Color Rush 2 – Series Review & Episode Guide

Yeon Woo and Se Hyun investigate a mysterious conspiracy in Color Rush 2, the sequel of Korean BL series Color Rush.

Color Rush 2 is the sequel of the Korean BL series Color Rush. The second season continues the story of a colourblind protagonist, seeking the whereabouts of his missing loved ones. He is joined by a new companion, as they work together to uncover the conspiracy behind a mysterious organization.

The Color Rush sequel comes with many changes, including a charismatic love interest and his excellent rapport with the protagonist. Unfortunately, the overambitious storylines don't always translate well, limited by noticeable budget constraints and rough writing. I still like this BL drama despite its flaws, and the innovative plot continues to fascinate me.

Color Rush 2 Summary


컬러 러쉬 2

Series Info:

South Korea (2022)


2 hours

Total Episodes:

8 episodes




Color Rush 2 is a dark & toxic BL drama.


Yeon Woo and Se Hyun have a conversation during nighttime.

Yeon Woo is a high school student reeling from the traumatic events since half a year ago. His classmate and love interest Yoo Han was abducted by a radical terrorist organization in broad daylight. This group is led by "monos", a marginalized community of colourblind individuals who can only see the world in black and white. These disillusioned extremists are known to kidnap "probes", the special people who can make them see colours again. Yoo Han had become their latest victim.

For the past six months, Yeon Woo searched for the missing Yoo Han to no avail. Their friends believe Yoo Han had gone overseas, unaware of the truth behind his whereabouts. In addition, Yeon Woo is also searching for his missing mother, another mono who disappeared for many years. Unfortunately, his tech-savvy investigation turned up no valuable leads so far.

Yeon Woo lives with his aunt Yi Rang, an investigative reporter trying to uncover the truth behind the Mono organization. Yi Rang is usually travelling for work, on the constant lookout for new clues to the whereabouts of her missing sister. Yeon Woo's aunt tries dissuading him from participating in these dangerous investigations. Nonetheless, he continues to do his sleuthing behind her back, searching desperately for Yoo Han and his mother.

At school, Yeon Woo becomes friendlier with his classmate Se Hyun. His new acquaintance is an athletic student trained in shadow boxing. They started communicating after Se Hyun discovered Yeon Woo's notes on the investigation. It turns out Se Hyun has a familiar understanding since his younger sister Ye Won is also a mono. She has been tormented at school due to her colourblind condition. When Yeon Woo protects her from these bullies, Se Hyun develops an interest in him.

Suddenly, a new lead appears in Yeon Woo's investigation. His aunt introduces him to Monowife, a mysterious woman who knew his mother before her disappearance. Monowife knows an awful lot about Yeon Woo, showing an invasive curiosity during their conversation. Se Hyun warns his friend that she's connected to the radical organization, who now marked Yeon Woo in their sights. The two high school students work together to learn more about these extremists, uncovering a twisted conspiracy in their secret operations.

Color Rush 2 Trailer

Color Rush 2 Cast


Yeon Woo

Yoo Jun (유준)

Yeon Woo is portrayed by the Korean actor Yoo Jun (유준).

Yeon Woo is a high school student afflicted with a colourblind condition, classified as a "mono". He can only see colours when interacting with his soulmate, also known as a "probe". In this case, Yeon Woo's predestined partner is his classmate Yoo Han, who got kidnapped months ago. Since then, Yeon Woo has desperately investigated the whereabouts of his missing boyfriend.

Se Hyun

Hyuk (혁)

Se Hyun is portrayed by the Korean actor Hyuk (혁).

Se Hyun is Yeon Woo's high school classmate. He is tall, athletic, and skilled in shadow boxing. Since Se Hyun's younger sister Ye Won is a mono, he knows a lot about the colourblind condition. He is a protective older brother, teaching his sibling to protect herself from the discrimination she faces. Se Hyun develops a curious interest in Yeon Woo after he defends Ye Won from her school bullies.

Supporting Cast

Yi Rang is portrayed by the Korean actress Lee Min Ji (이민지).

Yi Rang

Yeong Woo's aunt

Ye Won is Se Hyun's younger sister.

Ye Won

Se Hyun's sister

Yoo Han is Yeon Woo's old love interest.

Yoo Han

Yeon Woo's love interest

Joo Haeng is portrayed by the Korean actor Baek Soo Hoo (백서후).

Joo Haeng

Yeon Woo's classmate

Min Jae is portrayed by the Korean actor Min Hyo Gi (민효기).

Min Jae

Yeon Woo's classmate

So Yeon is Yeon Woo's coworker at the workshop.

So Yeon

Yeon Woo's coworker

Monowife is Yi Rang's acquaintance.


Yi Rang's acquaintance

Sang Jae and Monowife are working together.

Sang Jae

Monowife's business partner

Color Rush 2 Review


Drama Review Score: 7.4

Yeon Woo and Se Hyun gaze into each other's eyes.

Color Rush 2 leaves me with an odd conundrum. I think the sequel is technically worse than its first season. The new series is riddled with contrived writing, ridiculous scenarios, and inexcusable plot holes. Despite the flaws, I somehow enjoy watching it more than the original. I can't help but feel entertained by Color Rush 2, no matter how messy the narrative gets. This fascinating BL drama intrigues me, reinvigorating my excitement in the franchise.

The Color Rush sequel is exceedingly plot-heavy, powered by complex theories and confusing conspiracies. I love the wild creativity behind this mystery thriller, even if the logic gets convoluted and isn't easy to follow. It wins points for imagination and innovation, deviating so much from the typical love story in the BL genre. However, the overambitious storylines aren't always executed smoothly. I laugh at the many outrageous events and unbelievable coincidences during the investigation. The wonky writing turns its elegant concepts into silly contrivances.

One of the most significant changes in Color Rush 2 is the new love interest, Se Hyun. He's an excellent addition to the cast, instantly charming me when I saw his adorable smile. His character has a charismatic aura, compelling personality, and complex backstory. The episode highlighting his poignant past is magnificent. Best of all, he's portrayed by a skilled actor (Hyuk), who tackles his role confidently. He complements the other lead (Yoo Jun), who showcases a versatile range and heartfelt performances, just like last season.

The old love interest Yoo Han is missing from Color Rush 2, but his absence seems vague and bizarre. The series explains his character's whereabouts awkwardly, leading to a clunky start to the new season. Yoo Han doesn't appear in flashbacks or make guest cameos, so a crucial figure from Season 1 is wiped from the narrative. While Se Hyun is a delightful replacement, Yoo Han's departure is handled way too messily. I'm unsure what caused this casting change behind the scenes. However, there must be a better way to phase him out of the story.

The romance between Yeon Woo and Se Hyun isn't a significant focus in Color Rush 2. Most relationship scenes don't develop beyond gazing into each other's eyes (and sometimes at Se Hyun's butt, hehe~ 🍑). Luckily, both leads share compelling chemistry, and Se Hyun's quirkiness brings out a refreshing cuteness from Yeon Woo's reserved personality. I enjoy their comfortable rapport and playful exchanges. In my opinion, Yeon Woo makes a way more compatible couple with Se Hyun than Yoo Han.

Color Rush 2 has an absurd ending that makes me roll my eyes. The final confrontation is rushed, preposterous, and sloppily written, not to mention the fighting choreography looks pitiful. I consider the sequel inferior to its predecessor due to the dumb shenanigans. Yet, the imperfections don't really bother me. I feel inexplicably fond of this high-concept drama, even more than the first season. Maybe my rationale won't make sense, but I'm drawn to the exhilarating journey mixed with coy BL interactions. The novelty hasn't worn off, and I look forward to Color Rush 3.


Complex story

Color Rush 2 has a complex story that can feel confusing and convoluted. The strength of its creative premise overpowers the many inconsistencies and plot holes in the narrative.

Compatible romance

The Color Rush sequel has replaced the love interest from Season 1 with a new lead actor. It's a positive change, in my opinion. Se Hyun has excellent chemistry with Yeon Woo.

Great acting

Both leads give capable and competent performances. Yeon Woo's actor (Yoo Jun) continues to show a versatile range. Meanwhile, Se Hyun's actor (Hyuk) is very endearing.

Absurd ending

Color Rush 2's action-packed ending is sloppy and doesn't make sense. The production team doesn't have the skills, experiences, or resources to pull off its dramatic conclusion.

Decent artistry

I don't like how abruptly the background music stops in some scenes. Nonetheless, Color Rush 2 looks visually pleasant and shines with a contemporary style.


Color Rush 2 is worse than its first season due to the messy narrative. However, I embrace its imperfections and still find the innovative story engrossing.













Color Rush 2 Episodes

Episode Guide

Color Rush 2 has a total of 8 episodes. Each episode is around 12 to 18 minutes long. The last episode is around 13 minutes long, including one teaser scene after the ending credits. It is a medium-length BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 2 hours. Color Rush 2 aired its season on January 21, 2022.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Episode 1 Summary
Se Hyun sees Yeon Woo protecting a high school girl from her bullies.

Color Rush 2 begins six months after the first season ends. Shockingly, Yeon Woo's classmate, former love interest, and soulmate (aka. his probe) Yoo Han had been abducted. His kidnappers are a group of "monos" from an extremist organization, targeting "probes" for nefarious reasons.

Yoo Han's friends think he simply moved to the United States without telling anyone. However, Yeon Woo knows the truth and has desperately investigated his whereabouts since then. One day, Yeon Woo accidentally leaves behind his investigation notepad. His classmate Se Hyun picks it up and reads all his conspiracy theories.

Later, Yeon Woo is on his way home and rescues a mono girl from getting bullied by her classmates. Se Hyun witnesses this incident and becomes even more curious about his classmate. That night, Se Hyun visits Yeon Woo's home to return the notepad. As the two men chat, Yeon Woo is surprised that his schoolmate knows about the mono organization.

Episode 1 Review
Yeon Woo protects Se Hyun's sister from her bullies.

It has been over a year since I last watched Color Rush. I thought the premiere would be friendlier to returning viewers, reintroducing the characters and concepts again. Instead, the episode jumps straight into the fast-moving plot with hardly any explanation.

Suddenly, there are kidnappers, missing characters, and online conspiracy theories, throwing me into a tizzy. I felt lost and realized that I didn't remember much about the previous plot. Overall, it was a confusing start to Color Rush Season 2. 😵‍💫

I don't like the way they handled Yoo Han's disappearance. He was undeniably a significant part of Season 1. Getting written out in this vague fashion is unacceptable. I don't know what happened between the actor and the production team to cause this casting change. However, couldn't they have brought him back to film at least a few scenes? The flashback of the kidnapping would've worked better if Yoo Han actually made an appearance.

Episode 2

Episode 2 Summary
Yeon Woo and Se Hyun play soccer together.

The girl who Yeon Woo saved turns out to be Se Hyun's younger sister, Ye Won. The two siblings appear close, growing up in a parentless family. In a flashback, we see Se Hyun teaching his sister defence techniques to protect herself from the pullies. Nonetheless, Ye Won's classmates continue to tease her because of her mono condition. She even punched a guy who accused her of being obsessive and deranged.

At school, Se Hyun creates opportunities to befriend Yeon Woo and get closer to him. He invites his new buddy to a football match. Yeon Woo has lots of fun and realize it's the first time he smiled in the past six months. However, it's business as usual once Yeon Woo returns home. He continues investigating Yoo Han's disappearance, leading him to a mysterious website called Grayscale. It might have ties to the extremist mono organization.

The Grayscale website promotes an online user with the alias "Monowife". Yeon Woo calls the woman, asking her for information. Monowife reveals that she knows Yeon Woo's mom and aunt in the past. Later, Yi Rang asks her nephew to go to a mono's funeral on her behalf, where Monowife will be in attendance. Yeon Woo is surprised to see Se Hyun there. Shockingly, it turns out Se Hyun's sister has died.

Episode 2 Review
Se Hyun teaches his sister shadow boxing.

After observing Se Hyun for two episodes, my opinion of him is pretty positive. Personality-wise, his character radiates warmth and I dig his energetic vibe. Physically, he's a tall drink of water with a cute smile. I can see why the Color Rush team cast the actor, who catches my eye when he's on-screen. It's early days, but I think he makes a suitable replacement over Yoo Han.

Best of all, Se Hyun brings out a different side of Yeon Woo's character that we haven't seen before. Yeon Woo spent all of last season being sullen and brooding. In contrast, his character seems a bit happier and more lighthearted with Se Hyun. Since Yeon Woo is quiet and reserved, being around the more extroverted Se Hyun encourages him to get out of his shell more.

The plot still doesn't feel that smooth. Yeon Woo's investigation into the Grey Scale website and Monowife's identity doesn't feel coherent or engaging. However, the episode's ending is shocking though. Ye Won's death is a plot twist that I didn't see coming. I'm curious to learn about the circumstances of her sudden passing. What happened to her!?

Episode 3

Episode 3 Summary
Se Hyun wraps his arm around Yeon Woo's shoulder.

Yeon Woo talks to Monowife and her friends at the funeral. She is gossipy and seems curious about Yeon Woo's life. During the chat, he discovers Ye Won died from a botched surgery, an illegal procedure for monos to regain colours in their vision. Monowife warns Yeon Woo not to get this surgery or take the unlicensed drugs found in black markets.

Yeon Woo stays behind to talk to Se Hyun at the funeral. Se Hyun appears emotionally fine, but he doesn't want anybody from school to know about his sister's death. Yeon Woo also reveals he had dreamed about Ye Won before her death. As they chat more after the funeral, Se Hyun shares his theory that the mono extremists might hold a grudge against Yeon Woo's aunt. Her scathing news reports about monos have made her a target of animosity, and Yeon Woo is also guilty by association.

The two teenagers visit Se Hyun's house. Yeon Woo is curious about the lapis lazuli, a blue gemstone found in Ye Won's possessions. Se Hyun explains the gemstone is the name of the illegal drug used by monos to stimulate colours in their vision. Ye Won obtained this lapis lazuli, along with some drugs, from a mysterious masked man. After their chat, Se Hyun invites himself to live with Yeon Woo for the next few days.

Episode 3 Review
Se Hyun talks to Yeon Woo at the funeral.

Is it just me, or does Se Hyun seem remarkably nonchalant about his sister's death? I know we all grieve in different ways, but this guy almost seems unaffected that his closest loved one had passed away. He's either mentally resilient or hiding his emotions really deep inside. Se Hyun's reaction is intriguing and defies my expectations of him.

After three episodes, I still can't keep up with the plot. Sometimes, I have to press pause and read the lines twice before the information becomes understandable. There's a lot to process, including the illegal surgery, unlicensed drugs, some weird dream, the lapis lazuli, and whatever Monowife is plotting. I believe these scenes could have been written better to feel more organic and less like confusing exposition.

Monowife gives an evil stare.

I love this shot of Monowife's evil glare in the episode. You can feel the pure sinisterness seeping from her expression. I also love Monowife's deliberate reverse psychology ploy on Yeon Woo at the funeral. Oh, definitely DON'T do the surgery that will make you see colours again! And definitely DON'T take the black market drugs that I'm mentioning out of the blue!

This woman is playing some sick mind games and I'm here for it, hehe~. 🤭

Episode 4

Episode 4 Summary
Yeon Woo and Se Hyun go to the laundromat together.

Yeon Woo brings Se Hyun to his house. He's secretly worried about his aunt's reaction since it's the second time he has invited a male guest. However, she's away for work, leaving the two teens by themselves in the middle of the night. Se Hyun seems attached to Yeon Woo, wanting to bathe and sleep together. Even though Yeon Woo seems slightly uncomfortable with their camaraderie, Se Hyun vows to protect him from danger.

The pair visits the laundromat together, where a wave of nostalgia strikes Se Hyun. We see him reminiscing his time with his younger sister in a flashback. A mysterious man, Sang Jae, tempted Ye Won to work for the Grayscale website. In exchange, he offered her an opportunity to get a probe surgery. Se Hyun opposed his sister's dodgy employment and forbade her from using the laptop. Nonetheless, Ye Won found a way to maintain contact with Sang Jae, secretly working for him without Se Hyun knowing.

One day, Se Hyun was shocked to discover Ye Won had run away from home. His sister left a note, stating she'll be back after the probe surgery. It was the last time he heard from her until a phone call that informed him of her death. Se Hyun harbours a lot of vindictiveness towards the mono organization, blaming them for killing his sister. However, he internalizes his anguish and doesn't let Yeon Woo know about his true feelings.

Episode 4 Review
Yeon Woo checks out Se Hyun's ass in the laundromat.

Love this episode. I really enjoy Yeon Woo and Se Hyun's interactions in the beginning. Se Hyun is an unusual character who stands out a lot. Here's this cheeky, flirtatious BL lead, dropped into a dark and brooding drama like Color Rush. His quirky personality clashes with his tragic backstory, creating a strange dichotomy that is fascinating to watch.

Se Hyun also pushes Yeon Woo out of his comfort zone. Yeon Woo is no longer just some quiet emo boy, but other facets of his personality have emerged. We see him get flustered, exchange banter, and even act lustful. There's a quick moment in the laundromat scene, where Se Hyun bends over in front of Yeon Woo. Surprisingly, Yeon Woo steals a sneaky glance and stares at his ass. OMG, it's such unexpected and uncharacteristic behaviour from him. I must admit to being a bit surprised. 😆

On a serious note, the flashbacks of Se Hyun and Ye Won flesh out their backgrounds effectively. We learn about the intriguing relationship dynamic between the two siblings. I understand Se Hyun's perspective as the protective older brother who couldn't rescue his rebellious younger sister. I think I see why he had a subdued reaction to her death. What Se Hyun must be feeling is like anger and guilt mixed with numbness and hopelessness. He had already lost his sister to the mono organization long before she died.

Episode 5

Episode 5 Summary

Yeon Woo uses his tech-savvy skills to unlock Ye Won's laptop. Amazingly, Yeon Woo uses his deduction skills to decipher a series of cryptic clues. Their investigation takes them to a private bar frequented by monos. A bartender approaches the two newcomers, offering them a free sample of lapis lazuli tea. The tea isn't as potent as the lapis lazuli pills, but it's still supposed to stimulate the visual sensory system among monos.

After Se Hyun drinks all the tea in one gulp, he reacts strongly. Yeon Woo is shocked by this response and discovers the truth behind his companion. It turns out Se Hyun is also a mono, who kept his condition a secret all this time. Yeon Woo begins to cry, feeling emotional because Se Hyun had to endure his colourblindness alone.

The bartender tries to upsell her products to Yeon Woo and Se Hyun. As they interrogate her, she reveals the pills can only be obtained as an official member of the Maskun group. Suddenly, a news report is broadcast in the bar. Yeon Woo's aunt appears in a news report, stating the dangers of the illegal lapis lazuli pills. Yeon Woo and Se Hyun leave before the bartender gets hostile. Behind the scenes, Yeon Woo's friends are the ones who manipulated the broadcast program to get them to exit the bar.

Episode 5 Review
Yeon Woo cries when he discovers Se Hyun's secret.

I laughed at Yeon Woo's incredible sleuthing skills at the start of the episode. Somehow, he identifies the most random clues from an ordinary picture, solving a complex mystery in thirty seconds.

  • Oh, the password must be those numbers on her shirt! 🤔
  • And oh, the bar's address is printed on the tiny sign in the background! 🧐

I'm like…whoa. Meanwhile, I could barely keep up and didn't even know what they were investigating. Nonetheless, Detective Yeon Woo has already moved on to his next lead!

When Se Hyun was first introduced, his character seemed oddly familiar with the mono condition. So, I suspected he could be one too. However, this early theory faded from my mind and I was still caught off-guard by Se Hyun's shocking revelation. It's my favourite moment of the episode, and Yeon Woo's actor nails his performance here. He cries so elegantly, heightening the poignancy of this plot twist.

Se Hyun confesses to being a mono.

With that said, the confession scene feels rushed. It should've been an epic moment that defines the series. Instead, it's reduced to a minor event in the plot. Color Rush 2 could simplify the silly investigation scenes and focus more on this crucial character development for Se Hyun. Season 2 feels too plot heavy, sacrificing the emotional nuances to maintain a convoluted storyline.

Also, that sudden news broadcast about the illegal drugs feels really contrived. There must be a better way to convey the exposition more organically than these bizarre circumstances. The twist with Yeon Woo's friends in the end seems random as hell, adding another unnecessary complication. Despite the powerful confession scene, this episode's writing is underwhelming.

Episode 6

Episode 6 Summary
Yeon Woo and Se Hyun experience a color rush after consuming the pills.

When Yeon Woo's aunt returns, she confronts her nephew for bringing another guy to their home. Nonetheless, she lets Se Hyuk stay at their house. Yi Rang reveals a new lead in her investigation, finding proof that confirmed Yeon Woo's mom was one of the drug users. Her disappearance might be related to the illegal drugs. Yi Rang feels guilty for not noticing how much her sister suffered in the past.

The following day, Yeon Woo finds a gruesome death threat. The monos have threatened his aunt for her scathing news report earlier. While cleaning up, Yeon Woo and Se Hyuk uncover another lead to their investigation. They apply for employment at a candy manufacturing factory run by the Maskun group. Yeon Woo and Se Hyuk secure the jobs, arriving at the factory with the other workers.

During the staff meeting, the manager shows a picture of Ye Won, describing her as a former employee who completed the probe surgery successfully. Their deceit infuriates Se Hyuk. In addition, the manager also hands out a pill called Lazulata as an incentive for the employees to work hard. Lazulata can stimulate the effects of a colour rush. Se Hyuk is amazed to see colours for the first time after consuming the drugs. However, Yeon Woo reacts poorly and falls unconscious on his shoulder.

Episode 6 Review
Yeon Woo and Se Hyun begin working at the candy factory.

For a moment, I thought Color Rush 2 turned into a low-budget Squid Game setup. When I saw them in the pink work attire and walking in unison, I tensed up. Technically, there's nothing to fear. They're only applying for a manufacturing job at a candy factory. However, the new environment and evil organization created uncertainty, making me anxious about the two leads. I could sense something bad would happen to them, but what exactly!? 😣

I wish Color Rush 2 was a longer series instead of condensing its intense plot into a two-hour narrative. Many events feel preposterous because they don't receive enough buildup or development. Working at a candy factory isn't a bad concept, but the transition to this new storyline feels awkward and clunky. If Color Rush 2 was a mainstream K-drama instead of a niche BL series, the episodes could be lengthier and we'd get a more coherent story.

Episode 7

Episode 7 Summary
Yeon Woo and Se Hyun discover the nasty truth behind the probe surgery.

Yeon Woo regains consciousness after his negative response to the Lazulata pills. He finds himself in the factory lodgings, sharing the same room as Se Hyun. They discuss their earlier experiences, and Se Hyuk enjoyed his first time seeing colour. Yeon Woo admires his companion's mental resilience over the decolouring process. As they prepare for bed, Yeon Woo asks Se Hyun to maintain eye contact until they fall asleep in this unfamiliar place.

Next morning, Yeon Woo chats with So Yeon, the star employee at the candy factory. So Yeon used to have a probe, who grew tired of her obsessiveness. That's why she wants to get the probe procedure to see colours without relying on him.

Their discussion makes Yeon Woo ponder wistfully over Yoo Han's whereabouts. He says it would break his heart if Yoo Han was gone from his life. Se Hyun feels troubled because he developed romantic feelings for Yeon Woo. However, Se Hyun keeps his secret crush to himself.

Later, So Yeon is about to get her probe surgery. Yeon Woo and Se Hyuk snoop around, discovering her operation room. They find out the probe operation is a sham, since the operating doctor hasn't been successful with any patients. He's testing on them like guinea pigs.

Sang Jae, the head of this operation, insists on continuing these failed operations until he finds a successful cure. He believes the procedure is profitable and will make him lots of money. Yeon Woo and Se Hyuk get ready to stop the operation, but they must fight the factory's bodyguards.

Episode 7 Review
Yeon Woo tells Se Hyuk to look at him until they fall asleep.

I have mixed feelings about this episode. The events are rushed, the logic doesn't make sense, and the whole factory storyline is a mess. It's laughable how the leads find the top-secret operation room, where the villains discuss their evil motives in the open. The fighting scene near the end is also woefully choreographed. Color Rush 2 aims for a dramatic and action-packed climax, but it can't pull off the overambitious efforts.

With that said, the BL content is appealing in this episode. My favourite scene is when Yeon Woo tells Se Hyun to look at him in bed until he falls asleep. Oh my god, his "i wanna see ur face bb~ 😘" antics are FLIRTY AS HELL. Yeon Woo's behaviour seems so seductive and sultry, words I never imagine using to describe his character.

Yeon Woo and Se Hyun go undercover in the candy factory.

I like Yeon Woo and Se Hyun together as a couple. Perhaps Se Hyun's romantic feelings developed too rapidly in some parts, but their overall relationship is convincing and compelling. I'm invested in the blossoming romance between these two lonely mono boys, as they go undercover to take down an evil organization. To be honest, I haven't missed Yoo Han much since he disappeared. In my opinion, Se Hyun is the preferable love interest for Yeon Woo.

There are two other moments I enjoy in Episode 7:

  • Yeon Woo and So Yeon's conversation is an engaging scene, echoing the emotional themes of the series effectively.
  • "She wanted to scold you, but then she saw your handsome face and decided not to say anything." Okay, the deadpan line delivery cracks me up. These words are funny because they're true. 😆
Episode 7
Episode 8

Episode 8

Episode 8 Summary
Yeon Woo and Se Hyun share a kiss in the Color Rush 2 ending.

A chaotic fight breaks out between the protagonists and the factory's bodyguards. Yeon Woo and Se Hyun are severely outnumbered, beaten mercilessly by the villains. The law enforcement arrives to stop the criminal organization just in time. However, the evil boss Sang Jae and his accomplice Monowife have evaded the police capture. While Yeon Woo and Se Hyun are hospitalized, both make it out of the factory alive.

Yi Rang investigates a local neighbourhood with connections to the Maskun organization. She interviews a random pedestrian, who just happens to be Sang Jae in disguise! The police detective catches him, thwarting his planned escape. Meanwhile, Yi Rang notices her sister's headband near a body of water. She breaks down in tears, realizing this area is where they hide the dead missing people.

After the news of his mom's death, Yeon Woo tells Se Hyun he will go away for a while. They share a cinematic kiss under the broad daylight. However, the scene is a fake-out and only takes place in Se Hyun's daydream fantasy. In reality, Yeon Woo isn't leaving and their kiss never happens. The series concludes with Yeon Woo and Se Hyun as platonic friends, going back to their ordinary lives as two high school students.

Yoo Han
Monowife is seen with a masked Yoo Han in the hospital.

There's a shock twist in the Color Rush 2 ending. The episode's final scene shows Monowife talking cryptically to a hospitalized patient. Apparently, it's Yoo Han underneath those bandages. He's alive, but obviously not doing well. We don't know what happened to him, but I guess it's setting us up for an upcoming Season 3.

I wonder if Yoo Han's actor will come back in Color Rush 3. Probably not, right? I have a feeling they'll unwrap the bandages and his character is suddenly portrayed by a different person. Or maybe Se Hyun's character will also get mysteriously "kidnapped" and then a third love interest is brought in for Yeon Woo. Wouldn't that be a hilarious twist? Every season of Color Rush begins with a new guy for Yeon Woo to flirt with before disappearing into the abyss. 😆

Episode 8 Review
Yeon Woo learns that his mom is dead.

What a sloppy, unsatisfying ending. This factory storyline feels amateurish. It's like an overambitious idea that Color Rush 2 doesn't have the time, resources, or skills to pull off convincingly. How can these two teenagers infiltrate an evil organization and take down the business empire with no plan whatsoever? I also think Sang Jae's arrest is a silly, ridiculous scene, insulting my intelligence with its stupidity and absurdity.

The storyline with Yeon Woo's mom was built up throughout two seasons, so I expected a more nuanced resolution than finding a headband in the water. Maybe they'll elaborate on her death in Season 3 and reveal more information. However, it currently feels like a rushed conclusion to an overarching mystery. Yeon Woo barely reacts to his mom's death. There's no drama, angst, or emotion to a significant plot development.

Finally, I was annoyed by the fake-outs in this episode. First, Color Rush 2 acted like Se Hyun died, but then he was actually alive. Afterwards, they teased us with a Se Hyun and Yeon Woo kiss, but it was only a fantasy sequence. What's the point of these phony scenes!? Instead of trying to pull the wool over the viewers, the series should've used its limited time to smooth out the clunky narrative. Overall, it's a messy ending and the weakest episode of the series.

Series Review
Yeon Woo and Se Hyun are not offically a couple in the Color Rush 2.

My final thoughts on Color Rush 2 is that it feels worse than the first season. The sequel has too many silly contrivances, ridiculous plot holes, and rushed storylines. Nonetheless, I felt entertained by the series from start to finish. The first season intrigued me with its dark psychological undertones. However, the second season felt more energetic and exciting. Despite the messiness, Color Rush 2 left a more memorable impression on me than its predecessor.

Another positive in Color Rush 2's favour is Se Hyun. I like the character and the actor a lot. When he seemed to succumb to his injuries, I genuinely panicked and thought, "Oh no! Don't die! You haven't kissed Yeon Woo yet! 😣" The kiss in Se Hyun's fantasy feels like cheating since it isn't real, but I guess it's better than having no kiss at all. Overall, his relationship with Yeon Woo hasn't progressed very far. It sucks they are still platonic friends at the end of the series. However, I enjoy their rapport and look forward to seeing this romance develop further in Color Rush 3!

Color Rush Season 1


Color Rush 2020 series Drama review

Color Rush is the first season of Color Rush 2.

Before starting Color Rush 2, you will need to watch the first season. There's no way to jump into the middle of the series because you'll be completely lost. Season 2 doesn't bother explaining the concepts again. It assumes the viewers have already watched the first season and continues digging deeper into the plot.

The original Color Rush explains Yeon Woo's colourblind condition clearly. It also introduces Yoo Han's character and depicts his romance with Yeon Woo. Even if you watched Season 1 previously, you might want to watch it again before beginning Color Rush 2. I was totally confused during the first few episodes. I had to reread my own episode guide to remember what happened in the plot. 😅

Color Rush 2 Behind the Scenes

Color Rush 2 Information


Storywiz is a Korean BL studio that produced dramas like Color Rush and Color Rush 2.

Storywiz is the Korean BL studio that made Color Rush (2020). Their other projects include Color Rush 2 (2022).

  1. Disappointed. Disjointed story line and a very unclear ending. Will there be a Color Rush3?

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