I'm a Fool for You 2 – Series Review & Episode Guide

I'm a Fool for You is the second season of the Hong Kong BL series.

I'm a Fool for You Season 2 is the second season of the Hong Kong BL series. This sequel continues the story of two high school friends who fell out after a failed love confession. They reunite years later, hoping to mend their broken relationship. The protagonist also faces a crucial decision regarding his music career, which involves leaving behind his hometown.

The second season of I'm a Fool for You started well, fleshing out the characters and their backstories. The high school flashbacks add more context to the unrequited love, raising the stakes of the relationship drama. Unfortunately, the amateurish acting remains dire, and the cast cannot handle the dramatic material. The story also becomes too gloomy, desperately lacking in energy and liveliness.

I'm a Fool for You Season 2 Summary


那個傻的 請一直傻下去 第2季

Series Info:

Hong Kong (2021)


45 minutes

Total Episodes:

4 episodes




I'm a Fool for You 2 is a sad & emotional BL drama.


Season 2 follows up on the events from the previous series. Hugo has been moping after he nearly kissed Hin during their last encounter. They haven't talked to each other since. Hugo's roommate Victor seems concerned about his friend. Hugo shuts himself at home and drinks a lot, lamenting his lingering feelings for his high school crush.

Flashbacks reveal that Hugo had a close brotherly bond with Hin. However, their friendship was ruined when Hin reacted poorly to an impulsive kiss from Hugo. The blunt rejection caused Hugo to go on a downward spiral, made worse by the deteriorating circumstances with his family at home.

Meanwhile, Hin receives an intriguing offer to join a talent competition, which takes place in the country of Taiwan. If he participates, he must leave Hong Kong for an extended period. Hin's friend Cory discourages him, but his ex-boyfriend Yiu seems supportive of the idea. When Hin decides to pursue his dreams overseas, Hugo realizes he only has a limited time to confess his love.

I'm a Fool for You Season 2 Cast



Pius Kung (龔建銘)

Hin is portrayed by the actor Pius Kung.

Hin is an aspiring musician. Recently, he received an intriguing offer to participate in a talent competition in Taiwan. Participating means he must leave Hong Kong for an extended time. Hin maintains relationships with his ex-boyfriends Yiu and Marco. Recently, he reconnected with Hugo, an old high school friend who confessed his feelings to him.


Owan Tam (譚昊旻)

Hugo is portrayed by the actor Owan Tam.

Hugo is a university student, currently studying to be an actuary. He works a part-time job at a bar to support himself financially. Hugo has a rocky relationship with his family, so he moved out from home and now lives with his roommate Victor. Hugo still has lingering feelings for his first love and high school crush Hin.


Bowie Guan (關俊雄)

Yiu is portrayed by the actor Bowie Guan.

Yiu is Hin's ex-boyfriend from high school, although they broke up years ago. They remain friends with benefits, occasionally hooking up without any commitments. Yiu has a cheeky and outgoing personality, but he doesn't get along with many people. Yiu recently got into a drunken fight with Hin's friend Hugo.

Supporting Cast

Victor is portrayed by the actor Lorenzo Wan.


Lorenzo Wan

Cory is portrayed by the actress Hoiki Yu.


Hoiki Yu

Marco is portrayed by the actor Ulysses Chaue.


Ulysses Chaue

Cast Highlights

  • Yiu's actor (Bowie) stars in the 2022 Hong Kong BL series BOYS. He portrays a young actor in a theatre play with an unrequited crush on his costar.

I'm a Fool for You Season 2 Review


Drama Review Score: 6.7

Hin hooks up with Marco before he leaves for Taiwan.

I'm a Fool for You Season 2 is an okay sequel. It makes some slight improvements from the first season. Notably, the flashbacks are an excellent addition. These high school memories develop the leads, expand on their history, and give context to the relationship dynamics. Season 2 fills in some of the blanks from the previous series. Now that I understand the characters better, it raises the stakes of the romance. I care more about the couple and the story of their unrequited love.

Unfortunately, the flashbacks are more exciting than the present timeline. This season focuses on Hin's decision to travel to Taiwan, which is the only significant story arc. Otherwise, the plot feels pretty empty without anything happening in the uneventful BL drama. The emphasis on Hin seems detrimental because his character is the least interesting. In contrast, Yiu has a lively personality, yet his role is minimal during Season 2. The last two episodes are particularly dull because they revolve around Hin, who lacks the enthusiasm to carry the series.

The romantic encounters are the highlights of I'm a Fool for You. This series isn't afraid to be racy, embracing physicality between the characters. Each episode teases an intimate moment, as you can tell from the eye-catching thumbnail pictures on the YouTube videos. While none of the scenes are overly explicit, the interactions are titillating and filmed quite artistically. This indie BL drama shines in its production efforts, using a smooth soundtrack and stylish cinematography to enhance the romantic ambiance. I'm a Fool for You is excellent at creating atmosphere.

I'm a Fool for You depicts its relationships candidly. The characters have active sex drives, meet at hotels for sleazy rendezvous, and engage in casual one-night stands. They feel like authentic gay adults who get a little horny, unlike fictional BL leads who are only intimate to fulfill an endgame point. The series celebrates a liberal approach to sexuality compared to other dramas that sanitize sexual desires. Many love stories in this genre feel sweet and gentle, whereas I'm a Fool for You is sensual and gritty. I like that it doesn't sugar-coat romances.

The acting remains the weakest part in I'm a Fool for You. Hin's performer (Pius Kung) is a heartthrob blessed with handsome looks, but he portrays his role dreadfully. He can't emote, deliver lines naturally, or handle dramatic content. His costar (Owan Tam) is shaky, unable to overcome his nerves in several scenes. Their poor performances diminish the poignant emotions in Hin and Hugo's romance. Similarly, the new supporting cast members are rookies whose inexperience shows on screen. Only Yiu's actor (Bowie Guan) meets standards, exuding a charismatic spark.

I'm a Fool for You is angsty, lacks liveliness, and becomes increasingly gloomy near the end. Most episodes desperately need a vitalizing shot of energy. The finale feels too dreary, made worse because the performances are excruciating. The heavy material goes beyond the capabilities of Hin's actor, who struggles to deliver his lines with emotions. Nonetheless, the sad ending establishes juicy relationship dynamics for the future, leaving enough room for speculation. I'm curious to see how the characters and their journeys will evolve in the third season.


Uneventful story

I'm a Fool for You Season 2 makes excellent use of flashbacks to expand on the characters and their relationship history. However, this series feels uneventful without much happening in the plot.

Wistful romance

The story of unrequited love has an increasingly melancholic vibe. I like how the series portrays gay relationships candidly, not shying away from physical affection or intimate moments.

Amateurish acting

Besides Yiu's actor (Bowie Guan), the rest of the cast does not appear comfortable on camera. The heavy dramatic material may be too challenging for the leads, especially Hin's actor (Pius Kung).

Sad ending

I'm a Fool for You Season 2 has a sad ending after a heartbreaking exchange between Hin & Hugo. The finale teases juicy relationship dynamics, leaving enough room for speculation in Season 3.

Decent artistry

This indie BL drama accompanies its stylish cinematography with a smooth soundtrack. The production values elevate the romantic atmosphere, compensating for the weaker acting performances.


I'm a Fool for You Season 2 is an okay sequel that feels too gloomy towards the end. The woeful acting performances diminish the poignant emotions in this sad love story.

I'm a Fool for You Season 2

Episode Guide

I'm a Fool for You Season 2 has a total of 4 episodes. Each episode is around 10 to 12 minutes long. Also, there are some outtakes at the end of each episode. It is a short BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 1 hour. I'm a Fool for You Season 2 began airing on July 15, 2021 and ended its last episode on August 26, 2021.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Hugo kisses Hin during their high school flashback.

I'm a Fool for You Season 2 begins with a high school flashback. The memory highlights Hin, Hugo, and their friend Cory. Hin and Hugo are friendly with each other. During their conversation, Hugo suddenly initiates a kiss with Hin. However, Hin doesn't respond positively. He sees Hugo as a "brother" and feels that Hin crossed the line in their platonic friendship. Since then, these two friends fell out of favour and avoided each other.

During the present timeline, Hugo mopes miserably after his failed kiss with Hin in their rooftop meeting. His roommate Victor seems worried about him. Meanwhile, Hin receives an exciting offer to participate in a talent competition in Taiwan, which means leaving Hong Kong for an extended time. Cory points out the risks of moving abroad, but Yiu seems supportive of the idea. The episode ends with Hin contemplating whether he should pursue his music career in another country.

Episode 1 Review
Cory and Yiu bicker back and forth over Hin's decision to move to Taiwan.

It's not a bad start for Season 2! I like seeing the high school flashbacks with Hin and Hugo. They reference this failed love confession in the previous series. However, the emotions resonate much more powerfully when we see the moment happening on screen. Season 1 struggled to convince me of the romantic connection between the characters. Now, I'm becoming invested in their juicy story of unrequited love.

The outtakes are another excellent addition for this season. I love seeing the behind-the-scenes footage with the cast. Everyone is much more relaxed when not in character, making me wish they could bring this energy during filming. Something is obstructing the authenticity of their performances. Is it because the actors are trying too hard to memorize their lines? Or is it simply inexperience?

I'm a Fool for You is so lucky to have Yiu's actor (Bowie Guan) in this cast. I don't think his performance is perfect in every aspect, but he easily stands out compared to the other actors. He brings enthusiasm and liveliness to his scenes. I like the back-and-forth banter between Yiu and Cory in this episode. Also, Bowie is amusing during the outtakes.

Episode 2

Hin and Marco hooked up during high school.

Episode 2 begins after Hin and Hugo's failed kiss in high school. Hugo is devastated after the rejection. Hin goes out of his way to avoid his friend and pretends to be in a fake relationship with Victor. Later, Hugo confronts Victor, who admits the romance is a sham.

In the flashback, Hugo tries moving on from Hin by hooking up with another classmate, Marco. Unfortunately, his family walks in during their steamy encounter. Hugo suffers from homophobic treatment at home. Finally, he leaves his family to live independently. In the present timeline, Hugo still mopes around over his broken relationship with Hin. Victor feels concerned his friend doesn't leave home all day.

Yiu visits Hugo's home to return his wallet. He also apologizes for the drunken brawl. However, Yiu and Hugo still don't get along. They begin bickering with each other. During the conversation, Yiu reveals that Hin plans on moving to Taiwan for an extended period. This news troubles Hugo, giving him food for thought. The episode ends with Hin visiting a hotel and entering a room with Marco, Hugo's former hookup.

Episode 2 Review
Hin rejects Hugo after the failed love confession in high school.

I know the series is currently focused on a Hugo x Hin romance. However, I'm into the idea of a Hugo x Yiu pairing instead. Their interactions in this episode are fun, showing a glimmer of potential. When Hugo and Hin interact, their exchanges just seem awkward and make me sad. In contrast, Hugo and Yiu have a livelier rapport, even if they don't necessarily get along. It would be interesting if the series pivots from a Hugo x Hin storyline to a Hugo x Yiu endgame.

So far, I'm more interested in the high school flashbacks than the present timeline. I like learning more about the characters through these memories, such as Hugo's troubled family situation. Hugo had minimal development in Season 1, so I'm glad they expanded on his backstory more in this series. Also, his dynamic with Victor is kind of interesting. Victor used to be in a fake relationship with Hin, but now he's roommates with Hugo.

I don't think this comes across in the English subtitles, but Yiu's Cantonese dialect is slightly different than the other characters. He speaks more informally and uses cuss words as emphasis. His character is supposed to sound uncouth, demonstrating his straightforward personality.

Episode 3

Hin hooks up with Marco in the hotel room.

Episode 3 begins with Hin and Marco meeting in the hotel for a casual hookup. Hin tells his lover that it will be their last rendezvous for a while. He has decided to leave Hong Kong and move to Taiwan to participate in the talent competition. Hin also expresses regrets over how he handled his relationship with Hugo. Marco pretends to care about his problems, although he seems more preoccupied with having sex.

Later, Hin sings a few love songs for his social media followers. Cory and Marco are filming a live stream of the performance. Victor is also present, playing an instrument as part of the band. The episode ends with Hin receiving a phone call. We presume it's from Hugo. The two leads will finally meet up since their awkward encounter in the Season 1 finale.

Episode 3 Review
Marco gives Hin advice before he leaves for Taiwan.

This episode is really uneventful, like nothing much has happened. The one-night stand between Hin and Marco seems gratuitous, adding little value to the plot. I like that the series included a steamy sex scene, showcasing physical intimacy between the characters. However, it feels like pointless filler. Marco randomly appears in the plot with hardly any characterization. It's hard to feel engaged in this meaningless sexual encounter between Hin and some nobody.

Season 2 introduces three new supporting characters, but none have much significance or make an impact. I guess Cory is okay in her minor role, bringing some female representation to the cast. Victor is disappointing. I thought he'd be more relevant to the story, yet his character lurks in the background and doesn't do anything substantial. As for Marco, he's a random nobody, only there for meaningless hookups. Maybe Season 3 will expand upon their personalities more.

Episode 3
Episode 4

Episode 4

Hugo kisses Hin, but still gets rejected by him.

Hugo and Hin finally meet, their first chat since the awkward encounter in the Season 1 finale. Hin confirms that he plans to leave Hong Kong and pursue his music career in Taiwan. Hugo musters up the courage to confess his feelings to Hin. He wants a romantic relationship and pleads for Hin to see him as more than just a friend.

Then, Hugo kisses Hin. They lock lips for a moment. However, Hin ultimately rejects Hugo. Hin's reasoning is that he doesn't want to jeopardize their friendship. He only sees Hugo as a "brother". Hugo is devastated by the rejection once again. I'm a Fool for You Season 2 ends with Hin leaving for Taiwan. Only Yiu is there to give him a chilly sendoff, while Hugo is nowhere to be found.

Episode 4 Review
Hin rejects Hugo in the I'm a Fool for You sad ending.

Hin and Hugo's chat should have been the climax of the series. However, the acting is excruciating. Hin's actor can't handle the dramatic material and reserves his worst performance for the finale. He's struggling to emote and recite his lines at the same time. His lousy acting draws away my attention and diminishes the poignant emotions of the moment.

There's no way Hin and Hugo could get together after this finale, right? That's like the third time Hin rejected Hugo in this series. It's the final nail in the coffin. After three failed attempts, Hugo must realize his friend isn't into him and move on. Hin says he doesn't want to lose Hugo as a "brother", but I think that's just an excuse. Ultimately, Hin isn't attracted to him.

I'm a Fool for You Season 2 Info


I'm a Fool for You is scheduled to have four seasons. The first two seasons aired in 2021, while the third season released in 2022. The final season is currently in production.

Season 1

I'm a Fool for You Season 1 is the first season of the Hong Kong BL series.

The first season of I'm a Fool for You was released on January 14, 2021. It has a total of four episodes, which are approximately 8 to 10 minutes. I'm a Fool for You Season 1 finished its run on February 25, 2021.

Season 1 introduces Hin, Hugo, and Yin, three gay men living in Hong Kong. Hin and Hugo are old high school friends, but they fell out after a failed love confession. The two characters reconnect during university. Despite an awkward first encounter, their reunion eventually brings them closer together. However, Hin's ex-boyfriend Yiu complicates the relationship dynamics, forming a love triangle among the characters.

Season 3

I'm a Fool for You Season 3 is the third season of the Hong Kong BL series.

The third season of I'm a Fool for You started on August 4, 2021, a year after the previous series was released. This sequel has a total of five episodes, which are approximately 8 to 10 minutes. I'm a Fool for You Season 3 ended on September 29, 2021. It has announced plans to continue the fourth and final season.

Season 3 continues the stories of Hin, Hugo, and Yin. This season begins with the distressing aftermath of the Season 2 finale. Hugo has hit emotional rock bottom after what happened with Hin. Meanwhile, Hin has returned to Hong Kong after his trip to Taiwan didn't go according to plan. Also, Yiu encounters his ex-boyfriend Sheldon and has a chilly interaction with him. Yet, Yiu discovers a shocking secret between Sheldon and his new boyfriend Xavier.

Omnia Thought

Omnia Thought is an indie Hong Kong BL studio that made I'm a Fool for You (2021).

Omnia Thought is an indie Hong Kong BL studio that made I'm a Fool for You (2021). It also specializes in photography and portraits. The portfolio of their works can be found in their social media channels.

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