Peach of Time – Series Review & Ending Explained

Yun Oh and Peach go from friends to lovers in Peach of Time.

Peach of Time is a Korean BL drama with a mix of family melodrama and sweet romance. The main character is from Thailand and visits South Korea to meet up with his friend. However, what was supposed to be a fun casual vacation gets derailed by an unpleasant and unexpected discovery. The protagonist becomes entangled in a series of extraordinary events with a supernatural twist.

I like the ambition shown by Peach of Time, an adventurous series that tells a complex story beyond the confines of BL. Although it gets points for trying, the plot feels too contrived and the emotions don't connect as well as they should. This drama shines in a few moments and falls flat at other times, resulting in just an okay viewing experience for me.

Peach of Time Summary


시간의 복숭아

Series Info:

South Korea (2021)


4 hours

Total Episodes:

10 episodes




Peach of Time is a sad & emotional BL drama.


Peach is from Thailand and visits his friend Yun Oh in South Korea.

Yun Oh works as a barista in a café. He dreams of opening up his own coffee shop one day. His strict mom, Sung Suk, wants her son to follow in her footsteps, becoming a doctor. However, Yun Oh keeps failing the entrance exam to medical school for numerous years. Due to his academic struggles, Yun Oh has a terrible relationship with his mom. Sung Suk outright tells her son that he is a disappointment.

Yun Oh believes his mom resents him because of his dad. His father broke up with Sung Suk and wouldn't reunite with her, not even after being pregnant. Although his dad has passed away since then, Yun Oh believes his mom lashes out at him because she hasn't let go of her heartbreak.

A few years ago, Yun Oh travelled to Thailand on vacation. He befriended Peach, the son of a restaurant owner. Now, Peach visits South Korea to meet up with his long-distance friend Yun Oh. Upon arrival, Peach is surprised to learn that Yun Oh lives in a large wealthy resort with his mom. However, the business has shut down and nobody visits it anymore.

Yun Oh is delighted to reunite with his friend from Thailand. As they spend time hanging out together, it doesn't take long for the two guys to rekindle their natural rapport. With his bubbly and energetic personality, Peach is very different from the moody and sullen Yun Oh. Nonetheless, they get along well with each other.

Sung Suk seems surprised the two of them became friends, triggering an inflammatory response from her son. As tensions escalate, Sung Suk says that she wished she had never given birth to her son. Yun Oh storms off in rage. Peach is saddened to see the hostility between the mother-son pair and hopes their relationship will improve.

Peach of Time Cast


Yun Oh Choi Jae-hyun (최재현) Choi Jae-hyun Instagram

Yun Oh is portrayed by the Korean actor Choi Jae-hyun (최재현).

Yun Oh is a barista who dreams of opening his own café. His mom wants Yun Oh to become a doctor, but he has failed multiple entrance exams for medical school. Due to his academic struggles, the mother-son pair has a terribly strained relationship. Yun Oh knows how to play the guitar and has a passion for music.

Peach Jimmy Karn Kritsanaphan (กานต์ กฤษณะพันธ์) Jimmy Instagram

Peach is portrayed by the Thai actor Jimmy Karn Kritsanaphan (กานต์ กฤษณะพันธ์).

Peach is Yun Oh's friend from Thailand, who recently travelled to South Korea for a casual visit. He is full of energy with a bubbly and vivacious personality. In his hometown, Peach works a restaurant owned by his parents. When Yun Oh vacationed overseas a few years ago, the two youths befriended each other and maintained a long-distance friendship ever since.

Sung Suk Jung Ae-yeon (정애연) Jung Ae-yeon Instagram

Sung-suk is portrayed by the Korean actress Jung Ae-yeon (정애연).

Sung Suk is Yun Oh's mom. As a single mother, she is strict towards her son and expects him to follow in her footsteps. Her harsh parenting style causes Yun Oh to resent his mom and they have many conflicts. Sung Suk works as a doctor in a hospital, where her reputation comes under fire by a medical malpractice lawsuit from five years ago.

Mario Tommy Sittichok Pueakpoolpol (ทอมมี่ สิทธิโชค เผือกพูลผล) Tommy Instagram

Mario is portrayed by the Thai actor Tommy Sittichok Pueakpoolpol (ทอมมี่ สิทธิโชค เผือกพูลผล).

Mario is a mysterious bespectacled man always dressed in a sharp suit. When Peach arrives in South Korea, he meets Mario hanging around Yun Oh's property and they become friends. The cynical and cryptic Mario is haunted by his tragic past. He still hasn't gotten over the devastating heartbreak from his first love.

Supporting Cast

Shin Ji is portrayed by the Korean actress Ahn Da Bi (안다비).

Shin Ji

Ahn Da Bi (안다비)

Su Jin is portrayed by the Korean actress Kim Hye Na (김혜나).

Su Jin

Kim Hye Na (김혜나)

Eun Bin's father is portrayed by the Korean actor Yoon Hee Seok (윤희석).

Eun Bin's dad

Yoon Hee Seok (윤희석)

Kim Gyeong Wan is the driver who hit Yun-oh.

Kim Gyeong Wan

Shin Ji's boss is portrayed by the Korean actor Kim In Cheol (김인철).

Shin Ji's boss

Kim In Cheol (김인철)

The hospital director is portrayed by the Korean actor Lee Min Ho (이민호).

Hospital Director

Lee Min Ho (이민호)

Cast Highlights

  • Yun Oh's actor (Choi Hae-hyun) appeared in the 2020 Korean series Sweet Munchies, where he portrayed the gay younger brother of the main character.
  • The two Thai actors playing Peach and Mario (Jimmy and Tommy) featured in the 2020 Thai drama Why R U? and the 2021 anthology series Close Friend. They also had guest roles in You Never Eat Alone.

Peach of Time Review


Drama Review Score: 7.6

Peach glances at Yun Oh.

Peach of Time is an okay BL series that I wanted to like more. I admire the ambitious storytelling, which creates a complex narrative mixed with melodrama, mystery, and supernatural intrigue. It gets points for trying to be more than just a typical romance, even if the results aren't always successful. Sadly, this adventurous series sometimes struggles to connect with its inconsistent plots, inauthentic emotions, and incoherent twists.

A significant discovery happens in the early episodes, setting the long-term drama for the rest of the series. It's a clever gimmick with exciting potential and boundless opportunities. However, Peach of Time is careless with the details, relying too much on silly contrivances to develop the narrative. Many events don't hold up under scrutiny, so you'll find glaring plot holes all the time. What could have been sophisticated ideas feel poorly conceived instead.

On paper, I should enjoy Yun Oh and Peach as a couple, a unique transoceanic love story that spans across two nationalities. They share cute scenes together, complete with stunning cinematography and schmaltzy interactions. However, their romance is just mildly pleasing and doesn't touch the deep crevasses of my heart. I find Yun Oh irritating, so his character's bratty personality stops me from embracing the BL relationship. The other romantic subplot with Mario is a total snooze. I don't care about this irrelevant side character or his convoluted backstory.

My favourite part about Peach of Time is any storyline involving Yun Oh's mom. Sung Suk is a hardcore antagonist at first, literally telling her son that she should have aborted him. 😨 I didn't think she could possibly be redeemed, but her story arc was compelling, memorable, and heartfelt. She validates my ongoing theory that a BL series becomes better whenever the mom character lives together with the two leads. Sung Suk enriches Peach of Time with sentimentality, and the series shines brightly when it focuses on her journey.

Sung Suk's actress (Jung Ae-yeon) is stellar in her role and delivers powerful emotions with heartwrenching authenticity. I also want to give props to the dad from the hospital (Yoon Hee-seok), who gives a moving performance for a minor character. They propel the overall acting score significantly in this review. Otherwise, I think the two leads are a little shaky in a few crucial moments. Although Peach's actor (Jimmy) exudes a likable charisma, he is noticeably weaker and doesn't nail all his scenes.

Every now and then, Peach of Time gets the formula right. Episode 5 features a poignant exchange between Peach and Yun Oh's mom, captivating me with its build-up of sensitive emotions. This series shows it is capable of nuanced storytelling on a few special occasions. The rest of the drama doesn't move me, even though it tries hard to manufacture angst and force melodramatic moments. I appreciate Peach of Time for aspiring to do a different BL story, but it overreaches and doesn't often succeed.


Hidden plot
The main characters in Peach of Time assemble, even though some of them can't see each other.

Peach of Time deliberately hides the main plot in the beginning. The first episode ends without introducing the supernatural twist, making you think it's just a plain old family melodrama. The ~shocking truth~ emerges by the end of the second episode. We discover that Yun Oh is actually dead and Peach has been interacting with a ghost.

The twist caught me by surprise. To be honest, the first episode was a little misleading since it showed a heated argument between Yun Oh and Sung Suk. There was a specific moment where she finished her son's sentence, so it really seemed like they were interacting with each other. After rewatching the premiere to catch any missing details, the storytelling still felt kinda duplicitous.

Nonetheless, I like the concept behind Peach of Time. There are some innovative ideas that go beyond a standard BL romance, exploring the themes of grief, loss, and remorse. The problem with Peach of Time is that it doesn't execute these ambitious storylines well, leaving many inconsistencies & plot holes. It tries to tell a complex story without paying attention to the details. With more thought and care, the premise could have resonated a lot better.

Oh yeah, I'm dead!
Yun Oh is actually dead and his character is a ghost.

Of course, it's laughable how Yun Oh conveniently forgets HE'S DEAD. I love that his character has the worst case of selective amnesia, unable to recall important events until the necessary time in the plot. Oh, I just remember I died! 😵 And oh, I just remember someone pushed me in front of a car! 🥴

Okay, it's lazy and contrived writing when the main character suddenly regains a memory whenever the plot demands progress. At times, Peach of Time feels heavy-handed, engineering plot developments instead of letting events occur organically. Peach hires a new employee, who just happens to be the daughter of Mario's long-lost first love! The police randomly retrieve new dashcam footage, right after dismissing Yun Oh's death as a suicide!

I mean, come on already. Maybe I can excuse these wild contrivances once or twice, but not when the coincidences keep happening again and again. It makes the writers feel unimaginative, as if they couldn't think of a better way to present an idea. Please stop relying on these cheap tactics and try to tell a more cohesive story instead.

Supernatural twist
Mario is a ghost with unresolved issues.

I thought the supernatural elements in Peach of Time would be more exciting, but the storylines feel absurd and abstract. You have 49 days to stop being bitter or you'll be an evil spirit forever! WTF? Why are there RULES and DEADLINES in the afterlife? Can't Yun Oh simply be dead without this vague doomsday countdown?

Peach of Time doesn't answer any logistics questions you might have about Yuh Oh as a ghost. Why is Peach the only one who can communicate with the apparitions? WHO KNOWS. 🤷 I also can't tell much difference between being a ghost or a human in this series. Yun Oh can ride in go-carts, Mario can whisper in his ex's ear, Peach can kiss his dead boyfriend… The supernatural universe seems arbitrary, bending to whatever is convenient for the plot.

I'm not a fan of Mario, who feels really shoehorned into the narrative. At first, I thought he was supposed to be Yun Oh's dad lol, but his actual backstory is convoluted and uninteresting. The actor is handsome, but his role is so irrelevant. Just about the only thing I appreciate about Mario is his name. The fact this series has two characters named Mario and Peach is not lost on me, teehee~ 😆

Grieving mother
Peach of Time is most compelling when it focuses on Sung Suk's grief.

The best storyline in Peach of Time explores Sung Suk's grief as a devastated parent who mourns over her dead son. Her circumstances are tragic. Not only does she lose her only child, but Sung Suk must live with remorse over her heinous final words to Yun Oh. "I wish I never had you," she wrote on an impulse, right before he died. Evidently, karma read her text message and went like, "Okay, be careful what you wish for!"

Peach of Time is riveting whenever it focuses on Yun Oh's mom. In her poignant journey, we see a sensitive showcase of grief, guilt, anger, and eventually acceptance as she processes her loss. The actress puts in a tremendous performance that feels genuine, powerful, and heartbreaking. She steals the spotlight from the two leads, almost to the extent that I wish I was watching her instead of them. Sung Suk is the heart and soul of the series. All the best moments involve her, and the series shines when she's on centre stage.

My complaint is that Peach of Time doesn't do enough with her character. After the stellar episode when she learns about her son's ghost, Sung Suk doesn't interact with him that much. Instead, the narrative takes a long detour into the cafe storyline, the Mario subplot, and the police investigation. These side stories feel like distractions, drawing away attention from the main event. What a waste of the juicy drama and storytelling potential with the mom that would've been way more compelling.


Yun Oh and Peach
Yun Oh and Peach share their first kiss.

Yun Oh and Peach share cute romantic BL moments together. Their relationship scenes are propelled by gorgeous cinematography, dazzling lights, and even confetti falling in the air as they kiss. The aesthetics are certainly there, but I still feel a disconnect with this romance. The couple doesn't captivate me, like there's a missing charisma from the BL equation. Whether they are sweet or distraught during the storyline, I'm not emotionally attached to them.

The circumstances of their romance pose a mental barrier for me. It's tougher to immerse into a ghost-human romance on the basis that one of them is DEAD. I don't have a high threshold for BL shipping, but it would help if both characters are alive. Peach of Time doesn't make the Yun Oh and Peach compelling enough to break this obstacle in my mind.

Another barrier is that I find Yun Oh pretty annoying throughout the series. His personality is grating. I understand why he might be cranky after being dead, but the whininess, hostility, and negativity get on my nerves. There are a few instances where he snipes at Peach, who has always been supportive of him. Yun Oh's character can be unlikable at times, which deters me from committing to his relationship with Peach.

Mario and Su Jin
Mario is reunited with his first love Su Jin.

The Mario and Su Jin subplot bores me to tears. To be honest, a heterosexual relationship in a BL series already loses me halfway. It's worse because Mario's connection with his love interest feels artificial and contrived. I'm not engaged by the convoluted backstory with the mansion fire or whatever.

Maybe it'd be more effective if the relationship was established through flashbacks and we actually saw their interactions. Right now, I can't connect with this pairing. Mario is already a peripheral character in the storyline, and his love interest is even more of a nobody with minimal characterization. Peach of Time doesn't develop this love story well enough for me to care about their reunion.

There were so many forced moments in the last few episodes where Mario gets sentimental around Su Jin. It means nothing to me that Mario and Su Jin stand beside each other in the café, near the Christmas tree, or at the party. Instead, why not use that time to actually build up their romance? At the very least, give us some actual interactions between them!


Good acting
Sung Suk cries as she sees her deceased son in her fantasy.

Sung Suk's actress (Jung Ae-yeon) is phenomenal in Peach of Time. She portrays a multifaceted character with sentimentality, nuance, and intrigue. Episode 5 is a highlight for the actress, who nails all the sophisticated emotions in scene after scene. I also think her interactions with the dad from the hospital are epic. While I don't find the hospital malpractice storyline entirely satisfying, those two actors elevate the material so much.

Surprisingly, this BL series is more of a showcase for her acting talents than the two leads. Yun Oh's actor (Choi Jae-hyun) is solid for the most part. However, Peach's actor (Jimmy) is noticeably shakier, not bringing the firmness in his performances required in those crucial scenes. Maybe it's the language barrier or perhaps it's just general inexperience.

With that said, Peach is a likable character who seems warm, happy, and smiley. The actor exudes a natural charisma and lights up the atmosphere when he's on-screen. He doesn't give a dismal performance, but it's just one that needs more polish and improvement.


Sad ending
Peach of Time has a sad ending where Yun Oh disappears into the afterlife.

Peach of Time has a sad ending where Yun Oh departs from the afterlife. He leaves behind a heartbroken Peach in the living world. Before the departure, Peach throws a Christmas party for Yun Oh at the coffee shop. At the party, Yun Oh performs music in front of a crowd, fulfilling one of his wishes before death. Peach tells Sung Suk to listen to the song with her heart. She closes her eyes and imagines bidding an emotional farewell to her dead son.

Previously, Yun Oh entertained the idea of staying behind to spend more time with his boyfriend. However, Peach didn't want to hold back Yun Oh from achieving bliss in the afterlife. He would rather let his boyfriend go to ~a better place~ than see him turn into an evil spirit for eternity.

Their final interaction takes place by the sea, a place where Peach and Yun Oh promised to see together when the latter was still alive. As they gaze at the ocean together, Yun Oh asks his boyfriend if he has any wish to fulfill. However, Peach keeps it a secret and wouldn't tell him. After declaring their love for each other, Peach leans in to kiss his boyfriend, who vanishes into the air before his eyes. Peach is left alone at the pier by himself.

Who killed Yun Oh?
Yun Oh did not kill himself. He jumped into the road trying to avoid someone.

In the final episode, we find out what happened on the night that Yun Oh died. The truth is that Yun Oh did not commit suicide. Instead, he was trying to avoid Eun Bin's dad, who had harassed Yun Oh earlier in the day. When Jung Sub confronted him again at a traffic intersection, Yun Oh's first instinct was to run away. Unfortunately, he carelessly walked into traffic and killed himself. Jung Sub didn't report his involvement to the police until now.

It must be noted that Yun Oh was being a total dick to Eun Bin's dad when they interacted earlier. Originally, Jung Sub arrived at the house and wanted to meet with Sung Suk. Instead, he encountered Yun Oh, who told the stranger to leave his mother alone. Yun Oh seemed dismissive of Jung Sub's grief and claimed the dad was selling his child's sob story for money. Jung Sub was so infuriated that he stalked Yun Oh, leading to their deadly confrontation at the traffic light.

I felt way less sympathetic about Yun Oh's death after seeing the flashbacks. As it turns out, saying atrocious things to people runs in the family. I won't go as far as to state that Yun Oh deserved to die for making an offhanded callous comment. However, there was definitely some karma involved in his death. 😬

Ending review
Sung Suk says goodbye to her son in the Peach of Time ending.

The finale is emotionally charged with many farewells, although it falls a bit flat for me. To be fair, some scenes are done excellently for sure. My favourite part is when the mom says goodbye to her son in an imaginary farewell. It's a poignant moment that feels like a great ending point for her character's journey. While I don't believe Sung Suk will ever stop grieving, there's a sense of closure and enlightenment with her bereavement process.

However, Yun Oh and Peach's farewell scene didn't move me as much. Yun Oh already performed music earlier in the episode, so hearing a second song from Peach was overkill. The goodbye between them was slightly mundane, along the lines of "I'll never forget you!", "I love you too!", blah blah blah. Compared to the complex relationship dynamic between Yun Oh and his mom, the romance between him and Peach felt shallower. Their emotions didn't leave the same impact on me.

I like the moment where Yun Oh vanishes into the air, denying us that final kiss between the couple. However, I don't love the final scene in the coffee shop, where the drama teases that his character might have returned. It's an unnecessary cliffhanger that undermines the decisiveness of Yun Oh moving on beyond the afterlife. Yun Oh is dead and finally gone from this world. Stop dangling the false hope that he'll reunite with Peach.

Peach of Time Series Explained


A mother's last words

Sung Suk will regret sending that text message to her son.

What prompts a mother to tell her son that he should have never been born? Sung Suk didn't just say these cruel words after losing her composure in the heat of the moment. It was a calculated message that she wrote in a text, read it over, and still decided to press 'Send'. What she said was wrong, and there was little justification no matter how badly her relationship with Yun Oh had gotten. However, let's try to understand more about her motivations.

During her younger days, Sung Suk fell in love with a man whose wealthy family disapproved of their romance. They looked down on Sung Suk because of her poor upbringing. Ultimately, the ex sided with his family over his lover, ending their romantic relationship even after she got pregnant. Sung Suk might have thought having a baby would change her ex's mind, but she was still ostracized and became a single mother.

Raising a child by herself couldn't have been easy. There was no doubt parenthood limited Sung Suk's options when it came to finding another romance. Maybe even her career was affected, as she balanced between a busy hospital job and the schedule of a single parent. We don't know exactly how much hardship Sung Suk faced in the past, but we can imagine she made sacrifices and lost opportunities because of her child. In an alternate reality, her life might have been easier if Yun Oh "had never been born".

Sung Suk

Sung Suk is a driven woman who wants to prove her haters wrong.

Sung Suk is a high achiever. You don't just become a doctor without lots of ambition and hard work. Although her ex's family looked down on Sung Suk, she is driven to prove them wrong with her successes. Imagine if a doctor mom raised a doctor son! Her triumph would be the ultimate revenge on the people who rejected her.

Unfortunately, her son was not the academic type and kept failing entrance exams to medical school. Yun Oh was more of a creative free spirit, who loved playing music, working in a coffee shop, and travelling the world. His interests didn't align with Sung Suk's vision for the future, causing a rift between them. She hoped that he would become an accomplished doctor, even though Yun Oh actually aspired to open a café instead.

Sung Suk felt frustrated that her son couldn't follow in her footsteps. Every time Yun Oh failed an entrance exam, Sung Suk must believe his failures reflected poorly on her parenting skills. She kept pushing him to try harder to achieve her dreams, but it was pretty obvious he had reached his limitations. Some people weren't meant to be doctors, not that it stopped Sung Suk from burdening her son with high expectations. The more pressure she placed on him, the more he grew to resent his mother.

Mom vs son

Yun Oh has a heated relationship with his mom.

We begin the story with Yun Oh and Sung Suk's relationship at the lowest point, full of hostility and bitter exchanges. As callously as she treated her son, he retaliated against her with just as much intensity and vitriol. The hatred was mutual. However, there was once a time when they had a close relationship, even if we never saw it on-screen. Yun Oh displayed their family pictures inside his closet, a sign that he secretly cherished his mother.

Also, notice how well Yun Oh knew his mom, reciting her relationship history, favourite author, and even coworker's name with ease. He wasn't indifferent and knew nothing about her. Instead, he could read his mother like a book. In fact, it made Yun Oh bitter that he knew her so well, yet she didn't seem to understand him enough. "Yun Oh likes Thai food?" Sung Suk asked in surprise during dinner, as Yun Oh mocked her ignorance.

Nonetheless, Yun Oh sought his mother's approval. Despite not being interested in a doctor's career, he never stopped taking exams and applying for medical school. A part of him still wanted to make his mom proud, but he just didn't have the capability of passing the tests. Yun Oh's hostility towards his mom originated from his disappointment in himself. Why couldn't he live up to her expectations of him? Why did she hold him to such high standards?

Yun Oh

Yun Oh has a lot of sorrow and darkness in his life.

Getting declined by schools again and again couldn't be comforting for Yun Oh's self-esteem. The rejections instilled a feeling of not being wanted and not being good enough into his subconscious. It didn't help that his mother reiterated these same negative thoughts, perpetuating the harmful belief that he was a disappointment to her.

Yun Oh grew up in a toxic environment where his self-confidence took a beating. He turned into a cynical young man, the type of person that would tell a stranger he used his comatose daughter for money. What he said was wrong, but he was angry, bitter, and had a distorted view of the world. His negativity became a defence mechanism, shielding him from the school rejections and his mother's harsh words.

Yun Oh lacked a positive influence in his life, someone who showed him love and support unconditionally. He needed someone who believed in his talents, championed his goals, and gave him reassurance without judgment. That somebody was Peach.


Peach brings light to Yun Oh's life.

Peach is a bubbly and vivacious young man, radiating warmth like a bright ray of sunshine. His personality is cheerful, energized, and full of positive energy. After his arrival, the first thing Peach does is to open the curtains and let the sunlight shine into Yun Oh's room, a gesture with symbolic significance. Peach has come to rescue Yun Oh from misery, like a beacon of light to guide his friend out of the perpetual darkness.

Peach's kindheartedness is his defining quality. He is a pure, principled person who does humanitarian work, volunteers for African refugees, and gives away clothing to the homeless. During the series, we see his altruism time and time again, from reconnecting Mario with his lover to offering the food truck owner an olive branch. Peach always sees the goodness in people and helps them selflessly without expecting anything in return.

Of course, Peach also helps Yun Oh significantly. He accomplishes Yun Oh's dreams of opening a café, performing music in front of a crowd, and repairing the relationship with his mom. It was thanks to Peach that Yun Oh resolved his grudges and fulfilled his post-mortem wishes. Thank goodness Yun Oh loved Thai cuisine, allowing him to meet this wonderful person, because Peach was like his guardian angel in many ways.

Peach and Yun Oh

Peach vowed to do anything to make Yun Oh happy.

When Peach arrived at his friend's house, he witnessed an intense argument between Yun Oh and his mom. "You should apologize to her," Peach repeated on multiple occasions, but his friend only responded with more bitterness and animosity. The Yun Oh who vacationed in Thailand must have been a much happier, more carefree person. It probably startled Peach to see this wicked side to his friend.

At the end of the first episode, Peach sat by Yun Oh's bedside, vowing to do anything to make his friend happy again. That became Peach's mission, guiding his various actions throughout the series. He went above and beyond in supporting Yun Oh unconditionally. Peach spent weeks in a foreign country to keep his friend company and even opened a café for him. True to his word, Peach would try any attempt as long as there was a chance it could make Yun Oh happy,

Their relationship wasn't always peachy. At times, Yun Oh resisted Peach's help. He made numerous hurtful accusations towards the man who tried so hard to impress him. Nobody asked you to meddle in my life! Stop pitying me like one of your humanitarian projects! You only opened this café for your own self-gratification! Despite the ungratefulness, Peach persevered. No matter how much Yun Oh pushed him away, Peach came back and stayed by his side. Eventually, his kindness touched Yun Oh, gradually warming the darkness inside his heart.

Sea of sorrow

Yun Oh and Peach look at the winter sea together.

The sea is a recurring motif in Peach and Yun Oh's relationship, coming up several times throughout their conversations. Yun Oh mentions how he prefers the warm and sunny beaches on Thailand, compared to the cold and lonely oceans in South Korea. "I don't think I would have any sorrow if I lived in a place like that," Yun Oh laments wistfully. However, Peach seems uncertain and thinks sorrow will persist regardless of the environment.

The ocean is a metaphor for their upbringings. Yun Oh believes he would've been a happier person growing up in a warm, supportive family environment like Peach (aka. the Thai beaches). Yet, Peach disagrees with the sentiment and thinks there's hardship no matter where you go. Their discussion is like an interpretation of the famous nature vs. nurture debate. Peach argues the upbringing is only part the equation.

It's true that Yun Oh needed more warmth and encouragement during his childhood, something Sung Suk couldn't provide. Although Yun Oh envies Peach's family situation, it might be a case of ~grass is greener on the other side~. Let's say we do a family swap, and Peach was raised by Sung Suk, while Yun Oh grew up with a pair of loving parents. Would Yun Oh have Peach's personality and vice versa? Probably not, right?

Family plays a significant role, but it isn't the only factor in determining your happiness. Also, living with a doctor mom and inheriting a wealthy mansion isn't the worst result of the family lottery. The fact that Yun Oh still turned out so miserable can't be entirely blamed on his mother. It's time Yun Oh start taking some accountability for being a whiny brat. 😬

Peach's wish

Peach's last wish is that Yun Oh can stay with him.

In the finale, Peach wouldn't tell Yun Oh what his wish was. Considering his boyfriend was about to disappear forever, there shouldn't be any secrets between them. Nonetheless, Peach didn't reveal the truth no matter how much Yun Oh prodded him. Does he wish for world peace? Does he wish for the sorcerer's stone? WHO KNOWS. Peach's wish remained an unsolved mystery by the end of the series.

Of course, Peach is a pretty easy character to read. His wish is definitely something as sappy as "I wish for my boyfriend to never leave me! 🥺" I can't imagine him hoping for anything else. It explains why he'd refuse to confess to Yun Oh. Peach doesn't want his boyfriend to carry sorrow, remorse, or unresolved feelings before his final moments on this earth. If Peach speaks his wish, he might change Yun Oh's mind or give him a reason to stay in the living world.

The tragedy in the Peach of Time ending is that Peach sacrifices his happiness to ensure his boyfriend passes away peacefully. The price of Yun Oh's eternal bliss is exchanged with Peace's lifelong heartbreak. Other people might have taken the opportunity to spend extra time with their loved ones, but not Peach. True to his character, he's selfless and puts others before himself. Peach wants to free Yun Oh's spirit, even if it means he cannot fulfill his wish.

Sung suk's guilt

Sung Suk feels guilty about sending that text message to her son.

Peach is also a positive influence for Sung Suk, a grieving mother rocked by unimaginable tragedy. Considering Peach has a unique ability to talk to her dead son, he probably could've done more to reassure her. Nonetheless, he listened to her problems, offered gentle advice, and ensured she wasn't alone in that big lonely house. Most importantly, Peach was instrumental in bridging the broken relationship between mother and son.

In Episode 5, Sung Suk discovered Peach could communicate with her dead child. When Peach mentioned how he could fulfill Yun Oh's dreams, Sung Suk immediately handed over all her son's financial savings without question. There was almost a raw desperation to how quick she believed this stranger and his claims. Peach said ~i see dead ppl~ and Sung Suk reacted like "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!" Thank goodness Peach wasn't a scam artist or he could've tricked the mom into giving up her entire fortune.

Paying money to open her son's café was a small price to pay to gain peace of mind. Previously, Sung Suk was distraught with guilt because she believed her coldblooded text message drove her son to commit suicide. She hid the incriminating phone, confronted the driver, and cried every night because of a guilty conscience. Her grief over losing a child was compounded by her suspicion that she was a terrible parent. Sung Suk would give up any money at a chance to redeem herself and become a better mom to Yun Oh.

Medical malpractice

The dad from the hospital wanted accountability for his daughter's coma.

Sung Suk is involved in another subplot regarding a medical malpractice case. Five years ago, a young girl fell into a mysterious coma after her hospital procedure. Since then, her father Jung Sub has relentlessly sought answers, convinced Sung Suk covered the truth. The hospital claims there was nothing wrong with the treatment and the patient succumbed to natural causes. Nonetheless, Jung Sub protested on the news and confronted Sung Suk.

Although the writing is clunky in some places, I like the underlying themes parlayed by this storyline. I see parallels between Sung Suk mourning her deceased son and Jung Sub coping with his daughter's coma. Both are traumatized parents dealing with the inexplicable loss of their child. Their tragedies paralyzed them, stuck seeking answers in the past instead of moving forward in the future.

The medical malpractice lawsuit represents another part of Sung Suk's guilt. She wasn't responsible for what happened to Eun Bin. However, she and the hospital director plotted to let the blame fall on another colleague instead. After her son's death, it made Sung Suk reassess her perspective. She stood up to the hospital authorities, defied the cover-up, and confessed the truth to the distressed father. What comes out of Yun Oh's death is that Sung Suk regains her morality, prompting her to become more empathetic to other people's pain.

Moving on

Sung Suk tells Jung Sub to move on from his daughter's accident.

Episode 9 featured a powerful conversation between Sung Suk and Jung Sub. She tells him the truth about what happened that night, reiterating that nobody was at fault. Eun Bin had a seizure and fell into a coma, that was it. The cover-up dealt with internal affairs, as the hospital authorities played the blame game. Otherwise, there was no bigger conspiracy. Jung Sub won't find a satisfying explanation for what caused Eun Bin's condition.

"Not every death can be explained," Sung Suk tells the distressed father. She shares her own experiences with her son's death, still classified as a suicide at that point. Up until now, Sung Suk evaded the painful possibility that her message caused Yun Oh to kill himself. She confronted the driver and searched for alternative explanations.

Now, Sung Suk accepted that knowing the truth won't make her feel better, regardless of whether his death was an accident or a suicide. Her child was dead either way and she had to accept the cruel reality, with or without an explanation. Her advice helped Jung Sub to process his own grief and vengeance. He made the heartbreaking decision to cut Eun Bin's life support, letting go of a five-year battle in the hospital. It's time to say goodbye and move on from the past.

Hospital dad

Jung Sub confesses to his involvement in Yun Oh's death.

I was satisfied with how the mystery of Yun Oh's death concluded. In the last episode, the hospital dad reported himself to the police after his daughter passed away. He confessed to harassing Yun Oh, who stepped in front of a car when avoiding him. Sung Suk was in tears as she listened to the explanation. She experienced a mix of emotions, ranging from anger to pain. Maybe there was some slight reassurance, after learning that Yun Oh didn't kill himself because of her.

For a while, I thought the hospital dad might have pushed Yun Oh into traffic, like a total ~soap opera murder~. The actual version of events carried more moral ambiguity, adding a layer of complexity that I enjoy. Jung Sub wasn't directly responsible for causing his death, in the same way that Sung Suk wasn't totally responsible for Eun Bin's coma. In an ironic twist of fate, both parents were loosely involved in how each other's child died, like an eye for an eye.

To be honest, I wanted a happier ending for the hospital dad, instead of burdening him with a guilty conscience. However, I understand why the writers didn't want to pass up that juicy interrogation room scene between Sung Suk & Jung Sub. If Peach of Time was a happier series, I wanted the two grieving parents to find common ground, bonding and healing together. 😭 Instead, the actual ending we got was SEE YOU IN COURT FOR KILLING MY CHILD!!! 🤬

Peach of Time Episodes

Episode Guide

Peach of Time has a total of 10 episodes. Each episode is around 20 to 30 minutes long. The last episode is around 25 minutes long. It is a medium-length BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in around 4 hours. Peach of Time started airing on August 30, 2021 and ended on September 27, 2021.

Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 3


Episode 4


Episode 5


Episode 6


Episode 7


Episode 8


Episode 9


Episode 10


⭐ Best episode

Episode 5

Sung Suk tries to hug her dead son.

Episode 5 features Sung Suk's character prominently, exploring different facets of her trauma. We witness her rage in the hospital as she confronts the driver who kills her son. We also see her vulnerable side as she cries over a picture of Yun Oh in her bedroom. Beneath her strong and composed demeanour, we see a broken woman consumed by grief.

The most memorable moment in the episode was her epic conversation with Peach. Like before, Peach tries convincing Sung Suk that Yun Oh is still in the house with them. At first, she's dismissive and doesn't believe him. Then, Yun Oh shares details about his mother. He discusses the origins of her scar, her favourite character in a novel, and the cat she gave away to a coworker. As Peach relays each intimate detail, Sung Suk goes from skepticism to bewilderment. The emotions are riveting when she becomes convinced that Peach can communicate with her son.

"Where is Yun Oh right now!?" Sung Suk exclaims, leaping out of her chair during the emotional climax. Peach tells Sung Suk that her son is standing next to her. Desperately, she turns around to embrace him. However, she falls through his body and lands painfully on the floor. It was a really heartbreaking scene, rich with compelling emotions and captivated my full attention. I believe it's the best scene in Peach of Time.

😭 Tearjerker episode

Episode 10

Peach is left alone in the Peach of Time ending.

Episode 10 is an emotional episode packed with many goodbyes. It begins with the hospital dad confessing to his involvement in Yun Oh's death. We see a ghastly flashback of Yun Oh getting hit by the car with his bloody and lifeless body lying on the road. As Sung Suk hears his confession in the interrogation room, many conflicting emotions flicker across her face.

Later in the episode, Sung Suk attends the Christmas party. Peach tells her to listen to Yun Oh's song with her heart. It's a sentimental moment when Sung Suk closes her eyes and imagines a fantasy farewell with her dead son. In her mind, they apologize, forgive each other, and declare their love. It's a very moving moment and well-executed from the Peach of Time team.

The last farewell is the one between Yun Oh and Peach as they visit the winter ocean together. Peach was robbed of a final kiss because Yun Oh disappears and reincarnates before his boyfriend's eyes. Peach is left standing alone on the pier with snowflakes falling around him. Yun Oh is gone, leaving behind the bracelet that Peach gave him.

😡 Most triggering episode

Episode 2

Peach leaves after finding out his friend is dead.

The first two episodes in Peach of Time were pretty triggering. Episode 1 had that infamous "I WISH I NEVER HAD MY SON" argument, a coldblooded moment that sends chills down my spine. The mother-son pair exchanged vicious vitriol against each other. The episode ends darkly with lots of unresolved tension and animosity between them.

Episode 2 was triggering in a different way. The end of the episode revealed the shocking twist that Yun Oh was dead all along. After seeing the funeral memorabilia, Peach was confused, startled, and horrified that he had been interacting with a ghost. He quickly packed his bags to leave the house. Yun Oh chased after him, begging for his friend to stay. However, Peach was just too spooked and I don't really blame him.

The good news is that Peach changes his mind at the start of the next episode. He doesn't have the heart to leave his dead friend and returns to the house to take care of him.

💕 Most romantic episode

Episode 8

Yun Oh and Peach look at the night view together.

In Episode 8, Peach and Yun Oh go on a series of outdoor dates together. They go sightseeing (about time since Peach arrived in Korea!), play on go-karts, and finish the night gazing at the stars. There's some beautiful camerawork, creating a lovely and romantic ambiance between them.

Later in the episode, Peach and Yun Oh visit a slightly less romantic destination: the cemetery. Yun Oh ponders whether he should not reincarnate and stay in the living world forever. At the end of the episode, Peach and Yun Oh cuddle in bed together. However, Peach tells his boyfriend that he wants him to leave and reincarnate.

The same episode also featured a lot of scenes between Mario and his love interest Su Jin. I guess their reunion was supposed to be romantic, but I was BORED by this pair of heterosexuals. Maybe other viewers will respond better to their subplot.

💋 Episodes with kissing

Episode 4, 6, 8

Yun Oh and Peach share a kiss in Episode 6.

Peach and Yun Oh share their first kiss at the end of Episode 4. Yun Oh just finished performing a private concert for his boyfriend in the middle of the night. After the song, Peach kisses his boyfriend in a cinematically gorgeous shot with dazzling lights, soft camera focus, and confetti falling in the air. I kid you not, there's literally confetti as they kiss!

Their second kiss comes at the end of Episode 6. The couple had some tension between them earlier in the episode, but they kiss and make up afterwards. It's another pretty and intimate kiss between them. If anything, I like this kiss more because it feels less overproduced compared to their previous moment.

The last kiss was a quick one, happening at the start of Episode 8. The couple goes on a series of fun outdoor dates, culminating in a romantic evening together. Yun Oh steals a quick kiss and pecks his boyfriend on the cheek. It's the first time Yun Oh initiated a kiss, since Peach was the one who kissed him previously.

And no, they don't kiss in Episode 10. Just when Peach leans in for a kiss, his boyfriend suddenly disappears from existence. How cruel. 😞

💪🏻 Episodes with skin

Episode 7, 9

Yun Oh tends the injuries on Peach's shirtless body.

Peach has two shirtless scenes throughout the series. He first takes off his shirt in Episode 7 after getting injured in a fight with the food truck owner. Yun Oh tends to the injuries on his boyfriend's body and we see Peach without a shirt.

The next shirtless scene is in Episode 9. Once again, Peach gets injured after a heated confrontation with a customer. Who knew a coffee shop would be such a physically violent workplace? After the fight, Yun Oh takes care of his shirtless boyfriend in the bedroom. They have a pretty serious conversation together about whether Yun Oh should stay or leave the living world.

👨🏻‍🤝‍👨🏻 Episodes as a couple

Episode 4 to 10

Yun and Peach are dating as they run the cafe together.

Yun Oh and Peach never officially call themselves boyfriends. They probably wanted to avoid labelling their relationship since it's always destined to be short-term. However, the general assumption is that they transition from friends to lovers after their kiss in Episode 4. They go on a few dates, have already met their parents, and kiss a couple more times afterwards.

Unfortunately, their relationship doesn't last. Yun Oh and Peach keep dating until Episode 10, the time of their inevitable farewell. Peach says goodbye to his dead boyfriend for the last time, as Yun Oh vanishes into the air.

Peach of Time Information

  1. ok ok first of all, OMG THANK U SO MUCH FOR WATCHING IT (and also the tasty florida) .. I APPRECIATE THE TIME U MAKE TO WATCH MY RECOMMENDATIONS ———– second of all, honestly the mum's actress and yun oh's actor displayed strong emotions and exceptional acting skills (especially during the last episode i think, at the christmas party). My favourite part about the series is definitely the mum + yun oh problem. the romance between yun oh and peach was cute nonetheless. But yeah, the too-many plotholes ruin this drama.

    I questioned so many things like "why is peach the only one who can see ghosts like yun oh and mario?" "how are people not freaked out when peach talks to the air?" .. and many more. —– overall, this was still an interesting BL drama but it could've been done better. THANK U FOR WATCHING IT ONCE AGAIN 🙂

  2. I dropped the series, it was too confusing and I didn't want to cry over romance which didn't "catch my heart". From what I read here I made the right choice. Shame because it had a good start and I Loved it but than the plot "lost it",
    Thank you yet again for your amazing review!!!

  3. It was just an annoying started well and it end with sorrow I just feel sorry for peach..I was watching it recently I thought I should check on the review weather it has happy ending or not…to my annoying surprise it was sad ending…I just regret wasting my time and my data 🥹🥹🥹🥹

  4. I agree and disagree with this. I think the ratings were too harsh. BL dramas are often not that well made in SK bc it's a frowned upon subject (albeit it is in Thailand too, so I don't really get it, I just know it's common). There were some plot holes with the supernatural stuff. I enjoyed the mother-son relationship more than the romantic main ship. But I also liked that side ship. How is that scene in ep 10 between the side, hetero ship (Su Jin x Mario) not adorable, where Mario is being all cute dancing around to entertain Su Jin? It made me giggle.

    As for the acting, I thought all the acting was quite good (except for that girl in a coma–she moved her eyes around and opened them some which people in comas do not do). Also, it is not uncommon to forget events from a traumatic event like that, from when Yoon Oh died. Sure, it was probably dramatized, but recalling those events wasn't that unreal. Amnesia doesn't always disappear all at once. With traumatic events, it is not uncommon to have memory loss like that.

    As for the ending, I want to talk about it and pose a thought to other readers reading this. Peach said the bracelet will fall off when the wish is fulfilled, and I remember Peach's big wish being that he and Yoon Oh get to spend more time together. I think it was posing that Peach dies, but hear me out:
    1.) It was said that Mario died in a fire at the resort before. Maybe that was a way of foreshadowing another fire in the future. I mean if the place was built faultily, it wouldn't be impossible for another fire, right?
    2.) Peach's wish (at least to me it seemed), outside of setting Yoon Oh free, was getting to spend more romantic moments with him. They didn't really have much throughout the series, so I was always waiting for more to see the bracelet fall off. It fell off in that ending scene, which makes me think Yoon Oh and Peach would get to be together again, just in another place as Yoon Oh had already moved on to the realm of the dead.
    3.) Peach can see ghosts, but there was no ghost in the ending scene. So that knocks out in my opinion the possibility of a ghost being there.
    3.) Take into account that the bracelet fell off, there has been a fire at the resort before, and Peach can see ghosts but there is no ghost there (meaning no Yoon Oh). But then there was a high pitched squealing sound, which caught Peach's attention. This startled Peach, but it wouldn't have if he had set a kettle. We see either steam or smoke, rising in mass amounts. To me, it seemed like a boiler or something had caught on fire, and was under immense pressure, causing steam (and possibly smoke) to arise but under immense pressure, causing the squealing sound. Which, hence, made me think 'maybe an explosion will happen' which will probably already burn Peach, but then if there's a fire which causes the boiler to explode, that fire will inevitably spread. I mean, fire spreads with oxygen, and there's clearly oxygen in the room as Peach was breathing. How the fire started, I have no idea, but that's what it appears to be. Assuming my theory is correct, Peach would have died a painful death. But he wouldn't linger around as a spirit like Yoon Oh because his wish would have been fulfilled, and he knew he could seen Yoon Oh again like the two of them wanted. It's a bittersweet ending for me, but I liked it.

    I do wish there was some more epilogue, though–like Yoon Oh and Peach holding hands in a bright place which we could infer as an afterlife, or 2 different actors holding hands but calling eachother Yoon Oh and Peach, suggesting they had been reincarnated together in the same time frame so that they could be together as lovers in the following lifetime. Personally, I believe in reincarnation and that spirits can wait to be reincarnated for a period of time so they can be reincarnated the same time as a loved one, and the drama suggested they believe in reincarnation too, but that's just me and you're subject to your own beliefs.

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