Choco Milk Shake – Series Review & Ending Explained

Choco Milk Shake is a Korean fantasy BL series about a pet owner whose dog and cat become humans.

Choco Milk Shake is a Korean fantasy BL series about a pet owner whose animals transform into humanoid companions. The main character owns a dog and a cat. One day, they suddenly appear as humans. Despite his shock and confusion, the protagonist adjusts to a cozy lifestyle with his new roommates. They bond, create memories, and develop feelings that go beyond friendship.

The adorable characters and their endearing personalities are the selling points of Choco Milk Shake. Their playful interactions offer plenty of coziness, cuteness, and charm. Although the storylines and romances aren't developed with significant depth, this gentle BL series exudes a warm, comfortable vibe. Each episode delivers casual slice-of-life drama with a subtle tinge of sadness.

Choco Milk Shake Summary


사랑은 댕냥댕냥

Series Info:

South Korea (2022)


3 hours

Total Episodes:

11 episodes




Choco Milk Shake is a cute & sweet BL drama.


Jung Woo, Choco and Milk share a bed together.

Jungwoo is a single man who lives alone. He works at his uncle's cafe as a waiter. One day, Jungwoo arrives home to discover two unfamiliar men at his doorstep. They introduce themselves as the humanoid forms of his pets, Choco and Milk. Choco, his dog, is now a hyperactive young man bursting with puppylike enthusiasm. Meanwhile, Milk has become a moody, skittish guy with feline qualities.

Initially, Jungwoo doesn't believe his animals have transformed themselves. Choco and Milk prove their identities by sharing memories only Jungwoo remembers as a pet owner. He realizes these humans are indeed his animals. Although surprised, Jungwoo gets used to the idea and accommodates his companions. The three begin living together as roommates.

Despite their human forms, Choco and Milk still display some animalistic characteristics. Choco loves taking walks and follows Jungwoo everywhere. Likewise, Milk plays with yarn and gets distracted by shiny items. Jungwoo is occasionally exasperated with their behaviour. Nonetheless, he appreciates their presence, adding liveliness and delight to his everyday routine.

Each episode follows a slice-of-life story with Jungwoo, Choco, and Milk. Jungwoo's animal companions get involved in various hijinks and misadventures, often revolving around his work life or love life. Choco and Milk also meet Uncle, the owner of the cafe. Although Uncle doesn't know their real identities, he becomes fond of his new guests. Choco and Milk even become employees of the business.

Choco Milk Shake Cast



Ko Ho Jung (고호정)

Jung Woo is portrayed by the Korean actor Go Ho Jung (고호정).

Jungwoo is a waiter who works at his uncle's cafe. He is single and lives alone in his apartment. One day, he is greeted by two unfamiliar men who introduce themselves as Choco and Milk. Jungwoo is surprised that his pets have transformed themselves into humanoid forms.

Ko Ho Jung

Go Ho Jung (고호정) is a Korean actor. He is born on October 20, 1994.

Ko Ho Jung (고호정) is a Korean actor. He is born on October 20, 1994. His first BL project is the 2022 series, Choco Milk Shake.


Lee Jae Bin (이재빈)

Choco is portrayed by the Korean actor Lee Jae Bin (이재빈).

Choco is the human form of Jungwoo's dog. He has an excitable personality with lots of vibrant energy. Choco is loyal to Jungwoo and likes to follow him around everywhere. Although he often banters with Milk, they get along well.

Lee Jae Bin

Lee Jae Bin (이재빈) is a Korean actor. He is born on May 12, 1997.

Lee Jae Bin (이재빈) is a Korean actor. He is born on May 12, 1997. His first BL project is the 2022 series, Choco Milk Shake.


Kim Seong Hyuk (김성혁)

Milk is portrayed by the Korean actor Kim Seong Hyuk (김성혁).

Milk is the humanoid form of Jungwoo's cat. Milk is resourceful, independent, and adapts to the human world quickly. Despite his occasional moodiness, he is kind to Jungwoo and Choco. Milk develops a capricious relationship with Uncle.

Kim Seong Hyuk

Kim Seong Hyuk (김성혁) is a Korean actor.

Kim Seong Hyuk (김성혁) is a Korean actor. His first BL project is the 2022 series, Choco Milk Shake. He is also the lead of the 2024 drama, Happy Ending.


Park Seung Bin (박승빈)

Uncle is portrayed by the Korean actor Park Seung Bin (박승빈).

Uncle runs the cafe that employs Jungwoo. He is also Jungwoo's uncle. Uncle enjoys the comfortable life of managing the business, even though it rarely has customers. He is fond of Milk and Choco but remains unaware of their animal identities.

Park Seung Bin

Park Seung Bin (박승빈) is a Korean actor.

Park Seung Bin (박승빈) is a Korean actor. His first BL project is the 2022 series, Choco Milk Shake.

Supporting Cast

Jun Woo's ex-boyfriend is portrayed by the Korean actor Yeon Seung Ho (연승호).

Jungwoo's ex

Yeon Seung Ho (연승호)

Jung Woo's date is portrayed by the Korean actor Lee Yeon Bin (이연빈).

Jungwoo's date

Lee Yeon Bin (이연빈)

Uncle's friend is portrayed by the Korean actor Shin Joon Hyung (신준형).

Uncle's friend

Shin Joon Hyung (신준형)

Jungwoo's mom is portrayed by the Korean actress Son Go Eun (손고은).

Jungwoo's mom

Son Go Eun (손고은)

Choco used to be a dog before becoming human.



Milk used to be a cat before becoming human.



Cast Highlights

  • The actor who portrays Jungwoo's ex-boyfriend (Yeon Seung Ho) is the lead of the 2017 Korean BL series Long Time No See.

Choco Milk Shake Review


Drama Review Score: 8.0

Jung Woo and Choco come close to kissing.

At first glance, Choco Milk Shake is a cheerful story about a pet owner and his humanoid animal companions. Each amusing episode highlights the adorable characters, quirky scenarios, and lighthearted exchanges. This gentle series exudes cozy warmth, like a comfort blanket or a cup of hot cocoa. You can sit back, relax, and smile at the cute, casual slice-of-life drama. Choco Milk Shake is a delightful treat for fans who want a delicate and enchanting BL romance.

Beneath its bubbliness, you may notice faint traces of melancholy building in the narrative. Although barely detectable at first, the simmering emotions grow more prominent toward the end. The beauty of Choco Milk Shake lies in its subtle transition from sweetness to sadness. The storyteller makes you fond of the characters and couples before tugging at your heartstrings. This series reminds me of Antique Bakery, a famous old manga. There are similar parallels, from the café setting to the quartet of handsome men. Most of all, both stories skillfully convey a soft, bittersweet tone. 

While Choco Milk Shake has a creative premise, the plot never develops deeply enough. There's too much ambiguity around the characters and their circumstances. For example, the narrative doesn't explain Choco & Milk's origins. I must watch a supplementary video to learn how they become humans. This series is vague with everything. It likes to hide Jungwoo's past behind a hazy veil, offering only tidbits of info. I want clarification about his life, from his family trauma to his romantic history. Choco Milk Shake should flesh out the details to create a more compelling story.

This series is carried by an endearing cast. The titular leads, Choco and Milk, have vibrant personalities. It's funny when they display canine or feline qualities in a human's body. Likewise, Jungwoo is a sensitive and soft-spoken protagonist with a kind heart. Along with Uncle, the four main characters create an entertaining relationship dynamic. Their easygoing chemistry propels many precious moments and playful interactions. However, I must admit both romances don't resonate with me strongly. I experience mild feelings of sentimentality instead of powerful passion.

The memorable characters come to life thanks to the charismatic performers. Out of the four, Jungwoo (Ko Ho Jung) is my new BL crush. I love the ~hot grad student~ aesthetic he has going on, complete with the glasses and the genuine smile. Whenever Jungwoo glances at Choco shyly, I swoon. His costars are also attractive, each exhibiting boundless charm and bright enthusiasm. Everyone brings a distinctive individuality to their roles. So, I look at Lee Jae Bin's wide grin and think of him as Choco. Or, I see Kim Seong Hyuk's sharp gaze and visualize Milk vividly.

Choco Milk Shake has a bittersweet ending that makes you cherish all the valuable memories with your loved ones. I respond well to its meaningful messages, melancholic mood, and show-stopping kisses. The finale also includes aesthetically pleasing visuals, although this exquisite artistry is prevalent in every episode. With warm hues and an elegant soft focus, the series conveys a dreamy atmosphere. Overall, Choco Milk Shake is a charming BL drama. The tender love story feels as delightful as a chocolate milkshake, a sweet experience that leaves you a little happier.


Cozy story

Choco Milk Shake offers cute, casual slice-of-life drama with four endearing characters and their quirky interactions. Beneath the cheerful exterior, the narrative carries a subtle tinge of melancholy.

Sweet romance

Although falling in love with your pet may seem odd, both romances are cute and pleasant. I don't feel passionate about the couples, but they evoke faint feelings of sentimentality.

Charming acting

All the actors portray their roles with warmth and charm. Everyone brings a unique individuality that makes their personalities more vibrant. Jungwoo's lead (Ko Ho Jung) is my new crush!

Emotional ending

Choco Milk Shake has a bittersweet ending, which can be happy or sad, depending on your perspective. The conclusion promotes the philosophy of cherishing your memories with loved ones.

Dreamy artistry

The series uses warm hues, soft focus, and beautiful visuals to convey a dreamy atmosphere. In addition, the feel-good story exudes delightful vibes, like the BL equivalent of a chocolate milkshake.


Choco Milk Shake is a gentle BL series with lovable characters and charming slice-of-life drama. While the story doesn't develop significantly, it conveys tender emotions and poignant messages.

Choco Milk Shake Series Explained



Antique Bakery
Jung Woo and his friends work at the cafe.

Choco Milk Shake is the modern take on Antique Bakery, a story I hold in high regard. The original Antique Bakery was penned by Japanese manga artist Fumi Yoshinaga. Although not classified as BL, it features an openly gay character and a bromance with his straight best friend. Over the years, there have been various remakes of Antique Bakery. The anime series is decent, but the Korean movie and Thai drama are dismal efforts. These adaptations don't convey the vibe of the source material.

Superficially, there are similarities between Choco Milk Shake and Antique Bakery. Both stories feature a cafe setting, lighthearted slice-of-life drama, and four handsome men in dapper uniforms. Most importantly, Choco Milk Shake captures the same melancholic tone as Antique Bakery. The first few episodes, it introduces memorable characters and their quirky personalities through casual subplots. Afterwards, it slowly inserts a gentle touch of sorrow into the narrative. The series mixes sweetness and sadness to create a tale of sophisticated emotions.

Despite the parallels, Choco Milk Shake isn't a direct copy of Antique Bakery. This Korean series puts its own spin on the classic tale, adding unique details like the humanoid animals. It has a distinctive identity and carries a different flavour. IMO, Antique Bakery has the better story with heavier melodrama and emotional resonance. However, Choco Milk Shake is the better romance with explicit relationship content instead of just subtext. Regardless, I'm fond of both series and their exquisite grasp on emotions. Antique Bakery walked so that Choco Milk Shake could run.

Choco hugs a crying Jung Woo.

Before Choco and Milk's arrival, Jungwoo was terribly lonely. You may have noticed that he doesn't have any close friends or family besides Uncle. He lived alone without an active social circle. Jungwoo also went on unsuccessful dates, never maintaining a long-term relationship. He couldn't even make a romance work with the nice ex-boyfriend in Episode 8. Jungwoo intentionally isolated himself and kept an emotional distance from others.

In Episode 1, Jungwoo's first conversation with Uncle has a gloomy tone. It's a Friday night, but a single guy like Jungwoo has no plans except to retreat in his apartment alone. Uncle invites him for drinks, but Jungwoo makes an excuse and turns him down. This chat seems trivial initially, like small talk. Upon closer inspection, it hints at Jungwoo's detachment. He's closed off to other people and refuses to socialize. Later, Jungwoo walks home in the middle of the night. The series deliberately includes these bleak shots of Jungwoo's lonely journey to emphasize his solitude.

In Episode 4, Jungwoo cries after eating the food that Choco prepares. The meal is supposed to be a thoughtful gesture, yet it makes Jungwoo reminisce about the past. It draws attention to the missing loved ones in his life. Finally, Jungwoo drops the facade and reveals the sorrow he has repressed for so long. The truth is that Jungwoo doesn't feel fine with his crippling loneliness. After his family and companions died, he lives in a sombre daze. Jungwoo has been hiding his melancholy behind casual pleasantries. Deep down, he feels so alone.


Despite his trauma, Jungwoo doesn't break down in hysterical tears every minute. He handles his grief quietly and discreetly. When we meet him, Jungwoo appears to be in a fine mood. A viewer wouldn't notice he puts on a brave face. In Episode 5's flashback, we see him in a dark apartment, wallowing in misery. The story jumps to the present, as Jungwoo tells his date, "Oh, it's nothing." This moment illustrates his coping mechanism. He internalizes his anguish and hides it from others.

"We're here to make you happy," Choco tells a sleeping Jungwoo at the end of Episode 2. Choco and Milk, who have observed their owner's loneliness, return to life to provide him with companionship. It wasn't included in the main narrative, but these animals endured many trials to arrive at the living world. No matter how much hardship they faced, Choco and Milk were determined to revive so Jungwoo could feel loved again. Jungwoo's solitude seemed so unbearable that they would do anything to alleviate his sadness.

Choco and Milk's arrival brings joy and levity to Jungwoo's life. He smiles a lot more while observing his pets' silly interactions. "It has been a long time since I've seen you this comfortable," Uncle tells him in Episode 3. Likewise, his ex-boyfriend echoes a similar sentiment in Episode 8: "I was surprised because you looked so happy." Typically, someone's good mood shouldn't come as a revelation. Yet, Uncle and the ex's remarks indicate that Jungwoo has seemed perpetually depressed. Choco and Milk are pivotal in helping Jungwoo experience happiness again.


Jungwoo and Choco
Jungwoo and Choco share their first official kiss.

I don't feel passionate about the Jungwoo and Choco romance. Their scenes together are cute, making me go, "Aww, that's nice~" However, the couple doesn't inspire strong feelings in me. It has to do with the fact that their bond stems from the pet owner and animal relationship. Even though I know Choco Milk Shake is a ~fantasy series~, I can't overcome this mental barrier. Choco is infatuated with Jungwoo because of the love and affection he received as a dog. That doesn't seem romantic to me.

With that said, I enjoy their interactions! My favourite moment is when Choco pats Jungwoo on the head, hehe. Choco's character is adorable, exhibiting puppylike qualities in an adult human body. His exchanges with Jungwoo are always quirky and hilarious. Also, I like the warmth these two characters display toward each other. Choco comforts Jungwoo, showing him much affection and fondness. I appreciate their close bond, but I don't know if I can interpret it as a persuasive romantic connection.

Milk and Uncle
Milk and Uncle share an intimate kiss.

I really like Milk, who is full of personality. He's such a fun character. Initially, I adored him because of his brooding demeanour and independent streak, just like a cat. Later, I loved him because of his nervous and agitated behaviour around Uncle. The actor portrays him vividly too. He gives sharp glances and little pouts, conveying an air of cute belligerence.

However, Uncle's character seems underdeveloped. He receives the least amount of focus among the four leads. I don't have a good understanding of his personality, his backstory, or his thoughts. His limited development prevents me from embracing this couple. The characters have a few amusing exchanges, which provoke cute reactions from Milk. Yet, I don't have strong feelings for their romance.


Ko Ho Jung
Jung Woo reflects on Choco's kiss.

May I give a bold suggestion to STRONGBERRY? Make Jungwoo's actor (Ko Ho Jung) the face of your studio lol. I want to keep seeing him star in various BL dramas playing a similar character archetype. Jungwoo is like fanfiction fuel with the glasses, bashful smile, sad backstory, sensitive personality, and faint air of torment. I have waited so long for a BL series to create a protagonist like Jungwoo, perfectly suited to my taste and aesthetic.

Besides Choco Milk Shake 2, there are many possibilities with his ~shy intellectual~ persona in other fictional settings. I'm picturing a quiet grad student in a long tweed coat, holding a cappuccino in one hand and his sociology thesis in the other. Also, I'm envisioning a small bookshop owner struggling to sustain his business against a corporate franchise. Or maybe he's a biochem major secretly in love with his lab partner. Other ideas include a private tutor, a botanist, and a butler. Oh my god, I have projected all my BL fantasies onto him!


Milk prepares to leave the living world.

In Episode 10, Choco and Milk must depart the living world. I really love the atmosphere of this episode. After Milk gives his farewell, he wanders around outside. We see him walk through long roads, grassy fields, train crossings, bridges & tunnels. All these locations signify a long journey. I love the symbolism infused with the beautiful visuals. Plus, we get to see different places for once! The series tends to film in the same few areas, so it's refreshing to see a change of scenery.

I also enjoy the cinematography of all the kissing scenes in Choco Milk Shake. We get close-ups, multiple angles, lingering shots, clear visibility, and stylish flair. The series highlights every kiss between the characters, turning these moments into epic celebrations of love. Overall, this entire drama feels aesthetically pleasant. I resonate with the dreamy, ethereal vibe that suits the tone of the fantasy story.

Choco Milk Shake Ending Explained


Sad ending

Choco Milk Shake has a sad ending where Choco cannot stay with Jungwoo forever.

Choco Milk Shake gives the impression of a happy ending as Jungwoo and Choco reunite in the last episode. Initially, it was time for the animals to depart from the living world. They only have temporary visas and must return to heaven before a certain point. Milk must leave alone since Choco refuses to separate from Jungwoo. However, Milk hints there are severe consequences to staying here forever. After all, Choco is dead and meant to be in the afterlife.

Jungwoo gently tells Choco that it's okay to leave. Choco cries and refuses, but Jungwoo urges him to change his mind. He will feel at peace knowing his beloved companion is watching him over heaven. "Thank you for coming into my life," Jungwoo tells him during the farewell. After Choco leaves, Jungwoo returns to an empty apartment and begins crying. He spends the next two years alone, still mourning the losses of Choco and Milk.

However, there is a reunion in the final moments! Two years later, Choco and Milk return to the living world again. Jungwoo is overjoyed and kisses Choco in broad daylight. Likewise, Milk and Uncle kiss outside the shop. Choco reveals that he can only stay approximately 100 days this time. It isn't a permanent visit. Regardless, Jungwoo and Choco enjoy their remaining time together. The series ends with Jungwoo's monologue: "Choco and Milk came back to me again. This time, not for making me happy. They came back because of their own happiness."

Ending explained

Jung Woo hugs Choco who has returned to the living world.

Despite the romantic reunion, Choco Milk Shake has a bittersweet ending. Choco & Milk's return only lasts a hundred days before they must depart again. This revival is temporary, not permanent. It took two years to make another comeback, indicating the difficulty of travelling between the afterlife and the living world. Will there be a third return for Choco and Milk? How many long years must Jungwoo wait before he sees Choco after this short visit? 

Let's use a metaphor to describe this ending. Choco and Milk's revival is like a glass of chocolate milkshake. This sweet beverage brings you joy and delight, much like how Choco's return makes Jungwoo's lonely life happier. Yet, the milkshake is a finite pleasure. It doesn't last permanently. You experience a sweet sensation when drinking, but it's short-lived and fades away quickly. Once you finish the last drop, the chocolate milkshake will be gone. When looking at the empty glass, you feel a faint sadness that you can't enjoy it any longer.

This series is called Choco Milk Shake to represent the feeling of bittersweetness. A chocolate milkshake is supposed to taste sweet, yet the final sip comes with a lingering bitterness. This ending conveys the same conflicting emotions. Jungwoo is overjoyed to reunite with Choco, but the pleasure won't last forever. Choco's departure will make him sad again. Even so, Jungwoo doesn't worry about the loneliness that lies ahead. He's only focused on enjoying the happy times with Choco. Let him savour this short yet delightful experience, however long it may last.

Choco Milk Shake Episodes

Episode Guide

Jung Woo and Choco take a walk together.

Choco Milk Shake has a total of 11 episodes. Each episode is around 10 to 15 minutes long. The last episode is around 20 minutes long. It is a medium-length BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 3 hours. Choco Milk Shake started on October 25, 2022 and ended on December 20, 2022.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11

Episode Reviews

Episode 1

I thought it was a cute and funny premiere! I'm not sure about a love story with your pets, but the idea is quirky and creative. Oh damn, I already have a crush on Jungwoo. Meow~ 😻

Episode 2

The interactions between the characters are adorable. Also, I like Choco and Milk's quirky personalities. I wish each episode had a deeper storyline instead of just scattered conversations.

Episode 3

Oh wow, Choco and Milk are dead? This revelation is heavy. The series started fun and casual. And then, bam! Dead animal twist! The drama is becoming more substantial than lighthearted fluff.

Episode 4

OMG, I thought Choco Milk Shake would be a happy BL drama. I didn't expect the episode to end with Jungwoo crying. 😿 Mixing cute slice-of-life drama with poignant emotions is pretty brilliant.

Episode 5

That flashback of Jungwoo is so dark and gloomy. I thought he seemed sad, but I didn't expect him to be in such a bad psychological state. And now he knows Choco & Milk are going to leave him, oh no!

Episode 6

This episode just feels like several long conversations between the characters. I wish the storylines are more eventful, even for a slice-of-life series. The cartoon is a cute touch, though.

Episode 7

These past two episodes have been too heavy on random chit-chat. Also, I'm not feeling the budding romance between Choco and Jungwoo. I see a pet owner and his animal, not a couple.

Episode 8

Milk is so cute, haha~ I love seeing a different side to his personality. Also, I like meeting someone from Jungwoo's past. His backstory is vague for the main character, so I want to learn more about him.

Episode 9

I just had a lightbulb moment! 💡 Seeing all the characters in their café uniforms made me draw the parallels between Choco Milk Shake and Antique Bakery. I notice the similarities so clearly now.

Episode 10

I love the atmosphere of this farewell episode. I actually think Milk's sendoff is more impactful than Choco's. Ooh, look at that kiss~ Go Milk! Get some action before you leave for pet heaven. 😽

Episode 11

I respond well to the bittersweetness of the finale. I want to feel happy about Choco's return, but it comes with an underlying sadness. These conflicting emotions create a poignant ending.

Choco Milk Shake Information


Strongberry is a Korean BL studio that made Long Time No See (2017), Secret Roommate (2020), Sweet Curse (2021), among many LGBT series and short films.

STRONGBERRY is a Korean BL studio that made Long Time No See (2017), Some More (2018), As If You Whisper (2019), Secret Roommate (2020), Sweet Curse (2021), Choco Milk Shake (2022), among many LGBT series and short films. The studio is also known as MATCHBOX.


Ahn Ji Hee (안지희) is a Korean director. Her first BL project is the 2022 series, Choco Milk Shake.

  1. Thank you for reviewing Choco Milk Shake, a late-breaking addition to my 2022 favorites list alongside much heavier hitters. I agree with everything you said. This series was charming as all get-out; I anxiously clicked every Tuesday and Thursday for new episodes, and was bereft when it ended. It's true that character development was limited due to the absurd brevity of the episodes and Uncle especially could have had more backstory (starting with a name) but I loved it so much.

    Jungwoo is beyond sympathetic and the Milk and Choco actors are fantastic. It's hilarious that a tiny Maltese reincarnated as that stud muffin actor and Milk, he is so incredibly imperious and hilarious. I'll just close with this: in the final episode they did everything to tease a season 2 and my response is Yes Please.


  2. Very cute cuddly series- overcomes the uncomfortable premise of falling for your former pet. Strongberry is great at casting and usually gets strong performances from the actors.
    I liked your description of ep 11- as I felt ep 10 has a resolution and 11 was tacked on for a "sorta kinda" happy ending to draw in those who won't watch any series that doesn't end in butterflies and prancing ponies.
    Not much plot, but small moments of Choco and Milk are a delight!

  3. My honest review about this BL series: Firstly, the mood of the story at the beginning is delightful with a touch of sadness. I appreciate some of the camera angles used in certain moments. Choco and the lead's chemistry is good, but I didn't really feel a connection between the uncle and Milk. I did try to stick with it until the end, but it didn't resonate with me. This is just my opinion, but I believe it would have been better if it's cousin of Jungwoo rather than uncle role, and had a livelier personality, as a playful character would complement well with Milk's personality. I genuinely didn't sense any strong chemistry between the two, and I apologize if my perspective differs. Remember, this is just my opinion, so please don't hold it against me.

  4. The series was so beautiful and great. But this is just my own review and feedback. Among all the characters, my favorite is Milk. I feel so sorry for Milk because the feeling that he receives less attention, and Jungwoon gives choco too much. It became also a rabit hole for me the allegory of the series that. imagine if you have 2 pets and the other one you gave him too much care and attention while the other one is just less.

    The series accurately insinuate something like "what if the pets actually have a feeling of jealousy and envy". It also admitted by jungwoon itself that he resented milk but milk love and care for jungwoon. Like i'm just emotional in the part that, Milk receives a less attention. And you know what i'm living in the city and my cat pet was left in my hometown, i really sob and cried in the part of milk. It reminds me my cat that what if he felt also or he thought that i abandoned him and left him. But anyways what a good and bittersweet series. love it. I will give recognition to Milk!!!

  5. Thank you BL Watcher for you comments on this series.
    I came across this beautiful sweet funny sad drama by accident and have loved every minute.
    Love the little moments of cat & dog characteristics coming through.
    The loneliness felt by Jungwoo is very relatable, the loss of his mother and beloved pets and how he hides his true emotions but cries when he is alone.
    Shame there wasn't more depth given to his uncle's character.
    Leaves me hoping for a series 2 to see what will happen in Jungwoo's future life and if he will find a level of happiness and love to fill the longing he must feel. Will Milk & Chico return again in a few years time and spend another 100 days with the men they love and care for?
    There is an innocent charm about the four characters and feel it makes the viewer invested in wanting these characters to all find their happiness.
    And yes definitely want to see Ko Ho Jung acting in more series. It might sound strange but as a girl I love watching BL dramas x

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