My Tooth Your Love – Series Review & Ending Explained

My Tooth Your Love is a Taiwanese BL series about a dentist and his patient.

My Tooth Your Love is a Taiwanese BL series about a dentist, his patient, and their romance. The main character suffers from a toothache, but he'd rather endure the pain than seek help. When the protagonist finally visits the clinic, he causes trouble and clashes with his dentist. Despite the rocky first impression, they overcome their differences and befriend each other. As their friendship develops, they must figure out their budding feelings.

Although My Tooth Your Love contains many cliches, it depicts the familiar BL tropes with sweetness and charm. This series combines an attractive cast, romantic banter, and vibrant chemistry to create an engaging story. Sometimes, it's hard to enjoy the cheesy plot, which forces contrived conflicts to separate the couple. Nonetheless, I can ignore the various hiccups in the narrative and focus on these hot guys flirting cutely.

My Tooth Your Love Summary



Series Info:

Taiwan (2022)


7 hours

Total Episodes:

12 episodes




My Tooth Your Love is a cute & sweet BL drama.


Bai Lang and his dentist Xun An befriend each other.

Bai Lang is the owner of the White & Dark Bistro. Lately, he has been suffering from a toothache. Despite his constant complaints about the pain, Bai Lang refuses to seek help. He tries to hide the condition from his sister, Bai Qing. She learns the truth and chastises her younger brother for not taking better care of himself. Bai Qing forces him to go see a dentist.

Bai Qing works in the dental industry and frequently travels for her work. Before her next trip, she refers her brother to Xun An, a school acquaintance. Xun An agrees to admit Bai Qing as a new patient at his clinic. However, Bai Qing seems nervous during his appointment and resists the dentist's instructions. Xun An is agitated by the lack of cooperation, but he doesn't lose his patience and completes the first treatment. Bai Qing is annoyed that he must continue visiting for follow-up procedures.

After the first appointment, Bai Qing worries about her brother's well-being. Apparently, Bai Lang has struggled with dental appointments ever since he was a child. She asks Xun An to visit Bai Lang's home and check up on him. When Xun An arrives, his patient is sleeping soundly. The following day, Bai Lang learns about the dentist's home visit. He cooks a seafood risotto and delivers it to Xun An as a thank-you present. Xun An rejects the gift and believes Bai Lang is hitting on him. Bai Lang is offended and leaves angrily.

During lunchtime, Xun An realizes that Bai Lang has put a lot of work into preparing the food. It also tastes delicious. Xun An regrets using a harsh tone in their previous exchange. He sheepishly visits Bai Lang's restaurant, hoping to clear the air. They put aside their earlier differences after this conversation. Bai Lang seems more relaxed when he arrives at his next dental appointment. His bubbly personality shines through, charming Xun An. The two men start getting along and build their friendship outside the clinic.

Alex works as a bartender at Bai Lang's bistro. During his shift, a customer suddenly plants a spontaneous kiss on his lips. This customer is RJ, a young man having a meal with his family. RJ was upset at his overbearing parents. He randomly kissed the waiter to piss off his homophobic father. The meal ends explosively as RJ's father causes a scene and abandons his son. RJ refuses to go home afterwards, but he has nowhere to go. Bai Lang is sympathetic and offers him a job. Alex must work with his new colleague, even though their kiss still weighs on his mind.

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My Tooth Your Love Cast


Bai Lang

Andy Wu (吳岳擎)

Bai Lang is portrayed by the Taiwanese actor Andy Wu (吳岳擎).

Bai Lang is the owner of White & Dark Bistro. He loves to cook. Lately, Bai Lang has suffered from a toothache. Despite the pain, he refuses to visit the dentist. Bai Lang lives with his older sister, Bai Qing. She constantly frets over his younger sibling. Bai Lang has a bubbly and extroverted personality, although he can be childish sometimes.

Andy Wu

Andy Wu (吳岳擎) is a Taiwanese actor. He is born on November 14, 1989.

Andy Wu (吳岳擎) is a Taiwanese actor. He is born on November 14, 1989. His first BL project is the 2022 series, My Tooth Your Love.

Xun An

Yu Jin (余晉)

Xun An is portrayed by the Taiwanese actor Yu Jin (余晉).

Xun An is a dentist who runs the Trouvaille Dental Clinic. He is an only child and comes from a wealthy family. His traditional parents want him to settle down with a girl, but Xun An seems preoccupied with his work. Xun An went to the same dental school as Bai Lang's sister. She refers Bai Lang to visit Xun An for a dental appointment.

Yu Jin

Yu Jin (余晉) is a Taiwanese actor. He is born on May 3, 1993.

Yu Jin (余晉) is a Taiwanese actor. He is born on May 3, 1993. His first BL project is the 2022 series, My Tooth Your Love.


Alex Chou (周予天)

Alex is portrayed by the Taiwanese actor Alex Chou (周予天).

Alex is a bartender who works at Bai Lang's bistro. He has a close friendship with his boss. During his shift, Alex is surprised when a customer suddenly kisses him. Later, this same customer becomes his new coworker at the restaurant. Alex has a habit of injecting random English words when speaking in Mandarin.

Alex Chou

Alex Chou (周予天) is a Taiwanese actor. He is born on October 1, 1993.

Alex Chou (周予天) is a Taiwanese actor. He is born on October 1, 1993. His first BL project is a guest role in the 2021 dramas, No. 1 for You and Fighting Mr 2nd. Alex portrays a supporting character in the 2022 series, My Tooth Your Love.


Michael Chang (張豐豪)

RJ is a young university student. During a family meal, RJ becomes upset at his overbearing parents. He impulsively kisses Alex, a random restaurant waiter, to piss off his homophobic father. Afterwards, RJ refuses to go home to his family. A sympathetic Bai Lang offers him a job and a place to stay. RJ starts working alongside Alex and feels curious about his mysterious coworker.

Michael Chang

Michael Chang (張豐豪) is a Taiwanese actor. He is born on June 23, 1999.

Michael Chang (張豐豪) is a Taiwanese actor. He is born on June 23, 1999. His first BL project is the 2022 series, My Tooth Your Love.

Supporting Cast

Bai Qing is portrayed by the Taiwanese actress Esther Huang (黃瀞怡).

Bai Qing

Esther Huang (黃瀞怡)

Qi Ran is portrayed by the Taiwanese actor Kim Jae Hoon (金在勳).

Qi Ran

Kim Jae Hoon (金在勳)

Big A is portrayed by the Taiwanese actor Tim Cheng (鄭湋曄).

Big A

Tim Cheng (鄭湋曄)

Ren Min is portrayed by the Taiwanese actor Jason Hsu (許孟哲).

Ren Min

Jason Hsu (許孟哲)

Apple is portrayed by the Taiwanese actress Hung Chien (虹茜).


Hung Chien (虹茜)

Orange is portrayed by the Taiwanese actress Kelly Cheng (鄭心慈).


Kelly Cheng (鄭心慈)

Xun An's dad is portrayed by the Taiwanese actor Honduras (洪都拉斯).

Xun An's Dad

Honduras (洪都拉斯)

Xun An's mom is portrayed by the Taiwanese actress Yi Jung Wu (吳奕蓉).

Xun An's Mom

Yi Jung Wu (吳奕蓉)

RJ's mom is portrayed by the Taiwanese actress Alexia Gao (高伊玲).

RJ's Mom

Alexia Gao (高伊玲)

RJ's dad is portrayed by the Taiwanese actor Ray Jiang (姜瑞智).

RJ's Dad

Ray Jiang (姜瑞智)

Aggie is portrayed by the Taiwanese actress Aggie Hsieh (謝沛恩).


Aggie Hsieh (謝沛恩)

Zhang Yang is portrayed by the Taiwanese actor Anju Rinu (安重凜優).

Zhang Yang

Anju Rinu (安重凜優)

Young Lang Bai

Chen Shao Huei (陳少卉)

The Xun An pillow is a toothbrush doll.

Xun An Pillow

Cast Highlights

  • Big A's actor (Tim Cheng) appears in a supporting role in the 2023 Taiwanese BL series VIP Only.

My Tooth Your Love Review


Drama Review Score: 8.0


Dentistry is rarely the centre of attention in dramas, so My Tooth Your Love begins with novelty. I appreciate how it adds a BL spin to an atypical occupational field. Initially, I was skeptical about the topic. A dental appointment doesn't seem the most romantic setting. Yet, the story injects zany humour and snappy banter to keep the scenes lively. My Tooth Your Love makes a positive first impression due to its creativity. Also, I admire the groovy soundtrack and snazzy cinematography. This stylish series appears highly polished.

My Tooth Your Love thrives on charm. The story has created four endearing main characters, all with lovable personalities. Bai Lang is a vivacious protagonist who exudes giddy enthusiasm. He smiles brightly, talks rapidly, and fills each scene with a powerful burst of energy. Xun An displays remarkable earnestness. His sincerity leads to funny scenarios, like sitting on the toilet to practice a joke. Along with RJ and Alex, everyone brings a quirky identity to round out this delightful cast. Best of all, the group has a natural synergy. From flirting to bantering, their exchanges feel cute and cozy.

The memorable characters are supported by handsome stars. Bai Lang's actor (Andy Wu) is almost too good-looking for BL. With his gorgeous appearance, you expect him to land gigs in mainstream shows instead. While his dramatic performances aren't consistently good, he exhibits undeniable screen presence throughout the series. Your eyes will be drawn to this stud. The other stellar casting choice is RJ (Michael Chang), who portrays his role smoothly. He's believable as a moody, belligerent youth. Yet, he can act sweet and innocent with a twinkle in his angelic eyes.

My Tooth Your Love peaks in the early episodes, which showcase Bai Lang and Xun An's juicy courtship. Their initial feud dissolves into riveting sexual tension. Many scenes highlight their growing attraction to each other. Although the relationship takes a long time to advance, they eventually have an overload of affection and intimacy. Likewise, Alex & RJ hooked me in from their first encounter, demonstrating comfortable chemistry and lots of sparks. Regrettably, the secondary couple doesn't receive as much emphasis as the leads. They need more content to expand their rapport.

Bai Lang and Xun An's romance slogs around the middle. After developing a mutual crush, you'd expect them to get together. Yet, the story comes up with ridiculous excuses to separate them for as long as possible. From senseless quarrels to tiresome love triangles, the series can be exasperating sometimes. These tensions are so prolonged and pointless, draining the momentum from the plot. I roll my eyes as the characters bicker and agonize over dumb nonsense. Even though they reconcile, I remain disgruntled about the dark chapters of their romantic history.

The sloppy writing is the weakest aspect of My Tooth Your Love. It suffers from clunky storylines, cheesy cliches, and contrived conflicts. I also have mixed feelings about the over-the-top antics in the ending. Regardless, I can ignore the various flaws and still enjoy the series. Let's just be honest and admit that I'm not watching this BL drama for the plot. My Tooth Your Love is appealing because it features an attractive cast, vibrant chemistry, and adorable interactions. My main pleasure comes from seeing the hot guys flirt cutely with each other. The actual narrative is an afterthought.


Sloppy story

My Tooth Your Love has created four endearing protagonists with charming personalities. However, the actual story is cheesy and clunky. The narrative slogs in the middle due to contrived conflicts.

Adorable romance

I adore both couples. Bai Lang and Xun An have cute courtship scenes as their feud dissolves into riveting sexual tension. Likewise, Alex and RJ share comfortable chemistry with a fun rapport.

Vibrant acting

This cast is good looking! Bai Lang's actor (Andy Wu) is gorgeous, exhibiting a magnetic screen presence with his cheerful disposition. RJ's performer (Michael Chang) also portrays his role smoothly.

Happy ending

My Tooth Your Love has a happy ending after settling a dramatic ordeal with Xun An's family. I've mixed feelings about the over-the-top antics in the finale. Regardless, I enjoy the relationship moments!

Stylish artistry

This stylish series dazzles with a groovy soundtrack, snazzy camerawork, and polished production values. I love the abundance of BL-friendly visuals. Of course, everything looks better with hot actors!


My Tooth Your Love is a cute and charming BL drama with an attractive cast. Even though the story is cliched, I enjoy the romantic banter and vibrant chemistry between the endearing characters.

My Tooth Your Love Episodes

Episode Guide

Xun An and Bai Lang flirt with each other.

My Tooth Your Love has a total of 12 episodes. Each episode is around 25 to 40 minutes long. The last episode is around 40 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 7 hours. My Tooth Your Love started on October 14, 2022 and ended on December 20, 2022.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Episode 1 Review
An earthquake causes Bai Ling and Xun An to become intimate.

Wow, Bai Lang's actor (Andy Wu) is so handsome~ In my opinion, he's one of the best-looking actors to star in a Taiwanese BL drama. Whoever did the casting for this series should give themselves a pat on the back. Watching BL becomes so much easier when you fill the cast with hotties. The episode just started, but I already want to see the two leads make out. 🤤

love story that begins at a dental clinic is unusual. It seems like such a sterile environment. When I envision going to the dentist, romance is one of the last things that comes to mind. However, I'm impressed that My Tooth Your Love injects lots of humour and excitement to energize the narrative. They managed to fill half an hour of content with a dentist appointment, defying my expectations. I like how it puts a creative spin on a very mundane scenario.

My favourite scene in this episode is the random earthquake at the dental clinic. The sudden tremors cause Xun An to lose his balance. He falls over Bai Ling as they share an ~intimate moment~ and gaze into each other's eyes. Okay, this made me giggle. One of my favourite parts about BL is watching physical intimacy occur in the most ridiculous scenarios. An earthquake-induced romantic encounter at the dental clinic is definitely creative lol.

Episode 2

Episode 2 Review
Bai Lang poses a selfie with Alex.

I'm obsessed that Alex uses random English expressions in the middle of speaking. It's such a quirky habit! He would say something in Mandarin but suddenly switch out a few words in English. You know how in the Street Fighter video games, the characters would blurt out short phrases as they fight? That's what Alex reminds me of lol.

Bai Lang's overprotective sister is quite extreme, right? Given Bai Lang's history, I understand why she might be concerned. However, she asks Xun An to unlock her house, enter her brother's bedroom, and take pictures of him sleeping. If I were Bai Lang, I would be so freaked out. Imagine if Bai Lang woke up at that moment and saw his dentist standing over him. OMG.

Aww, I really like the last scene. It shows how much effort Bai Lang puts into preparing the seafood risotto. He didn't have to cook the meal. Yet, Bai Lang went through all this trouble to thank Xun An. Earlier, Xun An was rude when he dismissed the gift. After seeing the food, he feels guilty for using a harsh tone. I like how the leads move from antagonizing each other to a possible reconciliation.

Episode 3

Episode 3 Review
Xun An inspects Bai Lang's teeth.

This episode begins with a funny scene. Xun An arrives at the restaurant and joins Bai Lang's friends. Since Bai Lang doesn't want them to know about his dentist, he introduces Xun An as his boyfriend! One of his female friends was *shocked* about his random coming out until he backtracked. Teehee, I'm joking! We aren't dating! Nobody would react if Bai Lang told the truth about Xun An's real job. Yet, his unnecessary lie made the situation more hilariously awkward than it should have been. 😅

When Xun An is at the dental clinic, he conducts himself with poise and confidence. It's the environment where Xun An feels the most comfortable, like he's in control. Yet, he turns so shy and skittish at Bai Lang's apartment. Suddenly, the dentist appears less assured in his words or interactions, almost second-guessing himself. Outside the clinic, Xun An isn't as much of a stern authority figure. He can get nervous too. I like the character's transformation. We see both sides of him, both the dominant and the vulnerable. 

I like Alex's speech to RJ in the alley. RJ calls himself an adult because of his age, but Alex offers a different interpretation of maturity. "Everyone has something they fear. Learning to overcome these fears is a part of being an adult. If you don't conquer them, you'll always stay in the same place." In this context, Alex tells RJ to face his parents after their argument. However, Bai Lang hears this advice and applies it to his own situation. Alex's words motivate Bai Lang to go see the dentist. I appreciate how Alex and RJ's storyline prompts Bai Lang's character growth.

Episode 4

Episode 4 Review
Bai Lang takes care of Xun An while he has a fever.

All the relationship moments in this episode are so cute! I love Bai Lang and Xun An's exchange in the apartment, highlighting their personalities. For Bai Lang, we get to see him be his bubbly self. It's easy to grow smitten with his lively enthusiasm, childlike goofiness, and infectious smile. For Xun An, he displays his earnestness. Beneath his serious demeanour, he's a sincere yet socially awkward guy. He's the type of person who must mentally prepare before telling a joke. This trait makes his character more endearing.

Xun An's sickness is so hilariously over the top. He can't walk, sit up straight, or even talk lucidly. He also loses mental cognition and confuses the laundry room with the washroom. I thought he only had a fever!? Yet, Xun An acts so severely unhealthy that I worry he needs emergency hospitalization. The story exaggerates Xun An's symptoms so much that I couldn't take his condition seriously. Xun An behaves like he got struck by bird flu, swine flu, monkeypox, and the plague all at once. These scenes became unintentionally funny, and I cracked up at Xun An's unrealistic illness. 😆

Alex fixes RJ's clothes.

love Alex & RJ's relationship dynamic. When RJ acts like a petulant brat, Alex always puts him in his place. "Treat others the way you want to be treated." Yet, their interactions feel cozy than patronizing. Alex may scold RJ, but only because he looks after this younger guy and teaches him valuable life lessons. RJ also doesn't come across as unlikeable. Despite acting childishly, there's charm & playfulness to his behaviour. The actor (Michael Chang) portrays him well, injecting charisma to offset a potentially annoying role.

The scene that made me a fan is when Alex fixes RJ's shirt and says, "Manners maketh man." Something just clicked for me at that moment. RJ had rolled up his sleeves, trying to act tough and adultlike. Yet, Alex unfolded the clothes and told this kid to behave himself. It's a tender gesture from an older man to his younger companion. The interaction highlights the essence of their relationship dynamic. RJ is an immature youth who wants to act grown-up, whereas Alex takes care of him like a wise mentor.

Episode 5

Episode 5 Review
Bai Lang and Xun An sleep in the same bed together.

This episode begins with Bai Lang and Xun An sleeping in the same bed. After waking up, Bai Lang suddenly grabs Xun An and brings his face closer. OMG, the way I screamed! For a moment, I thought this scene was headed in a totally different direction. My heart wasn't ready for the couple's first kiss at the start of the episode! As their foreheads touch, Bai Lang confirms that Xun An's fever has faded. Oh, so that's what he was trying to do. Only in BL do they check a sick person's temperature like this. lol

For a while, I suspected Alex might have feelings for Bai Lang. They share many scenes together and appear to have a comfortable bond. My spidey senses assumed the series was dropping subtle hints for a future subplot between the two. RJ even mentions Alex and Bai Lang's ~connection~ in the next episode, which confirms I wasn't just imagining things delusionally. However, that storyline never happens. Alex and Bai Lang are only bros being bros.

Oh my word, I didn't think Xun An would be so forward in pursuing Bai Lang. He's hardcore flirting with his patient at the dental clinic, even in front of his employees. Later, Xun An and Big A are at the restaurant. Once again, Xun An hits on Bai Lang while ignoring Big A seated at the same table. That's a little awkward, right? Your boss invites you for a meal, and then you find out you're just his wingman for the night. 😅

Bai Lang has names for all his dolls: Momo, Patrick, Ray, Happy, Duffy, Shark, Turtle, Andy, Teddy, and Sammi. And meet the latest addition to his collection: the Xun An pillow! Initially, it struck me as unusual for an adult man to sleep with so many dolls. He even talks to them in this episode. As the plot progresses, I realize it's a deliberate motif from the storyteller. The series wants to highlight how Bai Lang hasn't moved on from his childhood trauma. Years later, he still clings to these adolescent comfort items for security and reassurance. 

Bai Lang talks to his dolls.

Episode 6

Episode 6 Review
Bai Lang is too drunk to understand Xun An's love confession.

Recently, I watched a Thai BL drama called Why You…Y Me?, which aired around the same time as My Tooth Your Love. The female protagonist of that series has the same tragic backstory as Bai Lang. Like him, her parents died in a car accident during her childhood. The cause of their deaths is also because she pestered them over the phone. Afterwards, she became traumatized by ~singing~. As Bai Lang reveals his personal history, I experience a sense of deja vu. Wait… why does this tragedy sound oddly familiar?

OMG, I freaked out a little afterwards. This peculiar way of dying suddenly occurs in two BL dramas I watched concurrently. WTF!? I thought the universe was sending me an ominous warning. Remind me to never call anyone if I suspect they're driving! 😨

I'm annoyed Bai Lang keeps setting up Xun An with other girls. Their romance progressed at a steady pace in the first few episodes. Xun An clearly had a crush, and Bai Lang reciprocated the feelings. They should be close to getting together. Yet, Bai Lang resists his attraction and introduces random girls to his love interest. Their relationship suddenly moves in the opposite direction of BL. It's also annoying how Bai Lang was ~too drunk~ to hear Xun An's love confession. Ugh, what is this BS? Don't ruin the momentum of the couple with these pesky obstacles.

Thankfully, Alex and RJ's relationship scenes are still adorable. 😙 I really like what they're doing with this couple. Their dynamic, interactions and chemistry are building along smoothly in the background. RJ's sweet smile around Alex makes me smile too, hehe~ I also like Alex's feelings are more ambiguous. He hasn't responded to his partner's flirting explicitly. However, it's clear he's fond of his younger coworker, but we just don't know the extent. This intrigue keeps their exchanges juicy.

Episode 7

Episode 7 Review
RJ spies on a sleeping Alex.

Not a damn love triangle. 😒 Can we not do this aggravating storyline? Qi Ran dumped Xun An to start a family with a woman. This backstory alone already rules him out as an appropriate suitor. We don't need to expand on Qi Ran's character or tease his reconciliation with Xun An. It's not gonna happen. Considering their history, Qi Ran has some damn nerve to approach his ex again. Just go back to your kid and enjoy a nice life away from the main couple. 

OMG, I'm exasperated by all of Bai Lang and Xun An's scenes in this episode. My Tooth Your Love makes it so hard to enjoy the story sometimes. I actually got angry listening to some of their conversations. Both characters' behaviour enrages me. I hate how Bai Lang turns to cowardly excuses instead of facing his natural attraction. Likewise, Xun An's aggression becomes off-putting, especially how he keeps getting physical with his uncomfortable partner. These conflicts aren't the fun, breezy exchanges that made their romance work in the early episodes.

I still like Alex and RJ's scenes, but their storyline shows limitations. This secondary couple is only getting a fraction of the attention given to the leads. They don't receive enough focus to solidify their romantic relationship. Instead of introducing Qi Ran's character, why not use that time to give Alex development? He remains an enigmatic figure throughout the twelve episodes. While his air of mystery is appealing, it has reached a point where I don't know who he really is. I want more Alex and RJ content than this infuriating love triangle drama.

Episode 8

Episode 8 Review
Xun An and Qi Ran kiss during their university days.

Not an entire episode dedicated to the divorced dad. Why is he hanging around Xun An all the time? Doesn't he have to pick up his kid at daycare or something? LEAVE ALREADY. 😩 To make matters worse, Alex and RJ have disappeared. I can't even use their scenes to buffer the annoying relationship drama. Just a few episodes ago, this series had such an energetic buzz with fun banter and cute flirtation. The plot now feels draining, bogged down by arguments, love triangles, and communication issues. 

Near the end of the episode, Bai Lang overcomes his trauma. He walks outside, gets some fresh air, and regains mental clarity. "Hey, I shouldn't turn down the guy I like!" Sorry, but why doesn't he reach this breakthrough sooner? He could've spared us all the agony in the last two episodes. 😩 Bai Lang takes the longest, most frustrating route possible before coming to terms with his feelings. If he had confessed his love in Episode 6, I would've been euphoric. After putting up with all the unpleasant tension between the couple, I feel disgruntled and distressed by this romance.

The last scene features an impressive stunt. There's an extended take of the characters walking and talking without the camera cutting away once. The exchange lasted around four minutes, but the team must've planned extensively to get all the logistics in line. While the efforts are impressive, I can't appreciate the artistry because the chat infuriated me. I understand why Xun An is angry. However, I'm also exasperated their conflict will continue into another episode. OMFG. The story comes up with too many excuses to stop the couple from being together.

Bai Lang
Bai Lang looks sad as he mulls over his feelings for Xun An.

It's tough losing your parents at a young age. However, it's even worse when you feel responsible for causing their tragic deaths. The car accident has a devastating effect on Bai Lang's psychological state. When the story begins, Bai Lang's aversion to the dentist seems like silly antics from a guy scared of pain. However, we slowly realize that his childhood trauma runs deep. He develops a lifelong fear of going to the dentist because it triggers guilt, sorrow, and painful memories. 

Besides fearing the dentist, Bai Lang is also afraid of commitment. He doesn't feel mentally prepared to have a romantic relationship. Despite his attraction, Bai Lang stops himself from falling in love with Xun An. He makes various excuses, prevents his partner from confessing, and encourages him to date other girls. Bai Lang doesn't want to start a relationship or grow attached to Xun An. He convinces himself to settle for a life of solitude. That way, Bai Lang wouldn't have to worry about the pain of losing a loved one again.

An ongoing theme with Bai Lang is that he refuses to grow up. He sleeps with dolls, tells juvenile jokes, and acts childishly for his age. Bai Lang's trauma prevents him from maturity into adulthood. Mentally, he remains stagnant, haunted by the past tragedy. It restricts him from trying adult experiences, like settling down with someone. Bai Lang overcomes his trauma after meeting Xun An, who helps him move forward and conquer multiple fears. With Xun An's help, Bai Lang is ready to visit the dentist, reciprocate emotional intimacy, and unchain from insecurities.

Episode 9

Episode 9 Review
Bai Lang and Xun An share their first kiss.

The conflicts in the last two episodes made me skeptical about Xun An and Bai Lang as a couple. It removes a bit of the shine and lustre from their romance. With that said, the story appears to be back on track again. I like seeing Bai Lang court Xun An with homemade lunchbox deliveries. Each meal comes with a cutesy message from the chef. So sweet! I also like how the clinic staff gets involved in their reconciliation. Their reactions to Xun An's courtship are always so funny, teehee.

AHHHHH!!! THE KISS!!! FINALLY!!! Sorry, let me calm down for a bit lol. We waited nine long, strenuous episodes for the leads to get together. We endured the arguments, the misunderstandings, and the love triangle debacles. At last, Bai Lang and Xun An shared their first kiss! I love that it takes place at the dental clinic, a unique and suitable setting for this couple's milestone. They kiss, flirt a little, and then make out again. What a perfect sequence of events. 😚

Alex and RJ kiss in My Tooth Your Love Episode 9.

Bai Lang jokes that Alex is an android that he activated in the restaurant's supply closet. I know he's kidding, but why does that sound like a real possibility? *lol* It would explain a lot about his mysterious behaviour. Alex is seriously such an enigma. He seems mature and emotionally intelligent, like a wise mentor. Yet, he hardly expresses feelings or reveals personal information throughout the series. We don't even know how old he is. What is Alex's backstory? WHO IS HE!?

OMG! The other couple kissed too! Technically, it isn't Alex & RJ's first smooch, which was an act of defiance. This time, RJ initiates the kiss out of romantic feelings for the bartender. Initially, I was excited to see how they respond after this intimate exchange. Regrettably, their relationship gets sidelined in the last few episodes. RJ's character disappears until the finale, making it tough to maintain the momentum. The series leaves this couple's fate hanging after the kiss. I don't feel satisfied with the closure unless we continue their love story through a sequel.

Episode 10

Episode 10 Review
Bai Lang smiles while kissing Xu An.

As soon as Bai Lang and Xun An become a couple, there is an overload of cute, affectionate moments. They flirt, tease, and kiss each other constantly. Oh my gosh, there is so much kissing! They kiss at home, in the car, clinic, restaurant, park, and everywhere imaginable. My Tooth Your Love is busy making up for lost time and packing every minute with BL content. Their exchanges are so sweet that they'll give me cavities!

Okay, Bai Lang and Xun An shouldn't kiss and drive at the same time. Let's not distract the driver with reckless hanky-panky, please! Considering Bai Lang's track record with cars, he must show more caution inside vehicles. While I'm glad Bai Lang overcomes his childhood trauma, perhaps a shred of fear should remain. Pump the brakes and keep both eyes on the road, lovebirds! 

RJ draws a picture of himself and Alex.

Oh, Big A and Ren Min are a couple too. This pairing is a bit random. I'm not offended by them or anything. However, is this storyline necessary? There's barely enough time to develop Alex and RJ's romance, let alone a tertiary pair. If you're going to introduce a third BL couple, you should give them more content. The other two couples get all the juicy relationship scenes, whereas Big A and Ren Min's exchanges are forgettable.

I like how Alex finds RJ's notepad and reads his inner thoughts. It's funny seeing Alex react to RJ calling him an "uncle". 😅 Flipping through the pages, we see that RJ has taken detailed notes and drawn pretty pictures during his bartending lessons. It shows how much he pays attention to Alex when they spend time together. RJ's notes even evoke a smile from Alex, a rare instance where he shows emotions beneath his poker face. Although Alex and RJ don't receive much focus in the series, their scenes carry an impact and convey an engaging romance.

Episode 11

Episode 11 Review
Bai Lang and Xun An spend more time together.

Is the honeymoon phase already over? I want to see Bai Lang & Xun An spend more time as a couple. If they encounter a problem, have them face it together. Instead, the story is intent on keeping them apart again. I have no idea what Xun An is doing behind Bai Lang's back. However, I don't feel confident My Tooth Your Love will handle this storyline gracefully. The last time they introduced serious conflict, it led to the two worst episodes of the series. Maybe they should stick with cute relationship fluff instead of hard-hitting story arcs.

Xun An's secrecy in the past few weeks is frustrating. Bai Lang doesn't know what's happening. His boyfriend suddenly isolates himself, but he has no idea why. Xun An won't communicate honestly with him, so Bai Lang feels confused, doubtful, and neglected. They are hardly together and don't go on dates anymore. Bai Lang has spent more time cuddling with the Xun An pillow than the real Xun An.

In the finale, we learn about Xun An's sympathetic circumstances. He's physically abused and emotionally exhausted due to the ordeal with his homophobic father. I understand it can't be easy facing his boyfriend during this distressing time. After all, you're hardly in the mood for romance after getting a lashing from your dad every day. However, Xun An doesn't take an ideal approach to gain his parents' approval. His methods caused him and his boyfriend so much agony these past few weeks. There must be a better way to win over Xun An's family than his current trajectory.

Episode 11
Episode 12

Episode 12

Happy Ending
My Tooth Your Love has a happy ending where Bai Lang and Xun An commit to a long-term relationship.

My Tooth Your Love has a happy ending where Bai Lang & Xun An commit to a long-term relationship. However, they face an emotional ordeal in the final episode. Xun An's father is homophobic and does not approve of his son's relationship. Xun An has spent the past few weeks begging his bigoted parent to change his mind. Each day, he visits his family home and kneels on the floor. His dad beats him violently with a cane, causing scars on Xun An's back. Nonetheless, Xun An persisted in asking for his father's support.

While handling his family drama, Xun An has distanced himself from his boyfriend in the past few weeks. A confused and lonely Bai Lang feels neglected. Finally, Xun An invites Bai Lang to see his parents. Xun An's dad is grumpy, but he acknowledges Bai Lang and recognizes him as his son's boyfriend. It appears that Xun An's efforts softened his dad's stance. Later, Bai Lang learns about the physical and emotional abuse that his boyfriend endured. Xun An was determined to gain his father's approval so Bai Lang could experience a "complete home".

Eight months later, Bai Lang and Xun An propose to each other on the bridge. They kiss and commit to a lifelong relationship. Meanwhile, RJ returns to work at the restaurant with Alex. Bai Lang's sister and Xun An's ex-boyfriend have also gotten married. The episode ends at their wedding ceremony as the characters perform a dance. In the final scene, we view Bai Lang and Xun An's sweet day-to-day routine. They have moved in together. The final shot displays a happy picture of Bai Lang with Xun An and his parents, indicating he's a part of their family.

Ending Explained
Xun An's parents welcome Bai Lang into their family.

The My Tooth Your Love ending succeeds in tugging at my heartstrings. Episode 11 hinted Xun An's troubles, but the extent of his father's violent abuse shocked me. The scars on Xun An's body were alarming. I never expected the family drama to be this intense! Some BL finales hardly inspire feelings in me, whereas this ending stirs my emotions. The provocative events leave a memorable impression, which I appreciate from a storytelling perspective.

With that said, this episode's antics are over the top. Xun An kneels before the doorstep every day, begging for acceptance. He gets beaten violently with wounds all over his body. The abuse is too much. I don't like seeing Xun An debase himself to earn his father's approval. Why must he be tortured and dehumanized until the homophobe begrudgingly accepts his relationship? Even after the dad changes his mind, the moment doesn't feel empowering. Bai Lang's induction into Xun An's family comes with too much ugliness, and it seems like a Pyrrhic victory.

I don't endorse Xun An's actions and believe there's a more dignified manner to respond to a homophobic parent. Nonetheless, I'm moved by Xun An's determination to win over his dad. Xun An didn't want his father and Bai Lang's first meeting to be hostile. So, he endured weeks of vitriol to soften the homophobe's edges. He paved the way so Bai Lang would have a positive experience with his in-laws. It's noble what Xun An does for his boyfriend, especially knowing how much family means to Bai Lang. This finale is a poignant showcase of Xun An's love and persistence.

Ending Review
Bai Lang and Xun An kiss while doing a sit-up.

When Xun An undressed in front of the mirror, I didn't know where to look. The story wants us to focus on the scars on his back. Yet, I can't help but stare at his pecs and abs in the reflection instead. OMG. My eyes were constantly darting from left to right: scars, abs, scars, abs. You can't present THAT BODY and expect me to pay attention to anything else.

I love this ongoing tradition of Taiwanese BL dramas ending with a proposal or a wedding. After the country has legalized same-sex marriage, almost every series concludes with blissful matrimony. My psychic intuition told me that Bai Lang and Xun An would exchange rings during the final episode. I cackled when it actually happened lol.

The Alex and RJ storyline doesn't have a satisfying closure. With that said, my gut instinct tells me a sequel is in the works. I'm pretty sure there'll be a follow-up to My Tooth Your Love. This studio made No. 1 for You & Fighting Mr. 2nd, so it has precedence of creating sequels. Plus, I believe they purposely hold back Alex & RJ's romantic moments to save the content for Season 2. Otherwise, this genre-savvy storyteller wouldn't have left the secondary couple so open-ended. The production team hasn't announced anything. I'm just going by an educated guess.

The epilogue is so sweet! I like the casual glimpse of their everyday routine after moving in together. We see them sleeping in the same bed with all the stuffed animals. (Did you notice there are now two toothbrush pillows in the bed? The Xun An pillow has partnered up with the Bai Lang pillow. 😙) I also giggled at them kissing while doing sit-ups. Seeing them eat meals, tie shoelaces, and enjoy each other's company is a lovely way to end the series. When I look at these two characters, all I can think is, "They are so happily in love~"

Bai Lang and Xun An kiss in the bedroom.

My Tooth Your Love Behind the Scenes

My Tooth Your Love Information

Result Entertainment

Result Entertainment is a Taiwanese BL studio that produced No. 1 For You (2021) and Fighting Mr. 2nd (2021).

Result Entertainment (結果娛樂) is a Taiwanese BL studio that produced No. 1 For You (2021) and Fighting Mr. 2nd (2021). Its portfolio also includes My Tooth Your Love (2022). Result Entertainment works in tandem with another Taiwanese studio, Yoiisz International Media Limited (有意思國際傳媒), to present these BL series.


Ray Jiang (姜瑞智) is a Taiwanese director. His first BL project is the 2021 series, No. 1 For You. He also directed its sequel Fighting Mr. 2nd. Ray's other works include My Tooth Your Love (2022).

  1. What? Xun An’s Pillow had no previous screen experience? And yet it embodied the role so effortlessly …

    I agree that the writing could have been a lot more concise and the plot contrivances could have been avoided in this show which does indeed skate on the charm of its leads. I think the thing that bothered me the most was how the toxic behavior of Xun An’s father was normalized. I mean I see how Xun An wanted an extended family for the orphaned Bai Lang, but I’m not sure that *that* father is an improvement over nothing.

    Like you I would have appreciated more screen time for Alex and RJ. Please more wonderful flip book drawings from RJ and more random English from Alex. And I like the sister. She went a little overboard with her protectiveness but she’s still in the top 10% of female BL characters.

  2. I really enjoyed this series and thought the premise was rather unique. OMG, I agree that Bai Lang's actor was HOT! And I really liked the RJ character too and would love to see a sequel that explores the Alex/RJ relationship more.

    I also thought they did a relatively good job displaying Bai Lang's anxiety/mental health issues in the earlier episodes, but wish they had spent a bit more time showing how he resolved these issues. But I guess love conquers all in BL land and having Xun An was enough for Bai Lang to overcome his mental health problems. I did not like the storyline of the father and the physical assault aspect. I think they were trying to convey that Xun An would withstand all this for the love of Bai Lang, but come on. And I guess all was forgiven with the father at the end when he pretty much accepted the relationship.

    I'm looking forward to your comments on some of this in your episode reviews.

  3. Thanks for the review! Been following your blog as a new fan to help keep track of all the shows I watch/should watch and it's been so helpful, please keep going!

    Just wanted to quickly mention that Alex Chou actually had a guest role in both We Best Love: No. 1 For You and We Best Love: Fighting Mr. 2nd! So I don't know if this is technically his first BL project.

  4. I have to say that I lost steam somewhere in the middle. In the first half of the series, everyday I was looking forward to new episode on Friday! And the physical abuse in the end was a bit hard to watch. I guess it is still possible for a traditional family to take this attitude especially since Xun An is an only son in a well to do family, but as a highly educated professional can't he come up with something better than "苦肉计" (ruse of self-injury)?

    I agree that the earthquake-induced romantic encounter in episode one was creative but it is not unbelievable. Taiwan does have relatively high number of quakes and people are generally not concern with minor tremors :p

    Alex is a singer song writer before he became an actor as well. He wrote two songs (used as ending credit song) for No. 1 For You and Fighting Mr. 2nd. And his bit part in those series were extended into the music video for those two songs. I was totally smitten when I first saw the MVs! I am so happy that the production team decided to recruit him for this series (he wrote and sang the ending song for this series as well). Although the series seems to be a good wrap for the main CP, I really hope to see a season two. Because there's a "rule" in Taiwan that CP cannot be broken up once paired. So the only possibility of seeing more of Alex in a BL is the continuation of his story with RJ! Fingers crossed and knotted!

    BTW, Alex was educated in US before returning to Taiwan to pursue his music career. That's why the mixing of English in his dialog sounds so charming and natural :p

  5. My Tooth Your Love is beautifully made it made, it was a cannon of light that me laugh, cry, heartache and pray. Your reviews are illuminating. I watch the series, then read your review and re-watch it again some episodes to deeply enjoy the details that you pointed out and I missed the first time, Thanks.

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