My School President – Series Review & Ending Explained

My School President is a Thai BL series about an enchanting teenage love story.

My School President is a Thai BL series about an enchanting teenage love story. The protagonist is an aspiring musician who forms a high school band with his friends. He clashes with the student council president, who threatens to cancel their extracurricular activities. Despite initial hostility, the relationship takes a friendlier turn. Beneath his bravado, the president may not be as intimidating as he seems.

I adore My School President, a delightful treat for any BL fan. This bubbly series delivers entertaining storylines, cheerful humour, boisterous characters, and lively musical numbers. Both leads epitomize dreamy teen heartthrobs, carrying their roles with boyish charm and boundless charisma. They sweep me away in a high school romantic fantasy, which captures the giddy sensation of falling in love.

My School President Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2023)


13 hours

Total Episodes:

12 episodes


High school romance


My School President is a cute & sweet BL drama.


My School President is about Gun and Tinn, two high school students in their senior year.

Gun is a teen musician in a high school band with his friends. Their group is called Chinzhilla. Gun is the band leader and vocalist. His bandmates include Win, Por, Yo, and Pat. The five senior students hope to compete in the Hot Wave Music Awards and win the annual contest. Winning would mean a lot to Gun, who is currently in his senior year. It is the last chance for these friends to play music together before graduation.

Unfortunately, Gun's band has earned a dishonourable reputation around the school. Last year, some former members of the Chinzhilla band caused a violent ruckus at the Hot Wave Music Awards. Since then, the school authorities have viewed them as a nuisance. Gun and his friends are regarded as wayward students who only play video games or eat BBQ pork in their club room. The current principal is determined to terminate their troublesome band at the start of the school year. Gun fears his band may be doomed.

The school has a policy that states the student council president controls the extracurricular clubs. Gun applies for the position, hoping to use this power to save the band. He gives a charming campaign, appealing to the other students' sense of humour. However, he faces tough competition from Tinn, his primary opponent. Tinn has the advantage of being the school principal's son. During the debate, he paints Gun as an unruly delinquent who won't do his job responsibly. The smear tactics are effective. To Gun's dismay, Tinn is elected student council president.

As student council president, Tinn must determine which extracurricular activities to keep and cancel. Gun's band is on the hit list. Gun tries negotiating with his classmate, begging for his mercy. However, the two students have never been close in the past. Tinn doesn't appear sympathetic to Gun's situation. Finally, Gun gets a deal. If his band can win a music competition in the next week, it will prove their band brings positive value to the school. In that case, Tinn may consider keeping their club intact.

There aren't many music competitions hosted in the upcoming week. Reluctantly, Chinzhilla must perform at a religious festival, which doesn't match their genre. Gun is still eager to win and save his band. However, he's surprised to learn that Tinn is a judge at the competition. Gun performs well and earns the crowd's adoration. Although his band is in close contention for victory, Tinn votes against Chinzhilla from the judging panel. Gun believes the president wants to antagonize him and crush his dreams. Little does he know that Tinn has a secret agenda.

My School President Cast



Fourth Nattawat Jirochtikul (โฟร์ท ณัฐวรรธน์ จิโรชน์ธิกุล)

Gun is portrayed by the Thai actor Fourth Nattawat Jirochtikul (โฟร์ท ณัฐวรรธน์ จิโรชน์ธิกุล).

Gun is an aspiring musician. He is the lead vocalist of the high school band called Chinzhilla. For his senior year, Gun dreams of competing in the Hot Wave Music Awards and winning the annual contest. However, his band is at risk of being terminated by the school authorities. Gun comes from a single-parent family. His mom runs a small shop selling shaved ice.

Fourth Nattawat Jirochtikul

Fourth Nattawat Jirochtikul (โฟร์ท ณัฐวรรธน์ จิโรชน์ธิกุล) is a Thai actor. He is born on October 18, 2004.

Fourth Nattawat Jirochtikul (โฟร์ท ณัฐวรรธน์ จิโรชน์ธิกุล) is a Thai actor. He is born on October 18, 2004. His first BL lead role is the 2022 series, My School President. He reprises his role in the 2023 anthology, Our Skyy 2. He also has a supporting part in the 2023 drama, Moonlight Chicken.


Gemini Norawit Titicharoenrak (เจมีไนน์ นรวิชญ์ ฐิติเจริญรักษ์)

Tinn is portrayed by the Thai actor Gemini Norawit Titicharoenrak (เจมีไนน์ นรวิชญ์ ฐิติเจริญรักษ์).

Tinn is the student council president who wins the position after competing against Gun. During the debate, he paints his opponent as an unruly troublemaker. After winning, Tinn plans to terminate Gun's band from the school's extracurricular activities. Tinn's mom is the president of the school. He is best friends with Tiw, the student council vice president.

Gemini Norawit Titicharoenrak

Gemini Norawit Titicharoenrak (เจมีไนน์ นรวิชญ์ ฐิติเจริญรักษ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on June 13, 2004.

Gemini Norawit Titicharoenrak (เจมีไนน์ นรวิชญ์ ฐิติเจริญรักษ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on June 13, 2004. His first BL lead role is the 2022 series, My School President. He reprises his role in the 2023 anthology, Our Skyy 2. In addition, he has a supporting part in the 2023 drama, Moonlight Chicken.


Winny Thanawin Pholcharoenrat (วินนี่ ธนวินท์ ผลเจริญรัตน์)

Win is portrayed by the Thai actor Winny Thanawin Pholcharoenrat (วินนี่ ธนวินท์ ผลเจริญรัตน์).

Win is Gun's friend and a fellow band member. They have been a part of Chinzhilla for the past few years. Win has a headstrong personality and speaks whatever's on his mind. He constantly clashes with Sound, the new member of the band. Win's hobby includes rapping.

Winny Thanawin Pholcharoenrat

Winny Thanawin Pholcharoenrat (วินนี่ ธนวินท์ ผลเจริญรัตน์) is a Thai actor. He is born on November 12, 2000.

Winny Thanawin Pholcharoenrat (วินนี่ ธนวินท์ ผลเจริญรัตน์) is a Thai actor. He is born on November 12, 2000. His first BL project is the 2021 series, Fish Upon the Sky. He also has supporting roles in various dramas, including Star in My Mind (2022), My School President (2022), and Our Skyy 2 (2023).


Satang Kittiphop Sereevichayasawat (สตางค์ กิตติภพ เสรีวิชยสวัสดิ์)

Sound is portrayed by the Thai actor Satang Kittiphop Sereevichayasawat (สตางค์ กิตติภพ เสรีวิชยสวัสดิ์).

Sound is a new student who joins Gun's school. He is a famous musician with a sizable online following. Known for his guitar skills, Gun wants to recruit Sound to Chinzhilla. However, Sound seems reluctant to join and thinks his classmates want to leech off his fame. He and Tinn are rivals who share a history together. They don't see eye-to-eye.

Satang Kittiphop Sereevichayasawat

Satang Kittiphop Sereevichayasawat (สตางค์ กิตติภพ เสรีวิชยสวัสดิ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on November 16, 2001.

Satang Kittiphop Sereevichayasawat (สตางค์ กิตติภพ เสรีวิชยสวัสดิ์) is a Thai actor. He is born on November 16, 2001. His first BL project is the 2021 series, Fish Upon the Sky. He also has supporting roles in Star in My Mind (2022), My School President (2022), and Our Skyy 2 (2023).

Supporting Cast

Tiwson is portrayed by the Thai actor Mark Pakin Kunaanuwit (มาร์ค ภาคิน คุณาอนุวิทย์).


Mark Pakin Kunaanuwit (มาร์ค ภาคิน คุณาอนุวิทย์)

Por is portrayed by the Thai actor Ford Arun Asawasuebsakul (ฟอร์ด อรัญญ์ อัศวสืบสกุล).


Ford Arun Asawasuebsakul (ฟอร์ด อรัญญ์ อัศวสืบสกุล)

Yo is portrayed by the Thai actor Captain Passatorn Koolkang (กัปตัน พัสธร กุลกั้ง).


Captain Passatorn Koolkang (กัปตัน พัสธร กุลกั้ง)

Phat is portrayed by the Thai actor Prom Theepakon Kwanboon (พร้อม ทีปกร ขวัญบุญ).


Prom Theepakon Kwanboon (พร้อม ทีปกร ขวัญบุญ)

Jorn is portrayed by the Thai actor Aun Napat Patcharachavalit (อั๋น ณ​ภัทร​ พัชร​ชวลิต​).


Aun Napat Patcharachavalit (อั๋น ณ​ภัทร​ พัชร​ชวลิต​)

Gun's mom is portrayed by the Thai actress Lookwa Pijika Jittaputta (ลูกหว้า พิจิกา จิตตะปุตตะ).

Gun's mom

Lookwa Pijika Jittaputta (ลูกหว้า พิจิกา จิตตะปุตตะ)

Tinn's mom is portrayed by the Thai actress Tao Sarocha Watittapan (เต๋า สโรชา วาทิตตพันธ์).

Tinn's mom

Tao Sarocha Watittapan (เต๋า สโรชา วาทิตตพันธ์)

Tinn's dad is portrayed by the Thai actor Go Gosin Rachakrom (โก โกสินทร์ ราชกรม).

Tinn's dad

Go Gosin Rachakrom (โก โกสินทร์ ราชกรม)

Yak is portrayed by the Thai actor Lotte Thakorn Promsatitkul (ลอตเต้ ฐกร พรหมสถิตกุล).


Lotte Thakorn Promsatitkul (ลอตเต้ ฐกร พรหมสถิตกุล)

Nook is portrayed by the Thai actress Atom Aphichaya Kamnoetsirikun (อะตอม อภิชญา กำเนิดศิริกุล).


Atom Aphichaya Kamnoetsirikun (อะตอม อภิชญา กำเนิดศิริกุล)

Deecha is portrayed by the Thai actor Khunnote Jirapat Uttamanan (ขุนโน้ต จิรภัทร อุตมานันทน์).


Khunnote Jirapat Uttamanan (ขุนโน้ต จิรภัทร อุตมานันทน์)

The Holy Chinzhilla is the band's mascot.

Holy Chinzhilla

Cast Highlights

  • The leads (Fourth and Gemini) have supporting roles in the 2023 Thai BL series Moonlight Chicken. They portray the secondary couple. The actors who play Tiw (Mark) and Gun's mom (Lookwa) also appear in the drama.
  • The secondary leads (Win and Satang) had supporting roles in the 2021 BL comedy Fish Upon the Sky. They also appeared in the 2022 series Star in My Mind.
  • Mark appeared in various BL dramas, including Only Friends (2023). His other roles include I Promised You the Moon, Bad Buddy, The Warp Effect, Last Twilight & Moonlight Chicken.
  • Pat and Yak's actors (Prom & Lotte) and several cast members, including the leads, also had minor roles in Bad Buddy.
  • Many of the cast members returned for the 2023 anthology series, Our Skyy 2.

My School President Review


Drama Review Score: 9.5

Gun and Tinn almost kiss in his fantasy.

My School President is an enchanting coming-of-age BL drama. It transports you into a wonderous world of teenage crushes, wholesome friendships, and sentimental plots about pursuing your dreams. The story plays out like a delightful romantic fantasy, capturing that giddy sensation of falling in love. You will grin at the lively banter, giggle over the lighthearted jokes, and gush about the flirty chemistry. My School President makes viewers of all ages experience youthful optimism and rediscover their adolescent bliss.

I adore many aspects of My School President, but let's start by praising the two perfectly cast leads. Gun's actor (Fourth) epitomizes a dreamy teen heartthrob. His charming smile, bewitching eyes, and dazzling charisma can put you under an irresistible spell. This handsome young star is the whole package. Likewise, his partner (Gemini) displays sincerity, enthusiasm, and vibrant expressions. Tinn becomes a lovable protagonist thanks to his performer's endearing portrayal. Best of all, this pair is so compatible. Every romantic exchange feels alluring due to their smooth rapport.

My School President highlights both actors' best qualities with a cheerful and energetic love story. This BL drama explores each stage of courtship colourfully. Although Gun and Tinn begin as adversaries, their relationship evolves throughout an exciting journey. The narrative keeps you speculating whether the affections are mutual. During the plot's climaxes, the leads come close to giving confessions or kisses. The uncertainty of the outcomes will leave you with rapt anticipation. Episode 3 is particularly persuasive, and the couple's interactions entice me from start to finish.

Beyond the captivating romance, My School President features numerous non-romantic subplots. The multifaceted story delves into meaningful themes about family, friendship, and sexuality. It also examines the struggle between following your ambitions and compromising with reality. The characters face emotional dilemmas, forcing them to be practical instead of idealistic. Don't underestimate this series just because it centres around teenagers. Beneath the juvenile facade, the complex narrative contains surprisingly mature and thoughtful messages.

The series begins strongly and maintains impressive momentum during its first half. Episode 5 concludes with my favourite scene, combining skilled directing, artistic visuals, and dynamic music to produce an iconic encounter. However, My School President falls into a slump around the middle. The romance stalls, using flimsy excuses to keep the couple apart. Gun develops a yucky habit of gatekeeping love and enforces a no-dating policy among his friends. Furthermore, the new storylines decline in quality. A few weaker subplots lean into the territory of frivolous fluff.

My School President rebounds brilliantly and returns to form near the end. The last few episodes tackle challenging topics that give the plot more substance. I love the spectacular finale, packed with drama, sentimentality, and enlightenment. From the positive affirmations to the cute relationship moments, the closing scenes fill my heart with joyful exuberance. Overall, My School President is a marvellous story with boisterous charm. This teen series is like a fond memory trip, encompassing all the best high school experiences. It's a must-watch for any BL fan!


Bubbly story

My School Romance has a delightful story about the best high school experiences, from teen friendships to first love. Under the cheerful facade, the complex plot contains mature messages.

Enchanting romance

This teen romance plays out like an enchanting fantasy, capturing the giddiness of falling in love. Gun and Tinn's relationship evolves throughout an exciting journey with many flirty exchanges.

Charming acting

Both leads epitomize teen heartthrobs. With a charming smile and bewitching eyes, Gun's actor (Fourth) is the whole package. His costar (Gemini) is sincere, enthusiastic, and endearing.

Happy ending

My School President has a happy ending with sentimental messages. The leads overcome their school drama and feel reassured by their relationship. The finale fills me with joy!

Exuberant music

Each episode contains lively musical numbers and the occasional dance routine. The series has invested in a diverse playlist of catchy songs, ensuring every performance feels fresh and enthusiastic.


My School President is a cheerful BL series with sentimental plots, endearing protagonists, and vibrant artistry. The heartthrob leads share a smooth rapport, propelling this dreamy teen love story.

My School President Episodes

Episode Guide

Gun and Tinn face each other intimately.

My School President has a total of 12 episodes. Each episode is around 45 to 70 minutes long. The last episode is around 70 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 13 hours. My School President started on December 2, 2022 and finished on February 24, 2023.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Episode 1 Review
My School President begins with a conflict between Gun and Tinn.

It's a cute start to the series. I like the lighthearted vibe, brisk pacing, and playful banter. This premiere introduces both protagonists well, highlighting their personality quirks. It also establishes a fun dynamic between an unruly musician and the strict student council president. Their amusing quips make me smile. Overall, the first episode feels comfortable and intrigues me to see how their relationship develops.

This series is my first exposure to Gun's performer (Fourth), who leaves an excellent impression. His vivacious personality shines brightly in each scene. The actor adds a roguish charm to Gun's character, making me want to root for the cheeky underdog. Also, Fourth looks very telegenic with sharp eyes and a mischievous smile. He exudes star power, reminding me of a teen heartthrob. His handsomeness is the type that will make all the young boys' and girls' hearts flutter. 

Episode 2

Episode 2 Review
Tinn wears glasses like Nobita from Doraemon.

OMG. Nobi-Tinn is precious. (For those unfamiliar with the reference, Nobita is a character from the Doraemon manga.) I was actually indifferent to Tinn in the last episode. But as soon as I saw him in glasses, his character instantly became more relatable. I love him now. *lol* I like the cute twist that Tinn has a secret crush on Gun. The series introduces their feud in the premiere, only to completely flip their relationship dynamic in this episode. That's really clever and creative!

"If high school love is like a lit candle in the rain, I, Tiwson, will hold an umbrella for you." LMAO. I love that analogy. This series constantly delivers these over-the-top corny lines that make me giggle. My School President is a funny series. Each episode contains plenty of lighthearted jokes and goofy scenarios. Out of everyone in the cast, I find Tiw the most hilarious. His line delivery, facial expressions, and silly antics crack me up. This is a standout role for the actor (Mark), making me notice him and his comedic skills. 

Episode 3

Episode 3 Review
Gun and Tinn dance in tuxedos.

In this episode, Gun sees Tinn's pencil case and utters, "What a nerd." OMG. That comment triggered me so much. Excuse me, did I miss the latest trends? When did it become dweeby to organize your stationery in a pencil case? Last episode, I also gave Gun the side-eye after he told Tinn, "You look better without the glasses." Um, rude? I'm calling out Gun on his blatant nerdphobia and holding him accountable. Stop hating nerds! Let Tinn wear glasses, use pencil cases, and play Scrabble to his heart's content!

"Finish the study, or you won't get to eat!" LMAO. Why did Tinn say that to him? He's so intense! I love the discrepancy between Tinn's perceived fantasies and actual reality. In his mind, he imagines these romantic scenarios with Gun during their tutoring session. In actuality, they bicker constantly, or Gun brushes off Tinn dismissively. These scenes are funny! My School President does a terrific job milking the comedic material out of Tinn's secret crush.

This episode captures the essence of a teenage crush perfectly. The series fleshes out Tinn and Gun's bond, showing how their relationship develops. The first half contains silly jokes and fun banter, whereas the second half is flirtier and more intimate. The pool scene, the bedroom scene & the slow dancing scene are top-tier BL moments. Their dreamy dance sequence is exquisite and ranks as one of the highlights in the series. My School President illustrates teenage love with a vivid romantic ambiance. That scene sweeps me away on an enchanting fantasy!

Episode 4

Episode 4 Review
Gun flirts with Tinn while wearing a cafe waiter costume.

"Hot people like us always have competitors." LMAO. Tiw isn't involved in Tinn and Sound's rivalry, yet he finds a way to insert himself in this self-congratulatory statement. I love his shameless humblebragging. Tiw is such a spunky supporting character. He gets the best lines in the series and cracks me up so much.

I love all the storylines in this episode. Firstly, the drama with the band is a great way to flesh out Gun's dynamics with his friends. The subplot gives the supporting characters more to do than just sing songs and do silly antics. Secondly, I like Gun's introspective journey after he quits the band. He feels lost without music in his life. And thirdly, Tinn shows heartwarming support to Gun during his crisis. The leads bond closer over the ordeal. This well-constructed episode advances the plot on multiple levels.

The closing scene gives me a tingly sensation! When Gun says, "Smile, Mr. School President," I get a little giddy. The title "Mr. School President" is supposed to be formal and businesslike with no romantic connotations. Yet, the words sound coy and flirty when they come out of Gun's mouth. He addresses Mr. President so charismatically, almost like Marilyn Monroe serenading John F. Kennedy. *lol* I also like how the two characters connect their pinky fingers and almost hold hands. The story teases the growing mutual attraction between them.

Episode 5

Episode 5 Review
Gun's mom sings a song to him.

Not Gun auditioning for GMM! That's so hilariously meta. In this fictional universe, the entertainment agency rejects the character for being too young. In the real world, the company has signed the actor and entrusted him with a leading role on his 18th birthday. Same guy, different fates. 

I like how the story handles Gun's emotional arc in this episode. It highlights his musician dreams, explaining his family's influences. Yet, he encounters challenges. His mom's health issues weigh on Gun mentally, making him question if his ambition is practical. In addition, he faces stiff competition and starts doubting himself. "Maybe I'm not good enough for this industry." My School President portrays a nuanced journey through Gun's highs and lows. It culminates in a powerful climax as Gun's mom sings a sentimental ballad to motivate her son.

The actresses who portray Gun's mom (Lookwa) and Tinn's mom (Tao) are so good! Both women do a stellar job with their roles, exuding parental warmth in their own unique way. I got goosebumps when Gun's mom sang at the end of this episode. She delivers so many vivid emotions in her performance. Likewise, Tinn's mom showcases her talent excellently in the last few episodes. She portrays a complex character with a sympathetic touch. The two moms (and Tinn's adorable dad too) anchor My School President, injecting lots of sentimentality into the series.

Love confession
Tinn confesses his love to Gun at the end of My School President Episode 5.

I'm enthralled by the love confession scene at the end. The story has been building up to this moment for the past few episodes. Tinn comes close to revealing his secret crush several times, but he finally slips up in this exchange. As soon as he says that fateful line, the music suddenly pauses in suspense. Tinn turns away, closes his eyes, and sighs. I love this reaction. You can sense a bit of regret, a bit of nervousness, and a bit of relief from him. The truth is finally out.

The characters lie on the tiled floor in opposite directions, creating a striking visual. Their faces are only inches apart, allowing them to stare directly at each other. It's an intimate position. Soon afterwards, Tinn reopens his eyes and turns to his partner for affirmation. The two leads lock gazes intently. "Now that you know, are you okay with it?" Suddenly, the music amplifies to create dramatic tension. Here's the moment of truth that we've been waiting for. How will Gun respond? The anticipation has me watching with bated breath.

Gun averts his eyes and doesn't answer. He appears deep in thought. Slowly, a faint smile emerges on his face. You'll notice a subtle shift in Tinn's expression, almost looking hopeful. Gun continues smiling ambiguously, and the episode ends without revealing his reply. I love that the story keeps you speculating. There are many ways to interpret Gun's expression, depending on your level of optimism. I also appreciate the lack of dialogue in the final moments. The series only relies on the actors' performances and the soundtrack to cultivate a thrilling atmosphere.

Episode 6

Episode 6 Review
Gun and Tinn flirt while filming the music video.

I prefer a swift rejection instead of Gun's indecisive waffling. He sends vague signals after the poolside confession, making his partner agonize longer than necessary. Also, I dislike how he plays dumb and pretends not to know Tinn's feelings for him. "Who do you like in my club? You never said the name, hehe! 🙂" Ugh, this denial is annoying. Just admit that you know and stop toying with him. Don't put Tinn through the emotional ordeal and force him to repeat his confession.

Wow, Gun is really flirty while filming the music video. I know he's just acting for the project, so I won't hold his antics against him. With that said, I'm sympathetic to Tinn and understand why he'd freak out during this scene. He's already in an awful headspace after getting rejected earlier. Now, he has to come face-to-face with his crush and initiate these faux kisses. As Gun teases and seduces him, poor Tinn is reminded of what he can't have. 

The music video is cute! I'm DEAD at them replicating the iconic Cherry Magic elevator kiss. LMAOOOO. Their physical intimacy goes further than the source material. In the original, the lead characters only kiss the air around each other. But in the MV, Gun's lips actually touch Tinn's face. I don't think that'll be enough to pacify most BL fans, though. Yeah, the Cherry Magic homage is amusing, but that better not be it. We want a real mouth-to-mouth kiss! 💋

Gun and Tinn replicate the Cherry Magic elevator kiss.

Episode 7

Episode 7 Review
Gun and Tinn are in the friend zone.

In the finale, Yo reveals that he suspected Gun and Tinn as a couple since their aquarium date in Episode 7. "All they did was sneakily take photos together." LMAO. His statement seems funny because it's so accurate. Gun and Tinn tag along, pretending to help Yo clarify his relationship with Nook. Instead, they spend most of their time taking selfies with each other. I love how Yo notices the flirting and calls out their antics afterwards. BUSTED. 😆

Gun and Tinn's romance has been stalling for the past two episodes. The story presents flimsy excuses to keep the couple apart instead of letting their attraction progress naturally. My patience is tested. Gun refuses to define their relationship. Yet, he throws jealous tantrums after seeing Tinn with a girl. Gun seems annoyingly indecisive, going back and forth on what he wants. One moment, he adopts the stance of "MY BAND HAS A NO-DATING POLICY." The next minute, he gets giggly with Tinn by the pool. "Our first date! Oops, I mean to say hangout, hehe!" Make up your mind, please?

Previously, I assumed the school authorities established the no-dating rule in the music club. Imagine my shock when I realized Gun was the one who enforced this dumb rule on himself. WTF!? Gun believes romance derails a band's ambition, as if Tinn is the Yoko Ono to his John Lennon. Although I disagree with Gun's logic, I can begrudgingly accept that he wants to focus on his music. If Gun doesn't want to date Tinn, that's his prerogative.

However, I dislike that Gun polices his friends' relationships. He has taken it upon himself to become the unofficial gatekeeper of romance. As the band leader, Gun thinks he can pass final judgment on everyone's personal matters. "Let's vote if Yo is allowed to have a girlfriend!" Ew, gross. Why do these band members think they can have a say in Yo's love life? The vote is unnecessary. Yo shouldn't be on trial for wanting to date anyone. Mind your own business!

Episode 8

Episode 8 Review
Gun and Tinn flirt in the shower.

I'm dying at Tinn's hilarious fantasies of the overnight school trip, especially his filthy thoughts of them showering together. The funniest part is that the reality never matches his expectations. Tinn thought he'd get to clean the soap off his boyfriend's shirtless body. Instead, he's cleaning up his vomit. I also crack up at Tiw's deranged fantasies of Gun and Sound's romantic rendezvous. In reality, Sound has a serious chat with Gun about his wrist injury. In Tiw's mind, he imagines a saucy scenario of them kissing each other's hands. *lol*

Tinn has a dilemma. He faces a scheduling conflict between a networking event and his boyfriend's concert. Gun is understanding and tells Tinn to prioritize the career opportunity"You have your own dream. I have mine. Let's both do our best." Initially, I liked how the series navigated this drama. Both characters can support each other without compromising their personal aspirations. However, the story undermines the empowering message by making Gun ditch the school meeting. Instead, he runs off midway to see his boyfriend's show.

I feel bothered by Tinn's decision. He seems like a lovestruck boy who doesn't value his commitments. If you want to watch the concert, don't promise your mom you'd meet the doctor. And it's not like Gun *needs* his boyfriend to attend the show. Tinn is only there as a spectator on the sidelines. The series wants to portray Tinn's actions as a romantic gesture, but I just find him immature and irresponsible. I snicker when his mom lays the guilt trip on him in the next episode. "You don't need to ask for my permission, Tinn. You do whatever you want anyway. 🙄" LOL.

Episode 9

Episode 9 Review
Gun and Tinn kiss a notebook.

Why is Gun meddling in Win and Sound's romance? "I must stop him from confessing." No, you shall not! OMFG, what is his problem!? Gun acts like a relationship patrol and wants to sabotage his friends' happiness. Worst of all, his actions are egregiously hypocritical. Gun keeps flirting with Tinn and gets distracted on his band retreat. Yet, he dares to prevent other couples from experiencing love. Can Gun give his gatekeeping a rest? You're just an outsider. Don't intervene in their personal affairs!

This episode feels like frivolous fluff. My School President does another silly song and dance instead of exploring substantial plots and emotional arcs. The series could've used this time to flesh out the secondary romance. Win and Sound are underdeveloped, transitioning from enemies to lovers unconvincingly. With better scenes and storylines, Sound's love song to Win would resonate more powerfully. Overall, they make an okay couple. I eventually warmed to this pairing, but they don't rock my world.

"You've been marked. From now on, every song you put in here is a love song because my love is there too." Okay, I love this cheesy pickup line. Hearing that would make my teenage heart melt. With that said, it's funny seeing the leads make out with a notebook. Why are they kissing paper instead of each other? 😅 As you may have noticed, My School President has been holding back from proper mouth-to-mouth action. Every time, the story finds some creative way to elude physical intimacy. Gun evades kisses like Neo dodging bullets in The Matrix. 

Episode 10

Episode 10 Review
Gun performs at the Hot Wave Music Awards.

Dying at "A Tale of Thousand Scores". 😆 The guy on the poster is Director Aof, famous for making the series A Tale of Thousand Stars. I like how My School President includes cheeky references to other BL dramas. Fans can pick up on these delightful little moments and have a cute giggle.

Oh my gosh, Gun and Tinn's interactions are SO adorable~ 😚 Their whole exchange outside Tinn's house makes me grin from ear to ear. My School President achieves the perfect combination of charming romantic scenes and charismatic lead actors. The excellent script is infused with snappy dialogue, lively banter, and funny scenarios. In addition, the performers share smooth chemistry, displaying a vibrant rapport that maximizes their flirtation. This series has mastered a brilliant BL formula. 

I love the emotional storylines in this episode. Both leads face complex dilemmas with no tidy solutions. Tinn struggles between honouring a promise to Gun's mom and keeping a secret from his boyfriend. Gun's mom should be the one to tell her son about the health issues, so Tinn doesn't have the right to reveal the news. Yet, the burden weighs on his conscience. I like how this plot resolves. Gun's mom clarifies the situation and explains Tinn's good deeds in the past. "He's the type of person you should do your best to keep" is a ringing endorsement of Tinn.

Similarly, Gun has a tricky predicament. Does he stay with his hospitalized mom during her surgery or leave her to compete in the contest? It echoes the themes of an earlier storyline as Gun struggles between being practical and chasing his dreams. This time, the emotional stakes are even higher. Thankfully, his mom is understanding and supportive. I enjoy their conversation with heartwarming messages. She eases her son's worries, encourages him lovingly, and champions his happiness. What a perfect example of good parenting. 

Episode 11

Episode 11 Review
Tinn gives Gun a kiss with his hand.

Aww, Tinn is so sweet! The music box is such a lovely gift. If it were another BL drama, this romantic gesture would create the perfect opportunity for the characters to kiss. However, Gun remains reserved. Another episode, another evasive dodge from him. Whenever Tinn initiates intimacy, Gun pulls away with a nervous giggle. "No lip action until the finale, hehe!" Is there an official reason why Gun won't kiss Tinn? I can't determine if he's shy, uncomfortable with intimacy, or playing hard to get. 

I like how My School President handles the plot with Tinn's mom. It doesn't play out like your typical coming-out storyline. Tinn never sits down with his parents to make the announcement. Instead, the mom discovers her son's sexuality and come to terms separately. The series shows her nuanced perspective as she goes on an emotional journey. She's worried, confused, and upset. Yet, the story never demonizes the character. Tinn's mom remains sympathetic as she tries to understand her gay son. I'm intrigued by the cliffhanger at the end of the episode. How will she react?

Gun is sad after losing the music competition.

This episode explores the aftermath of not being able to achieve your dreams. You set your mind on wanting something, but you don't succeed. How do you cope? I like that the tensions build throughout the episode. Initially, the characters feel defeated and respond in quiet melancholy. Gun and Win cry over their loss, scrutinizing the flaws in their performances. Eventually, the negative energy festers until it reaches a breaking point, causing rifts among these friends. 

"We lost because of you!" OMG. My jaw dropped when Win shouted that statement. Secretly, the messy part of me enjoyed watching these close-knitted friends fight. The funny part is how the explosive drama started due to an advertiser's product placement. The group ran out of beverages, and no one offered Pat a drink. Poor Pat was thirsty, injured, and grouchy, triggering the other events like a domino effect. The moral of this storyline is to buy enough sponsored beverages for all your friends and keep everyone hydrated!

Okay, I'm kidding. The real moral of the storyline is realigning your mindset. Do you allow the final outcome to define your whole experience? Or can you appreciate the positive moments? Gun tells his friends, "I wish for you guys to not regret being in this club." In other words, don't mull over failing. Be proud of what you've achieved. The episode ends with a touching message: "Music is brief, but friendship is long." Despite losing the contest, the band focuses on the best parts of their journey. They learn to cherish all the fond memories created together.

Episode 11
Episode 12

Episode 12

Happy Ending
Gun and Tinn have an intimate moment in the rain.

My School President has a happy ending where Gun and Tinn graduate as high school sweethearts. Their parents also champion the relationship. The finale begins with Tinn's mom about to interrogate her son over his secret romance. However, she senses his anxiety during the chat and evades the topic. Tinn's dad comforts her and says, "Give it time. Time for Tinn and yourself." Meanwhile, Gun comes out to his mom, who supports his happiness.

The leads go on an outdoor date, where Gun surprises his boyfriend with a spontaneous kiss. However, a classmate captured their private moment and circulated it on social media. After the leak, Gun comes out to his supportive friends, who already know about his romance (except Por). Win and Sound also admit they're dating. However, Tinn faces resistance from Jorn. He accuses Tinn of abusing his position to help Gun and quits the student council in protest.

The couple hides the truth by pretending their kiss is for a promotion. Although the lie works, Gun becomes self-conscious about being seen together. He walks alone in the rain, visibly upset. Tinn chases after his boyfriend and comforts him under an umbrella. Once again, their intimate moment is shared on social media. Many students respond positively to their romance, which they now admit. The only disagreement is whether their ship name should be GunTinn or TinnGun!

Ending Summary

Despite the positive reception from their peers, Gun overhears homophobic gossip from his teachers. As he cries over the hateful words, Jorn punches the teacher in retaliation. Decha asks for his expulsion, but Tinn's mom gives him virtually no punishment. She sides with her son and defends him against the bigot. "My son can like whoever he wants!" Tinn is grateful for his mom's support. Likewise, Jorn joins the student council again after reconciling with Tinn.

Prom night proceeds successfully. Gun regains his confidence and can perform on stage with his band. When the crowd asks Gun to clarify his relationship with Tinn, he replies, "#MySchoolPresident". Afterwards, the characters graduate from high school. Gun has been accepted to a music program at a university. Before he parts ways with his friends, Chinzhilla performs together for one last time. Sound and Win also share a tender kiss in the school hallway.

Gun visits Tinn's family for the first time. The atmosphere is hilariously awkward between Gun and Tinn's mom. Nonetheless, she allows her son and his boyfriend to stay at the house overnight. The final scene shows the couple chatting intimately in bed. After some light flirting, Gun and Tinn kiss each other on the lips. The series ends with them frolicking playfully in bed. They debate whether their ship name should be GunTinn or TinnGun.

Ending Review
Gun and Tinn kiss for the first time in the My School President ending.

Gun and Tinn kiss twice in the final episode. I love their first kiss, which seems sweet, playful, and spontaneous. It perfectly captures the essence of this lighthearted teen romance. I like that Gun's character initiates the kiss, a vital distinction after his evasiveness in the past episodes. He's willing and eager to dote on his boyfriend. I also like how his eyes and smile light up afterwards. He's beaming with glee and affection!

Gun just wanted to share a sweet, private moment with his boyfriend. Unfortunately, his relationship becomes a public spectacle, exposing him to rumours, stigma, and homophobic abuse. Gun sees other straight couples holding hands in the rain. Yet, he must hide in shame when doing the same with his lover. The moment that gets to me is when Gun won't share an umbrella with Tinn. "You know why," he says wistfully. This statement is powerful due to its unspoken sentiments. I can empathize with his anguish at this moment.

"We just have to wait until the dinosaurs to extinct and humans rule the world." YES. Tiw gets it. I love this iconic line and can apply it to many contexts in life. Beyond the cute romance and upbeat songs, what's really special about My School President is its sentimental messages. This series celebrates positive values like empathy, compassion, and humanity. Although the characters face adversity, the uplifting story always focuses on positive solutions. I respond well to its thoughtful themes and astute commentary.

I thought Gun's friends knew he was dating Tinn. I assumed there was an unspoken understanding since the couple made their affections evident on many occasions. It's funny how Por reacts in adorable shock to all the couples around him. "I thought Tinn was just nice?" 😅 Speaking of coupling up, Gun's friends all find their high school sweethearts. The story teases the Tiw & Por ship despite never stating explicitly. Yet, Pat is the sole exception and gets the worst ending out of everyone. The last shot of him crying about single life is so hilariously sad. Poor Pat!

Tinn's mom
Tinn's mom defends her son against a homophobic teacher.

My School President likes putting the characters in moral dilemmas. Previously, we've seen Tinn's mom feel conflicted about her son's sexuality. She correctly predicts hatred from others. The finale tests Tinn's mom by putting her in this exact predicament. How will she react when confronted with a homophobe? Her situation is trickier because of her job. As principal, Tinn's mom is in a sensitive position and may face accusations of bias. She's supposed to stay partial and abide strictly by the guidelines.

Despite the complications, Tinn's mom is willing to risk her professional reputation. Her natural maternal instincts won't allow anyone to bully her child. Even with her career on the line, she takes a decisive stance in defending her son. Obviously, I love Tinn's mom standing up to the homophobic teacher. Her spiel, "As a principal… But as a mother…", is so emotionally moving. Every gay teenager wants a parent who goes to bat for them as ferociously as Tinn's mom. 

However, it's important to note that Tinn's mom doesn't reach this stage of enlightenment right away. We love Gun's mom because she's a staunch ally from start to finish, but not everyone can be awesome like her. It takes Tinn's mom time to adjust her views and become more understanding. In the end, her inspiring journey pays off. This final episode shows her personal growth and evolved thinking. She's no longer afraid of being the mother to a gay son. In a society that antagonizes her child, Tinn's mom overcomes any self-doubts and transforms into his warrior.

My School President has a happy ending for Gun and Tinn.

At the start of the series, Gun never dreamed of dating Tinn. They weren't close and had barely interacted. Gun thought they belonged to different circles, from academic standing to social status. Their lives didn't overlap anywhere in the Venn diagram. The two classmates had no opportunities to mingle until Tinn was the student council president. After becoming acquainted, Gun discovers he gets along surprisingly well with Tinn. As the pair chat openly and joke around, Gun grows fond of Mr. School President.

Despite his attraction, Gun has reservations about dating Tinn. An aspiring musician, Gun believes romance hinders his ambitions. He witnessed his mentor, Yak, lose a prized opportunity over a petty relationship dispute. It confirmed Gun's belief that love could be destructive. Initially, he enforces a strict policy in his band. Nobody can date until we win Hot Wave! He abolishes this rule in Episode 7 after softening his stance. Gun now realizes having a lover and having a dream are compatible goals. In fact, being smitten with Tinn helps Gun sing sincerely from the heart.

Practicality is an ongoing conflict during Gun's musical pursuits. He's constantly reminded that a musician's career is impractical compared to making a stable income to support his family. Gun faces a similar struggle in his love life. Dating another man is impractical in our heteronormative society, where a simple kiss can trigger gay rumours and homophobic abuse. Thanks to his boyfriend's support, Gun learns not to give up on music or his relationship. Regardless of the practicality, Gun continues pursuing his passions because they are what he loves the most. 

Gun and Tinn are in bed after kissing.

My School President began with a secret crush. Tinn pined after his classmate, who once comforted him during a lonely night. Gun's appeal was easy to understand, from his angelic voice to his zesty personality. Of course, it helped that he looked like a handsome stud! Yet, Tinn lacked the confidence to confess his feelings. Gun seemed like a charismatic rock star, whereas Tinn was a shy nerd who could never grab his attention. Gun was sorrily out of his league in this high school social hierarchy.

When Gun didn't notice his classmate, Tinn worked harder to get his attention. Gun becomes Tinn's driving motivation to transform himself. Ditching the glasses is just a minor cosmetic change. However, the most significant adjustment comes from within. Throughout the series, Tinn gathers the courage to try new experiences outside his comfort zone. He conquers his childhood trauma and performs music on stage. Also, Tinn has considered coming out to his parents. He never gets the chance to do so on his own terms. Regardless, the terrifying prospect was on his mind.

Becoming the school president is Tinn's most significant transformation. He goes from an ordinary student to a campus authority. Tinn initially uses his position to curry favour with Gun, gaining his acknowledgement. However, Tinn doesn't just rely on his status. He also showcases his kindness, intelligence, and sincere personality, making Gun fall in love with him. Their romance may have started because Tinn was the president, but he doesn't need the title anymore. By the end of the series, "my school president" simply becomes "my boyfriend".

My School President Information


GMMTV is a heavyweight in the BL world. It has produced numerous acclaimed dramas and launched many successful careers over the years.

GMMTV is a heavyweight in the BL world. It has produced numerous acclaimed dramas and launched many successful careers over the years. GMMTV is the leader in the Thai BL industry and possibly around the world. Some of its well-known works include SOTUS (2016), Theory of Love (2019), 2gether (2020), A Tale of Thousand Stars (2021), Bad Buddy (2021), and Last Twilight (2023), among many others.


Au Kornprom Niyomsil (อู๋ กรพรหม นิยมศิลป์) is a Thai director.

Au Kornprom Niyomsil (อู๋ กรพรหม นิยมศิลป์) is a Thai director. He directed the 2022 drama, My School President. He was also the assistant director for A Tale of Thousand Stars (2021), Bad Buddy (2021), and Moonlight Chicken (2023).

  1. Agree wholeheartedly on your reviews. Fourth and Gemini interaction feels like they are very comfortable with each other. I also love how Tinn does not portrayed as a stoic, cool, and calculating in his plan to help Gun, instead you can feel his inexperience, worries, and most of all the youth that supposedly had by teenager his age. While as for Gun, I like that they did not make his character to someone that shies from all the flirting but he chose to reciprocate Tinn's feeling and action to ensure that they are on the same page.

    Kudos for the both moms also. Gun mom fully support all the her child wants to do while Tinn mom slowly but steadily able to become a better person both as principal and as a mother.

    Really love how the shows keep up with the music club theme by introducing us to almost new songs every week. Said songs are also very catchy and enjoyable even if I fail to understand what they mean the next time I play it from my spotify


  2. Great review, calling out nerdphobia, lol. Just when I thought I had reached my limit with high school BLs, along came My School President. It completely transcends the genre while being rooted in it at the same time. Gemini and Fourth are both fantastic in their roles, which are layered and complex as well as energetic and very silly.

    The series is chock-a-block with great characters including the lovely moms, little Ford in his pearls looking every inch the k-pop idol, the hilarious and handsome Mark, the supportive househusband/writer dad, and my favorite tsundere vs. tsundere couple, Winny and Satang (please give them their own series). Loved Satang's serenade.

    It was great fun watching MSP in tandem with Moonlight Chicken: Gemini's Tinn does everything to take care of Fourth's Gun in MSP, while Fourth's Li Meng does everything possible for Gemini's Heart in MLC. Can't wait to see some of these folks again in the Our Sky 2 anthology.


  3. Thanks for the terrific review as always! Loved this series. While I don't always gravitate toward high school settings, the incredible word-of-mouth that this show had made me check it out and I don't regret it one bit. Felt like a spiritual successor to Bad Buddy. Can't wait to see them again this year with the anthology series.

    (Just wanted to point out a minor typo in the review, since the actor's name is Fourth, not First.)

    Also, I was a bit surprised they translated the hashtag as #MySchoolPresident (I suppose because the name of the show is that). But the name of the show in Thai, and how they talk about that hashtag in the series, more accurately translates to #MyBoyfriendIsTheSchoolPresident — which I think is so much sweeter! Just wanted to help clarify that for anyone who's interested.


  4. I was looking forward to this review because I was STUNNED by how much I loved MSP—truly, I wasn’t expecting to like a high school-centric series this much. As usual you nailed everything! Fourth’s off-the-charts charm and charisma, Tinn and Gun’s sweet flirtation and romance, the stellar finale (which I held my breath through the entirety of). And how about that hard-earned kiss?! Such a special, feel-good love story. Glad you enjoyed it like I did. Thanks for your effort!!!


  5. I never thought I'd enjoy a high school centered bl like I enjoyed msp. Fourth and Gemini performed so well and their chemistry is so naturally flirty it was a joy to watch. The finale has to be one of my favourites in any bl series as well. Its just concluded the story so well and left us feeling satisfied and happy


  6. I'm curious to what Tinn's dream job would be, he said doctor for his mum, but what does he want?
    Absolutely loved this series😊

  7. I like it when a series has a story and the lines are actual repartee between the characters (not a convenient plot narration). I don't need unnecessary smut in a series and so I didn't feel like a p*do while watching this series which a story about high schoolers (my pet peeve in Thai series).

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