Color Rush – Drama Review & Episode Guide

Color Rush is about Yeon Woo and Yoo Han.

Color Rush is a Korean BL drama with a colourblind protagonist. When the main character meets his soulmate, he magically regains the colours in his vision. However, this miraculous ability only lasts as long as they are near each other. Their unusual connection creates a dangerous power dynamic between the two teenagers. Soon, the protagonist must battle his inner demons as he succumbs to control and codependency issues.

The unique premise of Color Rush is fascinating. This BL series explores many psychological themes in an emotionally charged journey. The story is captivating from the start, backed by a stellar performance from the lead actor. The romance isn't nearly as polished, but it's still an intriguing BL series with much potential.

Color Rush Summary


컬러 러쉬

Series Info:

South Korea (2020)


2 hours

Total Episodes:

8 episodes + sequel




Color Rush is a sad & emotional BL drama.


Yoo Han helps Yeon Woo discover the many beautiful colours in his life.

Yeon Soo is a high school student with a rare disability that affects his vision. He has a unique form of colour blindness, nicknamed as "mono". Yeon Soo can see colour only when he is around his soulmate, also known as a "probe". The colour restoration is temporary, lasting only as long as the probe and mono are near each other.

In society, monos have gotten a negative stigma since they tend to develop an obsessive co-dependency with their probes. News reports have portrayed monos as psychologically dangerous individuals who hurt their probes. For this reason, Yeon Soo is often lonely and misunderstood. He even got kicked out of his last school after fighting someone who made fun of his illness.

Yeon Soo begins the first day at his new school. He is overwhelmed upon meeting his classmate Yoo Han, who just happens to be his probe. When Yoo Han appears around him, Yeon Soo experiences a "colour rush" phenomenon. He sees all the vivid and vibrant colours in his surroundings. Unfortunately, the colours fade away as soon as Yoo Han is gone. His vision instantly returns to a bleak monochromatic palette.

Yeon Soo's first colour rush experience causes him to lose consciousness afterwards. Besides being physically uncomfortable, it is also emotionally exhausting. Yeon Soo's world is filled with hope and excitement every time the colours appear. However, he also experiences loss and despair, watching them fade away soon afterwards.

Yeon Soo tries to avoid Yoo Han, fearing the psychological repercussions of getting too attached to his probe. However, the flirtatious Yoo Han develops a curious interest in his new classmate, finding him handsome and intriguing. Yoo Han is determined to spend time with Yeon Soo, showing him different facets of the colourful world around him.

Color Rush Cast


Yeon Woo

Yoo Jun (유준)

Yeon Woo is portrayed by the Korean actor Yoo Jun (유준).

Yeon Woo has a unique form of colorblindness, in which his brain doesn’t recognize colours. Also known as a "mono", he only regains colours in his vision after connecting with a "probe". Due to his condition, Yeon Woo is a sad and lonely character who often gets lost in his own thoughts. His dad died at a young age and his mom mysteriously disappears years ago. He currently lives with his aunt.

Yoo Han

Hur Hyun Jun (허현준)

Yoo Han is portrayed by the Korean actor Hur Hyunjun (허현준).

Yoo Han is a "probe", a special someone who can help trigger the colours in the vision of a "mono". He is currently in a training program to become a K-pop star. Yoo Han hates school, skips classes, and sleeps through all of his lectures. It may seem like he doesn’t care about anything, but Yoo Han does seem very enthusiastic when it comes to Yeon Woo.

Supporting Cast

Yeon Woo's aunt is portrayed by the actress Lee Min Ji (이민지).

Yi Riang

Lee Min Ji (이민지)

Joo Haeng is played by the actor Baek Seo Hoo (백서후).

Joo Haeng

Baek Seo Hoo (백서후)

Min Jae is played by the actor Min Hyo Gi (민효기).

Min Jae

Min Hyo Gi (민효기)

Color Rush Review


Drama Review Score:7.9

Yoo Han takes Yeon Woo on small adventures to show him the colours in the world.

Color Rush has a strong start and immediately hooks me with its creative premise. This series presents many unique and unusual ideas, unlike anything I've watched before, especially in a BL drama. I love the concept behind the main character's colourblind condition, particularly the complex power dynamic between a "mono" and a "probe". I also vibe with the dark, disturbing tone, exploring the protagonist's descent into hopeless despair. The early episodes of Color Rush make me excited to see how the plot develops.

The protagonist Yeon Woo is immensely sympathetic. It's hard not to get emotional every time his character talks about only seeing the greyness in his life. My heart stirs when he sees colour for the first time and loses the ability quickly afterwards. Since I had minor vision problems at a young age, I always relate to characters experiencing similar hardships. Yeon Woo goes on a profound and introspective journey, tugging at my heartstrings with poignant displays of emotions. I was rooting for him to find joy in such a bleak, colourless world. 

Yeon Woo's actor (Yoo Jun) is a standout, carrying the drama with a strong, nuanced performance. He shows some serious acting chops during the big emotional scenes. His crying scene in Episode 5 is an extraordinary moment. The actor does a great job conveying his anguish with remarkable authenticity. Similarly, he's just as capable in the smaller, more intimate moments, helping to make Yeon Woo a complex and vulnerable character. Regrettably, his screen partner isn't in the same tier. I find Yoo Han's actor a bit underwhelming and he seems stiff in some parts.

The romance is a mixed bag. Overall, I'm skeptical of the relationship between the leads. Several scenes are beautiful and touching, yet I can't overlook the power imbalance, the obsessive tendencies, or the emotional manipulation in their dynamic. It feels like Yeon Woo and Yoo Han use each other for personal gratification instead of being in love. Meanwhile, Yoo Han dances a fine line between being eager to help someone with a disability and acting predatory toward somebody emotionally vulnerable. He gives me a reason not to trust him or his intentions with Yeon Woo.

Unfortunately, I don't think Color Rush reaches its full potential, limited by the short length. The innovative storyline is never explored in too much depth through its eight tiny episodes, glossing over many events lightly and quickly. There's also a lack of character development for Yoo Han. He gets seriously sidelined and doesn't exist outside of relationship moments. I don't mind Yeon Woo gets most of the focus, but Yoo Han is so underdeveloped that he seems like a prop for the plot than a lead character.

As Color Rush progresses, I feel frustrated because it barely scratches the surface with the narrative. While there are a few compelling moments, this drama needs more time to elaborate on its imaginative storylines adequately. Despite the untapped potential in the story and romance, the premise is so strong that I can look past its flaws and still find the series enjoyable. With a complex main character, some emotional scenes, and great acting performances, Color Rush is an above-average BL drama definitely worth a watch.


Innovative story

Color Rush has a complex and creative story unlike anything else I've experienced in BL. I wish the series could've gone deeper with the plot than merely scratching the surface.

Okay romance

The relationship has an unhealthy dynamic It seems like Yeon Woo only cares about Yoo Han because of the powers he induces, even though Color Rush depicted this as “romance”.

Good acting

Yeon Woo's actor (Yoo Jun) is excellent in his role. He shines in the emotional scenes and nails the heartfelt performances.

Happy ending

Color Rush has an okay ending, but it leaves many loose ends unresolved. At least the BL relationship concludes on a good note.

Decent artistry

While I don't love the visual effects of the colour rush, the rest of the drama is solidly produced. Everything looks polished and presentable.


Color Rush has a captivating story, even though its potential isn't fully realized. This innovative series feels dramatically different from the typical BL love story.

📖 How is the story?

Great story

Color Rush has a super engaging premise, one that was presented really well in the start. In addition to Yeon Woo's complex health condition, there's also an overarching mystery about what happened with his missing mom. I was so impressed with the story's creativity and couldn't wait to see how it develops.

As the plot progressed, I did feel a little frustrated because Color Rush barely scratched the surface with its storytelling. By the time those eight episodes flew by, I wished the drama could've done more with its immense potential, especially with the unresolved mystery about his mom.

💕 How is the romance?

OK romance

I was skeptical of their romance and couldn’t get fully on board, even in the end. While some of their scenes together were beautiful and poignant, this relationship had an unhealthy dynamic. It seemed like Yeon Woo only cared about Yoo Han because of the powers he induced, even though Color Rush depicted this as “romance”.

Meanwhile, Yoo Han danced a fine line between being eager to help someone with a disability and being predatory toward someone who is emotionally vulnerable. He gave me reason not to trust him or his intentions with Yeon Woo.

🎭 How is the acting?

Good acting

Yeon Woo's actor was excellent, and he showed some serious acting chops during the big emotional scenes. However, I found Yoo Han's actor a bit underwhelming and he was stiff in some parts.

😎 Who's the best character?

Yeon Woo

Oh, easily Yeon Woo. His actor (Yoo Jun) carried the entire drama with a strong, nuanced performance. It's hard not to get emotional every time Yeon Woo talks about only seeing the greyness in his life. This young, capable actor did a fantastic job at making Yeon Woo a complex and vulnerable character.

🍆 Is there any nudity?

No nudity

Nope, everyone is dressed to the nines and remains buttoned up. They're usually in their school uniforms. You won't see any display of skin whatsoever on Color Rush.

🎯 Are there any triggers?


Yes, some of the storylines are heavy. There’s a murder, a missing mom, and a suicide attempt. Yeon Woo also indulges in some dark, obsessive thoughts about hurting and kidnapping Yoo Han.

⭐ What's the best part?

Yeon Woo

I loved Yeon Woo’s emotional journey, which was sad and heartbreaking from start to finish. I have some (minor) vision problems myself at a young age, so I always feel more drawn to characters going through this particular type of hardship. Watching Color Rush made me reflect a lot introspectively. I felt tremendous sympathy for Yeon Woo’s character and his internal struggles.

📝 What would you change?

Yoo Han

Yoo Han remained too much of an enigma throughout the series and could've benefited from more character development. I don't mind Yeon Woo got most of the focus, but Yoo Han was so underdeveloped that he seemed like a prop for the plot rather than a fully realized character. Color Rush could’ve expanded on his family background or his K-pop trainee aspirations.

Color Rush Episode Guide

Episode Guide

Color Rush has a total of 8 episodes. Each episode is around 15 minutes long. The final episode is around 18 minutes long. It is a medium-length BL drama, which you can finish in around 2 hours. Color Rush aired on December 20, 2020 and ended on January 21, 2021. Its sequel Color Rush 2 was released on January 21, 2022.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

If you were Yoo Han, would you feel offended or flattered if Yeon Woo fainted after seeing your face?

This episode introduces us to Yeon Woo and his colorblind condition. After transferring to a new high school, he meets Yoo Han and immediately faints after seeing his face. In the nurse's office, Yeon Woo sees colour for the first time. Bth characters realize that Yoo Han is his "probe". Unfortunately, Yeon Woo's powers don't last long and the colours fade again.

  • Best moment: The scene where Yeon Woo saw the colour of his pants for the first time made me feel things. Why is it the first episode and I'm crying like a baby already? 😭
  • Worst moment: Oh my god, the shoddy visual effects with the colours certainly need some getting used to. For a moment, I thought my computer was glitching out because the scene looked so weird. Color Rush usually does a pretty good job concealing its low-budget production, but they dropped the ball here with the primitive CGI.
  • My thoughts: Honestly, I was so impressed with the quality of the first episode. I guess I'm not used to a BL drama having such a high-concept premise, but I was completely absorbed into the plot. This episode opened the series strongly and introduced multiple interesting storylines with much potential. It felt like those fifteen minutes flew by in the blink of an eye.

Episode 2

Yoo Han is determined to teach Yeon Woo all about colours.

To Yoo Han's surprise, Yeon Woo wants nothing to do with him and doesn't want to restore his vision. He believes any relationship between mono and a probe will only end badly, even citing extreme examples of murder and kidnapping.

However, Yoo Han is determined to teach Yeon Woo about colours, forcing his powers on him no matter what. Yeon Woo ends up appreciating the beauty of the colour spectrum and wants to learn more.

  • Best moment: Yeon Woo's inner monologue gave us great insights into his thought process. I loved it when he described the different shades he see: white, snowy white, light gray, silver gray, moonlit gray, cement gray, dolphin gray, shark gray, charcoal gray, and black. As someone who only thinks of these colours as 'white', 'black' & 'gray', Yeon Woo's description offered a more nuanced look into his point of view.
  • Cute moment: When Yoo Han asked Yeon Woo to look at him, and Yeon Woo was being a sulky tsundere with daggers in his eyes, and Yoo Han teased him with the line: "Look at me. I said look, not glare." That line delivery made me laugh. 😆
  • Worst moment: The scenes with Yoo Han's classmates, are they that necessary? I don't really get the whole elaborate anecdote with the old man or basically anything they say. I know they're just trying to be friendly, but these guys are a little annoying. When Yeon Woo said he doesn't want to be friends with them, a part of me was secretly relieved because it meant less screentime with them.
  • My thoughts: I feel so bad for Yeon Woo and really sympathize with him. 😢 At first, I was surprised that he wouldn't make use of Yoo Han's ability, but it also made sense that he wanted to protect himself and not get his hopes up. Of course, we wouldn't have a story if Yeon Woo didn't change his mind at the end of the episode. I'm excited at the prospect of Yeon Woo discovering more of the beautiful colours around him.

Episode 3

Yeon Woo was so happy when Yoo Han showed him the colours of the prism on the wall.

Yoo Han takes Yeon Woo into a dark room and shows him the colour effects from a prism. Yeon Woo is amazed by the visuals and wants to see more, but the mood takes a dark turn when Yoo Han refuses to help him.

Later, Yeon Woo's mind begins to spiral, as he becomes fascinated with a news story of a mono killing his wife in an obsessive fit of rage.

  • Best moment: The sheer joy of Yeon Woo seeing the colours in the prism was so, so precious. Something that feels so ordinary to the rest of us is actually remarkable for a colorblind person like Yeon Woo. While this scene was shot in a very low-budget way, I think it still managed to convey the message quite well.
  • Intriguing moment: Yoo Han had a memorable line in this episode: "The colours of this world are yours to enjoy, only when I let you see them." I've been on the fence with Yoo Han's character, but this line confirmed to me that he's an emotionally manipulative jerk. Lording your powers over someone with a disability isn't as cool as you think it looks. 🙄 I don't hate this moment though, because it does make their relationship dynamic more interesting. There's a clear power imbalance between the two, and we're starting to see how toxic a mono's relationship with a probe can get.
  • Worst moment: The excessive flashbacks are unnecessary and I can follow the plot just fine without them. We literally just saw a flashback scene take place less than a minute ago. What's the deal with these flashbacks? Are they stretching for time because they don't have enough footage?
  • My thoughts: There was a moment when Yoo Han said something like "I wanted to show you a rainbow…" and I wished that actually happened, because it would've been so much cooler. 🌈 It's nice that Yeon Woo got emotional over seeing a colour swatch and a prism on the wall, but they feel so small in scope? Color Rush could've made a bigger impact with something more visually striking. If not a rainbow, take him to see a sunset, or an art gallery, or even a cinema. Why are we not thinking bigger and exploring this wonderful narrative opportunity more?

Episode 4

Yoo Han has an intimate moment with Yeon Woo in school.

Yoo Han shows Yeon Woo an impressive view of the city landscape at night. Worried about his growing attachment to Yoo Han, Yeon Woo gets panicky around Yoo Han and even injures him in an accident. When Yeon Woo suddenly has a color rush, it triggers traumatic memories of his missing mom.

However, Yeon Woo passes out from the strain and doesn't remember what happened. Later, Yoo Han and Yeon Woo have an emotional encounter in the rain, which leads to them confessing their feelings for each other.

  • Best moment: When Yeon Woo regained his consciousness and couldn't remember what happened, he said something like: "The colours…I can't see them." There was something just so heartbreaking in his expression as he said that. Poor Yeon Woo. Bless his heart.
  • Worst moment: Sorry, I'm not that convinced about Yeon Woo developing feelings for Yoo Han. From what I've seen, Yeon Woo loves Yoo Han's ability to make him see colours, but has no real feelings for Yoo Han as the actual person. It seems more as if Yeon Woo had mistaken his feelings of gratitude for romantic love.
  • My thoughts: Is it just me or do these guys spend more time in the nurse's office than they do in the actual classroom? 😆 I actually think I liked the scene in the nurse's office more than the big dramatic scene in the rain. The nurse's office scene felt more of an intimate and tender moment between the couple.

Episode 5

Yeon Woo cries when he sees the colours in his mom's portrait for the first time.

Yoo Han takes Yeon Woo to see a stunning art exhibition specifically about colours. The two of them have an enjoyable time.

After the show, they go to Yeon Woo's home, where he sees the colours in his mom's portrait for the first time. The emotions overwhelm Yeon Woo and he begins to cry.

  • Best moment: The scene where Yeon Woo cries over his mom's portrait was so good. Ever since they introduced the portrait in an earlier episode, I've been waiting for this moment to happen, knowing that it will be very emotionally powerful. This scene turned out to be even better than I anticipated. The actor delivered a fantastic performance that really resonated with me.
  • Cute moment: When Yoo Han didn't come to school for the day, Yeon Woo and his friends created a made-shift doll to trick the teacher into thinking Yoo Han was there. I mean, the doll looked nothing like him and was the size of a small child. 😆 But it was still a cute little scene that lightened the mood.
  • My thoughts: I loved the concept of the art exhibit show and it produced some really pretty visual effects. With that said, it was probably more exciting for Yeon Woo's character to experience than for the viewers watching. To me, all I see is a bunch of flashing lights on the walls and floors, but I'm glad Yeon Woo had an enjoyable time. ✨

Episode 6

Yeon Woo cries when his aunt suggests that he should transfer schools to be away from Yoo Han.

When Yeon Woo's aunt suddenly arrives home, Yoo Han introduces himself as just a friend from school. However, she figures out their real relationship and suggests that Yeon Woo transfer schools. This provokes a strong reaction out of Yeon Woo, who vehemently refuses.

Later, Yeon Woo hears from his friends that Yoo Han might not return to school anyway, since he's getting ready to debut as an idol. Yeon Woo's mental health deteriorates, and in desperation, he hatches a sinister plot to kidnap Yoo Han for himself.

  • Best moment: Yeon Woo delivered another terrific performance during the confrontation with his aunt. This actor is so good at getting emotional and crying his puffy little eyes out. The way he cried was different from the last episode, where he was just plain sad. This time, you can see visible signs of distress in his mannerisms, and you can tell he's more mentally disturbed.
  • Worst moment: I know Yeon Woo isn't in a mentally good place, but the decision to kidnap Yon Hoo seems so extreme? In the last episode, he was happily attending an art exhibition. And this episode, he's devising some kind of human abduction scheme. It feels like his mental breakdown escalated so quickly, jumping from zero to a hundred in such a short time. I dunno if we got enough build-up to justify this level of batshit crazy so quickly.
  • My thoughts: The story took a sharp turn in this episode. There were subtle hints of Yeon Woo's mental health deteriorating in the past, but they pounded hard on the accelerator and went straight to looneysville. I know it sucks to lose colour in your vision again, but do you not think you're overreacting a little? Still, I enjoy the intensity of Yeon Woo's mental breakdown and I was excited to see where it would take us in the next episode.was excited to see where it would take us in the next episode.

Episode 7

Instead of trying to kidnap Yoo Han for himself, Yeon Woo decides to commit suicide instead.

Interested in learning more about his point of view, Yoo Han asks Yeon Woo about the shades of grey he sees. While Yoo Han picks up on some distress, he doesn't understand how bad Yeon Woo's mental health has deteriorated. At home, Yeon Woo doesn't plan on kidnapping Yoo Han anymore. Instead, he ties a noose and hangs himself in a suicide attempt.

Fortunately, his aunt saves him just in time, but she insists on isolating Yeon Woo for his own safety. Yoo Han tracks him down anyway, and he convinces Yeon Woo to run away together in the middle of the night.

  • Heartbreaking moment: Oh my god, I can't believe Yeon Woo went that far. I didn't see his suicide attempt coming, but it seemed obvious in retrospect and it definitely made more sense than the kidnapping plot. While I don't want his character to kill himself, I know he has suffered a lot and can understand the factors that drove him to this drastic decision. It's not just about his colorblindness, but also the sense of abandonment, the loneliness, and the hopelessness all coming together to form a dangerous psychological reaction.
  • Worst moment: Don't know if I'm on board with Yoo Han breaking Yeon Woo out of the treatment facility following his suicide attempt. It feels extremely reckless and irresponsible. I mean, there's a right time and place for a whimsical midnight rendezvous, but it usually doesn't happen right after someone tried to kill himself. Is Yoo Han really capable of taking care of Yeon Woo in his current fragile mental state? 🤷
  • My thoughts: A sad episode, and I'm still shaken at how close Yeon Woo came to killing himself. Honestly, I would've liked it if Color Rush spent a bit more time on his recovery process. The suicide is a dramatic moment, and the aftermath deserves more focus than just rushing to the next adventure with Yoo Han. Still, the most important thing is that Yeon Woo is still alive and hopefully he'll be in a better state of mind next episode. Stay strong, Yeon Woo! 😢
Episode 7
Episode 8

Episode 8

Yeon Woo and Yoo Han kiss for the first and only time in Color Rush.

After running away together, Yoo Han takes Yeon Woo to the beach, where they gaze at the colours of the ocean waves. Yeon Woo discovers that Yoo Han quit being an idol trainee and ran away from his powerful family. In an honest chat, they open up about their feelings.

Yoo Han confesses that he suffers from face blindness, so he can't recognize what anybody looks like, but Yeon Woo is the only exception. Yeon Woo feels a lot more reassured, knowing that both of them must depend on each other in this relationship. They share a tender kiss.

  • Happy ending: The series ends happily, with their lives going back to everyday normalcy. The final shot shows the boys skipping class, with their hands clasped as they run across the school hallway together. 👬
  • Best moment: I liked their final conversation together, followed by a sweet and tender kiss. This chat was the first time we learned anything substantial about Yoo Han's character, but sadly it came at the end of the series. His facial blindness condition seems like a convenient way to wrap up the plot happily, but I'll take a feel-good happy ending over a sad and messy one.
  • Worst moment: At the beach, Yoo Han was just droning on and on about all these different colours. This is a recurring trend, and he has been reciting many colours in the past few episodes. The dialogue often consists of Yoo Han listing out names of colours with some useless trivia facts about their background. This was cute the first time he did it, but it got less and less interesting when that's all he ever talked about. Dude, I get it, you memorized the encyclopedia passages about different colours. Can we change the topic please?
  • My thoughts: This ending was fine on its own, but it felt a little unsatisfying as a series finale. Color Rush didn't resolve the plot with Yeon Woo's missing mom and barely touched upon Yoo Han's sudden character development. Plus, there are so many other potential storylines they could've done with Yeon Woo. As soon as I finished this episode, I looked up whether there's a planned sequel because the story feels unresolved in its current state.
  • Final thoughts: Despite a few flaws, Color Rush was a strong BL drama with some emotionally powerful themes and moments. I want to watch this story continue with a sequel. Hopefully, Yeon Woo continues to find happiness in his life, with or without colour, because his character is precious and must be protected at all costs.

Color Rush Season 2


Color Rush 2 2022 series sequel Drama review

Color Rush 2 is the sequel of Color Rush.

Color Rush Season 2 was released on January 21, 2022. The sequel continues the story around six months later, but a lot has happened to the main characters since then. For starters, you might be shocked to discover there's a new love interest! Yoo Han doesn't appear in Season 2. Instead, he's replaced by another character with a mysterious connection to Yeon Woo.

The Color Rush sequel is technically worse than its first season. The storytelling is often ridiculous and contrived. Nonetheless, the plot is still complex and engaging. The actors also deliver great performances, and I like the chemistry between the two leads. Overall, I have mixed feelings about Color Rush 2. I liked it more than the first season, but I also acknowledge that the second season has many glaring flaws.

Color Rush Information


Storywiz is a Korean BL studio that produced dramas like Color Rush and Color Rush 2.

Storywiz is the Korean BL studio that made Color Rush (2020). Their other projects include Color Rush 2 (2022).

  1. I was also bothered by the rushed ending and the total abandonment of the search for Yeon Woo's mother, but I guess that's par for the course for these too-short Korean BL series. On the other hand, I was captivated by Hyunjun Hur's performance as Yoo Han. I had no idea that he was actually a famous K-Pop idol in real life, who was forced to retire from popular group The Boyz due to a medical condition. I'm really hoping to see him in more dramas soon.



    and yes i agree, Color Rush is such a beautiful bl kdrama and the storyline is unique and interesting.

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