Our Skyy 2 – Series Review & Ending Explained

Our Skyy 2 is an anthology series continuing the stories of eight famous Thai BL dramas.

Our Skyy 2 is an anthology series that continues the love stories of eight famous Thai BL dramas. In each short sequel, the characters adjust to everyday life after the endings of their original series. Some epilogues explore the immediate aftermath, while others occur years later. This anthology involves A Boss and a Babe, A Tale of Thousand Stars, Bad Buddy, My School President, Never Let Me Go, Star in My Mind, The Eclipse, and Vice Versa.

Like many fans, I was excited by the prospect of seeing our favourite BL couples return in Our Skyy 2. However, this anthology contains exciting highs and disappointing lows. Some dramas produce great follow-ups, giving the characters a satisfying send-off. Others waste the opportunity on thoughtless plots, frivolous romantic fluff, and cringy fanservice. As a whole, most of these epilogues are less enjoyable compared to the original series.

Our Skyy 2 Summary


Our Skyy 2

Series Info:

Thailand (2023)


14 hours

Total Episodes:

16 episodes




Our Skyy 2 is a cute & sweet BL drama.

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Our Skyy 2 Review


Drama Review Score: 7.1

Phupha and Tian seduce each other.

Our Skyy 2 comes with much hype. This anthology series marks the return of our favourite couples from the best BL dramas. Many fans, including myself, look forward to revisiting the famous protagonists in the next chapter of their lives. These sixteen new episodes tease hours of original content, spicy romantic encounters, and exciting crossovers between multiverses. Sadly, Our Skyy 2 doesn't meet the high expectations. Instead, it produces many mediocre sequels that are inferior to its predecessors.

Most storytellers approach Our Skyy 2 from the angle of romantic fluff. The anthology is frivolous fanservice that doesn't require substance. Let's dress the protagonists in cute costumes, make cheeky references, and indulge in carefree flirtation! These dramas don't see the potential to explore meaningful themes or complex character development. Blessed with two extra episodes, they should use the precious opportunity to enrich the original series. It may be the last time these beloved characters will appear on screen. Yet, few took Our Skyy 2 seriously, failing to enhance their legacy.

The worst Our Skyy 2 installment is Star in My Mind. This embarrassing effort fills the plot with pointless nonsense and unimaginative clichés. I also hate the idiotic storyline in Vice Versa. It uses absurd circumstances to throw a random kid at the couple and deliver corny parenting scenes. The Eclipse plays it too safe with the drama, lacking boldness or innovation. It recovers after a subpar first episode. The sequel ends strongly, thanks to the steamy romantic encounters and excellent acting performances. The enticing BL content compensates for a weak narrative.

Never Let Me Go has an ambitious premise. I like that it transports the protagonists to a historical era and reverses their power dynamics. Despite the sophisticated concept, there are too many inconsistent plot holes. Like the original drama, the sequel's ridiculous narrative lacks logic. My School President also experiments with an alternate universe, but the creative idea is poorly executed. Many relationship scenes seem cringy than charming. The story tries to be cutesy instead of telling a compelling narrative. My School President is the biggest disappointment in Our Skyy 2.

Surprisingly, A Boss and a Babe is one of the best in this anthology. The hilarious scenes maintain the same energetic humour as the original. I appreciate the relationship development and character growth packed into an entertaining narrative. These two episodes are so good that they should be part of the original series. Similarly, The Bad Buddy x A Tale of Thousand Stars crossover is enjoyable. I love the novelty of watching characters from different universes interact. It also benefits from a longer length, a star-studded cast, and the nostalgia of fan-favourite franchises. 

A Tale of Thousand Stars improves its reputation the most. I love the last episode, which feels cheerful, sexy, and romantic. The original ending had pacing issues, whereas this finale finishes Phupha and Tian's journey more powerfully. The storyteller uses the epilogue to give a beautiful sendoff to an iconic couple. That should have been the case for every series, yet there are only a few satisfying conclusions. The rest aren't good enough, lowering my opinion of these BL franchises. Overall, Our Skyy 2 is a mixed bag. I only recommend watching some of the sequels.


Frivolous story

Our Skyy 2 contains epilogues for famous BL dramas. Yet, most plots are frivolous and focus on romantic fluff. Unlike the others, A Boss and a Babe has an entertaining story with character growth.

Carefree romance

Without substantial stories, most romantic encounters feel like carefree filler or gratuitous fanservice. A few couples, like The Eclipse or Bad Buddy, shine with the natural chemistry between the actors.

Cutesy acting

Most leads give decent performances and match the cute, lighthearted vibes of the stories. However, the amateurish acting in Star in My Mind and My School President does not meet standards.

Happy ending

Our Skyy 2 has a happy ending for each story. Rest assured that every couple stays together. A Tale of Thousand Stars has the best finale, strengthening my opinion of the original franchise.

Lighthearted artistry

Most series have lower production values than the original. Vice Versa shows a noticeable decline, losing its stylish artistry. Never Let Me Go maintains its vintage glamour and beautiful outdoor settings.


Our Skyy 2 is a disappointing anthology series with more fluff than substance. A few BL dramas improve their reputations with strong epilogues. Yet, others have poorly executed storylines.

Our Skyy 2 Episodes

Episode Guide

Pat and Phupha wake up shirtless together.

Our Skyy 2 has a total of 16 episodes. Each episode is around 40 to 60 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 14 hours. Our Skyy 2 started on April 19, 2023 and ended on June 8, 2023.

Our Skyy 2 dedicates two episodes each to Never Let Me Go, Star in My Mind, The Eclipse, Vice Versa, My School President, and A Boss and a Babe. The last four episodes are a crossover between Bad Buddy and A Tale of Thousand Stars. Each story is separate and does not overlap, so you don't have to watch all the episodes in this anthology. However, you should watch the original dramas before starting the epilogues in Our Skyy 2.

Episodes 1 & 2

Never Let Me Go

Our Skyy 2 Never Let Me Go continues the love story of Palm and Nueng.

Never Let Me Go is a 2022 Thai BL series about a wealthy teenager and his bodyguard. They form a romance amid dangerous circumstances. The original drama has a total of 12 episodes, airing between December 2022 and February 2023.

Our Skyy 2: Never Let Me Go has two episodes. Episode 1 started on April 19, 2023 and Episode 2 ended on April 20, 2023. You can finish the Never Let Me Go sequel in under 2 hours.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episodes 3 & 4

Star in My Mind

Our Skyy 2 Star in My Mind continues the love story of Nuea and Kluen.

Star in My Mind is a 2022 Thai BL series about two university students reuniting after a failed love confession. They develop feelings amid various love triangles and misunderstandings. The original drama has a total of 8 episodes, airing between April 2022 and May 2022. The actors reprise their roles in the sequel, Sky in Your Heart.

Our Skyy 2: Star in My Mind has two episodes. Episode 1 started on April 26, 2023 and Episode 2 ended on April 27, 2023. You can finish the Star in My Mind sequel in around 90 minutes.

Episode 3
Episode 4

Episodes 5 & 6

The Eclipse

Our Skyy 2 The Eclipse continues the love story of Akk and Ayan.

The Eclipse is a 2022 Thai BL series about two teenagers clashing at an all-boys school. They develop a romance amid the school's oppressive power hierarchy. The original drama has a total of 12 episodes, airing between August 2022 and October 2022.

Our Skyy 2: The Eclipse has two episodes. Episode 1 started on May 3, 2023 and Episode 2 ended on May 4, 2023. You can finish The Eclipse sequel in around 90 minutes.

Episode 5
Episode 6

Episodes 7 & 8

Vice Versa

Our Skyy 2 Vice Versa continues the love story of Puen and Talay.

Vice Versa is a 2022 Thai BL series about two protagonists transported into an alternate universe. They develop feelings amid their foreign and confusing surroundings. The original drama has a total of 12 episodes, airing between July 2022 and October 2022.

Our Skyy 2: Vice Versa has two episodes. Episode 1 started on May 10, 2023 and Episode 2 ended on May 11, 2023. You can finish the Vice Versa sequel in around 90 minutes.

Episode 7
Episode 8

Episodes 9 & 10

My School President

Our Skyy 2 My School President continues the love story of Gun and Tinn.

My School Presidents is a 2022 Thai BL series about two high school students clashing in their senior year. They develop feelings amid the rivalry between the school band and the student council. The original drama has a total of 12 episodes, airing between December 2022 and February 2023.

Our Skyy 2: My School President has two episodes. Episode 1 started on May 17, 2023 and Episode 2 ended on May 18, 2023. You can finish the My School President spin-off in around 2 hours.

Episode 9
Episode 10

Episodes 11 & 12

A Boss and a Babe

Our Skyy 2 A Boss and a Babe continues the love story of Cher and Gun.

A Boss and a Babe is a 2023 Thai BL series about two office coworkers and their scandalous workplace romance. They develop feelings despite the inappropriate power dynamic between a boss and his intern. The original drama has a total of 12 episodes, airing between March 2023 and May 2023.

Our Skyy 2: A Boss and a Babe has two episodes. Episode 1 started on May 24, 2023 and Episode 2 ended on May 25, 2023. You can finish the A Boss and a Babe sequel in under 90 minutes.

Episode 11
Episode 12

Episodes 13 – 16

Bad Buddy

Our Skyy 2 Bad Buddy continues the love story of Pat and Pran.

Bad Buddy is a 2021 Thai BL series about two childhood friends clashing over their intense rivalry. They develop feelings amid the tensions between their families and classmates. The original drama has a total of 12 episodes, airing between October 2021 and January 2022.

Our Skyy 2: Bad Buddy x A Tale of Thousand Stars has four episodes. It started on June 1, 2023 and ended on June 7, 2023. You can finish this Bad Buddy sequel in around 4 hours.

Episode 13
Episode 14
Episode 15
Episode 16

Episodes 14 – 16

A Tale of Thousand Stars

Our Skyy 2 A Tale of Thousand Stars continues the love story of Phupha and Tian.

A Tale of Thousand Stars is a 2021 Thai BL series about a volunteer teacher who meets a forest ranger at a rural village. They develop feelings despite clashing over their different values and personalities. The original drama has a total of 10 episodes, airing between January 2021 and April 2021.

Our Skyy 2: Bad Buddy x A Tale of Thousand Stars has a total of four episodes. It began on June 1, 2023 and finished on June 7, 2023. You can finish the A Tale of Thousand Stars sequel in around 4 hours.

Episode 14
Episode 15
Episode 16

Our Skyy 2 Never Let Me Go

Never Let Me Go

Palm protects Nueng from thugs.

Nueng and Palm are boyfriends who have maintained a long-distance relationship for years. Nueng is a hotel heir from a wealthy family. Palm used to be his bodyguard during their senior year of high school. They fell in love despite their class differences. Nueng's uncle plotted to murder his nephew to inherit the family business. Thankfully, Palm protected his young master from numerous assassination attempts.

Years later, Nueng is studying overseas. Meanwhile, Palm runs a business on an island. Due to their busy schedule, the couple only meets once a year. Although they keep in touch virtually, Palm has been busy and hardly responds to his boyfriend's messages. Nueng is upset by the growing distance between them. He returns to Thailand, hoping to repair their relationship.

As the couple reunites, a fortune teller claims their romance is cursed. Later, Nueng and Palm get involved in a fight with several street hooligans. When the gangsters strike against Nueng's bracelet, a magical phenomenon suddenly occurs. The couple transports to the past in the feudal era. Palm adopts the role of a lord, while Nueng becomes his servant. While navigating their foreign surroundings, they must find a way to return to the present timeline.

Our Skyy 2 Never Let Me Go Cast

Nueng is portrayed by the Thai actors Phuwin Tangsakyuen (ภูวินทร์ ตั้งศักดิ์ยืน).


Phuwin Tangsakyuen (ภูวินทร์ ตั้งศักดิ์ยืน)

Palm is portrayed by the Thai actor Pond Naravit Lertratkosum (ปอนด์ ณราวิชญ์ เลิศรัตน์โกมุสภ์).


Pond Naravit Lertratkosum (ปอนด์ ณราวิชญ์ เลิศรัตน์โกมุสภ์)

Petch is portrayed by the Thai actor Pawin Kulkaranyawich (ภวินท์ กุลการัณยวิชญ์).


Pawin Kulkaranyawich (ภวินท์ กุลการัณยวิชญ์)

Kla is portrayed by the Thai actor Marc Pahun Jiyacharoen (ปาหุณ จิยะเจริญ).


Marc Pahun Jiyacharoen (ปาหุณ จิยะเจริญ)

Phum is portrayed by the Thai actor Pawin Kulkaranyawich (ภวินท์ กุลการัณยวิชญ์).


Pawin Kulkaranyawich (ภวินท์ กุลการัณยวิชญ์)

Kan is portrayed by the Thai actor Marc Pahun Jiyacharoen (ปาหุณ จิยะเจริญ).


Marc Pahun Jiyacharoen (ปาหุณ จิยะเจริญ)

The fortune teller sees trouble in Nueng and Palm's relationship.

Fortune Teller

Tam is an old friend of Nueng and Palm.


The attacker is portrayed by the Thai actor Nice Pitayut Orsuwan (ไนซ์ พิทยุตม์ ออสุวรรณ).


Nice Pitayut Orsuwan (ไนซ์ พิทยุตม์ ออสุวรรณ)

Our Skyy 2 Never Let Me Go Review

Drama Review Score: 6.3

Palm and Nueng reunite after years apart.

Our Skyy 2: Never Let Me Go takes a wild departure from its original premise. It switches genres to a historical drama, as the modern protagonists suddenly transport to an ancient era. I appreciate a BL series with creative risks in its storytelling. Unpredictability adds an exciting element to the viewing experience. Never Let Me Go earns points for its bold imagination, daring to do something different than the norm. It offers an epic time-travel adventure with many twists and turns.

Unfortunately, Our Skyy 2: Never Let Me Go faces the same issues as the original drama. There are too many outrageous plot holes that I cannot overlook. I want to immerse myself in this exciting fantasy of a historical period. Yet, the story is so sloppy with its details. The outrageous narrative glosses over basic logic, while the protagonists behave irrationally based on their circumstances. As absurd events unfold, I find it hard to believe in the authenticity. Never Let Me Go loses my interest because it hasn't created a believable universe with coherent character motivations.

Our Skyy 2: Never Let Me Go shines in its beautiful artistry. It displays a distinctive vintage glamour, from retro clothing to historical props. There are numerous attractive visuals throughout the series. My favourite shot is when Nueng spins around while holding a red umbrella. In addition, I appreciate the picturesque locations. Due to its time era, the story can showcase unique backdrops that we don't see in other BL dramas. Admittedly, the Never Let Me Go sequel isn't as mesmerizing compared to the original series. Even so, it still sets a high standard in production values.

Cleverly, the story reverses the power dynamics between the leads. Palm adopts the role of a feudal lord, while Nueng is his servant. In theory, their hierarchy should create fascinating exchanges. The problem is that Palm becomes an unsympathetic jerk once he experiences his first taste of power. Given his past, he should be merciful toward his subordinates. Instead, he turns into a nightmare. These episodes make me hate Palm's character, from abusing his authority to speaking disrespectfully. "Are you drunk with power?" Nueng asks at one point, conveying my thoughts.

Compared to his obnoxious partner, Nueng is relatively less offensive. However, I dislike his character in the original drama. My hatred carries over into this sequel, so Nueng becomes detestable by default. I cannot enjoy a BL pairing if both leads are on my shit list. I either roll my eyes or shake my fists angrily at them. At one point, I was rooting for the villains to kick their privileged asses. It doesn't help that their romantic exchanges are generic. From cheesy banter to schmaltzy poetry, this couple is often cringy. Sorry, but Nueng and Palm evoke nothing positive in me.

Our Skyy 2: Never Let Me Go worsens after a mediocre first episode. The illogical plot, bland romance, and despicable characters create an unenjoyable BL drama. I couldn't care less whether Nueng and Palm returned to the present timeline. The only highlight is whenever the actors go shirtless, flaunting their sculpted physiques. However, the gratuitous fanservice isn't enough to change my negative opinion. I finish Our Skyy 2: Never Let Me Go without gaining any appreciation for the original series. It remains a dumb, sloppy story that can't execute its ambitious ideas.

Never Let Me Go Summary

Outrageous story

Our Skyy 2: Never Let Me Go has an ambitious premise involving time-travelling protagonists in a historical era. Yet, the outrageous plot holes and detestable characters ruin my enjoyment.

Cringy romance

I do not have positive feelings for this couple. From their obnoxious personality to schmaltzy encounters, I am often annoyed at them. Most relationship scenes are either generic or cringy.

Schmaltzy acting

The leads (Phuwin and Pond) are frequently shirtless, displaying their sculpted physiques. They also have stunning smiles. However, they lack the charisma to inject a likeable charm into their characters.

Happy ending

Our Skyy 2: Never Let Me Go has a happy ending where the leads return home safely. The time portal involves some ridiculous shenanigans with Nueng's bracelet. The finale seems silly & arbitrary.

Creative artistry

Although not as mesmerizing as the original series, this sequel stills exhibits a beautiful vintage glamour. I enjoy its creativity with wardrobe, props, and picturesque outdoor settings.


Our Skyy 2: Never Let Me Go is a stylish BL drama with a creative time-travel premise. However, the outrageous plot holes break the story's immersion. The detestable leads also ruin the romance.

Never Let Me Go Episodes

Episodes 1 & 2 Review
Palm and Nueng kiss in Our Skyy 2: Never Let Me Go.

The best way to enjoy Never Let Me Go is to shut off the subtitles. The visuals are impressive, from stunning cinematography to shirtless physiques. If I don't understand what is happening in the story, it maintains the illusion of an epic BL drama. Wow, look at the pretty historical setting! However, the dumb nonsense ruins the immersion. I can't focus on the aesthetics when the plot holes, unlikeable characters, and cringy dialogue are so glaring.

Wow. The power has corrupted Palm almost instantly. The moment Palm gains an authoritative position, he abuses everyone below him. "If he doesn't obey, I'll give a lashing." WTF is wrong with him!? After spending one day away from modern civilization, Palm has already succumbed to Lord of the Flies savagery. Later, I gasped when he kicked that guy, who was only minding his business. Oh my god, this sequel has destroyed his character's likability in two swift episodes. I hate Palm just as much as Nueng. These pompous assholes deserve each other.

Our Skyy 2 Star in My Mind

Star in My Mind

Nuea and Kluen are a dating couple in university.

Nuea and Kluen are a couple attending the same university. Nuea studies art, whereas Kluen is in medical school. The pair used to be high school classmates. Nuea confessed his feelings to Kluen. However, Kluen didn't give a favourable response. When they reunite at university, Kluen develops a romantic interest in Nuea. After overcoming various love triangles and misunderstandings, they finally start dating.

Senior students Nuea and Kluen have been dating for several years. They remain lovey-dovey with each other. Their friends, Maithee and Sean, often tease the couple for being overly mushy. Nuea and Kluen don't hide their love in public, from sentimental nicknames to frequent compliments. As a joke, Maithee and Sean try to stir the pot by insulating Kluen has a female suitor. Kluen remains secure in his boyfriend's faithfulness.

Nuea's friend Phoon used to have a crush on him. Phoon once confessed his feelings. However, Nuea rejected the confession. Years later, Phoon is slow to move on to a new relationship. He hasn't found anyone suitable yet. Nuea and Kluen invite Phoon to accompany them on a camping trip. Phoon observes the couple's intimacy and ponders contemplatively.

Our Skyy 2 Star in My Mind Cast

Nuea is portrayed by the Thai actor Dunk Natachai Boonprasert (ดัง ณัฎฐ์ฐชัย บุญประเศริฐ).


Dunk Natachai Boonprasert (ดัง ณัฎฐ์ฐชัย บุญประเศริฐ)

Kluen is portrayed by the Thai actor Joong Archen Aydin (จุง อาเชน ไอย์ดึน).


Joong Archen Aydin (จุง อาเชน ไอย์ดึน)

Phoon is portrayed by the Thai actor Pepper Phanuroj Chalermkijporntavee (เป๊ปเปอร์ ภานุโรจน์ เฉลิมกิจพรทวี).


Pepper Phanuroj Chalermkijporntavee (เป๊ปเปอร์ ภานุโรจน์ เฉลิมกิจพรทวี)

Maithee is portrayed by the Thai actor Pawin Kulkaranyawich (ภวินท์ กุลการัณยวิชญ์).


Pawin Kulkaranyawich (ภวินท์ กุลการัณยวิชญ์)

Sean is portrayed by the Thai actor Satang Kittipop Sereevichayasawat (กิตติภพ เสรีวิชยสวัสดิ์).


Satang Kittipop Sereevichayasawat (กิตติภพ เสรีวิชยสวัสดิ์)

Ne is portrayed by the Thai actor Winny Thanawin Pholcharoenrat (ธนวินท์ ผลเจริญรัตน์).


Winny Thanawin Pholcharoenrat (ธนวินท์ ผลเจริญรัตน์)

Min is portrayed by the Thai actress Bimbeam Praekwan Phongskul (บิ่มบี้ม แพรขวัญ ผ่องสกุล).


Bimbeam Praekwan Phongskul (บิ่มบี้ม แพรขวัญ ผ่องสกุล)

Our Skyy 2 Star in My Mind Review

Drama Review Score: 5.0

Kluen and Nuea kiss in Our Skyy 2: Star in My Mind.

Our Skyy 2: Star in My Mind is the worst installment in the anthology. The original drama was bland, generic, and clichéd, so I already set low expectations for the sequel. Despite my cynicism, the underachieving series still dismays me with its painful mediocrity. The only positive is that it becomes an easy target to direct our hatred. Fans don't have to argue which Our Skyy 2 epilogue sucks the most. We can collectively agree that Star in My Mind claims the notorious title.

The plot is nonexistent in Our Skyy 2: Star in My Mind. It has a dreadful storyline about Nuea & Kluen's friends stirring up jealousy in the couple. Their annoying provocations contain little purpose and even less entertainment value. Otherwise, the series doesn't bother to use any imagination and coasts on ninety minutes of romantic fluff. As one pointless scene leads to the next, the entire epilogue feels like irrelevant filler. There is no effort to develop the plain characters or expand on their vapid personalities. I love its lack of energy! Go Star in My Mind, give us nothing!

Although Star in My Mind is overloaded with romantic fluff, don't anticipate these scenes to be any good. The drama relies heavily on the handbook of the corniest cliches. Each exchange feels sickeningly sweet as the characters make exaggerated proclamations of love. The generic lines have little variety or flavour, all sounding vaguely similar. It must be the most vanilla relationship in BL history, but this hyperbole gives the series too much credit. Our Skyy 2: Star in My Mind isn't special enough to deserve notoriety. Instead, it's just basic, forgettable, and devoid of interest.

Kluen and Nuea have appeared in three different series: Star in My Mind, Sky in Our Heart, and Our Skyy 2. In addition, the couple already has another special dedicated to them. I am astonished so many hours have gone into promoting this soulless pairing. What exactly is their appeal? They have no charisma or chemistry. Despite nearly twenty episodes of visibility, I cannot identify a single personality trait in either protagonist. The characters feel flat and one-dimensional, like the equivalent of watching two mannequins fall in love. These milquetoast leads bore me.

Why is Star in My Mind a part of the line-up in Our Skyy 2? It feels outclassed next to the most iconic BL dramas: Bad Buddy, A Tale of Thousand Stars, and… Star in My Mind!? One of these titles is unlike the others. I resent its inclusion in this anthology, taking away precious resources to showcase a better couple. For example, Sean and Ne's actors (Satang and Winny) gained popularity as the secondary leads in another series, My School President. Imagine if Our Skyy 2 dedicated these two episodes to them instead. Yet, we're stuck with Kluen Whoever and Nuea Whatever.

Our Skyy 2: Star in My Mind has redeeming qualities if I examine it closely. For all its faults, the story is harmless. The boring couple respects each other and doesn't do anything problematic. They have a mutually loving relationship, like a healthy representation of gay romances. Their worst issue is being offensively dull. Despite my scathing review, I recognize this nondescript series doesn't deserve my complete ire. Our Skyy 2: Star in My Mind fails to inspire intense hatred in me. It will fade from my mind over time, disappearing into the vast expanse of superior BL dramas.

Star in My Mind Summary

Vapid story

Our Skyy 2: Star in My Mind has virtually no storyline. It coasts on ninety minutes of pointless romantic fluff. It doesn't try to develop the vapid protagonists or their offensively dull personalities.

Vanilla romance

Expect lots of cheesy cliches and sickeningly sweet exchanges from this vanilla couple. They make generic proclamations of love without substance. Kluen and Nuea share no chemistry.

Charmless acting

The lead actors lack enthusiasm and do not inject any personality into their lifeless characters. I feel bored watching them flirt blandly. These uninspiring performers don't excite me.

Happy ending

Our Skyy 2: Star in My Mind has a happy ending as the couple makes a long-term commitment. The uneventful finale is devoid of tension or drama. Its last episode is overloaded with filler.

Uninspiring artistry

Like the rest of the series, this sequel has uninspiring production values. While everything looks presentable, it is unremarkable. The quality is below average by GMMTV's standards.


Our Skyy 2: Star in My Mind is a dull BL drama with cliched romantic fluff. Everything is mediocre, from the bland couple to the generic exchanges. It's the worst installment of this anthology.

Star in My Mind Episodes

Episodes 3 & 4 Review
Kluen and Nuea kiss each other in Our Skyy 2: Star in My Mind.

The best part about the Star in My Mind franchise was Nuea's older brother. As the charismatic lead of Sky in Your Heart, he should have gotten the Our Skyy 2 showcase instead. Unfortunately, the actor (Mek) already left GMM. That means we're stuck with Kluea and Nuea's boring asses. Neither character has the charisma to carry a series. Honestly, they should've just scrapped this installment altogether. Save the money for a staff party instead of producing such garbage.

The star of Our Skyy 2 is Pawin, who appears in the first six episodes of the anthology series. He shows up more frequently than anyone else, including the leads. Each time, he portrays a new character in a different BL drama. I crack up at all his cameo appearances throughout the BL multiverse. It's so funny seeing Pawin episode after episode, like a recurring gag. 😆 I felt a little sad when he stopped appearing after The Eclipse. Bring him back!

Our Skyy 2 The Eclipse

The Eclipse

Ayan kisses Akk's cheek.

Akk and Ayan are two high school graduates about to enter university. They used to be students at Suppalo, a prestigious academy known for its strict policies. As the head prefect, Akk enforced punishment against rulebreakers. Pressured by authorities, he employed extreme tactics against a group of activists. Thankfully, his classmate Ayan corrected Akk's thinking. The two teens fell in love despite clashing initially.

During summer break, Akk and Ayan spend their time together as a couple. Ayan introduces Akk to various movies like Brokeback Mountain. They discuss these films afterwards to understand the deeper meanings. In addition, they go on camping retreats and enjoy the outdoors. They also meet with their friends, Kan, Thua, Wat, and Namo. Wat is about to enter a short film competition. He enlists his friends to help him polish the final movie.

While brainstorming filmmaking ideas, Akk and Ayan clash over their opposite views. Akk accuses his boyfriend of being selfish and only thinking of himself. In contrast, Ayan claims Akk cares too much about what people think. Their bickering makes the others uncomfortable. They eventually kiss and reconcile. However, Akk feels miffed that Ayan seems to have forgotten his upcoming birthday. Akk drops hints about a party celebration. Yet, his boyfriend acts nonchalant and already has plans for that day.

Our Skyy 2 The Eclipse Cast

Akk is portrayed by the Thai actor First Kanaphan Puitrakul (เฟิร์ส คณพันธ์ ปุ้ยตระกูล).


First Kanaphan Puitrakul (เฟิร์ส คณพันธ์ ปุ้ยตระกูล)

Ayan is portrayed by the Thai actor Khaotung Thanawat Ratanakitpaisan (ข้าวตัง ธนวัฒน์ รัตนกิจไพศาล).


Khaotung Thanawat Ratanakitpaisan (ข้าวตัง ธนวัฒน์ รัตนกิจไพศาล)

Khan is portrayed by the Thai actor Neo Trai Nimtawat (นีโอ ตรัย นิ่มทวัฒน์).


Neo Trai Nimtawat (นีโอ ตรัย นิ่มทวัฒน์)

Thua is portrayed by the Thai actor Louis Thanawin Teeraphosukarn (หลุยส์ ธณวิน ธีรโพสุการ).


Louis Thanawin Teeraphosukarn (หลุยส์ ธณวิน ธีรโพสุการ)

Wat is portrayed by the Thai actor AJ Chayapol Jutamas (เอเจ ชยพล จุฑามาศ).


AJ Chayapol Jutamas (เอเจ ชยพล จุฑามาศ)

Namo is portrayed by the Thai actor Pawin Kulkaranyawich (ภวินท์ กุลการัณยวิชญ์).


Pawin Kulkaranyawich (ภวินท์ กุลการัณยวิชญ์)

Sani is portrayed by the Thai actor Ployphach Phatchatorn Thanawat (พลอยภัช ภัชธร ธนวัฒน์).


Ployphach Phatchatorn Thanawat (พลอยภัช ภัชธร ธนวัฒน์)

Mok is portrayed by the Thai actor Kenji Wasin Panunaporn (วศิน ภาณุมาภรณ์).


Kenji Wasin Panunaporn (วศิน ภาณุมาภรณ์)

The director talks to Wat about his short film.


Our Skyy 2 The Eclipse Review

Drama Review Score: 8.4

Akk and Ayan kiss each other on the lips.

Our Skyy 2: The Eclipse delivers enticing BL content. This drama shines whenever it focuses on romantic exchanges between the protagonists. From flirty banter to makeout sessions, the story celebrates love jubilantly. The leads show more affection than any other pairing in this anthology. They resemble a passionate young couple, doting on one another with kisses, hugs, and intimate touches. The Eclipse successfully conveys an irresistible attraction. Sparks fly whenever the main characters are together.

The leads (First and Khao) bring pulsating chemistry to their romantic encounters. They get every detail right, including sincere expressions, longing gazes, radiant smiles, and comfortable body language. Both genuine actors add authenticity to their portrayals. Furthermore, their characters maintain a fun, snappy rapport in an exciting relationship dynamic. The couple is sweet yet spicy. They can exchange witty quips or cheeky mischief before transitioning to a tender moment of flirtation. Despite occasionally bickering, you feel the mutual love and warmth between them.

With that said, the couple's hostility doesn't always seem healthy. Ayan's behaviour is provocative. He teases his boyfriend so much that it comes across as torment. "Are you toying with my feelings!?" Akk vents. He asks a valid question. The epilogue reveals a conniving side to Ayan, making his character more complex but less likeable. However, his offences aren't severe enough to damage the romance. I'm still fond of both protagonists and enjoy their sassiness. There are also various scenes where Ayan acts thoughtfully and supports his partner.

Our Skyy 2: The Eclipse showcases gorgeous artistry. You can trust the cinematographer to pick scenic outdoor filming locations that convey a distinct vibe. The visuals look vibrant, whether sitting on the swing in an enchanted forest or running through a field of lavender blossoms. In addition, the series displays lightheartedness by dressing the characters in playful costumes. I giggle at seeing Akk and Ayan in cowboy outfits, almost like Our Skyy 2 meets Brokeback Mountain. The original series is more solemn, whereas this sequel opts for a joyful and upbeat tone.

Our Skyy 2: The Eclipse lacks compelling storylines. The original drama has an intense premise, exploring profound themes with subtle metaphors. In contrast, the epilogue doesn't offer new insights. It repeats similar messages as the first series, albeit without the same elegance. Likewise, I'm bored by Wat's filmmaking project, which occupies too much time. I wish Khan and Thua had more focus instead. Also, Our Skyy 2: The Eclipse takes no creative risks. It only rehashes old ideas and sticks with minor plots. I don't sense anything bold or innovative from the sequel.

While the first episode is okay, it doesn't meet the high standards of excellence I expect from The Eclipse. Thankfully, the quality improves in the finale. Akk's actor gives a captivating emotional performance that elevates the material. Additionally, the story finishes with steamy physical passion in the bedroom. With every magnificent kiss, Akk and Ayan's relationship becomes more epic! Overall, Our Skyy 2: The Eclipse is a satisfying sendoff for the couple, highlighting their love for each other. It will thrill BL fans who crave fierce romance and electrifying chemistry.

The Eclipse Summary

Safe story

Our Skyy 2: The Eclipse doesn't take many creative risks in its narrative. It reiterates old messages and sticks to minor plots. This sequel lacks the compelling storylines of the original drama.

Fierce romance

Akk and Ayan share a sweet yet spicy romance with loads of physical affection. This passionate young couple dotes on each other with kisses and intimate touches. I love their natural rapport!

Genuine acting

The leads (Khao and First) bring superb chemistry to their romantic encounters. From facial expressions to body language, everything looks comfortable. Both performers come across as genuine.

Happy ending

Our Skyy 2: The Eclipse has a happy ending where Akk & Ayan reconcile after earlier tensions. Akk gives a powerfully emotional performance. The series finishes with steamy physical passion.

Scenic artistry

The series displays gorgeous cinematography, especially scenic outdoor filming locations. I also love its playful costumes, like dressing up the protagonists as Brokeback Mountain characters.


Our Skyy 2: The Eclipse is a fun, upbeat BL series thriving on romance. Its highlight is the lead couple, who shares genuine chemistry, snappy banter, and affectionate exchanges.

The Eclipse Episodes

Episodes 5 & 6 Review
Akk and Ayan share a passionate kiss.

"Are you toying with me!?" is not a baseless accusation. On the one hand, Ayan's actions appear harmless. He tells a small lie due to a birthday surprise. On the other hand, Ayan seems insensitive to his partner's feelings. After observing Akk's agitation, Ayan could give him peace of mind and clarify the party situation. Planning a secret song to serenade your boyfriend isn't worth putting him through emotional turmoil. Yet, Ayan lets Akk's doubts fester for days. Ayan's so-called prank is cruel and conniving.

Nonetheless, I still find Ayan likeable. One of my favourite moments is during Akk and Namo's chat. Akk speaks about his rehabilitation insightfully. Ayan is so impressed with his boyfriend's maturity that he gives him a spontaneous kiss"You said it so well. I had to give you a reward." I love that reaction from him! He's like a mentor giving his student a gold star for learning his lesson, hehe. I also enjoy the reminder of Akk's personal growth. His character has come a long way from the start of the series. Like Ayan, I'm beaming with pride over Akk's significant progress.

Our Skyy 2 Vice Versa

Vice Versa

Puen and Talay are partners who live together.

Talay and Puen are husbands who live together. Years ago, both travelled to a parallel universe and remained stuck in strange surroundings. Fortunately, they met and became each other's confidantes. Working together, Talay and Puen found a way to return home safely. They also fell in love during their time together.

Five years have passed since they returned from the parallel world. Puen works as a freelance screenwriter. Meanwhile, Talay is an editor who works primarily from home. Talay, a notorious workaholic, is often preoccupied with his projects. He becomes too invested in his work, losing track of time. Puen is upset when his husband misses a birthday due to work commitments. Talay promises to make it up to him.

Puen and Talay spend the next few weeks doting on each other. They have rekindled their romance. However, both are surprised by a strange visitor at their doorstep. A mysterious boy named Jigsaw arrives at their home. Jigsaw won't explain his origins, but he has nowhere else to stay. Puen and Talay allow the young child to live with them temporarily. To the couple's surprise, they become his guardian.

Our Skyy 2 Vice Versa Cast

Talay is portrayed by the Thai actor Sea Tawinan Anukoolprasert (ซี ทวินันท์ อนุกูลประเสริฐ).


Sea Tawinan Anukoolprasert (ซี ทวินันท์ อนุกูลประเสริฐ)

Puen is portrayed by the Thai actor Jimmy Jitaraphol Potiwihok (จิมมี่ จิตรพล โพธิวิหค).


Jimmy Jitaraphol Potiwihok (จิมมี่ จิตรพล โพธิวิหค)

Jigsaw is portrayed by the Thai actor Chun Pachchun Hiranprateep (ชุณห์ ปัชชุน หิรัณประทีป).


Chun Pachchun Hiranprateep (ชุณห์ ปัชชุน หิรัณประทีป)

Tup is portrayed by the Thai actor Neo Trai Nimtawat (นีโอ ตรัย นิ่มทวัฒน์).


Neo Trai Nimtawat (นีโอ ตรัย นิ่มทวัฒน์)

Tou is portrayed by the Thai actor Aou Thanaboon Kiatniran (อู๋ ธนบูรณ์ เกียรตินิรันดร์).


Aou Thanaboon Kiatniran (อู๋ ธนบูรณ์ เกียรตินิรันดร์)

Our Skyy 2 Vice Versa Review

Drama Review Score: 6.4

Puen and Talay flirt in the bathtub.

Our Skyy 2: Vice Versa begins with a healthy dose of romantic fluff. The leads fill their daily schedules with cute bonding activities, from Kissing Day to Movie Night. Each event gives them an excuse to shower their partner with affection. This segment is my favourite part of the drama, highlighting the couple's creativity and spontaneity. Through the power of imagination, they transform their home into an enchanting love nest. Vice Versa's strength lies in its ability to create dreamy relationship moments.

In Our Skyy 2: Vice Versa, the married protagonists have built a life together over the years. The story celebrates their domestic bliss, portraying the joys of a stable, long-term, and monogamous couple. Puen and Talay also become parents in the sequel. The series depicts two men in a loving relationship and raising a child together, boldly defying Thailand's cultural norms. Our Skyy 2: Vice Versa goes beyond a typical love story in the BL genre. I admire the empowering narrative, which explores themes of domesticity and fatherhood as the pillars of its plot.

Despite the well-meaning messages, I hate the parenting storyline in Our Skyy 2: Vice Versa. My distaste comes from how the story awkwardly introduces a kid into Puen & Talay's lives. This random boy appears at their doorstep with no explanation. Typically, the bizarre scenario would alarm anyone. Yet, the protagonists react oddly. They quickly stop investigating Jigsaw's origins or reuniting him with his family. Instead, they pretend to be his guardians. WTF? There's a missing child in your care! Why aren't you treating the situation like an urgent emergency!?

Puen and Talay raise Jigsaw in their home. There are corny scenes of them playing and hanging out together, like his make-believe parents. However, I don't understand why they look after a random kid who came out of nowhere. Their top priority is to contact Jigsaw's family, who must be worried. Otherwise, let the authorities handle the search. Yet, Puen and Talay are nonchalant. Their inaction almost turns them into child kidnappers. The longer they do nothing, the more I resent their schmaltzy bonding moments with Jigsaw. The sentimentality feels forced and phony.

Eventually, Our Skyy 2: Vice Versa reveals Jigsaw's parentage. The official explanation is so mindlessly idiotic that it enrages me. I can't wrap my head around the ridiculous circumstances or nonsensical character motivations. This stupid plot also lowers my opinion of Puen and Talay's romance since I question their integrity as human beings. Most of all, I'm upset about the wasted potential. Vice Versa had a chance to tell a sweet, meaningful gay parenting story. Instead, the convoluted drama is a laughably dumb mess. I feel offended by how it mishandles the topic. 

The original Vice Versa is guided by a stylish artistic vision, creating a colourful universe. By comparison, the Our Skyy 2 installment doesn't have the same polish. It's hard to generate any ambiance with the characters constantly cooped up inside their house. Although everything still looks presentable, there's no wow factor. I also suspect the series faces limitations due to a smaller production budget. Generally, everything I loved about the predecessor feels diminished in this mediocre sequel. Our Skyy 2: Vice Versa seems cheaper, tackier, and less sophisticated.

Vice Versa Summary

Idiotic story

Our Skyy 2: Vice Versa promotes the themes of domesticity and fatherhood in its narrative. However, I hate how the parenting storyline unfolds. The plot is so stupid that it upsets me.

Fluffy romance

I adore the cute romantic fluff at the start of the series. The couple shares sweet exchanges and dreamy relationship moments. Later, the convoluted parenthood drama lowers my opinion of them.

Okay acting

The leads give okay performances and seem comfortable with each other. Their flirting is cute. I like how they convey natural warmth and domestic bliss in the scenes with the child.

Happy ending

Our Skyy 2: Vice Versa has a happy ending after Puen and Talay clear up the confusion over Jigsaw's parentage. The explanation is mindlessly dumb, but the couple comes out stronger than before.

Inferior artistry

This sequel doesn't contain the same polish compared to the original series. Although presentable, there's no wow factor. It's hard to create ambiance when the characters never leave the house.


Our Skyy 2: Vice Versa portrays cute romantic fluff and promotes domestic bliss. The idiotic parenting drama upsets me due to the absurd circumstances and nonsensical character motivations.

Vice Versa Episodes

Episodes 7 & 8 Review
Puen and Talay kiss at the end of Our Skyy 2: Vice Versa.

Surprisingly, there was no Bathtub Day on the romantic calendar. Out of all the possible events, I looked forward to seeing that activity the most. Bathtubs are like the defining symbol of this franchise. That's where Puen and Talay made most of their romantic memories! *slurps* Thankfully, Episode 8 contains a brief moment of Puen taking a soak. I knew the series wouldn't be able to resist including at least one bathroom scene. After all, bathtubs and Vice Versa make an iconic duo!

Ugh, I hate so many things about the idiotic parenting storyline. One, the leads act nonchalantly after a missing boy appears at their doorstep. Why won't they reunite him with his family!? Two, I hate the message of using a kid to repair Puen & Talay's relationship. This kid is a human life, not a tool for your couple's therapy. And three, I think less of Puen for deceiving Talay. Why would you not tell your partner about Jigsaw's parentage!? Knowing the truth, you still let him develop an emotional attachment to the child. Why keep up this outrageous charade!?

Our Skyy 2 My School President

My School President

Gun and Tinn have a school dance.

Tinn and Gun are senior high school students. Tinn has formed a band with his friends, including Sound, Tiw, Yo, and Pat. Recently, they also recruited Win, a new member. However, their group is infamous for causing trouble around campus. After a security incident, the new principal wants to suspend their club activities in the upcoming year. Tinn is devastated by the prospect of disbanding.

Gun is the student council president. He is also the principal's son. Gun harbours a secret crush on Tinn, yet he doesn't dare to confess his feelings. His attraction started years ago. On Gun's birthday, he visited a dessert shop alone. The store is by Tinn's mom. Tinn notices his lonely teen and dedicates a song to him. This sentimental gesture moves Gun, who pined after his classmate ever since. Only Gun's best friend Por knows about his crush.

Gun wants to help Tinn and his friends keep the music club alive. So, he pleads with his mom to reconsider her decision. She agrees, but only if all the club members pass the upcoming exams. Gun uses this opportunity to get close to Tinn. He offers tutoring lessons to help his crush pass the tests. As they study together, the two students form a connection.

Our Skyy 2 My School President Cast

Gun is portrayed by the Thai actor Fourth Nattawat Jirochtikul (โฟร์ท ณัฐวรรธน์ จิโรชน์ธิกุล).


Fourth Nattawat Jirochtikul (โฟร์ท ณัฐวรรธน์ จิโรชน์ธิกุล)

Tinn is portrayed by the Thai actor Gemini Norawit Titicharoenrak (เจมีไนน์ นรวิชญ์ ฐิติเจริญรักษ์).


Gemini Norawit Titicharoenrak (เจมีไนน์ นรวิชญ์ ฐิติเจริญรักษ์)

Sound is portrayed by the Thai actor Satang Kittiphop Sereevichayasawat (สตางค์ กิตติภพ เสรีวิชยสวัสดิ์).


Satang Kittiphop Sereevichayasawat (สตางค์ กิตติภพ เสรีวิชยสวัสดิ์)

Win is portrayed by the Thai actor Winny Thanawin Pholcharoenrat (วินนี่ ธนวินท์ ผลเจริญรัตน์).


Winny Thanawin Pholcharoenrat (วินนี่ ธนวินท์ ผลเจริญรัตน์)

Tiw is portrayed by the Thai actor Mark Pakin Kunaanuwit (มาร์ค ภาคิน คุณาอนุวิทย์).


Mark Pakin Kunaanuwit (มาร์ค ภาคิน คุณาอนุวิทย์)

Por is portrayed by the Thai actor Ford Arun Asawasuebsakul (ฟอร์ด อรัญญ์ อัศวสืบสกุล).


Ford Arun Asawasuebsakul (ฟอร์ด อรัญญ์ อัศวสืบสกุล)

Yo is portrayed by the Thai actor Captain Passatorn Koolkang (กัปตัน พัสธร กุลกั้ง).


Captain Passatorn Koolkang (กัปตัน พัสธร กุลกั้ง)

Pat is portrayed by the Thai actor Prom Theepakon Kwanboon (พร้อม ทีปกร ขวัญบุญ).


Prom Theepakon Kwanboon (พร้อม ทีปกร ขวัญบุญ)

Jorn is portrayed by the Thai actor Aun Napat Patcharachavalit (อั๋น ณ​ภัทร​ พัชร​ชวลิต​).


Aun Napat Patcharachavalit (อั๋น ณ​ภัทร​ พัชร​ชวลิต​)

Gun's mom is portrayed by the Thai actress Lookwa Pijika Jittaputta (ลูกหว้า พิจิกา จิตตะปุตตะ).

Gun's mom

Lookwa Pijika Jittaputta (ลูกหว้า พิจิกา จิตตะปุตตะ)

Tinn's mom is portrayed by the Thai actress Tao Sarocha Watittapan (เต๋า สโรชา วาทิตตพันธ์).

Tinn's mom

Tao Sarocha Watittapan (เต๋า สโรชา วาทิตตพันธ์)

The Holy Lion is the mascot of the band.

Holy Lion

Our Skyy 2 My School President Review

Drama Review Score: 6.1

Gun and Tinn almost kiss in Our Skyy 2: My School President.

Our Skyy 2: My School President is the biggest disappointment in this anthology. Although Star in My Mind is the worst installment, I had low expectations of its quality. In contrast, My School President is a popular franchise supported by hype, resources, and talent. The first season sets a high standard of what this teen love story can achieve at its peak. Yet, this spin-off doesn't measure up to the predecessor in almost every aspect. It loses the charm that made the original series so enjoyable.

Unlike the other dramas, Our Skyy 2: My School President is not a sequel. Instead, it experiments with an alternate universe by swapping the characters and giving them different roles. The spin-off follows the same plotline as the original, except there are minor discrepancies here and there. The initial idea is creative. I appreciate the storyteller for trying something quirky. Occasionally, it's funny to see a familiar scene with a surprise twist. The new version of events overturns the audience's expectations, producing clever dialogue, silly jokes, or cheeky scenarios.

Although the alternate universe is innovative, the problem lies in its poor execution. Our Skyy 2: My School President fails to create a compelling narrative. It focuses on reimagining old scenarios than telling a new story. The spin-off relies heavily on nostalgia and callbacks to the original series, leaving little room for fresh ideas. While some scenes play out differently, there's a boring predictability to the sequence of events. We already know what happens in the plot, so it's repetitive to watch the same situations again. Our Skyy 2: My School President lacks suspense.

Another issue is that it must condense a twelve-episode series into a two-hour special. The original drama has plenty of time to introduce the plots and flesh out their development. However, the spin-off cannot enjoy the same luxury. It must rush to cover significant events in the narrative, losing many nuances. Each milestone is shallowly depicted and devoid of emotional depth. The storytelling also becomes stale, like going through a formulaic checklist. My School President doesn't feel fun or spontaneous. This pale imitation is just copying everything from the previous series.

In the original, each character is unique and memorable. In Our Skyy 2: My School President, all the personalities are scrambled and indecipherable. Everyone seems glaringly miscast, not matching the essence of their new roles. The spin-off also exposes the actors' weaknesses. Gun's performer (Fourth) doesn't have the comedic chops to pull off goofy antics. He appears subdued without showing enough energy. His costar (Gemini) is unconvincing in romantic exchanges. He lacks the suaveness and flirtiness of a dreamboat protagonist. Tinn doesn't make me swoon.

Our Skyy 2: My School President likes cracking lighthearted jokes and indulging in playful mischief. The witty humour makes me laugh during several scenes. The spin-off showcases a comedic and creative flair, like the music video that reenacts past BL dramas. However, this series tries too hard to be cutesy. It focuses more on including nostalgic references and blatant fanservice than crafting a coherent story. Its efforts come across as cringy than charming. As a fan of the original, Our Skyy 2: My School President saddens me because it should have been much better.

My School President Summary

Stale story

Our Skyy 2: My School President reimagines the original plot in an alternate universe. Despite a creative premise, the scenes feel repetitive. It just copies the previous series, losing many nuances.

Shallow romance

The romance lacks the charm and spark of the original drama. The underdeveloped characters are unfamiliar to me. I don't feel emotionally attached to their shallow relationship.

Miscast acting

Everyone seems miscast in their roles. They don't match the essence of their characters. Gun's actor (Fourth) lacks energy, while his costar (Gemini) doesn't convey suaveness in romantic scenes.

Happy ending

Our Skyy 2: My School President has a happy ending with the leads starting a relationship. The finale is rushed and leaves me with no feelings. However, I like the cute music video in the end.

Creative artistry

This series shows a comedic and creative flair. It includes many cheeky references to the past series or other BL dramas. I also enjoy the musical numbers, breaking the monotony of the plot.


Our Skyy 2: My School President is a disappointing spin-off that doesn't capture the charm of the original. The plot lacks suspense & emotional depth since it tries too hard to imitate the previous series.

My School President Episodes

Episodes 9 & 10 Review
Gun and Tinn pretend to be the leads from He's Coming To Me.

The music video for He's Coming to Me is a pleasant surprise. It randomly references an old 2019 series, which isn't prevalent in mainstream BL fandom. How delightfully unexpected! The other MVs for Bad Buddy and ATOTS are cute but predictable. Those fan-favourite series have already received tons of attention. In contrast, He's Coming to Me is an inspired callback that makes me nostalgic. Let's give these underappreciated BL dramas some love too!

I appreciate MSP's social commentary. For those unfamiliar, the 250-person committee is a cheeky jab at the Thai political system in real life. Thailand has nationwide elections to determine parliament members. However, the military can appoint 250 Senate seats without a public vote. That means the military unfairly holds power over government decisions, working against the people's will. They constantly stop progressive legislation from being passed, including freedom of expression.

Our Skyy 2 A Boss and a Babe

A Boss and a Babe

Cher flirts with Gun in the office.

Cher and Gun are boyfriends who met while working at the same video game company. Gun is the president, whereas Cher used to be his intern. They flirted around the workplace, beginning a secret office affair. Scandalous gossip erupted after the other colleagues discovered their relationship. Nonetheless, the couple's love endured. After Cher left the company and graduated from university, he officially became Gun's boyfriend.

Cher and Gun have moved in together. Gun is involved in his boyfriend's life and often participates in his online videos. Likewise, Cher visits his former company frequently. He hangs out around the office and flirts with his boyfriend. Despite their happy relationship, Cher grows concerned when Gun begins having nightmares. Gun even muttered the name "Boom" in his sleep. Cher is suspicious and tries to find out the truth.

As Cher sneaks around the company, everyone can see through his hilarious disguise. Eventually, Cher discovers Gun isn't cheating on him with "Boom". Instead, his boyfriend is worried about work. Cher attends a meeting and observes Gun's terrible attitude. The stern company CEO yells at his colleagues and loses his patience around them. Cher notices Gun's bad temper harms workplace morale. He devises a plan to adjust his boyfriend's conduct.

Our Skyy 2 A Boss and a Babe Cast

Cher is portrayed by the Thai actor Book Kasidet Plookphol (บุ๊ค กษิดิ์เดช ปลูกผล).


Book Kasidet Plookphol (บุ๊ค กษิดิ์เดช ปลูกผล)

Gun is portrayed by the Thai actor Force Jiratchapong Srisang (ฟอส จิรัชพงศ์ ศรีแสง).


Force Jiratchapong Srisang (ฟอส จิรัชพงศ์ ศรีแสง)

Three is portrayed by the Thai actor Fluke Pusit Dittapisit (ฟลุ๊ค ภูสิษฐ์ ดิษฐพิสิษฐ์).


Fluke Pusit Dittapisit (ฟลุ๊ค ภูสิษฐ์ ดิษฐพิสิษฐ์)

Zo is portrayed by the Thai actor Ohm Thipakorn Thitathan (โอม ฐิภากร ฐิตะฐาน).


Ohm Thipakorn Thitathan (โอม ฐิภากร ฐิตะฐาน)

Jack is portrayed by the Thai actor Mike Chinnarat Siriphongchawalit (ไมค์ ชินรัฐ สิริพงษ์ชวลิต).


Mike Chinnarat Siriphongchawalit (ไมค์ ชินรัฐ สิริพงษ์ชวลิต)

Tubtab is portrayed by the Thai actor Leo Saussay (เลโอ โซสเซย์).


Leo Saussay (เลโอ โซสเซย์)

Aoi is portrayed by the Thai actress Namyard Yardpirun Poolun (น้ำหยาด หยาดพิรุณ ปู่หลุน).


Namyard Yardpirun Poolun (น้ำหยาด หยาดพิรุณ ปู่หลุน)

Boom is the new intern.


Our Skyy 2 A Boss and a Babe Review

Drama Review Score: 8.6

Cher and Gun switch roles in the workplace.

Our Skyy 2: A Boss and a Babe feels like a breath of fresh air in the anthology. After enduring many mediocre episodes, there's finally something good! This lighthearted BL series is funny, cheerful, and entertaining. Unlike the other dramas, the sequel doesn't only contain frivolous romantic fluff. There is an actual story with plot development and character growth. A Boss and a Babe uses the two episodes wisely to expand on the beloved protagonists and explore new dimensions of their relationship.

Like the original series, Our Skyy 2: A Boss and a Babe shows boundless enthusiasm. The story maintains a carefree tone and never loses its sense of playfulness. I love the energetic humour. The series is always ready to deliver a witty punchline, a silly reaction, or a wacky scenario. Expect plenty of funny conversations and playful interactions. Not all the jokes land, but many do. The comedy mostly comes from Cher, whose whimsical personality provides a constant source of amusement. His bubbly character gets involved in hilarious hijinks, bringing laughter to every situation.

The central storyline revolves around Cher's efforts to help his boyfriend become a better boss. Gun is a strict manager who alienates his employees and displays poor leadership skills. The sequel tackles these issues as part of his character development. Gun initially misinterprets Cher's advice, leading to comical mishaps. The second episode features a brilliant plot where the leads switch jobs. As Gun becomes an intern, he gains insights from an employee's perspective. A Boss and a Babe combines sharp comedy with clever messages to create an engaging narrative.

Cher and Gun's unprofessional affair troubled me in the original drama. Now that Cher is no longer an employee, I respond better to this pairing. Their numerous relationship scenes are adorable, showcasing an enjoyable mix of comedy, flirtation, and affection. Although Cher and Gun may banter, you can tell these boyfriends love being around each other. I also like that they have moved in together. Cher still hangs around the office, but the couple's romance develops beyond the workplace. As they get cozy in their love nest, this private setting allows for more intimacy.

Cher's actor (Book) has settled comfortably into his role. The vivacious performer brings infectious joy and liveliness to Our Skyy 2: A Boss and a Babe. He portrays his character's quirks with an endearing charm, like these habits are a natural part of Cher's personality. Book also shares easygoing chemistry with his costar (Force). They bounce off each other well, maintaining a jubilant rapport. In addition, the supporting cast contributes positively. Three's performer (Fluke) is always a scene stealer, while Jack and Aoi (Mike & Namyard) deliver delightful antics.

Our Skyy 2: A Boss and a Babe has a happy ending as Gun commits to becoming a more considerate boss. The couple also strengthens their bond after understanding each other's views better. The last scene finishes with a sweet exchange and a tender kiss, perfectly capping off the epilogue. Overall, this installment is one of the best in the anthology. While other franchises crashed and burned, Our Skyy 2: A Boss and a Babe enriches its legacy proudly. The two episodes are so superb that they surpass the original series, one of the highest compliments for any sequel.

A Boss and a Babe Summary

Funny story

Our Skyy 2: A Boss and a Babe has a funny, cheerful, and entertaining story. Beyond the hilarious antics, the sequel expands on character development and strengthens the couple's relationship.

Charming romance

I respond positively to Cher and Gun's romance. Many relationship moments are adorable. The couple's exchanges have an enjoyable mix of comedy, flirtation, and affection.

Enthusiastic acting

Cher's actor (Book) brings bubbly enthusiasm to his role. He portrays his character's various quirks with endearing charm. He also shares warm, vibrant chemistry with his costar (Force).

Happy ending

Our Skyy 2: A Boss and a Babe has a happy ending as Gun commits to being a better boss. The satisfying finale includes character growth, romantic exchanges, and hilarious comedy.

Cheerful artistry

The series occurs mainly around the office or apartment flat, showing little variation in the settings. Even so, it maintains a cheerful atmosphere. Everything appears bright and comfortable.


Our Skyy 2: A Boss and a Babe is an enjoyable BL drama with energetic humour, sweet romantic moments, and meaningful character growth. This sequel has surpassed the original series.

A Boss and a Babe Episodes

Episodes 11 & 12 Review
Cher and Gun kiss in the bedroom.

I laugh inappropriately at all the jokes about Gun seducing the new intern. This scenario is funny because the scandalous thought has crossed the depraved corners of my mind. Sorry Cher, but you have been replaced by the new hire! I love the over-the-top humour in Cher's erotic fantasies, especially when he confronts his doppelganger in the boardroom. A Boss and a Babe finds the right tone to maximize the comedic effect.

I adore the final scene. The two boyfriends are in the bedroom, professing their love for each other. "You got it, boss," Gun tells his boyfriend gently. This line has a strong impact because it subverts the couple's power dynamics. Gun, formerly Cher's boss, now defers to him. It symbolizes a shift in their relationship, where Gun recognizes Cher's authority and agency. Later, he calls his boyfriend "babe", an intimate nickname that removes any traces of hierarchy. They are equal partners in this romance. The exchange ends with a soft and delicate kiss, highlighting the couple's tenderness.

Our Skyy 2 Bad Buddy x A Tale of Thousand Stars

Bad Buddy x A Tale of 1000 Stars

Phupha takes care of a sick Tian.

Pat and Pran are boyfriends. These neighbours have grown up together since childhood, but their families despise each other. Likewise, Pat and Pran's university friends clash in an ongoing rivalry. Despite these tensions, they have fallen in love. Pat and Pran decide to keep their relationship a secret from almost everyone. Only Pat's sister Pa and her girlfriend Ink know about their relationship officially.

Pran is inspired to create a play based on a story he read online. Before producing the play, he must seek permission from the original creator. Pat and Pran travel to a rural village, where they meet Tian and Phupha. Tian is a volunteer teacher, while Phupha works as a forest ranger. The two have been dating for years. After falling in love, Tian wrote about their romance. Phupha is unaware of this until Pran arrives at the village, asking for permission to borrow their story.

Phupha and Tian are quarrelling. Tian wants his boyfriend to meet his parents in the city. However, Phupha is stubborn and refuses the family visit. He always makes excuses not to go. This conflict has caused tensions between the couple. Phupha is further annoyed because he thinks Tian wrote about him unflatteringly in the story. He refuses to give his permission to create the play. Pran and Pat are troubled. They must figure out a way to change Phupha's mind.

Our Skyy 2 Bad Buddy x A Tale of 1000 Stars Cast

Pran is portrayed by the Thai actor Nanon Korapat Kirdpan (นนน กรภัทร์ เกิดพันธุ์).


Nanon Korapat Kirdpan (นนน กรภัทร์ เกิดพันธุ์)

Pat is portrayed by the Thai actor Ohm Pawat Chittsawangdee (โอม ภวัต จิตต์สว่างดี).


Ohm Pawat Chittsawangdee (โอม ภวัต จิตต์สว่างดี)

Tian is portrayed by the Thai actor Mix Sahaphap Wongratch (มิกซ์ สหภาพ วงศ์ราษฎร์).


Mix Sahaphap Wongratch (มิกซ์ สหภาพ วงศ์ราษฎร์)

Phupha is portrayed by the Thai actor Earth Pirapat Watthanasetsiri (เอิร์ธ พิรพัฒน์ วัฒนเศรษสิริ).


Earth Pirapat Watthanasetsiri (เอิร์ธ พิรพัฒน์ วัฒนเศรษสิริ)

Pa is portrayed by the Thai actress Love Pattranite Limpatiyakorn (เลิฟ ภัทรานิษฐ์ ลิ้มปติยากร).


Love Pattranite Limpatiyakorn (เลิฟ ภัทรานิษฐ์ ลิ้มปติยากร)

Ink is portrayed by the Thai actress Milk Pansa Vosbein (มิ้ลค์ พรรษา วอสเบียน).


Milk Pansa Vosbein (มิ้ลค์ พรรษา วอสเบียน)

Wai is portrayed by the Thai actor Jimmy Jitaraphol Potiwihok (จิมมี่ จิตรพล โพธิวิหค).


Jimmy Jitaraphol Potiwihok (จิมมี่ จิตรพล โพธิวิหค)

Korn is portrayed by the Thai actor Drake Sattabut Laedeke (เดรก สัตบุตร แลดิกี).


Drake Sattabut Laedeke (เดรก สัตบุตร แลดิกี)

Safe is portrayed by the Thai actor Lotte Thakorn Promsatitkul (ลอตเต้ ฐกร พรหมสถิตกุล).


Lotte Thakorn Promsatitkul (ลอตเต้ ฐกร พรหมสถิตกุล)

Mo is portrayed by the Thai actor Prom Theepakon Kwanboon (พร้อม ทีปกร ขวัญบุญ).


Prom Theepakon Kwanboon (พร้อม ทีปกร ขวัญบุญ)

Chang is portrayed by the Thai actor Mark Pakin Kunaanuwit (มาร์ค ภาคิน คุณาอนุวิทย์).


Mark Pakin Kunaanuwit (มาร์ค ภาคิน คุณาอนุวิทย์)

Professor Pichai is portrayed byt he Thai actor Chertsak Pratumsrisakhon (เชิดศักดิ์ ประทุมศรีสาคร).

Professor Pichai

Chertsak Pratumsrisakhon (เชิดศักดิ์ ประทุมศรีสาคร)

Yod is portrayed by the Thai actor Champ Nattharat Kornkaew (ณัฐรัชต์ ก้อนแก้ว).


Champ Nattharat Kornkaew (ณัฐรัชต์ ก้อนแก้ว)

Kampung is one of Tian's schoolchildren.


Tian's father is portrayed by the Thai actor Ton Jakkrit Ammarat (จักรกฤษณ์ อำมรัตน์).

Tian's dad

Ton Jakkrit Ammarat (จักรกฤษณ์ อำมรัตน์)

Tian's mother is portrayed by the Thai actress Jeab Paweena Charivsakul (ปวีณา ชารีฟสกุล).

Tian's mom

Jeab Paweena Charivsakul (ปวีณา ชารีฟสกุล)

Tul is portrayed by the Thai actor White Nawat Phumphothingam (ณวัชร์ พุ่มโพธิงาม).


White Nawat Phumphothingam (ณวัชร์ พุ่มโพธิงาม)

Our Skyy 2 Bad Buddy x A Tale of 1000 Stars Review

Drama Review Score: 9.0

Pran and Pat pretend to be fighting.

Our Skyy 2: Bad Buddy x A Tale of Thousand Stars was an epic event even before it premiered. Imagine bringing back the most beloved BL dramas and combining them in an unprecedented crossover. The nostalgia, novelty, and notability made me dizzy with excitement. I love seeing the iconic characters interact in the same universe, like my version of DC vs Marvel. Typically, this fantasy concept only happens in niche fanfiction. The hybrid between Bad Buddy and A Tale of Thousand Stars is a dream come true for all superfans.

My fondness for these two BL franchises plays a significant role in enjoying Our Skyy 2: Bad Buddy x A Tale of Thousand Stars. From Pran's dimpled smile to Pat's cheeky personality, warm memories resurface once the episodes start. Instantly, I remember each couple's playful banter, easygoing rapport, and mischievous antics. Even though it has been years since I last revisited these characters, their familiar personalities still sparkle as brightly as ever. Like timeless classics, the charm from the original series carries over into the sequels, capturing my heart once more.

Pran and Pat bring lively, lighthearted humour to Bad Buddy x A Tale of Thousand Stars. Most interactions may be romantic fluff, but the adorably written exchanges put a smile on my face anyway. As they tease one another, each scene showcases their roguish charm. While they have minor spats, the drama never gets too intense with them. Their fun relationship moments provide a suitable duality to the intensity of the other couple. However, I wish their storyline was more sophisticated. The Bad Buddy side of the series seems straightforward and almost insignificant.

In contrast, Tian and Phupha have an emotional journey. The quarrelling lovers clash during a slump in their relationship. Both are stubborn, belligerent, and too proud to compromise. Despite the frustrating behaviour, their volatile highs and lows are more riveting than the other couple's casual flirtations. I appreciate the nuanced melodrama, embrace these flawed protagonists, and welcome the growth in their character arcs. The story is careful not to overdo the conflict. Tian and Phupha have endearing moments, especially when mingling with Pat and Pran.

All four leads have not lost their magic touch over time. Each performer reprises their role comfortably, embodying the unique essence of the characters. They show meticulous attention in managing their expressions, mannerisms, and demeanours. Pran and Pat's actors (Nanon & Ohm) handle the comedic material effortlessly. They crack funny jokes or exchange flirty quips with delightful charisma. Their costars (Mix & Earth) emote vividly, adding gravitas to the relationship drama. Both pairings demonstrate natural and compatible chemistry, among the best in the business.

Our Skyy 2: Bad Buddy x A Tale of Thousand Stars has a sensational finale. The last episode centres on Phupha & Tian, who work through their differences to reach an understanding. Many scenes celebrate their bond, including a passionate encounter filled with desire. Their emotionally powerful sendoff improves upon the original ending. I can't imagine a more beautiful way to finish their love story. Our Skyy 2: Bad Buddy x A Tale of Thousand Stars reinforces the special qualities of both series. The romantic sequel reminds me why these two BL franchises are legendary.

Bad Buddy x A Tale of 1000 Stars Summary

Nostalgic story

Our Skyy 2: Bad Buddy x A Tale of Thousand Stars is an exciting crossover. The nostalgic story revisits my favourite BL dramas. It's fun seeing the beloved characters interact in the same universe.

Iconic romances

Both couples showcase their natural and compatible chemistry in many iconic relationship scenes. Pran & Pat engage in playful banter, while Tian & Phupha have passionate encounters.

Effortless acting

All four actors reprise their roles comfortably and capture the unique essence of their characters. Ohm and Nanon excel in their lighthearted exchanges, while Earth and Mix emote vividly.

Happy ending

Our Skyy 2: Bad Buddy x A Tale of Thousand Stars has a happy ending, giving both couples a beautiful sendoff. The finale finishes Tian and Phupha's love story powerfully, exceeding the original.

Exciting artistry

I love revisiting the iconic village from A Tale of Thousand Stars! This rural setting features vibrant outdoor scenery. Additionally, I like how the series films intimate romantic scenes.


Our Skyy 2: Bad Buddy x A Tale of Thousand Stars captures the lovable qualities of both original series. The charming characters and iconic romances fill this sequel with warm nostalgia.

Bad Buddy x A Tale of 1000 Stars Episodes

Episodes 13 & 14 Review
Pat and Pran kiss during the school play.

"Men are so boring. 🙄" Pa states, conveying my thoughts after watching sixteen episodes of Our Skyy 2. No lies detected. Pa's remark alludes to a central theme in Bad Buddy, which tackles toxic masculinity. Although Pat has rehabilitated, he falls back to his old habits in this sequel. Pat insults Pran to his friends because his pride is wounded. "Without me, he can't do anything!" Pat brags. The couple's conflict may seem trivial, but it shows how Pat is still a work in progress. He hides behind his bravado and refuses to be vulnerable.

Pat and Pran are involved in many lighthearted hijinks. Yet, they also go on subtle journeys of character growth. Our protagonists are navigating between insecurities and self-confidence. Pat's need for validation causes him to make an egotistical remark. In contrast, Pran feels offended because he doubts his worth. After much inner exploration, both communicate and open up. "I can't live without you," Pat says, embracing his softer side. "Neither can I," Pran admits as he recognizes depending on a loved one isn't a weakness. They learn to rely on each other for emotional support.

Episodes 15 & 16 Review
Phupha and Tian kiss after their proposal.

"It sounds like I don't do anything else but be madly in love." LMAO. Like the Bad Buddy couple, the A Tale of Thousand Stars plot revolves around pride and insecurity. Phupha is self-important about his job because he wants to look tough instead of lovestruck. He doesn't admit to falling in love first since it denotes a weakness of the heart. Deep down, Phupha wrestles with feeling inadequate about himself. He won't meet Tian's parents, fearing these rich city folks will find him an unworthy partner for their son. His doubts cause tensions with Tian.

Phupha's breakthrough comes after reading Tian's writing. These heartfelt passages reveal Phupha imagined the inadequacies in his head. The truth is Tian adores him for who he is, describing him as capable, dependable, and lovable. Phupha discovers his self-perceived weaknesses are strengths in Tian's eyes. This realization liberates him. Phupha changes his attitude, seduces Tian, and expresses his love proudly. He also meets his boyfriend's parents, who never judge his background. Contrary to Phupha's doubts, he's the shining star in Tian's life.

There are many moments I love in the finale. Let's start with Phupha seducing his boyfriend like a sexy merman in the waterfall. Tian responds by squeezing his nipples. LMAO. Later, the couple has a steamy encounter in the hut. From sultry gazes to passionate kisses, every second is dripping with desire. Of course, the best scene is the beautiful proposal in the end. As a tear trickles down Phupha's face, what an emotionally powerful way to finish this epic story. The ending is more moving than how the original series concludes. I'm elated by the celebration of love.


GMMTV is a heavyweight in the BL world. It has produced numerous acclaimed dramas and launched many successful careers over the years.

GMMTV is a heavyweight in the BL world. It has produced numerous acclaimed dramas and launched many successful careers over the years. GMMTV is the leader in the Thai BL industry and possibly around the world. Some of its well-known works include SOTUS (2016), Theory of Love (2019), 2gether (2020), A Tale of Thousand Stars (2021), Bad Buddy (2021), and Last Twilight (2023), among many others.

  1. Agree wholeheartedly with this assessment. And furthermore:
    NLMG: Once again I feel the actors are better than the material they are given.
    SIMY: I have forgotten it already.
    The Eclipse: this was my biggest frustration. I love Akk + Aye in the original series, and a lot of this turns on Aye's emotional intelligence, patiently and lovingly dismantling all of Akk's defenses. The Aye I know would never gaslight Akk as he does around the birthday.
    Vice Versa: a handsome couple, and the tent with the sign was funny, but the whole kid plot was a no for me.
    My School President: I love these two. I want to see a smart follow-up to their Moonlight Chicken characters.
    Boss and a Babe: ForceBook does not disappoint.
    Bad Buddy x Tale of 1000 Stars: This was so well done! The interweaving of their stories was clever and satisfying. And now in addition to the OhmNanon and EarthMix power couples, we have two intriguing ghost ships — Ohm + Earth and Nano + Mix 🙂

  2. After a beloved series finishes, fans are always clamoring for a second season. But in the rare instances when that happens, it’s almost always a disappointment. Our Skyy usually shows why.

    Original series usually base their drama on starting a relationship. Will he like me? Does he love someone else? What about the parents, and friends? The series usually conclude with an “episode 11” of extreme stress, and then a happy conclusion. The main couple resolves to love each other forever.

    So, where do you go from here? The sequels have little choice. They can rerun a jealousy plot, or introduce temporary boredom, or extend eternal happiness into a new setting. I think the most successful sequels extend the relationship with a new challenge, which is the winning approach for A Boss and a Babe.

    If done well, it’s good for a movie or special episodes, but without the challenges of a new relationship, second seasons have a very tough time sustaining a story through another dozen episodes, or in the case of Our Skyy, only two.

  3. Mark, thank you for your insightful analysis of the elusive BL s.2. Spot on. I do think Moonlight Chicken could do an amazing season 2 centered on Liming and Heart, but they would need to follow them to the US. L+H would face so many external challenges that there would be no narrative need for internal conflict. It would be great if GMMTV would actually shoot a series partly in the US!

  4. I am pretty honest that I only waited for the Bad Buddy part of Our Skyy 2. My biggest suprise was the crossover with A Tale Of Thousand Stars. The chemistry of OhmNanon was fire again and I enjoyed all 4 episodes. My favourite part was from the last episode where Pat & Pran were on their play and afterwards when they were at their home. It was a nice way to say good bye to Pat & Pran.

  5. Among all the explanations and reviews I've read this is the best best review I've read until now 😍😍

  6. I'm in agreement with your assessment. I can't figure out WHY?? all the stories except for "A Boss and A Babe" and "Bad Buddy/A Tale of Thousand Stars were made. Dreadful writing, dreadful productions, dreadful addition to those stories' cannon.

    Babe and Stars actually added something relevant to the established story. And the better production values were noticeable.

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