I'm a Fool for You 3 – Series Review & Episode Guide

I'm a Fool for You Season 3 is the third season of the Hong Kong BL series.

I'm a Fool for You Season 3 is the sequel of the Hong Kong BL series. The story showcases the relationship drama of three gay men. This season, the protagonist agonizes over his heartbreak and takes drastic measures. Another costar enters a new romance with a suave suitor. Meanwhile, the other lead encounters his ex-boyfriend under sordid circumstances.

The new season of I'm a Fool for You is around the same quality as the first two seasons. It suffers similar issues with simple writing, amateurish acting, and too much gloomy melodrama. Nonetheless, this gritty BL series is occasionally riveting as it explores angst and heartbreak. I like that each protagonist has an emotional story arc, taking us on a dynamic journey through their turbulent love lives.

I'm a Fool for You Season 3 Summary


那個傻的 請一直傻下去 第3季

Series Info:

Hong Kong (2022)


1 hour

Total Episodes:

5 episodes




I'm a Fool for You 3 is a sad & emotional BL drama.


Yiu meets with his ex-boyfriend Sheldon.

Some time has passed since the Season 2 finale. Hugo is devastated after Hin rejects his love confession. Feeling heartbroken, he tries cutting his wrists at home. His roommate Victor stops the self-harm in time. Later, Victor and his friend Cory introduce him to Oscar, an old acquaintance from high school. Oscar seems genuinely interested in Hugo and wants to help him move on from Hin.

Meanwhile, Hin has returned from his overseas trip to the country of Taiwan. Unfortunately, he doesn't experience success in his music career and plans to give up on his dreams. Although Hin is back in Hong Kong, he doesn't get in touch with Hugo even after learning about what happened to him. Hin begins working at a restaurant. He meets Tony, a suave customer who flirts heavily with him. Eventually, Hin falls for Tony's sweet talk and enters a new relationship.

During work, Yiu arrives at a company to deliver a package. He's surprised to encounter Sheldon, his ex-boyfriend who cheated on him. Even though they broke up years ago, Yiu remains hostile toward his ex and claims he'll never forgive him. Sheldon's new boyfriend Xavier intervenes and almost gets into a heated fight with Yiu. Later, the two exes meet again under sordid circumstances. Yiu discovers a scandalous secret about Xavier and Sheldon's relationship.

I'm a Fool for You Season 3 Cast



Pius Kung (龔建銘)

Hin is portrayed by the Hong Kong actor Pius Kung (龔建銘).

Hin is an aspiring singer from Hong Kong. He participated in a Taiwanese talent competition to pursue his career. However, he returned home after experiencing a lack of success. Hin gives up on his dreams and starts working at a restaurant instead. To his surprise, he encounters Tony, a flirty customer who used to be a fan of his music.


Owan Tam (譚昊旻)

Hugo is portrayed by the Hong Kong actor Owan Tam (譚昊旻).

Hugo is a university student. Hugo has an unrequited crush on Hin, his high school friend. However, their relationship ended poorly when Hin rejected his love confession. Driven to despair, Hugo tries to kill himself. His roommate Victor stops the suicide attempt in time.


Bowie Guan (關俊雄)

Yiu is portrayed by the HongKong actor Bowie Guan (關俊雄).

Yiu is a warehouse worker. One day, he encounters his ex-boyfriend Sheldon, who cheated on him. Even though they broke up years ago, Yiu is hostile toward his ex and vows he'll never forgive him. Sheldon is currently in a relationship with his new boyfriend, Xavier. However, Yiu is shocked to discover a scandalous secret about Sheldon and Xavier.

Supporting Cast

Victor is portrayed by the Hong Kong actor Lorenzo Wan (羅倫素).


Lorenzo Wan (羅倫素)

Oscar is portrayed by the Hong Kong actor John Ho (何求).


John Ho (何求)

Tony is portrayed by the Hong Kong actor Dixon Yip.


Dixon Yip

Sheldon is portrayed by the Hong Kong actor Clayton Suen (孫君陶).


Clayton Suen (孫君陶)

Xavier is portrayed by the Hong Kong actor Aaron Leung.


Aaron Leung

Sam is portrayed by the Hong Kong actor Brandy Wong.


Brandy Wong

Cory is portrayed by the Hong Kong actress Hoiki Yu.


Hoiki Yu

Cast Highlights

  • Yiu's actor (Bowie Guan) stars in another Hong Kong BL web drama BOYS (2022). He portrays a young actor who has unrequited feelings for his costar.
  • Sheldon's actor (Clayton Suen) is part of a fascinating Hong Kong movie called May You Stay Forever Young. The film is a fictional retelling of the Hong Kong protests in 2019. Due to the injustices of the tyrannical government, a young girl declares her intent to commit suicide. A group of youths assembles a makeshift rescue squad, hoping they have enough time to save her life. This courageous film is banned in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and China. The more they want to censor the story, the more you know it's worthwhile to watch!

I'm a Fool for You Season 3 Review


Drama Review Score: 6.7

Hugo and Hin have fallen out in Season 3.

I'm a Fool for You Season 3 is roughly around the same quality as the two previous series. I wish I could say it improves significantly, but this sequel isn't a vast departure from the norm. The story is still too gloomy and lacking in energy. The characters mope around with a grey cloud of misery, barely cracking a smile throughout five episodes. Love is supposed to feel jubilant, but this angsty BL drama seems devoid of enthusiasm. I'm a Fool for You remains a bleak and joyless experience.

On the bright side, I'm a Fool for You Season 3 becomes better at crafting emotional journeys for the three protagonists. Last season suffered because the plot was stagnant and too uneventful, whereas this series moves forward with brisk momentum. The characters face ups and downs in their turbulent relationship drama. Considering the narrative is less than an hour long, it does a decent job managing multiple story arcs. Season 3 feels productive, using the time wisely to develop the leads and explore their perspectives.

This sequel begins with a shocking scene involving Hugo's character. In my opinion, the series could've handled the aftermath more delicately. However, I like the idea of Hugo meeting a decent guy who helps him heal from his trauma. While Hugo goes on a positive recovery, Hin's storyline depicts his downward spiral. I enjoy the juxtaposition between the two leads. As for Yiu, his subplot has too many coincidences and absurd circumstances. Nonetheless, I'm glad Season 3 expands the relationship with his ex, an ongoing conflict introduced since the first series.

Unlike your typical drama, I'm a Fool for You doesn't portray love idealistically. It explores the sleazy side of gay culture, from casual hookups to playboys with commitment issues. Instead of treating sex as an exclusive activity for couples, it's a physical pleasure that feels cheap and easy. This series defies convention and deconstructs many sweet relationship tropes from the BL genre. As the characters suffer from heartbreak, I'm a Fool for You feels anything but romantic. While the grittiness won't appeal to everyone, this candid approach to sexuality intrigues me.

In the past, the amateurish acting was the worst aspect of I'm a Fool for You. Surprisingly, there's a slight improvement this season. The series adds several new supporting characters, who all speak confidently and appear comfortable on screen. As a collective, they raise the bar and make the performances feel less awkward. I'm particularly fond of Sheldon (Clayton Suen), who's pretty cute. 😙 Unfortunately, Hin's actor (Pius Kung) is still the weak link in the cast. He can't portray anguish convincingly, taking me out of immersion during every dramatic scene.

Like previously, I'm a Fool for You is skilled at producing stylish ambiance. It shows creativity with lighting, camera angles & an experimental flair to make the visuals stand out. Aesthetically, I like the final scene with Hin in the bar, brimming with a moody, melancholic vibe. Overall, this indie drama maintains a lot of sincerity. After all, not every BL project makes it to Season 3 without commitment and hard work. I believe next season will be the last, so let's hope the franchise ends on a high note. Maybe I'm a Fool for You Season 4 can be the best installment out of all.


Gloomy story

I'm a Fool for You Season 3 suffers from a lack of energy and gloomy melodrama. Nonetheless, the three protagonists go through emotional story arcs that explore their relationships compellingly.

Cynical romance

Unlike many BL dramas, this series doesn't idealize love. It highlights heartbreak, casual sex & the sleazy side of gay culture. The story deconstructs relationship tropes instead of celebrating romance.

Okay acting

The new supporting actors are comfortable on screen and raise the standard in this BL drama. However, Hin's actor (Pius Kung) is still the weak link in the cast and struggles to emote convincingly.

Sad ending

I'm a Fool for You Season 3 has a sad ending with Hin's character in despair. The finale is slightly more hopeful for Hugo, who meets a decent guy and heals from his earlier trauma.

Decent artistry

Although the series doesn't have a high-budget production, it still experiments with lighting and camera angles. The cinematographer created a few atmospheric scenes brimming with ambiance.


I'm a Fool for You Season 3 doesn't make significant improvements from the past installments. Although the story remains too joyless, it develops the characters and explores their journeys compellingly.

I'm a Fool for You Season 3

Episode Guide

I'm a Fool for You has 5 episodes. Each episode is around 8 to 10 minutes long. There are also some funny outtakes at the end of each episode. It is a short BL drama, and you can finish the entire season in under 1 hour. I'm a Fool for You Season 3 began airing on August 4, 2022 and ended its last episode on September 29, 2022.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Hugo contemplates suicide after Hin's rejection.

I'm a Fool for You Season 3 occurs after some time since the last season finale. However, Hugo remains anguished by Hin's rejection and has been taking antidepressants. Shockingly, Hugo cuts his wrists in the bathroom. His roommate Victor senses something is wrong and stops the self-harm in time. Hugo cries miserably into Victor's arms.

Meanwhile, Hin has returned to Hong Kong after his overseas trip to Taiwan. Previously, he planned to join a talent competition to pursue his music career. However, he hasn't achieved any success and decides to give up on music. Hin learns about Hugo's incident, yet he doesn't get in touch with his high school friend. Hin also starts working at a restaurant. He meets Tony, a customer who flirts heavily with him.

During work, Yiu delivers a package to a company. He's surprised to meet Sheldon, his cheating ex-boyfriend. Although they broke up years ago, Yiu still acts hostile toward his ex. Yiu claims he'll never forgive Sheldon in this lifetime. Sheldon's current boyfriend Xavier intervenes. The heated exchange almost escalates into a fight before Yiu storms off in a rage.

Episode 1 Review
Yiu and Xavier butt heads upon meeting each other.

Wow, I didn't expect Season 3 to begin with Hugo's suicide attempt! I knew he'd be hurt after Hin's rejection, but I didn't think he'd take such extreme measures. I think it's really shitty that Hin learns what happened and still doesn't check up on Hugo. Even if you aren't attracted to him, you can show compassion toward your suicidal friend. Not that I was rooting for Hin and Hugo as a couple, but it's impossible to ship them together after this incident. 

We finally meet Yiu's mysterious ex-boyfriend Sheldon, who was a big part of his backstory in Season 1. It's reassuring that the series hasn't forgotten about this loose end. Unfortunately, last season didn't focus too much on Yiu, who was neglected in the plot. However, I'm glad his character returns to the spotlight again this season.

Sheldon's actor starred in a movie called May You Stay Forever Young (2021). Set in the 2019 Hong Kong protests, the story focuses on a team of youths working together to rescue a suicidal girl. Suicide rates surged during the protests. Many Hongkongers felt demoralized due to the oppressive government, violent police tactics & a bleak future of tyranny. Although the film is fictional, it captures the mindset of Hong Kong protesters advocating for democracy. Banned in several Asian countries, this culturally significant film has an important message.

Episode 2

Episode 2 begins with a casual hookup involving Yiu and his fuck buddy. They kiss and get frisky with S&M. After sex, Sam tries to engage in a conversation, but Yiu isn't in the mood to talk. Before leaving, Sam invites Yiu to watch a live sex performance over the weekend.

Meanwhile, Hugo is having a sombre meal with his friends Victor and Cory. Hugo insists he's feeling mentally better despite inflicting self-harm last episode. Victor remains upset at his friend for taking such drastic actions, whereas Cory seems more supportive. Later, Cory introduces Hugo to Oscar, an old high school acquaintance. The friendly Oscar advises Hugo to forget the painful memories of Hin and move on from his heartbreak.

Once again, Tony visits Hin at work. He continues hitting on Hin and even invites him to his home. At one point, their faces come awfully close to kissing. The episode ends with Hin agreeing to go home with Tony after work.

Episode 2 Review
Tony flirts with Hin at the bar.

After Hugo's self-harm, I don't know if he's mentally ready for a new relationship right away. Should his friends be pushing a new guy onto him so soon? His last crush almost pushed Hugo to kill himself. Psychologically, maybe he's better off prioritizing self-love than pairing up with a love interest. Hugo needs a counsellor more than a new man!

I like Oscar's actor (John Ho), who looks comfortable on screen and delivers lines naturally. However, his role seems identical to Victor. Just give all of Oscar's scenes to Victor and you wouldn't notice the difference. I wonder if there was a scheduling conflict with the actor, forcing the series to introduce a doppelgänger. Otherwise, Oscar feels redundant when Victor is an established character who shares more history with Hugo. Victor could be the one to counsel Hugo instead.

So far, Tony comes across as a sleazy operator. He's suave in his sweet talk, but this guy seems too slick with his flirting. Tony makes three appearances in this series, but it's always during nighttime. He deliberately stays behind in the late hours to hit on Hin. Tony reminds me of a vampire, trying very hard to suck on something. 🧛

Episode 3

Hin talks about his problems while Tony tries to have sex with him.

Episode 3 begins with a sweet, cozy fantasy of Hin and Hugo as a couple. However, the scene takes a dark turn as Hin makes hurtful remarks. Soon, we learn that exchange is just a figment of Hugo's imagination. He remains dazed and traumatized after the rejection. 

Hugo and Oscar spend time together, listening to music. Suddenly, Hugo makes an advance. However, Oscar doesn't reciprocate the gesture. Hugo apologizes for his forwardness. He talks about his personal experiences with heartbreak and mentions the healing power of self-love. The scene ends with Hugo and Oscar sharing a tender hug over their bonding.

Hin is sick and resting at home, while Tony joins him in the bedroom. Hin begins talking about his failed music career and how lonely he felt in Taiwan. Tony pretends to listen to the problems, although he seems more preoccupied with having sex. Tony is full of sweet talk and vows he'll never leave Hin's side. The episode ends with the couple becoming physically intimate. Afterwards, Hin has a content smile as he goes to sleep.

Episode 3 Review
Oscar and Hin spend time together.

I like that fantasy sequence in the beginning! The scene is shot pretty stylishly, transitioning well from sweet to sinister. It's also a creative storytelling technique to depict Hugo's psychological state instead of just showing him with a sad face. Surprisingly, the three leads don't interact at all during this season. I'm glad the series finds a way to include a Hin x Hugo interaction, even though they never meet in person.

I had to watch that Oscar and Hugo scene twice. The first time, I couldn't focus on anything other than Oscar's nipple. 🙈 Why is he topless? I don't believe the story gives an explanation. Oscar just waltzes around without a shirt all of a sudden. Inadvertently, his body becomes the focal point of the conversation, distracting my attention. I had to rewatch the exchange to absorb what was actually said. *lol*

Even though Oscar is a love interest, his flirting seems pretty gentle. He doesn't push his advances too hard and backs off when Hugo isn't ready to get affectionate. Oscar is empathetic and in tune with Hugo's emotions to ensure his partner feels comfortable. I also like that he's full of positivity and encouragement. At one point, I almost speculate if there's a twist and Oscar will reveal his identity as an undercover social worker. Oscar is like the chicken soup for Hugo's soul, helping him feel better and recover from his trauma.

The scene with Tony and Hin amuses me. Hin babbles about his personal problems, trying to have a thoughtful chat. Yet, Tony hardly pretends to care and only wants to get hanky-panky. There's a fascinating juxtaposition between Hugo and Hin's suitors. Oscar respects Hugo and forges an emotional bond with him. In contrast, Tony only has a physical connection with Hin and their attraction is surface level. As their storylines unfold, Oscar is boyfriend material while Tony turns out to be a player.

Episode 4

Yiu's ex-boyfriend Sheldon is dating Xavier.

Episode 4 begins with Xavier setting up a camera in front of a shirtless Sheldon. We discover the real nature of their relationship. Sheldon works as a camboy and earns money from Xavier, who buys him lavish gifts. During this session, Sheldon expresses concern about having a threesome on camera, but Xavier insists it'll attract more views. Sam, Yiu's sex partner from Episode 2, joins the couple on screen.

Sam, Xavier, and Sheldon begin to get steamy on camera. However, Yiu suddenly shows up and interrupts their filming. Yiu tells Sheldon to stop being a camboy and leave with him. However, Sheldon chooses to stay with Xavier instead. Yiu looks hurt about his ex's decision.

Meanwhile, Hin calls Tony in hopes of meeting up. Yet, Tony seems less receptive and wants to keep his distance. His standoffish response is very different from the flirtatious behaviour earlier in their courtship. As Hin becomes more assertive, his partner suggests they should take a break from dating. Tony hangs up the call as he ends their relationship, leaving Hin devastated.

Episode 4 Review
Sheldon has a threesome with Xavier and Sam.

The circumstances in Sheldon are too unbelievable. Yiu hasn't met his ex in years, yet they suddenly reunite twice in one week through chance encounters. On top of the coincidences, Yiu learns Sheldon's secret occupation is a camboy. WTF? The plot twist is too out there. Guess what, your ex works in the sex trade! Realistically, what are the chances of all these ridiculous scenarios happening?

The threesome looks uncomfortable instead of erotic. Everything feels off, from the stiff postures to the awkward camera positioning. If I was in the audience, I'd lose interest and tune into another live stream. Okay, I'll probably keep watching out of morbid curiosity after Yiu arrives and confronts Sheldon on camera. Imagine a boring orgy that turns into an unexpected reality show about a promiscuous ex-boyfriend. Sheldon, come with me! You have to pick him or me! It's like Love Island, except with trashy gay men. *lol*

Hello? Is this the police dispatch? I'd like to report a hit and run. The perpetrator is Tony, who ran away after he finished hitting on Hin. Okay, who isn't surprised Hin got dumped after having sex with his new boyfriend? All the red flags were there. I saw that breakup from a mile away, but I didn't expect it to be so callous. I feel awful for laughing when Tony just hangs up the phone call on Hin. That's so mean! I feel bad for Hin because he doesn't deserve that treatment. However, I also don't like his character, so my sympathy is limited. Sorry, sucks to be you~

Episode 4
Episode 5

Episode 5

I'm a Fool for You Season 3 has a sad ending where Yiu doesn't get back together with his ex-boyfriend Sheldon.

Episode 5 begins with Sheldon & Yiu meeting in the middle of the night. Sheldon explains he works as a part-time boyfriend, where someone pays him to be in a romantic relationship. He sees it as a way to support himself financially. Yiu claims he has money and wants his ex to leave this job. However, Sheldon doesn't want to get back together with him. Sheldon just wants to explain himself to give Yiu closure, helping him move on from their breakup. After a hug, they part ways without reconnecting romantically.

Meanwhile, Hugo opens up to Oscar and talks about his feelings. He acknowledges his one-sided relationship with Hin, who never reciprocated his love all these years. Oscar admits to considering suicidal thoughts in the past, especially after losing his fortune in crypto investments. He can relate to the feeling of loss, but has learned to remain optimistic. Hugo thanks Oscar for making him feel better. Oscar asks Hugo to be in a relationship and vows to cherish him.

The episode ends with Hin sitting alone in a bar. He tries calling Tony, who ignores his call. Then, Hin calls Hugo and leaves him a long voice message. Hin starts crying. He apologizes for not appreciating Hugo's unconditional love until it's too late. The episode ends with Hin asking whether they can still have a relationship. It's the opposite of his response from the Season 2 finale.

Episode 5 Review
Oscar gives Hugo a Coke Zero in his car.

I like that Yiu achieves closure with his ex-boyfriend, even if they don't get back together. The vibe is a little off in their farewell scene. On a scale of 1 to 10, Yiu's actor gives an intensity level of 10, whereas Sheldon hovers around a 4. Their energy doesn't match, creating a discrepancy in the chemistry. Generally, Yiu's actor is going really hard during his scenes this season. His intensity eclipses his screen partners, who are more subtle and low-key.

Oscar cracks me up. His character is eccentric but in a good way. This crypto bro speaks like a suicide helpline, gets randomly shirtless, and keeps multiple cans of Coke Zeros in his car. He has quirky little traits that make him unintentionally funny. Also, Oscar seems like a good person, unlike the many sleazy characters in this series. He's a positive influence on Hugo, constantly giving him reassurance and relating to his experiences. I don't know if Oscar should be Hugo's boyfriend, but he has made a favourable impression on me.

I'm a Fool for You keeps giving big dramatic scenes to Hin's actor when this guy can't handle the material. His blatantly fake crying diminishes the emotional impact of the poignant finale. Every season, this actor struggles to emote convincingly. His performances are so bad that I can almost appreciate him ironically, but I'm not quite there yet. The series needs to tweak its script and give him less challenging work. He isn't ready for heavy emotional showcases.

I'm a Fool for You Season 3 has a sad ending where Hin is alone and abandoned at the bar.

Acting aside, I like how they filmed that final scene at the bar. This series combines lighting, cinematography, and soundtrack to create a moody, melancholic vibe. I love that gorgeous shot of Hin sitting alone with a spotlight on him. In front of Hin, we see a group of friends chatting happily, highlighting his loneliness. Afterwards, we get a closer and more intimate shot of the character's forlorn expression. I like how the lighting falls on Hin's side profile, giving him a distinguished look. The atmosphere is spot on in this scene.

Thematically, I appreciate the juxtaposition between Hin and Hugo's storylines. I'm a Fool for You Season 3 begins with Hugo at emotional rock bottom after the rejection. His character slowly rebuilds lost confidence over the season. The series ends on an optimistic note for Hugo, who meets a decent guy genuinely interested in him. In contrast, Hin has the opposite journey. A sleazy playboy shatters Hin's confidence, making him lonelier than ever. In a reversal of fortunes, his character is now as miserable and abandoned as Hugo felt at the start.

I don't want Hin and Hugo together. Hin has treated his friend terribly throughout the three seasons. In the finale, Hugo isn't even his first person to call. Hin only contacts his friend after Tony doesn't answer the phone. 😑 The only reason Hin wants Hugo now is because he feels desperate and lonely enough to seek any form of companionship. After running out of guys who can stand his needy ass, he settles for his friend as a backup choice. I'm sorry, but Hugo needs to abandon this toxic relationship for his mental health. I vote NO to a Hin & Hugo endgame in Season 4!

I'm a Fool for You Season 3 Info


I'm a Fool for You plans to have four seasons in to total. Currently, three seasons have aired and the fourth series is in production.

Season 1

I'm a Fool for You Season 1 is the first season of the Hong Kong BL series.

I'm a Fool for You Season 1 began on January 14, 2021. The first season has a total of four episodes, roughly around 8 to 10 minutes each. The finale ended on February 25, 2021.

Season 1 introduces the three main characters, Hin, Hugo, and Yiu. It has a small cast with no supporting actors. The story begins with Hin and Hugo reuniting at university. Yet, their first encounter seems stiff and uncomfortable. Later, we discover they share awkward history due to a failed love confession in high school. As they reconnect, their relationship becomes complicated, especially as Hin's ex-boyfriend Yiu forms a love triangle.

Season 2

I'm a Fool for You Season 2 is the second season of the Hong Kong BL series.

I'm a Fool for You Season 2 started on July 15, 2021. This sequel has four episodes, bringing the total episode count to eight. Each episode is approximately 8 to 10 minutes. A new addition in this season is the inclusion of outtakes at the end of every episode, providing a glimpse of amusing behind-the-scenes action. The second season finished airing on August 26, 2021.

Season 2 continues the story after the awkward encounter between Hin and Hugo in the previous finale. This series features many flashbacks, expanding on the characters' history during high school. We learn about their backstories and relationship history. Hin also faces a tough dilemma as he receives an exciting offer to pursue his music career in Taiwan.

Omnia Thought

Omnia Thought is an indie Hong Kong BL studio that made I'm a Fool for You (2021).

Omnia Thought is an indie Hong Kong BL studio that made I'm a Fool for You (2021). It also specializes in photography and portraits. The portfolio of their works can be found in their social media channels.

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