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Be Mine SuperStar is a Thai BL series about a famous actor and his adoring fanboy.

Be Mine SuperStar is a Thai BL series about a celebrity and his fanboy. The main character has harboured a secret crush on a famous actor for many years. After starting a film internship, he can work alongside his favourite star. Yet, he's too shy to confess his feelings. The protagonist must overcome jealous rivals and scheming saboteurs who undermine their relationship. He's startled by the dangerous, duplicitous world of show business.

Despite the handsome actors and beautiful locations, Be Mine Superstar is too terrible to enjoy. Expect many dumb, incoherent, and nonsensical plots with sloppy writing. The insufferable villains overshadow the love story, from petty antics to nasty schemes. The series lacks the sophistication to portray its relationship drama maturely or meaningfully. I'm only interested in the steamy sexual encounters and feel annoyed by everything else.

Be Mine Superstar Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2023)


10 hours

Total Episodes:

12 episodes




Be Mine SuperStar is a sexy & steamy BL drama.


Pun gives Ashi a piggyback.

Pun is a devoted fanboy. He has adored Ashi, a famous television actor, for many years. They used to attend the same high school together. Since then, Ashi has built his career and gained celebrity fame. He currently stars in the hit drama Love of Prince. Pun is a secret fan of Ashi, collecting many pictures and memorabilia in his bedroom. He even sleeps with a life-size pillow of Ashi in his bed. Despite his infatuation, Pun is too shy to approach Ashi and only admires him from afar.

Pun lives with his parents, grandmother, and younger brother. His mom runs a coffee shop, which he occasionally helps part-time. The family knows about Pun's obsession with Ashi. His grandmother is also a fan and enjoys watching Ashi's TV dramas. However, Pun's younger brother, Paii, likes teasing his sibling about his celebrity crush. Paii once vandalized Ashli's pictures on Pun's bedroom walls. The two often squabble over pranks and arguments. Their mom must intervene, reminding her children to behave.

Pun is a university student who must complete an internship for his studies. After sending numerous unsuccessful applications, Pun's friend introduces him to an acquaintance who works on a film set. Pun is excited to learn she is on the staff team for Ashi's televised drama. He has sent her company a resume in the past, but there was no response. Fortunately, Pun's friend helped him secure a film production internship. He is delighted to start working behind the scenes on the TV series. The prospect of meeting Ashi in person excites Pun so much.

Pun begins working as a film production intern. Initially, his role is minimal. He is upset about not having opportunities to interact with his favourite star. Pun also squanders their few chance encounters. He becomes too shy or self-conscious when they interact briefly. Despite their high school history, Ashi doesn't seem to remember him. Ashi's costar, Muang, has noticed Pun's behaviour. He correctly deduces that Pun has a celebrity crush. Muang, who is friends with Ashi, encourages the intern to make a move.

Ashi and Muang have the same manager. Wan coordinates their work schedules and helps them accept new acting gigs. Wan is in a fierce rivalry with Preaw, another manager. Preaw handles the careers of Title and Vorra, Ashi and Muang's other costars in the drama. Title likes Ashi and wants to get close to him. Yet, Wan and Preaw's feud creates a hostile environment on set. Tensions rise when Ashi and Title compete for the lead role in another series. Despite Title's romantic advances, Ashi seems more interested in the cute intern lately.

Be Mine SuperStar Cast



Ja Phachara Suansri (จา พชร สวนศรี)

Pun is portrayed by Thai actor Ja Phachara Suansri (จา พชร สวนศรี).

Pun is a new intern who works behind the scenes for a televised drama. He has a secret crush on Ashi, the lead of the series. Pun has many photos and memorabilia of Ashi in his bedroom. Despite his infatuation, he's too shy to interact with his favourite star on set. Pun lives with his parents, grandma, and little brother. Pun's mother runs a coffee shop.

Ja Phachara Suansri

Ja Phachara Suansri (จา พชร สวนศรี) is a Thai actor. He is born on April 6, 1998.

Ja Phachara Suansri (จา พชร สวนศรี) is a Thai actor. He is born on April 6, 1998. His first BL project is the 2019 drama, Until We Meet Again. He also appears in TharnType 2 (2020) and Close Friend (2021). Ja is the star of Don't Say No (2021), Remember Me (2022), and Be Mine SuperStar (2023).


First Chalongrat Novsamrong (เฟริสท์ ฉลองรัฐ นอบสําโรง)

Ashi is portrayed by Thai actor First Chalongrat Novsamrong (เฟริสท์ ฉลองรัฐ นอบสําโรง).

Ashi is a famous actor. His TV drama, Love of Prince, is a hit among viewers. His manager, Wan, is protective of him. Ashi is friends with Muang and Title, his costars in the series. Muang and Ashi share the same manager. Title has a secret crush on him and tries to use their time on set to make a move. Despite these romantic advances, Ashi takes an interest in Pun instead.

First Chalongrat Novsamrong

First Chalongrat Novsamrong (เฟริสท์ ฉลองรัฐ นอบสําโรง) is a Thai actor. He is born on April 9, 1998.

First Chalongrat Novsamrong (เฟริสท์ ฉลองรัฐ นอบสําโรง) is a Thai actor. He is born on April 9, 1998. His first BL project is the 2020 series, 2gether. He also appears in TharnType 2 (2020) and Close Friend (2021). First is the star of Don't Say No (2021), Remember Me (2022), and Be Mine SuperStar (2023).


Bosston Suphadach Wilairat (บอสตัน ศุภเดช วิไลรัตน์)

Muang is portrayed by Thai actor Bosston Suphadach Wilairat (บอสตัน ศุภเดช วิไลรัตน์).

Muang is an actor. He is one of Ashi's costars in the TV drama Love of Prince. Muang and Ashi share the same celebrity manager. The two are close friends outside of work. Muang is single and enjoys picking up guys at bars. He becomes interested in Ning after an incredible one-night stand together. However, Muang is heartbroken when Ning doesn't reciprocate his interest.

Bosston Suphadach Wilairat

Bosston Suphadach Wilairat (บอสตัน ศุภเดช วิไลรัตน์) is a Thai actor. He is born on October 31, 1997.

Bosston Suphadach Wilairat (บอสตัน ศุภเดช วิไลรัตน์) is a Thai actor. He is born on October 31, 1997. His first BL project is the 2019 drama, Until We Meet Again. He also appears in Brothers (2021), Between Us (2022), and Be Mine SuperStar (2023).


Jo Kavinpat Thanahiransilp (กวินพัฒน์ ธนาหิรัญศิลป์)

Ning is portrayed by the Thai actor Jo Kavinpat Thanahiransilp (กวินพัฒน์ ธนาหิรัญศิลป์).

Ning is a doctor who meets Muang at a bar. They have a passionate one-night stand on their first encounter. Muang grows smitten and wants to commit to a relationship. Yet, Ning has a rule of not dating his casual flings. Ning isn't interested in having a boyfriend. Despite the rejections, Muang persists in courting him. Muang wants to use his sincerity to win over Ning.

Jo Kavinpat Thanahiransilp

Jo Kavinpat Thanahiransilp (กวินพัฒน์ ธนาหิรัญศิลป์) is a Thai actor. He is born on August 3, 1994.

Jo Kavinpat Thanahiransilp (กวินพัฒน์ ธนาหิรัญศิลป์) is a Thai actor. He is born on August 3, 1994. His first BL project is the 2017 series, Make It Right 2. He stars in the 2022 BL series, My Roommate. Jo appears in the 2023 BL series, Be Mine SuperStar.

Supporting Cast

Title is portrayed by the Thai actor Wayo Peerawat Sareewong (วาโย ภีรวัฒน์ สารีวงษ์).


Wayo Peerawat Sareewong (วาโย ภีรวัฒน์ สารีวงษ์)

Kevin is portrayed by the Thai actor Ben Benjamin Brasier (เบญจมินทร์ เบรเซียร์).


Ben Benjamin Brasier (เบญจมินทร์ เบรเซียร์)

Wan is portrayed by Dada Warinda Damrongphol (ดาด้า วรินดา ดำรงผล).


Dada Warinda Damrongphol (ดาด้า วรินดา ดำรงผล)

Preaw is portrayed by Thongthong Mokjok (ธงธง มกจ๊ก).


Thongthong Mokjok (ธงธง มกจ๊ก)

Bank is portrayed by Thai actor Ken Prarunyu Sooksamran (เคน ภรัณยู สุขสำราญ).


Ken Prarunyu Sooksamran (เคน ภรัณยู สุขสำราญ)

Pun's brother is portrayed by Thai actor Yo Korkuer Deewattananukul (โย ก่อเกื้อ ดีวัฒนานุกุล).


Yo Korkuer Deewattananukul (โย ก่อเกื้อ ดีวัฒนานุกุล)

Pun's mom is portrayed by Thai actress Dao Apisara Koetchuchuen (ดาว อภิสรา เกิดชูชื่น).

Pun's mother

Dao Apisara Koetchuchuen (ดาว อภิสรา เกิดชูชื่น)

Pun's father is portrayed by Thai actor Duke Phanudet Watnasuchart (ดุ๊ก ภาณุเดช วัฒนสุชาติ).

Pun's father

Duke Phanudet Watnasuchart (ดุ๊ก ภาณุเดช วัฒนสุชาติ)

Pun's grandma is portrayed by Thai actress Duangta Toongkamanee (ดวงตา ตุงคะมณี).

Pun's grandmother

Duangta Toongkamanee (ดวงตา ตุงคะมณี)

Vorra is portrayed by Thai actress Noon Sutthipha Kongnawdee (น้อ สุทธิภา คงแนวดี).


Nitta Pinyadar Salinvarradar (นิต้า พินญดา สรินวระดา)

Film is portrayed by Krittaporn Thorangkul (กฤตภรณ์ โทรางกูร).


Krittaporn Thorangkul (กฤตภรณ์ โทรางกูร)

Pol is portrayed by a Thai actor.


Kesorn is portrayed by a Thai actress.


Tanada is portrayed by a Thai actor.


Daew is portrayed by Thai actor Kokliang Parinya Angsanan (ก๊กเลี้ยง ปริญญา อังสนันท์).


Kokliang Parinya Angsanan (ก๊กเลี้ยง ปริญญา อังสนันท์)

Seu is portrayed by Thai actor Best Natapoj Tanatip-udomchok (ณัฐพจน์ ธนาทิพย์อุดมโชค).


Best Natapoj Tanatip-udomchok (ณัฐพจน์ ธนาทิพย์อุดมโชค)

Sugas is portrayed by Thai actor Phat Thanapat Koprasertthaworn (ภัทร ธนภัทร กอประเสริฐถาวร).


Phat Thanapat Koprasertthaworn (ภัทร ธนภัทร กอประเสริฐถาวร)

Coco is a dog.


Cast Highlights

  • The leads (First and Ja) are an established couple in BL fandom. They have appeared in multiple series together, including TharnType 2 (2020), Don't Say No (2021), Close Friend (2021), and Remember Me (2022). Ja also appeared in Until We Meet Again (2019), while First had a supporting role in 2gether (2020).
  • Muang's actor (Bosston) has supporting roles in Until We Meet Again (2019), Brothers (2021), and Between Us (2022). His costar (Jo) appeared in Make It Right 2 (2017) and My Roommate (2022).
  • Kevin's actor (Ben) starred in the 2019 series 2 Moons 2.
  • Bank's actor (Ken) has supporting roles in He She It (2019) and Lovely Writer (2021). The actor portraying Pun's father (Duke) also appeared in Lovely Writer.
  • Wan's actress (Dada) is a frequent supporting character in various Thai BL series, including The Shipper (2020), Paint with Love (2021), and Bed Friend (2023).

Be Mine SuperStar Review


Drama Review Score: 5.4

Ashi kisses Pun on the cheek.

Be Mine SuperStar is only enjoyable for the smut and sucks at everything else. The series makes me feel sorry for us BL fans. Why must we suffer through these crappy stories to see hot guys make out? I sat through ten hours of idiotic plots, offensive tropes & aggravating antics to watch a few sex scenes. My experience ranged from confusion over the illogical narrative to exasperation at how annoyingly the characters behaved. Despite the spicy encounters, the punishment-to-reward ratio isn't worth it.

The series wants to explore the ugliness of show business, but the unrealistic plots have no persuasion. Instead, expect dumb drama with sloppy writing, ridiculous scenarios, and theatrical exaggerations. All the antagonists are evil caricatures who act like the most blatant villains ever. Out of the many insufferable storylines, the worst is anything to do with the celebrity managers. There's too much focus on their over-the-top feud. The hostility creates a toxic atmosphere, from bitchy remarks to nasty schemes. Every scene seems distasteful and grates on my nerves.

Be Mine SuperStar gives a very shallow portrayal of attraction. Pun has a crush on Ashi, but the series doesn't elaborate on his feelings with any complexity. What do you like about him? Why is he special to you? This love story is missing the most basic details. As their connection develops, the romance remains vapid. The protagonists don't have mature chats, meaningful interactions, or get to know each other on a personal level. Their scenes are just one BL cliché after another. Be Mine SuperStar offers a superficial relationship that lacks sincerity and substance.

The romance between a celebrity and a fan involves nuanced power dynamics, which the story fails to explore. The leads also have incompatible personalities and backgrounds. One is a self-assured actor focused on his career, while the other is a silly manchild with no ambition. Yet, the series assumes they get along and never addresses their differences. Instead of examining relevant themes, it wastes time on a foolish conflict in the last few episodes. Likewise, the secondary pair seems iffy. Muang is weirdly obsessed, while Dr. Ning behaves like a douchebag.

Pun is a lively protagonist, albeit his clinginess annoys me over time. He doesn't show depth or growth beyond a goofy fanboy pining after his crush. Also, the actor is too hot to portray his character, right? With his looks, it's hard to believe Pun is only the intern instead of the superstar. That said, I like seeing Ja play against his heartthrob archetype. As a quirky lead, he acts sillier than usual and showcases his bubbly enthusiasm. In contrast, First interprets his role stiffly and gives a reserved performance. Ashi is supposed to be an entertainer, yet I don't sense his charisma.

The smut is the primary selling point of Be Mine SuperStar. Both couples have sensual kisses and racy encounters, which include getting dicked down in Japanese onsens. The sexual escapades are filmed artistically and exude a beautiful ambiance, like high-class erotica. In addition, the actors flaunt their physiques and show a gratuitous amount of skin. As much as I enjoy the eye candy, the steamy content only occupies a fraction of the series. Ultimately, it can't compensate for the awful storytelling or inane romances throughout Be Mine SuperStar.


Dumb story

Be Mine SuperStar has a dumb, ridiculous story that fails to explore celebrity fame insightfully. The series provides ten hours of aggravation, from over-the-top villains to offensive tropes.

Shallow romances

Despite the racy sexual escapades, the shallow romances never develop maturely or meaningfully. Pun and Ashi seem incompatible. Their relationship moments are one cliche after another.

Decent acting

Pun's actor (Ja) plays against his expected archetype. He gives a dynamic performance with lots of bubbly enthusiasm. His costar (First) appears reserved and interprets his role stiffly.

Happy ending

Be Mine SuperStar has a happy ending as the couple reconciles in the finale. Their relationship drama feels unsophisticated. This annoying conflict drags down the last few episodes.

Sexy artistry

I admire the effort to travel overseas and film in the picturesque snowy landscape. The winter visuals are pretty. Also, many of the sensual encounters have a beautifully artistic atmosphere.


Be Mine SuperStar has idiotic plots, offensive tropes, and aggravating villains. The shallow romances don't develop meaningfully, although you may enjoy the smutty sexual encounters.

Be Mine SuperStar Episodes

Episode Guide

Punn and Ashi have an intimate moment.

Be Mine Superstar has a total of 12 episodes. Each episode is around 45 to 50 minutes long. The last episode is around 50 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 10 hours. Be Mine Superstar started on July 3, 2023 and ended its last episode on September 17, 2023.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12

Episode Reviews

Episode 1

Ugh, the characters are already annoying me. Pun's actor (Ja) is very bubbly. He's more animated than in his previous roles. The shower scene captures his dreaminess in a silly, charming way.

Episode 2

Ja is too hot for his character's role. If I saw him on a film set, I'd assume he's the celebrity, not the intern. The story is meandering so far. Can we have fewer of those campy acting scenes?

Episode 3

Not Pun grinning after he wakes up from a wet dream! What an oddball. 😅 Muang's subplot is surprisingly cute! Despite his so-called blackmail, Muang is just trying to be Pun's matchmaker.

Episode 4

Ning's actor (Jo) looks like he's playing dress-up in those glasses & lab coat. He doesn't make a believable doctor. I'm glad Pun & Ashi interact more, but these episodes have too much pointless filler.

Episode 5

The story feels clunky, creating contrived circumstances to make Pun look after Ashi's injury. Wan's advice to Muang is funny. If Ning doesn't date one-night stands, have a two-night stand with him!

Episode 6

I hate the annoying celebrity drama, especially the evil manager. This nasty character is too toxic. Why won't Pun take the money for his treatment? Dumb! The sponge bath scene is stupidly hot lol.

Episode 7

"Is this love?" WTF. Muang is obsessed with a guy who used him for sex and rejects a relationship. Pun & Ashi's sex scene is too artsy. Can we have clear shots without shadows or obscure angles?

Episode 8

I hate Pun's attitude in this episode. Stop being a clingy boyfriend. Respect Ashi's professionalism and let him focus on his job. Pun needs a productive hobby instead of obsessing over Ashi.

Episode 9

I like how the crew did overseas filming in Japan. The winter landscape is gorgeous. OMG, Pun & Ashi's sex scene feels like classy erotica lol. Without the smut, this series would be irredeemable.

Episode 10

I'm trying to ignore the plot and only focus on the eroticism. However, the story is so annoyingly dumb that I can't overlook it. The nonsense with the evil manager gets on my damn nerves.

Episode 11

Dr. Ning is a douchebag. He has toyed with Muang and treated him awfully. OMG, the breakup drama is aggravating. Why are Pun & Ashi fighting over this!? Who cares if Ashi uses you for acting research?

Episode 12

Pun throws a silly tantrum before he suddenly changes his stance and forgives Ashi. 🙄 I don't support what Title did, but Wan's retaliation against him seems petty and underhanded.

Be Mine SuperStar Information


David Bigander (เดวิด บีแกนเดอร์) is a Swedish-Thai director. His first BL project is the 2021 drama, Bite Me. He also directed the 2023 series, Be Mine SuperStar.

  1. Sorry but I cannot agree with you on your assessment of this series. Well, yes on some of it like… how your describe the baddies or the managers plot and acting, how First act like a robot or a cute wax figurine, the awful, awful script… taking all into account I cannot agree with a D+, that's waaaay too generous. This series deserves at max an N- or a P! Jan acting? what the hell was that? apparently he was asked to play a 5 year old on steroids and by Jove he nailed that! His younger brother could pass for his dad!! So the story was about the getting together of a famous actor who could not act and a man-child that was super irritating, got it. Awful and painful to watch Ja ruining his serious actor image like that, at least in my opinion. This ship for me is over and sailed over the horizon. Jan would need to be ultra/extra good in an amazing production for me to be bothered with him ever again as an actor.

  2. I dropped this after 3 episodes- none of the cast, scriptwriter, director have the chops to pull off a wacky rom-com. Making a good comedy is hard. Watching failed comedies like this is unnecessary punishment.
    I'd rather rewatch "Sh**ting Stars" K Drama or the Warp Effect to see it done well.

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