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My Personal Weatherman is a Japanese BL series about a weather reporter and his secret lover.

My Personal Weatherman is a Japanese BL series about the steamy relationship between a meteorologist and his secret lover. The main character is a struggling manga artist who doesn't make money from his career. His roommate is a famous weather reporter who offers to cover all the living expenses. However, his financial support comes with an obligation. The protagonist must do the house chores, obey his benefactor, and fulfill him sexually. 

I enjoyed the smutty exchanges in My Personal Weatherman. This racy BL drama showcases juicy physical affection, from intimate touches to passionate kisses. The couple's powerful chemistry carries the series, making a memorable impression. Yet, the dysfunctional love story reveals little meaningful development. I'm also uncomfortable with the toxic relationship perpetuating coercion, possessiveness, and lopsided power dynamics.

My Personal Weatherman Summary



Series Info:

Japan (2023)


8 hours

Total Episodes:

3 episodes




My Personal Weatherman is a dark & toxic BL drama.


Segasaki holds Yoh in an intimate position.

Yoh is a manga artist who draws 18+ materials for a living. Although he enjoys the work, his stories aren't profitable. Yoh struggles to earn a living from his career. Yoh currently lives with his roommate, Segasaki. They have known each other since university and have moved in together after graduation. Segasaki gives Yoh a tempting offer. Segasaki will pay for Yoh's expenses, including rent and food. Yoh can work as a manga artist without financial concerns. In exchange, Yoh must obey Segasaki's commands.

Yoh agrees to his roommate's conditions. Thanks to Segasaki's support, Yoh can continue working on his eroge manga. He spends most of his day drawing in his room. Occasionally, he socializes with his best friend, Man. While working, they have a habit of watching the weather channel. One of the meteorologists is Segasaki. Man has a crush on the handsome reporter. She doesn't know that Yoh is cohabitating with him. Yoh keeps his relationship a secret from everyone.

As part of their deal, Yoh does the chores like shopping, cleaning, and laundry. He also cooks the meals. The pair have dinner together every night when Segasaki returns from work. Segasaki bosses around Yoh, requesting he do various household errands. Yoh follows these orders and doesn't dare to disobey. Deep down, he feels treated like a servant. Segasaki never expresses gratitude to Yoh for doing the domestic work. Despite his frustration, Yoh remains docile and doesn't speak up.

In addition, Yoh and Segasaki have a sexual relationship. The two roommates are physically intimate with each other. Having sex is a part of their routine. However, Segasaki implements a peculiar guideline. He only wants to do it on sunny days. They will refrain from affection if the weather is rainy. This rule confuses Yoh. He watches the weather channel to prepare himself mentally for sunny or rainy weather.

Lately, Segasaki has been returning home from work late. He has asked Yoh not to prepare dinner for him. Yoh also notices a new anchor is presenting the weather reports with Segasaki. Hiyoshi is a pretty young woman who shows a lot of cleavage. In addition, it has been rainy season lately, which means the couple has refrained from sex. A paranoid Yoh believes Segasaki may be drifting away from him. Yoh gets drunk one night and lashes out at Segasaki, unleashing all his bottled-up feelings.

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My Personal Weatherman Cast



Atsuki Mashiko (増子敦貴)

Yoh is portrayed by the Japanese actor Atsuki Mashiko (増子敦貴).

Yoh is a struggling manga artist who draws 18+ works. Despite his ambition, his stories aren't popular or selling well. He struggles to earn a living with his career. Yoh's university friend, Segasaki, offers to cover his expenses. Yoh agrees to live with Segasaki, obeys his commands, and does various household chores. Deep down, he feels treated like his roommate's servant. Yoh is best friends with Man, a fellow artist.

Atsuki Mashiko

Atsuki Mashiko (増子敦貴) is a Japanese actor. He is born on January 5, 2000.

Atsuki Mashiko (増子敦貴) is a Japanese actor. He is born on January 5, 2000. His first BL project is the 2023 series, My Personal Weatherman.


Kouhei Higuchi (樋口晃平)

Segasaki is portrayed by Japanese actor Kouhei Higuchi (樋口晃平).

Segasaki is an anchor for Everyday Weather, an all-day weather channel. This handsome weatherman is popular with viewers due to his good looks. On camera, he appears poised and sophisticated. At home, Segasaki likes bossing around his roommate, Yoh. Segasaki has offered to cover Yoh's living expenses. In exchange, his roommate must obey every command.

Kouhei Higuchi

Kouhei Higuchi (樋口晃平) is a Japanese actor. He is born on November 30, 2000.

Kouhei Higuchi (樋口晃平) is a Japanese actor. He is born on November 30, 2000. His first BL project is the 2023 drama, My Personal Weatherman.

Supporting Cast

Man is portrayed by Japanese actress Sayuri Matsumura (松村沙友理).


Sayuri Matsumura (松村沙友理)

Ak is portrayed by Japanese actor Atomu Mizuishi (水石亜飛夢).


Atomu Mizuishi (水石亜飛夢)

Hiyoshi is portrayed by Japanese actress Papico (パピコ).


Papico (パピコ)

Cast Highlights

  • Ak's actor (Atomu Mizuishi) has a supporting role in the 2022 Japanese BL series Old Fashion Cupcake. He is also the lead of the 2023 LGBTQ+ movies, Old Narcissus and Wheels and Axie.

My Personal Weatherman Review


Drama Review Score: 7.9

Yoh and Segasaki have an intimate moment in bed.

My Personal Weatherman is toxic smut. The story examines the lopsided dynamics between a sugar daddy and his subservient partner. The protagonist uses the wealth disparity to manipulate, coerce, and exploit his love interest. I'll provide financial support, but only if you obey my command. Sex becomes an insidious weapon in the mind games, blurring the lines between physical affection and emotional abuse. My Personal Weatherman depicts a disturbing yet fascinating relationship where power and passion collide.

Despite the sinister themes, My Personal Weatherman is a captivating BL drama. The dysfunctional couple draws me into their world of conflicting emotions and complex desires. Notably, their most memorable relationship moments occur in the bedroom. Physical affection plays a significant role in Yoh & Segasaki's compelling romance. This racy series showcases many sensual touches and iconic kisses. Among their vast collection of kinky encounters, my favourite is when the leads drink water and lock lips. I love it when BL puts an outrageously erotic spin on mundane activities.

Not only does the series embrace risque content, but the performers share intense chemistry. When they are together, pure lust takes over the atmosphere. The couple kisses, caresses, and expresses their longing like they genuinely mean it. They turn their intimate body language into a mesmerizing artistry. Yoh's actor (Atsuki Mashiko) gives a heartfelt portrayal. He elevates the smutty series into a gritty, dramatic showcase. His costar (Kouhei Higuchi) isn't as charismatic as the role demands. Nonetheless, he looks suave and alluring in his weatherman attire.

Yoh and Segasaki make an attractive couple if we only judge them by their physical connection. However, their toxic romance has alarming red flags. Segasaki treats Yoh like a servant, undermines his autonomy, and doesn't regard him as an equal partner. Later, Segasaki's possessiveness spirals out of control. He behaves obsessively, attempting to cut Yoh off from his social life. Instead of communicating respectfully, Segasaki lashes out at his boyfriend with jealousy, mistrust, and gaslighting. His emotional abuse doesn't resemble a healthy form of love.

I was hoping Segasaki would change after realizing the errors of his ways. Instead, his misconduct worsened. I was rooting for Yoh to stand up for himself and find the independence to leave his domineering partner. Yet, he remained trapped in an oppressive relationship. Later, I wanted to learn about Segasaki's backstory and understand his perspective. However, the flashbacks weren't insightful. As the series progresses, it never shows much depth or meaningful character development. Every plot seems like an elaborate scenario for the leads to have sex.

My Personal Weatherman is a problematic BL drama, yet I still like it as trashy smut. My positive review isn't an endorsement of the harmful romantic tropes. Instead, I judge the series based on its ability to stimulate me. Each provocative episode has gripped my attention. Although not a well-written love story, it delivers what I want from saucy erotica. The narrative mixes scandalous thrills, spicy relationship angst, and steamy make-out sessions. My Personal Weatherman may not be morally correct or thematically complex, but it satisfies my guilty pleasures.


Problematic story

My Personal Weatherman showcases the toxic relationship dynamics between a sugar daddy and his partner. Beyond the sex scenes, the story doesn't reveal much meaningful development.

Spicy romance

This racy BL drama embraces physical affection. The couple shares many steamy exchanges, from sensual touches to iconic kisses. Yet, Segasaki is possessive and manipulative toward his partner.

Steamy acting

The performers share intense chemistry, approaching each sexual encounter with mesmerizing passion. Yoh's actor (Atsuki Mashiko) gives a heartfelt performance and elevates the dramatic material.

Happy ending

My Personal Weatherman has a happy ending where the couple strengthens their commitment to each other. However, Segasaki behaves offensively. He's still jealous and domineering toward Yoh.

Sensual artistry

The series has numerous BL-friendly visuals. It centres on the couple's physical affection with intimate close-ups. The sensual encounters look sophisticated due to the elegant production values.


My Personal Weatherman features a couple with intense chemistry, iconic kisses, and sensual encounters. I enjoy the trashy smut, even if the toxic romance has shallow plots & problematic power dynamics.

My Personal Weatherman Episodes

Episode Guide

Yoh and Segasaki are in the bathtub.

My Personal Weatherman has a total of 8 episodes. Each episode is around 24 minutes long. It is a medium-length BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 3 hours. My Personal Weatherman started on August 11, 2023 and ended on October 13, 2023.

The series is also known as Taikan Yoho. It is adapted from a story by Nikke Taino (鯛野ニッケ).

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Episode 1 Review
Yoh and Segasaki are kissing.

That first scene is impactful because Segasaki makes a blunt and unexpected request. "You have to do everything I say." OMG. It's almost like making a deal with the devil. You can continue fulfilling your dream, but you must give up your autonomy to me. Segasaki could have been charitable and supported his university friend without conditions. Yet, he gets a thrill from his position of power. A telling scene is when Segasaki orders Yoh to grab the soy sauce, despite the bottle being within his arm's reach. Segasaki enjoys controlling his subservient partner in their domestic routine.

Oh wow, this series is a lot juicier than I expected. The couple already makes out and hooks up in the first episode. Typically, we must sit through a few episodes of plot-building before the romantic content happens. With this drama, we skip the buildup and jump straight into the action. In addition, the kisses are pretty sensual. The performers are more affectionate than I'm used to seeing from Japanese BL. If this is already the intensity in Episode 1, I'm giddy thinking about what awaits for the rest of the series!

love how the bedroom sex scene is filmed. The couple's interactions are super hot. Yoh lies on the bed, while Segasaki looms over him in a dominant position. At one point, Segasaki pulls up his partner's shirt, giving us a glimpse of his torso. Yoh tries to hide his expression. Yet, Segasaki pins his arm and stares intensely at him. Then, he flashes a devilish smile and makes out with Yoh like a ravenous vulture. OMG. The atmosphere of this scene is so arousing. Their sexual encounter is fuelling my fantasies. 🥵

Yoh and Segasaki make out in the bedroom.

Episode 2

Episode 2 Review
Yoh is worried about the bedsheets after sex.

I'm DYING from laughter at this episode's hilarious storyline. Yoh throws a tantrum since Segasaki has a peculiar rule that forbids sex on rainy days. The terrible weather is cockblocking them! After much pent-up sexual frustration, Yoh discovers Segasaki enforces abstinence because of the laundry. Doing it on rainy days complicates the logistics of washing and drying the bedsheets. The couple resolves the conflict by buying a new dryer. LMAO. The plot is so ridiculously goofy that it entertains me.

Wow, Segasaki's new female coworker is very…uh, talented in the bosom area. You go, girl! Unfortunately, not everyone is a fan of her voluptuous physique. Yoh's friend, Man, complains about the anchorwoman. "Why is she showing off her cleavage!? I hate that Segasaki is breathing the same air as her!" Whoa, take it down a notch. All this woman did was wear a revealing top. Stop talking about her like she's the coronavirus. This scene soured my opinion of Man's character. Instead of showing female solidarity, she gives off too much hater energy.

My Personal Weatherman reminds me of Kabe Koji, another Japanese BL drama. Both series feature a struggling manga artist who draws erotic materials. They also have female sidekicks. Furthermore, their love interests are celebrities. Despite the similar settings, the plots are quite different. Kabe Koji tells an empowering love story with a healthy relationship. Unfortunately, it doesn't have steamy content. In contrast, My Personal Weatherman is overloaded with toxic tropes. Yet, it showcases sizzling sexual encounters and passionate chemistry.

Between the two, I suspect most BL fans would pick My Personal Weatherman as their favourite. Based on the online reception, it is the more popular drama. However, I prefer Kabe Koji. I connected with its complex story and meaningful messages. Kabe Koji displays substance, whereas My Personal Weatherman never rises above toxic smut. I wish there's a way to take the best elements of each drama and put them together. Combine the plot from Kabe Koji and the erotic exchanges from My Personal Weatherman to create the ideal BL series!

Episode 3

Episode 3 Review
Yoh and Segasaki make out with each other.

I like that Yoh and Segasaki are bonding outside of sex. However, their date in this episode is uneventful. Seeing them eat food or go shopping isn't exciting unless the scenes have more joy and flirtation. The couple behaves awkwardly around each other. As much as they are physically affectionate, these two don't display much chemistry in non-sexual encounters. Despite going on a lengthy date, I only sense sparks when they hook up at the end of the episode.

At this point, I still feel optimistic about the relationship. I want to believe that Segasaki can change. He takes his lover on a date after Yoh complains about being mistreated. Segasaki dotes on his boyfriend, making him feel appreciated. I can tell Segasaki is trying to improve, even if he still appears aloof. However, he needs to express his gratitude better. Start by thanking Yoh for the household chores instead of making him feel like a servant. Being a decent romantic partner takes more than going on one date. Demonstrating respect should be an ongoing commitment.

Yoh claims to hate Segasaki. His animosity comes from several sources. Firstly, Yoh feels exploited by his partner. While Yoh willingly agrees to their living arrangement, he gets treated like a servant. Yoh is shown no respect. Secondly, Yoh feels coerced into obedience. He needs the money and doesn't dare to defy his benefactor. The only times he's brave enough to resist are when he gets drunk. And thirdly, Yoh feels upset by Segasaki's aloofness. Outside of sex, Segasaki doesn't display warmth. Yoh can't even tell if his partner likes him in their relationship.

Episode 4

Episode 4 Review
Segasaki takes care of Yoh when he's drunk.

I hate how Segasaki forbids Yoh from visiting Man's house. His controlling behaviour is an alarming red flag. Segasaki shouldn't be able to dictate his partner's choices. "Do you know why you're in this house?" Segasaki warns. Ugh, he's icky. Just because you pay for Yoh's expenses, it doesn't give you the right to stifle his autonomy. Isolating your partner from friends is a common trait in emotionally abusive relationships. By cutting off access to support systems, Yoh is trapped in a powerless dynamic and must depend on Segasaki.

OMG, Segasaki is so fake in front of Man! He adopts a phony persona and pretends to be a doting boyfriend around other people. This facade is another common trait in emotionally abusive relationships. The perpetrator keeps a positive public image, hiding his sadistic private nature. Man also fails to recognize warning signs since Segasaki pulls the wool over her eyes. She can't see the sinister dynamics in her friend's toxic relationship. Segasaki is a conniving villain, like a chameleon changing his colours to manipulate those around him.

Do you notice how Yoh is only comfortable expressing his true feelings when drunk? Segasaki has created an intimidating dynamic where his boyfriend represses his thoughts instead of communicating openly. Both partners should be able to have an honest dialogue in a healthy relationship. Yet, that isn't the case with this dysfunctional couple. By the way, Yoh's actor (Atsuki Mashiko) does a great job during the crying scene. I can sense the vulnerability of his performance. He portrays his role sensitively, making Yoh feel like a sympathetic protagonist.

Episode 5

Episode 5 Review
Segasaki kisses Yoh with his mouth full of water.

Yoh and Segasaki crack me up with their memorable kiss in this episode. Segasaki takes a large swig of water and feeds the fluids directly into his boyfriend's mouth. Whoa, they've reinvented hydration! Although this mouth-to-mouth transfer seems unsanitary, it creates an iconic moment. One of the aspects I love about BL is how it puts a hilariously erotic spin on mundane situations. An ordinary gesture like drinking water can become a grandiose display of love.

I like that Segasaki looks after Yoh. Their roles have reversed as Segasaki becomes the caregiver. Previously, I thought this lazy bastard couldn't do household chores. However, Segasaki is domesticated and reveals a surprisingly nurturing side. Why can't he be like this all the time? Yoh shouldn't have to be depressed for Segasaki to behave like a loving partner. Also, Segasaki's sadistic attitude bothers me. He jokes, "You should feel down more often." Why does it seem like he wants his partner to be unhappy? You should be rooting for his empowerment, not his defeat.

I'm glad Yoh stands up for himself against his domineering boyfriend. Drawing manga has always been important to Yoh. Yet, Segasaki undermines these career ambitions and patronizes his partner. "I don't care if you lose your manga job." He looks down on his boyfriend's dream like it's a frivolous hobby. Also, Segasaki doesn't support Yoh's financial autonomy. According to him, Yoh earning an income is "stupid". He should spend the rest of his life relying on his sugar daddy for money. Segasaki has no respect for Yoh and actively discourages his independence.

Episode 6

Episode 6 Review
Yoh and Man's husband fool around playfully.

Placing a tracker on your partner is so creepy! For starters, it's a blatant invasion of privacy. Segasaki disregards Yoh's autonomy by putting him under surveillance. Also, Yoh isn't doing anything inappropriate. He's working on his manga, but Segasaki accuses him of betrayal. Segasaki's extreme actions indicate a severe lack of trust in their relationship. His paranoia seems irrational. Even if you have doubts, stalking him isn't the solution. A healthier approach is to have an open and honest dialogue.

When Yoh reveals his argument, Man and her husband take Segasaki's side. They believe it's a minor lovers' quarrel, reassuring Yoh that he may have misconstrued his partner's words. I wish they took Yoh's concerns more seriously. Admittedly, Man and Ak don't have all the context. Their relationship advice is based on a narrow view of the situation. They don't understand that Yoh has a valid reason to be upset with his domineering boyfriend. Segasaki berating Yoh isn't an isolated incident. It's a repeated offence in a pattern of emotionally abusive behaviour.

This episode is my first time seeing Yoh so cheerful. He has a genuine smile when interacting with Man's husband. Yet, he never looks this relaxed around Segasaki. The differences highlight how much Segasaki dampens Yoh's lively spirit. Yoh describes his friend, "He's kind and listens to everything I say." This assessment offends Segasaki, who realizes his cold personality doesn't meet the same criteria. What happened to the kind Segasaki from his university days? I like that version of him better than the possessive weatherman who manipulates his partner.

Episode 7

Episode 7 Review
Yoh and Segasaki kiss in the rain.

I had high hopes for this episode since the story was told from Segasaki's perspective. I looked forward to exploring the mysterious character's memories and emotions. However, the flashbacks could have been more insightful. While the scenes explain why Segasaki develops feelings for Yoh, they are a little bland. I wanted a nuanced backstory. Show us his adolescence, other relationships, or thoughts on Yoh after they moved in together. Instead, Segasaki remains an enigma without substantial development.

Segasaki has an intriguing duality. As a weatherman, you expect him to be charismatic and extroverted. However, he's secretly introverted and puts on an affable facade around others. Deep down, he feels emotionally drained in social settings. Only Yoh, a fellow introvert, sees through his mask and relates to him. Segasaki is comfortable being his true self around Yoh. He can behave honestly without feigning false pleasantries. Yet, Segasaki drops his guard too much and reveals many ugly qualities. His imposing nature and possessiveness push Yoh away from him.

I'm screaming at the low-budget BL version of The Notebook kiss!!! My Personal Weatherman truly understands how to amplify the drama and create exhilarating romantic climaxes. This scene marks Segasaki's emotional catharsis. Typically, our reserved lead never expresses vulnerability. Yet, he comes alive with intense passion. "I need you!" Segasaki exclaims, unleashing his repressed feelings. This moment could've started his character's redemption. But then he goes overboard and ties up Yoh in a possessive frenzy. The Notebook has turned into 50 Shades of Grey!

Episode 7
Episode 8

Episode 8

Ending Review
My Personal Weather has a happy ending where Yoh and Segasaki kiss.

Yikes, the start of the episode is like a scene from a horror movie. I don't care how upset Segasaki may be. There's zero justification to tie up your boyfriend or utter those deranged threats. It's one thing to feel jealous or insecure about your relationship. However, Segasaki's disturbing behaviour has overstepped into abuse and aggression. He lashes out just because his boyfriend won't obey him. I worry about Yoh's safety, not knowing whether his scary partner will snap the next time and do something worse.

Despite Segasaki's vile behaviour, I'm morbidly fascinated by the toxic romance. There's no forced redemption where Segasaki rehabilitates himself and becomes an ideal boyfriend. Instead, he continues to act as depraved as usual. Yoh also accepts their twisted power dynamic, not resisting the mistreatment. "This guy is bad news, but I like it." The eerie conclusion feels strangely fitting based on their relationship trajectory. It reminds me of visual novels, where I pick all the wrong choices in the decision trees and unlock a bad ending. *lol*

The leads have found a way to make their dysfunctional romance work. While Segasaki is still possessive, he compromises. Initially, he doesn't want Yoh to hang out with Man. Later, he bargains with his partner. "Come to the front door and welcome me." Segasaki relinquishes control as long he feels reassured of Yoh's love. Likewise, Yoh becomes confident about their relationship. He began the series doubting his partner. Now, he's sure of his feelings and commits to Segasaki. Despite their flaws, the couple has learned to adapt and accept each other's rawness.

My Personal Weatherman Information


Tunku (トゥンク) is a Japanese BL studio. It began a project called Tunku Shower in 2022, which releases numerous BL dramas on the Japanese channel MBS.

Tunku (トゥンク) is a Japanese BL studio. It began a project called Tunku Shower in 2022, which releases numerous BL dramas on the Japanese channel MBS. Tunku has made Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice But to Kiss (2022), Senpai, This Can't Be Love (2022), and Takara-kun & Amagi-kun (2022). It also created Eternal Yesterday (2022), Candy Color Paradox (2022), Jack Frost (2023), Tokyo in April is… (2023), and My Personal Weatherman (2023).


Nikke Taino (鯛野ニッケ) is the original creator of My Personal Weatherman. The manga was adapted into a Japanese BL drama in 2023.


Ayaka Kato (加藤綾佳) is a Japanese director. Her first BL project is the 2022 drama, Old Fashion Cupcake. She also worked on Naked Dining (2023) and My Personal Weatherman (2023).


Funabiki Shinju (船曳真珠) is a Japanese director. She co-directed the BL series, My Personal Weatherman (2023) with Ayaka Kato. She is also the screenwriter for Jack o' Frost (2023).

  1. I loved Atomu Mizuishi so much in this; the fact he managed to make an impression in so little screen time says something. Any idea where a U.S. based watcher could find his two 2023 movies?

  2. If you look at yoh as the classic literary unreliable narrator, then the initial anxiety over whether the relationship is toxic can be read as the hook. I rooted for yoh all the way, and the soundtrack full of birdsong, which cuts off when they struggle and then picks up with a ridiculously romantic theme when the romance picks up insists that there is a healthier basis to this relationship than either understands. Yoh says no to M's oppressive tradeoff at the very end, but agreed to participate in m,'s very mild cosplay of the familiar jsalaryman domestic arrangements, to which y never will fully fit given his stubborn natural innocence. The controlling behavior is a reaction to the positive changes in yoh and the relationship, but you seem to have missed how tentative those moves are during the day, and how even their sex live begins to change for the better altho like many couples they still like dominance games in bed. Mutual trust and desire gets them through a readjustment of their relationship for the better. Trust the soundtrack.

  3. Thanks for the excellent review, BLW. I enjoyed this series for the same reasons you did. I especially liked the series' ability to maintain a light-hearted tone despite depictions of toxic behavior. Anyone who reads the plot summary without watching the series might conclude that the series is macabre. But it's not! In fact, the series comes closer to being a comedy than a drama. What should we conclude from the blithe treatment of bad behavior? I've concluded that forcing someone to be a sex slave is wrong unless Segasaki is the perpetrator and I am the victim, in which case the verdict remains inconclusive.

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