form a romantic spark. However, both protagonists struggle with their past heartbreaks and may not be ready for a new relationship.

74% Stay Still offers an emotionally charged love story with mature acting and stylish visuals. I like one of the couples a lot, but the other pair annoys me with their theatrical relationship melodrama.

Angsty story Stay Still depicts the relationship drama between two couples. I enjoy Damian & Hayden's down-to-earth romance. In contrast, Archie & Hayden's storyline is an annoyingly theatrical soap opera.

Compelling romance Damian & Hayden have a compelling romance. Their sexual tension builds to a sizzling exchange. I dislike the love triangle with the other couple. They irritate me with tedious relationship drama.

Delicate acting The performers bring maturity and gravitas to their performances. Hayden's actor (Louis Lam) has delicate control over his expressions. He shares passionate chemistry with his costar (Jeremy Ho).

My Blessing

My Blessing

My Blessing is a Thai fantasy BL drama about a human protagonist who connects with a spirit. After making a love wish, the main character can suddenly communicate with a divine being in his dreams. His new supernatural companion grants him three wishes, such as changing his appearance or boosting his confidence. The pair develops a close bond during this self-improvement journey.

73% My Blessing is an energetic fantasy BL drama with creativity, humour, and enthusiasm. The lighthearted story remains enjoyable despite its patchy plot and underdeveloped romance.

Lighthearted story Our Blessing offers a comedic love story with a playful fantasy twist. Despite a quirky imagination, it suffers from thoughtless plot inconsistencies and careless oversights.

Lightweight romance The leads share an easygoing rapport with fun, flirty banter. Yet, their relationship doesn't develop enough. Near the end, Cen and Naina consummate their love passionately.

Lively acting Both leads inject much enthusiasm into their roles. Naina's actor (Chang) is giddy, relaxed, and uninhibited. Likewise, his costar (Boat) displays a vibrant charm and zesty charisma.

Step by Step

Step by Step

Step by Step is a Thai BL series about an office employee and his boss. When the main character starts working for a corporation, he struggles to fit in with the company's toxic culture. He clashes with his new manager on various workplace conflicts. The protagonist influences his employer to change and become an empathetic leader. As their professional relationship improves, they must also navigate complicated romantic feelings.

73% Step by Step is a lengthy BL series with dreamy leads in a charming office romance. While some subplots are enjoyable, others seem like tedious filler. The last few episodes suffer from aggravating conflicts.

Lengthy story Step by Step has a lengthy story that takes its time to develop the slow-burn romance. Some workplace subplots are meaningful, while others seem like tedious filler. The conflicts are often aggravating.

Cautious romance This series portrays a tasteful office romance. The leads navigate their attraction cautiously and respect boundaries. The couple shares charming interactions, even though you must wait for the journey.

Dreamy acting Jeng's actor (Man) is a handsome hunk who seems tailor-made for the role. He conveys a natural air of authority and sophistication. His costar (Ben) is a cutie, but he struggles with the crying scenes.

I Cannot Reach You

I Cannot Reach You

I Cannot Reach You is a Japanese high school BL series about two childhood best friends. The main character is secretly infatuated with his companion. However, he fears confessing his feelings may jeopardize their bond. The protagonist is tormented by unrequited love, especially when his crush hangs out with another girl. As their relationship reaches a breaking point, they must confront their complicated emotions and hidden desires.

73% I Cannot Reach You captures an emotional teenage love story with compelling romantic moments. Yet, the relationship stalls for a long time without progress. Also, the protagonists can be aggravating.

Emotional story I Cannot Love You depicts an emotional romance between two childhood friends. Expect angsty relationship drama, erratic mood swings & dramatic exchanges. The plot takes too long to progress.

Frustrating romance Yamato mopes around and feels sorry for himself without confessing for a long time. I grew tired of his anguish over the relationship drama. Kakeru's feelings also shift too quickly.

Cute acting The leads embody their roles wonderfully. Kakeru's performer (Haru Kashiwagi) is super cute with expressive eyes. He brings lots of giddiness, enthusiasm, and charisma to his scenes.

Let's Eat Together, Aki and Haru

Let's Eat Together, Aki and Haru

Let's Eat Together, Aki and Haru is a Japanese BL movie about two roommates. The main characters are university students who rent a house and move in together. These best friends have a close relationship, spending nearly all their time with each other. The protagonist likes cooking and trying new recipes, while his roommate enjoys feasting on every meal. Despite the domestic bliss, they wonder whether their futures will include one another.

72% Let's Eat Together, Aki and Haru is a cozy movie with charming characters and cheerful exchanges. Yet, it has lightweight plots & little romantic content. It resembles a bromance more than BL.

Cozy story Let's Eat Together, Aki and Haru has a cozy, slice-of-life story without antagonistic drama. It focuses on lighthearted plots about cuisine & camaraderie. Don't expect much complexity from the narrative.

Casual romance While Let's Eat Together, Aki and Haru is a BL movie, it has little romantic content. Most interactions seem friendly and platonic. The couple's casual relationship resembles a bromance instead of lovers.

Charming acting Aki's actor (Ryotaro Akazawa) brings a lively energy to his role. He's like a cartoon character with goofy expressions & giddy mannerisms. He has a good rapport with his costar (Kensuke Takahashi).

After Sundown

After Sundown

After Sundown is a Thai supernatural horror BL movie in a historical setting. The main character grew up in the countryside. One day, a wealthy family acquaintance offers him a place to stay in the city. After moving into his new home, the protagonist experiences scary visions and strange nightmares. He meets his benefactor's grandson, who has been cursed with misfortune. The only way to lift the curse is if they agree to be soulmates.

72% After Sundown is a creative supernatural movie that entertains me with suspenseful plots and surprising twists. Yet, the story and romance seem contrived. The character development is also weak.

Spooky story After Sundown combines the supernatural, horror, romance, and mystery genres in a creative narrative. Yet, the bizarre story feels too unbelievable. It's missing character development & world-building.

Contrived romance The circumstances that bring the leads together are contrived. I can't accept the scenario where they become soulmates. I still appreciate the couple's sweet relationship scenes and physical affection.

Solid acting The cast delivers solid performances. The leads also display a passionate chemistry. Rawee's actor (NuNew) sometimes appears too deliberate with his expressions & mannerisms.

Kiseki: Dear to Me

Kiseki: Dear to Me

Kiseki: Dear to Me is a Taiwanese crime BL series about a high school student and a gangster. The main character encounters an injured man who threatens him for medical assistance. Against his will, the protagonist takes the stranger home for rest and treatment. They begin living together for an extended time, forming a surprisingly close connection. However, getting involved with a criminal comes with dangerous consequences.

72% Kiseki: Dear to Me showcases two hot couples with sizzling chemistry and steamy romantic exchanges. The preposterous plot and problematic relationships prevent me from embracing the series.

Preposterous story Kiseki: Dear to Me combines gangster activities with high school drama in a bizarre mash-up. The absurd conflicts, convoluted melodrama, and implausible scenarios take me out of immersion.

Passionate romance The series promotes toxic romances with iffy age gaps and problematic tropes. With that said, the series includes many steamy exchanges with passionate kisses and sizzling physical chemistry.

Steamy acting The cast is stacked with hunks who display their buff physiques frequently. They tackle their sex scenes with incredible gutsiness. All four leads bring distinctive charms to their roles.



Childhood is a Thai BL short movie about a teenage crush. The main character is a high school student who enjoys spending time with his best friend. They used to do everything together, from frolicking in the waterfall to relaxing on the balcony. Despite their blissful adolescence, this relationship changes once his buddy finds a girlfriend. The protagonist struggles with his feelings as he observes the couple from afar.

72% Childhood has filmed its short movie with little dialogue, showcasing a skilled artistic vision. Despite the predictable plot, the lead actor's sensitive acting performance is an exquisite highlight.

Predictable story Childhood portrays a predictable story about a teenage love triangle. This movie is filmed with little dialogue. It uses creative visual cues and clever cinematography to convey its artistic vision.

One-sided romance Most of the movie focuses on one-sided love. The emphasis is on friendship and yearning rather than mutual attraction. Despite a brief moment of intimacy, the film has little romantic content.

Sensitive acting Bem's talented actor gives a majestic performance. He conveys sensitive emotions and captures the subtle nuances of the protagonist's torment, from forlorn gazes to crestfallen expressions.

Our Skyy 2

Our Skyy 2

Our Skyy 2 is an anthology series that continues the love stories of eight famous Thai BL dramas. In each short sequel, the characters adjust to everyday life after the endings of their original series. Some epilogues explore the immediate aftermath, while others occur years later. It includes A Boss and a Babe, A Tale of Thousand Stars, Bad Buddy, My School President, Never Let Me Go, Star in My Mind, The Eclipse & Vice Versa.

71% Our Skyy 2 is a disappointing anthology series with more fluff than substance. A few BL dramas improve their reputations with strong epilogues. Yet, others have poorly executed storylines.

Frivolous story Our Skyy 2 contains epilogues for famous BL dramas. Yet, most plots are frivolous and focus on romantic fluff. Unlike the others, A Boss and a Babe has an entertaining story with character growth.

Carefree romance Without substantial stories, most romantic encounters feel like carefree filler or gratuitous fanservice. A few couples, like The Eclipse or Bad Buddy, shine with the natural chemistry between the actors.

Cutesy acting Most leads give decent performances and match the cute, lighthearted vibes of the stories. However, the amateurish acting in Star in My Mind and My School President does not meet standards.

Night Dream

Night Dream

Night Dream is a Thai BL series about three high school friends in a love triangle. The trio used to be close as teenagers. After a family tragedy, the main character moves away and ceases contact. They reunite years later, cautiously rebuilding their bond. Memories and old feelings return to the surface as they spend time at the cafe. The protagonist has a secret crush, but he believes his companions are attracted to each other.

71% Night Dream suffers from lacklustre writing, excessive conflicts & annoying love triangles. Yet, I ironically enjoy the series and find the cliched teen drama amusing. I also adore the dreamy protagonist.

Awkward story Night Dream reminds me of hilariously bad fanfiction, from cliched melodrama to socially awkward characters. The unintentional parody entertains me, but you may feel annoyed instead.

Emotional romance I enjoy Night and Dream's cozy interactions during some moments. Yet, their love story suffers from aggravating melodrama. The constant conflicts & annoying love rivals overshadow the romance.

Dreamy acting I adore Night's actor (Ohm). This handsome lead has star potential. Despite his shakiness in a few scenes, he portrays a sensitive protagonist authentically. He makes a cute pairing with his costar.



Twins is a Thai sports BL drama about a volleyball team. A pair of identical twins separated after their parents' divorce. Years later, both have become aspiring university athletes. The main character trains in martial arts, whereas his sibling plays on the school's volleyball team. However, his brother is hospitalized due to an injury, jeopardizing his sports career. The protagonist must adopt his twin's identity and try to lead a double life.

71% Twins shows early promise with intriguing drama and racy hookups. The hunky cast also flaunts their hot physiques. Yet, the convoluted plot doesn't make sense. The last few episodes are too frustrating.

Convoluted story Twins begins with a fun twin twist, leading to thrilling drama and entertaining humour. Yet, the story becomes convoluted as it drags on. The illogical plot holes don't make sense, especially later on.

Steamy romance The couples engage in sensual kisses and steamy hookups. Each erotic encounter is titillating! Yet, I dislike Sprite & First's conflict near the end. The secondary pairs don't receive enough focus.

Subpar acting The cast shares an easygoing camaraderie, especially in group scenes. First's actor (Ryan) gives a subpar performance. His costar (Frame) appears awkward in his enthusiastic reactions.

Polyethylene Terephthalate

Polyethylene Terephthalate

Polyethylene Terephthalate is a Japanese BL series about a couple who started dating and living together. The main characters began their relationship after university graduation. Initially, their romance went through a blissful period. However, various conflicts and irreconcilable differences drove them apart over the years. As their second anniversary approaches, the protagonists must determine whether they still love each other.

71% Polyethylene Terephthalate is a slow-paced BL series that explores a couple's relationship drama with quiet dignity. Unfortunately, the rough production values detract from the viewing experience.

Slow story Polyethylene Terephthalate has a slow-burning plot that unfolds quietly. You may not have the patience to endure the uneventfulness. Yet, the story examines a couple's relationship drama thoughtfully.

Subdued romance The series begins by depicting the couple's domestic bliss, albeit these exchanges are mundane. Soon, the story introduces tension between the lovers, diminishing the romantic atmosphere.

Delicate acting The performers are sometimes too stoic, making me wish they'd emote more. However, Kaoru's actor (Hinata Asai) gives a sensitive performance at the end of Episode 1 and showcases his talent.

Individual Circumstances

Individual Circumstances

Individual Circumstances is a Korean BL series about an author working on his romance novel. A struggling director gets in touch with him, hoping to adapt his work into a movie. Despite being rejected, the filmmaker camps outside the writer's home, hoping to change his mind. Although their current relationship seems frosty, the two characters knew each other in the past and shared an intriguing history.

70% Individual Circumstances uses creative storytelling techniques to create nuanced characters and a thoughtful narrative. However, the lack of romantic chemistry weakens the emotional impact.

Intricate story Individual Circumstances overcomes an awkward start and develops into a thoughtful BL drama. The intricate plot reveals slowly, becoming more nuanced as we learn each character's perspective.

Weak romance The leads lack sparks and share little chemistry. Despite the sophisticated plot, there isn't enough emphasis on the characters' attraction. Their relationship scenes don't convey passion.

Okay acting Woo Jae's performer (Jun.Q) acts like a cute tsundere, while his costar (Han Jung Wan) is hunky and energetic. Yet, the leads can't convey a compelling romantic connection with each other.

Behind the Shadows

Behind the Shadows

Behind the Shadows is a Korean historical BL drama with a gay main character. A young noble from a wealthy family is best friends with his male companion. They remained close despite their class differences. Once the pair approaches adulthood, their families expect them to settle down with wives. The protagonist seems conflicted as he represses his same-sex desires. Meanwhile, his future bride wonders whether she wants to marry him.

70% Behind the Shadows is an angsty historical BL drama that explores meaningful themes. Everything is beautifully filmed. However, the short narrative and tame romance limit its storytelling potential.

Ambitious story Behind the Shadows tells a historical romance, a rarity in the BL genre. Despite its ambitious ideas, there isn't enough time to explore the themes deeply. The story also relies on theatrical melodrama.

Tame romance Don't expect much flirtation from the couple's interactions. The mild-mannered leads only share minimal affection in a tame romance. Also, this tragic love story becomes increasingly angsty.

Solid acting Seol's actress (Hong Seung Hee) delivers a decent performance, but Yoon Ho's handsome actor (Ren) doesn't emote convincingly. Their costar (Park Sang Nam) is limited by his shallow characterization.

Mask Danshi

Mask Danshi

Mask Danshi is a Japanese BL anime about a shy high school student. The protagonist is self-conscious and always wears a mask to hide his appearance. He catches the interest of a handsome classmate who wants to befriend him, even though they are total opposites. One has a quiet and nervous personality, while the other is outgoing and popular. Despite their differences, they start hanging out and form an unusual relationship.

70% Mask Danshi is a solid BL anime special with a playful high school romance. The couple's physical intimacy oozes lustful desire. However, the plot is too simple and lacks substantial development.

Simple story Mask Danshi has a shallow story that underwhelms me with its simplicity. The 20-minute animal special is too short to explore substantial plots. The love interest also lacks character development.

Flirty romance The couple's feelings resemble a superficial physical attraction rather than a nuanced emotional connection. Nonetheless, their romantic encounter emphasize flirtation and lustful passion.

Pleasant visuals The anime looks pleasant with cozy high school aesthetics. However, the bland backdrops & inconsistent character designs lack vivid details. Some scenes seem less appealing than others.

A Shoulder to Cry On

A Shoulder to Cry On

A Shoulder to Cry On is a Korean BL series about two high school students who go from enemies to friends. The main character is the star of the archery club. He clashes with his cheeky classmate, who pranks, taunts, and bullies him. Eventually, they overcome their animosity and develop a close bond. The lonely teens open up about the unhappiness inside their hearts.

70% A Shoulder to Cry On is an emotional BL series with complex protagonists and sentimental plots. Yet, this angsty story suffers from overwrought melodrama, a moody couple & a lousy ending.

Angsty story A Shoulder to Cry On is an angsty story with excessive conflicts and exaggerated melodrama. However, the protagonists are complex, intriguing, and brilliantly flawed.

Volatile romance The animosity overpowers the teen love story, from annoying arguments to self-inflicted anguish. Also, some BL fans may be annoyed by the lack of kissing scenes.

Emotional acting Da Yeol's actor (Kim Jae Han) grew on me, showing poise and dignity beneath a stoic demeanour. His costar (Shin Ye Chan) is the most appealing when behaving cheekily or seductively.

VIP Only

VIP Only

VIP Only is a Taiwanese BL series about a restauranteur and a loyal customer. The main character is an author working on his next novel. He uses his favourite beef noodle shop as a workspace. After multiple return visits, he begins a friendly relationship with the owner. As they grow closer, the protagonist finds inspiration for his book. Their soothing romance helps him overcome his writer's block and past heartbreak.

69% VIP Only has a gentle, soothing story that emphasizes positive messages. It contains many inspirational quotes. However, the plot is slow, uneventful, and predictable. I'm often bored.

Casual story VIP Only has a gentle, soothing story that emphasizes positive messages. It contains many inspirational quotes. However, the plot is slow, uneventful, and predictable. I'm often bored.

Cliched romance Too many romantic encounters feel like generic cliches of overused tropes, diminishing their impact. Still, this couple grew on me over time. I like how much they support each other emotionally.

Okay acting Gu Jin's actor (Stan Huang) is slightly forceful in several scenes. However, he's a handsome leading man with a dreamy smile and a smouldering gaze. He makes each romantic encounter enticing.

A Breeze of Love

A Breeze of Love

A Breeze of Love is a Korean BL series about two university students and their reunion. The main characters used to be friends until they parted ways on disagreeable terms. They meet years later in the school's basketball club, yet their relationship remains strained over unresolved tensions. The protagonist makes a deal with his teammate. If they win the upcoming game, he wants them to fulfill a special request.

69% A Breeze of Love conveys an angsty love story with dreamy visuals and a melancholic vibe. However, the uneventful plot moves too slowly. The romance also remains stagnant for a long time.

Sombre story A Breeze of Love is an emotional love story about two former friends and their fractured relationship. Although the relationship drama seems intriguing early on, the uneventful plot moves too slowly.

Dull romance Dongwook & Dohyun's relationship seems stagnant for most of the series. They don't display passion or chemistry in their bland, awkward exchanges. Their relationship drama is quite dull.

Decent acting The leads handle the dramatic material skillfully. They have earnest gazes, enigmatic expressions & brooding demeanours. Yet, they don't have a strong on-screen rapport with each other.

Oh My God

Oh My God

Oh My God is a Vietnamese BL series about a countryside romance. When the protagonist visits his grandmother in a rural town, he gets into an accident and clashes with a stranger. Their feud worsens after they must live in the same house together. Despite the heated conflict, the two enemies eventually put aside their differences. They hang out, form a bond, and navigate their feelings for each other.

69% Oh My God dwells on the drama & conflicts too much, sometimes eclipsing the BL romance. This indie series redeems itself with an emotionally compelling finale, ending on a satisfying note.

Uneven story Oh My God gets sidetracked by an annoying female love rival. Her antics overshadow the romance. The silly story turns into a solemn drama in the last episode, showing unexpected gravitas.

Fierce romance The series portrays a fierce enemies-to-lovers journey. The relationship turns playful after the initial clash. Despite the couple's cheeky rapport, their rocky romance could use more development.

Sensitive acting An's actor (Duong Huy) emotes authentically with sad gazes and fragile expressions. He gives a sensitive performance in the finale. Also, the two costars are compatible and share chemistry.

Pure Vanilla

Pure Vanilla

Pure Vanilla is a Singapore BL short movie about a cafe owner and his assistant. It also released a film sequel, Pure Vanilla: Recipe for Romance, continuing the couple's romance from the first story. The main character owns a bakery specializing in cakes and pastries. He works closely with an employee in the kitchen, preparing food and creating new recipes. As romantic feelings grow over time, their relationship becomes complicated.

68% Pure Vanilla is a sweet love story, even though the cliched plot may be predictable. The short movies contain dreamy visuals, eloquent lines, and a delicate romantic spark.

Simple story Pure Vanilla tells a simple love story that follows a predictable trajectory. The storyteller teases the couple's attraction compellingly. There's enough material to interest you for half an hour.

Sweet romance Early on, the couple shares a few sweet moments that tease their romantic sparks. The second film introduces a love triangle conflict. This relationship drama slightly dampens the idyllic vibe.

Stiff acting The leads deliver their lines stiffly, almost like they're reading from a script. While Gabriel's (Braven Yeo) performance is passable, his costar (Soh Deng Xun) seems clunkier and less dynamic.

The Promise

The Promise

The Promise is a Thai BL series about two childhood friends separated for a decade. After university, the main character was shocked and confused when his best friend suddenly relocated overseas. There had been no explanation, farewell, or follow-up communication. The protagonist spends the next ten years searching for his buddy. One day, the missing friend reappears, becomes his new neighbour, and hides a painful secret.

68% The Promise features an enjoyable couple with juicy chemistry and sexual tension. Yet, their romance is diminished by disjointed storytelling, pointless filler, and obnoxious love triangles.

Bloated story The Promise is bloated with hours of meaningless nonsense. The obnoxious side characters annoy me with their cringy comedy. Also, the irrelevant workplace drama commands too much attention.

Juicy romance I enjoy the couple's playful rapport, intimate exchanges, and juicy sexual tension. However, the friends-to-lovers journey takes too long to reach a climax. There are also too many pesky love rivals.

Hammy acting While the leads have charming demeanours, they go to the school of overacting and appear hammy in emotional scenes. Nanfah's actor (Kiak) is funny and handles comedic moments fluently.

Naked Dining

Naked Dining

Naked Dining is a Japanese BL series about two men and their culinary adventures. The main character visits his grandmother's countryside home after she passes away. He meets her young protégé, who teaches him many recipes. They enjoy making tasty delicacies from different countries. Despite their friendship, the protagonist hides an unusual habit from his acquaintance. He is a secret nudist who enjoys eating meals in the buff.

68% Naked Dining is a mediocre BL drama with cliched plots and an uninspiring romance. Despite a few insightful messages, I don't care about the incompatible couple or their dull relationship drama.

Unexciting story Naked Dining has a cozy, relaxing start. The story occasionally explores a few insightful themes with meaningful messages. Yet, it also relies on many predictable cliches that don't inspire enthusiasm.

Frustrating romance The couple underwhelms me during many milestones in their romantic journey. From iffy kisses to tense confessions, I don't care about their dull and prolonged relationship drama.

Decent acting Although the actors do an acceptable job with their roles, they share no chemistry. The performers cannot convey the characters' attraction to each other. They don't seem in love.

Hit Bite Love

Hit Bite Love

Hit Bite Love is a Thai BL series about three high school couples and their spicy romantic drama. The main character feels miserable about his secret relationship with a closeted gay student. He meets another guy who is open about pursuing him. However, his new love interest enjoys adventurous bedroom activities. The protagonist is intrigued as he discovers the pleasures and dangers of BDSM for the first time.

67% Hit Bite Love is a cheeky BL drama with raunchy jokes and racy encounters. There are many offensive storylines, rotten characters & toxic romances. It's almost naughty enough to be a guilty pleasure.

Sordid story Hit Bite Love has a scandalous story that sensationalizes many offensive tropes. The outrageous plot is fuelled by tasteless jokes, sleazy seduction, and problematic misconduct.

Raunchy romance The series is unabashed about sex. It features risqué imagery and takes care to destigmatize bondage. Despite celebrating sex positivity, the hypocritical story shames the sexually active characters.

Amateurish acting Most cast members are inexperienced and give below-average performances. However, Burger's actor (Jur) exudes lively charisma. He handles the comedic scenes with a goofy charm.

La Pluie

La Pluie

La Pluie is a Thai BL series about two protagonists who can communicate telepathically in the rain. The main character has a rare condition that causes a temporary loss of his hearing on rainy days. He also gains the supernatural ability to transmit his thoughts to a soulmate. However, this introvert has ignored his unique powers and tried to live ordinarily. On one fateful day, he meets his partner in person and becomes lovestruck.

67% La Pluie has an adorable lead actor who shares decent chemistry with his handsome costar. Despite its creative premise, the love story underwhelms me and becomes increasingly aggravating.

Mediocre story La Pluie has a creative premise, mixing a love story with a supernatural twist. Yet, it doesn't explore the topic with enough depth. Many storylines are annoying and not executed interestingly.

Inorganic romance The leads share chemistry during intimate scenes. However, their love story is unengaging. I dislike the emphasis on them being soulmates, which makes their connection feel inorganic.

Adorable acting The cast shows limitations in dramatic scenes. Nonetheless, Tai's actor (Title) is adorable and elevates the material with his poised performance. He forms a marketable couple with his costar (Pee).



Shadow is a Thai supernatural series about a mysterious all-boys school. One of the leads is openly gay. The main character is a new transfer student who experiences strange nightmares. His scary hallucinations have intensified since arriving on campus, leading to dangerous consequences. The protagonist and his friends investigate the phenomenon, discovering it may be related to a student's recent disappearance.

67% Shadow has an imaginative supernatural story with talented actors. However, the vague plot drags on and gives cryptic explanations for too long. The lack of BL romance also lowers its enjoyability.

Imaginative story Shadow shows so much creativity in its ideas, combining a high school drama with supernatural mystery. The complex plot has many twists and turns, although it becomes bizarre near the end.

Nonexistent romance Shadow has almost no BL content except for a brief moment of intimacy. The series emphasizes friendship instead. The female love interest gets more romantic attention than the gay lead.

Experienced acting Singto gives a solid acting performance based on his experience. His costar, Fluke, is likable as always. Fiat stands out and takes advantage of his meaty role as Trin, showcasing a dramatic range.

Other BL Series

Okay BL
Other BL

Not all BL dramas are good enough to qualify for the top list. Below are the rest of the series that didn't make the cut. Nonetheless, you may find some hidden gems, guilty pleasures, or criminally underrated favourites.

After School 66%

7 Days Before Valentine 66%

The Luminous Solution 66%

Naughty Babe 65%

My Dear Gangster Oppa 65%

Destiny Seeker 65%

Rerun 64%

Low Frequency 64%

All the Liquors 64%

Rooted 63%

My Goofy Deskmate 63%

Bed Friend 62%

Middleman's Love 62%

Hidden Agenda 62%

Happy Merry Ending 62%

Bon Appetit 61%

Cooking Crush 61%

Love on Lo 61%

Love Mate 60%

Stupid Genius 60%

Me, My Husband, and My Husband's Boyfriend 60%

Shimbashi Koi Story 3 59%

Senior Love Me 58%

2BB 58%

Chains of Heart 57%

You Are Mine 56%

Colorful Melody 56%

Jun and Jun 55%

Be Mine SuperStar 54%

Y Journey: Stay Like a Local 52%

Bump Up Business 52%

Beyond the Star 51%

Future 50%

Mr. Sahara & Toki-kun 45%

For Him 44%

Senior Love Me 2 44%

Our Winter 44%

Mr. Cinderella 2 43%

Crazy Handsome Rich 40%

Dinosaur Love 29%

My Colleague at BL Shop Not graded

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