Oh! My Assistant – Series Review & Ending Explained

Oh! My Assistant is about two artists who work on a webtoon together.

Oh! My Assistant is a Korean BL comedy series about a webtoon artist and his new employee. The protagonist draws for a living and recently hires a assistant to help with his projects. Romantic feelings develop as they work together day and night. However, the characters don't know if their crush is reciprocated. They must navigate their attraction and confusion in many funny situations.

The first half of Oh! My Assistant is silly, energetic, and hilarious. It demonstrates a delightful sense of humour, combining goofy characters and naughty scenarios with surprisingly astute LGBT themes. Yet, the plot takes a sharp nosedive during the last few episodes. As the ridiculous story becomes unbearably dumb, you'll almost forget all the charming qualities in the beginning.

Oh! My Assistant Summary


오! 나의 어시님

Series Info:

Thailand (2022)


2 hours

Total Episodes:

8 episodes




Oh! My Assistant is a happy & funny BL drama.


Seon Ho and Mu Yeong are coworkers.

Seon Ho is a professional artist who draws a steamy 19+ webtoon. Lately, he has trouble finding inspiration and meeting deadlines. His tardiness often frustrates Production Director Lee, who suggests he hires an assistant to speed up his work. Seon Ho begins to interview various candidates for the position. He hires Mu Yeong due his impressive art portfolio, although PD Lee adds that the artist looks handsome.

Seon Ho and Mu Yeong work together in a home studio apartment. Although Mu Yeong is a capable assistant, he has demanding habits. He wants strict working hours, no overtime, food service, a clean workspace, and professional boundaries. His requirements clash with the carefree Seon Ho, who lives a relaxed lifestyle with no sense of time management. Regardless, the two coworkers put aside their differences to collaborate on the webtoon.

Secretly, the quiet Mu Yeong is infatuated with his employer. Mu Yeong has admired Seon Ho's artistic talent since his youth. Despite his talent and wealth, he applied for this position solely to meet his muse. Although Mu Yeong has a crush, he doesn't think the artist reciprocates his feelings. Mu Yeong, a gay man, believes Seon Ho is only attracted to women. Seon Ho also seems chummy with PD Lee. Their touchy-feely interactions make Mu Yeong think they're dating.

Mu Yeong is friends with Joon Seok, who attended the same high school. They have a close bond, and Mu Yeong tells his confidante everything. Often, the two meet for drinks at a gay bar. Mu Yeong talks about his feelings for Seon Ho. Joon Seok worries Seon Ho won't reciprocate the romantic feelings, resulting in Mu Yeong's heartbreak. Currently, Joon Seok is engaged. However, his fiancée is suspicious. She doesn't understand why Joon Seok always prioritizes Mu Yeong over her.

For all his life, Seon Ho has only felt attracted to women. Lately, he realizes his interest has shifted. He becomes increasingly fond of Mu Yeong, complimenting his good looks and fit body. PD Lee comments that Seon Ho's raunchy art has improved lately, possibly because he found a new source of inspiration. Seon Ho begins questioning his sexuality and speculates whether he likes men for the first time. Meanwhile, Mu Yeong has noticed the artist's suggestive advances. Mu Yeong doesn't know if he's picking up signals or getting the wrong idea.

Oh! My Assistant Trailer

Oh! My Assistant Cast


Seon Ho

Song Seung Hyun (송승현)

Seon Ho is portrayed by the Korean actor Song Seung Hyun (송승현).

Seon Ho is a professional artist who draws a steamy webtoon for a living. Lately, he has struggled with inspiration and missed publishing deadlines. As urged by his editor, Seon Ho hires an assistant to help with his projects. As he works with his new employee, Seon Ho starts questioning whether he may have romantic feelings for another man.

Song Seung Hyun

Song Seung Hyun (송승현) is a Korean actor. He is born on August 21, 1992.

Song Seung Hyun (송승현) is a Korean actor. He is born on August 21, 1992. His first BL project is the 2022 series, Oh! My Assistant. He used to be a former member of the rock band F.T. Island.

Mu Yeong

Ko Chan Bin (고찬빈)

Mu Yeong is portrayed by the Korean actor Ko Chan Bin (고찬빈).

Mu Yeong is Seon Ho's assistant and helps him work on the webtoon. Unlike his carefree employer, Mu Yeong follows a diligent routine and requires many demanding conditions from his workspace. He requires strict working hours and no overtime. Mu Yeong has a secret crush on Seo Ho. However, he doesn't believe the straight artist reciprocates his feelings.

Ko Chan Bin

Ko Chan Bin (고찬빈) is a Korean actor. He is born on June 2, 2001.

Ko Chan Bin (고찬빈) is a Korean actor. He is born on June 2, 2001. His first BL project is the 2022 series, Oh! My Assistant.

Supporting Cast

PD Lee is portrayed by the Korean actress Seo Min Seo (서민서).

PD Lee

Seo Min Seo (서민서)

Joon Seok is portrayed by the Korean actor Lee Do Ha (이도하).

Joon Seok

Lee Do Ha (이도하)

Joon Seok's fiancee doesn't trust him.

Joon Seok's fiancée

Oh! My Assistant Review


Drama Review Score: 7.1

Seon Ho and Mu Yeong have feelings for each other.

Oh! My Assistant hits an early stride, delivering funny hijinks, playful innuendos, and sexy mischief. This raunchy BL comedy likes to be a little naughty. It tells risqué jokes with a knowing wink and a cheeky giggle. The series goes on an impressive streak, not missing a beat as it fires one hilarious gag after another. Although the humour comes from silly scenarios and exaggerated reactions, the zaniness makes me laugh anyway. Oh! My Assistant fills its early episodes with enthusiastic delight.

The leads are cast excellently in their roles, bringing a likable charm to their quirky characters. Both performers understand the assignment and portray the jokes with extra oomph in the punchlines. Seon Ho's actor (Song Seung Hyun) displays a cheerful smile and vibrant charisma in every scene. His giddiness enhances the zesty humour. Likewise, his costar (Ko Chan Bin) has mastered the art of deadpan. His serious face and stoic expressions create a funny discrepancy when thrust into wacky situations.

Oh! My Assistant blends its humour with astute commentary on LGBT topics. In recent years, many Korean BL dramas have omitted a few aspects of the gay experience. The self-assured leads aren't confused or insecure about liking other guys in a conservative society. Unlike its counterparts, this series makes the characters' sexuality an integral part of their identities. It offers honest dialogues about navigating your same-sex attraction. In Episode 4, Seon Ho has a superb scene depicting his bisexual awakening. His monologue is comical, insightful, and powerful.

I was pleasantly surprised by Oh! My Assistant, which exceeded my expectations in the first five episodes. The story makes comfortable progress as it builds momentum toward a fun, cozy romance. This series had such a strong start that I didn't foresee its total collapse near the end. Oh my goodness, what happened!? Suddenly, the lighthearted plot plummets into cheesy and contrived melodrama. The needless love triangle conflict overtakes the narrative. Each unbearable scene contains miserable angst, irrational behaviour, and infuriating responses from the characters.

Besides the horrendous plot developments, Oh! My Assistant exposes other flaws. Its humour grows stale, repeating the same crude jokes with less finesse. The series also relies too much on inner monologues as a storytelling device. The leads constantly stare into a random space, mulling their neurotic thoughts. A better writer would've conveyed the sentiments through actual scenes with symbolic implications. Furthermore, the romance becomes an incoherent mess. It's impossible to celebrate Seon Ho and Mu Yeong's love under such muddled circumstances.

The awful episodes are indefensible and overshadow everything else. You can't ignore the shocking decline in quality as the plot deteriorates to nonsense. After the dumb ending, I thought this series deserved a low review score. Upon reflection, I still appreciate the entertaining first half. Early on, the series achieves clever comedy with a bold approach to sexuality. Despite the inconsistent journey, it reaches highs that other average BL dramas will never attain. My fondness for Oh! My Assistant remains, even if the story flies off a cliff and disappears into the abyss. 


Funny story

Oh! My Assistant begins hilariously with raunchy jokes & silly humour. However, the lighthearted plot deteriorates in the final stretch. The cheesy and contrived love triangle overtakes the story.

Superficial romance

Seon Ho & Mu Geong's romance never develops meaningfully beyond the initial jokes. Nonetheless, I appreciate the story's bold, honest dialogues about exploring same-sex attraction.

Comedic acting

Both leads bring likable charm to their quirky roles. Seon Ho's actor (Song Seung Hyun) displays vibrant charisma in every scene, while his costar (Ko Chan Bin) has mastered the art of deadpan.

Happy ending

Oh! My Assistant has a happy ending, but the finale is written so poorly that you won't celebrate the story. The series takes a significant nosedive during the last few atrocious episodes.

Average artistry

This series doesn't stand out visually, hindered by low-budget constraints. However, the average production values don't restrict the viewing experience. Everything looks standard and acceptable.


Oh! My Assistant is a hilarious BL comedy with funny hijinks, sexy mischief, and astute LGBT commentary. Yet, the last few episodes plummet in quality. The story becomes a melodramatic mess.

Oh! My Assistant Episodes

Episode Guide

Seon Ho shows off his bear shirt.

Oh! My Assistant has a total of 8 episodes. Each episode is around 15 minutes long. The last episode is around 18 minutes long. It is a short BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 2 hours. Oh! My Assistant started on December 1, 2022 and finished on December 23, 2022.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Episode 1 Review
Seon Ho rips open Mu Yeong's shirt and exposes his shirtless body.

Before we begin, I want to confess something. The review score for Oh! My Assistant is highly inflated lol. I bumped up every metric (story, romance, acting, etc.) by at least one letter grade than it deserves. It's the only way I can justify giving this series a C+. Realistically, it should receive a lower score. However, I don't want to lump this series with the other mediocre dramas when I genuinely enjoyed many of the episodes. My bias jumped out!

I like the quirky twist on the usual workplace romance. Instead of an office setting, the leads are in a small studio with just the two of them. Even though Seon Ho is Mu Yeong's boss, their power dynamic feels more informal. In fact, Mu Yeong is the one making all the demands in his job lol. Despite the casual environment, this workspace feels intimate. They're the only people in the room, working together day and night. I can imagine romance brewing in the atmosphere.

Right away, I'm intrigued by how Oh! My Assistant references attraction and sexuality. The characters are in a gay bar, discussing whether a straight guy can reciprocate another man's feelings. This discussion is remarkably different from other Korean BL dramas, which shy away from explicit LGBT+ themes. Most Korean leads fall in love with other guys without contemplating some real-world burdens. Oh! My Assistant has caught my attention with its bold approach, tackling these gay topics unreservedly.

Episode 2

Episode 2 Review
Mu Yeong tries to pronounce his name.

Oh my god, the humour in this series is so stupid, but it makes me laugh. This episode has such a goofy, lighthearted vibe that it wins over me. I cracked up at the dumb Muyeong vs Miyeong pronunciation scene. Mu Yeong's solemn appearance amplifies the humour in the wacky moments. You wouldn't expect this serious guy to give such silly responses, so the discrepancy makes each situation funnier.

I like both characters. Two episodes in, I already have a good sense of their personalities. Seon Ho seems happy, relaxed, and carefree. In contrast, Mu Yeong is stoic, solemn, and somewhat repressed. The different demeanours make their interactions fun to observe. I also like their dynamic with PD Lee, who brings lots of humour and lively energy to their group interactions. So far, this BL comedy feels very comfortable.

Episode 3

Episode 3 Review
Seon Ho and Mu Yeong share their first kiss in Oh! My Assistant.

I like how the episode ends with the first kiss between the main characters. Seon Ho and Mu Yeong get along so far, but this kiss complicates their dynamic. It's the essential trigger that takes their relationship from platonic to romantic. I'm excited to see how Seon Ho responds to his drunken kiss the morning after. I like that clever downward shot of him banging his head against the wall as he asks, "Do I like men!?" It conveys his confusion and disorientation effectively.

Honestly, Oh! My Assistant has been such a pleasant surprise after three solid episodes. This series dropped quietly at the end of the year with little buzz, so I had no expectations. Yet, I'm really enjoying the story thus far. The comedy, romance, and plot are hitting all the necessary targets. I know Oh! My Assistant is adapted from a manhwa, which I haven't read. I suspect this series is being carried by the strength of the source material. The original author has crafted a solid story that translates through this drama adaptation.

Episode 4

Episode 4 Review
Seon Ho realizes he's bisexual.

In this episode, Seon Ho watches a video of two guys kissing to determine his same-sex attraction. The viewers see a short clip of the random men about to kiss intimately. Why do I want to watch the full version so badly? *lmao* Oh my god, I got excited for a hot second. I was like, is this an actual BL drama!? Where do I watch it!?

Oh wow. Seon Ho's monologue in this episode is amazing. In just a few minutes, the series has described the bisexual experience in perfectly accessible terms. His monologue is concise, insightful, and sympathetic. The scene also includes his concerns and the possible discrimination he faces, yet the tone never feels too heavy. The series knows how to use lighthearted humour to soften the impact. It communicates meaningful messages without being too sad, preachy, or sappy.

"I like it both fried and seasoned. And now I like men too. I like both men and women." Comparing your bisexuality to food is a quirky metaphor, but it works. It feels empowering when Seon Ho comes to terms with his attraction. Every time I feel disappointed in the later episodes, I keep thinking back to how good this scene is. Honestly, they can use the footage at LGBT seminars. This monologue alone is enough to elevate Oh! My Assistant from the crop of mediocre BL series. Not many dramas depict a character discovering his sexuality with so much poise and maturity. 

The best part about Seon Ho's monologue is the touch of humour at the end. After acknowledging his sexuality, Seon Ho devises a plan to court Mu Yeong. "Should I use my body?" Not him plotting to seduce Mu Yeong with sluttiness! I'M DEAD. 😆

Episode 5

Episode 5 Review
Mu Yeong and Joon Seok kiss in the gay bar.

I love that PD Lee just walks around with a purse full of bondage gear. She explains, "I never know when I'll need it." Yep, so true. Fortune favours the well-prepared! Her character kills me. Every time she appears, I get ready to laugh because I know she'll do or say something funny. Besides being hilarious, I also like PD Lee's sex positivity. Her directness about sex is played for laughs, but it also feels refreshing and progressive.

OMG! We know Mu Yeong wants to keep his sexuality a secret from Seon Ho. The gay bar is supposed to be his protective bubble, allowing Mu Yeong to relax and be himself. Suddenly, Seon Ho invades his safe space. As Seon Ho's eyes dart between Mu Yeong and Joon Seok, his brain connects the dots. It must be such an anxiety-inducing situation for poor Mu Yeong. His sexuality has become a spectacle, precisely the last thing he wanted.

OMG! I dropped my jaw when Mu Yeong and Joon Seok kissed. That was unexpected. Initially, I was intrigued by Joon Seok and his relationship dynamic with Mu Yeong. The story hinted there might be an interesting backstory about his loyalty to Mu Yeong. However, I didn't like how Oh! My Assistant handled his character in the next three episodes. He simply became a source of annoying conflict in a poorly-written love triangle. With this knowledge, I wish Joon Seok had just remained in the background. Don't give him a storyline!

Episode 6

Episode 6 Review
Seon Ho and Mu Yeong's relationship turns awkward.

This episode is awful. Why would Mu Yeong reject Seon Ho's love confession? Dude, he likes you! That's what you wanted all along! This scene is supposed to be a momentous milestone in their romance, yet Mu Yeong ruins it with his irrational response. Even if you believe he's dating a woman, confront him about it! Don't just walk away! OMG, I'm so pissed off. The series ruined five episodes of buildup with one disastrous confession scene. 

OMFG. Why is Mu Yeong pretending to be Joon Seok's boyfriend!? This deceit is so ridiculous and unnecessary. Mu Yeong has been pining for Seon Ho since high school. He hits the ultimate jackpot when Seon Ho admits to reciprocating his feelings. Yet, this is how Mu Yeong responds!? He rejects Seon Ho, hurts his feelings, and pretends to be dating another guy!? That's unacceptable. It's un-fuckin'-believable! There's no way anybody should behave like this around his long-time crush. Mu Yeong's actions are cruel, stupid, and baffling. Reverse this episode! We don't want it!

Episode 7

Episode 7 Review
Joon Seok almost dies in a car accident.

OMFG. I'm having a meltdown over how bad Oh! My Assistant has suddenly become. Did this series change writers? Are they deviating from the source material? I can't fathom the significant nosedive in quality. The first half conveyed a fun, lighthearted, and breezy love story. Suddenly, the plot deteriorates into this steaming pile of contrived melodrama. Where's the humour!? Where are the jokes!? Bring back the comedy!

OMFG. Not Joon Seok getting into a car accident right after his fiancee broke off their engagement! The storyteller really went for the most cliched plot possible, huh? On the verge of death, Joon Seok suddenly realizes he has feelings for his best friend of many years. LMAO NOOOO. Oh! My Assistant is going for the world record of the biggest cliche ever. I'm dying of second-hand embarrassment watching the love triangle unfold. Please, stop! This series should just stick with telling raunchy jokes because it cannot write serious drama.

Episode 7
Episode 8

Episode 8

Ending Review
Seon Ho and Mu Yeong kiss in the Oh My Assistant happy ending.

OMFG, this ending has reached epic levels of bad. I can almost start appreciating the trainwreck ironically. Some of the events in the episode are hilariously awful, like an unintentional comedy. Is Seon Ho threatening to break up with Mu Yeong for worrying about his missing friend!? That's such a horrendous thing to do. I almost don't recognize his character anymore. Did they replace the happy, chirpy Seon Ho at the beginning with his evil whiny doppelganger?

You know what? I'm just going to block out these last three episodes from my memory forever. Beep boop beep, the travesty has been erased. Whenever I reminisce about this series, there will be a noticeable gap in the timeline. As far as I'm concerned, the second half doesn't exist. Oh! My Assistant was an excellent five-episode BL series that concluded with Seon Ho acknowledging his bisexuality. The end.

Ending Explained
Seon Ho and Mu Yeong enjoy a day outdoors.

Although I roll my eyes at how the storyline is written, I sympathize with all the characters. I realize both Joon Seok and Mu Yeong are victims of internalized homophobia. Society has conditioned them to repress their same-sex attraction out of fear, shame, and doubt. It took Joon Seok almost dying to admit his feelings for his male friend. Likewise, Mu Yeong jumped to the wrong conclusion about Seon Ho because he couldn't believe a man would return his affections. He felt inferior and thought his crush would prioritize a woman over him.

If the story was better written, Oh! My Assistant would've conveyed powerful messages about accepting your same-sex attraction. All three central characters face similar predicaments, but the series only handles Seon Ho's journey thoughtfully. Joon Seok and Mu Yeong's experiences are diminished due to bad writing. Nonetheless, I recognize the overarching themes of the story. I appreciate how Oh! My Assistant expresses explicit LGBT ideologies far more than other Korean BL dramas. I just wish they didn't fumble these meaningful plots so terribly!

Oh! My Assistant Behind the Scenes

Oh! My Assistant Information

Emotion Studio

Emotion Studio is a Korean BL studio that made Nobleman Ryu's Wedding (2021) and Behind Cut (2021).

Emotion Studio is a Korean studio that made the BL series Behind Cut (2021), Oh! Boarding House (2022), Ocean Likes Me (2022), and Oh! My Assistant (2022). It has also produced other non-BL dramas.


Joo Seong Min (주성민) is a Korean director. This director's first BL project is the 2022 series Oh! My Assistant for Emotion Studio.

  1. I agree with everything you said lol ,maybe its cause this is my favorite website ,well idk if it’s appropriate to ask here or if it will upset you,but I’ve been meaning to ask if you’ll do a review on kinnporche? Ive been waiting for a long time for it 🙂,that’s if you want to do it ,no rush ,anyhow happy holidays!

  2. Agreed with the full review, which made me laugh throughout. You articulated everything that was right and wrong about this series and I do think that the only possible explanation for the nosedive in the narrative was a change in writers. We certainly can't blame the actors. Episode 4 was the highlight and then, well, there was some kind of weird and epic implosion. I also tend to inflate my assessments of series when I like the performers, I want to encourage them and to acknowledge that they've moved me even when the material is not top notch. *Also: I admit that like Kinsley, I am eagerly awaiting your review of KP: La Forte. Love it or hate it (for me, a bit of both) it's a milestone in the genre and thanks to KP Jeff Satur is now the king of my playlist.

  3. It seems like the drama attempted to hit all of the dramatic moments of the webtoon, but with none of the lead up to those moments (I guess due to bad writing?). Anyway just to let you know I am loving your website! Thank you for your insights!

  4. I normally don't despise a Korean BL web drama like I do this one. The manhwa is 10000% better than this crappy take of Oh My Assistant!, which happened to be one of the first I ever read and one reason, I fell in love with BL fiction. In my opinion, OMA manhwa is a solid A, whereas this OMA web drama is a solid F.

    In the comic, Seon Ho is very hunky and utterly adorable, very puppy-like. Mu Yeong is also really cute but reserved, and he rarely lets himself show emotion. Neither of the actors was a good fit for either character. Also, given the Yaoi nature of the comic and the chaste nature of K dramas, BL or not, this wouldn't be the easiest manhwa to make into a workable web drama since some of the keys scenes are sex scenes, such as when the two initially have sex, but then Mu Yeong acts as though nothing happened, much to Seon Ho's consternation.

    I also disliked how they kept seeming to refer to the manhwa's character drawings in the credits when pairing the actor and the character they were portraying, but it wasn't the actual art from the original manhwa but something else. Maybe they didn't have rights to the webcomic, but why were they then making the drama version?

    This web drama either tried to follow a scene too closely to the point it utterly failed to convey the humor and sweetness of the webcomic, or it simply skipped essential scenes. Also, none of the actors were good matches for the manhwa's characters. Even the Joon Soek actor was a complete mismatch. In the webcomic, Joon Soek had a much older and buff appearance to better lend himself to being a believable alpha male boyfriend for Mu Yeong, who cowed Seon Ho into believing the lie in the manhwa. When I saw the same scene in this web drama, I cringed at how unbelievable it was. Anyone could tell Joon Soek's and Mu Yeong's supposed relationship was fake, making Seon Ho appear to be an idiot believing it here in this version.

    While I haven't seen this OMA web drama recently, I distinctly remember it being the first one that I felt extremely disappointed having spent the time watching it. I was so excited to see one of my very favorite manhwa's has its own web drama, only to feel utterly betrayed by the adaption.

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