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Shadow is a Thai BL series about a mysterious all-boys school.

Shadow is a Thai supernatural series about a mysterious all-boys school. One of the leads is openly gay. The main character is a new transfer student who experiences strange nightmares. His scary hallucinations have intensified since arriving on campus, leading to dangerous consequences. The protagonist and his friends investigate the phenomenon, discovering it may be related to a student's recent disappearance.

Initially, I was intrigued by the supernatural mystery in Shadow. The complex plot takes twists and turns. The cast also delivers compelling performances. However, the lengthy story drags on, goes around in circles, and remains cryptic. I grow tired of waiting for annoyingly vague explanations. Worst of all, the BL content is almost nonexistent. I invested eleven hours into a series that's more preoccupied with straight pairings than a gay romance.

Shadow Summary



Series Info:

Thailand (2023)


11 hours

Total Episodes:

14 episodes


Supernatural mystery


Shadow is a wild & intense drama.


Dan and Nai are in church.

The year is 1998. Dan is a new student at St. Lawrence, an all-boys school known for its strict rules. He transferred here after his father became hospitalized for his cancer illness. Dan's mother passed away while he was a child. With no parental support, his only guardian is Brother Anurak. This priest used to provide therapy and spiritual guidance for Dan's mother. Now, Anurak is one of the school authorities. He has asked Dan to enroll at St. Laurence to keep the orphaned teen under his care.

Since childhood, Dan has suffered from a distressing mental health condition. He has menacing nightmares and sees a shadowy figure haunt his dreams. After arriving at the school, Dan's symptoms have worsened. He can't tell the difference between reality and nightmares anymore. Brother Anurak, serving as the therapist, suggests Dan take medication and record a dream journal. The teenager obeys, yet his terrible dreams persist.

Dan makes two new friends at the school. The first is Nai, an openly gay student who gets bullied by his classmates. These homophobic teens constantly mock him for his sexuality. However, Dan is not like the other schoolboys. He defends Nai and doesn't ostracize him. Nai is grateful and quickly becomes his friend. However, their friendship draws the ire of the other students. They tease Dan and Nai for being a couple. The pair tries their best to ignore the bullying. The teachers, who are homophobic themselves, won't intervene.

Dan's other friend is Josh, his roommate in the school lodging. Josh is a cheeky troublemaker who smuggles forbidden items into the school, like music players or handheld gaming consoles. He often bribes the janitor to bypass the strict policies in the school. Josh is mindful of the bullies and doesn't want to upset them. However, he still hangs out with Dan and Nai out of solidarity. The three lodgers become a group of close friends.

A recurring figure appears in Dan's dreams. Upon sleuthing, he discovers this suspicious person's identity is Trin. A notorious student in St. Laurence's past, Trin used to be the student council president. However, he disappeared a year ago under mysterious circumstances. Rumours claim he boarded a boat to leave campus, yet his body cannot be found anywhere. Dan believes Trin may have triggered his worsening nightmares. Dan, Nai, and Josh begin to investigate Trin's whereabouts, hoping it will reveal answers that the school tries to hide.

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Shadow Cast



Singto Prachaya Ruangroj (สิงโต ปราชญา เรืองโรจน์)

Dan is portrayed by the Thai actor Singto Prachaya Ruangroj (สิงโต ปราชญา เรืองโรจน์).

Dan is a new transfer student at an all-boys school. His father was recently hospitalized due to cancer, while his mother passed away while Dan was young. His sole guardian became Brother Anurak, his mother's old therapist. Anurak instructed Dan to enroll in this school. Upon arriving, Dan's mental health condition worsens. He has intense nightmares and sees ominous shadowy figures.

Singto Prachaya Ruangroj

Singto Prachaya Ruangroj (สิงโต ปราชญา เรืองโรจน์) is a Thai actor. He is born on July 28, 1994.

Singto Prachaya Ruangroj (สิงโต ปราชญา เรืองโรจน์) is a Thai actor. He is born on July 28, 1994. He has starred in numerous BL projects, including SOTUS (2016) and its sequel SOTUS S (2017). He is also the lead of Friend Zone (2018), He's Coming to Me (2019), Baker Boys (2021), Paint with Love (2021), and Shadow (2023).


Fluke Natouch Siripongthon (ฟลุ้ค ณธัช ศิริพงษ์ธร)

Nai is portrayed by the Thai actor Fluke Natouch Siripongthon (ฟลุ้ค ณธัช ศิริพงษ์ธร).

Nai is Dan's classmate and an openly gay student at an all-boys school. He is the target of bullying due to his sexuality. Nai used to be friends with Anan. However, his old friend turned against him after discovering Nai's sexual orientation. Dan is one of the few students who defend Nai from the bullies. They, along with fellow classmate Josh, quickly become friends.

Fluke Natouch Siripongthon

Fluke Natouch Siripongthon (ฟลุ้ค ณธัช ศิริพงษ์ธร) is a Thai actor. He is born on June 1, 1996.

Fluke Natouch Siripongthon (ฟลุ้ค ณธัช ศิริพงษ์ธร) is a Thai actor. He is born on June 1, 1996. His first BL project is the 2013 movie Change. He also starred in the films My Bromance (2014), Red Wine in the Night (2015). and My Bromance 2 (2021). Fluke is the star of various BL dramas, including Until We Meet Again (2019), Close Friend (2021), Oh! My Sunshine Night (2022), and 609 Bedtime Story (2022). He appears in Boyband (2023), Make a Wish (2023), and Shadow (2023).

Supporting Cast

Anurak is portrayed by the Thai actor Utt Uttsada Panichkul (อัษฎา พานิชกุล).


Utt Uttsada Panichkul (อัษฎา พานิชกุล)

Trin is portrayed by the Thai actor Fiat Patchata Janngeon (เฟียต ภัชทา จันทร์เงิน).


Fiat Patchata Janngeon (เฟียต ภัชทา จันทร์เงิน)

Josh is portrayed by the Thai actor Poon Mitpakdee (ปูน มิตรภักดี).


Poon Mitpakdee (ปูน มิตรภักดี)

Cha-aim is portrayed by the Thai actress Yaimai Shinaradee Anupongpichart (ใยไหม ชินารดี อนุพงษ์ภิชาติ).


Yaimai Shinaradee Anupongpichart (ใยไหม ชินารดี อนุพงษ์ภิชาติ)

Anan is portrayed by the Thai actor LazyLoxy (เลซีล็อกซี).


LazyLoxy (เลซีล็อกซี)

Joe is portrayed by the Thai actor Pete Pol Nopwichai (พีท พล นพวิชัย).


Pete Pol Nopwichai (พีท พล นพวิชัย)

Yada is portrayed by the Thai actress Mayji Rastprapa Wisuma (เมจิ รัศม์ประภา วิสุมา).


Mayji Rastprapa Wisuma (เมจิ รัศม์ประภา วิสุมา)

Surat is portrayed by the Thai actor Joe Pornpanawan Chantim (โจ พรพนาวัลย์ จันทร์ทิม).


Joe Pornpanawan Chantim (โจ พรพนาวัลย์ จันทร์ทิม)

The monk is portrayed by the Thai actor Suchao Pongwilai (สุเชาว์ พงษ์วิไล).


Suchao Pongwilai (สุเชาว์ พงษ์วิไล)

Bancha is portrayed by the Thai actor Poom Rungsrithananon (ภูมิ รังษีธนานนท์).


Poom Rungsrithananon (ภูมิ รังษีธนานนท์)

Kamon is portrayed by the Thai actress Nong Sunthari Chotipun (หน่อง สุนทรี โชติพันธ์).


Nong Sunthari Chotipun (หน่อง สุนทรี โชติพันธ์)

Pare is portrayed by the Thai actress Sairung Prapakon Chairak (สายรุ้ง ประภากร ไชยรักษ์).


Sairung Prapakon Chairak (สายรุ้ง ประภากร ไชยรักษ์)

Rerng is portrayed by the Thai actor.


Sister Rose is portrayed by the Thai actress Tonaoy Pintira Singhaseem (ต้นอ้อย ปิณฑิรา สิงหเสม).

Sister Rose

Tonaoy Pintira Singhaseem (ต้นอ้อย ปิณฑิรา สิงหเสม)

The Shaman is portrayed by a Thai actress.


Dan's dad is portrayed by Thai actor Kik Danai Charuchinta (กิก ดนัย จารุจินดา).

Dan's dad

Kik Danai Charuchinta (กิก ดนัย จารุจินดา)

Dan's mother is portrayed by the Thai actress Took Chanokwanun Rakcheep (ตุ๊ก ชนกวนันท์ รักชีพ).

Dan's mom

Took Chanokwanun Rakcheep (ตุ๊ก ชนกวนันท์ รักชีพ)

Young Dan is portrayed by the Thai actor Ramil Sasit Chatpiroonpun (รามิล ศศิศ ฉัตรพิรุฬห์พันธุ์).

Young Dan

Ramil Sasit Chatpiroonpun (รามิล ศศิศ ฉัตรพิรุฬห์พันธุ์)

Shadow is a mysterious character in the series.


Cast Highlights

  • The actor who portrays Dan (Singto) is famous for starring in various BL dramas, including SOTUS (2016) and its sequel SOTUS S (2017). He is also the lead of He's Coming to Me (2019), Baker Boys (2021), and Paint With Love (2021).
  • Nai's actor (Fluke) is another famous star with a long career of BL projects. His most well-known work is Until We Meet Again (2019). He has also appeared in other series like Oh! My Sunshine Night (2022) and 609 Bedtime Story (2022). Fluke is the star of My Bromance (2014), Red Wine in the Dark Night (2015), and My Bromance 2 (2021).
  • The actor who portrays Anurak (Utt) has small guest roles in Unforgotten Night (2022) and Past Senger (2023). He's also the lead of the gay movie Fathers (2016).
  • Trin's actor (Fiat) has appeared in various BL series, including SOTUS S (2017), My Gear and Your Gown (2020), and Triage (2022).
  • Josh's actor (Poon) has a supporting role in the 2022 BL drama, Our Days.

Shadow Review


Drama Review Score: 6.7

Dan is hugged by the shadow.

Shadow is an ambitious series combining high school drama, supernatural horror, and many intriguing mysteries. It invites viewers into a vivid world where the line between reality and the paranormal is masterfully blurred. As the complex plot unravels, prepare for surprising twists and strange turns at every step of the journey. I respect the storyteller's imagination for creating a meticulous narrative across fourteen suspenseful episodes. The amount of lore, history, mythology & literary references is extensive.

Initially, I was intrigued by Shadow. The early episodes fuelled my curiosity, making me wonder about the nature of Dan's nightmares or Trin's disappearance. These juicy mysteries entertained the armchair detective in me. After a while, my interest began to slip. The lengthy story drags on and goes around in circles. The annoyingly vague plot gives cryptic explanations. It dawns upon me that the series will keep introducing new questions to stall the actual answers until the end. Following a perpetual investigation isn't a fun experience. I need more revelations and quicker resolutions.

The character-centric episodes are the most compelling. Episode 4 is my favourite because it dedicates an hour to fleshing out Dan's background. Understanding his tragic childhood helps me connect with this protagonist. Likewise, Nai and Trin get extended flashbacks that highlight their past experiences. I love learning about the nuances of their lives. Regrettably, the series doesn't continue doing elaborate backstories for everyone else. Instead, it wastes time on dull investigations or pointless nightmares. Ooh, Dan sees another shadowy figure! That's so fascinating!

Shadow features Singto and Fluke, two iconic BL stars with established careers. I wanted them to hook up in an epic relationship. Yet, their characters only bond as friends and share a brief moment of intimacy. In contrast, the straight pairs receive an unnecessary amount of focus. The female love interest gets more attention from the guys than the lead. Also, the LGBTQ+ content leans negatively. The series includes rampant homophobia, gay bashing, and icky teacher-student allegations. I came into Shadow expecting a romance. Instead, it smacks me with bigotry.

The emotionally charged scenes in Episode 4 are the real test of Singto's acting skills. In my opinion, he does decently but not amazingly. There's a guardedness to his performance, which stops the vulnerability from emerging. His costar (Fluke) is likable, but Nai gets reduced to the gay sidekick in the later episodes. The series doesn't give him gritty material beyond his sexuality. The cast member who impresses the most is Trin (Fiat). He has a meaty role that showcases his dramatic range. From a confident swagger to an intense anxiety, Fiat handles his scenes memorably.

The last few episodes unfold bizarrely, delving into paranormal phenomena and senseless chaos. While the story explains the shadow's origins, I'm still unsure how it works. We get answers to other mysteries, but they don't satisfy me logically. Contrary to my earlier enthusiasm, I no longer care about the drawn-out plots. If there were romantic content, I'd be more forgiving. Otherwise, I'm irritated about spending eleven hours on a non-BL series with a slight gay gimmick. Despite its immense creativity, Shadow is an average supernatural drama that doesn't appeal to me.


Imaginative story

Shadow shows so much creativity in its ideas, combining a high school drama with supernatural mystery. The complex plot has many twists and turns, although it becomes bizarre near the end.

Nonexistent romance

Shadow has almost no BL content except for a brief moment of intimacy. The series emphasizes friendship instead. The female love interest gets more romantic attention than the gay lead.

Experienced acting

Singto gives a solid acting performance based on his experience. His costar, Fluke, is likable as always. Fiat stands out and takes advantage of his meaty role as Trin, showcasing a dramatic range.

Sad ending

Shadow has a sad ending that explores the priest's tragic backstory. Dan also succumbs to the shadow realm while Nai tries to bring him back. The last scene features a shocking twist.

Atmospheric artistry

Although the series isn't that scary, it produces a brooding and ominous atmosphere suitable for the story. This polished series features a lot of striking imagery that alludes to its narrative themes.


Shadow has an imaginative supernatural story with talented actors. However, the vague plot drags on and gives cryptic explanations for too long. The lack of BL romance also lowers its enjoyability.

Shadow Episodes

Episode Guide

Dan and Nai are chatting in the prayer room.

Shadow has a total of 14 episodes. Each episode is around 45 to 50 minutes long. The last episode is around 50 minutes long. It is a long BL drama, and you can finish the entire series in under 11 hours. Shadow started on October 3, 2023 and ended on December 7, 2023.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13
Episode 14

Episode Reviews

Episode 1

The premise seems cool. I like the idea of a high school supernatural mystery with a BL spin. The priest must be the bad guy, right? His character is randomly prominent, so he must be the secret villain.

Episode 2

Aww, Nai's backstory is sad. I'm glad Dan stands up for him. Their friendship is cute! Can we please send all the homophobes into the ~shadow realm~? Anan needs to FOAD as soon as possible.

Episode 3

The story is annoyingly vague. The characters speak cryptically and have fragmented memories. I'm not learning any new info. Can I get a full explanation about what is happening to Dan?

Episode 4

This is my favourite episode. I like learning about Dan's tragic backstory, which helps me understand his character better. A few moments are emotionally moving. I feel bad for him and his mom!

Episode 5

Trin seems likable before his disappearance. Take down those stuffy school dinosaurs! I'm glad nothing romantic happened with the teacher. The accusations against Joe are rooted in homophobia.

Episode 6

OMFG. What is the shadow doing to Dan!? That doesn't look like a nightmare. That is a wet dream, sir! Is the BL romance between Dan and the Shadow? Is that the unexpected twist!?

Episode 7

The plot is repeating the same points. The shadow hasn't gone away, the bullying continues, the mystery is unsolved, and the love triangle drags on. Nothing new is happening in the story.

Episode 8

Trin's actor is acing his performance. This is a meaty role for Fiat. Is Shadow miscategorized as BL? Cha-aim is getting too much focus for a female love interest. When is the gay romance gonna start?

Episode 9

I'm losing interest in all the mysteries. Every episode presents more bizarre events with vague explanations. It isn't fun following a never-ending investigation. Plus, the lack of BL is irritating me.

Episode 10

Oh, a kiss! But he rejected it… Wow, this long-awaited BL content sucks. Why can't Dan return Nai's feelings? If that's the extent of the romance, I'll be pissed. At least the prom heist is kinda interesting.

Episode 11

Holy crap, Anan and the evil teacher deserve hell! Expel them from the world! I'm annoyed how the straight couples receive all the focus, but the gay guy gets a homophobic bashing.

Episode 12

Josh is so damn whiny and petulant. He needs to STFU. Does the priest have a fake arm? I never realized it. The plot is starting to go off the rails. Random chaos happens for the sake of drama.

Episode 13

Did Dan pull a Lexi from Euphoria? LMAO. What's the point of the play? He exposes the priest's shadiness before a clueless crowd. The forest took away Trin!? That's an unsatisfying solution to a mystery.

Episode 14

What happened to the priest is sad, but I don't have an emotional connection to the character or the victims. I feel like I wasted 11 hours into a senseless mystery that has dragged on for too long.

Shadow Information


Ark Saroj Kunatanad (อาร์ค สาโรจน์ คุณาธเนศ) is the screenwriter and director of Shadow (2023).

Ark Saroj Kunatanad (อาร์ค สาโรจน์ คุณาธเนศ) is the screenwriter and director of Shadow (2023). He co-directed this series with Tung Panich Pongpanich (ตั๋ง พนิช พงษ์พานิช). Ark is also the director of another supernatural GMMTV series, Golden Blood.

  1. I totally agree with BL watcher– too much emphasis on boy/ girl romance and definitely not enough boy/boy romance /action. Plus the seemingly rushed ending leaving us slightly disappointed and somewhat confused. I can only presume that they may try a 2nd series, as it appears Trins spirit has returned in Dan. Overall I did enjoy the story but felt a little cheated.

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