Lovely Writer – Series Review & Ending Explained

Gene is a writer who falls in love with an actor named Nubsib.

Lovely Writer is a Thai BL drama about a shy author who rises to fame when his romance novel gets adapted into a popular series. He is flustered by all the media attention from the celebrity world, especially after one of the handsome actors takes an interest in him. When both characters suddenly become roommates, their new living arrangement creates many romantic scenarios.

While the story isn't always written well, Lovely Writer is powered by many charming scenes and memorable characters. It is also packed with non-stop adrenaline, hyper energy, and a vibrant sense of humour. The sweet and affectionate romance is definitely one of the series highlights, which will bring a giddy smile to your face.

Lovely Writer Summary



Series Info:

Japan (2021)


13 hours

Total Episodes:

12 episodes




Lovely Writer is a cute & sweet BL drama.


Gene and Nubsib stare into each other's eyes romantically.

Gene is a popular author whose BL story was recently adapted into a drama series. Although he prefers to work on his next fantasy novel, his editor convinces him to write another story in the BL genre instead. However, Gene isn't excited about this project and struggles to find any inspiration. He suffers from writer's block with the deadline quickly looming.

To boost publicity, his editor instructs Gene to get involved in the production of his BL series, Bad Engineer. During the casting session, a handsome actor named Nubsib makes a big impression by involving Gene in his audition. He is subsequently cast in the lead role, along with his costars Aoey and Mhok.

Gene discovers that Nubsib's agent Tum is actually one of his old friends from university. After they reconnect, Tum asks his friend for a favour. Since Gene's apartment is closer to the filming location, Nubsib wants to move in and become roommates with him. Although Gene is opposed to this idea at first, he eventually agrees to let Nubsib live with him for a month.

Nubsib has shown a keen interest in Gene from the moment they met. The actor is quite flirtatious around him, and his assertiveness makes Gene a little flustered every time they interact. Since they started living together, Nubsib has been bolder with his seductive advances. Gene is overcome with inspiration as their attraction grows stronger, and his writer's block clears up.

When Nubsib's fans notice the close bond between them, the speculation about their relationship makes Gene uncomfortable, since he wants to avoid the spotlight. It doesn't help that Nubsib's on-screen costar Aoey has a hidden agenda and tries to come between them. Despite all this attention, Nubsib's feelings for Gene are undeterred, and he's still determined to get closer to the lovely writer.

Lovely Writer Trailer

Lovely Writer Cast


Gene Up Poompat Iam-samang (อัพ; ภูมิพัฒน์ เอี่ยมสำอาง) Up Instagram

Gene is played by the actor Up Poompat Iam-samang (อัพ; ภูมิพัฒน์ เอี่ยมสำอาง).

Gene is an author of a popular BL story called Bad Engineer, which has been adapted into a drama series recently. He is more well-known for writing BL, although Gene actually prefers to write fantasy novels instead. With a sensitive and introverted personality, Gene doesn't love to be in the spotlight. He lives in his own apartment, which is usually pretty messy.

Nubsib Kao Noppakao Dechaphatthanakun (นพเก้า เดชาพัฒนคุณ) Kao Instagram

Nubsib is played by the actor Kao Noppakao Dechaphatthanakun (นพเก้า เดชาพัฒนคุณ).

Nubsib is a university student and one of the lead actors in the Bad Engineer series. He is currently studying International Business Management in school. Gene is charming, suave, and full of self-confidence without being arrogant. He is surprisingly domesticated and good at doing household chores like cooking or cleaning.

Aoey Bruce Sirikorn Kananurak (ศิริกร คณานุรักษ์) Bruce Instagram

Aey is played by the actor Bruce Sirikorn Kananurak (ศิริกร คณานุรักษ์).

Aoey is the other lead actor in the Bad Engineer series. He attends the same university as his costar Nubsib, although the two of them don't hang out in the same social circles. Aoey cherishes the opportunity to star in this popular BL drama, although he's very concerned about raising his public profile. He is currently estranged from his family and has a terrible history with them.

Supporting Cast

Tum is played by the actor Ken Prarunyu Sooksamram.


Ken Prarunyu Sooksamram (ภรัณยู สุขสำราญ)

Tiffy is played by the actress Zorzo Natharuetai Akkharakitwattanakul.


Zorzo Natharuetai Akkharakitwattanakul (นัทธ์หฤทัย อัครกิจวัฒนากุล)

Hin is played by Kenji Wasin Panunaporn.


Kenji Wasin Panunaporn (วศิน ภาณุมาภรณ์)

Mhok is played by the actor Chap Suppacheep Chanapai.


Chap Suppacheep Chanapai (ศุภชีพ ชนะภัย)

Mai is played by the actor Earth Niroth Ruencharoen.


Earth Niroth Ruencharoen (เอิร์ธ นิโรธ รื่นเจริญ)

Bua is Gene's editor at the publishing company.


Fongkee Papinee Yaemnatda (ภาพินี แย้มนัดดา)

Gene's dad is played by the actor Nu Surasak Chaiat.


Nu Surasak Chaiat (หนู สุรศักดิ์ ชัยอรรถ)

Gene's mom is played by the actress Ornanong Panyawong.


Ornanong Panyawong (อรอนงค์ ปัญญาวงศ์)

Poppy Ratchapong Anomakiti


Poppy Ratchapong Anomakiti ( รัชพงศ์ อโนมกิติ)

Nubsib's brother is played by the actor Top Sutthirak Tangsutthichai.


Top Sutthirak Tangsutthichai (สุทธิรักษ์ ตั้งสุทธิชัย)

Nubsib's mom is played by the actress Poo Prissana Klampinij.


Poo Prissana Klampinij (ปริศนา กล่ำพินิจ)

Nubsib's dad is played by the actor Jome Sukol Sasijulaka.


Jome Sukol Sasijulaka (โจม ศุกล ศศิจุลกะ)

Tam is Tum's controlling older sister.


Fresh Arisara Wongchalee (อริศรา วงษ์ชาลี)

Fah is the producer of the Bad Engineer series.


Pa Pam (ปาแป๋ม)

Aoey is not on good terms with his sister.


Jam Chollatorn Pratchyaroongroj (ชลธร ปรัชญารุ่งโรจน์)

Cast highlights

  • Gene's actor (Up) has a supporting role in the 2023 BL drama Step by Step. The actors who portray Aoey, Tiffy, and Hin (Bruce, Zorzo, and Kenji) also appears in that series. In addition, Bruce has a small guest role in the 2021 BL series Paint with Love.
  • You may have noticed Nubsib's actor (Kao) from another Thai BL drama, Until We Meet Again.
  • The actor portraying Tum (Ken) has a supporting role in the 2023 drama Be Mine SuperStar.
  • Mhok's actor (Chap) leads the 2022 BL drama The Tuxedo. He plays a wealthy heir with an arrogant personality.
  • A few other actors also had roles in various BL series, including Tum's actor (Kenji) in TharnType, Mhok's actor (Chap) in Y-Destiny, Jap's actor (Poppy) in YYY, and Gene's father in A Tale of Thousand Stars.

Lovely Writer Review


Drama Review Score: 8.4

Nubsib pinches Gene's pouty cheeks and calls him cute.

Lovely Writer is a sweet BL drama anchored by a cute, charming couple. The romance between Gene and Nubsib is on point, filled with ups and downs, twists and turns, as well as smooches and cuddles. You'll be pleased with the level of physical affection from the two leads, who kiss a lot during the series. They share an electrifying rapport, which is evident in the endless amount of adorable moments together.

A huge part of Lovely Writer's success comes down to a very lovable protagonist. Gene is a compelling main character with a multifaceted and well-developed personality. He's introverted, sensitive, creative, and maybe a little moody at times. The actor playing him is fantastic, offering such a relaxed and natural performance that you'll have no problem believing in his characterization. He shines during the emotional moments and elevates each scene with his acting skills.

Every now and then, this series would pleasantly surprise me with a delightful scene, or an inverted trope, or a clever piece of social commentary. There are moments of brilliance in Lovely Writer, such as the two outstanding episodes that dealt with Gene and Nubsib's families. They outdid themselves in those two episodes, delivering powerful and compelling drama that exceeded my expectations. Up until that point, I underestimated Lovely Writer and didn't think it was capable of producing such sophisticated emotions, but I was gladly mistaken.

However, Lovely Writer doesn't always get their storylines right. One of the biggest shortcomings is the way they handled Aoey's character, who was honestly such a nuisance. Instead of creating a complex antagonist, we got a pantomime villain whose motives were unclear and his actions didn't make sense. Any sympathy I felt for Aoey's tragic circumstances is outweighed by his annoying behaviour. They were better off making his character cartoonishly evil rather than this dark cloud of gloom and misery.

The first two episodes in Lovely Writer were extremely noisy, going overboard with the wacky sound effects at every line of dialogue. Fortunately, the music was dialled down afterwards, settling into a nicer, gentler tempo. Although Lovely Writer has a decent beginning, its final act is lacklustre with an ending that feels boring and lazy. It's almost like they didn't know how to wrap up the story after introducing so much drama earlier. The end result is throwing some random scenes together and calling it a day.

The disappointing ending did affect my review of this BL series, dampening my overall enthusiasm. Nonetheless, I've enjoyed a large portion of Lovely Writer and I will remember it as a cute BL romance with so much endearing charm.


Hit-and-miss story

Nubsib and Aoey are costars who kiss on the set of Bad Engineer.

Despite a solid premise, Lovely Writer suffers from some patchy storytelling issues in certain places. Not all the plots landed with success. For every interesting story, there are also a few flops and clunkers along that could've been done better.

In my opinion, the weakest link in the story is Aoey. His character was written too hazardously, just there to stir up drama for the sake of manufactured conflict, with a few overwrought angst scenes thrown in for good measure. Any plot to do with him just fell apart.

Some of the stories in Lovely Writer are fantastic though, taking place in an immersive universe that feels vibrant and colourful. I like it when the series plays around with narrative tropes, subverting our expectations of cultural norms that we take for granted. I also like the self-referential social commentary, subtly reflecting on the hot-topic issues in the BL genre.

Gene and Nubsib have intricate characterization, showing a lot of depth in their personalities and backstories as the series develops. The same courtesy is extended to minor characters like Hin, Tum, Tiffy, who all get their chance to shine in the spotlight at times. You'll find many of the characters lovable, with some interesting journeys for you to champion.


Strong romance

Gene and Nubsib have great chemistry together.

Lovely Writer is powered by a very strong romance between Gene and Nubsib. Both are complex protagonists with engaging personalities and an electrifying rapport between them. The beginning of their romance is cute and sweet, while a surprising twist at the midway point adds an even deeper layer to their relationship.

As a couple, Gene and Nubsib share so many memorable moments together. They kiss each other passionately with plenty of adorable and lighthearted interactions together. Nubsib is really charming and flirty with Gene from the start, which can be so fun to watch. At times, I wish he showed some agency outside of his feelings for Gene, since his character almost seems too lovesick over a guy.

Nonetheless, this is a sweet love story that develops superbly. It's a very satisfying journey to watch Nubsib win Gene over and have his feelings be reciprocated. There's enough romantic content to make watching all twelve episodes feel worthwhile.


Good acting

Nubsib is a popular BL actor with lots of fans.

The acting in Lovely Writer is pretty great. Gene's actor (Up Poompat Iam-samang) is outstanding in his role, really embodying his character and making all the little quirks in his personality feel so authentic. His performance is so natural and relaxed that I have no trouble connecting with him. Plus, he's fantastic during the emotional scenes, nailing those powerful moments with nuance and sensitivity.

Nubsib is a good on-screen partner for Gene, and the two of them have excellent chemistry together. The actors are very comfortable with physical affection, which lends to the credibility of the couple. My initial reaction is that Nubsib's actor seems a little mismatched with his character's personality. However, I think the actor worked hard to overcome this discrepancy. By the end of the series, I felt like he really embraced the role and made this character his own.

Maybe I'm biased because I didn't like Aoey's character, but I couldn't connect with the actor playing him. His scrunched-up facial expressions irk me, whether he's fake smiling or fake crying. His character is a very complex role and I can feel the actor trying his best with the material. However, his performance just didn't work for me.


Boring ending

Gene and Nubsib exchange a glance at the camera in the Lovely Writer ending.

I didn't enjoy the final act of Lovely Writer, which felt slow and boring despite all this drama unfolding. It felt like the plot stopped in the first half of the final episode, with not much happening other than a lot of sulking and moping. You'd think the scandal involving Nubsib is the catalyst that triggers a lot of excitement, but the storyline never feels capitalized to its full potential. The plot seems deflated, as if all the action and momentum got leaked out.

Many of the storylines feel hastily resolved. The relationship between Aoey and Tiffy deteriorated so quickly, just eradicating a narrative that they spent time crafting over the series. Meanwhile, the relationship with Tum and his sister never achieved that intended impact, since she only appeared in a handful of scenes. As for Aoey's character, his character got the ending that he deserved, but his scenes have felt miserable for so long that I'm just numb to whatever happens to him.

After so much unnecessary angst about their breakup, Gene and Nubsib just got back together in such an anticlimactic way. The rest of the episode was dedicated to filler scenes that felt like pandering fanservice with no substance. There are so many other storylines that could've used more development in the finale, but they chose to spend the time on fluff instead.

There was a subplot about Gene not knowing how to finish the last chapter of his BL story, and I felt like Lovely Writer suffered from the exact same problem. The whole episode was just aimless, like they didn't know how to wrap up the storylines. This ending made me feel like the series gave up after eleven episodes of building a consistent plot. I was very disappointed, and it affected my overall review of the series.

Special episode

The special episode of Lovely Writer ends with Gene and Nubsib in bed together.

A month after the series ended, Lovely Writer released a special episode (surprisingly lengthy at 1 hour and 45 minutes long) that takes place two years later. Although the main characters are still together as a couple, they have grown distant as Gene works on his next novel. To reignite the spark, Nubsib tries to coax his boyfriend into filming a commercial together, but Gene seems quite uncomfortable about appearing on-screen.

As someone who didn't like the final episode of Lovely Writer, I thought this special served as a much better ending. The storytelling isn't completely smooth, suffering from a bizarre plot that could be way better executed. Nonetheless, the special episode is packed with humour, sincerity, and charm, reminding me why I liked this series in the first place. The episode ends sweetly and happily, wrapping up the Lovely Writer franchise on a triumphant note.

Lovely Writer Series Explained

Story Analysis

Social commentary

Gene's editor Bua is hilarious nad references a lot about the BL genre.

One of the most interesting aspects in Lovely Writer is its self-referential nature. This is a BL drama about the making of a BL series, as well as a BL story that focuses on a BL storyteller. Inevitably, there will be a lot of tongue-in-cheek references about the genre it is representing, making this series feel very "meta".

The references are pretty comical, usually involving Gene's hilarious editor. It's a hoot every time Bua makes a saucy remark about his work, such as her incessant need to include more steamy sex scenes. Of course, many a truth is said in jest. You'll notice Gene voicing his concerns that these romantic exchanges don't add anything to the story, even though Bua insists that's what the audience wants to see. Is he right or is she right? That's something for you, as the viewer, to decide.

Occasionally, the references in Lovely Writer are very pointed, highlighting some questionable components of the BL genre. In the first episode, the director said that he couldn't sell having an openly gay actor who is too effeminate as the lead in his series. Aoey has just the "right level" of femininity to make him marketable. One of the other characters challenges this notion, but the director insists that's what the industry wants.

It was an eye-opening moment, reflecting on the limited spectrum of LGBT representation that we see in BL dramas. Lovely Writer has a couple of similar scenes that make you think deeper about BL as a genre.

Sound effects

The sound effects in Lovely Writer can be an overload.

Those sound effects in the early episodes of Lovely Writer are so excessive that they deserve to be called out. Yo, what is up with the audio components of this BL drama!?

There are way too many kooky sound effects added to every line of dialogue. You would hear a jarring sound effect to enhance another sound effect, that is already added on top of a soundtrack, which is then overlaid onto a piece of dialogue. Watching the first episode was like a complete sensory overload. 🔊

The music is supposed to create a more comfortable atmosphere when viewing the drama, but I find it counterintuitive in the case of Lovely Writer. These sound effects made the episode pacing feel more frantic than it actually is. The good news is that they toned down the effects significantly, relaxing into a gentler groove after the first few episodes. I was relieved to hear a rare moment of silence in a subsequent episode. Finally, my ears get a break! 😭

Gene and Nubsib

Gene and Nubsib is like a fairytale romance in Lovely Writer.

Gene and Nubsib's relationship is the main selling point of Lovely Writer. The series does a fabulous job conveying the romance. Part of the appeal is the fantasy element, like watching fanfiction come to life. In the real world, a hotshot actor like Nubsib wouldn't pay that much attention to someone as unassuming as Gene. But in this BL drama, we get to watch this fairytale love story, where the shy dorky writer is seduced by the perfect prince charming.

At times, the romance almost feels a little too good to be true. Nubsib showed an inexplicable attraction to Gene from their first scene together. His expression was so filled with desire, looking like he wanted to devour Gene whole. Nubsib continued to be very assertive every episode, flirting constantly with increasing intensity. Sure, Gene is cute and definitely has his appeal, but you wonder what's so alluring about him that makes Nubsib this captivated?

While Nubsib's motivations always sat at the back of my mind, I paid more attention to the great chemistry between the two characters. They work extremely well as a couple. Their scenes are cute, their kisses are hot, and their personalities are just super fun to watch. It's a classic case of how opposites attract, creating a vibrant dynamic that is exciting to watch.

Are Gene and Nubsib cousins?

Gene and Nubsib are not cousins, just childhood friends who are neighbours.

Episode 6 marks an important turning point in Lovely Writer, revealing that Gene and Nubsib shared a past connection. We thought Gene and Nubsib were strangers when they first met, but the two of them actually had a familiar history together.

However, that wasn't made clear during the episode, causing much confusion about the nature of their relationship. At first, I thought the shock twist was that Gene and Nubsib were cousins, especially since he called the woman who lived next door Auntie Orn. 😮 It didn't help that Gene reacted so dramatically to this discovery, making their relationship seem so much more scandalous.

No, Gene and Nubsib are not actually cousins. In the next episode, Lovely Writer made it clear these two are just childhood friends who used to be next-door neighbours. An extensive flashback showed that Gene and Nubsib used to be really close friends when they were young, so close that it made Gene's dad worry about the appropriateness. Even after all these years, Nubsib kept their childhood memories close to his heart, maintaining a huge crush on the guy next door.

Gene and Nubsib's history adds an interesting new dimension to their relationship dynamic. For starters, it explains why Nubsib is so attracted to Gene, stemming from years of a secret childhood crush. This is not just the random love story between an actor and a writer, but a tale of two childhood friends whose close bond spans over a decade.

Tum and Tiffy

Tum and Tiffy's relationship is interesting because they invert gender stereotypes.

Honestly, the Tum and Tiffy ship lost me from the moment her character revealed that she dated a girl. You can't just dangle this juicy piece of character detail in front of me and not expect me to jump on board. I don't want to see Tiffy end up with Tum when the prospect of her ~lezzing it up~ with another girl is so much more appealing. 👭 Sorry, but I'm watching BL dramas precisely because I don't want to see heterosexual couples succeed. (Okay, I'm kidding~)

Aside from the fact that we were robbed of a GL romance, I liked what they were trying to accomplish with the Tum and Tiffy relationship. Their characters inverted gender stereotypes by adopting more typically masculine or feminine interests that you wouldn't have associated with them. Tiffy does kickboxing and knows how to fix up a motorcycle, while Tum is good at sewing and comfortable with cosmetics. I thought this was a refreshing take against traditional cultural norms, which added a clever twist to their romance.

For the most part, this couple clicked for me. Tum had a precious personality and I adored his character from start to finish. As for Tiffy, I liked her a lot in the beginning back when she was very empathetic, but then she got kinda annoying near the end. Nonetheless, their relationship had plenty of enjoyable moments, and I found them to be a positive contribution to Lovely Writer overall.

Aoey and Mhok

Aoey and Mhok kissed, but they didn't end up together in Lovely Writer.

It was hard to get immersed into the Aoey and Mhok relationship because they barely had any visibility. Mhok was a seriously marginalized character and he didn't exist for most of the series. The only times he makes an appearance is when they have to shoehorn him into the plot so that Aoey has someone to interact with. Otherwise, Mhok is such a nonessential character that his role could be entirely scrapped with zero impact on the plot.

One of the problems is that we know nothing about Mhok. He is like a plot device with no personality, no background, and no sense of identity. It's not even clear what his relationship is with Aoey's family, but I'm assuming he's dating the sister. Aoey is already a difficult character to like, so it doesn't help that his love interest is practically invisible. None of their scenes together were effective. Their impromptu kiss in Episode 5 came out of nowhere, and the love confession in Episode 9 was embarrassing to watch.

To be fair, it didn't seem like Lovely Writer wanted us to care about Aoey and Mhok as a couple. I suspect their relationship is some kind of dark and sinister cautionary tale, although I'm not sure what the exact message is. They were trying to warn us about…something with this relationship. Anyway, I was fine that they didn't end up together as a couple, because I couldn't care less about them. *shrugs*

Character Analysis


Nubsib's character is full of mystery in the beginning of Lovely Writer.

How much you enjoy Lovely Writer in the beginning will depend on how much you buy into Nubsib's character. Do you think of him as charming every time he makes a suave move on Gene? Or do you find him manipulative, possessive, and verging on obsessive?

For the first half of the series, there's definitely intrigue surrounding the mysterious Nubsib. Everything we know about this character is only on a superficial surface level. He presents himself as a handsome actor who likes Gene for some reason, but what else do we know about his background or his motivations? It doesn't help that Nubsib comes across as the image of perfection, with his strapping good looks, self-assured confidence, and friendly disposition. When a character is seemingly so flawless, I can't help but question what lies beneath the illusion.

While I love Gene wholeheartedly without any reservations, I waver in my opinion of Nubsib sometimes and don't know whether I could trust him. Is he genuine? Or is it all an act? Why is he so smitten with Gene and what is his hidden agenda? Much like Gene himself, I maintained my guard around Nubsib, unwilling to let his character into my heart until I could be sure of his sincerity.

Nubsib's personality

Nubsib lied to Gene about not remembering him from the start.

In Episode 6, Nubsib's real identity was exposed, after Gene discovered that they used to know each other. Nubsib had put on a masterful act, pretending to be this prince charming who swept Gene off his feet in a whirlwind romance. In reality, he was a lovesick little boy, who used deceit and manipulation to trick his crush into liking him back.

Nubsib lied about who he was, and he also tricked Gene into their current living arrangement. I don't know how long Nubsib had planned on lying, but he did not commit the perfect crime. His lies were destined to be exposed at some point, since Gene would've found out about his background sooner or later. Either Nubsib didn't think about the consequences that carefully, or he underestimated how betrayed Gene would feel about his lies.

Nubsib's lies were an act of calculated recklessness, a term that you can also apply to his personality. He is somebody who uses a logical mindset (i.e. coming up with the deception) to act on his emotional desires (i.e. getting closer to Gene). I like to compare the concept of fire and ice to describe the dichotomy in his character. On the outside, Nubsib might seem very cool and calculating. But on the inside, he's quite passionate and fiery, especially for anything to do with Gene.

Why Nubsib lied

Nubsib likes to be in control over his relationship with Gene.

Nubsib kept his identity a secret because he didn't want his relationship with Gene to remain platonic. According to Nubsib, he thought Gene would've just treated him like a little brother based on their neighbourly bond. From his perspective, this was a necessary lie so that Gene would see him as a viable love interest, rather than just the kid he used to play childish games with. Look at me, I'm an adult now!

Was Nubsib right in his assumption? Personally, I don't think so. Of course, this existing knowledge would've affected their relationship dynamic, but not to the extent that a romance is made impossible. Gene has shown himself to be pretty open-minded. If anything, their shared history could've made him more comfortable and relaxed around Nubsib, instead of feeling flustered by this stranger's aggressive advances.

The more subtle issue is that Nubsib didn't want to relinquish the power over their relationship. As we know, his character likes to be in control and have things carried out exactly as he planned. By not disclosing his identity, this exclusive knowledge gives him the upper hand to shape his narrative around Gene. It lets Nubsib reinvent the image of himself, without being held back by past experiences or old memories.

What Nubsib wanted to avoid was the element of risk. He felt insecure that Gene would reject him based on the perceptions that he could not control. What if he doesn't like me for who I used to be? It is this uncertainty, not knowing how Gene would react to their complicated past, that prompted Nubsib to hide a significant portion of himself. He wants to control over how Gene perceives him, only showing the recent version, the best version, and the most perfect version of himself.

Nubsib's background

Nubsib was raised in a very well-adjusted family.

The second half of Lovely Writer answered a lot of questions I had about Nubsib, helping me to understand his character a lot better. Previously, he came across as too charming, too eager, and too perfect, like some kind of fairytale prince that I couldn't believe was real. However, his personality didn't change drastically through the series. What changed instead was my perception of him.

It was helpful to see Nubsib's interactions with his family, which offered some essential insights into his upbringing. Simply, Nubsib is the way he is because of his privilege. He is the youngest son of a wealthy, well-educated, and well-adjusted family. When you grow up in such idyllic circumstances, there's no surprise that Nubsib would turn out to be such a good egg. He acts like a fairytale prince because his life is an enchanted fairy tale.

His parents are not perfect, of course. The mom is on the conservative side, while the dad is too much of a shrewd businessman. However, it's evident that his parents love Nubsib, providing him with the best care, the best education, and the best resources to succeed in life. With this context, I finally understand that his charm and confidence are the products of a very blessed upbringing. There are some winners in life and Nubsib is one of them.

Nubsib's age

Nubsib behaves like a little brother around Gene.

In the story, Nubsib is meant to be 20 years old, while Gene is 25 and about to turn 26. (In real life, both actors are actually the same age in their mid-twenties, and Gene's actor is even a few months younger than his costar.) The age difference between the characters is quite noticeable during the flashback episode. The five-year age gap may not seem too prominent as adults, but it really stands out back when they were kids.

Seeing the age disparity gives us some context into Nubsib's perspective. As a child, he had always looked up to Gene with admiration, and this feeling carried over into his adulthood. It might explain why Nubsib acts so eagerly around Gene, almost pandering to him with childlike enthusiasm. Nubsib feels the need to impress Gene, compensating for his younger age so that he can be seen as an equal.

Interestingly, Nubsib is a younger sibling, with an older brother who used to exclude him from activities during their childhood. This might explain where some of his character's clinginess and possessiveness came from. Those of you with a sibling can probably identify the common traits of a younger brother in Nubsib, hehe~ 😁 Once I started to see Nubsib as a needy little brother, a lot of his earlier behaviour started to make sense to me. His character felt relatable for the first time, and I liked him more because of this.

Nubsib always gets consent from Gene before going too far in his sexual advances.

I want to finish my character analysis of Nubsib by highlighting his most admirable quality. This man is the KING OF CONSENT. As flirtatious as he is, Nubsib always asks for consent before going too far with any of his romantic advances. Every intimate moment starts with him seeking permission, and he respectfully backs off if Gene isn't in the mood. This type of behaviour didn't just happen once or twice. He consistently abided by consensual encounters every single time throughout the series.

When Gene was too drunk, Nubsib would never think to take advantage of him. If Gene had said no, Nubsib would politely respect his partner's boundaries. Even when Gene was the one to initiate the advances, Nubsib would make sure his boyfriend was comfortable enough and not forcing himself to do something he doesn't want. It was truly exemplary behaviour from the perfect gentleman.

The BL genre has a notorious track record with consent in sexual encounters, which makes Lovely Writer all the more remarkable for holding this principled stance. In a time when so many men are called out for their problematic antics, Nubsib is a refreshing reminder of what class and dignity looks like. Let's all try to do better and strive to be like Nubsib in our romantic endeavours.


Nubsib feeds Gene a Pocky stick and he eats it adorably.

Gene's character is the most interesting to me whenever he wrestles with his sexuality. He didn't start this series completely comfortable with being gay. Even though he's famous for writing a gay love story, Gene would play the "Most BL writers are women!" card like some kind of plausible deniability. I don't mean to be rude, but it's not like straight men are lining up in queues to make their mark in the Boys Love genre either.

In Episode 4, Gene's nosy university friends asked if he liked men, prompting a very defensive response from him. While he's right that they shouldn't pry about his sexuality, you can feel the anxiety from his tense reply. It's clear that Gene doesn't show a lot of pride in being gay.

I highlight this struggle in the beginning because it's important to his coming out journey later in the series. After getting together with Nubsib, Gene makes the bold decision to tell their families about the relationship. No one was pressuring him, he wasn't at risk of getting caught, and coming out wouldn't be an easy conversation. Nonetheless, he persisted. It's a remarkably different stance from the same Gene who hemmed and hawed before telling everyone to mind their own business.

What changed? Well, Nubsib must've been a big positive influence. Gene is obviously so comfortable and confident in his relationship that he's willing to make this big life decision. He changes his original mentality because of the strong feelings for his boyfriend. For the first half of the series, it always seemed like Nubsib loved Gene more than the other way around. However, this moment showed that Gene also loved Nubsib just as much in his quiet, dignified way.


Hin was an aspiring BL writer trying to make it into the industry.

I enjoyed the minor subplot with Hin's character and thought this was one of the more successful storylines in Lovely Writer. While Gene was already a famous writer, Hin showed us the struggles and hardships of a writing career. He's financially broke, disrespected in his line of work, and faced with lots of criticisms over his writing. His character reminds us that it isn't easy to make it into this industry as a newcomer, no matter how hard you might work.

The differences between Gene and Hin are quite interesting. Keep in mind that Gene is very privileged with a well-to-do family and an ace education, whereas Hin comes from humble origins. Their backgrounds might be a factor that explains why one writer is successful and the other is still struggling. Gene is like the fairytale version of a writer, showcasing the most aspirational aspects that come with perks, privileges, and even a hot boyfriend.

Hin has a great scene in Episode 11 during a phone call with his mom. His character just got into big trouble at work and his writing career seemed to be going nowhere, so it felt like he reached the limit of his capabilities. Thankfully, his mom was so supportive, offering him emotional support in a time of need. Unlike Gene, Hin resembles the reality of what it's like to work as a writer, and this experience can be very brutal.

I'm glad that Hin found some success in the end. Admittedly, it's a little cynical that he only got published based on his connections with Gene and Bua, rather than his actual talent. Nonetheless, that is a reflection of how the industry works. I'm just glad that Hin's friendship with Gene remained intact and they helped each other out in their writing careers. We LOVE this coalition of gay writers who champion one another for success! 😊


Aoey tries to seduce Gene at the bar.

I guess Aoey is prominent enough that his character deserves some analysis, even though I don't really wanna write about him… 😞 The short version is that he's a mess. I feel bad judging him too harshly because of his tragic circumstances. His ex-boyfriend sucks, his father sucks, and his sister kinda sucks too. Aoey has been treated so terribly in his life, and while this doesn't justify his awful actions, you can tell he's in a world of hurt.

With that said, his character is just so emotionally draining to watch. Much like Nubsib or Tiffy, I feel the urge to abandon him and cut off this toxic bag of drama from my life. There's a maddening desperation to him with his incessant need to be loved, yet he does things so unlovable that you understand why he's in this situation today. Stop seducing someone else's boyfriend, stop telling malicious lies that you spiked his drink, stop crying crocodile tears for sympathy, and stop playing these twisted mind games.

Frankly, Aoey should not be working in the acting industry, which is only going to aggravate his worst qualities. He needs a fresh start, an entirely new support system, and definitely some long-term counselling. Most of all, he needs to stop lashing out at the world in such a self-destructive way. Nobody can help you, Aoey, unless you start helping yourself.

Lovely Writer Episodes

Episode Guide

Lovely Writer has a total of 12 episodes. Each episode is around 55 to 75 minutes long. The last episode is around 80 minutes long. This is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 13 hours. Lovely Writer started airing on February 24, 2021 and ended its last episode on May 12, 2021.

Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 3


Episode 4


Episode 5


Episode 6


Episode 7


Episode 8


Episode 9


Episode 10


Episode 11


Episode 12




⭐ Best episode

Episode 10

Gene hugs his mom after coming out.

Lovely Writer reaches its emotional peak in Episode 9 and Episode 10, which are both outstanding. Episode 10 begins on the day after Gene and Nubsib came out to their parents. Fortunately, the tense feelings mellowed overnight and now the parents are starting to have a change of heart. What followed was a series of heartwarming scenes, as each parent goes through an emotional journey before offering support for their children's relationship.

There was a memorable scene with Gene and his dad, featuring a frank conversation between them. Gene's father acknowledges the hardships that his son will face in a gay relationship, even in this time and age. However, he voices his unconditional love and support for his son, which brings Gene to tears. It was such a lovely scene, aided by strong performances from both actors. Lovely Writer doesn't get any better than the beautiful emotions in this scene.

By the halfway point, Gene and Nubsib have resolved all the disagreements with their parents, leading to happier times. Even some of the smaller subplots, such as the friendship between the moms or the feud between Gene's dad and brother, were wrapped up in satisfying ways. The rest of the episode was dedicated to countless sweet interactions between Gene and Nubsib, free of any tension or conflicts. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the adorable couple on display. 🥰

💕 Most romantic episode

Episode 10

Gene and Nubsib frolic in the beach in Episode 10, but their rpmantic moment gets captured by a fan.

Honestly, you can choose any random episode in Lovely Writer and chances are there'll be plenty cute moments between the main couple. This series is full of romantic scenes between Gene and Nubsib from start to finish. If I must choose one episode, Episode 10 is very notable. The second half is brimming with an overload of sweetness, so much that it even makes Hin squeal and giggle. 😙

Some highlights include the kiss in front of Gene's house, the kiss on the balcony, the kiss when they're applying face masks, and the kiss in the bedroom. Yes, they kiss that many times in a single episode! And that's not counting all the other adorable interactions between them. They even make plugging face masks and sunscreen products cute as hell.

The episode ends with a memorable scene of Gene and Nubsib frolicking in the ocean together. Despite the consequences that followed afterwards, the scene itself is really sweet and demonstrates the couple at their happiest moment. #GeneIsNotTheDriver

😭 Tearjerker episode

Episode 11

Gene cries while hugging Nubsib's doll.

Episode 11 kicks off with a lot of drama after the footage of Nubsib and Gene at the beach got leaked. Aoey immediately capitalized on the moment, crying crocodile tears on camera as a sympathy ploy for himself. This blew up into a full-blown scandal online, with Gene getting smeared as a homewrecking harlot.

Gene and Nubsib face a lot of scrutiny from the production company, because this real relationship clashes with the fake relationship narrative being promoted in Bad Engineer. Tum's sister forces the two of them to stop communicating with each other until the scandal dies down. Even though Nubsib is willing to break off his contract to be open about his relationship, Gene succumbs to the pressure and agrees to break up. The episode ends with many agonizing tears from both Gene and Nubsib.

The most heartbreaking moment is the final scene in the episode, where Gene cries into his father's embrace. Gene sobs that he finally understands what his dad said earlier, regarding the struggles in his relationship with Nubsib. He is comforted by his father, who will support him nonetheless.

😡 Most triggering episode

Episode 9

Gene's father doesn't approve of the relationship between Gene and Nubsib, but not for the reason you may think.

Episode 9 features two triggering moments. The first incident is when Aoey tries to seduce Gene at the bar, failing spectacularly, and then he lashes out at Mhok in a heated exchange. Afterwards, Aoey sends a text message to Gene, admitting that he actually SPIKED his drink earlier. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH HIM!? 😨 Although we find out this was just a malicious lie, the damage has already been done. There's no redeeming Aoey's character after that moment.

Later in the episode, Gene and Nubsib decide to come out to their parents during a family dinner. The moment does not go well and all the parents are outraged by the revelation. What followed afterwards were a lot of heated words, tense arguments, and heartbreaking tears from everyone involved. All these scenes definitely stressed me out for sure.

💪🏻 Episodes with skin

Episode 1, 2, 3, 4, 9

Gene is amazed when he sees Nubsib shirtless for the first time in Lovely Writer Episode 2.

In Episode 1, one of the guest actors showcased his muscular body during an audition. In Episode 2, there's a scene where Nubsib walks out of the bedroom shirtless, displaying a very fit physique. Gene just starts GAWKING at him and cannot take his eyes away from the beautiful half-naked specimen. 👀 Afterwards, Gene gets embarrassed and pretends that he wants Nubsib to put some clothes on. Nubsib teases him playfully: "Do you like what you see? I think I have a great body. What do you think? 😘"

In Episode 3, Tum is shirtless during a changing room scene. In Episode 4, we see Gene shirtless in the opening scene. Fun fact: the actor has a tattoo on his body, located near his ribcage! Finally, both Gene and Nubsib get shirtless plenty of times in Episode 9, before and after they have sex.

👨🏻‍🤝‍👨🏻 Episodes as a couple

Episode 7-11, 12

Gene and Nubsib cuddle in bed together after having sex.

Since the beginning, Gene and Nubsib already behaved so much like a couple that it's hard to pinpoint when their relationship officially started. At the end of Episode 7, the two of them have cleared up their big misunderstanding, which marks a turning point in their relationship.

In Episode 8, Gene still pretends nothing is happening between them, but Nubsib's brother predicts it'll happen sooner or later. With a smirk, he says: "I know my brother. You'll never escape from him~ 😙" It must be noted that Nueng is one of the earliest and biggest cheerleaders of the Gene and Nubsib ship. We LOVE a supportive ally.

Gene and Nubsib stay together as a couple until they're forced to break up at the end of Episode 11. However, they get back together in Episode 12, just in time for a happy ending!

Lovely Writer Scenes

Best Scenes

Episode 2

Gene and Nubsib first kiss
Gene and Nubsib share their first kiss in Episode 2.

The first kiss between Gene and Nubsib happens in Episode 2, which is pretty early for a BL drama of this length. This kiss is the result of Gene helping Nubsib to practice running lines, and one of the scenes just so happens to require kissing between the characters. At first, Gene puts up a bit of mild resistance, but somehow Nubsib managed to sweet-talk his partner into kissing him.

Before the kiss, Nubsib hesitated and was like "Hmm, are you sure? I don't want to make you uncomfortable… 🤨" and Gene demanded him to proceed: "JUST KISS ME ALREADY! 😛" After their first kiss, Gene immediately gets a stroke of inspiration, writing out all his passionate feelings for Nubsib into his story.

There was something epic about how this first kiss unfolded. They smooch for a lengthy time, with Gene narrating his inner desires, combined with clips of them kissing and kissing more passionately. This scene is like watching a saucy piece of BL fanfiction get played out on-screen.

Episode 4

Drunk Gene
Nubsib showed incredible restraint even while Gene was drunk.

Gene gets really drunk after the reunion with his university friends, so Nubsib comes to his rescue and brings him home. We see an uninhibited side of Gene for the first time, which is very different from his reserved personality. In a drunken spiel, Gene starts to ramble on about his innermost thoughts, and a lot of it involves how physically attractive he thinks Nubsib is. He likes the long eyelashes, the high nose bridge, his full lips, straight teeth, and of course, who can overlook those muscles? 🤭

There's one endearing moment during this scene. Drunk Gene picks up the doll in Gene's car and plays with it, waving the dragon in the air as if it was flying. Now, keep this moment in your memory until you watch Episode 7. During the flashback, Gene does the exact same thing with the dragon doll back when he was a kid. It's a cute little piece of continuity in between the episodes.

The scene continues after they return home with the two of them ending up in the bedroom together. Drunk Gene wants to get frisky, but Nubsib shows an incredible amount of restraint by not engaging with him. Our king of consent would never want to take advantage of somebody when they aren't thinking consciously. At one point, Gene leans in for a kiss and Gene even swerves his head away to avoid him. Think of how many BL dramas where you WOULDN'T see this type of dignified behaviour from the lead character. Nubsib is a class act.

Episode 5

Aoey's birthday
Tiffy helps Aoey celebrate his birthday after he had a really awful family dinner.

Aoey's birthday dinner is a long and intense scene that gives us more insights into his character. Even though his sister tried to bring the family together, Aoey clashed massively with his father and exchanged some very nasty words. The dad was a controlling jackass, calling his son an embarrassment and basically disowning him on the spot. Aoey stormed off and his sister ran after him, but only made things worse when another ugly argument broke out between them.

It's safe to say this night has gone terribly for poor Aoey. Although he's estranged from his family (and never talks to them again for the rest of the series), at least his agent Tiffy is there to support him. There's a lovely moment when she brings out a cake to celebrate his birthday, while offering him a lot of encouragement. After such a terrible night, Aoey really needed this moment of empathy and I'm glad Tiffy was there for him. 😢

Episode 9

Gene and Nubsib sex
Gene and Nubsib have sex for the first time in Episode 9.

Gene and Nubsib had their first sex scene in Episode 9, which happened under pretty unusual circumstances. It was initiated because Gene thought Nubsib was under the influence of some pills that Aoey slipped in his drink, even though that wasn't the case. Nubsib figured out what his boyfriend was worried about and played along with it to see how far they'd go.

At first, Nubsib teases him with passionate kissing, which Gene tries to resist. After a while, Gene suddenly takes charge and becomes the one to initiate these sexual encounters. Since Nubsib is the king of consent, he tells Gene not to force himself to do anything he doesn't want. Gene bashfully admits that he likes what is happening, which gives Nubsib the ultimate green light to proceed with the ~sexy times~.

In the morning after, Nubsib takes the time to THANK Gene for letting him enter his body last night, which is actually pretty sweet once you get past the incredible awkwardness. 🤭 They were just about to share another kiss, but then Gene was like NO WAIT, LET'S BRUSH OUR TEETH FIRST before plugging the toothbrush sponsor lol.

Coming out
Gene and Nubsib agree to come out as gay to their families.

The coming out scene in Episode 9 was a powerful moment with strong emotions that reverberate even in its aftermath. Even though Gene said he was going to come out in a previous scene, I honestly didn't think he would go through with it at that particular moment. During the family dinner, the dads got irked after the moms joked about having gay sons, so the atmosphere didn't feel ~the best~ to have that kind of conversation. Nonetheless, Gene didn't care about the social cues and dropped the massive bombshell anyway. 💣

When he came out, my reaction was like "OHHHH SHIIIIT~ 😮" because I knew the parents weren't gonna respond well. Just a few moments ago, they said some pretty problematic things, so it took courage to sticks to your guns and still come out. This was such a nerve-wracking moment, but at least Nubsib was there next to him, give his hand a squeeze, and provide emotional support. When he spoke up for Gene and reaffirmed their love, it made me feel better knowing the two of them will get through this ordeal together.

The repercussions from coming out were intense on both sides of the family. Gene's dad had explosive arguments with both his sons, and the episode ended with the tension at an all-time high. Everyone was either in tears or in a dire state of distress. Of course, I was eating up every moment of this family drama, completely riveted by all the crying and yelling. I live for melodrama like this and couldn't wait to see how the events unfold next episode!

Episode 10

Gene's chat with his dad
Gene has a lovely chat with his dad and clears the air with him.

All the family scenes in Episode 10 were done well, but Gene's chat with his dad felt the most beautifully poignant. The father is an interesting character. I had him pegged as just another homophobic parent you often see in BL dramas. Instead, we find out that he has a SECRET GAY PAST!!!

Okay, I love this shocking and unexpected twist with his character. It's a very ~different flavour~ from the homophobic parent archetype. Interestingly, Gene's dad opposes his son's relationship because he himself knows about the struggles of being gay from first-hand experience. That's why he doesn't want Gene to go through the same prejudices and hardships as him.

During this scene, Gene and his dad have an emotional heart-to-heart with each other. Gene's father expresses his support and understanding, but warns him that his relationship with Nubsib won't be easy. The two of them will face difficulties, but his dad encourages Gene to stay strong, overcome any troubles, and love with all his heart. Ultimately, he's proud of Gene for staying loyal to his feelings and hopes his son experiences the romance that he himself couldn't have.

Lovely Writer OST

Lovely Writer Information

Dee Hup House

Dee Hup House is one of the Thai BL studios that made Lovely Writer (2021). It collaborated with Good Feeling Co, Ltd. to produce the series.

Dee Hup House is one of the Thai BL studios that made Lovely Writer (2021). It collaborated with Good Feeling Co, Ltd. to produce the series.

  1. You recommended me this one, but I watched it already. Buuuut, I'm gonna use this comment to talk about Lovely Writer cuz I really love this one.
    I think the thing that stand out the most in this series is Gene. Gene is by far the best character, he's so well done and cohesive, all his atitudes make sense and he is so so likable, really the best BL character I ever seen. And the actor Up, OH MY GOD, he's so so amazing, his acting is always on point, you can always see what he's feeling in his face and he does all his gestures that are so characteristics of Gene, like when Nubsib does something something and he goes "Sib!" while raising his fist, I love it so so much.
    Other thing that I like a lot in this BL is the fact that they struggle with their sexualitiy and also have to deal with homophobia, things that exist very much in the real world and some BLs just ignore it. The fact that Gene writes gay stories but is so afraid of saying he is gay is so real, I really love it.
    I have my problems with Nubsib cuz for me he always looks fake. For a longe time in the story I was waiting for he to show his real face, but that never happened. I just got used to that beautiful face and started to like the character more, at the end I was loving he a lot.
    The romance is definitely the stronger point in this drama, it lacks some story, but that's okay cuz they kiss a lot and have great chemistry.
    It really is fun to watch, not as much as Ossan's Love but it's still really fun and I enjoyed every second watching it. Well… except for that last part with the actual writer of the series, that was kinda weird, and that part with then acting some random story endings is cringy, but (again) they kiss a lot and have great chemistry.
    One thing that I would love to see was the public response to then going public with their relationship, that would be fun to watch.

    And I'm already using your list to watch new dramas, I'll definitely leave a comment every time I finish one of them. Thank you a lot for all the recommendations, I really trust your opinion.

    1. I LOVE Gene so much. 🥰 As you said, his characterization is so cohesive. We get to see not only his best qualities, but also his insecurities and flaws as well. His personality is fully fleshed out, and Gene comes across as lovable whether he's being shy, sweet, or just a little grumpy. And yes, all his mannerisms around Gene are adorable~ Up does such a wonderful job with this role, like it was tailor-made for him!

      I always appreciate it whenever a BL drama includes LGBT storylines beyond just the romance, whether it's coming out, addressing homophobia, highlighting stereotypes, or promoting awareness and equality. 🏳‍🌈 Lovely Writer definitely makes an effort to highlight LGBT experiences, more so than the average Thai BL series. Gene's internal struggle between writing gay stories vs. hiding his sexuality is a complex journey, adding another layer to his in-depth characterization.

      Nubsib is another complex character. Very guarded, very calculating, and very eager to portray himself as the perfect prince charming, which does make him seem fake at times. Over the course of the series, I got used to accepting these qualities are just part of Nubsib's personality. I warmed to him a lot by the end as well.

      Lovely Writer was super delightful to watch, and the romance between Gene/Nubsib is especially strong. During the special, they aired a montage of all their affectionate kisses, and it made me appreciate how intimate this couple is. If only the story was a bit sharper, I would've considered it as one of my favourite BL series. And yeah, I thought they'd spend the last episode dealing with the public fallout of their relationship drama. There were so many potentially interesting storylines that Lovely Writer could've explored, instead of skimming over everything in the finale.

      Thank you for putting so much trust in my recommendations! It means a lot, knowing there's somebody reading my reviews. I will continue doing my best and watch more BLs to recommend! 😊

  2. This has to be one of the nicest BL yet, even with the odd bit of clunkiness! Especially ep 12 and Aoey who should’ve been a far more evolve character not the Dick Dastardly / Mutley hybrid thing they created off the back off of being a ( non ) jilted luv interest …. Er?!?!
    You’re 100% on Gene, tho I feel a little harsh on Sib (but that’s a personal thing ) especially as the character fleshes out but then Genes development makes him soo much more loveable too.

    As for covering the LGBTQ+ issues, though it was good to see those even though some could’ve been a little more in depth and the “special” episode touching on the lack of Thai same-sex marriage rights seemed like an after thought…

    Episode 11 so powerfully horrid 😢 – Episode 12 felt rushed but was also had incredible moments, ( well up until the last 30 minutes at least,) at the same time.

    But for me the most endearing part, was the concept of the union of two souls in time, that they never understood until much, much later, which is admitted by both (,Gene so much later and so much more purely), and the reveal and watching of Gene in Ep12 is magical story telling.

    P.S ❤️ Your reviews and site (even if I don’t always agree fully!!) it’s great to have a reference from far far away from BL homeland here in 🇬🇧

  3. I liked it up to the last episode. The ending confused me and still does. What was the point of the writer appearing at the end? Can you explain it to me?

  4. So late to this chat, since Lovely Writer dropped long before I was following BLs. But it got a good rating on BLW which made me give it a chance.

    I’ve seen Up (Gene) in the episodes of Step by Step that have aired so far, and needless to say I’ve seen Kao (Sib) in Until we Meet Again. Both actors are so much more compelling to me here than in those other roles. Gene’s emotional range in this show is stunning. Because he is cunning, Sib is more opaque, but one of the things I love about him is his emotional intelligence (as an adult, of course as a child he was still learning). He consistently assesses a situation and pivots to meet the moment, by which I mean, pivots to engage Gene who is notoriously evasive. From making him an impromptu scene partner during the audition to everything that unfolded thereafter, it was all about establishing and strengthening a connection with Gene. With one or two hiccups (the not explaining oneself’s explanation, “let me explain …” and then NOTHING) Kao listens actively, asks the on point questions, and takes effective action. I loved his Plan A/Plan B, having already purchased the condo next to Gene a year before. LOL. What commitment and endless resources can do. BTW, was he driving a Maserati?

    What else? I was simultaneously immersed in the opulence of all the real estate (at one point Gene says to Sib, “you have so many apartments” – to which I would counter, pot calling kettle black) and resentful of it at the same time. I mean, that’s a lot. With so much wealth and no apparent pressure from the parents to sacrifice everything for the companies chaebol style, why all the drama? My biggest complaint is Gene caving to pressure and breaking up in episode 11. I mean first of all, Gene didn’t even want to write BLs and Sib only went after that role to be next to Gene. They’d gone to all the trouble to come out to their families, so why cave here, to a company neither of them cared that much about? Money was clearly not a problem. Gene could have gone back to writing fantasy fiction and Sib – well, he was in school for an international business degree, wasn’t that enough? They could have lived well for years just selling one of their condos or that car.

    A few other notes. The subtitles in the version I saw, while appreciated, were flawed. At one point Sib’s mom comments to adult Gene that he must know Sib because they are the same age, when their 5 year age gap is a major plot point. Elsewhere, too, key words were dropped so that the subtitle actually said the opposite of the intention of the scene. Thank god for BLW which gave me coherent summaries when the narrative in translation became murky. I’ll end with two things. Nothing is cuter than drunk Gene confessing everything and Sib not taking advantage. Also, Gene’s torso tatt! What is it?

  5. I really liked the strengths of this series- I have watched it twice all the way through- mainly for the skewering of the BL industry and Up's performance. Secondary is the inverted masculine/fem trope of Tum/Tiffy couple.
    I felt Bruce gave a good performance as Aoey- the character simply made no sense. I kept going- wait if that was your goal— absolutely nothing you are doing makes sense.

    Some spoilers ahead:
    I enjoyed the ending with alternative ending scenarios as it played into the criticism of toxicity of fan shipping behavior. So they broke the fourth wall with audience to say: "This is just a story- stop obsessing". Also went meta with the actual writer of the BL story observing the couple of Nubsib/Gene and getting the call that her novel was greenlit to be a movie. (I did read a few chapters of the novel and it did not appear to have any of the interesting aspects such as craziness of BL industry/shipping.)

    The sound effects of the first several episodes made them nearly unwatchable- I'm surprised the series became as popular as it did. The steamy moments and Kao's visuals helped out there no doubt. There is also the painful editing of Nubsib stating an urgent need to talk to Gene and then a millenium of standing there silent—– even the strongest actor would struggle to make that work.

    Great in depth review by BL Watcher!

    Messy – big highs and big lows. I agree with your overall rating- for me it is a B+- with revised and tightened storyline- this could have been in my all time top 5.

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