Ossan's Love Hong Kong is about the love story of Tin and his boss KK.

Ossan's Love Hong Kong is a 2021 remake of the popular Japanese BL drama. This is a hilarious workplace comedy featuring a love triangle between a boss and his two subordinates.

Here at BL Watcher, I will be reviewing every episode of Ossan's Love Hong Kong extensively. As a native Cantonese speaker, I can pick up on some additional nuances from the series that may not be included in the subtitles. I hope to share more background info, cultural context, and my personal review of each episode. Plus, I also watched the original drama, so I can compare the differences between the two versions.

You can also read my Ossan's Love Hong Kong review for more information about the series.

Ossan's Love Hong Kong Series Recap

Episode Guide

Ossan's Love Hong Kong has 15 episodes in total, which is twice as long as the original Japanese version. Each episode is approximately 45 minutes in length. At the end of the episode, there are bloopers footage and a bonus clip included. Make sure you watch until the end!

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 1

Episode Title
Surprise Confession
Air Date
June 28, 2021
Episode 1 Summary
KK surprises Tin in the office restroom.

The first episode of Ossan's Love Hong Kong introduces us to Tin, a plucky real estate agent who has never been in a relationship before. When a new employee named Muk joins his company, Tin quickly befriends him and the two of them become roommates. As they spend time together, Muk is won over by Tin's generosity and goofiness.

Tin is shocked to discover that his boss KK has been taking secret photos of him. At the end of the episode, KK confesses his love to Tin, admitting that he had these romantic feelings for a long time. Tin is completely shocked and mortified, especially when KK says that he'll divorce his wife to be with Tin.

Episode 1 Review
KK bursts into a smile every time he sees Tin.

Episode 1 begins this BL drama on a strong note, introducing the plot, the characters, and the romance in a fun, vibrant way. The actors are charming, the production is polished, and the humour is hilarious. KK's character is an absolute standout, nailing all the comedic moments to perfection.

Compared to the Japanese version, the Hong Kong remake benefits from the longer episode length, which helps flesh out the story. Even if you have already watched the original series, you'll appreciate the additional touches that expand upon this fictional universe.

Ossan's Love Hong Kong shows a lot of promise with its first episode. This is shaping up to be just as good as the original drama. I'm filled with confidence about the rest of the series.

Episode 1 Highlights
Tin gets the wrong idea of KK when he's left alone with him in the office.

๐Ÿ˜„ Best Line: "TIN TIN, I LOVE YOU!!!" โ€” KK

๐Ÿคฃ Funniest Moment: A favourite moment of mine in Episode 1 was when KK and Tin were left alone in the office late at night. Tin's suspicions are at an all-time high, and he gets the wrong idea about KK's intentions around him. It doesn't help that KK has the sultriest look on his face as he takes off his jacket and adjusts his tie. Hey daddy~

Poor Tin and his overactive imagination ran wild, even though KK didn't do anything to him. Like, the man was just making himself comfortable in his own office. It was this enormous misunderstanding, coupled with KK's wicked expressions and Tin's over-the-top reactions, that made this scene so funny to me.

Episode 1 Trivia
Tin makes Detective Galileo's signature pose.
  • Tin is given the nickname "A0" by his coworker Louis. The term "A0" is a Hong Kong slang that refers to anyone who's single and never dated before. The letter A stands for "Available" and the number 0 represents the number of times you've been in a relationship. This is a cheeky term usually used to make fun of people with no dating experience, like Tin.
  • Before Tin interrogates Carmen about KK's marriage status, he makes a hand gesture over his face. This gesture is the signature pose used by Detective Galileo, made famous by the Japanese TV drama.

Episode 2

Episode Title
First Kiss in the Bathroom
Air Date
June 29, 2021
Episode 2 Summary
KK hugs Tin after he was hospitalized.

Tin is still reeling from the shock of KK's love confession last episode, uncertain how to face his boss anymore. During a company event, Tin becomes injured after saving KK from a falling piece of signage. His injury stirs up powerful emotions for both KK and Muk. In an impulsive moment, Muk surprises Tin with a kiss in the shower. However, he pretends nothing happened and avoids him afterwards.

Meanwhile, KK spends time with his wife to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary, but his thoughts remain on Tin. Francesca is blissfully oblivious to her husband's change of heart until he suddenly asks for a divorce. Based on what her husband said in his sleep, she is convinced that KK has a mistress, someone named Tina (aka. "Tin, ah~").

Episode 2 Review
In Ossan's Love Hong Kong Episode 2, KK asks his wife for a divorce.

In the Japanese version of Ossan's Love, the kiss between the two leads was an emotionally charged moment, but I didn't get that same feeling in the Hong Kong remake. The romantic spark between Tin and Muk cooled off during Episode 2, so there wasn't enough momentum leading to the impulsive kiss in the shower. I wished they did a better job at pacing the relationship development before this important scene.

What I liked about this episode was anything to do with KK. His character is wonderful to watch, whether he's daydreaming about Tin in these hilarious fantasies or he's getting emotional over his divorce. I liked the amount of care that was put towards depicting KK and Francesca's relationship. I can sense the warmth and familiarity from a couple that has been married for 20 years, which only makes their divorce proceedings more devastating.

Episode 2 Highlights
Muk surprises Tin with a love confession and a kiss in the shower.

๐Ÿ˜„ Best Line: "I know you like big boobs, but I have a big tool too." โ€” Muk

๐Ÿคฃ Funniest Moment: I liked how the Hong Kong version reenacted the sleep-talking scene. In the Japanese series, the main character's name is Haruta, so the ossan's wife hears "Haru" which could technically be a girl's name. The way Ossan's Love Hong Kong adapted this wordplay is quite clever, making KK say "Tinโ€ฆahhh~" so that Francesca hears him saying Tina's name instead. It's a bit of a stretch, but I think this works given the difficulty of translating the source material.

Episode 2 Trivia
In Ossan's Love Hong Kong Episode 2, Tin gets shirtless in the shower.
  • When Tin was taking a shower, he sang a Cantonese song to himself. This song is called IGNITED, one of the hit songs by the Hong Kong boy band MIRROR. Tin's actor Edan Lui is part of this band.
  • Later in the episode, Tze Chin brings a drunken Tin home. He was singing (more like slurring, hehe) a lyric wildly out of tune. This is a Cantonese ballad called Eๅ…ˆ็”Ÿ้€ฃ็’ฐไธๅนธไบ‹ไปถ, which is Edan's debut song in his solo musician career. Rest assured that Edan can sing this song way better than Tin does! ๐Ÿ˜…
  • Tin's Instagram is a real account that you can find at @tin_yathung. Unfortunately, the account is made private, but most of the cast are actually following him on IG. His bio description is roughly translated as "cute, handsome guy, funny".

Episode 3

Episode Title
The Battle for Tin
Air Date
June 30, 2021
Episode 3 Summary
KK prepares a special lunch box for Tin.

In Episode 3, Muk patches up his awkward relationship with Tin, pretending their last kiss was just a harmless prank. However, he can't hide his feelings for long. When KK and Tin meet on the rooftop for a lunch date, Muk barges into their meeting and declares his love again. KK and Muk square off in a heated confrontation, competing against each other about who loves Tin more.

Later, Muk makes the decision to move out of the apartment. In a passionate scene on the bridge, Tin asks him to stay and still wants them to be friends. Muk kisses Tin on the forehead, but insists that their relationship has changed and they can't be friends anymore.

Meanwhile, Tin is helping his university friend to find an apartment unit for him and his fiancรฉe. However, the couple has a tough time agreeing about the ideal unit. When Tin is feeling discouraged, KK motivates him to keep persevering. Although the couple can't find the perfect place at the end of the episode, they're reminded to cherish their love for each other.

Episode 3 Review
Muk gives Tin a farewell kiss on the forehead.

I thought this was an excellent episode of Ossan's Love Hong Kong, balancing the comedic and dramatic moments nicely. Both the rooftop scene and the bridge scene were remarkably performed, showcasing some excellent acting from the three leads. I really enjoy the natural rapport between everyone in this cast. Even the supporting characters, particularly Louis and Carmen, help maintain the series's upbeat energy.

KK continues to be hilarious in every scene. The actor is seriously soooo good in this role. His expressions, his mannerisms, and his line delivery are all on point. I also liked Muk in this episode. He was a bit too reserved previously, but now we see a feistiness to his character that livened up his personality.

The chemistry between Tin and Muk is really strong in this episode. You'd think there should be an awkward vibe after the unreciprocated kiss, but they quickly find their groove with each other again. This chemistry builds until the memorable scene on the bridge, where all of Muk's repressed feelings are unleashed in an emotional moment.

Episode 3 Highlights
Tin playfully seduces Muk with flirtatious poses.

๐Ÿ˜„ Best Line: "He's so cute that I want to BITE out of him." โ€” KK

๐Ÿ˜™ Cutest Moment: All of Tin's mannerisms were really adorable in this episode. I giggled when he did those playfully seductive poses, biting his finger and swinging his hips towards Muk. There's a goofy charm to his character that I find really endearing. I get his appeal, and I understand why these two guys are fighting over him.

๐Ÿคฃ Funniest Moment: The entire scene on the rooftop is a classic, especially all of KK's ridiculous reasons for liking Tin. I loved his toothy grin when after saying that he wanted to take a bite out of Tin. He's so shamelessly smitten with him~

Episode 3 Trivia
Tin does a Shoryuken pose in front of Muk.
  • When Muk cleared the air with Tin, he made a reference to "happy corner". This is a hazing routine done in Hong Kong. A group of people would lift up a guy in the air with his legs stretched apart, and then they thrust his groin area against a pole or a corner. This hazing isn't meant to be violent, but it definitely isn't pleasant either. ๐Ÿ˜–
  • This pop culture reference should be pretty well-known. When Tin exclaims, "Shoryuken!", it's one of the signature fighting moves in the video game franchise, Street Fighter.
  • In the rooftop confrontation, Muk insults KK by calling him an "ossan" (old man). KK retaliates by calling him a "MK guy", which is slang used among Hongkongers. MK stands for Mong Kok, a district in Hong Kong with a distinctive subculture. While the definition is quite broad, MK can be used interchangeably with tacky. In this context, KK wants to insult Muk by insinuating that he has no class.

Episode 4

Episode Title
Who is Tina?
Air Date
July 1, 2021
Episode 4 Summary
KK enjoys a restaurant date with Tin, who doesn't enjoy it as much.

In Episode 4, Francesca still won't agree to divorce KK unless he explains what went wrong with their marriage. However, KK can't gather the courage to admit that he has fallen in love with another man. Feeling frustrated, Francesca goes to his company to find answers. She enlists Tin's help as part of her investigation, unaware that the suspected mistress "Tina" is actually "Tin" himself.

Convinced that he isn't the real mistress at first, Tin helps Francesca to investigate her husband. This backfires when Tin realizes that he is, indeed, the homewrecker in their marriage. As KK dotes on Tin with romantic gifts and dates, Francesca is getting closer to discovering the truth between Tin and KK. The episode ends with Francesca catching the two of them in the middle of their dinner date.

Episode 4 Review
KK got matching couples bracelets with Tin.

This episode was carried by the strength of the actors' performances. From a logical perspective, the story doesn't make the most sense and there are certain plot holes that you have to overlook. Nonetheless, these actors are so immersed in their roles that they sell the material convincingly. There's an incredibly upbeat energy from this cast, so the series hasn't lost any momentum as it moves from plot to plot.

Beneath the hilariously over-the-top comedy, we're starting to see more depth to the characterization. While KK is a hilarious character, there's also an incredible tragedy to his story. It's sad to watch this middle-aged man break off 20 years of marriage and struggle to admit his same-sex attraction towards a younger man. The jolly humour in Ossan's Love Hong Kong masks the underlying melancholy of this storyline.

A special shoutout goes to KK and Francesca's actors for bringing some serious gravitas to their performances. In Hong Kong, these two actors are known for sharing a great on-screen chemistry whenever they work together. Their experience really shows during that argument scene early in this episode. Both did a great job at parlaying the confusion, the frustration, and the heartbreak of a divorced couple.

Episode 4 Highlights
Tin tells Tze Chin that he likes girls with big boobs.

๐Ÿ˜„ Best Line: "Liking men is one thing, but he ends up liking you. Anyone would feel frustrated. It might be understandable if she lost to these younger girls, but she lost to *you*. That's just so unacceptable!" โ€” Tze Chin

๐Ÿคฃ Funniest Moment: I like the scene at the beginning of the episode, where Tin's coworkers inform him that his latest client is KK's wife. Tin has a hilariously manic monologue after coming to the realization that he's the homewrecker in KK and Francesca's marriage. "I'm the mistressโ€ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ง I'm the mistressโ€ฆ ๐Ÿ˜– I'm the mistress!?!? ๐Ÿ˜ฑ And I brought his wife to view the units, as if I deliberately wanted them to get a divorce. ๐Ÿ™ƒ" 

Episode 4 Trivia
Tin is a shame nun berating himself for wrecking KK and Francesca's marriage.
  • The drink that Ping made for Carmen, "Error 404", is probably a pop culture reference to another Hong Kong boy band called ERROR. "404" is the name of their debut song.
  • The shame nun in Tin's fantasy sequence (Shame, shame, SHAMEEEE!!! *cracks whip*) is a reference to a similar character in Game of Thrones.
  • In KK's text messages to Tin, he uses a crying bear sticker emoji. This crying bear is called "Sound Bear", the mascot of ViuTV, which is the broadcasting network that produced Ossan's Love Hong Kong.

Episode 5

Episode Title
A Secret That Can't Be Told
Air Date
July 2, 2021
Episode 5 Summary
KK comes out about his relationship with Tin Tin to his wife Francesca.

Tin manages to escape from his dinner date with KK without blowing his cover. However, Francesca starts to suspect that Tin is a mole working against her best interests. She does her own investigation, eventually uncovering KK's secret diary. The diary confirms that KK is in love with someone else, so Francesca leaves her husband. The episode ends with an emotional yet hilarious scene in the restaurant, where Francesca finally learns that Tin is KK's mistress.

Meanwhile, Tin notices that his coworker Darren is acting strange around him. Darren's behaviour is very touchy-feely, making Tin increasingly uncomfortable. Tin concludes that Darren is in love with him, much like the rest of his male coworkers. It also explains Darren's mean behaviour towards Muk, because he was acting out of jealousy.

Episode 5 Review
Francesca threatens Tin when she suspects that he's lying to her.

These past two episodes featured a lot of Francesca, which is great because the actress (Rachel Kan) puts in some fantastic work. She shines during the emotional scenes, bringing such a heartbreaking sorrow to her character. When Francesca started tearing up in the restaurant scene, I could feel the pain and anguish that she's going through.

Tin feels complicit in KK and Francesca's marriage falling apart. He should've cleared up the misunderstanding with Francesca right away, instead of misleading her about "Tina". He definitely should've been honest with KK way sooner, instead of giving him false hope about their romance. As Muk subtly implied at the end of the episode, Tin isn't the innocent victim like he thinks he is. He's proof that you don't have to be romantically involved with someone to become a homewrecker.

Episode 5 Highlights
Tin is weirded out by Darren's behaviour around him.

๐Ÿ˜„ Best Line: "Why are all my male coworkers in love with me!?" โ€” Tin

๐Ÿคฃ Funniest Moment: After overcoming her initial grief and shock, Francesca wastes no time by switching into the mode of a vengeful ex-wife. At the right moment, she takes a flash photo of KK holding Tin's hand, using it as evidence for her future divorce lawsuit. Tin reacts to this scandalous picture with resignation, knowing that he will be misunderstood again: "Why me? Why always me??? ๐Ÿ˜“"

Episode 5 Trivia
Tin has a bag of tissues in his mouth.
  • After Tin got injured from his heated exchange with Francesca, he made a reference about "a series of unfortunate events". This is actually the title of Edan Lui's debut solo song.
  • King Maker is a real talent show that takes place in Hong Kong every year. Three of the actors in Ossan's Love Hong Kong (Edan Lui, Anson Lo & Stanley Yau) competed in the first season of King Maker. Edan and Stanley made the Top 10, coming in 8th and 10th respectively.
  • The female panellist that appeared in Ossan's Love Hong Kong is called Ahfa, a famous producer of said talent show. She is also Edan and Anson's manager in real life. The male panellist competed in the first season of King Maker, coming in 4th place.

Episode 6

Episode Title
Blood Is Thicker Than Water
Air Date
July 5, 2021
Episode 6 Summary
Tin breaks up with KK in Ossan's Love Hong Kong Episode 6.

Tin discovers that his coworker Darren is a divorced single dad with a young son named Ryan. The two of them don't have a close relationship. However, Ryan desperately wants to spend time with his dad before moving away to the United States. Tin also learns that Darren and Muk are ex-boyfriends, who used to date in the past until Muk found out that Darren was married. While Darren wants to reunite with his ex, Muk has no intention of getting back together with him.

Meanwhile, KK throws a company birthday party for Tin as an excuse to spend more time with him. A scheming Tin asks Tze Chin to pretend to be his fake girlfriend, which makes both KK and Louis jealous. However, their fake fling turns real when the two friends develop feelings for each other. At the end of the episode, Tin finally tells KK that a romantic relationship is impossible between them. KK is left absolutely devastated.

Episode 6 Review
Muk tells his ex-boyfriend Darren that they can never get back together.

Episode 6 was kind of boring. While I appreciate that Ossan's Love focuses on character development for its supporting cast, I don't find Darren's character particularly engaging. This single dad storyline was taken from Ossan's Love: In the Sky, but the Japanese version was more poignant when the father and son reunited. In the Hong Kong remake, it was totally cheesy and cringey when Darren competed in that badminton competition with his son. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

What I liked about this episode was that it expanded upon Muk's history. It adds an interesting dynamic that Muk and Darren used to be boyfriends, who are now working together again. While I don't want the two of them to reconcile, their romantic past provides a juicy source of tension to the narrative. Plus, I feel more sympathetic and attached to Muk's character, after learning that he already had his heart broken once in a failed relationship.

Episode 6 Highlights
Tze Chin pretends to be Tin's girlfriend in front of his coworkers.

๐Ÿคฃ Funniest Moment: I liked when Tin and Tze Chin pretended to be dating at the restaurant. Their back-and-forth banter together is kind of cute. For the record, here is Tin's checklist of requirements for his fake girlfriend:

  1. Act cute
  2. Agree with whatever I say
  3. Coddle me when I get hurt
  4. Wipe my face
  5. Wipe my lips
  6. Call me babe
  7. Give me a massage
  8. Clasp both of my hands
  9. Couple selfie
  10. Feed me
Episode 6 Trivia
KK cries after Tin rejects him.
  • Tin means "field" or "farmland" in Cantonese. This is why Ping made him a chocolate birthday cake with coriander leaves, which kinda resembles a piece of field on a farm.
  • Tze Chin charges Tin $1500 HKD to act as his fake girlfriend for the night. That is roughly around $200 in USD currency.
  • Speaking of birthdays, Anson Lo (the actor playing Muk) will be celebrating his special day later this week on July 7th. He is turning 26 years old.

Episode 7

Episode Title
Tze-Chin Gets Involved
Air Date
July 6, 2021
Episode 7 Summary
Tin and Tze Chin grow closer after they move in together.

In Episode 7, Ping falls for a scam and he's forcibly evicted from his apartment flat. Tin, Muk, and Carmen try their best to find legal loopholes in the fraudulent contract, but they have no success. Without a home, Tze Chin moves in to live with Tin and Muk. Living together brings Tin and Tze Chin a lot closer, developing their feelings beyond platonic friendship. Muk notices their intimacy and suffers in silence.

Carmen begins to spend more time with Ping as they work on the legal case together. A close bond grows between the two of them. Meanwhile, Tze Chin goes on another date with Louis, who becomes annoyed when she talks about Tin constantly. When Tze Chin returns home drunk after the date, Tin almost initiates a kiss with her. They end up spending the night together in the same bedroom, which upsets Muk.

Episode 7 Review
Ping and Carmen get closer in Ossan's Love Hong Kong Episode 7.

On paper, I like the idea of developing the supporting characters in Ossan's Love Hong Kong. It makes the fictional universe more immersive with a fully fleshed-out cast. However, I wished these storylines were better executed. The budding romance between Ping and Carmen is okay, but their scenes feel a little like filler. The plot about Ping being scammed also isn't the most interesting, so I don't need that much emphasis on it.

It's around time that we ramp up the romance between Tin and Muk, don't you think? These past few episodes are a bit light on the BL content, and I'm ready for more development on the romantic front again. The scenes between Tze Chin and Tin are testing my patience as a BL watcher. Personally, I like Tze Chin's character, who kinda resembles the female version of Tin. However, her relationship with Tin is starting to eclipse over the main couple. I want to move on from this storyline as swiftly as possible, so that we can go back to the heart of the BL story.

Episode 7 Highlights
Tze Chin laughs when she sees Tin naked.

๐Ÿ˜„ Best Line: "What use is calling the police!?" โ€” Carmen

The Hong Kong police are notorious for violent misconduct, corruption, and abusing their powers, causing great mistrust among the citizens. During the 2019 protests, the Hong Kong police colluded with triad gangsters to attack civilians at a metro station. The victims of the attack have now been arrested.

Yes, you read that right, the victims of the 2019 Yuen Long attack are in jail. Since then, the Hong Kong government has manipulated the law to justify all police brutality and imprison those who speak up against the injustices. Is there any wonder why calling the police is useless in Hong Kong?

๐Ÿคฃ Funniest Moment: I liked the moment where Tze Chin walks in on Tin taking a shower, and they cut away to an imagery of a small bird, which was quite a clever metaphor. ๐Ÿค It's never a reassuring sign that someone's reaction to seeing you naked is nonstop, gut-bursting laughterโ€ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ณ P.S. Tin should consider locking the door whenever he takes a shower from now on.

Episode 7 Trivia
Tin eats a potato chip and causes a mess in his home.
  • The joke that Tin tells Ping is a really bad pun. The punchline "cellophane paper" sounds a lot like the words "castle" and "fairy" in the Cantonese dialect. Nope, it's not supposed to make any sense. The sheer randomness is part of the joke. ๐Ÿ˜…
  • Tin's manner of speech tends to be more casual than the other characters in the drama. He uses a lot of funny slang and quirky lingos, which may not completely translate through the subtitles. For instance, there's a proper way to say the word "honestly" in Cantonese, but Tin uses a silly wordplay that makes his dialogue sound humourous instead.
  • Although Muk is such a good chef in the drama, the actor isn't skilled at all in real life. Before Ossan's Love Hong Kong, Anson and Edan filmed a cooking video together on YouTube. Let's just say Anson's culinary talent is the opposite of the character he portrays. ๐Ÿ˜…

Episode 8

Episode Title
Childhood Friends
Air Date
July 7, 2021
Episode 8 Summary
Tin hugs Muk after he wants to move out of the apartment.

Tin, Muk, and Carmen continue to help Ping get out of his fraudulent contract with Jason Mo, the real estate scammer. When Muk obtains audio evidence from Ping's recording device, they finally reach a resolution. As Tin and Tze Chin grow closer, Muk feels like the third wheel and decides to move out of the apartment. However, Tin suddenly embraces Muk, refusing to let him go. Muk asks him to become his boyfriend, surprising Tin who's still confused over his feelings.

As Francesca prepares for her separation, Louis takes her to see a couple of apartment flats. He admires Francesca for handling the end of her marriage with so much maturity and composure. Lately, Louis is having his own relationship problems, since Tze Chin avoids him and ignores his calls. At the end of the episode, Francesca has a heartfelt chat with KK. She agrees to an amicable divorce and encourages her ex-husband to keep pursuing love despite his rejection.

Episode 8 Review
KK and Francesca agree to divorce amicably.

While I don't think this episode was that bad, I believe the series has lost momentum after such a strong start. These last few episodes suffer from weaker plots that get too much prominence. We've already established that Tin and Tze Chin have a close friendship long ago, so why spend this much time emphasizing their relationship? Instead, there should be more focus on developing the Tin and Muk romance, which feels inferior compared to how much attention Tin and Tze Chin gets.

I also want to see more of KK's perspective, because his character kinda faded into the background lately. This could've been such a great opportunity to explore his vulnerability and showcase a different side to him. With that said, Ossan's Love Hong Kong is doing a fantastic job portraying KK and Francesca's divorce. Their scenes together are always so sentimental, supported by two experienced actors who share a strong rapport. This storyline has been the most consistent part of the series, and I love how they handle Francesca's journey.

Episode 8 Highlights
Tin and Carmen put up an angry demeanour before meeting the scammer.

๐Ÿ˜„ Best Line: "Risotto? More like rishitto." โ€” Tin

๐Ÿคฃ Funniest Moment: Although the scammer storyline is boring, I like watching Tin and Carmen interact with each other. Whether they are making goofy expressions or saying silly lines, this episode has many opportunities for the two actors to flex their comedic muscles. Carmen might be the only character in the drama that matches Tin's high energy, so they have great chemistry together.

Episode 8 Trivia
Tin and Carmen celebrate after Muk finds a way to catch the scammer.
  • In the episode, one of Tin's lines was: "Why did no one tell me about this big news!?" A similar phrase went viral in Hong Kong a few months ago, thanks to a funny YouTube video by the comedy group Trial & Error. In the video, a character reacts to strange scenarios by asking the same question, "Why is no one talking about this big news!?" Finally, another character loses his patience and unleashes a hilariously angry tirade. This phrase became trendy among Hong Kong's online communities, almost like a go-to meme for any type of announcement.
  • After Muk exposed Jason Mo's fraud, Tin and Carmen did a goofy celebratory chant. What they recited is a silly nursery rhyme usually said among young school kids in Hong Kong. It goes to show you the intellect level of these two. ๐Ÿ˜†
  • Did you like the new ending song that debuted in this episode? It's sung by Muk's actor, Anson Lo. The music video for ไธๅฏๆ„›ๆ•™ไธป was released today on July 7th, which also happens to be Anson's birthday.

Episode 9

Episode Title
Air Date
July 8, 2021

Episode 9 Summary
Tin and Muk go on their first date together in Ossan's Love Hong Kong Episode 9.

At the start of Episode 9, Tin agrees to become Muk's boyfriend. The two of them begin a secret relationship, keeping their couple status on the downlow. During their first date, they go shopping for clothes, and Muk picks out a stylish new wardrobe for his boyfriend. However, Tin is uncomfortable about being seen in public together, which annoys Muk. When Darren notices they're dating, he tearfully begs Tin to let him reunite with Muk again.

Meanwhile, Francesca and KK finalize their divorce in this episode. Francesca remains supportive of KK as she bids him farewell. Francesca also spends more time with Louis, and her wise relationship mantra prompts him to break up with Tze Chin. Louis knows Tze Chin has feelings for Tin and encourages her to confess.

Before she can do so, Tin tells her that he has started a relationship with Muk. This news devastates Tze Chin, although she pretends to be happy for the two of them. Tze Chin decides not to confess and quickly moves out of the apartment. Upon her return home, she cries to her brother about her heartbreak.

Episode 9 Review
Darren begs Tin to let him reunite with Muk again.

I feel kinda bad for Tze Chin, getting dumped by two guys on the same day. ๐Ÿ˜ข With that said, I'm relieved the BL romance can finally get started with her character out of the way. I wished Tin's relationship with Muk was paced better throughout the series. Tin doesn't show much inclination towards Muk since Episode 3, so any romantic vibes between them have faded in the past few episodes. This romance needs more warming up again before they jump into the relationship scenes all of a sudden.

For me, the more compelling storyline right now is Francesca's journey. I like how she has come to terms with her divorce, adopting a positive outlook towards the end of her 20-year marriage. The scene where Francesca and KK say goodbye to each other feels really intimate, and I'm glad the two characters remain on such amicable terms. Also, Francesca's actress has excellent chemistry with her screen partners, whether she's paired up with KK or Louis. I'm kinda excited about her budding romance with Louis. The best thing about being divorced is that she's single and now ready to mingle~

By the way, I love how beautiful the cinematography looks in this episode. The location in front of the ferris wheel is so pretty. There's a totally different vibe in the day than it does during the nighttime. The scene with Tin and Tze Chin is thoughtfully shot as well. I like the visual symmetry of the scene where they're sat facing towards each other. There's a very aesthetically pleasant vibe to this BL drama, achieving a professional quality standard in how every scene is filmed.

Episode 9 Highlights
Francesca and KK finalize their divorce in Ossan's Love Hong Kong Episode 9.

๐Ÿ˜„ Best Line: "Loving somebody doesn't mean we have to be a couple. Maybe it'll feel more comfortable if we find another way to get along. We're friends now, and it's better this way." โ€” Francesca (and later Louis)

๐Ÿคฃ Funniest Moment: In the last clip after the ending credits, Tin makes these hilariously adorable expressions and gestures in his new wardrobe. Honestly, these clips at the end of each episode might be one of my favourite things about Ossan's Love Hong Kong. It's exactly the kind of delightful fluff that I need in my BL dramas. ๐Ÿค—

Below are some pictures of Tin being "cute", "affectionate", "cool", and "sweet" respectively. He reminds me of those character portraits in a visual novel, where the character has a different expression based on the dialogue. ๐Ÿ˜†

Episode 9 Trivia
Tin loves taking photographs of himself in his new wardrobe.
  • Instead of using Instagram, I guess the fictional equivalent in the Ossan's Love Hong Kong universe is "YG". No, that's not a thing in Hong Kong. They just changed the letters.
  • I almost did a double-take when I saw the divorce lawyer in this episode, because he looks so eerily similar to Jason Mo from last episode. They even parted their hairstyles in the same way. I was like: "Is this the same guy playing different roles!?" But no, the ending credits say that they're actually two different actors.
  • In the scene after the ending credits, one of the instructions that Muk gave Tin is to be more "chok". Chok is a playful term used in Hong Kong that describes when someone makes themselves look more stylish on purpose. This word is meant to mock guys who try too hard to look cool.

Episode 10

Episode Title
Secret Relationship
Air Date
July 9, 2021
Episode 10 Summary
Tin tells his colleagues about dating Muk at the end of Ossan's Love Hong Kong Episode 10.

In Episode 10, Tin and Muk are each handling a celebrity client. The two famous stars are secretly dating and want to move near each other, but their agencies have urged them to hide the romance. Seeing parallels between the celebrity couple and his own relationship, Tin feels bad about not wanting to be seen in public with Muk. At the end of the episode, the celebrity couple holds a press conference to announce their relationship. Inspired by their honesty, Tin also comes out and tells his coworkers that he's dating Muk.

Meanwhile, KK is planning a business trip with Tin to visit Taiwan. He is also adjusting to life as a divorced man after Francesca has moved out. KK has a heart-to-heart with fellow divorcee Darren, sharing their thoughts about life and love. Darren is still in love with Muk, waiting for an opportunity to get back together with his ex. When Tin announces his relationship, KK reacts to the news with shock and anger.

During the episode, Ping and Carmen go on their first picnic date. It's clear the two of them are attracted to each other, even if Tin doesn't quite understand their appeal. Also, Francesca and Louis meet up again for drinks at a cat cafรฉ. She continues to be charmed by him despite their age difference.

Episode 10 Review
KK and Darren have a heart-to-heart chat on the rooftop.

This is a promising episode of Ossan's Love Hong Kong, striking a great balance between lighthearted drama and hilarious comedy. We are finally making some progress with Tin and Muk as a couple. Tin's coming out is an important first step in establishing this relationship. I also enjoy the other two subplots in the episode. Both the celebrity couple and Ping's cute romance with Carmen help to put Tin's feelings for Muk into perspective. All the storylines feel like they tie together satisfyingly, leading to the triumphant scene at the end of the episode.

What impresses me about this episode is how each character has their own moment to shine. Tin and Muk are obviously the main focus with the most important storyline, but I appreciate the interactions between KK and Darren, Ping and Carmen, as well as Francesca and Louis. Even Tze Chin gets an important scene where she confronts Tin about his feelings for Muk. From the leads to the supporting cast, everybody contributed substantially to the episode.

Best of all, KK's character is brought to the forefront after going under the radar for a while. I've missed his presence in the drama. Not only is he fantastic with delivering the comedic moments, but he shares some engaging scenes with Francesca and Darren in this episode. Find yourself an ex-wife as understanding as Francesca, who is so supportive that she becomes your relationship guru after the divorce. As for Darren, I'm finally won over by his dogged persistence over Muk, and kinda admire him for being so committed to his ex.

Episode 10 Highlights
Ping and Carmen go on a picnic for their first date.

๐Ÿ˜„ Best Line: "You came up with that idea? How cute can you be?" โ€” Muk

๐Ÿ˜™ Cutest Moment: I love Carmen and Ping's cute little picnic date during the episode. It cracks me to see the imagery of these two eating chicken wings while sitting next to a parking lot. ๐Ÿคฃ The actress playing Carmen is doing a brilliant job. She is charismatic, energetic, and naturally funny. Her character elevates every scene, and I think she's one of the best additions to Ossan's Love Hong Kong.

๐Ÿคฃ Funniest Moment: The last scene of the episode is a classic. KK's over-the-top reaction to Tin's coming out is a sight to behold. From shock and anger to trauma and embarrassment, I was snickering at every moment of cringe from his character.

Episode 10 Trivia
Ping tells Tin that he is in love with Carmen.
  • The male celebrity in this episode is portrayed by George Au, who's part of another Hong Kong boy band called P1X3L. He competed in the second season of King Maker, the same talent show that Edan, Anson, and Stanley competed in previously. George came in fourth place during his season.
  • When Tin is talking about Kathy, he uses the phrase "so pure, so true". That's a popular online lingo used by Hong Kong netizens on message boards. The term is used humourously, often by guys, to describe their crushes on female celebrities with a sweet and innocent persona.
  • When Tin breaks up the argument between SC and Kathy, he exclaims: "It's a tie!" This is a popular catchphrase used in an old Hong Kong game show. The running gag is that the host would announce a tie at the end of every team competition, no matter who wins or loses. Tin even impersonates the high-pitched voice that the host has.

Episode 11

Episode Title
Counterattack of KK's Love
Air Date
July 12, 2021
Episode 11 Summary
In Episode 11, Tin and Muk kiss before they go on a vacation.

In Episode 11, Tin and KK travel to the country of Taiwan for a business trip. Following Francesca's advice, KK uses this opportunity to get closer to Tin. He hopes to win over Tin by showcasing his best qualities. However, Tin isn't receptive to his advances, leaving KK heartbroken when Tin returns to his boyfriend. After returning from Taiwan, Tin and Muk take a few days off work to go on a fun, lighthearted date together.

Muk helps Tin's sister to find a new apartment unit for her family. She compliments him for putting up with her bothersome brother, but wants Muk to be a matchmaker between Tin and Tze Chin. Afterwards, Muk has fallen ill and Darren visits his apartment to take care of him. However, Muk rejects Darren again, clearly stating there's no way they can get back together again.

Episode 11 Review
KK and Tin take a selfie together in Taiwan.

Ossan's Love Hong Kong has rebounded ever since Tin and Muk officially got together. These past two episodes have been delightful to watch, marking a significant improvement after the narrative stalled in the past week. Now that they are a couple, their relationship is propelling the plot to move forward. Many new storylines have opened up and there's character development being made.

Although Tin is riddled with insecurities and far from being the perfect boyfriend, he's making an effort to solidify their relationship. Coming out to your coworkers is a big first step. Plus, Tin is a little more comfortable expressing his affections in public, no longer pushing his boyfriend away or putting distance between them. Yes, he's still shy about being kissed, but his character's openness is a work in progress.

As a diehard KK fan, I love how his character received a lot of focus in this episode. His animated expressions kill me in every single scene. Although his ridiculous antics are quite funny, it's sad watching him try so hard to impress Tin, who doesn't reciprocate these feelings. When KK gushed about how close they got on their date, Tin was in the other room complaining about the same events. KK is too emotionally vulnerable in this relationship, and he's gonna experience the heartbreak of rejection again.

Episode 11 Highlights
Tin and Muk take a selfie together in Tai O.

๐Ÿ˜™ Cutest Moment: As short as their date was, Tin and Muk were really cute hanging out together. Screw the plot, I just want an entire episode of them feeding each other, taking couple selfies, and kissing in public.

๐Ÿ˜„ Best Moment: The best moment is the kiss near the end of the episode, of course. While it's not an amazing kiss, I'm so parched for BL content in this series that I'll take whatever scraps they give me lol. Muk showed some serious swagger when he smooched his boyfriend in broad daylight, just because he felt like it. Damn right he did that~ ๐Ÿ’‹

Episode 11 Trivia
Tin and KK win a bunny doll together during their date in Taiwan.
  • The word that Carmen uses to cheer on Tin is "Ganbatte". This is a Japanese expression for motivating someone to try their best.
  • In case you're wondering, the cast did not fly overseas to Taiwan to film the scenes due to COVID restrictions. What they did was dress up the outdoor location with banners and posters that have a Taiwanese feel. This makes Tin's line "You won't see a place like this in Hong Kong~" ironically funny, because they ARE filming it in Hong Kong.
  • Is it a mere coincidence that Muk also likes to eat green jelly? My theory is that it might be a subtle piece of symbolism, hinting at how he and Tze Chin share the same tastes. They both like the same foods and the same guy!

Episode 12

Episode Title
Meet the Parents
Air Date
July 13, 2021
Episode 12 Summary
Muk takes Tin to see his parents in Ossan's Love Hong Kong Episode 12.

During their trip to Tai O, Muk takes Tin to visit his family, introducing him as his new boyfriend. This is Muk's first time coming out to his father, who reacts to their relationship negatively. However, Tin gets the approval of Muk's mom and sister, who are much more understanding. Muk's sister observes that her little brother must take this relationship seriously. It's the first time he has brought a guy home to meet their dad.

After their trip, Muk's insecurities surface when he notices Tin's good rapport with kids. Muk is reminded that Tin won't be able to start a family with him and raise children together. To complicate matters further, Tze Chin confides in Muk that she wants to confess her feelings for Tin. The secret crush has been eating away at her, even though she doesn't expect Tin to reciprocate her feelings. During the confession, Muk witnesses an embrace between Tin and Tze Chin. He breaks up with Tin afterwards and moves out of the apartment.

Meanwhile, Louis and Francesca attend a cosplaying party together. Although they have an enjoyable time at the party, she breaks down afterwards from the emotional stress of her divorce. Later, Louis asks for KK's permission to date his ex-wife. KK encourages this relationship, wanting Francesca to find a new companion after their divorce. As Louis eases any worries about their age difference, Francesca finally agrees to a relationship with him.

Episode 12 Review
Tin and Muk get matching couple bracelets together.

Noooo, is their romance over already!? I'm upset that Tin and Muk broke up when it feels like their relationship just got started. Even though they officially dated for four episodes, we only got a handful of scenes with them together. I wantโ€ฆno, I need more time dedicated to them being a cute, happy, and affectionate couple. ๐Ÿ˜ข

Poor Muk is shouldering so much burden to keep this relationship going. He faces pressure from Tze Chin and Tin's family, making Muk feel guilty that he deprived his boyfriend of the prospect of marriage and fatherhood. Muk is also filled with doubts about whether their relationship will hold up in the future. Unfortunately, Tin is oblivious and doesn't help to alleviate his boyfriend's fears. On the one hand, Tin is slowly coming around to the idea of dating a man. On the other hand, his aversion to kissing in public or sleeping in the same room doesn't offer much confidence.

There's a moment that resonated with me in this episode, where Muk tells Tin: "A lot of people don't see our relationship working out. But as long as you're willing, I don't care what they think." It's a telling comment indicative of Muk's mindset. He can endure any scrutiny, anguish, or hardships, but only if Tin is committed to their relationship. Since Tin can't give the reassurance that his boyfriend needs, Muk's mental fortitude breaks and he gives up on this strained romance.

Episode 12 Highlights
Francesca and Louis attend a cosplaying party together.

๐Ÿ˜™ Cutest Line: "There's no way I can catch up and close the gap between us. But I really do want to grow with you and grow old together. If you give me more time, perhaps I'll be more mature and then I can close the gap between us. Or I can grow a beard." โ€” Louis

๐Ÿ˜„ Best Moment: I love the moment where Louis asks Francesca to be in a relationship. Am I out of my mind for thinking that Francesca and Louis are written better as a couple than Tin and Muk? These two side characters aren't even the focus of the series, but I feel emotionally engaged with their scenes, even more so than the main couple. I know, I know, it makes me the worst BL fan ever. ๐Ÿ™ƒ

Compared to the Japanese version, Francesca's new romance gets a lot more attention in the Hong Kong remake. We actually see her go on dates, taking us through her thought process as she adjusts to another relationship with a younger man. It definitely helps that the two actors are excellent in their roles. Louis' actor is super charismatic and I've been quite impressed with his performance. I get butterflies in my stomach when he charms Francesca. ๐Ÿฆ‹

Episode 12 Trivia
Louis tells Tin that he started dating Francesca.
  • At the cosplaying party, Louis is dressed up as Bruce Lee, a famous Hong Kong martial artist who starred in many Hollywood movies during the 1970s. To the international world, Bruce Lee is probably one of the most iconic figures from Hong Kong. The yellow tracksuit with the black stripes is his most distinguishable emblem.
  • I believe that Louis does see Tin as a close friend, because his manner of speech tends to be very relaxed around him. Whenever the two of them talk, they use a lot of casual Cantonese slang and lingos with each other. Louis is more formal when he speaks with Francesca, KK, or even Tze Chin. He only uses this playful tone when goofing off with Tin or Carmen.
  • In the bonus clip, Tin and Muk get matching couple bracelets with the letters "T" and "M". Tin makes a quip about how these letters stand for "Tuen Mun" instead of their names. Tuen Mun is a well-known residential district in Hong Kong where a lot of people live. This area made the news recently when the corrupt Hong Kong government imprisoned a local politician Sam Cheung for winning an election primary. Even though Sam didn't commit any crime, he remained in prison when his pregnant wife gave birth to their first child.

Episode 13

Episode Title
Tin and Muk's Test
Air Date
July 14, 2021
Episode 13 Summary
Muk refuses to get back together win Tin in Ossan's Love Hong Kong Episode 13.

Tin is depressed after Muk broke up with him last episode. At work, his ex-boyfriend either ignores him or pretends like they're strictly colleagues. The two of them continue this avoidance routine for a while, until Tze Chin convinces Tin to try harder at reconciliation. Tin finally confronts Muk, asking him to get back together again. Regardless of his family's expectations, Tin wants to be with Muk. However, Muk insists that he can't see a future between them and won't give their relationship another go.

After the breakup, KK has been visiting Tin at his apartment on a regular basis. As KK cooks and cleans for Tin, they develop a closer bond in the process. Later, a work opportunity comes up, and KK asks Tin to relocate to Taiwan with him. Feeling disenchanted by his ex's aloofness, Tin agrees to go overseas with KK. Muk still maintains his distance and doesn't even show up at the farewell party. The episode ends with Tin and KK in Taiwan, working closely together in the new office.

Episode 13 Review
Muk and Tze Chin yell at the ocean together.

I appreciate that Ossan's Love Hong Kong elaborated on the aftermath of the breakup. The original version faltered here, glossing over the events after the two lead characters separated. The Hong Kong remake actually took the time to explore the fractured relationship dynamic between them. For poor Muk, it must be pretty awkward to work with two ex-boyfriends in the same workplace. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

While I understand Muk's perspective, part of me feels frustrated that he is so stubborn about the relationship. Tin wants to be with you! Just get back together with him already! Tin is far from perfect, but he has made progress with opening up, showing affection, and getting adjusted to his attraction. If only Muk could give him more time and another chance, I feel like they were on the verge of a breakthrough. Or at least Muk should communicate honestly with Tin. Let your boyfriend know what you feel insecure about, instead of evading him and running away from the problem.

With that said, I feel like Tin could've tried harder to win over Muk. Beg him to take you back! Run over and embrace him like you did last time! Tze Chin was right when she called Tin out for avoiding a serious chat with Muk. You guys work together every day! Just go talk to him! Tin has no excuse for being so passive if he really wants his ex-boyfriend back. Speaking of Tze Chin, I'm kinda annoyed with her. She's partially responsible for Tin and Muk breaking up. Congratulations, you confessed your feelings and now they aren't together anymore. Well-played, sister. ๐Ÿ™„

By the way, is this the second time Tin and Muk broke up on the same bridge? THAT BRIDGE IS CURSED. If the two of them ever reconcile and get back together, they should never cross that bridge again.

Episode 13 Highlights
KK asks Tin to take off his shirt, revealing his shirtless body.

๐Ÿ˜„ Funniest Line: "Take off your clothes! TAKE OFF YOUR CLOTHES!" โ€” KK

๐Ÿ˜„ Best Moment: Tin and Muk's confrontation on the bridge is the most compelling moment of the episode. This scene is so emotionally charged, almost like a break-it-or-make-it moment between the couple. I like that Tin stops goofing off and gets quite serious about winning back his ex-boyfriend. Normally, his character has such a flippant personality, so I appreciate seeing more grit and decisiveness from his character.

๐Ÿ˜™ Sweetest Moment: Okay, I changed my mind. Seeing those intimate couple pictures of Tin and Muk might actually be the best moment in this episode. When did they take these photographs!? Why didn't we see this scene in the past episodes!? I demand that they get back together and take more pictures immediately! ๐Ÿ˜ญ

Tin and Muk take cute couple pictures together.
Tin and Muk take adorable couple pictures together.
Tin and Muk take intimate couple pictures together.
Tin and Muk take sweet couple pictures together.
Episode 13 Trivia
Darren tells Muk that he'll regret giving up his relationship with Tin.
  • The memo notes on the fridge contain random little messages that Muk leaves for Tin. Some of the notes include: "Stop making such a mess!", "Go do the laundry!", "You used up all the detergent, buy some!", "Take a shower before you sleep, you smell!"
  • Early in the episode, there're two female customers at the bar that look like a couple. It seems like a subtle but deliberate choice to include them in the background, along with Ping's dialogue about the girls being more open-minded than Tin.
  • When Darren confronts his ex in the office, there's a moment where he pushes Muk against the wall. According to an interview, it was revealed that Darren's actor (Colin Chan) apparently pushed Muk's actor (Anson Lo) so hard that he made a dent on the wall. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Anson endured the pain and continued to film the scene without stopping.
  • When Carmen prods Tin about his love life, he uses a Cantonese expression with the literal translation of "slap your head". That's why he playfully taps her on the head during the scene. Sometimes, Cantonese speakers add the phrase "your head" to the end of a term to express outrage. Since the first syllable of the word "dating" is the same as "slap", Tin combines it to form the phrase "slap your head!"
  • The new employee Kelvin is played by Marco Ip, another member of the Hong Kong boyband P1X3L. This is the second band member who appeared in Ossan's Love Hong Kong, after George's cameo in Episode 10. P1X3L consists of three people in total, so I wonder if the third band member Phoebus will also appear.

Episode 14

Episode Title
I Do! Do You?
Air Date
July 15, 2021
Episode 14 Summary
KK gives Tin a kiss after he accepts the proposal.

Episode 14 begins with Tin getting spooked by a haunted apartment unit in Taiwan. Fortunately, KK comes to his rescue. When KK falls ill afterwards, Tin takes care of him attentively. Touched by his actions, KK asks Tin to be in a relationship with him. Meanwhile, Muk has chosen to bury himself in work after Tin's departure. Although Darren urges him to be honest with his feelings, Muk insists that he has moved on after breaking up with Tin.

The series jumps forward to a year later. KK and Tin are now officially a couple, living together with domestic bliss. KK plans an elaborate proposal and asks Tin to marry him. Although Tin accepts in the heat of the moment, he confides in Tze Chin and expresses doubts about the marriage. KK and Tin travel back to Hong Kong, where they plan to hold their wedding ceremony. Muk remains completely silent when he learns about KK and Tin's engagement. The episode ends with Darren questioning Tin whether he actually loves KK.

Episode 14 Review
KK plans a really elaborate proposal for Tin.

After this episode, I honestly wouldn't be that mad if KK and Tin ended up together in the finale. ๐Ÿ™Š I mean, my heart still stands by a TinMuk reunion, but I almost feel like Tin and KK make more sense together at this point. Their scenes as a couple were kinda sweet, and the proposal segment was incredibly magical. Imagine loving someone so much that you rent an entire restaurant, hire a dozen actors, and plan a lengthy choreography for this special announcement. Compare KK to Louis, who just hopped off a barstool and expected Francesca to marry him lol.

Sorry Muk, but you snooze you lose! No, I'm kidding, I feel really bad for his character. ๐Ÿ˜ข The main reason why Muk broke up with Tin was that he doubted this straight guy could commit to a gay relationship in the long term. Fast forward a year later, Tin is getting married to a man, making Muk realize that he was totally wrong about his ex. In Muk's defence, Tin didn't give him much reassurance back when they were dating. Based on Tin's behaviour, Muk had reason to believe their relationship wouldn't work out in the future.

Of course, Muk now sees that he judged Tin incorrectly, except it's too late to reconcile with his boyfriend again. I really felt for Muk in the moment where he learned about Tin and KK's engagement. He must have a lot of regrets about ~the one who got away~, as hinted by his forlorn expression, his strained silence, and his inability to meet Tin's gaze. The hard truth is that Muk could have stayed together with Tin all along, if only he believed more in his boyfriend.

Episode 14 Highlights
KK appears in a wedding dress in Tin's fantasies.

๐Ÿ˜„ Best Line: "Hey! You're still up, right? Sorry to find you so late, because I have something to ask you. Have you ever thought about getting married? I'm going to marry soon. Will you give us your blessing? At times, I wonder why the person I'm ending up with isn't youโ€ฆ" โ€” Tin

Okay, I thought these bonus clips at the end of the episode were supposed to be light romantic fluff??? When did these scenes become so sad and serious all of a sudden!? Oh my god, this is such a heavy way to end the episode. My fragile BL-loving heart can't handle it anymore. ๐Ÿ˜ญ

๐Ÿ˜„ Best Moment: Imagine KK in a tiara, diamond necklace, and a glamorous wedding dress, running towards you with the biggest grin on his face. How can this not be the best moment of the episode? YES, I DO!!!

Episode 14 Trivia
KK and Tin travel back to Hong Kong for their wedding announcement.
  • When Tin was in the haunted apartment, he kept repeating the phrase "Namu Amitฤbha". This is a religious term with Buddhism origins. The actual definition is too sophisticated for the trivia section of a BL website, but this term is sometimes spoken when people want to ward off bad omens.
  • For the record, here's a list of all the experimental foods that Ping has made during the series: an unidentifiable curry dish that Tin describes as "gastroenteritis" (Episode 2), mung bean pizza (Episode 2), a blue bar drink called Error 404 (Episode 4), an unidentifiable dish mixed with bitter melons (Episode 5), chocolate cake with coriander (Episode 6), and durian bacon roll (Episode 14).
Episode 14
Episode 15

Episode 15

Episode Title
Tin Yat-Hung's Choice
Air Date
July 16, 2021
Episode 15 Summary
Tin and Muk share a sweet kiss in the Ossan's Love Hong Kong ending.

In the final episode of Ossan's Love Hong Kong, Muk tells Tze Chin that he's still in love with Tin after all this time. Tze Chin encourages him to confess his feelings before Tin's wedding, even though Muk doesn't want to come in between another marriage. Muk eventually asks to meet up with Tin, who misses the meeting because he's preoccupied with helping a stranger.

Leading up to the wedding, KK could sense that Tin has doubts about getting married, even though his fiancรฉ doesn't voice these concerns. Although they walk the aisle together on their wedding day, KK tells Tin to leave him and reunite with Muk instead. With KK's blessing, Tin and Muk finally reconcile as they agree to become a couple again.

In the epilogue, we find out that Tze Chin has a new boyfriend, Ping and Carmen are still together, while Francesca has finally accepted Louis' proposal. KK returns to work in Hong Kong, oddly demoted as he becomes a subordinate under Darren's supervision. There's a moment where sparks seem to fly between KK and Darren, but they both laugh it off afterwards. The episode ends with Tin and Muk at their apartment, preparing to leave for Taiwan together. Muk suddenly kisses Tin on an impulse, which is reciprocated by Tin as he initiates another kiss with him.

Episode 15 Review
Tin and KK don't end up getting married in the Ossan's Love Hong Kong ending.

Not everyone will agree, but I loved the ending in the original Ossan's Love series. The events were totally wacky and incredulous, which suited the overall tone of the drama. Since Ossan's Love Hong Kong is very faithful to the Japanese version, I pretty much like this ending too. The ending was humourous, sentimental, ridiculous, romantic, and tied up the storylines in a satisfying way.

Like I mentioned last episode, I would've championed an ending with KK and Tin happily married. From start to finish, KK's love for Tin has remained absolutely consistent. Sure, the intensity of his feelings might've been played for laughs, but don't let the comedy undermine his sincerity. While I want Tin and Muk to be together, I also feel awful for KK, who gets abandoned by the one he loves the most. Imagine loving someone so much with all your heart, but he doesn't return your feelings. That is the tragedy of KK's character.

I think Tin and Muk's romance is an emotional storyline as well. In this episode, the scene where Tin doesn't show up to meet Muk actually captures their relationship dynamic symbolically. Tin loves Muk, but he is too slow at expressing his feelings (i.e. he doesn't show up at the bridge until much later). Muk also loves Tin, but he doesn't have confidence in his partner and won't wait for him indefinitely (i.e. he leaves the bridge thinking that Tin won't arrive). That is the tragedy of their relationship. Fortunately, they can resolve their differences and achieve a happy ending together.

I like how the rest of the episode gave closure to all the characters. Francesca has found happiness with Louis, Tze Chin snags herself a butler boyfriend, Carmen and Ping are happy in their bizarro universe, while KK and Darren have come to terms with their rejections. I also appreciate that Tin has a scene with Muk's father, who approves their relationship. It's a nice way to follow up on this minor storyline from a previous episode. Overall, this is a fun, vibrant ending that addresses all the characters and wraps up every plot in a satisfying way!

Episode 15 Highlights
KK is crying after Tin leaves him at the altar.

๐Ÿ˜™ Cutest Line: "Before we get married, I want to find a chance to tell you more mushy stuff. I think you're straightforward, driven, but just a little silly. You're gentle, honest, and act like a kid sometimes, yet so adorable at the same time. Although you're kinda dopey, you can be really cool as well. In the past year that we spent together, I've been so happy. That's why I really love you, Tin Tin. I'll always love you as much as I do now. Lastly, I want to tell you that knowing you has been the greatest blessing of my life." โ€” KK

๐Ÿ˜„ Best Moment: As a BL watcher, the episode's best moment has got to be the kiss between Tin and Muk in the ending. After going through fifteen episodes of turbulent relationship ordeal, I want to savour every moment of the kiss between the two main characters. ๐Ÿ‘„ What makes the kiss so special is that Muk kisses Tin first, but Tin also initiates a kiss with him afterwards. It's a meaningful gesture that shows Tin finally reciprocates Muk's affections.

Episode 15 Trivia
Tin and Muk have a romantic reunion in Ossan's Love Hong Kong Episode 15.
  • Yes, the final member of the Hong Kong boyband P1X3L has appeared! Phoebus Ng makes a cameo appearance as Tze Chin's new boyfriend at the end of the episode. All three members (George, Marco, Phoebus) have appeared on Ossan's Love Hong Kong in some capacity.
  • Muk's hometown Tai O is located in a pretty distant corner of Hong Kong. Realistically, Tin wouldn't run all the way to Tai O by foot because that would take forever. I'll assume he was running towards a taxi and then drove to Muk's home off-screen. ๐Ÿš•
  • A new employee called Christmas joins the real estate company in the final episode. According to an IG story I read, this is an inside joke because the first employee who left is called "Mary" and the last employee who joined is "Christmas". Together, they form the phrase "Merry Christmas". ๐ŸŽ„
  • In case you're wondering, same-sex marriage is not recognized in Hong Kong. Notice the wording in their wedding speeches where they call each other lifelong companions instead. As China imports its brand of merciless totalitarianism into Hong Kong, I'm going to boldly predict that gay marriage will NEVER be possible here. How can there be equal rights when China refuses to let Hongkongers have any rights at all? Fortunately, the series ends with Tin and Muk moving to the progressive country of Taiwan, where they can get married by law.

Ossan's Love Hong Kong Series Review

Series Review

Ossan's Love (2021)

Happy & upbeat
15 episodes
45 mins per episode
Ossan's Love Hong Kong is a BL romantic comedy, featuring a love triangle between Tin, Muk, and KK.

In addition to this episode guide, I have written a separate review about Ossan's Love Hong Kong. It's an extensive review of the series as a whole. You can read my thoughts on the story, the characters, and the romance overall. There is also a list of the best scenes in the series.

Plus, the review contains my in-depth analysis, including a side-by-side comparison between the Japanese version and the Hong Kong remake. I will highlight the differences (and similarities) between Ossan's Love Japan and Ossan's Love Hong Kong.

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